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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 21, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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show you a traffic flow as far as the green sensors all over. half moon bay just where the folks survived that crash. we'll talk about that and show you the video coming up. it's spectacular, as far as the view you get. over here not a big deal, south 101 but only the hillsdale on-ramp. once they hear it's the on-ramp the freeway maintains a smooth, easy drive and all lanes for highway 101 are open through the area. toward the east bay wit at mild slowing southbound on 880, right around 980, looks like that construction crew is just about clear. there may be one more traffic break over the next half hour but so far, traffic flows smoothly toward the bay bridge and the tri-valley no delays, just a little bit of slowing, you tap the brakes in one patch of highway 84. back to you been. >> thank you, mike. back to the top story and the crash landing in the cold waters off of half moon bay. people in another plane were shooting video and both people in the plane that crashed survived. >> miraculously.
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"today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us with details on why that plane went down in the first place and what the pilot was saying as the plane crashed. it's dramatic video. >> you ask yourself how to you survive that crashing into the cold pacific waters? it's hard to believe the two people did survive and it is thanks in part to the friends who shot this video as it was happening off the coast of half moon bay. two planes were midair for a photo shoot when one plane lost power and while the pilot of that plane, david lesch, called in a may day, the other pilot kept rolling and circling the crash site and calling for help, not knowing at that point whether lesch and his passenger were okay. it turns out they were okay. this is them documenting what was happening on a waterproof phone to the relief of the pilot who watched that plane go wn. >> we're floating around now in the [ muted ] pacific ocean. i'm holding onto my window shade as a floatation device.
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>> i'm on the seat cushion. >> we have a seat cushion here. water is a little cold. >> your heart sinks when you hear may day, i have no power. it's something you never want to hear and it takes a second to kick in. >> reporter: and he calls you ten minutes on the phone later. >> hearing that was such a relier reli relief. i've never been so relieved to hear him on the phone. >> they were getting stung by jellyfish for about 30 minutes while their friend circled overhead and the coast guard made their way over for a rescue. lesch the pilot that crashed said without the coast guard rescue they would have died because they were eight to ten miles off the coast out there. what's less certain is why that plane went down, but all photo shoot. it was just a routine day. >> which is why they were able to capture so much. >> but that poor gal, the passenger, i would be nervous. >> exactly. i think they're probably so shocked by what just happened to them. >> he's only had the plane three or four months. >> not long. he trained on it but hasn't had
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it tt long and getting promotional video for it. now it's down in the water. >> thank you very much. 5:02 right now. our other top story of the morning president trump's controversial comments. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington. tracie, the president also talking about jews who support democrats. very interesting comments here. >> well, very as you said quite controversial comments. we're getting a lot of feedback about that this morning including new tweets this morning from the president quoting a conservative commentator defending himself from joe biden calling the comments insulting. there's reaction this morning from capitol hill. >> i am personally offended. >> reporter: to the campaign trail. >> i am a proud jewish person. and i have no concerns about
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voting democratic. >> reporter: outrage over what president trump said about jews who support democrats. >> i think any jewish people that vote for a democrat, i think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. >> reporter: he was commenting on two democrats critical of israel. the pro-israel group j street called it dangerous and shameful. the head of the anti-defamation league urging mr. trump to stop using jews as a political football. the jewish democratic council of america accuses him of continuing to weaponize and politicize anti-semitism, this as the president appears to back off support for gun background checks after meeting with the nra. >> we have to be very careful about that. you know, they call it the slippery slope and all of a sudden everything gets taken away. >> i'm not willing to declare that he has walked away from that commitment again, until i hear it directly from him. >> reporter: democrats fear
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pressure on the senate to enact gun law also go nowhere without president trump's support. also, president trump confirming now that he is thinking about payroll tax cuts, something just a day ago the white house said that wasn't even on the table. laura? >> payroll tax cuts possibly, we'll see. we'll keep following. thank you, tracie. the white house is refusing to provide flu shots for migrant families held in american detention centers at the borders, that's the word from customs and border protection spokesperson. the agency says this is due to short termina nature of detaini migrants. experts believe influenza played a role in deaths at the centers. it appears more potential delays may be on the horizon.
