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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 19, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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store and the reason you may never step foot inside of them. next. what is next? now, it's back to square one for deliberations in the -- in the ghost ship trial, the problems it could pose for the verdict. and keeping kids off their phones in class. accessory that classes are handing out. >> it was worth it, and i'm not going to lie, it was stressful. >> a treatment for kids with
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peanutallergies. the news at 11:00, starts now. >> good evening, a marriage twist in the high profile trial, the question is as we head in to tomorrow, will the new jury extend the trial or issue a quick verdict. >> there's a lot ofressure on this new jury and a lot of pressure on the one lone this jury is hanging on by a thread with with deliberation starting over again tomorrow morning. it will feel like the first d day of school for 12 jurors in the highrofile trial, with two men charged with involuntarily manslaughter, now the jury is made up of seven women and five
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men. >> in a hgh profile case, -- you lost three all at once for the same reason. >> in another high profile case, 15 years ago, one jur in the scott peterson trial for speaking to his murdered wife's brother. no one knows why the jurors were told to go home. >> it was one alternate left. >> and jurors may feel pressured to make a decisionthey otherwise would not have. legal analysts stephen clark said if things do not work out with new jurors, it could be a mistrial. that is something that family and friends are afraid of. >> i hope this new jury does a great job. i cannot comment on it because of what happened. >> i don't know, we are going with the flow. >> now, in court today, in court
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today, the judge told the new jurors to give her in writing any new or important dates that might be coming up. it seems apparent that she wants to keep the trial moving. reporting live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> and only one remaining alternate. thank you. a lot of people are following the trial, for the latest go to our website, we are issuing breaking news alerts through our app. well with, new at 11:00, a crash in east san jose, a motorcyclist seriously hurt, it happened just at 9:00. it was -- it was turning left at the light, and it's not clear if drugs or alcohol played a factor or who was at fault. this time, the buttitter dee
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is in new city lee eleaders. in a community meeting, the people agreed there's a need, but they say there's an open navigation center that is attracting problems that nobody is addressing. >> the navigation center represents and i'm against the problems that it causes. >> reporter: city leaders are hoping to open a new navigation center and they are met with frustration from people that work anywhere a navigation center that has been opened a year on bay shore. >> my car has been broken in to again this morning. there's hundreds of rvs. >> >> reporter: he was not the only business owner raising concerns about the navigation center not being a good neighbor.
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we saw people living on sidewalks and trash left behind. we saw a man washing up in a fire hydrant, police say they cannot move people ling the street alone, without having a shelter bed to offer. and right now, that's a nightly waiting list. supporters of the plan say, there's a real need. >> we need it. they have to start somewhere. and once they get housing you can start working with the things they have going on. >> reporter: the district supervisor said that he will work to get the issues addressed. >> off t-- off the treat and getting services. we will work hard, the concerns are are valid. >> reporter: they want people helped from the neighborhood. now, city leaders said they will take what was said tonight in review.
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erroring live in san francisco, nbc bayier news. >> it's a complex issue. thank you, jean. with we have another story, the suspect in this attack, which is right across the street are from a proposed homeless center, and that suspect arrested for another alleged assault. tonight, he is in jail. this is austin vincent, they believe he is in the video and he they believe he was armed with a knife and there theened people back in february. he is due back in court tomorrow. >> well, new video from a popular hiking spot. look out for mountain lions. this is up in coopertino hillsment he is not the only one there. keep watching and there they are. two of them. the preserve said they are part of a mountain lion family, several trails have been closed as a precaution. if you encounter mountain lions stand tall and make noise.
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in the east bay this evening, a unique decision about medical marijuana. the pleasant hills city council approved an ordinance allowing two deliver only businesses no store to enter, and plenty of marijuana. terry? >> some people did want other cannabis businesses, maybe something recreational, if you want that, you are not going to find it here in pleasant hill. >> by about unanimous vote, the ordinances passed tonight, allowing two delivery only medical retail pot businesses in pleasant hill. >> it's a conservative beginning to get our feet wet and see how the cannabis economy goes. >> no other production, processing or recreational will be allowed in the city. why delivery only? >> for the most part, i'm getting the sense that the council did not feel our community wanted to have adult use cannabis retail sales in our
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shopping district. under the new law, the delivery businesses will be only allowed in certain business districts and any such business will have to be at least 600 feet from schools, daycare centers or youth centers. a pleasant hill resident said that she voted to legalize it for recreational use, and her opinion is evolving. >> i was surprised how much i smell it around and don't like it. and so, for me, it was, now that i think back on it, i probably would not have voted for it. >> well with, the lattes affect in 30 days. >> thank you. take a look the side shows continue in the east bay, officers responded to three separate side shows in one day. it happened a week ago, and today, the chp released this aerial video, that they were able to track down many of the cars through license plate there is and make multiple arrests. and the side shoe was in rodeo.
