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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 20, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for marcus washington. we'll get a look at your traffic picture in case you are headed out the door soon. we want to make sure you know what to wear to work. >> absolutely. a lot of kids are back in school so they're getting ready. good morning, kids. you should be up by now i think, right? this is around the time i got up for school. we have our cool temperatures now, 50s and 60s what it looks like outside the door. we have the marine layer toward the coastline. toward the afternoon we have changes up ahead. alum rock union school district is starting their first day back to school today and this is what you can expect, by 12:00, we're talking 70s. by 1:00 74 degrees. pack them a light sweater and laura and kris like to add, write their name on the tag and go out for ice cream to celebrate the first day of school. >> sounds like a great idea. folks from alum rock union are
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older than mt. pleasant kids who are starting today. vianey, you know the whole area of san jose getting on the roads soon. these folks on the road at the bay bridge and the backup continues to build. the fastrak lanes are still moving, great for tuesday at 6:01 and all the feeding routes are great. only slowing in contra costa county, a site from that approach to the bay bridge looking at westbound highway 4, pittsburg into bay point. i shouldn't say the bay bridge because that's in alameda county. i know that, folks. the rest of the bay moves nicely. a new crash in hayward, looks like it might be on the nimitz. it is 6:01. a major development in a high rchb profile bay area criminal case back to square one f jury deliberations in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial after three jurors are dismissed and replaced aalternates. pete suratos, they have to completely start over. >> reporter: yes, that's right, guys. jury deliberation also now have
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to start over in the ghost ship trial and really at this point it's unclear why the jurors were dismissed in the first place but here is what we know as far as what took place. three jurors have been dismissed and they're going to be replaced with alternates when it comes to the ghost ship trial. this means that jury deliberations must start over with only one alternate juror left. this news comes after two weeks of jury dlebrations in the high profile case, warehouse master tenant derick almena and max harris facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 36 people who died inside of the ghost ship warehouse in december of 2016. nbc bay area legal analyst steven clark says if things don't work out with the new jurors there's a chance there could be a mistrial which puts a lot of pressure on the seven women and five men who are working to reach a verdict. >> because there is no safety
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net any longer with only having one alternate left, jurors may feel pressured to make a decision when they otherwise would not have. >> reporter: now both almena and harris were set to be sensed six to nine years to prison after pleading no contest last year but the judge threw out the plea after hearing from victims families saying the sentence was too lenient. if convicted, both could face up to 39 years in prison. we're live in oakland, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> all right, so interesting the developments on this one. thank you so much, pete. to help us understand what the jury changes mean for the future of the case, nbc bay area legal analyst steven clark will join me in studio in about 20 minutes. fears of a recession loom, president trump standing behind the economy saying americans are rich after his tax cuts, but the question is, is your money working for you? tracie potts from nbc news is live on capitol hill with what he's saying, what the poll is saying and what this means for any possible re-election
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campaign. >> yes, connecting what's going on with the economy, kris, with what's happening in the political world. we've got some poll numbers for you, but the bottom line here is that we're starting to see some signs, not a lot but some signs that the economy is slowing down. there is some indication that the white house is worried about that, and some economists thinking it could lead to a recession. of nearly three out of four economists disagree, predicting the current economic slowdown will lead to a full-on recession in two years. >>he trump tax cuts it was a sugar high or the stock martz. that sugar high is over. >> reporter: investors are also worried about america's trade war with china. >> china would like to make a deal. i'm not ready. >> reporter: stocks rebounded monday after a week of losses, despite the president's rosy outlook. >> our consumers are rich. i gave a tremendous tax cut and
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they're loaded up with money. >> reporter: our new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll finds while nearly half of americans like how trump is handling the economy, 55%, a majority disapprove of his job performance overall. >> we're starting to feel the results of his policies now. >> if the economy falters and really slows down this election could be over before any votes are cast next november. >> reporter: the white house notes low unemployment and solid consumer spending hoping the economy will stay healthy through the 2020 election. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> it is 6:05. and new this morning, facebook and twitter are accusing china of running a disinformation campaign against hong kong protesters. the tech companies have suspended several accounts they say are tied to those claims. hundreds of thousands of anti-government demonstrators have been taking part in those rallies and the protests at times have been marked by violent clashes with police. this morning, hong kong's leader announced a mission to investigate complaints against
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officers. >> and more important of all, it's not just fact-finding to provide the sequence of facts, it also will provide the government with recommendations on how to move forward and also to avoid the recurrence of similar incidents. >> the protest movement demands include democratic elections and an independent investigation into police use of force. a group of u.s. border patrol agents are being praised for a recent river rescue. u.s. customs and border protection leaders posted this video thanking the agents for takes action. they rescued 28 people from the rio grande river last week. officers reported the group had been abandoned by traffickers and left in a bad situation. agents rescued most initially but some were swept away by strong currents. the border agents scrambled a second vessel to complete that rescue. a former lyft driver accused of kidnapping and sexually abusing a rider pleaded not
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guilty in court yesterday. this is tony colocolo, accused of picking up a woman outside a san mateo bar two weeks ago, accused of driving her to his home in tracy and sexually assaulting her after she passed out in his car. the next court hearing is scheduled for next month. what's in a name? we could find out with a controversial vote taking place in san francisco later today. the sf mta may decide to have a stop named offer late political leader rose pak. not everyone supports the plan. protesters are planning to rally outside of city hall ahead of today's meeting. they say some of pak's legacy includes intimidation against some members of the chinese community. when mta leaders previously voted on the plan in june, they deadlocked on a decision. more students across the bay area head back to school today, but in hayward, a brand new elementary school campus is set to open. this is time lapse construction video of the completed cherry land elementary school on laurel avenue.