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the judge hinted some jurors made travel plans next month. one requested four weeks off. the judge dismissed three jurors on monday and said there's a chance two could be held in contempt of court which may include fines or jail time. new overnight a fire rips through a south bay home, this happened just after midnight near safari and pineland, south of highway 85 in san jose. the fire department posted these photos showing smoke billowing from the home. you can see some of that damage was done to the front of the home. no one was hurt and the cause of that fire is under investigation. and happening today, parents in several california cities including oakland plan to call for changes when it comes to charter schools. they say that a new report shows some are underenrolling students with severe disabilities. federal law currently says those schools cannot deny students admission based on their physical conditions. the authors of that report will join those parents to explain the findings later this morning. a new twist in the ongoing
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legal drama involving a police raid targeting a san francisco journalist. brian carmody says in may officers pound on his front door with sledgehammers. they had a warrant and wanted to i.d. the source who leaked information about the death of public defender jeff adachi. the new lawsuit is seeking to find out what role city leaders played. in june, the first amendment coalition started asking the san francisco police department and mayor london breed's office for public documents. the police denied the request, calling it an active investigation. the mayor's office released some internal emails but the coalition is not satisfied with the response. >> there's more to the story. we don't know what happened behind the scenes. we don't know what kind of orders were given to the police department specifically the chief. >> we asked the mayor's office and the police department to respond to the lawsuit. they both referred us to the city attorney's office who says it will respond in court once it has reviewed it.
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the path appears a little more clear this morning for google's planned mega tamp us in downtown san jose, that's because city leaders say that a judge dismissed a lawsuit surrounding the city's nondisclosure agreement with google. two public interest groups filed suit arguing that the deal lacked transparency. the two nonprofits managed to obtain thousands of documents during the course of a lawsuit but they say the city should have released the information without legal action. google is expected to submit its plan for the $110 million project in october. more than a dozen leaders from organizations across the bay area are working to solve poverty problems here at home. since last week, they've been to santa clara university attending classes with mentors from silicon valley companies like google, visa and hewlett-packard. they are tackling problems from lack of food and water to employment issues. today they plan to show off their business pitches at a showcase on campus this afternoon. more lgbtq pride in the
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south bay. for the first time ever, the bisexual flag was raised at san jose city hall last night. this is all ahead of the 44th annual silicon valley pride parade and festivities this weekend. festivities start saturday at cesar chavez park and on sunday morning the annual parade through downtown. singer macy gray and ru paul's drag race winner ivy oddly are this year's headliners. let's see what the forecast is looking like today. >> it's looking pretty good, just a little bit warmer in a few spots and san francisco starts out with clear skies this morning, as we take a live look outside, as you get ready to head out the door. we have more schools starting today. happy first day of school as you get ready to head out in san lorenzo this morning. it will be right at about 61 degrees and the upper 60s, a beautiful day ahead with lots of sunshine. let's go through all of our microclimates and check out our temperatures at noon. we're at 81 in danville. 79 in san jose and also 81 in
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novato and then we see some spots making it into the 90s today, like concord, antioch, fairfield, while most of the rest of the bay area will stay in the upper 80s, but it will be slightly hotter today, and that will be the trend leading into the weekend. so i'll have more on that in a few minutes. mike, you have another minor crash on highway 101? >> that's right, but the one over here, 101 at hillsdale is fine, i got hillsborough on my mind as well, they're starting school, evergreen and also new haven in union city. happy first day to more kids around the bay and parents as well. crash highway 37 is off to the shoulder mayor island and another one 101 through san rafael, right around where our camera is, i've taken a live look. we don't see any problems. we have a steady flow of traffic southbound 101 approaching san pedro and lincoln. at the bay bridge traffic less of a line-up but consolidating because all cash lanes opened.
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we're ready for the inle inle in about ten minutes. back to you. >> oh yeah, we can't wait for those. thanks, mike. 5:10. a new plan to fight bike thefts. the transit agency introducing an app for that. we have details coming up next. the warning that's floating around instagram is a hoax but you knew that, didn't you? and big news for fans of "the matrix" movies, it's coming back. the fourth film is set to begin filming, still ahead for you at 5:25, which stars from the original trilogy will return. you're watching "today in the bay," or are you? is this the matrix? find out after the break.
