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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 14, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, more dangerous heat is back tomorrow. i'll show you where to watch out and when a 20 degree cooldown is coming our way. i personally believe that there should be a navigation center in every district in fremont. so we can be done with it. >> they're wearing red, white and blue but they're far from un. a le the major milestone shooting. the news at 11:00 starts right now. we begin with break news. a vegetation fire brurning right now in contra costa county. you can see the smoke right there. this is vasco road and marsh
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creek near the town of byron. right now the fire's about 15, 20 acres. we are told that they do have it under control. no homes threatened. but you can see it is smoky and fiery out there. the crews will stay at that location to make sure it doesn't spread. we have super high temperatures of course. we'll be keeping an eye on it throughout this newscast. contra costa county where that fire is burning had the hottest temperature in the bay area today on a day of record-setting heat. >> and more records may fall tomorrow. let's check in with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with more on that. jeff. >> concord did get up to 104 degrees. as you all mentioned, the old record was 100 set back in 2008. and with all of that heat today we are still holding on to some very warm temperatures outside. 79 in concord, 78 fremont, 75 san jose. and 76 in lake port. so the reality as you get up, you head out the door tomorrow, it's some fast heating. you have to be thinking about this as you get up and get going tomorrow morning. at 9:30, 88 in danville, maybe
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up to 90 in antioch. 86 in concord. 82 in livermore. so once we hit the early afternoon hours and these aren't even the daytime highs for tomorrow, we'll be in the low 100s from antioch. livermore, san jose and morga hill. i will have a closer look at those temperatures in about 18 minutes. but i want you to be thinking about it in the back of your mind, some heat-related illnesses just to keep an eye on yourself as we move through that hot weather thursday. dizziness, headache, body temperature over 103, muscle cramps, nausea, tiredness and weakness. these are all heat-related illness symptoms. we'll talk about how you can beat that heat again in about 18 minutes. but we want to get out right now to nbc bay area's cheryl hurd who's in alamo where cheryl, we hear there's been a lot of problems due to the heat. how are you holding up out there? >> reporter: pretty good, jeff. and there have been some heat-related problems route here at this chevron station in alamo. the lights flickering off and on throughout the night. it's still very warm out here
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tonight. this heat wave causing problems not only for people here in the east bay but all over the bay area. the heat making the most mundane task even harder tonight. at this chevron station in alamo the lightsorwe a few seconds, causing confusion at the pump. >> i was having problems over at my house too. so it was turning on and off and it's super hot. so it sucks. but you've got to deal with it. >> reporter: that's how jeff hedrick feels. >> we get power outages here often. i would say maybe three to four times a year. it's usually around the same time of day, too. >> according to pg&e more than 3500 people in alamo, danville, and walnut creek were without power. temperatures rising past 100 degrees in some cities like concord. that's why contra costa county fire pulled second alarm on this house fire. >> so that we could rotate crews in and out, not only inside the
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house but off the roof and into a rehab area where they can get water. >> you got me, buddy. >> reporter: no work going on here. just a lot of playing around. highlands elementary school in pittsburg getting an extend vacation because of a broken air-conditioning unit. >> i get an extended weekend with my babies. but the reality of it, you know, paying for daycare and just different things that i've got to compromise with now. >> reporter: now, you have to make some compromises if you want to sy cool, like stay indoors if you can. like jeff said, it's going to be another hot one tomorrow. reporting live in alamo, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> it certainly is. and the heat didn't let up in the south bay today either. triple-digit temps as school ton gilroy 103. and the scorching heat forced some schools to make changes like the football practice. >> as it gets closer to 100 we
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have students stay indoors so they don't go outdoors. so you know, they exercise in the gym for recess or they stay in their classroom. >> now, the heat also hindering the first day of school for? 30,000 students in the san jose unified district. we'll of course continue to follow the heat on air and online. jeff's been posting updates on his facebook page all night. you can follow hi him @jeffranierinbc. hundreds in fremont turned out to voice their concerns about two sites the city's proposing for a homeless navigation center. >> i personally believe there should be a navigation center in every district in >> three wan the homeless navigation center put anywhere in fremont. people wearing blue are against the proposal to put the navigation center on to kurto road. and people wearing red don't like the idea of it behind city hall. >> what they're proposing right now, right in the center, right
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in the heart of freemont is just like the biggest couldn't rntra. >> the police chief kimberly peterson, she says her officers don't often have any resource when's called to complaints against the homeless. the nfgs center would provide 45 beds and like other similar centers in the bay area it would help people access services to help them find permanent housing. tonight was the first of three public information meetings on this issue. new details tonight about the violent attack on a san francisco woman as she entered her condo near the embarcadero. according to the d.a.'s office the accused attacker austin james vincent was arraigned yesterday. he pled not guilty on charges that included battery and attempted robbery. the court's released him for as caught on surveillance video happened about 1:30 monday morning at the watermont condos on beal street. some are using that video to suggest a proposed homeless center in that area is a bad idea, it would attract more homeless people. but mayor london breed and the board of supervisors say the
