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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 21, 2019 2:07am-2:37am PDT

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guidelines in the fight against breast cancer. doctors advising millions more women may need genetic testing, even if you're already a cancer survivor the outrage erupting high school students caught on camera giving a nazi salute also a group flashing the salute on a universal studios ride. how the school and the park are responding no phones allowed. the largest public school yet to ban them from the classroom. how teachers are keeping devices out of students' hands >> announcer: this is "nightly news" with lester holt reporting tonight from london. >> good evening from london as we work our way home from iran our top story tonight is a chilling reminder of the edge we all live on, especially police, who in this era of more frequent mass shootings find themselves more inclined than ever to take every threat seriously a new video out tonight vividly
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illustrating the consequence of making threats in a time of zero tolerance. our pete williams has details. >> he's under arrest currently for making a threat to cause a mass shooting, act of terror >> he's just a little kid playing a video game >> reporter: these florida county sheriff's deputies have arrested a 15-year-old for threatening to shoot up his school on a gaming site he vowed to bring his father's m-15 to school and kill seven people at a minimum. the boy's mother says it was just a joke. >> he's a little boy he's not one of the crazy people out there doing stuff. he would never do anything like that anyway. >> we don't know we don't know -- >> no, but i know. i know >> we can't take risks we can't say, all right, we trust this guy is not going to do it then it happens and we say, well, we had the chance >> reporter: the boy faces charges in juvenile court. another sign of juvenile tolerance came last week in fresno, a 15-year-old girl posted this image of guns for sale at walmart and a message,
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don't come to school tomorrow. police say she admitted posting it but had no satisfactory reason for why >> we take these issues very seriously. we cannot play around with student safety in any measure. it's the one thing we have to keep sacrosanct in our community. >> reporter: in yet another threat case, the fbi arrested a 35-year-old maryland man, eric lin accusing him of sending over 100 messages to a miami woman. court documents say he praised hitler and threaten today kill hispanics. police say they have to take every threat seriously because they have no idea what the person making the threat is capable of doing lester >> all right, pete williams tonight. thank you. there is breaking news this evening on the economy president trump late today saying he's considering a new tax cut for americans, but it's
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another comment. this one about jewish voters that's also getting a lot of attention tonight. nbc's peter alexander is at the white house. >> reporter: president trump tonight revealing he's considering a payroll tax cut as a strategy to boost the economy. >> payroll tax is something we think about and a lot of people would like see that. and that very much affects the working -- the workers of our country >> reporter: but the president says those discussions are not a reaction to growing concerns about a weakening economy, including that recent indicator a recession may be on the horizon. >> we're very far from a recession. in fact, if the fed would do its job, i think we'd have a tremendous spurt of growth >> reporter: after the 2017 trump tax cuts, the president promised more cuts to come >> we're going to be doing a 10% tax cut for the middle class >> reporter: that has not happened keeping the economy strong will be key for president trump in 2020 unemployment is at its lowest point in nearly 50 years but the president is now acknowledging his trade war with china could have a negative impact >> it's imperative that somebody does this because our country cannot continue to pay china $500 billion a year, because
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stupid people are running it whether it's good or bad, short-term is irrelevant >> reporter: the president tonight also turning to his feud with congresswoman athlete and omar after urging israel not to allow the democrats, both fierce critics of the country, to travel there president trump blasting omar for suggesting the u.s. reconsider aid to israel, directing this stunning message to jewish americans. >> and i think any jewish people that vote for a democrat, i think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. >> reporter: tonight several jewish groups are condemning president trump's comments with one group urging the president to stop making what it calls divisive and disrespectful statements lester >> peter alexander this evening, thank you. secretary of state mike pompeo at the united nations today rallying international support to further isolate iran over its miss behavior in the middle east.
