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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 19, 2019 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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train cars knocked over and more brutal heat ahead of humidity this week. >> no recession ahead in spite of what wall street says president trump is confident in his economy. >> i don't think we're having a recession. we're doing tremendously well. our consumers are rich i gave a tremendous tax cut. and they're loaded up with money. >> lots of pro democracy demonstrators rally in hong kong as china condemnt increased glol attention. >> meet the superstar actress with a household name you ma not go >> riding high and inspiration government put her life at risk. to get disabilities back in the
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water. "early today" starts right now >> good monday morning i'm phillip mena >> and i'm dara brown. we begin with wild weather that has been sweeping across the country. dangerous storms tore through the midwest and northeast. at least nine people were injured after a lightning strike sent a tree crashing down on a tent for more on the latest round of severe weather here's nbc's kathy park >> reporter: bursts of lieening lit up parts of kansas while two hours away 80 mile per hour winds toppled trains dozens of railcars had to be turned up right with the help of y chery. those severe s tormthroug dumping heavy rain and snapping tree limbs onto cars and homes >> just sleeping and woke up to this mess. that tree came down, went through the tc the garage. water pouring in the house >> reporter: dangerous weather stranded passengers at both
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airports in chicago, with hundreds of flight cancellations and delays and just outside the city, a jolt for golfer phil mickelson forced out of his hotel by mother nature. narrowly missing his tee time at the bmw championship he tweeted, my hotel was struck by lightning i was on top floor we were evacuated and the place is on fire and more wild weather in pittsburgh >> we heard a sonic boom, and the wall shook all the way from over here about a block and a half down. >> reporter: trees and power lines knocked down, leaving thousands in the dark and a big mess to clean up meantime, the northeast bracing for another round of heat d.c., philly, and boston all forecast to hit the 90s this week the humidity will be oppressive with feels like temperatures even higher. >> thanks to kathy for that report >> investors are bracing for another roller coaster week on
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wall street amid growing economic concerns. president trump shrugging off fears of a looming recession despite last week's massive market sell off. the trump administration predicts the economy will stay strong through 2020, even with the ongoing trade war with china. nbc's jennifer johnson has more. >> reporter: president trump insisting fears of an i am pending recession, despite a key indicator signalling a recession plummeting wall street last week >> we're doing well. our consumers are rich i gave a tremendous tax cut. they're loaded up with money >> reporter: another white house official predicts the u.s. economy will stay strong through the presidential election. >> we're going to have a strong economy through 2020 the federal reserve going to the holidays will be lowering rates significantly. >> reporter: president trublamae hikes for wall street's woes while warning voters the economy will tank if he doesn't get reelected. >> you have no choice but to
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vote for me because your 401(k)s, down the tubes, everything is going to be down the tubes. >> reporter: analysts say everything is nervous about the president's ongoing trade war with china and say his delay on tariffs on electronics to mid december is a sign he's nervous. >> the only thing he has to run on is the economy. he never built the wall. he hasn't come up with a deal with china he didn't come close to doing anything with health care. so all he has is the economy >> reporter: this as a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll shows 64% of americansbelieve free trade is good for america while just 43% approve of the job the president is doing jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington >> law enforcement across the country on high alert in the wake of the mass shootings in el paso and dayton. over the weekend police thwarted not one, but two suspected attacks. nbc's blayne alexander has theau tell us about these arrests? >> reporter: well, dara, one of those threats came on socialext.
