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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 16, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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and good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us for "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we do begin with breaking news in southern santa clara county. cal fire have been brought in to help fight a brush fire along highway 101 in gilroy, this is video from our photographer who passed the fire just after it happened at pc in the morning. there was an initial traffic impact. let's check in with mike inouye. problems on 101? >> no slowing or closures 101 south of 152, you saw 25 as the marker there. r may landmark might be the hilton gardens over there. not affecting the hotel and no lanes blocked but that would have been a spectacle as you
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passed by it when ethan saw the flames there. everything calmed down and sounds like everything's under control. we'll keep monitoring this situation. getting closer to silicon valley, no problems. no major crashes, a few incidents here and there. the bay bridge toll plaza with a light backup. the cash lanes on either side should start to lighten up as we opened the cash lanes, so right now we have a couple closed but it's early. >> it is early so we're starting out with mostly clear skies, this is a live look outside in san francisco and we're still dealing with unhealthy air quality and for santa clara valley inland east bay we are still seeing the most unhealthy air as temperatures are heating up trend in the mid early afternoo in the south bay approaching 100 degrees once again. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates, that's coming up and cooler temperatures in the
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weekend forecast. another breaking story overnight, widespread power outages across the bay area leaving tens of thousands of people without electricity. at one point there were 54,000 pg&e customers without power in marin county alone. most of the outages have been restored in larkspur, corte madera, sausalito. pg&e cleared up problems overnight in kg cloud cover and santa clara counties. the outages really made it tough for families fighting the heat without air conditioning. it's not clear if heat was the role in all of thus but we're reaching out to pg&e for a response. we'll have live report and reaction from residents in the next half hour. nbc bay area is the place to turn for specific forecast and things going on where you've been. download our app and see the hour-by-hour temperatures across the bay area and find us on facebook and twitter. a heads up for people trying
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to get around the east bay, using b.a.r.t. or driving along a stretch of contra costa county, you might hit delays. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live from walnut creek to tell us why one project in particular is important to cause some problems for commuters. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, to you, laura. b.a.r.t. tracks will be shut down between walnut creek and b.a.r.t. where we're at and orinda. this could have an impact on people who commute in this area or travel to and from. this will be the first of six weekend tracks shut down between the two stops. the shutdown is taking place on different weekends through october including labor day weekend. county connection and ac transit will be providing free bus service between the stations during the weekend shutdown to help those who rely on the stops during this time. starting 11:00 tonight and running through the weekend, this is something the two left lanes along highway 24 eastbound near lafayette station and oak hill road will also be closed down to position eight, 265-ton
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crane and heavy equipment used for repairs. as far as the work being done, crews are replacing 50-year-old track components which will improve noise level on trains and give passengers a smoother ride. >> i think it's terrific. you got to fix things and do maintenance. otherwise things break down. >> well, it is what it is. it does need some improvements, yes. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. hopes these improvements will benefit riders for decades to come but even with the buses in place between orinda and walnut creek stra stations riders should expect delays up to 40 minutes and drivers delays on highway 24 of up to 30 minutes. reporting live at walnut creek, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. breaking news for you this morning, u.s. representative rashida tlaib is getting permission to visit the west bank of israel, a day afterd it
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visiting the company. tlaib can visit her grandmother in the west bank. democratic lawmakers slammed israel's decision yesterday warning it could damage the u.s./israel relationship and accused president trump of instigating the move. we will have a live report on all these breaking developments coming up from washington at 5:30. and in just a few hours, demonstrators plan to gather in palo alto in front of the the headquarters of data analysis company palanter. they demand the company end its contract with i.c.e. a public radio station in new york is reporting the story, says the agency is using palanter's technology for go deportation. the rally comes a day after a federal hills court in sancisco claim by the u.s. government. 4:35 and new this morning,