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good wednesday morning. at 5:14 as you head out the door in martinez, we will have a nice cool start but it will be a warmer day, so it will be 60 degrees at 7:00. 78 degrees at 11:00, and then 86 at 1:00. so we're still going to have a pretty hot afternoon. we'll talk about that, and what to expect the rest of the week, in less than five minutes. a look over here oakland the nimitz freeway moves smoothly, already well populated at speed here for this portion of oakland. we'll show you what's going on. i have a couple of updates, a change for the rest of the bay bridge and a note for transit. good morning and very happy wednesday to you. walmart is suing tesla claiming that tesla's solar panels caused fires at walmart's stirores.
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tesla hasn't commented. facebook is under tremendous pressure from government regulato, sohile it might be useful, this tool really isn't something primarily for you. it's for the government to see. there's a hoax circulating around facebook's instagram, saying there's a new rule that takes effect today or tomorrow. you have to post something saying you don't authorize the use of your instagram pictures in court. this is a hoax, this is rick perry, the secretary of energy. among his responsibilities is the supervision of america's nuclear weapons. not only is this a hoax, it's an old hoax. it's the same language used to describe a non-existent facebook rule, also it doesn't make sense. pictures you post online can be used against you in court. if you take a picture of yourself robbing a bank, prosecutors aren't going to say he posted that thing says we can't use them so sir, you're
5:16 am
free to go. a day after the white house said talk of a payroll tax cut was not true, president trump said he's interested in a payroll tax cut though he says it's not because the economy is in trouble. >> payroll taxes, i've been think being payroll taxes for a long time. whether or not we do it now or not is, it's not being done because of recession, because we are legitimately, if we had a cut in interest rates by the fed, if they would do their job properly, and if they would do a meaningful cut, because they raised too fast, you coup woo see growth like you've not seen ever in this country. >> president trump walking a very narrow path. he wants more tax cuts, he wants an interest rate cut to boost the economy but he says the economy is doing fine. we get the fed minutes describing the most recent rate cut later today. palo alto's mysterious company palantir has gotten a
5:17 am
government contract renewal, the company that works with i.c.e. and other government contractors, a $51 million contract, not huge by government standards. i.c.e. redacted the cost of this contract in the published documents online, the black bars over it, but and this happened before, you can cut and paste the redaction into a word document and find out. there is the redaction. i'm going to swipe over it and i'm going to hit control c on my mac book here, go over to a word document, hit paste and i'll get the font a little bigger so that you can see it, so here is the secret document that somebody published online with all the secret numbers. >> wow, just doing that? >> they did this with the manafort indictment. mueller managed to redact it right. we've never been able to see what's under there. you think, come on, guys. >> they should know by now. >> interesting. rewrite it, i guess. it's 5:17.
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happening today at the caltrain station registering your bike. riders urged to sign up on the app project 529, that way if your bike is stolen and recovered, law enforcement agencies can actually check that database and return your bike. registration is from 3:30 to 7:00 tonight. how about, this a lot of kids headed back to school. what about making a spicy entrance this year with taco bell inspired outfits? all right, just hold on, i know everybody's excited. >> taco bell pants! hot pants! >> hot hot pants! so taco bell has a lot of back-to-school clothing and it's really selling out on its website, and not just the clothing, we're talking about backpacks, pencil pouches and even those scrunchies for the pony tails. do girls still wear the side pony tail? >> maybe now. maybe because of this, it's all coming back. >> look at that, the usc, our favorite hot spicy sauce. >> that's funny.
5:19 am
>> i like that. gimme that hot sauce. >> that's how you get your sauce up before school starts. >> ah, a little saucy. >> not today. >> maybe tomorrow. >> i'll work on that. we'll start out this morning needing a jacket, because it is a little cool out there. that's a live look outside in dublin. more people headed up and out the door and as do you so, it's gk to going to be mostly in the upper 50s. if you're going out to the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station expect it to be 60, 61 degrees over the next couple of hours and then warming up. we're at 73 degrees at 10:00 and going to see temperatures continuing to warm up. we're at 82 at noon today. if you're enjoying the last few days before school starts in antioch, temperatures at about 65 degrees, so a cool start going out to the playground, enjoying a nice long morning walk. you want to do that before noon.
