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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 15, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. let's look at the forecast with kari. another hot one, then the cooldown will start? >> finally. it'sen sohot, and we'll have more hot weather today. as we look outside in san francisco from our san bruno mountain camera. that's a beautiful sunrise. we had to deal with some poor air quality. if you can, catch public transit, if you're on your way out the door in oakland heading to the bart station, it will be warm again. reaching into the upper 80s by the early afternoon. the south bay temperatures up to 102 in morgan hill 1678, 106 in antioch. mike, you're seeing some changes? >> a lot of chp south 101 into south san francisco. looking at the rest of the bay, a light drive for most commuters. south 101 does jam up out of san
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francisco, off of 280 you're tapping the brakes down towards sierra park parkway. chp says changing the flair pattern and moving and ready to open up lanes. watch for more slowing on 101. 280 is clear. we transfer over to the bayshore freeway. getting towards the bay bridge is easy. backup at the metering lights. as the heat continues to build across the bay area, we're under another spare the air alert. you're actually asked to cut down on carbon emissions any way you can. this is because that air will be dangerous for many of us. thousands of students heading back to school again today beginning the new school year in those triple digit temperatures. yesterday students in other districts had their own set of challenges. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in concord where kids in
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the mount die yed diablo schoole returning. >> temperatures are expected to hit 104 today in concord, which means it will be another hot one for the 30,000 plus students returning to class here at concord high behind me, the over 40 other campuses k through 12 campuses in the school district. at least these schools have air conditioning. this is video of highlands elementary in pittsburg, which was supposed to open this week but they can't. the classrooms don't have their new heating and cooling systems. the superintendent sent out a letter indicating that the contractor could not get the install done in time. the district tested out temporary ac. that wasn't adequate given these high temperatures. the district hopes highlands can have their ac installed and opened by monday.
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brentwood football will practice in the morning to avoid the heat. now, in gilroy, it reached 103 degrees yesterday. it was too hot for high school football practice. coach made the players work out indoors. further north along the 680 corridor, more than 3,500 pg&e customers in alamo, danville and walnut creek, they lost power as temperatures soared into the triple digits. in concord, the contra costa county fire protection district had to call for a second alarm as they fought this house fire. firefighters thought it would be so hot that they needed backup to put out the flames. bob redell, "today in the bay." nbc bay area is the place to turn for your weather needs. download our app. it's free. you can see hour-by-hour temperatures for any place in the bay area. this is a look at kari hall's twitter page. fire crews are no longer on
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the scene of a big brush fire in east contra costa county. the fire at vasco road started about 9:30 last night. the scene was cleared this morning. brentwood was one of the hottest places in the bay area. don't know how that fire started. today a new website goes online to help north bay fire victims seek help as they continue their recovery from the fires of 2017 and 2018. >> they could get some funding back. kris sanchez tells us hwho is eligible. and this is separate from the bankruptcy cases. >> right. if you applied for funds through the bankruptcy court. this is different. the funds will be compensated separately. this is for people struggling to find affordable temporary housing because they're insurance money has run out
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after the 24 months or they didn't have insurance to begin with. it is the nor cal wildfire assistance program website. this is for people affected by the 2017 and 2018 wildfires. if that is you, you should register as soon as possible. the window is open through november 15th. the camp fire in paradise was the most devastating one. it destroyed 14,000 homes. in 2017, the year before that, nearly 9,000 homes were destroyed in 21 separate major fires. according to court documents, this 1$105 million fund to be administered by a third party is to provide alternative living expeee expenses and granting urgent relief. many wildfire survivors are still struggling to find affordable alternative housing. the wildfire assistance program is separate from the pg&e bankruptcy cases. applying for one does not qualify you for the other
