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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 16, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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>> when i got close, the first person i came in contact with was mr. earnhardt. >> dale earnhardt and his wife and infant daughter, they serp f -- they search for reasons the plane went down. >> passengers walked away from an energy la-- an emergency lan. >> controversy continues to grow over israel's ban of two members of congress. >> just released video from the philadelphia police shoot-out, and new details of how it all
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went down and we will hear from the dad who jumped in front of his family to save them from a wild wolf while they were sleeping in a camp out and president trump is reportedly considering brianing greenland, the busfray to be wi. >> and one of the biggest names of nascar survived the firry crash. dale earnhardt, jr.'s private plane crashed in eastern tennessee. the flames and black smoke pouring out. >> reporter: the faa said that the five people aboard survived with no injuries incredible, considering the wre wreckage. >> you could hear the comotion it was metal and screech, like it was sliding >> reporter: dale earnhardt, jr., his wife and daughter. >> the first person i came in contact with was mr. earnhardt,
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he was on his back and conscious and alert. >> they had just landed in the airport, and the national transportation safety board is investigating what caused the crash that left smoke, bill owing in to the air. >> luckily we dodged a bullet today that everyone got away unharmed. >> 18 years ago, earnhardt jr.'s father died in a crash in the daytona 500. he was just 49 >> racing fans know who he is, not just because of his success as a driver. it's because he is the son of dale earnhardt, the son seven-time champion and one of the most famous drivers in history. >> the family is recovering in a local hospital after a close call >> a russian pilot is being praised for saving the lives of nearly 300 people when he safely landed in a cornfield, the incident happened after a flock of seagulls struck the aircraft. the landing is being called a
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miracle. >> reporter: it's a miracle over moscow passengers terrified and alive their russian plane in a cornfield. just consecutives after take -- just seconds after take off, the birds were subbed in to the engine the plane shook and the left engine failed and the pilot reacted fast steering toward a field. silence in the cabin, before a hard landing no wheels, the plane was skidding to a halt the crew directing passengers to escape through the cornfield 226 did, everyone survived, and only a few injured the crew russian media hailing him as a hero echos thereof new york's miracle on the hudson ten years ago. and the kremlin is promising
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that pilot a national honor. nbc news, london >> president trump is touting the economy on the heels of wednesday's blood bath on wall street during a rally, he shrugged off the biggest sell off of 2019 we have more on this craig, good morning. the president continued to defend the ongoing trade war with china >> yeah, philip, good morning, good morning everyone. yeah, the president defending his handling of the economy at a rally in new hampshire not mentioning the volatility, the recent volatility on wallstreet with stocks dropping 800 points on wednesday. the president insisting that he is doing well with china and the ongoing trade war and are returning to his claim that china is paying for o is say, china, how you doing they are not too js.
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the tariffs are working and they are eating the tariffs by the way, there's no price increase the united states right now, has the hottest economy anywhere in the world. now, earlier, the president returned to his feud with the squad, the four freshman members of congress. he pressured israel to block a planned visit there by representatives the s talib andr they have planned to visit sunday and they have been barred from the visit the president did not mention it in his rally but he mentioned omar's name, a frequent target by the president. take a listen to that. >> we are opening up minds in minnesota, the great state of minnesota. maybe we can get representative omar from minnesota to open up, but i don't think so she will open them up, i don't think so
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representative omar, that is another one. >> president trump members of b the aisle have criticized the decision to block that trip. philip, back to you. >> all right, joining us live, craig, thank you >> to the evolving mystery of jeffrey epstein's death. medical experts are now weighing in after an autopsy revealed that epstein broke a bone in his neck we have this report. >> speculation still swirling over how jeffrey epstein died in federal custody, the 66-year-old's body was claimed from the medical examiner's office by one of his associates. there's still no official cause of death multiple law enforcement sources have called it an apparent suicide. while a person familiar with the matter tells nbc news, the
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autopsy revealed there was a bone broken in the neck. it's u-shaped, and it can break in cases of hanging, blunt trauma, or strangulation >> it fractures 1/3 of the time with strangulation and with hanging 25% of the time. >> all information must be examined no single finding can be evaluated in a vacuum and there's more legal fall-out from epstein's state, a woman is suing the corporation that owns the epstein mansion. in his caribbean estate, large u.s. flags are at half-staff,