5:20 am
after that, it heats up and going to be hot. you have to make sure you stay hydrated if you're out this afternoon. our south bay high temperature, san jose reaching 86 degrees and 90 in gilroy. up to 92 in concord today, and in livermore, expect a high of 92. we're seeing highs in half moon bay reaching 68, while palo alto reaches 86 degrees. 74 in the mission district today so slightly warmer than yesterday, with novato reaching 88 degrees, and clearlake up to 90 today. here is what's happening as far as our weather setup. we do see some rain and a very weak storm system well to the north, but that's going to stay to the north as high pressure nudges in, and we're going to be heating up the rest of the week, so no more ocean breeze that, will get a lot weaker and our inland valley also be heating up for not only the end of the week, but also throughout the weekend, and early next week, that's going to stay for quite a while. our temperatures today up into the low 90s and then we'll see more of that through friday, and
5:21 am
then slightly hotter for the weekend, and early next week. and mike, you're seeing no major surprises so far. >> that's great. we don't want surprises on the morning commute but we have green, that's good. i guess it's a pleasant surprise for some folks. the south bay peninsula very light traffic. east bay tri-valley we're seeing more cars but no slowing. we have a nice easy drive coming out of the altamont. by the time you get to the heart of livermore toward the dublin interchange you're at speeds, same thing coming down 680 and vasco road is doing just fine from brentwood. over toward the bay bridge we have these travel times, which are great, look at that, just 16 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza, where we are seeing that continual build for the cash and fastrak lanes so we'll check on that. the metering lights should turn on now and we'll see that build over the next ten. no delays for transit agency including capitol corridor service which yesterday had problems for early trains but this morning everything seems to be on time. on time for the backup forming for the fastrak lanes as the metering lights likely turn on right now. guys, back to you.
5:22 am
>> thanks, mike. coming up for you, governor newsom's new $50 million plan to protect communities vulnerable to wildfires. and get ready for "matrix 4." the iconic movie franchise is back, but will keanu reeves return as neo or laurence fishburne as morpheus? that's coming up next.
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a new $50 million pledge from governor newsom will help ensure california's ready when it comes to wildfires. the name of the campaign is called listos california, spanish for ready california. we learned it includes $50 million in grants to boost preparedness, to keep future disasters such as the butte county fire from happening again. most is going to boost protections in the most high-risk areas. parents and activists are leading the charge for new restrictions on ecigarettes and the makers like san francisco's juul. protesters gathered outside of juul's new york headquarters after a new class action lawsuit involving juul and phillip morris claiming the companies marketed to teens despite kn knowikno knowing about growing health risk. >> no one wants to ban knees products because there's no
5:26 am
reason that adults should not have access to them, but remember, we're talking about the most serious adolescent public health crisis that the country has faced for decades and that's why it's important to take conclusive action to protect kids. >> cdc is investigating cases of severe lung illness to determine if they're tied to vaping. you can hear more about the claims on the "today" show, that's after "today in the bay" at 7:00. "forbes" will release its list of the world's highest paid actors. dwayne "the rock" johnson is expected to top the list. we're guessing some marvel superheroes may also appear on that list with chris hemsworth and robert downey jr. take making the top five list. the suspense is killing you as well but we know the name of the next james bond flick, it's called "no time to die." but there is some time to kill before you can see it.
5:27 am
bond 25 is due in theaters next april. others might argue bond's got nothing on neo. they may be more excited about a green light for "matrix 4." warner brothers says that shooting will begin next year and yes, keanu reeves will be back as neo. kari ann moss will also return as trinity. laurence fishburne who plays morpheus is still to be determined. by the way, this year marks 20 years since the first "matrix" film was released. coming up next, top stories we're following on this wednesday morning. racest flyers found in a south bay university. we'll be live with the school's response, overnight. plus as president trump appears to back away from universal background checks for gun buyers, one south bay community is moving forward with its plans. coming up, how san jose hopes to hold gun owners accountable. live to oakland where the
5:28 am
largest scandal in california history unfolding, it involves some of the city's most iconic real estate. details coming up in a live report. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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5:31 am
warmer today. as we take a live look in oakland we are looking good. on your way headed to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station expect low 60s. we'll be at 61 degrees at 7:00. we'll stay in the 60s throughout much of the morning but make it into the mid-70s by early afternoon. eventually hitting 80 degrees there. 86 in san jose, and also slightly hotter in the inland valleys with some 90s on the map and we'll talk about the weekend coming up in about six minutes. mike, you're seeing cars lining up at up at the bay bridge. >> not a surprise. right on schedule the metering lights on and all lanes filled over the last fee minutes. some movement only in the hov lanes. you can see it if you watch the fastrak lanes which is the way it's supposed to be. a minor crash on the shoulder now, just past the toll plaza. no lanes blocked. another crash on the shoulder over there at highway 37. a smooth drive through the rest of the bay. san jose state construction, i was going to warn about the
5:32 am