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well, tonight in mountain view, this group making a push for gun control. several coming up to the corner of el camino and castro, after the recent mass shootings they say something has to be done. >> mitch mcconnell and the senate are not acting. every day i go in to public, and i'm scared of guns and we want sensible control now. >> 89% of americans favor expanded background checks on all gun sales and transfers. well, beginning tomorrow, you may want to pack an empty water bottle before catching ago flight out of sfo, they will no longer sell plastic water bottles, it's the first airport in the nation to ban single use plastic water bottles. what do you do? they installed more than 100 water found -- water fountains
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and bottle bos will be for sale. >> leaders are voting on the potential naming of a san francisco subway spot. protesters are rallying outside of city hall and don't like the idea. they say they were a bully. >> well, things are back to normal in santa clara, in the junkyard tonight after it went up in flames. the fire created a huge plume of thick black smoke in santa rosa. you can see the video. it started around 3:30 this afternoon. the smoke was so strong that officers advised people to simply avoid the area and seek shelter. they lifted that order, at 6:30 this everyonie in-- this evenin and no word yet on a cause. >> makes students socialize more
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and teachers say they know the students are talking more. >> getting disconnect. the high school on the peninsula, locking up students cell phones. >> also, you probably have seen it from 101, the old blimp hanger. well, there's a multi-million dollar plan backed by google to give it a major face lift. >> and right now, we are watching the low clouds surgery in to san francisco and it could make for a drizzley start to your commute, we will talk about it and a big warm up in the seven-day forecast when we come bang. -- when we come back. my experience with usaa
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back to school continues across the bay area, in heyward, a new elementary school is getting ready for tomorrow's grand opening. it's a time lapse of the school, the new $229 million campused ready for action. it includes a new library and media center. the public is invited to tour the campus tomorrow evening. here is a big issue, how you do get kids off of their cell phone at school? this school has a new policy and it's bold. >> reporter: free at last. after going seven hours without their cell phones these students are are finally reuniting with their screens. san matteo high school is
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implementing a new program this yearer to prevent students from using their cell phones the entire school day. it was launched after administrators saw a pattern of phones diss rupting learning. >> you know, we could walk in a variety of classrooms and students could be on their phone from anywhere from five seconds to checking what time it is, or a simple text to up to 30-45 minutes at a time. ? now, each morning students put their phones in a pouch and it's sealed with a magnet, and at the end of the day, they unseal the pouch using this device. the cost of the program is $20,000. paid for using a grant. teachers say they have already seen a difference with more attentive students and the teenagers have mixed feelings. >> i think at lunch, you should be allowed to have your phone. especially since it's your free time to do whatever you want. >> at first i was skeptical about it, and then i ended up liking it and i did not have
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that much of a problem with it. it forces, or makes stoon -- orb ma -- or students socialize more. >> it helps to teach students the benefits of a break from technology. >> it could spread to other schools. what started out ask a simple case turnedin to a big bust. this man was busted for trying to steal a catalytic converter. the police found tools and money and guns in the hotel room. streets are getting a make-over. the city kicked off a plan to repave and repair nearly 300 miles of roads this year alone.
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and it's part of of a nine-year project to repave every residential and neighborhood street in san jose, that is 2400 miles in all. and the mayor said it may be a little inconvenient at first. but it will be well worth it. >> based on what we know about what it costs to repave roads we are confident we can get to every road. >> it's a lot of money, nine years, it's money saved of years of dealing with bad roads. >> no more buying paper tickets to ride b.a.r.t., riders now must buy reuseable clipper cards. if all well, they want to eliminate all the paper tickets want few years. and b.a.r.t. wants to remind everyone, you can use paper tickets, you cannot buy new ones at the station. >> well, the old hanger one at mofette field is getting a major
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re-do. as in make--over. the land mark has been a giant skeleton for years looking like that after the metal was removed and now it's scheduled for a cleaning to rid the frame of hazardous waste. google will pay more than 150 million bucks to remove the toxic materials. that is cool. >> big land mark. >> now, the heat, and i think, wednesday,in our school district, is when we go back to school. >> and the playgrounds outside -- >> it will be hot? >> they will want to do it before 11:00 a.m., for sure. we are watching the temperatures on the rise, tomorrow, one more day of strong ocean air conditioning inland. and then they return to the -- mountain hamilton. and not seeing the way of low clouds. the high, 78 is going to look
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great. right now, san francisco, seeing 60, with the low clouds and misty skies moving towards san francisco. and very likely the low clouds are spilling across the bay. like we saw this morning. all the way in for the east bay. the misty skies and low clouds and probably at times, some light rain here on the west slope of the santa cruz mountains. and it brings on out drizzle at times. 8:00 in the morning. then by 11:00 and noon, around hayward and cal state east bay, who are starting up classes, we will have clearing and the afternoon temperatures will be comfortable, closer to the bay, and you will see, san jose south, seeing a bit of a warm up tomorrow. more in the way of low to mid 80s. tri-valley, numbers in the mid 80s and oakland and hayward and
