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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 15, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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there are six police officers who were struck by gunfire. thankfully all of them are in stable condition >> breaking overnight, new developments in just the past few hours as gunfire erupts in a philly neighborhood. police serving a warrant hit by gunfire. hostages held as the suspect in the standoff is taken into custody. >> broken bones in his neck, a "washington post" report finds that jeffrey epstein was found with a broken neck bone after his suicide by hanging but that's more typical in cases of a homicide by strangulation >> brace for impact. frightening signs that the economy is headed for a collision course with a recession. as markets around the globe react to the dow's 800-point drop >> today one of the big-name
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democratic presidential candidates is set to step out of the race >> rapper jay z getsils of his relationship with the nfl and roger georgia tell are revealed. >> texting and driving just don't mix. "early today" starts right now good thursday morning. i'm frances rivera >> and i'm phillip mena. breaking news this morning, a suspect has been taken into custody after philadelphia was kept on edge for nearly eight hours. police say that it all started with an attempt to serve a narcotics warrant. a gunman opened fire and six officers were shot overnight, the suspect identified as maurice hill surrendered to authorities >> he's coming out he's coming out. >> police on the ground say he was then taken to the hospital nbc's craig boswell joining us >>craig, good morning. this was a very tense situation for police at one point they had two officers trapped inside? >> reporter: yes, phillip.
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good morning good morning, everyone there were two police officers trapped inside this north philadelphia home. there were also three other civilians inside this barricade i had home with a gunman that police say was heavily armed with a number of weapons including an ak-47 a s.w.a.t. team rushed in and rescued these officers right around midnight. they fired tear gas into this home got in and got these officers out safely got the civilians out safely ending a dramatic hours long standoff, right about eight hours long a number of rounds, hundreds of rounds fired from this home, police say, during the standoff. even at one point, only an aro ed get within the vicinity of this building what gunfire would reach. take a sound. >> shots fired shots fired inside >> it's right there. >> [ bleep ] >> shots fired officer shott this location.
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lower extremities. >> we have several shot officers we have an officer down. i need long gun s.w.a.t. >> pinned down inside the location shooting upwards and forward to the opposition of the police >> reporter: fortunately thankfully, the officers shot were not life-threatening injuries the officers shot have been released from the hospital all of this taking place two miles north of temple university and, of course, this happening when the gun debate is raging in this country as you mention, phillip, that suspect has been taken into custody and police say he does have an extensive criminal history. back to you guys >> what a tense situation there. craig boswell joining us craig, thank you >> wall street is reeling this morning after new fears of a recession rocked market. and overnight another ominous sign the u.s. 30 year treasury yield hit a historic low as investors seek out the relative stability of bonds amid the stock market roller coaster. that coming on the heels of a massive sell off
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the dow plummeting 800 points in its biggest drop of the year nbc's kristen welker has more. >> reporter: drama on wall street, now deepening fears the economy could be weakening the dow plunging more than 800 points, sparked by a key economic indicator faltering the first time since 2007. >> a major sell off here on wall street today >> fresh recession fears >> reporter: signalling a recession could be on the horizon. >> it's a very reliable indicator if it sticks around and gets worse every time this particular indicator turns negative, it signals a resection. >> reporter: the dangers of a recession likely job losses, 401(k)s and other retirement accounts dropping. it could be harder for those with credit issues to borrow money. while the economy is booming, some americans are already starting to feel a pinch richard kiwi is a fourth generation farmer in iowa watching the price of his corn
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and soybeans fall. he says because of the president's tariffs on china, despite a recent government bail out. >> you hurt a e world. the world rotates around agriculture, don't it? >> reporter: and while trade war with china was a key factor, the president is also blaming the federal reserve for keeping interest rates high. mr. trump tweeting, we should easily be reaping big rewards and gains, but the fed is holding us back. we will win. the president pointing to signs the economy is strong, including the lowest unemployment rate in decades. >> our country now has the hottest economy anywhere in the world. >> reporter: part of the president's reelection pitch is the economy. later today he'll campaign in new hampshire and highlight the unemployment rate there, one of the lowest in the country. frances? >> all right, kristen, thank you. >> there are new developments this morning in the jeffrey epstein investigation. a source close to the case tells nbc news that epstein's body has
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been claimed from the new york city medical examiner's office by an unidentified associate of the disgraced financier. now the washington post is reporting that an autopsy has found that there were broken bones in epstein's neck. nbc has not confirmed that reporting, but the post cites two people familiar with the findings these latest reports come as new questions are being raised about the events leita leading up to epstein's death in federal custody. nbc's stephanie gosk has this report >> reporter: the federal judge who is overseeing jeffrey epstein's criminal case says he wants more information asking the bureau of prisons to explain what happened on july 23rd when epstein was found injured in his cell. the apparent suicide attempt, he writes, has never been definitively explained also unexplained, why epstein hadn't been checked in his cell for hours leading up to his death, according to two law enforcement sources. investigators want to know if the guards were asleep on the job and are comparing the logs from that night with security