traffic there. i still will but you have a b bigger issue, marcus. words of hate discovered on the south bay's biggest college campus. bob redell is live with the university's response as students start school this year today. bob, what are they writing on the walls? what did they say? >> reporter: marcus, someone posted a flyer here at sjsu that contained language that was "racist and anti-immigrant" according to the university. not sure what the words were written on the flyers, not clear who posted them or where on campus the flyers were posted but the university's president did post a blog that reads in part and i'm quoting here, you can look at your tv screen "sjsu, along with other campuses nationwide, recently discovered flyers and inappropriate items that contained racest and anti-immigrant discriminatory content at various campus locations. these items were removed immediately because they violated our time, place and manner regulations." the president went on to write
5:33 am
that these are troubling times, given a number of mass shootings and hate crimes taking place nationwide. she also said the campus denounces white supremacists and national hate group, that sjsu prides itself on being one of the most diverse campus communities in america and will soon be setting up spaces on campus for educational discussions about these "challenging issues." reporting live here at san jose state, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. behind me a live look at oakland this morning, where we're following a developing story involving an east bay businessman taking part in one of the biggest immigration scams in california history. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. oakland businessman tom henner do sn henderson is at the centef one of the key players of the immigration scam. apparently the scam lasted for several years. according to court documents henderson and his two business partners were indicted tuesday
5:34 am
by a federal grand jury for allegedly defrauding investors looking to obtain legal residency in the united states for the eb5 visa program. it grants legal residency to investors depending on jobs created by their investments. however, henderson and his partners allegedly made false representations of the program to these investors in order to get those investments, defrauding more than 200 foreign investors of more than $110 million, that all taking place between the years of 2011 and 2017. now those funds were allegedly misappropriated and used to purchase commercial properties, including the tribune tower in oakland, that was back in 2011. henderson is pleading not guilty to all charges which include wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and making false statements to government agencies. henderson has been released on bond but he'll be back in a federal court in october. we're live here in oakland, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> all right, pete, thank you.
5:35 am
5:34 right now. there may be new movement today on proposed gun control changes for the bay area's biggest city. mayor sam liccardo says he wants san jose to become the first city in the country to require e committee takes up the ce. proposal this afternoon. if passed t would require gun owners to carry liability insurance for every firearm they own. it could cover accidental discharges and any damage done by someone if their gun is stolen. his proposal comes following the mass shooting in gilroy. two of the people killed were from san jose. new this morning, a former el cerrito police officer is filing a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit against the department. sarah perez claims her supervisor openly harassed her. she said when she made a complaint with the department about the issue she was put on administrative leave. so far the el cerrito police department is not commenting.
5:36 am
a 13-year-old san francisco boy is being credited for his bravery after helping save his father from an attack. this is the video of the family chocolate store xox truffles in north beach, where the shop owner kicked out a man of that store on monday, after he says the man kept threatening other customers. when the owner chased that man into the street, he says that the man then put him in a chokehold. the video shows the teen springing into action and grabbing a bat. >> that's when he grabbed me and started doing a chokehold and very quickly i was running out of oxygen and i was like crying for help. >> makes me feel pretty proud of myself and happy and i also feel like i just did what i thought was right. >> that teen never resorted to using the bat and the attacker ran off, only to return hours later, and that's when police arrested him. new detailers, fires know what sparked a junkyard fire in the north bay that triggered a shelter in place on monday.
5:37 am
the fire sent thick plumes of black smoke into the sky. this is near scenic avenue. it turns out oily rags spontaneously combusted. in their announcement firefighters reminded people to store and dispose of oily rags properly along with any combustible materials. in contra costa county, authorities say they mean business with their latest effort to crack down on sideshows. the chp posted video of some of the most recent sideshows on august 11th in rodeo and crockett. the da's office is reviewing each case which included dozens of spectators and several arrests. the chp reminds everyone their newest helicopters can zoom in on license plates which serve as great evidence in court. happening today, another key step in the presidio tops tunnel project in san francisco. animated video showing the long-term plan to create a 14-acre park above the new tunnel connecting crissy field
5:38 am
and the main post. today huge amounts of soil will be delivered, that means a lot of dump trucks filled with soil passing through the area for the foreseeable future. the tunnel tops project is supposed to wrap up in 2021, eight years after it began. let's check the morning commute with mike and see how things are looking right now. a lot of green mibehind you. >> exactly. looks like the presidio tops tunnel will look great in the future. for now we talk about dump trucks, that's what you'll see. over here we see green for the rest of bay. san jose with san jose state coming back in the construction today so expect traffic 280 around seventh and tenth. very popular, a lot of traffic drops off in two weeks after the ad/drop period stops for the classes. over here a smooth drive toward the bay bridge. everything is pretty much on schedule. much more traffic than a half over ago at the richmond-san rafael bridge. >> memories of that, adding and dropping classes. >> oh, that is the past.