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it has a new library and media center. the campus cost $229 million and hayward voters approved that funding in 2014. talk about a rude awakening nap time seemingly over in colorado, after mattresses blew away before the start of an outdoor movie. more than 150 air mattresses went airborne lifting off the ground ahead of what was called a bed cinema event. according to "the denver post" one landed in a nearby pool. it blame a floatie. thankfully there were no pillows or people harmed in the incident. >> good press. they have this event, get good press. >> not so much. >> we're talking about it in california. >> they have a plan to check in with their meteorologist. >> they do. they should have checked the weather that day. earlier i was mentioning how they had good quality mattresses they were the thick ones. i still stand by that comment. microclimate highs through the afternoon the last day to enjoy the not 90s.
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the 80s. because we'll warm up this week. let's talk about your daytime highs. 85 degrees in gilroy. 85 east san jose. 81 in cupertino. through the east bay 73 degrees for oakland. 75 in hayward, and we're a couple of degrees already noticeably warmer in through the afternoon in areas like concord, 86 degrees. but today's slight warm something just a preview of what's to come. redwood city 79. san mateo 74. in san francisco we're going to keep a little bit of that sea breeze through the afternoon, along with that cloud cover. by tomorrow, that marine layer will no longer be giving us mother nature's natural ac. the 80s in santa rosa will be turning into 90s for the north bay as well. i'll have a closer look at the changes ahead. first check in with mike. sounds true when you said today is not 90, you mean 90s are in that forecast. we're watching for that change. right now no problem. we did talk about a crash, two crashes reported in the high ward area out of san leandro.
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south 808 at hesperian and another at wynton. hesperian may have one lane block. across 92 everything is moving smoothly. eastbound 84 count e commute reports of gravel somewhere along that span headed over to the fremont and newark side from the menlo park facebook side. we'll track that. meanwhile your commute across 92 just getting a little more crowded. that's all. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it's 6:10 right now. still ahead, auctioning a piece of money history made one businessman a millionaire overnight. next and new this hour, the san francisco connection. plus is washington ready for a recession? we'll take a look at the numbers, when "today in the bay" continues.
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good morning. buos dias, it is 6:13. we're still cool and cloudy. a live look over walnut creek, in the 50s and 60s, but it is going to be slightly warmer today. so as you are getting dressed this morning, keep that in mind. talking mid 80s for inland areas. some 50s and 60s along the coast. san francisco topping out in the upper 60s. i'll talk about your daytime highs for today plus the 90s i'm tracking into tomorrow. details coming up. >> buenos dias, vianey. looks like red lights flashing right here. tail lights on the san mateo bridge. nothing reported but there clearly are slowing lights.