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automatically. you have to apply for them splatlspla separately. at this point all you can do is sign up for information. do it soon because that window is only open for the next three months. laura? >> good to know. thank you. today marks day nine of jury deliberations in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. 36 people were killed in the fire back in 2016. earlier this week the jury said they wanted to rehear everything that defendant derick almena said on the stand. the jury realized they don't need to hear all four days of his testimony. the jury is still debating whether they want to hear collect portions or need to hear selected portions of his testimony or if they need to hear any of it to make up their minds. it's been nearly three weeks since the mass shooting in gilroy. three people were killed, 13 others were injured. the community has rallied around the victims and each other since
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then. >> now there's a major milestone to help in the healing that's been reached. along with prayers and support, money is poring in at a staggering rate. the total amount passed $1 million. that includes donations from dozens of lemonade stands. many local businesses are also trying to help. >> every time there's a donation on paypal, whether it's $10 or $10,000, i get an email. ding, ding, ding. in one morning i had 366 emails. this week victims can fill out applications for medical bills and other needs. the foundation says the turnaround will take less than ten days. students at san jose state will have to call the event center a new name. it is now the provident credit union event center. sjsu and provident credit union signed a 20-year deal. that deal worth more than $8 million. the summer heat may have you
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longing for winter. trending this morning some new beverages you may want to try or maybe avoid at all costs. coca-cola says it will debut a cinnamon flavor. the company makes sprite and this will be a winter spiced cranberry version. you can find them in september. no pumpkin spice yet, kari. >> i like pumpkin spice coffee, not spam like we talked about in the last half hour. that sounds so gross. >> i'm with you. >> we're thinking about fall but are in the dead of summer with this heat. drop a couple of ice cubes in your coffee as you get ready to head out the door. dublin seeing a lot of people up and out on the roads. if you can, call somebody in brentwood and carpool. we're trying to spare the air today, improve our air quality. we'll be in the upper 60s at 7:00. at 1:00, 98. it doesn't stop there.
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all of our microclimates will have a big warmup by noon. upper 90s for danville. mike, you have a problem for commuters out of san francisco. >> you will be met with delays if you take highway 101 out of san francisco. 101 jamming up heading down towards sierra point parkway. the flair patterns have been reset, i don't know what they've been set to. we don't know the lanes blocked here. chp has a lot of vehicles at south 101. four vehicles involved in a crash. no major injuries. 280, if that's your option, take that. the rest of the bay looks good. crash on 237, i'll get the details. the north bay, 101 through san rafael, that's just fine. next and all new for you a story to make you smile.
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>> hello, we're about to surprise somebody. >> you definitely want to see this video. we all would be so lucky to have an uber driver this nice. the act of kindness going viral this morning. looking at your money. a rough day on wall street yesterday. we'll look at all the details when "today in the bay" continues.
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good thursday morning, we're under a microclimate weather alert. right now a live look outside at san jose. we'll be under this heat advisory until 8:00. our temperatures start out in the upper 60s. 97 degrees at 1:00 today. it will be another hot one. a nicer weekend is ahead. we'll talk about that. the san mateo bridge had things crawling for a few minutes, now it's moving right. the note on the right says share the road, look twice for motorcyclists. with the warmer weather we'll see those smaller vehicles. happy thursday to you. let's start with some local companies. then i'll move on to this. shares in overstock plunging after analysts are uneasy. the ceo there shared stories about conspiracies and deep state.