5:39 am
let's look ahead to the future for this weekend. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the temperatures. >> it's going to be a good weekend but also very hot in some areas and our temperatures will be headed up. valleys reaching the low 90s. the bay 84, but 72 at the coast so we are going to see some warmer temperatures again on sunday, even slightly hotter for the valleys, reaching into the mid-90s. the bay in the mid 80s and up to about 74 degrees for the coast. we also have silicon valley pride festival on saturday. pat ra the parade on sunday. we have great weather this weekend cranking up with temperatures reaching into the low 90s in the middle of the day so make sure you stay hydrated if you're going to be out there. also wear some sunscreen. if you're planning to go to squaw valley, we have temperatures up to 79 degrees on friday. 80 degrees for both saturday and sunday. a little warm in parts of the sierra, while half moon bay stays cool, mostly some mid to upper 60s there.
5:40 am
we'll be up to about 68 degrees this sunday as that fog lingers at times throughout the day. look at how hot it's going to be this weekend in napa, reaching up to 98 degrees on friday, and then some upper 80s on saturday. sunday 91 degrees. so let me know what you have in your weekend pl i'm @karihallweather on twitter, facebook, as well as instagram. we'll talk about what's going on there and a look at today's temperature trend in the south bay is coming up in three minutes. >> thanks, kari. still ahead the lessons some drivers have been learning as students return to class. and the american president says that jews who vote for democrats are disloyal. we'll take a look at that, coming up. and a dream come true for a 5-year-o 5-year-old, i don't know if 5-year-olds have such dreams. the little one has the moves after being pulled on stage at a fu fighters concert.
5:41 am
we'll talk about that and the excitement. look at him move, move, move. we'll have much more ahead on "today in the bay."
5:42 am
5:43 am
good wednesday morning. right now at 5:43, it's starting out nice and clear. here is a live look outside in walnut creek, as we go throughout the day, we have some low 60s, warming up into the low 80s by noon, and it will be a slightly hotter day. we have more hot weather in that forecast.
5:44 am
i'll show you that coming up in less than five minutes. for those highs and the high-rise of 92, although 92 sounds like it might be there. this is the san mateo bridge, an easy drive. we'll show you how things are shaping up, a predictable plan. maybe changes over the next few. >> thanks so much, kari and mike. authorities in pittsburg cracking down on dangerous driving near schools. police have handed out more than 100 tickets for school zone infractions. police say they're increasing patrols because drivers aren't being careful enough. >> it frustrates me because there's no courteousness in the world when you can't stop for a kid to cross the street. what's the hurry? you know? slow down. there's other people's lives involved. >> yesterday police cited drivers for running red lights, making illegal turns and of course speeding. authorities in southern california are working on new clues in the deadly stabbing of
5:45 am
former cal state administrator. newly released surveillance video shows the man police believe murdered steven chan on the fullerton state campus. police say they shows what they believe is blood on one of his hands caused by an injury he sustained during that attack. they also released a sketch you see right here of the man they're still looking to find. detectives believe chan was targeted but still don't know a motive at this time. chan leaves behind a wife and two teenagers. neighbors are in shock. >> as a neighbor and as a school board member, we have a profound sense of loss. >> police say they also have surveillance video of the actual attack, but that has not been released. quartert to qualify. president trump has made a lot of news in the last 24 hours. >> a quick list. he canceled a trip to denmark. denmark won't sell him greenland. wants russia admitted to the g7,
5:46 am
backed down on universal background checks for guns and jews are disloyal if they don't vote republican. specifically "jews who vote for democrats" and a good portion do of course are uninfrormed or disloyal. >> i think any jewish people that vote for a democrat, i think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty, all right? >> that statement was condemned by all kinds of groups, jewish and gentile. accusing jewish people of being disloyal to the country they live in is a old and cruel trope. about an hour ago he tweeted a "loving him like the second coming of god." president trump tweeted we would delay a trip to denmark prescheduled because denmark wouldn't sell him greenland. it would appear but we're not