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we'll track this and check in with waze and see what you have to report, coming up. bon jour. [ speaking in foreign language ] glad you're with us. shares of pg&e fell hard after a judge in california decided a jury could decide whether the utility is responsible for starting the tubbs fire in santa rosa that killed 22 fellow californians. that could push pg&e into tens of billions of dollars in liability. home depot just reported profits, said the tariffs are hurting, a dim forecast for next quarter. home depot is on the dow, one of the 30 and another little hint of trouble in the economy. twitter and facebook canceled a number of accounts they say belonged to fake news agencies and troll accounts. they were trying to paint the pro-democracy protesters in hong kong as a threat to society. the chinese government at least we presume it was the government
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using those fake accounts the way the russians often do against us. twitter was the first to catch on, it tipped off facebook. president trump meanwhile accusing google of convincing people to vote for hillary clinton in the 2016 election. he tweeted someone should sue google. we'll talk more about that as we talk politics coming up in a half an hour. our nbc reporters who cover the white house say the trump administration has started to make plans for a recession. the president has tied his 2020 campaign to the economy. there's worry the economy may start to turn. a recent poll of economists by the national association of business economics, three out of four economists expect a recession. president trump said on twitter the fed should reduce interest rates by 100 basis points, that's 1%. the president doesn't usually use the term "basis points." he wants his monetary cake and he wants to eat it, too. you cut interest rates during time of trouble, but the president insists we're not in trouble, and if you cut during a boom, you got nothing to cut during a bust.
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now one thing to watch, laura and kris, how the economic cycle and the presidential cycle will interact with each other. over the past few decades we've had economic low points during republican presidencies and high points during democratic presidencies. george bush and the recession of the '90s, then the dot-com boom during clinton, housing crisis during george w. bush, recovery during obama. you could argue policy all you want, but it's just simply bad timing for the republicans. economies tend to move in seven to nine-years although this one is completely off. presidential cycles are four to eight years. so if president trump were to lose, the democrats would probably get the white house at the beginning of a recession, a huge if, a bad economy at the start of it, and that would flip that cycle. >> everyone points fingers. >> they will. i'm not saying that anybody is responsible, it's just really bad timing.
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yeah. >> thank you, scott. >> thank you, scott. trending this morning, a rare dime sold for a pretty penny, 1894 san francisco minted silver dime was bought by a utah businessman for $1.32 million. it is very pretty. it is one of the three most famous coins issued by the united states mint 125 years ago. what makes this dime so special is that the san francisco mint produced only two dozen early versions of that coin for presentation with the belief that many more would be produced later in the year. however the u.s. mint never ordered more versions of that particular coin. why not? i like it. >> wow. fascinating. >> because it's 1.32. >> making some change. >> my dad is a coin collector. >> did he collect that coin? >> no he throws them in this thing but it's amazing to see the old one.
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>> all right, i'm a collector of questions about your forecast, people asking me on twitter what's going on with the 90s? i say that's a change in weather, welcome to high pressure. we have the marine layer hanging out. we have a sea breeze, cool, comfortable now. 62 degrees in the south bay. peninsula 53. 61 for the tri-valley. we have a good mix of sun and clouds going on right now, but san francisco still a little breezy and cloudy and again, that marine layer is what's been keeping our temperatures comfortable. once that disappears, here bring on the temperatures that are really going to climb into some hot 80s, upper 80s, even some 70s for the bay. but your air quality is the next 24 hours, which is good, will remain nice. north bay, bay and coast, inland east bay, south bay, santa clara valley the sea breeze helped clear out the air quality giving us the beautiful, blue skies throughout the entire bay area. now, microclimate highs in through the afternoon 86 degrees for morgan hill. 82 in san jose. in through the east bay, 86 degrees in concord. already a couple of degrees of
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slight warming through today. it will be a lot more noticeable tomorrow along the peninsula, 79 degrees for redwood city. fran will keep a lot of that cloud cover for the majority of the day. partial clearing, novato 78 degrees and over the next seven days, we were mentioning the high pressure system. 73 degrees by tomorrow, we'll start slight cooling friday and saturday. saturday and sunday a warmup into sunday and monday, thanks to another system so it's going to be interesting to see the weather pattern this week, although one thing is for sure, we'll be heating up throughout the entire bay area, even at the beach it's going to be in the 70s. mike? >> vianey said welcome to high pressure. that's what i'll tell people, what is vianey saying about the weather? looking over to the south bay, no pressure. peninsula pressure free as well. still getting built with that commute. in the east bay all the activity but no problems. the bay bridge toll plaza we do have the backup standard there. this issue i've got my eyes right here, this stretch from
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san leandro on the nimitz toward 92. a new crash at "a" street may have your slow lane blocked. crash at hesperian may have vehicles moving off of lanes. a little slowing off of 238. over here westbound is your commute dection across the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge but eastbound the dumbarton bridge does report some gravel, no big complications but i'm tracking that and getting out to waze, if you are choosing between the bridges in your westbound commute notice that we're looking at castro valley toward the peninsula, 46 minutes registers across that san mateo bridge but the dumbarton bridge is actually a little bit quicker right now, even though you have to go through the slowdown in san leandro so time it out and join nbc bay area wazers. back to you. >> thank you, mike. still ahead at 6:30, a construction alert for drivers in contra costa county. plus a major change at sfo, the first of its kind anywhere in the country. what you need to know, so that you don't end up thirsty before you fly out of sfo. next, legal analysis of the
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ghost ship trial, what the placement of alternate jurors means for the future of the case. you're watching "today in the bay."