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b.a.r.t. is responding to homeless and cleanup issues at some of its stations. many passengers have recently taken to social media to raise concerns about dirty needles left behind and homeless people sleeping in hallways. the transit agency is planning to hire 15 new cleaners over the next six months. new employee also focus on cleaning stations in downtown san francisco on a weekly basis. one of san jose's most popular public art installations is coming back, but not everyone is happy about the price tag. sonic runway wracked up more than 1 million social media posts in four months and it was near the san jose city hall, you might remember it. it's costing about a half million dollars in taxpayer money to bring it back. some feel like that money could have been spent better. others say they're happy it's making a comeback. >> reporter: do you think $500,000 is steep? >> yes, that is a lot of money. >> it's worth it, man. the arts is everything. people and culture is everything. what else do we have otherwise? >> san jose mayor sam liccardo
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says it will be owned by the city and will be around the year. it's 4:37. happening today, silicon valley's comicon kicks off. crews have been busy getting the san jose convention center ready for the three-day event. the big names will be attending, lou ferrigno, stone cold steve austin and former california governor arnold schwarzenegger. doors open later at noon. will you make an appearance? >> steve austin, talk about it, laura, yeah, yeah, yeah! >> maybe you should go. >> maybe! coming up on "today in the bay," facebook users suing the social media giant following its worst security breach ever. what facebook is saying about the information belonging to the 29 million users affected. and twitter taking new steps to protect users from unwanted offensive messages. how people can trash the offensive content before seeing it.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is poised to open up higher this morning, following the market's modest rebound yesterday. the dow pacing those gains thanks to walmart's better than expected earnings. still, the dow is having its worst week since may, amid growing concerns about u.s./china trade talks, a slowdown in the global economy and fears of a possible recession. on today's watch list a report
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on housing starts and consumer sentiment. facebook users are ewing the company over a data breach last year, they say facebook failed to warn them about the risk tied to its single sign-on tool even though it protected employees. single sign-on connects users to third party apps and services using a facebook login. the suit stems from the company's worst security breach ever last september when hackers stole login codes or access toke nls allowing them access to nearly 29 million accounts. attackers took profile details suches abirth dates, employers, education history, types of device used and pages followed. facebook said hackers did not steal personal messages or financial information. and twitter is testing a filter for direct messages that contain conference offensive content. those flagged can be stored away in a folder that's marked "additional messages." users can choose to view them or delete them. twitter has taken steps without the need for human interception
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and tested hide replies a feature that would make it easier to report offensive tweets. marcus and laura, over to you. >> that's a good thing. a lot of times you get the messages, wait, wait, no, no, no. >> i don't want to see that. >> thanks, frank. coming up here on "today in the bay," kari is tracking another hot day ahead for us but it's nice going into the weekend. >> one last day and then we start to cool off. this is a live look outside in san jose, as we head over to willow glen. we have some upper 60s to start, and then some mid 80s by noon. it won't be as hot today but l next. we'll take not as hot and not so busy. richmond to san rafael across the bridge, the joints have all been repaired, all 31 of those joints but they still have roadwork. be careful for crews, right now just a couple of cars. we'll show you what else is going on. newer chip cards are supposed to be more secure but chiefs thieves are still hacking our accounts. one weak spot, gas pumps.
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they're not required to take these cards yet and won't be until 2020. thieves know that, so one way to perhaps protect your account number right now? pay for your gas inside with the cashier instead of at the pump. let us know if you have a consumer complaint. the number is 888-996-tips or online at
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a very good morning to outsn francisco. it's friday, thank goodness.
