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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 21, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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fate of a lawsuit against the high-profile south bay project. "today in the bay" continues right now. and good morning to you. thanks so much for starting your morninght he with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. boy, it's remarkable to see the survivors of the plane crash yesterday just off of half moon bay. >> you can imagine that? >> i know the tail of the plane sticking up in the water while they're there waiting for the coast guard to quickly come rescue them. we'll get to more t story in a moment. >> the video came from one of the people, that's crazy. >> that he was able to record that. >> they were filming because of they just wanted to get video of their plane happened to go down. >> water proof phones i guess. that's a great ad for that one. all right. looking at the weather for us today, that's no wet weather for us today here. >> not at all, and a lot of people will be headed to the beach over the next few days and as we take a live look in oakland, we are getting more kids back to school. let's head over to san lorenzo first day of school and it's
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going to be a great day. nice cool temperatures there to start with some upper 50s, leading into some mid-70s for the middle of the day, but it will be heating up in some of our east bay valleys reaching the low ninds. mike you're looking at a great commute. >> more schools coming online. you called out san lorenzo and nearby union city, new haven as well. that will be a factor on the surface streets. pd over there warned about hillsborough also starting, smaller kids walking across, a little tougher to see but so far, green sensors all around the bay. good flow, holding steadth the slowing pittsburg and bay point for highway 4 and a little build, a little more traffic and a tiny bit of slowing through the walnut creek interchange and highway 24 toward the caldecott. the bay bridge toll plaza has your backup, because the metering lights are on. look at this, only at 23 minutes, not even a half hour from highway 4, the upper east shore freeway to the backup at the bay bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. back to our top story the
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crash landing into the cold waters off of half moon bay. video of the surviving pilot actually shot himself. everyone lived, thanks to help from a friend above. >> kris sanchez joining us now their stories plus what the pilot is saying as his plane crashed. kris, this is amazing that they survived. >> yes, you see it going down. you see it crashing right into the pacific, but the two people who were on board that plane they did survive, and it's thanks in part because they had another pilot shooting video. this was off the coast of half moon bay just yesterday. the two planes were in midair for a photo shoot when one plane lost power. the pilot in that plane, david lesch, called in a may, while the other pilot kept rolling and circling that crash site, trying not to lose sight of them, also calling for help, not knowing at that point if lesch and his passenger were okay. they were documenting what was happening on a water proof
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phone, to the relief of the pilot who watched the whole thing happen. >> we're floating around now in the [ muted ] pacific ocean. i'm holding onto my window shade as a floatation device. >> i'm on the seat cushion. >> we have a seat cushion here. water is a little cold. >> your heart sinks when you hear may day, i have no power. it's something you never want to hear and it takes a second to kick in. >> reporter: and he calls you ten minutes on the phone later. >> hearing that was such a relief. i've never been so relieved to hear him on the phone. >> we've been talking about that nervous laughter you hear from the passenger there. they're still smiling. they were treading water at the time. that water is so cold. they were getting stung by jellyfish and they were in the water for about 30 minutes, while that other pilot was circling overhead, and the coast guard was making their way over for a rescue. so how lucky are these people? >> amazing. >> the coast guard crew happened to be in the area already for a training mission, and that's why they were able to get there that fast. >> wow. >> we don't know why the plane
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last power at this point, but it is amazing they did survive. >> no doubt faa and ntsb investigating. wow, amazing. >> i'm not going to get on a small plane for a while. >> all right. >> thanks, kris. 6:04 for you. president trump's controversial comments, "today in the bay's" tracie potts live for news washington. the president is also talking about jews who support democrats. >> well, he is and that was the most controversial thing that he seemed to have said. he's tweeting this morning quoting a conservative commentator, applauding him saying that he's the best president that jewish people have ever had. on the other hand you have joe biden reacting this morning saying that what the president said was insulting and inexcusable. there's reaction this morning from capitol hill. >> i am personally offended. >> reporter: to the campaign trail. >> i am a proud jewish person.