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cisco's ceo will be live on cnbc talking about layoffs in the south bay. biggest fall on the dow so far this year, as investors ran screaming for the exits out of stocks and into bonds. president trump who has tied his presidency to the performance of stocks puts an interesting spin on it. tremendous amounts of money pouring into the united states, people want safety. he's correct on this. the united states is u.s. treasury bonds. people are pouring money into government securities which are a safe investment. he has it right. but it's a weird statement. it's like saying yes the boat sank, but we got to wear orange life vests with blinking lights on them. so money pours out of the market and heads towards those safe notes, government bonds and safety. that will affect the yield. how much the security pays you back in the end. look at the big board in new york city this morning. it's time to talk about the
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yield curve. you've been avoiding it. give me 30 seconds. a ten-year treasury note will have a high yield. high profit. the graph will look something like this. it's going to be up here, it will move back and forth a bit. the graph over time might look like that. it has to be a high payoff, you're lending money for a long time. two-year note will pay less. this makes sense. you spend a lot of money or you put a lot to of money aside, you get a high payoff, less, lower amount of time, less payoff. enough people rush into the long bond, like the ten year. the yield, the payoff will go down naturally. is it the inverted yield curve that causes the freakout or is
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it thefreakout that causes the inverted yield curve. futures are up this morning. we'll see if that lasts. there's a lot of bar gapes o gs bargains out there. talk about earning a five star rating. a new york uber driver's act of kindness is going viral a woman she was driving told her due to the fact she takes care of her grandkids she can't afford much forever herself. she was hoping to buy a new dress, a robe, house shoes for christmas. that's when the driver said she knew she had to do something and drove up to the fast food line to surprise her. that's your dress that you can wear to church. >> you're so sweet. >> if you don't like it, the gift receipt is in there. it's from old navy. here's a $50 visa gift card. get your house shoes and your robe when it's time. okay? >> thank you so much.
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this has been such a horrible day. you made it so much better. >> the driver said she went to several stores and asked women who looked to be the same woman's size about the clothes they wore to pick out the dress. it's those little acts of kindness that you see in our community that i love. >> yeah. you see that so many times. people just wanting to help. >> in morgan hill, they have a fund for firefighters, police officers, if you go into coffee shops, everybody contributes to it so they never pay. every once in a while, you will drive up and somebody will have paid for you. >> pizza shops in new york, people have prepurchased slices of pizza. >> in willow glen, someone put a note on someone's car with a dollar. you're loved. have a nice day. >> just little things. >> i took stuff off laura's desk the other day. >> bring it back. >> we'll talk about that later.
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>> that the same thing? >> no. we'll talk about that later. let's talk about the extreme high temperatures. >> it will be nice to get cooler air, maybe help a neighbor out today. instreveeite them over if they have air conditioning. this is a live look outside in dublin. you can see everyone is already up and out the door on 580. we have a lot of people who will be driving. i'm sure you'll be joining them soon. here's a look at the air quality. that will be unhealthy for the santa clara valley, inland east bay because we're dealing with hot temperatures and high levels of ozone. if you can, catch public transit as you get ready to head out the door in pleasant hill, you might need a light jacket to start, but probably not. you'll be comfortable as you head out this morn, temperatures in the low 60s. leading to the upper 90s. a big spread in temperatures from the start of the day to the
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afternoon. we have santa clara unified schools coming back in session today. happy first day of school. it will be great walking to school. heading home, you will want to make sure you have a bottle of water, the air conditioning is on in that pickup line. our temperatures today head up to 104 in concord. we'll hit 105 in ukiah. santa rosa, 99. san francisco, 8. palo alto reaching 89. it will be a warm day out there at the coliseum. by the time we get to first pitch, we're in the mid 70s. it will be nice to get the cooldown as this high pressure slowly backs away. we're past the peak of the heat. going into the weekend we'll see big changes ahead as our wind shifts, a storm system moves across the pacific northwest, we will get some breezy winds. look at these numbers. inland valleys, 1 04 today, 99
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tomorrow. mid 80s for the rest of the week. next week, not as extreme as this week. mike, you're concerned about two crashes now? >> i'm concerned about all crashes because people are always involved, the two that are an issue for our commute, one, heading out of san francisco. getting into spraens yan franci only have to deal with the bay bridge toll plaza. heading down the peninsula, this has been a problem for a half hour, maybe longer. south 101, speeds are starting to improve. i heard no update about the crash there at sierra point parkway. as far as i'm concerned we have flares out there because of a crash in lanes southbound 101. 280 is clear. you can cross back over on 101. the rest of the bay shows a good drive. this second crash is one of two on 237. this is westbound, your commute direction at matilda.