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opposite is true and that it would actually provide help for those in need. it is a bizarre and gruesome crime. a san francisco man's headless body found in a fish tank. a year later his murder is still unsolved and his friends want to know why. he vanished exactly a year ago today. after his body was discovered friends and neighbors created a memorial for him right outside his home. nbc bay area's live in san francisco with where we are with the case. >> reporter: tonight san francisco police officers tell me the investigation into brian egg's murder is still a very active case. but tonight a neighbor who first reported egg miss iing says he feels like police have given up. scott free tidies up clair street in san francisco and thinks about his neighbor, brian egg. >> our street is not as tidy as it used to be when he was around. >> reporter: free says egg was often outside cleaning up. then last summer the 65-year-old vanished and free says strangers
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seemed to take over his home. he and others called police for weeks, reporting egg missing. then a year ago tonight police entered egg's home and found him dead inside. his headless and handless body in a fish tank. a year later the case remains unsolved. >> hopeless in many ways and i lost a lot of faith in the police department. >> reporter: the deputy chief of investigations say sfpd is still working the homicide ca committ to making an arrest in this horrific crime. >> reporter: police originally arrested lance silva and brian mccaffrey. investigators say silva used egg's debit card to buy a car after egg was killed. but the district attorney didn't file charges and the pair was released. silva ended up in alameda county jail on an unrelated charge for several months but he's no longer in custody. >> the fact that he's out now and i guess he's free to go wherever he wants and victimize other people. >> reporter: free is hoping no one else gets hurt and justice
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will be served. >> reporter: and tonight police say silva remains a person of interest in this case. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. new video of an accident that shut downtown vta light rail in san jose this evening. happened around 8:00 on north first. police say the suspected drunk driver crashed his suv into a pole on the light rail line. that accident shut downtown light rail line for about an hour. a rash of apparent arson fires have san jose neighbors scared and upset. nbc bay area has obtained video of some recent fires in the downtown area. this is one from sunday that shows a man get off a bicycle and set a pile of brush on fire. it's just one of 36 fires that have been set around the downtown area in the past start patrolling more at night to help put a stop to those fires. major job cuts here in the bay area. cisco systems says it's getting rid of almost 500 jobs in san jose and milpitas.
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this is the second round of layoffs within the last year. most of the cuts will be from the engineering sector of the company. a statement from the company reads in part, "it's important we make decisions to continually ensure that our investments and resources are aligned with strategic growth areas of the business and customer demands." the statement goes on to sate company is helping employees who were laid off find other jobs within the company. pg&e still does not have its tree-trimming program in line. that's according to the federal safety monitor overseeing the utility. untrimmed trees near pg&e power lines are suspected of sparking several major wildfires over the past few years. a safety monitor sent a letter to a federal judge saying pg&e is falling part of its tree trimming goal. pg&e acknowledged the tree trimming concerns and says it is taking action to address it. multiple gunshots fired. shots fired inside. >> you just heard the frantic call after a suspect opened fire, wounding six police officers.
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in the past 90 minutes the man who was holed up inside the home just north of philadelphia has surrendered and police say the shooting started when a warrant was served at the home. some officers jumped out of windows to avoid the barrage of bullets. >> they had already entered the premises and gotten toward the rear in the kitchen area when gunfire erupted and the shooter fired multiple rounds. officers returned fire. >> police say two officers who were inside that home with the gunman are now safe after an hours-long standoff. the surrounding neighborhood was on lockdown. a nearby daycare center was evacuated. two additional officewe hu shooting. and they're happy because they're doing soigilroy. weeks after the tragic shooting the community banding together to help one another. and sky-high sales of marijuana. at outside lands. just how much money was raked in this last weekend. as hot as 104 in pleasanton
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today. morgan hill at 103. san francisco even getting up to 87. we'll show you the heat tomorrow and the big change moving in for the weekend in about six minutes.
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breaking news. the creek fire burning nearby in contra costa county. you're looking at new video that just came into our newsroom from a video. thank you for that. across from mars creek. fiefrnts firefighters say the flames burned between 15 and 20 acres. the good news is forward progress has now been stopped. crews are putting out the flames. could be at the scene for the next several hours. no homes are threatened. no injuries are reported.