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and i have no concerns about voting democratic. >> reporter: outrage over what president trump said about jews who support democrats. >> i think any jewish people that vote for a democrat, i think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. >> reporter: he was commenting on two democrats critical of israel. the pro-israel group j street called it dangerous and shameful. the head of the anti-defamation league urging mr. trump to stop using jews as a political football. the jewish democratic council of america accuses him of continuing to weaponize and politicize anti-semitism, this as the president appears to back off support for gun background checks after meeting with the nra. >> we have to be very careful you know, they call it the slippery slope and all of a sudden everything gets taken away.
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>> i'm not willing to declare that he has walked away from that commitment again, until i hear it directly from him. >> reporter: democrats fear pressure on the senate to enact gun laws will go nowhere without president trump's support. also the president now says he is thinking about cutting payroll taxes. the white house said a day earlier that wasn't even on the table. back to you. >> it will be interesting to see why where that goes, tracie, thank you. the white house refusing to provide flu shots for migrant families held in american detention centers at our borders, that's the word from customs and border protection spokesperson. the agency says this is due to short term nature of detaining migrants. at least three migrant children have died in detention centers over the past few months. experts believe influenza played a role.
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new overnight a fire rips through a south bay home, it happened just after midnight near isafari and pineland, sout of highway 85 in san jose. the fire department posted photos showing smoke billowing from the house. some damage was done to the front of the home. luckily, no one was hurt and the cause of that fire is under investigation. 6:07 right now. deliberations set to resume in about three hours with the rebooted jury in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. it appears more potential delays mayen on the horizon. the judge hted some jurors made travel plans next month. one requested four weeks off. the judge dismissed the three jurors for violating court orders and the judge says there's a chance two of them could be held in contempt of court, which may include fines or jail time. 6:07 and the path appears a little more clear this morning for google's planned mega campus in downtown san jose. that's because city leaders say that a judge dismissed a lawsuit surrounding the city's nondisclosure agreement with google. two public interest groups filed suit arguing the deal lacked
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transparency. the two nonprofits managed to obtain thousands of documents during the course of the lawsuit but they say the city should have released that information without legal action. google is expected to submit its plan for the $110 million project in october. also new this morning, what google plans to do as it expands into moffitt field as the massive hangar you saw off of highway 101. google plans to turn that 200-foot high hangar into research and development labs, office space and areas for events. plans show that the upgrade could cost more than $150 million. in 2015 google signed a more than $1 billion 60-year lease with nasa to take over the air field and surrounding land. in hayward the search is on for a man who roughed up a robotic security device. this is him caught on camera two weeks ago. it happened at the watkins street garage which has been a
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frequent target of vandals. they put in a 400 pound robotic security guard. police say the man thought it would be clever to knock that robot over and when the robot took a tumble, it also got these images. >> hmm. very clever there. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking our forecast and i love that sunrise behind you. >> yes, we have a beautiful sunrise under way. we're still about 20 minutes from sunrise right now. it's nice and clear. our temperatures are now in the upper 50s and then we'll start to see them spreading out into the late morning/early afternoon hours. here we are at 1:00. danville is at 85. we're at 82 degrees in cupertino. 84 novato. san francisco the low 70s and then we'll see some low 90s inland today, so it's going to be slightly hotter today compared to yesterday and we're going to see some more widespread 90s in the forecast, going into the end of the week. more on that coming up in a few
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minutes and mike, you also have a look at a beautiful view of the commute. >> that's right, and a beautiful view of the commute and of the sky. the commute itself we still have it. the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza but look at the left lanes lighting up already. we have a smooth flow of traffic on the approach. that's a beautiful sunrise, coming over from san francisco to the oakland side westbound the opposite direction is your commute and the build. a slight bit of slowing through p san pablo. great easy drive. a build for pleasanton 680 south, 880 south from hayward more slowing and the south bay showing more traffic. this is 280 at 17, 280 northbound or southbound, san jose state comes back with instruction i inconstruction so a lot more surface traffic. it is 6:10. >> if your spidey sense is tingling, he may be splitting up with at vengers thanks to a
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dispute between movie studios. new this hour, the issue that may ground the web slinger. your spidey also told you the thing floating around instagram is a hoax. we'll take a look at it when "today in the bay" continues.
