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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 16, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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>> i don't have any anger towards this individual. >> she was shot at the gilroy garlic festival and survived. tonight one of the two of the final victims still in the hospital tells us what the gunman said to her during the attack. good evening, thanks so much for joining us. i'm garvin thomas. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. wendy towner was working during the hunting stand. tonight she spoke exclusively with our own ian cull. >> he joins us in san jose. and what she may have done after the shots may have saved lives. st outospital room earlier this evening. she had been shot once in the leg. her husband was shot four times. and she says after everything that has happened she is just gtel of her family who are with her that day are still alive. wendy towner had to wheel into
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our interview tonight. she was shot in the lower leg at the gilroy garlic festival. most of the back of her calf is gone. >> i have no idea how many surgeries each one of us had but many. >> reporter: that day she was working at her honey lady stand handing out samples when the shooting started. she shouted at the shooter to distract him.n then unloaded th clip firing toward towner and her husband. this is what happened next. >> the shooter walks up, and he asks are you okay. but he's not asking if we're okay. he's very cold when he asks if we're okay. he's very calm. he's very deliberate. and he is asking are you still alive. do i need to finish this. and i am not moving. and my son comes and runs and jumps on my legs, and that's the most joy i've ever had in my entire life that he's okay, i know when he's at.
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and one of the granddaughters of one of the persons who is working with me comes out from underneath the tables, grabs a hold of him and puts her hand over his mouth and when she's come bringing him backwards she looked straight up at the gunman. and he is trying to reload his gun, and i think in that moment he realized that he forgot he's supposed to shoot 500 people, not two. >> reporter: he would turn and walk away. towner is now on a much different path, one to recovery. >> i don't have any anger towards this invi i think he is a troubled youth. like i told my husband, i'm at peace. i'm at peace with how this turned out. my son was not injured, he's okay. i can walk. my husband can walk. we've t our legs. and we can make it through this. >> reporter: towner and her
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husband will both have to stay in the hospital for at least one more week. the family has started up a go fund me page to help with some of their medical bills. we're live from valley medical center, ian cull, bay area news. >> remarkable strength and remarkable outlook. well, the last few days have been hot, but finally some relief is on the way. this is video from earlier today. as you can see some fog well deserved fog rolling into the city. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has more details on what we can expect as we head into the weekend. well, a nightmare scenario on one of the hottes days of the year. a baby locked in the car with no parent in sight. they warn you about this all th. a city worker said she heard a 1-year-old baby crying in the car next to her in the parking lot. the windows were slightly cracked. that person called police who came, got the baby out. mom got there when the police
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did along with her 3-year-old and 6-year-old daughters. she said they were checking out a book at the library and it took longer than expected. police say the baby was inside the car for about 25 minutes. one family's wish to stay in america to help their son who suffers from a rare disease stay alive. the family is from armenia, and their son is part of a medical trial. he was given a miracle drug. now they need a visa extension to stay in america. nbc bay area's cheryl herd has their story. 19 month old alexander is doing what most children do his age, he's learning to talk and enjoys playing with his big brother. his mother says a month after he oon, like, it was not d moving. active.
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>> reporter: a neurologist diagnosed alexander with sma, spinal muscular atrophy, a disease that robs people of physical strength, taking away the ability to walk, eat, or breathe. she and her husband found hope through a medical trial at lucille packard children's hospital at stanford. a one-time miracle drug is giving this family hope. now that the drug has done a miracle, the family needs a miracle to stay in america. >> we need to stay here because this is gene therapy, it's trialed and we don't know how long and doctors also don't know maybe how long it could >> reportert september. the t essence. >> just i pray. i pray and i hope. >> we have one dream to keep
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life of alexander. >> reporter: in palo alto, cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. a major victory tonight for some wine country wildfire victim dollars. late today a federal judge ruled that those who lost their homes can sue pg&e and try and show its powerlines are to blame. the ruling comes as our investigative reports have raised new findings that a cal fire started the fire. a flash on a pg&e power pole near the source of the tubs >> the video is stunning. in san francisco a woman being attacked as she tries today though the judge presiding over the case of that man reconsidered as d the homeless attacked the woman.
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the judge saying she never saw the video. it's cases touched among some san francisco residents including one man who say he's been the victim of street violence as well. live in san francisco with more for us. >> reporter: yeah. at today's hearing the judge says that it just wasn't presented to her. that video and now that she has seen it, she's decided the defendant should be wearing a tracking bracelet. security camera video of a san francisco woman being attacked as she entered her condominium building earlier this week. it's compelling but the judge says she's only recently seen it. >> we often don't play video at arraignment because sometimes it's not material, sometimes it's not available to the people. i don't know why it wasn't offered to me that day. >> reporter: 25-year-old james wear a gps monitor on his ankle. following today's hearing the victim is now critical of the district attorney's office
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saying they didn't present key evidence to the judge. the da's office says it's unusual to present video during an arraignment, and prosecutors figured the way he charges and their public safety arguments should've convinced the court to take a tougher position. this case has garnerd lots of attention. it's triggered painful memories. >> i was traumatized by my assault, and when i saw it on the news i literally was just shaking. >> reporter: raymond says he was attacked at his neighborhood walgreens last year. he was aggressively panhandled to collect money for meth. when he refused things got rough. >> he lifted his foot in a gesture to try to crush my head like a watermelon. >> reporter: woodward was arrested in a separate attack and has served jail time. the business district and mr. sullivan have even got a restraining order to keep him away from several blocks in union square and the tenderloin.
