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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 15, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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right now at 4:30, another summer sizzler. nbc bay area issuing a microclimate weather alert. triple digit temperatures are expected in many communities. a live look outside. at the right, you can see san francisco, san jose there. down to the lower right the cool before the heat. enjoy it. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. the heat is here again. >> we're starting out with warm weather for much of the bay area. let's head over to martinez and see how our day shapes up. upper 60s to start. by noon, 94. our south bay high temperature, basically as hot as yesterday.
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reaching the upper 90s. up to 103 in gilroy. east bay temperatures up to 106 in antioch. we'll talk more about this and what's ahead. it's a slow drive in the east bay. we are showing mostly green censorkre sensors, but right there is where the overnight construction crew is. overnight we had down to one lane of traffic open. that's the reason for this slow drive. for that one short segment of 880 north bound. 580 is still off limits for the big rigs. larger trucks have to travel on the nimitz. 580 west is clear. second day of triple digit temperatures. they're expected to cause a lot of problems as well. in contra costa county, schools will be shut down because of the heat. "today in the bay's" jou lays it out for us. the heat making the most mundane
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task even harder. at this chevron station in alamo, the lights went out for a few seconds causing confusion at the pump. >> i was having problems over at my house too. so it was turning on and off and it's super hot. so it sucks. but you've got to deal with it. >> reporter: that's how jeff hedrick feels. >> we get power outages here often. i would say maybe three to four times a year. it's usually around the same time of day, too. >> reporter: according to pg&e, more than 3,500 people in alamo, danville and walnut creek were without power. temperatures rising past 100 degrees in some cities like concord. that's why contra costa county fire pulled second alarm on this house fire. >> so that we could rotate crews in and out, not only inside the house but off the roof and into a rehab area where they can get >> you got me, buddy. >> reporter: no work going on here. just a lot of playing around. highlands elementary school in pittsburg getting an extend eek
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with my babies. but the reality of it, you know, paying for daycare and just different things that i've got to compromise with now. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." you couldn't catch a break from the heat in the south bay. today will be the same. nearly 30,000 students return to class at san jose unified yesterday. some of them going home in what felt like 100 degree temperatures. kids in gilroy also went back to school. temperatures there hitting 103. all of this heat forcing some schools to make changes to things like football practice. nbc bay area is the place to turn for all your weather needs. you can see hour-by-hour temperatures for any place in the bay o east, a gunman who investigators say shot six philadelphia police officers thenrigged atody but police are looking for more answers. this started yesterday afternoon
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as officers tried to serve a narcotics warrant at a approache and that man started shooting. several officers escaped through windows. the six officers shot were taken to hospitals. the incredible news out of all of this, all of those philadelphia police officers were treated and released. the philadelphia police commissioner said it is remarkable nobody died. >> it's nothing short of astouning that in suastoun ing th astounding that in such a confined space we didn't have more injuries than we did. the prisoner is also unharmed. i don't know how that happened. >> the s.w.a.t. team shot tear gas into the home late last night. now a mysterious and gruesome crime in san francisco which still remains unsolved a year later. 65-year-old brian egg vanished from santa clara street last
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summer. strangers seemed to take over his home. his neighbor and other called polic when police did membered. police are still investigating, but egg's neighbor feels like egg has been forgotten. >> hope flz less in many ways. lost a lot of faith in the police department. >> this department is committed to making an arrest in this horrific crime. >> police initially arrested lance silva who used egg'sde card. he has been since released. pg&e is working to get its trimming program in line that's according to the federal safety monitor overseeingmpy.ovgrown t
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have caused several fires in th goal. pg&e says it is taking action to address the problems. in the south bay there may be some commuter concerns if a deal is not made between the vta and union workers. this morning members of the santa claraauthority will go into a closed door meeting to talk about ongoing negotiations. back in june union members voted down the latest contract offer. the offer included an 11% pay increase over three years and the vta called it their last, best and final offer. if there is a strike vta will bring in contract workers but service would be drastically cut. a piece of san francisco history is getting ready to hit the road. the city's oldest operating cable car just completed two test runs this week. accordingxaminer cable car 19 has been out of
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commission since 1942. sf mta has been working on repairing it the past few years. e says while the car is too old to operate in regular service, they are trying to get it ready for heritage week next month. amazon products that are not selling find a new home. how the company is helping those in need and the environment at the same time. and who says diamonds are just a girl's best friend. the new men's jewelry line launched by tiffany's and company. look live right here, this is the richmond bridge. a few cars on the road. some flashing lights in the background. mike will get us through that commute coming up. you're watching "today in the bay." in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony.