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camera footage to look for discrepancies. according to officials familiar with the investigation also one of the first lawsuits against epstein's more than $560 million estate was officially filed >> jennifer was a 14-year-old child. he was a predator. he groomed her he had help. and everybody who helped him should be held responsible for ruining jennifer's life. >> reporter: jennifer says epstein raped her in his new york city home when she was 15 talking to nbc news just after epstein's arrest >> justice for me would be for him really to spend the rest of his life in prison >> reporter: now that epstein is gone, the suit is going after his associates, accusing three unidentified employees a recruiter, a secretary and a maid of facilitating the sexual assault in the early 2000s it also names epstein's long-time friend and associate
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ghislaine maxwell who she said she never met. maxwell enabled what they call a sex trafficking rirng of children in 2003, long before he was accused of child sex abuse, epstein spoke with a reporter on his private caribbean island >> i realize what i am i'm very comfortable in my own skin >> reporter: the conversation posted by bloomberg ranges from his fabulous wealth to science and math >> on my own island, my own ranch. i can think the thoughts i want to think i can do the work i want to do i have the freedom for as i see fit. >> reporter: this is what that same island looked like on monday, swarming with fbi agents >> our thanks to stephanie gosk for that report. >> rapper jay z is on defense this morning after some critics are slamming the announcement that his roc nation company was partnering with the nfl. the rap icon who once criticized the league over player protests says the new music and social
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justice partnership will bring about change here's nbc's miguel almaguer >> reporter: it's the nfl's newest team jay z partnering with commissioner roger goodell and the league the unlikely alliance seems like a hail mary after the rap earn publicly barbed the nfl over the handling of the colin kaepernick controversy. >> i guess my speaking out brought about a conversation which brought about a conversation which led to a partnership. >> reporter: at a press conference recorded only by the nfl, jay z was asked about partnering with the league while kaepernick is still out of a job. the musician defending the move saying the two have spoken the former quarterback tweeting, i continue to work and stand with the people that fight for liberation despite those trying to erase the movement. jay z's company roc nation now advising the league on entertainment, including the superbowl halftime show and consulting for the league's
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activism chain inspire change. after supporting kaepernick for taking a knee, the entrepreneur is now being criticized for trying to capitalize on partnering with the nfl. eric reid, who kneeled beside kaepernick called the move disingenuous >> i think we have the greatest platform in the world, and we're using it in a very positive way. >> reporter: a foe turned friend of the league, trying to clean up the nfl's bad rap with community activism miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> all right a shake up in the race for the white house, sources telling nbc news that former colorado governor john hickenlooper is expected to drop out of the running. he struggled to top 1% in polling among democratic candidates and he's widely believed to be considering a bid for the senate challenging republican corey gardener and polls indicate he would enter that race with a large lead >> body camera video shows a
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surprise reversal police made when officers pulled over a vehicle they thought was stolen. >> step out of the car away froms you look familiar to me. >> in the new york yankees >> all right, he's familiar with a lot here in new york yankees general manager brian cash man was driving his car after she discovered the missing gm days earlier. police gt they still had to take the vehicle off the stolen list, which was the reason connecticut police confronted him in the first place. >> it's also possible they're red sox fans >> messing with him. >> also a possibility. >> in connecticut there are red sox fans, a lot of them. >> they have to see, the officers were supposed to remove it off the list. dig into that one today. all right. let's get into the forecast in areas of northern florida, we've been getting poured on all night long it's been wet the last couple
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weeks. we have flood watches for many sarasota to tampa heading into ft. myers, too even west palm beach, fort lauderdale to miami. severe weather today will be in areas of the central and northern plains, from south dakota all the way down th cool in houston after being in the hundreds the last week straight, we'll take whatever we can get. weekend forecast isn't going to bring much improvement to texas, but other areas of the country should be all right. we'll have those details coming up >> want to hear it all right, bill, thank you basketball season might be over but lebron james is still making big plays. he reportedly spent over $1 million to renovate the i prom
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i ise school in his hometown the school serves over 300 at-risk students in the akron , ohio area. >> what a good dude. just ahead, a new sign of growing support for gun control and an incredibly close call caught on carame kayakers narrowly dodging that tumbling cliff next. "early today." so, this is what we say. ♪ so, this is what we say. ♪ bring back the tigers. ♪ your mighty, mighty tigers. [cheering sounds] ♪ bring back the tigers. across the country, schools are having to cut sports. i'm tony the tiger and i'm on a mission to fix that. buy a box and help all kids be tigers. alice loves the smell of gain so much, she wished it came in a fabric softener too. [throat clears] say hello to your fairy godmother, alice. oh and look they got gain scent beads and dryer sheets too!