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and we start with the microclimate weather alert, we're expecting some cooling temperatures, very welcome this weekend, right? >> it's been so hot this week and in fact we set several records across the bay area, so this morning, one last day if we can make it through. let's take a live look in oakland as we get a live look outside, it's mostly clear skies there as we look toward the coliseum. if you're on your way out the door to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station expect some low 60s. we'll be at 63 degrees, even this morning's start will be a touch cooler for some, and then going throughout the day, the heat up won't happen as fast in oakland at noon, we're at 78 degrees, and so now most of the bay area has been dropped from the heat advisory, but now lake and solano county still included in the excessive heat warning that will go from 11:00 until 8:00 a.m. and some of these areas we could see temperatures as high as 108 degrees, and so let's look at all of our microclimates and what to expect
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today. so here we are at 8:00, in concord at 71 degrees. we're at 68 in cupertino. at lunch time, it's 77 in oakland, while fremont is at 85. we're at 88 degrees in santa rosa. some of our hottest temperatures will be in the upper 90s and briefly touching 100 degrees, and then starting to come back down for the evening, and i think if you head out right around sunset, it's going to feel much better, as the winds start to pick up and our cooling gets under way. so here is that live look outside in san jose, as you get started this morning, you're getting dressed, grab something sleeveless, shorts, something to help keep you cool today, probably no need for a jacket, and we're hoping to clear the shelters this weekend, and of course we need your help, if you can head out to the berkeley humane society for tomorrow, you'll see marcus and laura and we'll see our temperatures that will be very nice and comfortable, so after you adopt that pet, enjoy some time outside, and still we have some dangerous heat today with our highs up to 101 in the valleys.
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tomorrow we're up to 87 in some of our warmer spots, 84 on sunday, but next week it does start to heat up again, back into the low to mid-90s, and san francisco seeing the fog return by tomorrow, so it's going to be much cooler for the weekend into the start of next week. and heading over to mike, you're calling out two spots. >> that's right, kari. the speed sensors show a smooth drive all around the bay, except for these that lit up getting eastbound on the dumbarton bridge. that's not the spot i'm calling out. i am watching that. there's no incidents there. no crews either so we'll double check and make sure everything's okay there. the two spots that i'm calling out, the first is over here in hayward, it is northboun0t the tennison off-ramp. word from the chp that the off-ramp they may have to do a traffic break. sounds like there may be a bicyclist involved in a crash and we're always concerned for everyone's safety but especially when a bicyclist might be there at the off-ramp, we'll follow up
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with the hayward pd as well. incident a disabled vehicle northbound 680 coming up looking at slowing right two lanes affected right now, the flashing lights and distraction the biggest deal. the traffic volume of course throughout is pretty light, so light we have no delays for at approaches in toward the maze. travel times 14 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza we have the cash lanes backing up on either side of the fastrak. we have yet to see all cash lanes open and two stations closed over the weekend, the b.a.r.t. work between orinda and walnut creek, affecting both of those stations, as well as highway 24 right by the lafayette station in the eastbound direction. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. it's 4:49 right now. new video coming in this morning of an officer-involved shooting in solano county. vallejo police released body camera video that shows a police officer firing at a trespassing suspect that was holding a knife. the shooting happened back in january. police say the suspect edward gonzalez was trying to break
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into a storage shed. in the video you can hear the officer tell gonzalez to put down the knife several times. he refuses, tries to escape, at the gate where you saw and couldn't and starts approaching the officer. that's when the officer shot at gonzalez at least four times. gonzalez was not killed. two investigations into police shootings are under way. two men accused of breaking into cars in palo alto may be connected to a bigger operation, according to police. investigators say that they stopped the two men last week and found some stolen items and burglary equipment inside the vehicle. they believe the men were targeting vehicles in the stanford shopping center. the department is investigating whether the duo is connected to burglaries in other cities. a lawsuit is challenging the state's current ban on the firearm, it comes after at least three mass shootings in one week, including the one in gilroy. a political action committee and three men from san diego say the law violates the second amendment.