5:47 am
certain that president trump backed away from universal background checks following mass shootings in gilroy, el paso and dayton. after a long phone call with the nra, president trump called universal background checks "a slippery slope." but here he is just a few days ago saying he was in favor of them. >> i am convinced he wants to do something. i've spoke on it mitch mcconnell. he's a good man, he wants to do something and very strongly he wants to do background checks and i do, too. >> very strongly want to do background checks, so that was tuesday, august 13th. that was very strongly wanted background checks. we are on august 21st, so this is one day, one week later. president trump says russia should be readmitted to the g7. he says president obama kicked out russia because putin "outsmarted him." russia was actually kicked out because it invaded crimea. cnn says france agrees with the return to russia. any russian return would be next
5:48 am
year. we're watching everything that's happening in washington. president trump pushing for payroll taxes. we'll talk about that in our business hit coming up in half an hour and you can always follow me on twitter. the fu fighters have made another fan for life. earlier this week the band's singer spotted a 5-year-old taylor in the crowd during a concert in bell fast, northern irela ireland. he did what any rock star would do, invited the kid up on stage to show off the dancing skills. ♪ oh my gosh, can you imagine? the boy's mom said it was taylor's first concert ever. i would think so, he's 5. might be all downhill from here. he might just think this is what happens every time! >> why are they not bringing me on stage again? >> the "baby shark" tour. >> that may have been his first concert, for a lot of kids it's something like "baby shark," or
5:49 am
"paw patrol" or something. as you get ready to head out the door we'll enjoy another beautiful day, and here is a live look at the clear view of the golden gate bridge, no fog here right now, and i think it will start to roll in here within the next couple of hours and quickly roll back out, so we won't see the fog for very long and we have more kids heading out for school this morning, as you get started in evergreen. we have temperatures headed to school in the lower 60s. our typical start to the day, and then as we go into the rest of the day, it will be slightly warmer for this afternoon, with south bay temperatures reaching 86 degrees downtown, 92 in morgan hill. 93 today in antioch, and clearlake reaching 90 degrees. santa rosa 92, and san francisco up to 73 degrees. as we start out with clear skies this morning, we do also have some cool temperatures, though. grab a jacket and put it over your dress or whatever you'll be wearing today, and then make sure you have the layers because
5:50 am
our temperatures will be heating up for this afternoon. if you're headed out to the a's game this evening, we start out with some low 70s, but it cools down to the upper 60s with some breezy winds as the night goes on. as we head through that forecast for the weekend, we are going to see those temperatures heating up. you can see the seven-day forecast up at the bottom of the screen with some 90s headed our way, and then as we check out sunday's forecast, once again it's going to be sylightl hotter. we're going to see more hot weather like that as we go into the middle and the beginning to middle of next week as well. so the hot weather here to stay. mike, you're seeing the metering lights on at the bay bridge. >> that's right and a lot of other lights. headlights lined up and sunlight so all across the board more lights. no surprises and that's what we count on for the morning commute. we count on surprises, i guess, that's why you have me. that's a good flow of traffic, slowing at the bay bridge berkeley curve and the approac there. looking at slowing highway 4 and
5:51 am
pinole, so contra costa county has your standard two spots for the build there. highway 4 pittsburg and bay point and upper east shore freeway. no problems, san lorenzo and new haven. hillsborough pd said watch for the surface streets around the schools. we continue to remind folks of that all over the bay. kari called out evergreen, where their school starts this week, today as well and so does instruction at san jose state. watch this section of 280 as you approach downtown around seventh, tenth, those exits popular. new students will look at their schedules instead of the road as they cross the street so just be careful. maybe their phones, too. over here 101 shows you a good steady volume but no problems here, just north of 680. transit riders as well a lot expected as folks make their way today. no delays for the systems that includes capitol corridor which yesterday morning this problems that caused a system-wide issue.