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they're just the latest in a rash of threats we're seeing across the country this is what police in new middleton, ohio, found when they raided the home of a 20-year-old suspect. ar-15, a rifle with a bay net, bullet proof vest and plenty of ammo this instagram video tipped off authorities. the self-proclaimed white nationalist is seen firing shots tagging the local jewish community center >> he was going to be identified as a shooter of the jewish center that kicked off a very intense investigation. >> reporter: the suspect attend ed the 2017 unite the right rally in charlottesville, virginia and even did this interview. >> i want a homeland for white people >> lean up against the car >> reporter: nearly a thousand miles away in daytona beach, florida, police found their suspect in a winn/dixie parking lot. the 25-year-old is charged with making threats to commit a mass
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shooting after police obtained a series of text messages where he wrote, i want to open fire on a large crowd of people, and that he hoped to, break a world record these are just the latest in a series of threats across the country. all of it as communities are on heightened alert following the mass shootings in dayton, ohio, and el paso, texas how serious should law enforcement take these threats >> extremely serious this is part of the contagion on these have been interrupted. some of them may have never taken place, but others may have actually went to a mass killing. so we have to take them very seriously. >> reporter: and in ohio, the suspect there is being charged with telecommunications harassment and aggravated menacing he is set to be arraigned in court later this morning dara >> blayne, thank you >> we turn now to hong kong where pro democracy demonstrations are showing no signs of stopping, marking the 11th weekend of protests tens of thousands of people
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brav braved heavy rain to rally in the streets there. nbc's janice mackie frayer joining us from hong kong. janice, these latest demonstrations seem to have stayed peaceful. >> reporter: well, this was a show of strength, but it was also an important measure of wider popular support here for protests that have continued for two months now organizers say there were 1.7 million people police estimate there were far fewer than that regardless, this was a huge crowd that defied not only a police ban, but very heavy rain to march in the streets for hours. police were largely absent and into the night, to me it seemed, they just went home. organizers say that tht ey sure where things go next from here, but there are other protests planned throughout the week both sides appear to have taken a step back from the violence that defined last week and left many protesters apologizing. there were others protesting in
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other cities around the world, that many of them counter protest by pro beijing supporters china continues to push its narrative, showing video on state media, suggesting it has a range of options but it doesn't want to compromise with protesters phillip? >> all right, janice, thank you so much. >> well, an urgent search and rescue mission is underway in florida after two firefighters vanished while on a fishing trip the pair hasn't been seen since last friday, but this morning there may be signs of hope as police say they may have spotted some of their belongings nbc's morgan chesky has the latest >> reporter: in the waters off cape canaveral, rescuers are working nonstop to keep a fishing trip from turning into tragedy. >> we want to scour the coast from the carolinas all the ways down, cover every inch of beach. >> reporter: themccloony, e afty
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disappeared. the boat brian inherited from his father last month. >> i want to take it on one last fishing trip before we sold it >> reporter: the two except set off for a reef 30 miles offshore they told family they'd be home by 6:00, but never showed. brian called the coast guard worried, but kwon if i department >> he's the toughest guy i know, hands down he's been through more things than anyone else >> reporter: before he fought fires, mcclooney fought for his country earning a purple heart for battle in fallujah met walker in college. later taking the younger firefighter under his wing >> he's always there he's the guy you can depend on >> reporter: their disappearance launched a massive search. the coast guard sharing updates online as they canvassed hundreds of miles. a boat matched the description but only located a cooler and life jackets >> let them be wherever they are. >> reporter: joining the hunt, dozens of firefighters and
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friends determined to bring the two men back home. >> i did not imagine private volunteers hiring aircraft to go out and search for my brother and justin, but they're doing it so everybody out there on the water is looking for them now. that's the best we can do. >> reporter: a desperate push for answers over unforgiving waters morgan chesky, nbc news. >> the abc supply 500 at pocono raceway came to a halt after a massive crash during the first lap. it started with one car sandwiched between two, eventually making contact, and sliding into the wall. the cars bounced back onto the track, sending another flying nose first toward that fence this comes just one year after the crash that paralyzed robert wickens from the waist down. weighin t pocono a toxic relationship. this year no critical injuries >> let's get a check with our meteorologist janessa webb good morning >> good morning. it's a busy weekend here we're not done yet with the strong storms.
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unfortunately a line is producing damaging winds, also torrential rain making its way across northern pennsylvania right now. but it will start to diminish as it makes its way to the northeast. now, these will be spotty showers throughout the day we could see a cumulation up to an inch from the mid-atlantic to the going to see rainies conditions for at least the next three to five days across florida. still following these storms we'll track it all coming up >> thank you, janessa. well, still ahead, we are still rocking. how the original site of woodstock celebrated the 50th anniversary. plus pedaling into the history books. how a cyclist broke the all-time t whpi 1cord aa opng74 miles per hour clean grease on more than dishes?
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♪ ♪ ringo starr helps commemorate woodstock's 50th anniversary this weekend the four-day celebration featured santana, john fogarty and more thousands flocked to the center for the arts which owns the original festival site peace, love and music reigned once again at the farm >> we have a consumer alert to tell you about this morning. tyson foods is recalling nearly 40,000 pounds of itsn patty pro concerns they were possibly contaminated with extraneous materials. the recall affects the weaver brand frozen pattiesin a 24 ounce resealable bag they have a use by date of january 21st, 2020 >> it took a bicycle and pace car, but a british man set the guinness world speed cycling
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record he broke an astonishing 173.4 miles per hour the bike was pulled by the pace car but was released before the timing gate so campbell could set the record under his own power. >> why even need to pedal? >> like flying >> hold on just ahead here on "early today," she is one of tv's biggest stars and you might not even know her name plus laughing all the watohey t bank good boys scored a huge win at the box office how much it brought in, next moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance. those darn seatbelts got me all crumpled up. that's ok! hey, guys!
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tonight is our first middle school party >> there's going to be girls you know what that means >> sure, man >> i'm out >> i'm guessing you're not the popular kid in school. >> "good boys" took the number one spot at the box office this weekend raking in $21 million with its opening weekend it is the first r-rated film to open in first place in three years. rounding out the to be three, hobbs and shaw, and the lion king >> she is one of the biggest stars in the u.s. and you may not know her actress kate is known as the queen for her lead role, the queen of the south it's a real-life drama including an encounter with el chapo that made headlines around the world. he spoke with her at the off-broadway show. >> reporter: she's known as the queen. she rose to superstar dom with a hit.