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pompeo also reacting to what a high-ranking iranian official told me in our report from iran last night tonight secretary of state mike pompeo with a warning to the u.n. security council. >> time is drawing short to continue this activity of restricting iran's capacity to foment its terror regime >> iran's support for terrorism, one of the key justifications behind those renewed u.s. sanctions against iran, which the u.s. hopes will pressure iranian leaders back to the table. on our trip inside iran, foreign minister javan zarif telling us negotiations are still possible. >> i'm not ruling out talks. what i'm saying is that talks should be based on mutual respect, not necessarily mutual confidence >> and tonight pompeo responding to our rare interview with the head of iran's national security
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council. are you worried about an accidental war in the region >> translator: no, we are acting professionally the americans, we advise them not to act unprofessionally and act with wisdom in the region. >> the good news is we are acting with wisdom we have conducted our middle east strategy and our work with iran to say, nope, you can't conduct assassination campaigns in europe, you can't conduct terror efforts from all across the middle east. >> and late tonight, pompeo warned the u.s. will take action against iranian oil tankers if they are in violation of u.s. sanctions. and on another global front tonight, russia is facing new questions over the recent explosion at a missile testing site after telling a nuclear monitoring group to stay out of it we get more from nbc's bill neely. >> reporter: a growing mystery tonight about exactly what happened days after a nuclear explosion that killed five russian nuclear scientists
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at least four radiation monitoring stations nearby went silent and stopped transmitting data russia told an international nuclear watch dog today, mind your own business. russia admitted radiation levels did spike briefly after the accident, which was tied to the testing of a nuclear missile engine president putin said yesterday there is no threat, no risk of increased radiation. but the kremlin is also furious. an international nuclear watch dog tweeted this map of a potential radiation plume spreading across russia. the kremlin calls that absurd warning the watch dog to back off, claiming it can withhold any data nuclear experts say russia's real aim is to hide secrets about this, a nuclear-powered cruise missile that president putin boasts could evade american defenses. russia concealing from the u.s. exact data on its nuclear fuel two of the russian radiation monitoring stations are now working again, but russia has proved once again that when it
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comes to its national security, it will hide what the world might want to know lester >> bill neely tonight, thank you. and now viral video showing high school students singing a nazi song and giving a nazi salute is sparking outrage ahead of a school board meeting tonight in california. miguel almaguer has details now on what appears to be an escalating and alarming trend in america. >> reporter: the short video obtained by "the daily beast" captures high school students in southern california giving the nazi salute. and singing a song used to inspire nazi troops. the teens reportedly members of the boys water polo team at pacifica high school making the gesture before an awards ceremony last year, shared on social media, district officials strongly condemned the video, saying they learned of the incident in march.
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>> i'm not surprised, but i'm horrified every single time because i know we're seeing not even the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: the disturbing video in california comes as this image was captured in florida at universal orlando, part of nbc universal. officials at the family theme park saying, hate has no place here after four people on a ride appeared to give the nazi salute while flashing this hand sign often linked to white power. the incidents, including this one, also involving high school students in southern california, part of a disturbing trend racist propaganda nearly tripling last year and now tonight on both coasts, another sign of troubling times. miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> breaking tonight, important health news for the nearly 3 1/2 million women in the u.s. who are breast or ovarian cancer survivors. new guidelines just out recommending genetic testing that could save your life. here's nbc news medical correspondent dr. john torres.
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>> reporter: ashley rivera never thought she was at risk for breast cancer. when she developed stage 3 cancer at age 28, doctors began to wonder what's in her genes. >> nobody believed it could happen this young. >> reporter: turns out ashley has a mutation which dramatic raisethe risk for breast and ovarian cancers >> i didn't care about me at that point i have three kids at that moment that could have the gene as well >> reporter: now a prestigious panel of doctors recommends all survivors of breast and ovarian cancers should talk to their doctor about getting tested for the gene mutation. and so should women with ancestries prone to the mutation, the test is given to half the women who need it >> it is important to widen the net from just women with a family history of breast cancer to women with a personal history of breast cancer who have been successfully treated >> reporter: ashley is now getting screened for ovarian
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cancer every three months. eventually she'll have her ovaries removed. giving more women a genetic test to save their lives and their children's, too. >> and dr. torres joins us now, john, does insurance cover the cost of this test? >> lester when this blue ribbon task force recommends a test, insurance companies tend to follow their advice and pay for it any woman who survivors breast or ovarian cancer should talk to their doctor about getting this genetic test >> dr. john torres, thank you. tonight one of the leading makers of e-cigarettes is under fire juul is accused of illegally marketing to minors. in a lawsuit from a young man who says his asthma got worse after using the company's product, nbc's kristen dahlgren has details. >> reporter: the new lawsuit claims juul, the largest manufacturer of e-cigarettes marketed to teens, despite knowing about growing evidence
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of health risks. >> the advertising makes it look like it's cool it's sexy. >> reporter: ken mall represents the 19-year-old who says his health has suffered after becoming addicted to juuling in high school. >> just like tobacco did with the marlborough man or joe camel. e-cigarette companies are targeting youth. >> reporter: in a statement, juul labs says the lawsuit is without merit and will work with lawmakers to reduce the trend in youth use. our target is adults we have never marketed to youth. >> we are trying to say, let's regulate these products, not ban them >> reporter: philip fuhrman blames flavored e-cigarettes for enticing him to start juuling at 14 >> i know a lot of my friends who can't break the nicotine addiction. i know it took me a long time to quit juuling >> reporter: the lawsuit coming on the heels of a new study that found vaping just once, even when it doesn't contain nicotine or thc, can damage blood vessels.