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i heard it involve as motorcycle. we talked about the warme weather, we see more motorcyclists out there. be careful. they're harder to see. right now we have a motorcycle crash westbound 237 jamming things up past lawrence expre expressw expressway. this other crash is eastbound past lawrence. overall, 237 westbound is the only real problem for silicon valley heading towards mamatild. the bay bridge toll plaza has the metering lights on. protecting passengers. at 6:30, the new money coming t. and the new furnace in their home stops working as soon as the cold weather hits in. why doesn't the home warranty pay? i'm chris chrmura, we'll have
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welcome back. look at that sunrise. looks nice. nbc bay area responds to a san francisco family who felt left out in the cold by their home warranty. so they asked chris chmura and his team to turn up the heat. good morning. pierre and his family moved into their new home last october. they were covered bay home
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warranty from old republic home protection. a few months later as winter arrived the furnace quit. pierre says old republic denied his claim calling the problem pre-existing. pierre says the inspector they sent out didn't even open the furnace, so he has no idea how they came to that conclusion. that's why he called us. we reached out to old republic. they didn't get back to us but they did contact pierre and paid him $3,600 to replace that furnace. we've received about 50 home warranty complains since 2016. before you buy one, please read the policy start to finish, the full thing, all of it. in many cases people have told us they missed something in the fine print, like maintenance requirements or special exceptions. if you run into a home warranty issue, maybe we can help, 888-996-tips or 6:25 for you right now. the countdown is on. tick. tick. tick. can you hear it? >> right there. >> until nbc bay area helps to
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clear the shelters this saturday. we've been bringing you stories all week long. vianey arana was at a shelter yesterday. there are 30 cats and 5 dogs in need of forever homes at the valley humane society. most of those animals will be offered at waived or reduced adoption fees on saturday. for more go to come see us. we'll be at berkeley humane on saturday morning. we'll go live. >> that will be so much fun. still ahead, averting a strike. the steps vta is taking to keep servicing riders in the silicon valley. and also all new, brand-new steps san francisco leaders are taking to make one specific community feel a little safer. plus -- we do know that we're very
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fortunate that no one was killed in this incident. >> big story coming out of the east coast. six police officers shot. what unfolded and what happened to the suspect overnight. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now spare the air. another unhealthy day in the
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area. >> kari just updated the forecast. it would be nice if she is bringing those temperatures down. that's soon coming, over the weekend. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marcus washington. we are under the microclimate weather alert for the second day in a row. kari hall has been tracking those conditions. it will be down right hot. it will be another hot day in the tri valley. looking at dublin, as you're about ready to head out the door, enjoy those outdoor activities before the temperatures heat up. the heat advisory continues until 8:00 this evening for all the areas shaded in orange. for solano county, an excessive heat warning again today. check on people and pets as those temperatures ramp up. we'll reach 104 degrees in livermore, concord and clear lake with some mid 80s in san francisco. so more on the weekend forecast in about six minutes.
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mike, you're starting with the south bay motorcycle crash? >> chp doesn't seem to think there's any major injuries. none reported. warmer weather, you see more motorcycles out. watch out for them. we're looking over here as we look at silicon valley, west 237, that builds up over the last ten minutes. really starting to jam up as traffic heads west. lawrence expressway also jamming up heading north from 101. stick to 101 if yow headiu're h to sunnyvale. in matilda, two out of three lanes are blocked. getting down to the south bay, slow drive southbound 101 approaching sierra parkway. we have that crash blocking part of one lane. at the bay bridge toll plaza you have the meetering lights. new security cameras will be installed around a specific part of san francisco, chinatown. it has seen its fair share of
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crime. pete suratos joins us with details this morning. >> good morning to you. those new security cameras will be installed around chinatown and san francisco, hopefully those cameras will make residents feel safer in the area. here's the details on how those cameras will be installed. the city of san francisco plans to install about 18 new high definition security cameras around china town starting from stockton street all the way to washington street. $45,000 of funding was used for this project. the purpose of the cameras are two-fold. obviously they want to serve as a crime deterrent and as a tool to assist san francisco police in the event of a climb. folks in the asian american community have expressed concerns in the past about safety. we reported earlier this month that some are organizing a gun education class to better protect themselves. san francisco police plan on
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increasing police presence in the area, but cameras, those cameras will be installed next month. reporting live, pete suratos, "today in the bay." still developing this morning out east, a gunman who investigators say shot six philadelphia police officers, then triggered a standoff is now in police custody. but police are looking for more answers. this started yesterday afternoon as officers tried to serve a narcotics warrant at a home. when they approached the home, a man started shooting. several officers escaped through windows. the six officers who were shot were taken to hospital but the incredible news is that all of those officers were treated and released. the philadelphia police commissioner says it is remarkable that none of those officers died. >> it's nothing short of astounding that in such a confined space we didn't have more of a tragedy than we did we're so thankful that they were able to get out and were able to get the other folks out.