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they want the right to use large capacity ammunition magazines in their legal rifles and pistols. a judge in april the same one in this case tossed out the state's nearly two decade old ban on buying or selling the products. despite being the world's largest legal pot maker, new numbers say the state's black market still booming. a new report says for every dollar users spend on products legally, $3 are being spent illegally. heavy tax rates are blamed on the illicit sales. there is some good news for the struggling legal market, it is expected to grow to $3.1 billion by next year. several notable women in state com will contain the luncheon, aimed at electing women who are pro choice into office. 4:51 for you. nbc bay area, exploration is getting a silicon valley boost. >> that's right, nasa is reaching out for some tech help before it takes off on its planned trip to the moon, and mars.
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nasa is working with google and intel to use high-tech mapping and ai to help guide us through space. it's also using the company's ai technology to help keep our planet safe from asteroids that might come uncomfortably close to us. >> certainly we know that impacts on the earth have happened in its past. we know what happens on the moon, all the craters are due to impacts. >> both nasa sean the tech companies say as the relationship grows and as we get closer to a mars mission, we ca expect to see plenty of new job opportunities to help make that happen. >> how cool is that? 4:52 for you righte injury demarcus cousins. next on "today in the bay," how long he's expected to be out next a nearly $4,000 in his bi dinner bill, why his teammates left him to pay. and hundreds of homes south of denver are being evacuated
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right now. a wildfire has only burned 13 acres so far but it is dangerously close to neighborhoods. at least 300 homes are under evacuation orders. air support should start soon when the sunrises there. that cause of the fire is under investigation right now. a lot more news ahead. it's early, 4:53 right now. buttermoh manscuits now we're talking friesausage want it or bacon and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box.
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sausa4 donut holes. for just a dollar. dang!! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. welcome back, everyone. it's 4:55 right now. it's a nice live look outside downtown san jose. we're still in the microclimate weather alert. another hot day, if we can just get through this one, we have cooling coming for the weekend. we'll check the full forecast in moments. the injury bug has bitten demarcus cousins. the former warri cjoined the la
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will likely miss all of the upcoming season. her to his acl in his left knee while training in las vegas. the injury comes after boogie missed most of last season recovering from a torn achilles tendon. he played just 30 regular season games with the warriors last year, but this is before hurting his quad in playoffs. he returned to the nba finals where he played limited minutes. one 49er rookie pays his dues. debbo samuel got saddled with wednesday night's dinner bill. >> he wrote "glad i don't have to do this again, rookie dudes." he took his teammates to shanahan's steakhouse in denver before the exhibition game against the broncos monday. fyi the restaurant is owned by mike shanahan the father of 49ers coach kyle. coming up on "today in the bay," kari is tracking more hot temperatures. >> if we can make it through today, we'll ease through some cooler temperatures into the
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weekend. here say liis a live look in p o alto, 67 degrees leading to mid 80s by 11:00. we'll talk about how much lower those temperatures go, coming up next. >> or how much higher they might be in places like dublin, we'll see, i'm guessing. 580 higher traffic coming up but so far the headlights in your commute direction look great. i do have something to update for interstate 680 in the south bay, coming up.n the south bay, fire breaking out overnight. cal fire is on the scene. we'll have a live report from the gilroy area as crews work to put out hot spots.
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nbc bay area, issuing a microclimate alert for the third day in a row. and what b.a.r.t. is doing that will impact riders in a key corridor. good morning to you, thanks for joining us on "today in the bay" on this friday morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get to that forecast. we've been saying how hot it is and with power outages a tough night for folks. >> it's been tough throughout much of the week and one more really hot day for the inland areas. this is a live look outside before you get ready to head out in walnut creek, we are in the
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do outside, try to get it done before 8:00, because after that it starts to heat up and fast. we're at 91 at 11:00 reand at nn in the low 90s in the inland valleys and the south bay, we're reaching up to close to 100 degrees, but not seeing as many triple-digits. i'll have more on that and mike, you're tracking a couple of blocked lanes. >> in the south bay mostly green sensors around the bay. two lanes blocked northbound 680 approaching montague, we have a disabled vehicle and that is reportedly blocking your right lanes, so thawi


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