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fremont. north bay temperatures for one more day. mostly in the 70s to low 80s. so, rate now, all the low clouds you are seeing, marine air, 3,000 feet deep. this is going to get compressed down on wednesday. and look at the jump in the orange and red inland, and that was an indication of the 90s making a big comeback. long-range, high pressure not only keeping things dry, you get storms clipping by to the north, thursday and friday. and this ridge is going to reintensify late in the weekend. you can see that the dome of high pressure sets up, look at the time stamp. way up there, jet stream staying away from california, through the end of the month. the long-range forecast, paints a picture of the hot temperatures sticking around for a while. so, the seven day for of cast
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trend that we are seeing setting up for wednesday. likely, it will be around for a while, in to and through next week. so, san francisco, days in to the mid 70s, becomes possible. wednesday, and as we go through the weekend and through the valleys, yeah, summer making a big comeback. mid, upper 90s, around the east bay valley. and the hottest days are around this time this week and by the enof the week, hot -- and by the end of the week. >> i'm hot right now. >> that's a lot. >> we are not even there yet. >> i know. >> thanks, a whole new, a whole lot of animals woke up to new families this morning thanks to you, our viewers our clear the shelters event was a huge success, more than 118,000 animals nationwide. all of our nbc producers and anchors and reporters helped to clear the shelters last saturday and there's more than four,000 adoptions.
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all the cats and dogs and rabbits got a new forever home. head over to nbc bay well, up next, the break through for kids with potentially deadly food allergies. the bay area researcher who is developing a possible treatment and we have jimmy. >> duane johnson is my guest. and music from eddie grant and i take a speed-boat down the hudson river with the queer-eye fab five. stay tuned. >> most teenagers turn to social media for their news. not surprising. researchers sur evasi s -- rese surveyed them, and have get their news from youtube and others from instagram and facebook. back in a moment.
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new hope for children with faddal al -- with food allergie. 6 million children suffer from food allergies and peanut allergies have tripled in the
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last few deck aweds. one of the treatments is a pill with a tiny amount of peanut powder. how about that? a research firm safe wise released the safest cities list. san ramon and the east bay ranks number seven in the country. this is an art and wine festival. it's mainly based on crime data, and it boasts the largest median income, other city on the list. pleasanton, and sunnyvale and caramel, indiana is number one. well, gone without a trace. the oracle arena, is no more, it's an arena, but the oracle arena. the naming rights were held by oracle for 13 yearyears, the lon the roof is painted over. and the arena is now without a
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name. a lot of memories there. we are back in a moment with another big name, jimmy g of the 49ers, first time he has been in action in a year. we will show you what happened to him tonight. stay with us.
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okay, for the first time in 330 days, almost a year, jimmy garoppolo played in a game. he looked rusty but it's a start. preseason football, the 49ers in denver, hello the jimmy-g, he played ten snaps. here is second pass of the game. pressure here. he throws, and interception. the niners offensive line did not do any favors. here it is, jimmy g, 1 for 6, for zero yards and that pick. now, the rest are of the 49ers offense looked good. rahim with a 30 yard touchdown run here. nice cut, nice speed. the 49ers beat the broncos 24-15 and they played the chiefs on saturday, also preseason in kansas city. >> the raiders wrapped up training camp in napa and the drama continues with antonio wro --
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antonio brown, he filed a second grievance of the helmet today. he is angry as the leaguing will not certify his helmet as safe. >> for steph curry, a lot of golf is being done in the off-season and giving. today, curry announced he is giving a seven figure assist to howard universitiful muy fu-- h university, he is giving money to their women and women's golf team. he said that he is happy to spread his love of golf and wants to give student athletes a chance to attend howard on a golf scholarship. that is cool, we are back in a moment. stay with us. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it.
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making an unprecedented move, the move coming to a bay area airport that you need to know about. and heading back to school, share your pictures with us, tag@nbc bay area. on okay, here is a good one. a brave deputy is being called a hero for saving two san francisco teenager s -- after bear got in a home. here are videos. that's a fridge, and that's a bear. the bear raided the kitchen and started to chow down in the
11:34 pm
living room. one of the teenagers called 9-1-1, while his friend tried to hold a bedroom door closed. >> the bear was shaking the door and weto hold it shut. >> the departmentsy opened the front door and got out of the way and gave the bear a chance to leave. the teenagers burst down stairs and hugged the deputy and then asked the deputy, hey, about can we take a picture with you for possibly saving our lives? that is a great video. and the teenagers did the interview. >> thanks for joining us here at 11:00, have a great day tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from 30 rockefeller plaza here in new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." and now, here he is,


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