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according to police he was recently arrested for violating that restraining order, but he was quickly released. >> i don't think that the criminal system does anything until somebody gets shot or severely beaten. >> reporter: the judge said even after she watched the video of the attack at that embarcadero condominium building, she still said she wasn't compelled to order jail time. she says that's just not the best way to deal with people with mental health issues. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. police have released body cam video of a controversial former officer. the video came from an arrest officer jonathan silva made in april. i want to turn on a recording here. >> no. stop. >> hold on. i have t i have that option. hey! >> the suspect screams and struggles as silva tries to cuff
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him. at the start of the recording, the chief of police says officers are trained to de-escalate situations. he also notes silva's actions were found to be reasonable. silva has since resigned. officer silva was questioned since it happened after this 2016 arrest when he was a san jose state police officer. the university claims he used excessive force in this case and dismissed him. things are getting back on track at airports across the bay area and the country tonight. a systemwide computer problem at u.s. customs earlier today caused major delays. this is a look at long lines at dullea and ohare airports. than goinge've come into san fr times. >> it was just really, really long. >> we are backed up all the way almost to the terminal where we were reported due to this
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computer glitch. u.s. customs says it appears the cause of the problem was not malicious. president trump apparently dined with a silicon valley mogul tonight, tim cook. the president tweeted earlier today that he and the apple ceo will be having dinner together. he also said apple will be spending lots of money in the u.s. the president and cook have met several times over the last year. the second part of the tweet relates that apple has spent $60 billion on a supplier. but that's one of the president's primary issues, apple is not commenting on the president's tweet from ahead, n about jeffrey epstein's death. the autopsy report just released. we are going to tell you what we've learned. plus, the trans-america pyramid up for sale. you better be prepared to shell out lots of money if you want it. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. after the heat wave this weekend, a lot cooler. i'll also show you when those
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clouds and drizzle move back into the bay area. that's in about six minutes. i'm chris from bay area responds. i'm here with peter and nora in san francisco. they just got $100,000 back. the best part for me is the victory selfie. >> we've won big. it's a wonderful feeling. i felt that someone cared. [ speaking spanish] >> nbc bay area responds resolved the matter in three days. >> it's nice that we have a voice, somebody that'll fight for us. >> thank you, thank yth
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we are learning a t passengers on board this deadly plane crash in new orleans. a long-time news anchor nancy parker. she anchored the news for 20 years at wvue fox 8 news in new orleans. people living nearby watched in horror as smoke filled the air. parker was covering a story at an airport this afternoon. she was on board a stunt plane which crashed. the pilot was also killed. parker was 53 years old. financier jeffrey epstein's death is being ruled a suicide. that's the finding of the new york city medical examiner. the autopsy report released today says epstein suffered broken bones in his neck when he hanged himself in his manhattan jail cell. the report comes six days after guards found him dead. at the time of his death epstein
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was charged with federal sex trafficking and conspiracy. police say the conspiracy investigation is still active. >> i'm not going to get into specifics of how many victims, when they contacted us or where. but that scene conducted a pretty thorough investigation, that is not over. >> sources told nbc news officers were supposed to check on epstein every half-hour but didn't the night he died. they say it's possible he was alone for about three hours. while he brought a rebellious edge to films that have never been seenrning the loss of peter fonda. ♪ he was the son of henry fanda. he wrote and starred in "easy rider" back in 1969, a seminole movie, that earned fonda the first of two oscar nominations. his other for the starring in
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the film "yule's gold." he died from lung cancer at the age of 79. officers in contra costa county may be looking for people who may be breaking the law. they are setting up dui checkpoints. not saying where exactly, but they are looking for drivers who may be under the influence. officers will be checking to make sure drivers who pass through have a valid driver's license as well. it's one of the most recognizable buildings in san francisco. and for the first time ever, it's for sale. you're looking live now at it. the trans-america pyramid built in 1972, and before the sales force tower, it was the tallest building in the city. not only is the transamerica for sale, but so are two adjacent buildings. the estimated price tag $600 million. well, here's a familiar name, arnold also part of silicon valley's comic con. 75,000 people dressing up geek out.