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the weapons bans and background checks for buyers. >> a teenager girl killed by falling rocks at a national park, and the cliff chances, showering debris just feet away from a grub of kayakers. nbc's steve patterson has the details. >> reporter: speaking through montana's massive grasher park, it ended in tragedy for a utah family >> rock fell on a car causing facial trauma. >> reporter: monday a 14-year-old girl died when rocks from the mountain side above the road's east tunnel rained down on the family vehicle, piercing the windshield, killing the teen and injuring her parents tourist pat cummings was three cars behind. >> oh, my heart dropped. i could hear a woman screaming hysterically >> reporter: park officials describe it as a freak accident. it came on t same day as another recent rock fall in michigan drone video capture kayakers
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narrowly avoiding being crushed when a larged the scenic rocks geologists say rock falls occur naturally all the time the magnitude of the ones we saw in michigan and montana are incredibly rare. the last fatal injury from rocks recorded on that road in glacier was 1996 >> thanks to steve patterson for that report. >> still ahead, coca-cola shakes things up with a new flavor. and new yorkers get their buns in gear to get a taste of hot dog ice cream. >> oh, man >> you're watching "early today. this is how it made me . it was like that feeling when you pull your green sock out of the dryer and then the very next sock is the other green one. and then you pull out two blue ones. and you keep going till you've matched and the owner of the laundromat is so impressed, he hangs a picture of you next to the dryer.
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we received some extremely sad news from the evergreen county sheriff brice walker was found and has been confirmed dead. >> who could have done this? >> the third and final season of 13 reasons why is out next week. netflix teased the mysterious finale with its dark new trailer asking who killed brice walker season 3 is available to stream on august 23rd >> all right coca-cola is getting a head start on the holidays with two new seasonal flavors tell me what you think soda lovers can look out for coca-cola cinnamon and sprite winter spiced cranberry. >> all right >> prevlyseptember 30th and will be available until new year's eve some people are excited to tryae bit.
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pumpkin spice before we get into cranberry winter sprite. >> have you tried orange vanilla? >> i stick with the basic. >> not bad, not bad. oscar meyer weiner mobile made a pit stop in new york they were celebrating national ice cream sandwich day they handed out custom creations, spicy mustard flavor and one infused with candied pieces of hot dog. here's how people reacted to that >> it's weird. [ laughter ] >> kind of gross yeah i personally like it, but the muffin is really spicy >> he's frank, right you have to say that >> i don't know about that still to come, a man wearing a tv on his head channels his inneprst tuned you're watching "early today." my joints... they hurt. the the tenderness. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this.
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welcome back to "early today. your weekend forecast, it looks pretty nice in areas of the middle of the country. we'll be dodging the rain on friday florida on the southeast coast, we've added showers and storms possibility to new york and new. >> all right, bill, thanks >> still ahead, an eye opening example of why you shouldn't text and drive i was on the fence about changing from a manual to an electric toothbrush. but my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gum line. for cleaner teeth and healthier gums.
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♪ ♪ 50 years ago today the woodstock music and art fair opened in upstate new york the three-day festival has defined a generation and cemented legacies for jimi hendrix, janice joplin and santana. >> cool seeing that years ago. a new controversy erupteding because of comments made by congressman steve king of iowa >> look at the family tree and pull the people out for rape and incest, would there be anyone left if we did that, considering all the rape and wars that have taken place in society i can't say i'm not part of a product of that. nothat was a nine-t
4:27 am
allow exceptions in cases of rape or insist in january republicans stripped king of his house committee position because of comments about white supremacy. >> the women's u.s. soccer team is taking their fight to the next level the world cup champs have been engaged in mediation talks with the soccer federation. negotiations broke down wednesday. the team plans to take their battle to court and says they are looking forward to a jury trial after defending the compensation package a u.s. soccer spokesman says they hope to continus in good f. players megan rapinoe and kristen press will appear later this morning on the today show to offer their take. >> check out this massachusetts driver giving us yet another example why it's sing. there it is, that car swerving off the road while looking at their phone.
4:28 am
smashing right into that road side telephone pole. check it out again one more time. this is what happens when you're not paying attention luckily this driver only sustained minor injuries, hopefully learned a major lesson police in berlin who caught this accident on camera released the video to, quote, educate the public on what can happen if you text and drive >> you can't have too many reminders when it comes to that. there is a mystery man in virginia who is going around putting old tv sets in people's porches and lawns. doorbell footage shows this man wearing a door placing old tvs on people's front steps. police say they collected at least 60 tvs and could charge him with littering or illegal dumping. local residents found it amusing, brush ing it off as a senior prank or bored college kid. kids are, what's that? >> it's one of the odd est things i've soon i don't know how he sees through it looks like a european dee jay. who ows. >> craknzy
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right now at 4:30, another summer sizzler. nbc bay area issuing a microclimate weather alert. triple digit temperatures are expected in many communities. a live look outside. at the right, you can see san francisco, san jose there. down to the lower right the cool before the heat. enjoy it. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. the heat is here again. >> we're starting out with warm weather for much of the bay area. let's head over to martinez and see how our day shapes up. upper 60s to start. by noon, 94. our south bay high temperature, baal


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