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remembering for a life ending in scandal. >> the water crisis in newark, new jersey continues, residents are outraged as the city continues to deal with elevated led had lev-- lead levels we have the latest >> the frustration >> makes me feel unsafe. >> and the lines are growing in newark, new jersey as residents demand answers over unsafe lead levels in the drinking water >> take those pipes out and putsomething good in the ground that can save children >> he came here to pick up bottled water for his family only to leave confused and empty handed >> i have to go and spend money to buy water we have six bottles of water left, it's 90 degrees. >> recent tests raised concerns of the quality of the water and the effectiveness of thousands of filters distributed by the city prompting officials to drink
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bolts e-- to drink bottled wate for now. >> we do not have enough information to determine if the filters are working or not >> there were concerns that water being handed out was expired. according to the fda, there's no limit to the shelf life of bottled water. as long as it's properly produced and bottled >> residents and a advocacy group are suing the city. >> what we have asked for now two years is to fix the lead problem. the city was very slow in addressing it and it's gotten out of hand. >> fresh shipments are pouring in but not fast enough for the warner family. >> kids outside running and playing and enjoying they self, they need water every day. >> newark, new if you feel like july was hotter than ever, you are right. it has been officially named as the hottest month ever recorded. some areas that had note ably above average temperatures were
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parts of africa, central europe and alaska itan all-of time high of 90 was reported at the anchorage airport. and the arctic circle hit 94.6 degrees last month it's frightening to think we are breaking the records >> it's like the opposite of hell freezing over at this point, i imagine and hi, bill >> to add to the facts the five hottest julys all in the last five years so, kind of crazy. let's talk about the weekend forecast we will continue to watch the heat in areas of the south, it's ban hot august, especially in the soesd the hot and humid continues will continue in texas. on saturday, we are still dealing with the rainy problems in areas of florida. not the best beach weather, as we go in the areas of the northeast, that is when the areas begin to rebuild going to jump in the 90s on sunday we will see a few showers an
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midwest, we will be dodging thunderstorms. and the heat and humidity continuesment taking a closer look at the florida issues with all the heavy rain coming up. >> payton manning's children's hospital is expanding to a new location in evanssville, indiana, he was in evans ville on wednesday, to announce the second emergency room for children >> thomas the tank engine made a special delivery in flint, michigan the famous character arrived with over a thousand pounds of of school supplies to give away to children. >> and bryce harper hit a grand slam upper deck walk-off home run thursday night and put a dramatic finish on a phillies
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leading the news, president trump may have a green new deal of his own he is considered buying greenland, the president reportedly discussed trying to buy the country on multiple occasions with varying degrees of seriousness, greenland is a danish territory, it's unclear if denmark would consider selling it president trump is going go to denmark next month >> okay. we have a new look at the intense police standoff that took place in philadelphia door bell camera captured the moments that ts entered the house to serve a narcotics warrant. you see one of them crawling out of the door, fortunately all six officers w were shot in the eight-hour long standoff have been discharged from the hospital charges have not yet been brought against the suspect, but
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the district attorney said they should include attempted murder, it's clear that the this man should not have been on the streets. >> the so called ripper trial, he has been found guilty of two counts of first degree murder. he was arrested in june of twenty 08 was charged with the murder of ashley elorin, she was supposed to go out on a date with ashton kuch er, kucher was called to testify. he was charged with the 2005 murder of another woman. he could face the death penalty. >> a man was in the right place at the right time. helping to save a driver from a burning car. the drier was stuck after he was hit by another car and it caused the vehicle to go up in flames but, thankfully a good samaritan by the name of scott morrison, dove in the inferno and pulled
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these are zombiesment. >> what are we going to do about those thing sns. >> what are you going to do about that >> it's tsunami. >> the zombie tsunami. the fans of the sharknado movies
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have something to look forward to zombie tidal wave, they are debd de -- their debuting the movie on the syfy channel. >> perfect summer watch right th there will. >> an uber driver was taking somebody to work, revealing that she was taking care of her grandchildren, leaving little money for herself. so the rider sur prized her. >> here is a dress and a $50visa gift card, so you can take it and get your house shoes and robe, when it's time, okay >> thank you, so much, this has been such ahorrible day. you made it so much better >> you can see how stunned she was. doing it right there and how great of it is to go out and do something like that >> that was beautiful. >> yeah. >> yeah.