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the prisoners that were in there are also unharmed. i don't know how that happened. >> the s.w.a.t. team shot tear gas into the home late last night. the suspect walked out and was taken into police custody. housing aford -- affordability will be front and center when mayor newsom meets this morning. it has been difficult to lure people to the bay area because of the cost of housing. the newly signed state budget provides a 1$1.7 billion investment in new housing. major job cuts in the bay bridge toll pla area.
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cisco systems says it is getting rid of almost 500 jobs in san jose and milpitas. this is the second round of layoffs within the past year. most of the cuts will be from the engineering sector of the company. a statement from the company reads in part it is important that we make decisions to continually ensure our investment and resources are in line withtrategic growth areas of business and customer demand. the statement goes on to say the company is helping employees who are laid off find other jobs within the company. b.a.r.t. is receiving a 1$17 billion grant for police patrols. it is critical for having a fully staffed police department. it also says it will allow the agency to deploy its critical asset patrol team for an additional year. in the south bay, there may soon be commuter concerns if a deal is not made between vta and union workers. this morning members of the santa clara valley transportation authority will go into a closed door meeting to talk about ongoing negotiations. back in june union members voted down the latest contract offer.
6:36 am
the offer included an 11% pay increase over three years and the vta called it their last, best and final offer. if there is a strike vta will bring in contract workers but service would be drastically cut. >> that will be a bad thing for a lot of commuters, mike. >> any changes, any effect for the commuters, we can't afford to have more issues on the roadway. we already have enough congestion. looking over here, vta in the south bay,cooper tina -- cupertino and santa clara schools are coming back in. chp just issued a traffic alert for west 237 coming up through sunnyvale out of santa clara and san jose. that will be a jammed site. the lawrence expressway also coming up through 101 is jammed through that area.
6:37 am
101 southbound holds steady speeds in the 50s going through sierra point parkway. >> thanks. here we go. heading into the weekend we're heading to cooler temperatures, too. >> yeah. it will be so great this weekend, especially after all of this hot weather in the valleys. we're talking about highs in the upper 80s. that's the warmest we'll get. for the bay, 81. the coast reaching the upper 60s. more clouds and fog. if you're making beach plans, it will be cool there. we're clearing the shelters this weekend. nbc bay area will be at a lot of bay area shelters. we're trying to get all the pets, all the cats, dogs, turtles, whatever they have out of those shelters. marcus and laura will be at the berkeley humane sewed. they'll start out in the upper 50s. we'll see some upper 60s.