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scott budman met some of them as the conkicked off. >> reporter: the celebrities are out for comic con. steve wazniak's annual gift to silicon valley. >> to stay young as long as you can. go back to your youth. >> reporter: where costumes are everywhere fromouto grown up po ivy and catwoman. >> do you expect to see a lot of fen friends. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but you'll make friends, right? memorabilia here including a no mars curiosity rover. and you'll get stuffed animals this weekend, you'll get costumes, you'll get astronauts, you'll get actors, and you'll get the incredible hulk. yet, lou ferigno helped open things up himself. >> everybody feels like a
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superhero. >> reporter: for a weekend mix of cos play and commerce. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> okay. you want some more comic con coverage? head to our website. we just posted an entire gallery showing some of the best costumes people are wearing. i want lou no's costume because he looks the same. so i want to know what the secret is to his youth becau he literally must be saying you like when i'm angry. >> i want to know what he's eating, right? still big and just everything looking good. >> no wrinkles at all. weather forecast going to be good for your body, for your health as we move through this weekend after all that heat it was really draining the past four days with our heat wave. but we are seeing some changes. i can't show this san francisco skycam area enough tonight. we've seen this a lot, but just check it out one more time with me. and you can see that fog moving
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into sf. that is what is helping to drop our temperatures. but the reason why we are getting this fog is from a system that's dropping down just to the north oftha cooler ocean back that has now pushed down temperatures compared to this time last night down 12 degrees cooler in san jose, down 9 in livermore, down 5 in nappa, down 9 in santa rosa. and the ocean breezenotheless i stay for tomorrow morning. that is going to give us one of the best starts we have had days. we've been beginning the mornings in the 70s and 80s. tomorrow we're back in the 60s across the board here for the south bay peninsula and the trivalley. a little bit of patchy fog through the peninsula. san francisco a few areas of fog and you will start in the 50s. otherwise 60s in the north bay. so with that nice ocean breeze returning, our temperaturear a lot better.
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no 100s in the south bay. 84 here in downtown san jose. gilroy getting a little bit of a breeze. and that's why you're at 82 degrees. contra costa, we got up to 106 this week. so 86 degrees is going to feel a lot better to you in concord. right into hayward, 77. over through half moon bay, 63 degrees let's bring you into san francisco. the mission still might be a little bit mild here at 70 t embarcadero right through the marina. and here through the north bay, 84 in santa and down to mill valley, 77 degrees. my extended forecast does show some thicker fog as we move into sunday's forecast. so i want you to be aware at 8:00 in the morning on sunday fog rolls into the inland valleys with a possibility here of some spotty drizzle. so this keeps us in san francisco with 60s through your
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weekend. eventually though we have some 70s returning to san francisco by wednesday, thursday, and friday. i know it's not bad, but i know a lot of you like those 60s for this time of the year. for the inland valley we have you at 83 with morning fog and spotty drizzle. we're going back up into the 90s by wednesday, thursday, and friday. we'll keep an eye out for any kind of heat wave conditions, but for now that's the best we know it. so i would say focus in on that weekend. it's going to be really nice. we have clear the shelters tomorrow. i wanted to say real fast, jess, you and i will be at walnut creek. >> starting at noon. >> free or reduced adoption fees. so if you're looking for a match-making abilitieso you up with the dog or cat of your dreams. >> and you are so good at it. >> come and see me and i will . and a chance to meet you guys in person, too, which is just as much fun. >> well, thank you. [ laughter ] coming up, san francisco
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cable car back in action. it's been out of service for 80 years. what's finally bringing it back. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. the winner of storytellers is on my show tonight. this is my guest. [ cheers and applause ] plus, we have vanessa kirby, music from sam bender. and thank you notes. it's a great show tonight. happening now, it could be a big loss for tesla after a $5 million deal with a rental company falls through. it ordered 100 tesla model 3s, but the first batch they next move says tesla was the one who canceled the remaining order. we are back with more news in a moment. my experience with usaa
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okay. without a doubt a couple of nail-biters this evening. >> the giants trading shots in a wild game with the diamondbacks in arizona. in the top of the 3rd, it was ask and you shall receive, some giants fans in the des all right
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asked rookie mike yastrzemski to hit it there, and that's just what he did. the first of his three homers on the night. the last one putting the giants ahead for good in the 11th. giants win a crazy back and forth game 10-9. now the a's not only went into extra innings. they were all tied up way into the 13th. that's when in the bottom of th sending in corbyn joseph with the win. >> and we have a way for you to win tomorrow as well by helping us clear the shelters. we are going to tell you how in a moment. here's one you guys will like. show me making it. oh! i got one. the best of amy poehler. amy, maybe we could use the voice remote to search for something that you're not in. show me parks and rec. from netflix to prime video to live tv, xfinity lets you find your favorites with the emmy award-winning x1 voice remote. show me the best of amy poehler, again. this time around... now that's simple, easy, awesome. experience the entertainment you love on x1.
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an appliance delivery mishap. our response team helps fix the issue. plus, thousands of bay area students headed back to school. share your pictures with us. tag nbc bay area. >> join us from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. our alnd there is aly >> yes, jessica d. but don't worry, there she is. we featured her in our clear the shelter segment this week. she was one of the several animals up for adoption. who could turn that down? look at that face. she went home today with some lovely ladies that made her their forever mommy. >> in fact, more than 90 shelters across the bay area will be taking part in this clear the shelters event. most of them offering waived or
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reduced option fees to find out more information on this effort just go to it is not only a wonderful thing to do. it's a fun way to do it because the atmosphere in these shelters is fantastic. >> it's great. we'll be in walnut creek. come see us. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from 30 rockefeller plaza here in new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." and now, here he is, jimmy fallon


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