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>> the time is 6:13. we have a clear start this morning. let's get a look at our view over san jose, as we head out the door in willow glen. it's going to be a nice one,
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some upper 50s to start. low 80s by early afternoon, but it will be slightly warmer today compared to yesterday and warmer as we lead into the weekend. i'll show you that, coming up in the forecast in less than five minutes. and a concern honestly away from us the travel is westbound across the san mateo bridge, i thought someone hit pause on this video. it's moving once again. no incidents reported but i will track that closely. less traffic on the richmond to san rafael bridge, west 580 also sees a lot of traffic into the north bay. and a very good morning and a happy wednesday as well. walmart is suing tesla claiming that tesla's solar panels caused fires at walmart's stores. tesla hasn't commented. facebook is releasing a new tool to show you how third parties might use your facebook data to track you. now this comes as facebook is under tremendous pressure from government regulators, so while it might be useful, this tool really isn't
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something primarily for you. is it? there's a hoax circulating around facebook's instagram, saying there's a new rule that takes effect today or tomorrow. you have to postething saying you don't authorize the use of your instagram pictures inourt. this is a hoax, this is rick perry, the secretary of energy. among his responsibilities is the supervision of america's nuclear weapons. not only is this a hoax, it's an old hoax. it's the same language used to describe a non-existent facebook rule, also it doesn't make sense. pictures you post online can be used against you in court. if you take a picture of yourself robbing a bank, prosecutors aren't going to say he posted that thing says we can't use them, so you're free to go. a day after the white house said talk of a payroll tax cut was not true, president trump said he's interested in a payroll tax cut though he says it's not because the economy is
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in trouble. >> payroll taxes, i've been think being payroll taxes for a long time. whether or not we do it now or not is, it's not being done because of recession, because we are legitimately, if we had a cut in interest rates by the fed, if they would do their job properly, and if they would do a meaningful cut, because they raised too fast you would see growth like you've not seen ever in this country. it's a $51 million contract and that's not huge by government standards. i.c.e. redacted the cost of that contract in those documents they published online. you put the black bars across and so you have no idea what's there. i was showing you this earlier. what you can do though is cut and paste and figure out what it is. government does this fairly often. here it is, can't see what it is. i'll swipe across the table there, copy, control-c, go over to a word document and paste it. i'll make the font a little bit bigger so that you can see it. there it is, all the numbers that you need to see that were supposed to be secret. they did this with the manafort indictment as well, where they're just using word to make
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black bars but those aren't real black bars, right? best would be to print it out, and then rescan it in and no way of getting that black bar off. >> you need a good old sharpie. >> a sharpie is good one, too. >> thanks, scott. 6:17 for you right now. spider-man may be swinging out of the mcu, that could mean no more team ops with the avengers. spider-man is owned by sony and disney owns marvel and at venger the avengers. there's a dispute over money. s? unless they come up with an agreement spider-man will not be with at vethe avengers. trending the return of pumpkin spice latte and it's earlier than ever. >> starbucks tweeted adding the psl as real fans will call it
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back on the menu august 27th. the company also rolling out new pumpkin spice creamer inspired by the drink, available in grocery stores. the limited flavor is part of its new line of creamers with nestle. if you can't wait, dunkin' donuts is bringing back the fall favorite starting today. go to your local coffee place, too. and you're the pumpkin spice queen. >> i love it but they're showing leaves and stuff and it's late august? there are no leaves falling off the trees. >> i was at a stop sign yesterday and i saw leaves falling. >> what? it was because it was so dry. >> maybe so. >> all right, so we have some really hot weather in our forecast. it is going to be in the middle of summer here t will feel like it as we go into the next several days. as you get started headed out the door in oakland this is the view from emeryville looking toward oakland and all clear skies, no clouds or fog. if you're heading out, going to