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for people with parkinson's, some neurons change their tune, causing uncontrollable tremors.
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now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmony, once thought to belost forever. the most personal technology is technology with the power to change your life. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. wall street looks like it's going to open up higher this morning as the markets look to recover some of yesterday's big losses. a short time ago the markets turned negative after china threatened to retaliate if the u.s. moves ahead with more tariffs next month. yesterday the dow was down 800 points. investoring selling stocks and pouring into u.s. government bonds pushing the yield on the longer term below shorter length
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treasu treasuries, that's known as an inverted yield curve, generally a warning for the economy and the markets that a downturn or a recession is on the horizon if that happens it would be several months down the road. amazon is starting a new program to keep unsold merchandise from the trash heap. starting next month the company will donate items third party customers cannot unload. it has been criticized overseas saying flat screen tvs, toys, they're being dumped in the france and the uk. tiffany's is launching a high-end bling line for the man in your life. the chain will roll out its first major jewelry collection for men in october. it's part of an effort to attract millennials and pump up sales that have been hit bay drop in spending by international tourists. tiffany's has long mo clips and cuff links. this jewelry will range in price
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from $15,000, and up to $75,000 for cocktail shakers and ice tongs. >> these hands are empty. got to put some jewelry on it. >> it's funny the diamonds are for the women, but there's cocktail shakers for the guys. >> i see marcus as an ice tong type of guy. >> filled with diamonds. >> thank you very much. coming up on "today in the bay," kari has been tracking rising temperatures acros bay area. more triple digits today? >> yes. another real holiday. we'll have some very warm weather in palo alto. we're starting out with 60s and leading to the 80s by 8:00. we'll look at that coming up
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taking a live look out in san francisco this morning, where it's not going to be as hot as other definitely in the area throughout the bay area today. kari hall has been studying every degree. there's a lot of them today. >> 85 degrees is warm when you don't have air conditioning. so we're all suffering with this heat. it's going to be another hot day. in dub llin we're still under a heat advisory. this shot even looks hazy. we'll have unhealthy air quality for the santa clara valley and the east bay. forev for the north bay and the south bay, it will be moderate. spare the air if you're going outside. we'll see temperatures in brent ro brentwood in the upper 60s.
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it will then climb into the low 90s by 11:00. not even at noon, and we'll see some hot temperatures. looking at morgan hill today, reaching 102 degrees. in concord, expect a high of 104. we're up to 72 in half moon bay. redwood city reaching 95. mission district, 86. novato 101. ukiah up to 105. another dangerously hot day. whatever you do, try to stay cool whether you're in the air conditioning, if you can find someone with a pool or going to the beach. it will be a good swim day. also sunglasses will be a requirement with all of the clear skies. as we look at wind speeds, that affects how much cooling we get. there's not going to be much wind. look at how it moves over parts of the south bay, east bay hills, we'll see it just kind of slowing down. so not much of a wind there again today in the tri valley as
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temperatures reach 104 degrees. by tomorrow we're still in the upper 90s, but not seeing as many triple digits. coming down to the mid 80s, in time for the weekend, and then low 90s early next week. mike, you have a new crash reported? >> we do. two incidents popping up on our map. san jose northbound 680, no injuries for this minor crash. it did report for san jose. in south san francisco, off of northbound 101, watching that a disabled bus may be blocking a lane or partially sticking out there. not a transit bus but we're told it's a private bus. on the east bay, we have slowing. speed son sensors changing from red to orange. marina, you weso ere might be break from time to time over the next 1520 minutes.
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clear into the bay bridge toll plaza. these hov lanes, make sure you can get three or more through the toll plaza to gain fwen benefbe benefit there. back to you. an alert for people who live and work in downtown san jose. police and fire officials are investigating a rash of arsons. nbc bay area obtained video of some of the recent fires. this one from sunday shows a man getting off a bicycle and setting a pile of brush on fire. it's one of 36 fires set in the past six months. neighbors say they hope police will start patrolling more at night and put a stop to the fires. crews with fire and police departments are not revealing much about theigio but sources say they are looking into at least one person in connection with some of the fires. we're finding out more about a santa rosa doctor who faces murder charges. four of his pains dietients die.