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head out there and get a new pet for the weekend. if you're heading to the downtown martinez vintage market, we have much better weather there. i know it's been hot all week. by the time we get to urday, we're only reaching the upper 70s. we have a nice breeze and sunshine. going to yosemite? great hiking weather, but warm during the middle of the day. 80 on saturday. 79 own sunday. in the tri valley, big cooldown headed that way, high of 87 tomorrow. 83 on saturday. for muir woods, much cooler, only some upper 60s throughout the weekend. saturday and sunday looking great with a mix of sun and clouds. going down to santa barbara, upper 60s there. it will be cool at the beach there. we'll have some much cooler temperatures. i've been tweeting about this, talking about it on facebook. make sure you're liking my page on facebook. we'll talk about today. that's coming up in three
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minutes. coming up next on "today in the bay," equifax is no longer alone. new this hour, the problem left after credit information got in the hands of wrong people. and comments from the biggest names in women's soccer about a breakdown in pay negotiations. and we're live in contra costa county as more students go back to class this morning. the scorching temperatures and the changes some schools are making. president trump makes a big chge in policy. let's take you out to the big board. dow up 23 points after a drubbing yesterday. we'll be on facebook live starting at 6:58 this morning talking about that and all the news of the day. you're watching "today in the bay."
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rodney: you know what my favorite part really is is when i greet students when they come in. because i know what great things we have in store in the classroom. marisa: when they come into my classroom, they're able to really get in touch with who they are. rosanne: my favorite part of teaching has always been this opportunity to make a difference. ever: every student has the right to quality education. no matter what neighborhood you live in. rosanne: we are cta. ever: we are cta. marisa: we are cta. narrator: because we know quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
6:42 am
right now at 6:42. happy first day of school for students in santa clara. even though it's going to be great walking to school, comfortable temperatures, make sure you're dressed appropriately. we'll start out with some upper 60s, but end up in the mid 90s by the time that last school bell rings today. we'll talk about all of our mike yo climates and mike yo -- microclimates.
6:43 am
everything is looking good except the south bay, the traffic alert continues for westbound 237 out of santa clara. new video just into our newsroom from overnight. this is a fire burning in vallejo. the vallejo fire association posted this on twitter. the home on carter street is destroyed. nine people and seven pets now need to find a new place to live. investigators say a discarded cigarette butt started this fire. people complaining about a glitch with the credit karma website there are reports of users seeing other peoples account information when they logon to that website. credit karma denies there is or was a data breach. the company officers free credit score monitoring and reports. team usa women's world cup champions have a setback in their goal for equal pay. the women filed a gender discrimination lawsuit back in
6:44 am
march against the u.s. soccer federation demanding the same compensation as the men's team. yesterday mediation talks between both sides broke down. if there is not an agreement, a federal judge may take up the case. despite their challenges, the women say they plan to keep fighting. >> if it's not equal, there's no deal that we can get to. this isn't bargaining. you either value us equally and show that or you don't. >> you can hear how the u.s. soccer federation is responding on the "today" show, coming up at 7:00 after "today in the bay." breaking news overseas, the united states is looking to seize an iranian tanker being held by gibraltar. that tanker was stopped last month near the tip of southern spain. it's expected of heading to syria to be used by the assad regime that would be in violation of european union sanctions on oil shipments into
6:45 am
syria the ta syria. the tanker has been detained since july 4th. the president will hold a make america great valley today. >> and scott, he will likely have to talk about the stock market and china. >> president trump extended an offer to his counter papart, president xi, offering to discuss what's going on in hong kong. this is a change for president trump who in the past dismissed the situation as something america does not want to get involved in. as you know, pro democracy protesters have been occupying the airport there among other places as they protest against an extradition law and for better police accountability. the other really big development this morning is the president has tied our trade negotiations with china to their
6:46 am
ability to settle these protests without violence. the president tweeting of course china wants to make a deal. let them work humanly with hong kong first. this is big. both tying hong kong into the trade war and then the president making nonviolence a condition of the trade talks. unexpected. must have taken beijing totally off guard. as for the stock market, president trump tied his presidency to the performance of the stock market andhe markets are suffering. we gave you a granular look at that at 6:15 this morning. we'll do that again on facebook live in a minute. dow fell 800 points yesterday. that's the biggest drop of the year. the fourth biggest ever. on twitter some are pointing out all four have come during president trump's term. that's an unfair way to do it. picking a few at random, we had drops twice as big when obama or bush were president.