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it's time like this where we pull together and we're going to heal. we are. >> the healing is slow but the outpouring of help boundless. it has been 2 1/2 weeks since the mass shooting in gilroy, and the people who live there continue to show their strength by caring for each other in acts small and big. >> and tonight a major milestone. here's nbc bay area's ian cull. >> report: not by the people of this south bay community. >> and when are they happening? >> reporter: along with prayers and support money is pouring in at a staggering victims. >> these are the deposits from the bank of all the checks that come in. >> reporter: and today the total amount passed $1 million. >> every time there's a donation on paypal, whether it's $10 or $10,000, i get an e-mail. ding, ding, ding. in one morning i had 366 e-mails. >> reporter: some are large. >> biggest donation is $250,000. >> reporter: who was that from? >> that's anonymous.
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>> reporter: to dozens of lemonade stands. >> just so that they know people are always there for them. >> reporter: this one at the sunrise fire station raised $3,000 in two hours. and local businesses trying to help like straw hat pizza. last wednesday they raised $10,000. >> we're aragedy like that brin everybody together from the first day that lasts two sundays ago, we've been making pizzas and donating a lot of pizzas. >> reporter: the gilroy foundation is disbursing the this week victims can fill out applications for medical bills and other needs. they hope the turnaround will take less than ten days. every penny is going to the victims. >> you're doing something positive and doing something good for their community. >> reporter: gilroy, a community where they don't just put up a sign and wear a t-shirt. they show up and help each other. and they're not done yet. >> it's really been great to see the whole community come together and really just to combat this tragedy. >> it's time like this where we
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pull together and we're going to heal. we are. >> reporter: in gilroy, ian cull, nbc bay area news. solving homelessness a topic at tonight's commonwealth club thought leadership series. our very own raj mathai was the moderating panel discussion. the mayors from several cities including sacramento and hawaii attended the event that talks about the challenges in combating homelessness. well, tomorrow the jury in the ghost ship trial will start its ninth day of deliberations and one defense attorney believes they're getting close to reaching a verdict. now, yesterday the jury requested to rehear everything the defendant derrick almena said on the stand. he was on the stand for four days. but today the jury backed off. they're reconsidering what they actually need to rehear to make up their minds. now, in his testimony almena said he took more responsibility for the tranld that killed 36 people, but he also shifted the blame to the warehouse landlord. his attorney predicts a verdict could come down soon. marijuana sales were sky
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high at outside lands last weekend. final tally shows that marijuana and other cannabis products sold at music festival ranked in the 7 figures. for some perspective a prerolled joint at outside land sold for $15. this year was the first time the countdown continues until we help clear the shelters on saturday. our own vianey there. 30 cats and five dogs. >> terry mcsweeney. >> i'm looking for jessica. jessica's the one with the blow-dried fur. they're all in need of a forever home. valley humane is one of 90 local shelter and rescue organizations that's taking part in our clear the shelters campaign. most of them going to offer waived or reduced adoption fees on saturday. to find out more go to
11:18 pm click on the clear the shelters section. >> yes. terry mcsweeney was up for adoption. he has a couple of siblings. and it is right. jessica had her hair done when she was on the news at 6:00. >> both of you, the same kind of chemistry going on. it was good. it was nice. >> we'll talk more about that coming up. as we bring you into that microclimate forecast tonight. we are in a microclimate weather alert due to the high temperatures. i wanteo res and we're hearing from the fire agency they are getting control of this. but i wanted to let you know in brentwood you likely still could be smelling smoke through tonight with the way the wind's blowing out of the southwest at 13 and it was a very warm 82. tomorrow i see wind gusts up to 20 and a hot 103. so no doubt temperature and lee humidity will be the biggest thing fire crews will be bat
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well any kind of hot spots. we'll have more updates on twitter and also on facebook. now let's focus in on the heat. this is another day. i'm not seeing temperatures budge at all of that hot, hot weather. i had santa rosa at 99 concord francisco back in the 80s. that's anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees above average. so with that kind of heat i want you to think of ways to battle the heat. stay hydrated. but one thing youayot know, sugary drinks actually dehydrate you. try to stay away from the soda if you can. ac always. helps to bounce back the rays from the sun. so that's good news. bring a hat and also spf 15 and/or higher. now, as we move into tomorrow morning's forecast it's going to be mild to start. we're really not going to see a whole lot of relief. 79 in the tri-valley. south bay at 75. also warm 70s for the north bay. san francisco just a little bit of fog. that should help us get down to
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the 60s for a little bit tomorrow morning. and for the east bay anywhere from 69 near the bay to 79 for those hotter interior valleys. now, the forecast tomorrow i know a lot of you are not going to be happy with these numbers. down here across the south bay low 100s from milpitas to east san jose down through morgan hill and also gilroy. and the most widespread heat once again will be tracked right back here in those inland valleys from pleasanton right up to martinez back into concord and antioch. one of my hottest at 106. the coast, 70 in half moon bay, then you're seeing that heat spike up in palo alto warm 86 in the mission. certainly some isolated upper 90s in downtown. the marina at 74. ingleside 75. north bay 104 in clearlake, 102 in napa, and 101 in novato. so with temperatures like this again tomorrow when do we get some relief?