3:19 am
the queen of the south out rating english language shows in that same time slot how do you feel about being the number one star in the united states regardless of language, and yet some people may not know you >> no, they don't. well, you know, that happens >> reporter: we met her near the theater of her new off-broadway play a defiant comeback after the most difficult years in r life you had that couple year period there where literally you were fearing for your life >> yes, yes, i was actress who connect sean penn to the drug cartel leader joaquin "el chapo" guzman when el chapo was caught, the mexican government said she was the one that led them to her >> can you imagine how much danger they put me in, me and my family i don't even want to remember
3:20 am
the feeling because it's not comparable to anything else i've lived. >> reporter: why were you singled out? >> because i'm a woman the hollywood actress, the cartel, it was so juicy. >> reporter: for three years she didn't go back to mexico fearing a government that wrongly singled her out and el chapo's cartel because of it after the trial concluded this february, his lawyers contacted her and told her the drug king pin did not blame her. >> i called my parents, everything is fine it was pretty emotional. >> reporter: she is now suing the mexican government for $60 million in moral and material damages because of what she calls political persecution against her. >> i want them to at least say i'm sorry publicly after all the damage that they did >> reporter: it was her ordeal that partly inspired her to take on her latest challenge, the one woman off broadway show called the way she spoke, shedding light on the violence against
3:21 am
women in juarez, mexico. you talk about a subject which in mexico people don't like to talk about many times, and most people don't understand, which is the level of violence against women. and you touch on it very directly and very -- with a lot of emotion >> impassionate abo am passiona. this subject is so hurtful for every single mexican, for women. they're still missing, those women, and for americans to know what's going on. >> reporter: giving women a voice. after years of fighting to reclaim her own. >> our thanks for that eye opening report >> and janessa's weather week ahead is up next plus we'll meet e outhgrp giving people the courage to try and the power to fly and tremfya® was proven superior to humira® in providing significantly clearer skin. don't use if you're allergic to tremfya®. tremfya® may lower your ability to fight infections
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from swimming in the sea and riding waves now there is a group empowering those with disabilities to share those same experiences nbc's steve patterson spent the day with life rolls on highlighting the work they're doing to help others soar. >> reporter: it's a champion's trail to the sea support, encouragement and love. this summer day at new york's rockaway beach, extraordinary for those who have trouble navigating the sand and surf kim dunn hasn't been in the water in 22 years. >> the day i got injured was the last time i was in the ocean >> reporter: it's all possible because of the group life rolls on, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people living with disabilities experience the thrill of catching a wave. ty duck ette said this is a day his disability doesn't define him. >> the first wave i took, i fell in love with it.
3:27 am
>> the energy, the vibe. >> reporter: jesse founded the group after he was paralyzed in a surfing accident >> i'm definitely changing people's lives for me it was just about helping other people with disabilities >> reporter: along the southern california coast, volunteers in the world famous venice beach are helping shredders ride thes taught thousands of adaptive athletes to skate and surf, but more importantly giving them a sense of freedom it's an idea, empowering 13-year-old sam strain diagnosed with a bone disease four years ago. what's it like to be here and to skate and drop in and do all the cool tricks that you do? >> it's a lot of fun i'd say it's kind of like flying >> reporter: life changing, too. >> you can take that anywhere. >> reporter: for volunteers like tracy, what's it like to teach a kid to drop in or teach them how to experience it the first time?
3:28 am
>> oh, man, you're going to make me cry when you're teaching a kid in a wheelchair, you're expanding their horizons giving them confidence >> reporter: building confidence and the courage to soar. >> we're killing it out there, sam. >> reporter: steve patterson, venice beach, california >> this weekend thousands celebrated the dog days of summer by taking home a new dog. saturday marked the humane society's 5th annual clear the shelters pet adoption drive. it was a banner year with one pennsylvania shelter reporting 300 adoptions in one day the campaign estimates that it's helped over 250,000 pets find new homes since 2015 >> that's the idea right there >> a great day >> save a life, enhance yours 25i79. >> thank you for watching "early today. i'm dara brown >> i'm phillip mena. the news continues right here on nbc. see you tomorrow
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. >> i sure don't see a recession. >> we'll have a strong economy
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through 2020 >> i don't think we're having a recession. we're doing tremendously well. our consumers are rich i gave a tremendous tax cut and they're loaded up with money. full-court press from the white house on the economy going against many on wall street, but does it hold any water reports that the chinese government is losing patience with the ever-growing pro-democracy protests in hong kong. important heart health news morning a groundbreaking procedure available for patients who typically need risky open-heart surgery, the same procedure mick


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