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>> those are the people we need in the world. >> and a bit, you know, hopefully it's contagious for us to do one random thing >> i hope so >> the star of the most famous car chase scene in film history. up for auction mecum auctions have announced w l hit the auction block in florida: the car was thought to disappear, but it's resurfaced, it's likely to fetch millions and we remember the general lee from dukes of hazard, that went for $10 million. >> that was huge i need to watch the chase seen >> same. >> there's a guy in florida playiplay ing dirty, he tas n s out his a
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the dirt on her car, but it's not her car. charged with felony mischief no information on what she'd not answ answer but it was clearly a deal breaker. >> he was clearly not thinking straight >> he did not know, he was asking questions that she didn't know the answer to the get to no you part he skipped out on that >> just ahead, kids are on the lamb at the iowa state fair and we will go to the front lines of the annualut mtobu competition. we will separate the sheep from the goats when we come back. (girl) nooooooooooooo! (man) nooooo! (girl) nooooo...! bounty picks up messes quicker,
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from the pros in digestive health. welcome back, the heavy rain continues in florida, and now, it's trying sneak to tampa it will continue on and off through the up coming weekend. flood watches continue as we go throughout the evening even miami and ft. lauderdale have a chance for on and off heavy rain >> still ahead, a family's dream camping trip turns in to a nightmare r who's got the time to chase around down dirt, dust and hair? so now, i use heavy duty swiffer sweeper and dusters. for hard-to-reach places, duster makes it easy to clean. it captures dust in one swipe. and sweeper heavy duty cloths lock away twice as much dirt and dust. it gets stuff deep in the grooves other tools can miss.
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today, good morning. >> good morning guys, good to see you, this week, we revisit a favorite sit down. a raur one on one lend himself david letterman. we got together to talk about life after late night and the state of comedy and how he would handle president trump if he was on the air still and we fly fish, and do not do it well. the latest news and politics on sunday today for now, we will go back to you, francis and philip and see you on sunday morning. >> thanks, we will be watching that is bucket list stuff right there. letterman. >> a new jersey family is back home after surviving an attack in canada. they were asleep when a wolf tore through their tent, nearly dragging the father in the woods. here is miguel almagair, the attack happened in canada's
4:27 am
national park. not far from where theuntains ms the family from new jersey was sleeping in their tent when a 78 pound wolf, suddenly attacked >> when i arrived the tent had been collapsed and there was a back half of the wolf sticking out the front. >> he startled in the nearby trent by the sounds of a life and death struggle, ran over to help instinct, leading him to can kick the wolf. the wolf popped out a little curious, and i was not sure if he was going to attack me or not. >> the wolf was trying to drag the man away, it was like something out of a horror movie, matt fought the roof as it ripped apart the tent and his arms and hands we were screaming for help as he was fighting it and trying to save us. >> i was able to pick up a rock and we were able to sort of lob rocks at it for a while. >> after scaring the animal away he attack and now, a hair
4:28 am
owing story of survival. >> wow, terrifying, usually it's the bears, coyotes, not wolves you are thinking about >> not usually good on him. >> the mutton bustin contest kicked off it's like bull riding and it's for sheep, and only for children they try to hold on as long as they can as the sheep run around and now the event is daily and it takes place several times each day and i know just from the rodeos that i have been to, that was a fan favorite. >> brave kids and gutsy parents letting their schedule -- letting their kids do that thank you for watching and stay tuned for the "today" show, have a grea
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and good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us for "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we do begin with breaking news
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in southern santa clara county. cal fire have been brought in to help fight a brush fire along highway 101 in gilroy, this is video from our photographer who passed the fire just after it happened at pc in the morning. there was an initial traffic impact. let's check in with mike inouye. problems on 101? >> no slowing or closures 101 south of 152, you saw 25 as the marker there. r may landmark might be the hilton gardens over there. not affecting the hotel and no lanes blocked but that would have been a spectacle as you


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