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the park in antioch, it's a nice cool start at 9:00, we're at 72. we'll see a few clouds throughout the morning, but it's going to be heating up fast, if you're going to be out there during the middle of the day, try to stay hydrated and if you are going to be active, try to get in that run or activities outside before noon. we're headed up to 93 there, concord 92, napa 87, temperatures are warmer compared to yesterday so san jose headed up to 86 degrees, palo alto 85 and 73 in san francisco. we'll cool it off again as we go into this evening out there at the coliseum for the a's game at 73 degrees and dropping down into the upper 60s with breezy winds. here is what's happening. we see some rain and also some cooler temperatures for the pacific northwest. we're missing out on that as high pressure starts to build across the southwest. it's pushing that farther to the north, our inland temperatures heating up, but we will see the return of some coastal fog going
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into the weekend. that will keep san francisco nice and cool, but the inland areas still going to be very hot. here is a look at our highs reaching into the 90s. these 90s extend even into the weekend, and early next week, so no major changes here. we're going to have a stretch of some pretty hot weather for some spots, while san francisco stays in the low 70s. we'll see a high of about 73 degrees today, and then some mid to upper 70s by the beginning of next week, so we are going to have a little bit of a warming trend with at times no fog, but we will see some sunshine during those afternoon hours. headed over to mike, you're checking back in at the san mateo bridge. >> that's right, kari. i saw a lot of slowing and i showed you one bit of slowdown but it was much, much slower over the last 15 minutes. things have started to improve. no incidents reported on the span as far as csconcerned. waze doesn't have anybody
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reporting problems and we see the slowing where the camera was. dumbarton bridge no extra time across that span, an easy drive to and from the peninsula. here is the south bay, and a note here, in addition to the evergreen school district coming back in today, we also have san jose state with instruction. remember that's just off 280 at seventh and tenth. so there will be a lot more traffic over the next couple of weeks, we wait for the classes to sort out, the schedules to sort out. you'll have a lot more traffic. meanwhile showing a nice easy drive, holding steady with light traffic through walnut creek and the interchange there. highway 4 mild slowing through pittsburg and bay point and more slowing here the upper east shore freeway. pinole, san pablo, richmond and everything clears up the bay bridge and the berkeley curve. you see folks coming off the berkeley curve slow as well as the fastrak lanes but the cash lanes are looking great, that's a nice light build early on in the commute and a nice smooth steady flow out of the altamont for 580. back to you. >> thanks, mike. still ahead a new long
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awaited part coming into place in san francisco. why crews may be getting dirty first before the next phase is complete. our reports about home inventories inspire a north bay family to start a business. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we'll have that story next. and 6:22 for you right now, and take a look at these two little ones. that is sophia and noah, they are headed back to school, their first day was yesterday in the alum rock school district and sophia is headed to tk and noah to fourth grade. welcome back to school little ones. send us your post if you're headed back to school. we want to see them and show them like we did with noah and sophia. have a great back to school. you're watching "today in the bay." >> cuties.
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6:25. a north bay woman responds to "nbc bay area responds." >> consumer investir chr chmura is here with an entrepreneur who saw one of our stories and started a business. >> good morning. ever since the north bay fires we've repeatedly encouraged you to create a home inventory, a detailed list of your belongings. well susan small has decided she can do that tedious task for you. susan said she was inspired to start the company she calls video safe, after seeing our reports from the north bay, where many people whose homes burned down were complaining that some insurance companies
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required an item by item inventory of what burned. you saw that story and decided to start a business? >> yes, exactly right. it just broke my heart, and i thought well, this could be easily solved with this service business. >> reporter: tonight at 6:00, we'll tag along with susan for a hands-on inventory. we'll talk about the cost, explain how you can actually do an inventory for free yourself, and share some other ways the home contents list could help you, besides insurance. have a consumer tip for us? give us a call, 888-996-tips or visit i'll see you again tonight at 6:00. >> thanks, chris. it's 6:26. still ahead this hour, racism on campus. brand new overnight, reports that racist flyers showed up on one south bay college campus. we're live with the details. plus, immigration scam. tens of millions of dollars, a high-profile businessman is
6:27 am
accused of swindling from foreigners. his connection to an iconic east bay high-rise. plus -- >> i'm very proud of him because he saved my life. >> a teenage boy being called a hero for saving his father's life during a burglary. the quick thinking outside the san francisco chocolate shop. you're watching "today in the bay." well well well, what have we here?