6:47 am
there was a recession there, the terror attacks. you have to measure these things by percentages. that's a much more fair way of looking at it and president trump does not own the big drops. we're watching all of this on twitter. there's my facebook as we'll. we'll be on facebook live in a minute. covering just about everything. >> all right. thanks. as we've been telling you, nbc bay area issued another microclimate weather alert, this is due to day two of triple digit temperatures in some spots. another spare the air alert also in effect. you're asked to cut down on carbon emissions any way you can. this is because that air will be dangerous for many of us. >> thousands of students heading back to school today beginning the new school year in that triple digit heat. a lot of kids have gone back this week. yesterday students in other districts had their own set of challenges. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in concord where kids in the mount diablo schools will be returning with the heat.
6:48 am
bob? >> expected to be 104 degrees today in concord, marcus and laura, which means it will be another hot day for these 30,000 plus kids going back to school here at concord high behind me, and the 40 plus k through 12 schools here. at least these schools have air conditioning. you can't say that about some schools a few towns over. this is video of highlands elementary in pittsburg, which was supposed to open this week but they can't. the classrooms don't have their new heating and cooling systems. the superintendent sent out a letter indicating that the contractor could not get the install done in time. the district tested out temporary ac units, but they weren't adequate enough given these high temperatures. the district hopes highlands can have their ac installed and opened by monday. brentwood liberty high school, the football team is practicing right now to beat the afternoon heat.
6:49 am
trying to keep things cool. now, in gilroy, it reached 103 degrees yesterday. it was too hot for high school football practice. coach made the players work out indoors, inside the gym. further north along the 680 corridor, more than 3,500 pg&e customers in alamo, danville and walnut creek, they lost power as temperatures soared into the triple digits. in concord, the contra costa county fire protection district had to call for a second alarm on what would normally have been a one alarm house fire, but the firefighters thought it was so hot that they needed the extra backup to put out the flames. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest. today those temperatures continue to pound many parts of the bay area. >> it's still going to be really hot today. no relief for the inland valleys. our temperatures head up over 100 degrees again today. the heat advisory continues until 8:00 this evening. we talked about this the spare the air alert.
6:50 am
as we get a live look outside at the sunrise over san francisco. it's mostly those inland areas that have to deal with the most unhealthy air quality with our third spare the air alert day in effect. unhealthy air quality in the inland east bay and the santa clara valley. we'rgettinready for the first day of school in the south bay. a nice walk to school in cupertino. 67 degrees. then the kids may head out early for recess and then have lunch inside as temperatures head into the mid 80s. at 1:00, we're at 94 degrees. it is going to be unbearably hot. in the south bay, reaching 99 degrees. 106 in antioch. 105 in ukiah. oakland reaching 88 degrees. san francisco reaching 84. as you are getting dressed, doing whatever we can to stay cool, if you can, make it a pool day go swimming. and you will need those sunglasses over the next hour or
6:51 am
so. high pressure giving us some hot weather. as we get closer to the weekend, that will slowly move away allowing for a storm system to move into the pacific northwest. that will change our wind direction, bringing in an ocean breeze. that will allow the fog to return to the coast as well. inland areas, 104 degrees. another spare the air. then coming down to the upper 90s. for the weekend, look at that, significant cooling, even though that's slightly above normal. it will be a welcomed change. we'll warm up a few more degrees by the middle of next week. 84 for san francisco. 67 for this sunday. mike, you have some good news. >> good news for the peninsula. folks, getting towards the bay bridge, we'll kov their entire area in contra costa county. standard flow for a thursday. the hot temperatures, be careful out there, getting in towards the bay bridge, just the backup at the bay bridge because of the
6:52 am
metering lights being on. out of san francisco, south 101, look at those speeds, almost completely recovered because of the earlier crash. now 280 shows a slowing getting down out of the daley city and towards 380. we switched back to the normal pattern for the peninsulpeninsu. the south bay has the same news. this is continued build for west 237. jammed up approaching this traffic alert. two out of three lanes are blocked at matilda for a motorcycle crash. they're waiting for a flat bobe tow truck to move that vehicle out of the roadway. there's about a 20-minute delay going from mill teat papitas to. saving you 25 minutes if you wiggle down montague expressway, 101. other options for you, join nbc bay area waze and we'll help you
6:53 am
out. that's the slow drive for the south bay. san jose itself not looking bad. the bay bridge lightening up on the approach. happening now, at least 23 people are recovering after their flight made an emergency landing outside of moscow's airport. the plane collided with a flock of birds right after it took off this morning. the birds got into both of the plane's engines causing a malfunction. the pilot made an emergency landing in a cornfield about a half mile from the airport. next here on "today in the bay," a quick look at our top stories including your money. the dow is up slightly after a huge drop yesterday morning. another live look at the markets coming up. >> plus a sign of the season, yet another brush fire burning overnight in the east bay. where things stand this morning. it is 6:53 for you right now we'll have much more for you ahead as "today in the bay" continues.