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with the come back. it's 6:23. what will happen in the ghost ship trial as new jurors join deliberations. after ten days of deliberating, three women were unexpectedly dismissed from the jury, one woman and two men were added and
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now the jury is made up of seven women and five men with one alternate left. legal analyst steven clark joins us now to talk a little bit more about these latest developments in the case. thanks so much for getting up early and joining us. okay, so there were ten days into deliberating and all of a sudden, three are thrown out. it was surprising but we don't know why. >> we don't know why. what the judge is questioned each juror individually and clearly what happened here, we don't know the reason but the fact that three were removed all at once is extremely unusual, and suggestive that all three did the same thing that created the problem. so what's unusual is removing three, but also the timing of this, because these jurors were reminded daily about the rules of the being a juror and there was clearly significant violation to remove all three at once. it's going to be difficult for the jury to get the momentum going again and continue the deliberation process anew, because the nine jurors that
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have been part of this have to be suffering from some level of frustration. >> right, no kidding, because they've been there day in, day out, doing this. now do they start over completely on those deliberations? now three new ones are being brought in? >> indoctrinate the new jurors, go into the evidence into the jury room, the exhibits, they may have to read back all the testimony again this that he already heard. these jurors that are going into this deliberation process, they were not part of any of these discussions, so they're coming in fresh, and they were probably thinking after ten days, they'd never be called into this process, and now they walk into this absolutely cold, so they got to bring them up to speed. it's going to clearly slow the deliberation process down, and there's not much of a safety net. there's only one alternate juror left and you run into problems with scheduling, illness, vacations. >> right. >> all of that, if they run out of jurors, this will be a mistrial. >> it will be. this will increase the chances for a mistrial or not until that
6:26 am
point potentially? >> the longer this goes on the more likely there is to be a hung jury. integrating three new people who have three new ideas and come into this very fresh certainly looks like it could be a mistrial but not necessarily. this group will now have to regain that cohesive nature they had and say here is where we are. here is what we've done thus far and spend the next day or two getting that together. i think today's deliberations will be very telling. will these jurors be asking questions? will they ask for more information from the court? i think we'll see how this process will go on very early on. >> we'll eventually find out why they were kicked off, the three jurors? >> clearly there was a record made and the defense was part of that process, because if there is a conviction, this will be looked at carefully on appeal what happened here. did what happened with these three seep into the jury deliberation process? that could have tainted the entire process. we probably will find out at some point, because there was a
6:27 am
detailed record made in court in private. >> so could be a better chance of appeals there. quickly, can the media at all talk to those three jurors? >> not at this point. they're under the gag order as well. >> that continues? >> that continues and i think the judge is being very careful here, because there's only one alternate left. there's no room for error any longer. this is going to be very precarious for this jury until this jury deliberation is concluded. >> we'll continue to follow. steven clark, thanks for coming in this morning giving collarit to as much as we can to the issue. coming up next on "today in the bay," an overnight water rescue in the north bay. one woman's very close call, how long she spent in the water. plus -- no one was hurt, but look at this incredible moment that was caught on camera. new this hour, the story behind the bus that crashed came within
6:28 am
seconds and inches of spectators. you're watching "today in the bay."
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a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. 6:30. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for marcus washington today, and vianey is in for kari,u.s. in ti just in time to deliver hot news for the weekend. >> hot news literally. temperatures are climbing this weekend. right now enjoy the cloud cover.
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that's weird to say but it's keeping our temperatures in the 60s in the south bay, 50s in the peninsula. 60 degrees in san francisco. cool in the north bay at 57 degrees. as we head in towards the afternoon our day is expected to get a little warmer. a couple of degrees warmer today. more noticeable tomorrow. alum rock union school has our first day of the district today. by about 8:00/9:00 a.m. in the 60s. by 12:00/1:00 we'll be climbing to the 70s and by the time that school gets out we should be in those 80s. mike? >> vianey is watching for alum rock union and mt. pleasant in the same area of san jose. i'm watching the traffic and looking at an easy drive right now. just a build for the south bay, starting up right now for your northbound push. over here, southbound continues today, a slow drive from hesperian to "a" street at "a" street sounds like a new crash may have fire crews there with some possible injuries, and blocking right two lanes. that is a slower drive getting toward the san mateo bridge. getting toward the bay bridge a smooth drive but more slowing for highway 4 as you come through bay point.