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this as health departments investigate over 120 cases of vaping related lung disease, though it's still not clear what's causing the illnesses a product marketed as a solution to one public health problem now facing more problems of its own. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york >> it's a dangerously hot night for several states 51 million under heat alerts in the southwest, southern plains and parts of the northeast out west it's sizzling, up to 115 degrees. tonight the american investment banker accused of killing a hotel worker during a family vacation in paradise is speaking out. the connecticut father providing new details about the violent encounter. here's nbc's ron allen >> since that day we have been living a nightmare -- >> reporter: connecticut father scott hapgood remembering the day at this luxury resort in anguilla when he says he protected his family from a hotel worker armed with a knife trying to rob them in their room the financial trader his wife
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and three children on a spring break get away last april. >> we're hanging on by a thread. it was a terrifying incident >> reporter: happen good was charged with manslaughter for the death of 27-year-old kenny mitchell cause of death suffocation according to authorities today his attorney accusing investigators of withholding information about the victim a toxicology report saying mitchell had drugs and alcohol in his system at the time of his death. >> but i know that i was a victim or my family was a victim here, and i -- you know, i think the truth will come out. >> reporter: on the island, many remember mitchell as a fun-loving guy with a good job and no reason to rob anyone. >> everybody believes that kenny mitchell -- himself. >> reporter: authorities in anguilla denied our request for comment. this week happen good is traveling back and forth to the island three times for required court hearings leaving anguilla as soon as possible because of death threats.
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ron allen, nbc news, new york. >> an armed man high jacking a public bus taking 37 people hostage and threatening to set the bus on fire on a bridge in rio de janeiro the standoff ended when authorities shot the suspect just ahead, could you do without your phone all day long? we'll tell you about the largest school in the nation ready to ban them from the classroom. also, the shocking moment a bear braerking in and raiding the fridge two children hiding in the home. and inspiring america. what happens when the world's fastest rapper has one of the fastest interpreters
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next, we all worry about kids spending too much time on their phones but tonight one school district is taking action here's jo ling kent. >> reporter: just half an hour down the road from apple and
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google headquarters in the heart of silicon valley, kids are trading screen time for school time >> i love not having my phone, to be honest >> i think lunchtime should be at least allowed to have your phone. >> reporter: beginning this school year, the 1700 students at san mateo high school must lock up their phones before heading to class >> you're here to learn, you're here to work with your teachers and students, and we started getting away from that because of these devices and how addictive they can be. >> reporter: students slide their phones into this yonder pouch and lock it up >> last year, a lot of people spent lunches looking at the phone and not talking to each other. this year, there's nothing else to do but talk >> reporter: in fact, 95% of american teenagers own a mobile device 70% check social media several times daily. there are exceptions for medical reasons, and every student here gets this pouch for the year and if you want to get a sneak peek at your phone, well, there is no easy way to do that. eight phoneless hours later, students are saved by the bell,
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tapping this device to unlock their pouch, reunited, reconnected after taking time to refocus. jo ling kent, nbc news, san mateo, california. >> up next tonight, caught on camera, the hungry bear and the terrifying break-in. how two kids survived.
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two teens got a big scare in california when a hungry b broke into their vacation home kevin tibbles has the story that these boys will be telling for a lifetime >> reporter: a late night fight for two teens and an unwanted guest who went straight for the fridge >> we started hearing a noise. and i said, my mom would not be aggressively opening tupperware at 12:30 in the morning. >> reporter: pace sherman and bobby harden vacationing in truckee, california, came face to face with a 250-pound black bear chowing down on taco meat and ice cream. >> we've never been more scared in our lives >> reporter: the 15-year-olds barricaded themselves in a room and called police.
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>> the bear was shaking the door, and we had to hold it shut >> reporter: deputy allison soon arrived. >> i hit it with a bear round on the backside and he shewed >> reporter: police warn visitors bears can indeed open unlocked doors, especially hungry ones. kevin tibbles, nbc news. >> yikes up next, the fast hands that stole the show in our inspiring america. finally tonight, the video
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finally tonight, the video viewed over a million times. she stole the concert spotlight with her amazing sign language skills here's gadi schwartz >> reporter: on stage at a concert, a monumental moment as the world's fastest rapper twista is blown away by a sign language interpreter's rapid
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fire hands it's not the first time amber galloway gaego has stolen the show from kendrick lamar, lady gaga even disney's the little mermaid. ♪ i want to be where the people are ♪ ♪ >> reporter: her hands fluent in any musical genre >> i feel music is all about connection >> reporter: for the hearing impaired her interpretations have brought life to an experience they now can share. >> it gives me the opportunity to be able to feel as an equal as an audience >> reporter: for amber this is about bringing harmony to the world of sight and sound >> i will feel that my mission is complete when i don't receive emails daily or weekly of asking for help, for me to call the news, have viper access so they can enjoy their favorite artist. >> reporter: proving alongside the world's fastest rappers,
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sign language goes hand in hand with lyrics and soul gadi schwartz, nbc news, los angeles. >> i love it everybody gets to enjoy the music. that's "nightly news" for this tuesday from london i'll see you from new york tomorrow night for now, i'm lester holt for all of us at nbc news. thank you for watching, and good night. >> today on steve. steve: let the battle begin > a pickup line throw-down steve: they are going to battle using only the best pickup lines. >> this is the check out line. action.eeling a strong >> i'm going to talk about you all night long. plan to feel great. an e: if we started have effect on me. -- hands r lands together for your host steve harvey.
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