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welcome back. it's 6:56. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> everyone watching the stock market this morning. this is after yesterday's huge selloff. a live look at the big board right now. the dow is up 70 points just about. investors are hoping the market will go up today to make up for yesterday's 800-point loss. fire crews no longer at the scene of a big brush fire in
6:57 am
east contra costa county. this is what it looked like last night outside of brentwood. the fire near vasco road and marsh creek charred about 29 acres. crews cleared the scene early this morning. brentwood was one of the hottest places in the bay area yesterday. fire fighters had to deal with extreme heat. they don't know how the fire started. today a new way for north bay wildfire survivetors seek f funs for affordable housing and other needs. this is for people trying to recover from the 2017 and 2018 fires because their insurance money ran out or they didn't have insurance to begin with. the nor cal wildfire assistance website goes live today.
6:58 am
we're finding out more about a santa rosa doctor who is facing murder charges. four of his pains died. dr. thomas keller faces also a felony elderly abuse charge for a fifth patient who also died. his defense attorney says dr. keller did his best but said several patients took their own lives and one died accidentally. a major milestone reached in gilroy. money pouring in at the staggering rate for those victims. the total amount passed the $1 million mark. it includes donations from dozen of lemonade stands, many local businesses also trying to help. this week victims can fill out applications for medical bills and other needs. the foundation says the turnaround will take less than ten days. a piece of san francisco history getting ready to hit the road. the city's oldest operating cable car just completed two test runs this week. according to the examiner cable car 19 has been out of commission since 1942.
6:59 am
the agency says while the car is too old to operate in regular service, they're trying to get it to offer rides for the muni heritage weekend happening next month. cooler temperatures next month for that hopefully. >> how about this weekend? >> all right. >> we'll have a cooldown after another couple days of extreme temperatures. we're still seeing triple digits today. going down to the 90s tomorrow. this weekend some mid 80s. it will be a nice break for san francisco. we go from 84 today to 68 degrees on saturday. >> all right. traffic alert continues for silicon valley. >> everything else is looking calm. we'll look at the map. down on the bottom of the screen. i hope your drive is not sunnyvale or santa clara, if it is, 237 is still jammed at matilda. north 17, right around redwood
7:00 am
estates, a crash blocks one lane coming up from santa cruz. >> busy out there and busy in the newsroom. we're jumping on fak livcebook . >> and our show at 11:00. join us. breaking overnight, a dramatic end to that terrifying hours long standoff in philadelphia, six officers shot, the gunman overnight. >> coming up. >> a dramatic end to the long, terrifying standoff in philadelphia. six officers shot. the gunman holding hostages before surrendering to police after midnight. >> nothing short of a miracle that we don't have multiple officers killed today. just ahead, how it all ended. new overnight, a surprising report on jeffrey epstein's autopsy, the medical examiner finding he had broken bones, raising key questions about
7:01 am
whether this was really


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