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back to you. >> thanks, mike. behind me a live look at san francisco international airport and if you are headed to sfo today, you better be ready. starting today, you will not be able to buy bottled water for sale anywhere at the airport. it's a brand new thing going into effect this morning. bob redell is live outside the international terminal and you've been talking with travelers arriving there, bob. do they like the ban? are they ready for the ban? >> reporter: i've gotten mixed reaction out here. you might want to bring your own empty plastic bottle or glass bottle to fill it up when you arrive at the airport or if you forget, you can buy a refillable aluminum or glass bottle here on site. starting today the airport no longer allows its cafes, its shops, restaurants and vending machines to sell water in plastic bottles, making sfo the first airport nationwide to ban single use plastic water bottles. the airport has installed more than 100 water fountains, some
6:33 am
equipped with filling stations to fill your own bot well water. the airport run by the city of san francisco is in line with a 2014 city ordinance that bans the sale of plastic water bottles on city owned property. the shift away from plastics is also part of a broader plan to slash net carbon emissions and energy use to zero and eliminate most landfill waste by 2021. >> rather inconvenient when traveling to not be able to have water handy especially air travel, you're dehydrated in the plane. >> i think we live as human beings long before plastic was invented and hopefully we'll live long after it disappears. it's the bain of our existence as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: here is some video we shot inside the international terminal this morning. one shop is still selling plastic bottled water. the store employee tells me they are allowed to sell their remaining inventory. once it's gone, no more. by the way, this ban does not
6:34 am
apply to flavored water sold in plastic bottles. you can still buy that in the airport. reporting live here at sfo, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> i remember my water bottle but forget to empty it for tsa they're like -- >> trying to drink it there. thank you, bob. santa rosa police rescued a woman from a creek this is video they posted of that area where she was rescued last night near victoria drive. witnesses reported hearing screaming. police found the woman clinging to an embankment. officers climbed over the rocks and eventually pulled her to safety. >> officers did a great job getting her out of the embankment safely, get her in contact with emergency response personnel and currently being treated for minor injuries at a local hospital. >> police say she fell into the water while walking on the path above the creek. the man authorities say was caught on camera attacking a woman as she was entering her
6:35 am
san francisco condo is due in court today after he was charged yesterday with n connection with a second crime. austin vincent is held on $100,000 bail. when he turned him in, authorities charged him in the second case dating back to february when he threatened two people with a knife. one of those victims identified vincent after seeing his booking photo following last week's embarcadero attack. vincent's attorney says he's now in treatment. >> they were attacked by mr. vincent with a knife. those individuals called for an uber ride and the uber ride arrived, and they were able to get into the uber and leave the scene. >> he takes this situation very seriously. he's also taking his treatment very seriously. >> police are looking into the possibility that vincent may also be tied with two additional crimes. this video may be all the proof you need and a warning for people visiting a popular south bay hiking spot.
6:36 am
be on the lookout for mountain lion, a few of them. park rangers at rancho san antonio in cupertino hills posted this video, they believe the cats are part of the same mountain lion family and from the looks of it it's hard to argue. several trails are closed as a precaution. >> leave the trail mix at home. >> no kidding, out going for a hike like you would want to. a traffic alert for drivers in contra costa county this morning. a construction project is now under way on el portal drive between the richmond city limits and san pablo dam road. the work includes replacing traffic signals and pavement markings. if you're driving in the area, officials say you can expect 15-minute delays. construction is expected to be complete in late october. a new video shows a very close call during a race at a southern indiana speedway. if you look at these school buses racing, that wasn't supposed to happen. in the video you see a runaway bus barrelling into a fence, stopping just short of the crowded stands. the man who was driving the bus said that the chain-link fence
6:37 am
helped save their lives. no one was hurt, but some fans were splashed with hot motor oil. >> oh my gosh, that sounds horrible. >> terrifying. >> who races school buss? >> i didn't know that was a thing. >> it was cool it came at you on the camera. wow. i would never count on a chain-link fence to stop any moving vehicles. stay clear if you see something coming at you. we are looking at one crash not in the south bay, not the peninsula. speed sensors predictable. it's over there in the east bay, southbound 880 as you approach "a" street right two lanes are blocked, slow lanes a crash there and fire crews on scene. there may be minor injuries. more slowing out of san leandro toward hayward. cleared by the time we get to 92. headed north the bay bridge as your focal point. there say crash on 24 that is over off to the shoulder, so no problems by st. stevens. that's good. >> that's great! >> unless that's your car. >> then not so much.