5:52 am
this morning no delays reported. back to you, marcus. >> thanks, mike. smoke from fires burning in the amazon rain forest can be seen from space. i want to you take a look at this photo you see by nasa satellite. the wildfires are nearly 2,000 miles away from bra brazil's largest city of saw pof sao pao. the amazon forest has experienced a record number of fires this year and some may have been set on purpose. next and new this morning, facebook's push for privacy. the new tool coming to some countries that will limit how much of your data the company can sell. plus there may be fewer hard to open toy packages on christmas morning this year. the green push a big toy company is making. you're watching "today in the bay." shopping for backpacks...
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. welcome back. it is 5:55 for you right now. i want to you check out this photo, we're sharing on instagram from a viewer at the cypress tree tunnel at point reyes. follow us at nbc bay area on all social media platforms. speaking of social media, facebook is giving users more control over personal data. >> the tool is called off facebook activity, and it would allow you to delete past browsing history and prevent
5:56 am
facebook from keeping track of future clicks, taps and websites. facebook says it will not use information it gathers to target ads to personal accounts on facebook, instagram or even messenger. you can choose to turn off the tracking, otherwise it continues. this starts in south korea, ireland and spain. no official word on a u.s. release. also for you this morning, uber is adding a new hub in dallas. the san francisco company will bring 3,000 jobs with a $400 million annual payroll. our dallas affiliate reports that uber will move into the new high-rise complex just outside of dallas, this is in downtown area, and an attorney involved in the deal says the company will relocate people from austin and california. they'll also hire locally. july 2020 is the target start date. >> 5:56. harley-davidson's newest motorcycle is environmentally friendly. the live wire is the company's first electric bike.
5:57 am
a little sleeker and much quieter than the classic ones. some riders were able to test it out during yesterday's unveiling in wisconsin. >> way different. i think you can't compare it. it's live wire, it's a different thing but it's great. >> it's still heart racing. in that respect i think it's still delivering what harley-davidson has been delivering for 116 years. >> a second person is a pokesman for harley-davidson museum. the new bike will be available at dealerships next month. christmas morning may get a little easier when it comes to unpackaging the toys. >> hasbro is pledging to eliminate plastic from toy and game packing starting next year. this includes elastic bands, shrink wrap, as well as those window sheets and blister packs. by 2022 the company hopes to be totally plastic free, all in an effort to protect the environment. right now, a warning for parents who shop at crate and
5:58 am
barrel. >> the store is recalling 1,500 activity push walkers, also known as the baby push walkers. parents use them to help toddlers support. they're wooden and these include activity pieces. apparently they wear down over time exposing sharp points and parts that can lead to cuts or choking. there are reports of parts being exposed but thankfully no injuries, sold exclusively online between january and april of this year. new overnight, the vatican is responding to news an australian cardinal lost his sex crimes legal appeal. already this morning the court upheld convictions against cardinal george pell, the most senior catholic found guilty of sexually abusing children. he also served as pope francis' finance minister. in december he was found guilty of abussing two 13-year-old choir boys more than two decades ago. here's australia's chief justice. >> we want the jury to be satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that cardinal pell was
5:59 am
guilty of the offenses charged. he will continue to serve his sentence of six years in prisonment. >> the vatican overnight reiterated respect for the judicial system going continue to say "the holy see recalls that the cardinal has always maintained his innocence throughout the judicial process" saying also "the holy see confirms its closeness to the victims of sexual abuse and its commitment to pursue those members of the clergy who commit such abuse." right now at 6:00, an incredible rescue. >> we would have been dead for sure. there she goes. >> wow. the entire country talking about this plane crash in half moon bay, the dramatic events all caught on cam camera, as the pilot, his friend, and the coast guard talk about that rescue. and brand new today, a flu shot warning. who the trump administration says won't be allowed to get the vaccine. and google expansion, the
6:00 am
fate of a lawsuit against the high-profile south bay project. "today in the bay" continues right now. and good morning to you. thanks so much for starting your morninght he with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. boy, it's remarkable to see the survivors of the plane crash yesterday just off of half moon bay. >> you can imagine that? >> i know the tail of the plane sticking up in the water while they're there waiting for the coast guard to quickly come rescue them. we'll get to more t story in a moment. >> the video came from one of the people, that's crazy. >> that he was able to record that. >> they were filming because of they just wanted to get video of their plane happened to go down. >> water proof phones i guess. that's a great ad for that one. all right. looking at the weather for us today, that's no wet weather for us today here. >> not at all, and a lot of people will be headed to the beach over the next few days and as we take a live look in oakland, we are getting more kids back to school. let's head over to san lorenzo first day of ol


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