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the doctor faces a felony elderly abuse charge for a fifth patient who also died. his attorney says dr. killer did his best but several patients killed themselves and one died accidentally. we are learning new details about 19-year-old john earnest. he did not have a valid hunting license, which is the only way someone under 21 who is not in the military or law enforcement can legally buy a weapon under state law. it's unclear how he the gun.oped fire near san diego back in april. one person was killed and three others hurt. the gunman is facing murder, attempted murder and hate crime charges. we're getting a better idea of the damage done when that.1 earthqua earthquake struck southern
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california last month it could take more than $5 billion to repair badly damaged homes and restore a weapons station near ridgecrest. there were several large aftershocks after the quake as well. smaller aftershocks have been continuing almost daily. bay area officials are hoping to learn from many mistakes learned after that quake. los angeles's mayor says a new version of the early warning quake app is now out. it will alert users to weaker earthquakes starting at a 4.5 magnitude. previously the thresh was a 5.0. many people using the app in l.a. complained after they didn't get alerts when the ridgecrest quake struck. >> those are so helpful. coming up on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> the furnace in their new home quits working just as the cold sets in. so why doesn't he the home
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warranty cover repairs? nbc bay area responds next. and happening now, at least 23 people are recovering after their flight made an emergency landing outside of moscow's airport. the plane collided with a flock of birds right after it took off this morning. the birds got into both of the plane's engines causing a malfunction. the pilot made an emergency landing in a cornfield about a half mile from the aipoad. stick around.
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. a live look outside on this thursday morning. probably the coolest start of the day so far. temperatures are really going to rise. we issued a microclimate weather ale alert. it's 4:55. major cuts in the bay area and this is one of the south bay's biggest employers. cisco systems says it is getting rid of almost 500 jobs in san
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jose and milpitas. this is the second round of layoffs within the past year. most of the cuts will be from the engineering sector of the company. a statement from the company reads in part it is important that we make decisions to continually ensure our investment and resources are in line with strategic growth areas of business and customer demand. the company is helping employees who are off fieand responds to san francisco family who felt left out in the coldy. >> theysk their new home last october. re protection. a few months later asquit. pierre says old republic denied his claim calling the problem pre-existing. pierre says the inspector they sent out didn't even open the furnace, so he has no idea how they came to that conclusion. that's why he called us. we reached out to old republic.
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they didn't get back to us but they did contact pierre and paid him $3,600 to replace that furnace. we've received about 50 home warranty complains since 2016. before you buy one, please read the policy start to finish, the full thing, all of it. in many cases people have told us they missed something in the fine print, like mnt requirements or special exceptio exceptions. if you run into a home warranty issue, maybe we can help, 888-996-tips or coming up next on "today in the bay," kari hall tracking how last. >> the heat advisory continues today. we're having to spare the air as we deal with unhealthy air quality. not only that but another hot day. we'll talk more about that coming up next. and these folks, let's hope some of them will carpool. right now an easy drive.
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this is palo alto. construction to the south and to the north on 101. we'll show you where we find the slowing coming up.
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right now at 5:00, another summer scorcher. nbc bay area issued another microclimate weather alert. we're going into day two of extreme heat conditions. some spots hitting 100 degrees. and working to recover, the claims those impacted by the
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deadly wildfires odayca we'r a strong town. >> standing strong. the growing support for gilroy in the wake of deadly masstingn raised to help the to you as "today in the bay" continues. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike will get us to the commute in a bit. first we want to talk about those exz treatmetremely high temperatures. >> again today. this is the last day of the heat advisory that we'll see for the inland area. we'll have another day with triple digit temperatures that continues until 8:00. this as kids head back to school. we're looking at the forecast for cupertino union school day, it will be a nice, cool start but heating up fast. 94 at 1:00 today. we'll look at our microclimates coming up. we have some slowing sensors.
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>> that's right. and a few crashes and incident we had big jams here north 880 from 238 to marina. we have gone from red to green for that stretch of the i believe they're done with the


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