6:38 am
>> not so much. >> what's also great is we have a weather forecast that is nice and cool for today, and we'll need the cooldown. >> it's our last day of enjoying that sea breeze hanging out. >> so nice. >> it has been so noiice and pleasant. saturday's forecast looking ahead to the weekend fort the coast, talking upper 60s. fantastic day for the beach. the bay will climb into the mid-70s possibly at times. inland areas will be all sunny and clear. 92 degrees, but it gets hotter as we head in toward sunday. look at that, the coast an td t bay in the 70s, mid-70s and upper 90s for inland areas, upwards of 97 degrees and that's going to lead us into also a hot work week ahead into next monday so this weekend it's going to get hot out there. just keep in mind head to the beach and don't forget to share photos with us. we love to see everybody having a great time. heat exhaust shawn is a real thing. we have to look out for each other. back to you. >> thank you, vianey. next and new this morning,
6:39 am
shocking video of a jewelry heist here in california, and the owner's quick reaction and the arrests in the case. plus locked up. new this hour, controversy about where certain beauty products are being placed inside a california grocery store. why some folks are calling it discrimination. in washington, this morning, president trump leveling new very serious accusations at google. let's take you out to the big board in new york city, dow industrials doing well on a day where we expected worse, down 47 points. you're watching "today in the bay."
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it is 6:41. your morning commute starts out cool, comfortable. inland areas expect to hit mid 80s. long the coast the cloud cover and the sea breeze for one more day. the changes will have you feeling a little hotter in the 90s, coming up. and right now we have a ten-minute delay, some sort of equipment problem on the warm springs line so that will be an issue for your east bay and tri-valley trains. we are looking at a slowdown as well because of the volume of traffic, over a half hour from highway 4 to the backup at the bay bridge. new today a look at school buses whether kids are safe without seat belts as they ride to school. you can see this crash video behind me is a test.
6:43 am
>> reporter: good morning i'm vicky nguyen. coming up on "today" a lot of kids are getting ready to head out on a school bus. most won't be wearing a seat belt. opponents say they're too costly and what happens to a child when they're involved in a crash and not secured? we'll show you the results of a crash test, it's video you have to see coming up this morning on "today." >> vicky has results of the crash tests, after 7:00 this morning, the start of a three-day series called "back to school today." it's 6:43. so far this year has been better when it comes to damaging wildfires in california. cross our fingers here. the state's forestry department says 95% less acreage has burned so far this year, compared to the same time last year. the number goes to 90% when you take into account the combined average of the last five years. calfire says improved weather conditions this year have certainly helped but also keep in mind the most deadly and
6:44 am
destructive fires typically happen in the fall. new this morning, san francisco bay's juul and philip morris are facing a new class action lawsuit. the ecigarette makers are being sued for deceptive marketing tactics toward minors and deceiving could be sumers about the risks of vaping. here is the attorney representing that suit. >> in this case, have altria looked at what juul was doing for three years and they joined in with juul to go ahead and market and advertise to youth, and to get them hooked on their ecigarettes, when touting to governmental agencies that this was an alternative to tobacco smoking. >> so far juul and phillip morris have not commented on the lawsuit. this new video shows a southern california jewelry store owner fighting back against would-be robbers. check it out.
6:45 am
surveillance cameras caught a sledgehammer wielding suspect breaking the glass case of a jewelry shop in santa monica. the owner jumped into action there, grabbed that suspect, even ripping off his sweatshirt. now we is see his face. three suspects were arrested, they were in a waiting car. a fourth suspect was also arrested nearby. >> it is quarter to 7:00. new today a southern california woman is accusing walmart of discrimination. the riverside customer said she feels singled out over black beauty products being kept in locked glass cases. she adds that after making product selections the store associate walked the items to the front of the store held before they were purchased. if you shop at walmart a lot of beauty products are kept in cases. so far, walmart is not commenting. a warriors star steph curry may be known for his assists on the basketball court but we know he loves golf, too. curry announced a major donation to help bring division one golf
6:46 am
back to howard university in washington, d.c., an historically black college. howard dropped golf in the 1970s and curry says he can't wait for it to be back. >> i'm just excited. i'll be following every part of the journey as we go into next year, when the team takes the course for the first time. >> curry will reportedly make a seven-figure donation paid out over the next six years to help develop and endow the school's new men's and women's golf teams. president trump claims google manipulated votes for hillary clinton in the 2016 election. scott mcgrew joins us now, another attack on google by the white house. >> the president once accused google of treason. in this latest accusation, google did not manipulate votes. i don't think it's what he means. he means manipulated voters. to manipulate vote is to change it at the ballot box. google did not do that.