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i'm still seeing a very weak system just off to the north. once we hit this weekend, but that's going to be good enough to drop it on down. look at san francisco. 60s by saturday and sunday and not a bad start as we head through next week. inland valleys from that 104 average tomorrow to 80s this saturday and sunday. so as we help clear the shelters on saturday it's going to be a lot better if you're going to take home a pet for reduced or waived fee. jessica and i will be out at arf in walnut creek. >> that's tony la russa's place. >> yeah. and you're really good at matching people up with those pets, i must say. >> i'm a pet matchmaker. >> so come out and see us. >> thanks, jeff. well, coming up, the faa cracking down. the apple product you can no longer take on an airplane. and we have jimmy. >> guys, alessia cara's here. the wheel of musical impressions rematch. plus we have ice cube, and music from juanes featuring alessia cara. it's a great show. stay tuned!
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happening now, a cleanup under way at a south bay cemetery. city workers and volunteers cleared grass and weeds that are growing over headstones at santa clara cemetery on winchester. the city says two part-time workers maintain the grounds but it's getting tougher because they're no longer usi w allegedly causing cancer. the city has hired more workers. we're back in a moment. keep you both comfortable.
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doctors are sounding the alarm after a rash of vape-related hospitalizations. 22 people across the midwest hospitalized with lung damage tied to nicotine and vaping. pa icu. some are on ventilators helping them breathe. the cdc estimated 3.5 million high school and middle school students vape. the long-term effects are still being studied. health experts say what they've learned so far very concerning. the faa banning some laptops from planes. apple recalled some older models of the 15-inch macbook pro a few months ago. they say overheating batteries are the issue. now, the faa says passengers can't bring those laptops into carry-on or check in because batteries are a fire hazard. the ban isn't just the macbook pro. anything with a recalled lithium battery is not allowed on an
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airplane. so could the giants sweep the a's in the bay bridge series? we shall see. and we'll update the niners and raiders camps. sports is next. denny's isn't just for breakfast...
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he's going his own way. a's jumped all overt giants early today. they had a 7-0 lead in the eighth inning. two-run homer by robbie grossman. the giants would stage a comeback, though. they made it close. they scored five runs in the bottom of the eighth to make it interesting. mike yastrzemski over the .399 mark. three-run homer. all of a sudden giants have a shot. 7-5. a's answer in the ninth. matt chapman, his second home run of the day. a's go on to win it 9-5. the a's welcome the incredible astros to town tomorrow. the giants off to arizona to take on the diamondbacks. the raiders and the 49ers dealing with the dog days of training camp. hot. silver and black back in action tomorrow night. they play the cardinals in arizona where they'll get up close with the nfl's top draft pick kyler murray. the 49ers are in denver where they'll practice against the broncos for the next two days i. basketball, lebron yamz continues to make a difference in his hometown, unveil a brand new outdoor basketball court at
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his i promise school in akron, ohio. in addition to the court the school also has a state-of-the-art media lab, innovative family training center. the i promise school serves nearly 350 underprivileged students between the grades of third and fifth. that's nice. >> very nice. we'll be back in a moment. here's one you guys will like. show me making it. oh! i got one. the best of amy poehler. amy, maybe we could use the voice remote to search for something that you're not in. show me parks and rec. from netflix to prime video to live tv, xfinity lets you find your favorites with the emmy award-winning x1 voice remote. show me the best of amy poehler, again. this time around... now that's simple, easy, awesome. experience the entertainment you love on x1. access netflix, prime video, youtube and more, all with the sound of your voice. click, call or visit a store today.
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bracing for another hot mpea overnight. >> plus a san francisco family
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felt left out in the cold by their home warranty. our consumer unit helps turn up the heat. >> join us tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. well, a burglar got caught red-handed at a high school campus. not your typical criminal. four legs, lots of fur. check out this raccoon that got stuck inside a vending machine. >> oh! >> look closely. it's between the chips and the rice krispie treats. this happened at a florida high school. they had to take the vending machine outside so the raccoon -- there he is, peeking still. could get out safely. >> he's so guilty he's got the mask on and everything. >> how did he get in? >> that's really cute. he's finding shelter from the heat. as we should all do tomorrow. one more day of real hot, right? >> yes. >> drink lots of water. >> cooling this weekend. have a great night. >> bye-bye.
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