6:47 am
president trump's accusation reads wow, report just out google manipulated from 2.6 million to 16 million votes for hillary clinton in 2016 election. this was put out by a clinton supporter, not a trump supporter. google should be sued. my victory was even bigger than thought. president trump is speaking of a report published in march, it's not "just out" and it's not clear where he got the 16 million number. the report was written by a harvard trained psychologist who studied the search results from google, concluded the results were biased toward hillary clinton. here is that psychologist robert epstein, testifying before congress last month. >> in 2016, google search algorithm likely impacted undecided voters in a way that shifted at least 2.6 million votes to hillary clinton, whom i supported. >> epstein said he did not find evidence that google did it
6:48 am
intentionally. in an interview on cnn he said the president made the wrong conclusions. "i don't have any evidence that google manipulated anything. i just have evidence that there was this bias, highly statistically significant bias." the overall concern is legitimate. people use google to find out things about candidates, if the search results that are returned lean toward one candidate, that would certainly be an issue. what we're uncertain about is root cause. is it google, is it the articles writte written? is it the al xwgorithalgorithm? critics of the study point out the study just 21 undecided voters and wasn't published in a peer review journal, but it's a concern moving forward. much of our lives are affected by algorithms. we know nothing about. google for its part says "we never reranked or altered search results to manipulate a political sentiment." that's not what they're exactly alleging but that's google's response. we're watching everything happening in washington.
6:49 am
follow me on twitter, auto i'll @scottmcgrew. > 6:48. trending this morning -- >> a dog house? >> quite the dog house, wouldn't you say? this northern ireland man built a luxury cabin for his dog, maya, to w.h.o. seems happy. comes with a deck, mailbox. >> he gets mail? >> happy treats. >> small little heater, heater not theater. that may be coming next. the pup's owner has his own fencing company in the uk. >> that is gold for binks right there. >> clear the shelters, trying to find homes, pefriod. you guys bringing me home to this? that dog in ireland. >> binks, look away from the screen. at least it doesn't snow here. >> not here for sure. >> it is a good reminder this
6:50 am
weekend when it gets hot if you have your pet typically outside, bring them inside. it is too hot also. i have a show-off here, aloe vera plants those of you worried about my sunburn yesterday. learn from my mistakes. reapply after two hours like it says on the bottle especially this weekend if you're outside. erin, our director looked out for me and brought me two massive aloe vera plants. let me show you the size of these babies. i wish i had an aloe plant this size, they're wrapped in plastic, but thank you, erin. now my skin can heal properly. 62 degrees in the south bay. 61 in the tri-valley. san francisco at 60 degrees and that marine layer is keeping us cool. we had the sea breeze. mother nature today our temperatures are a little bit warmer. morgan hill 86 degrees. gilroy 85. in through the tri-valley upper 80s today, already warming up in concord 86. oakland 73. the coastline still a great cool
6:51 am
place to get away from the heat. 66 degrees in half moon bay. 74 for san mateo. san francisco in the upper 60s and up through the north bay, 84 degrees in santa rosa. 78 in novato. so that warming ahead that i've been talking about, here it is. starting tomorrow, we've got hotter temps inland because of this high pressure that's moving up from the southern plains, trekking westward into the bay area. we have a trough nearby that's going to keep the temperatures below the triple digit mark, at least for some spots, but by friday and saturday, we get very slight cooling and i'm talking slight because we're still in the 90s but at least we'll be in the low 90s for the coast and bay, 60s and 80s and back by sunday and monday our temperatures warm back up again. today is the last day that san francisco is going to be in the upper 60s, breezy by the middle of the week in the mid-70s and again by tomorrow, we're warming up by as much as ten degrees. 15 degrees warmer by thursday and friday and saturday those 90s really stick around all weekend long. mike? >> yikes. vianey, keep that aloe handy and
6:52 am
the sunscreen. looking over here, we have a delay reported for b.a.r.t. the warm springs line i mentioned it earlier, want to make sure you all hear. the warm springs line has about a ten-had indelay, some sort of equipment problem. earlier they reported 20-minute delays so maybe there's some improvement. we don't have a lot of specifics, that's right over here in this area. meanwhile that area also showing the build for the traffic north and west pushing in through silicon valley, up toward 101 amphitheater mountain view, a crash on the shoulder. this crash had crews blocking one lane, maybe two at times but we still see a slower drive holding steady out of san leandro and past "a" street toward hayward and the san mateo bridge where 92 moves nicely westbound building the volume and slowing there. slowing for 24 off the walnut creek interchange because of the volume there. the crash over there highway 4 is over on the shoulder near hillcrest, not a major issue but a distraction adding to the slowing there. over a half hour to the bay bridge from highway 4 and showed the backup at the richmond to
6:53 am
san rafael bridge, look at this awkward lane change. everything seems to be fine after an earlier crash but we're tracking that west 580 moves smoothly to the north bay and over here flashing lights, one disabled big rig but the toll plaza light being inen disabled big rig but the toll plaza light being ining up on . 6:53. we just learned when hoda kotb will be back on the "today" show. she will return on tuesday, september 3rd. the "today" show co-anchor has been out the past few months on maternity leave following the adoption of her second daughter, hope. we're looking forward to her return. next on "today in the bay" a quick look at the top stories including the alternate jurors now joining that jury in the ghost ship warehouse trial. what to expect as deliberations begin anew again today. plus timing on the possible new investigation into tech giants, including several bay area companies. the action other states might take against silicon valley. we'll be back with you in just
6:54 am
two minutes.
6:55 am
6:56 am
welcome back to you on this tuesday morning. 6:56, here are the top stories we're covering on "today in the bay." >> in just a few hours the jury for the ghost ship fire trial will be deliberating once again. yesterday the judge dismissed three jurors and replaced them with alternates. just a few minutes ago our legal analyst steven clark talked with
6:57 am
laura. >> we don't know why, but what the judge did is question each juror individually and clearly what happened here is we don't know the reason, but the fact that three were removed all at once is extremely unusual and suggestive that all three did the same thing that created the problem. what' unusual is removing three, but also the timing of this, because these jurors were reminded daily about the rules of the road being a juror and clearly there was some significant violation to remove three all at once. >> we will have continuing coverage of the trial. bob redell will be at the courthouse with our live report for our midday newscast at 11:00. a group of state attorneys general plan to move forward with an anti-trust probe of big tech companies. the "wall street journal" says this could be launched as soon as next month. it is likely to focus on whether or not a handful of dominant text firms used their marketplace powers to stifle competition. investigation could dove tail with plans by the justice department which announced its
6:58 am
own review last month. the doj will focus on firms including google and facebook. we're getting a sense of how much money anlogical spend on its new streaming service. the figure is $6 billion for original content. the company will launch apple tv within two months, that would beat disney plus to the market. no official word on how much apple tv plus will cost. more students are headed back to school today. in hayward this is where the kids will end up, brand new elementary school campus set to open, time lapse video of the completed cherry land element kaer school on laurel avenue is fun to watch. it includes a new library and media center on a camp us that cost $229 million. hayward voters aproved funding for the school in 2014. you may want to consider packing an empty water bottle before you catch your flight from sfo because the airport will no longer offer plastic water bottles for sale, not in
6:59 am
restaurants or vending machines, part of the airport's efforts to be more green. >> going to be weird to see people walk around like this, with a little sip of water. would you like some? >> have to wait until i get on the plane to get my drink. >> got to make extra room for the water bottle. it will be hot. don't forget to pack that. it's very important if you're headed out of town or in town. temperatures are expected to climb into the 70s by thursday. 75 degrees and gets hot into the weekend. the 90s we're concerned about elevated fire danger and heat tips that we'll have a lookout for you coming up this week. >> mike keeping an eye out for a crash on 101. >> we have a crash on 101. a quick look at maps. bottom of the screen north 101 right around the coyote creek golf course exit we have a crash which may be blocking one lane. a lot more slowing through morgan hill into san jose as a
7:00 am
result. >> can be a tough commute. we'll be back with a local news update in half an hour for you. >> we'll be live on facebook in a few moments. scott mcgrew has already started the party. we'll see you there. >> have a great day. good morning. heat wave. the thermometer is headed in one direction across much of the . good morning, heat wave, the thermometer's headed in one direction across much of the country, another day of oppressive temps. powerful storms causing damage from the south to the northeast, and the forecast that may spell more trouble just ahead. backlash, the nypd terminates the officer who used a chokehold eric garner five years after his death helped spark a movement, but the police union is striking back. >> our police officers are in distress because they realize they're abandoned. >> what the victim's famil


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