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a magical place...that's lookin' to get scared! halloween time is back in disneyland
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and disney california adventure parks!... good wednesday morning to you. taking a live look outside at 6:30, walnut creek, good morning
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to you. good morning bay area. thanks for starting your morning with "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get a look at the forecast with kari. >> if you're up early about to get the kids ready for the first day of school we have nice weather in the forecast at least to start, it will be warming up as we go into the afternoon. take a look at this sunrise. it's a beautiful start to this wednesday morning, as you get the kids to school, in everygreen, happy first day of school. we'll see temperatures in the upper 50s as you are headed in, but coming out of school, it will be in the low to mid 80s with our high temperature in the south bay reaching 86. hotter in the east bay valleys reaching into the low 90s today. we'll talk about the weekend coming up, and right now mike, you're tracking a fremont crash. >> looking overall at the speed sensors around the bay, mostly green. build south 808 through hayward out of san lorenzo, new haven school district in the area coming back online. we're worrying about the line
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808 stephenson boulevard a minor crash but stopped traffic to move the vehicle to the shoulder, about extra delay. we'll track that to make sure all the lanes clear on schedule. that's the flowing through fremont. the south bay is going to warn about traffic through the area by san jose state. it starts instruction this week but you got a bigger story there, marcus. >> that's true, mike. words of hate discovered on south bay's biggest college campus. bob redell live at san jose state university with the university's response. bob? >> reporter: marcus, someone posted a flyer here at sjsu that contained language that was "racist and anti-immigrant" according to the university. not sure what the words were written on the flyers, not clear who posted them or where on campus the flyers were posted but the university's president did post a blog that reads in part and i'm quoting here, "sjsu, along with other campuses nationwide, recently discovered flyers and inappropriate items that contained racist and anti-immigrant discriminatory
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content at various campus locations. these items were removed immediately because they violated our time, place and manner regulations." the president went on to write that these are troubling times, given a number of mass shootings and hate crimes taking place nationwide. she also said the campus denounces white supremacists and national hate group, that sjsu prides itself on being one of the most diverse campus communities in america and will soon be setting up spaces on campus for educational discussions about these "challenging issues." reporting live here at san jose state, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. 6:32 right now. we continue to follow a developing story involving an oakland businessman allegedly taking part in one of the biggest immigration scams in california history. a live look at oakland where pete suratos joins us live with the details of the story. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. we're talking about oakland
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businessman tom henderson who is at the center of this immigration scam. it looks like the scam took place over a span of several years. henderson and his two business partners were indicted yesterday by a federal grand jury for allegedly defrauding investors looking to obtain legal residency in the u.s. via the eb5 visa residence program. it grants legal residency to investors depending on jobs created by their investments. however, henderson and his partners allegedly made false representations of the program to tse investors in order to get those investments, defrauding more than 200 foreign investors of more than $110 million, that all taking place between the years of 2011 and 2017. now those funds were allegedly misappropriated and used to purchase commercial properties, including the tribune tower in oakland, that was back in 20 henderson is pleading not guilty to all charges which include wire fraud, conspiracy to commit
6:34 am
wire fraud and making false statements to government agencies. henderson has been released on bond but he'll be back in a federal court in october. we're live here in oakland, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> all right, one we'll continue to follow. thank you, pete. 6:34. a 13-year-old san francisco boy is being credited for his bravery after helping save his father from an attack. this is the video of the family chocolate store xox truffles in north beach, where the shop owner kicked out a man of that store on monday, after he says the man kept threatening other customers. when the owner chased that man into the street, he says that the man then put him in a chokehold. the video shows the teen springing into action and grabbing a bat. >> that's when he grabbed me and started doing a chokehold and very quickly i was running out of oxygen and i was like crying for help. >> makes me feel pretty proud of myself and happy and i also feel like i just did what i thought was right. >> the boy never resorted to
6:35 am
using the bat. police say the attacker ran off, only to return hours later, and that's when police arrested him. new for you this morning, a former el cerrito police officer filing a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit against the department. sarah perez claims her supervisor openly harassed her. she said when she made a complaint with the department about the issue she was put on administrative leave. that suit also claims perez's career in law enforcement has been destroyed. so far the el cerrito police department is not commenting. a follow-up on a controversial naming plan in san francisco. opponents vow to keep fighting despite the decision to name muni's new chinatown subway station after one-time political heavyweight rose pak. protesters gathered to oppose the plan yesterday on the steps of city hall but mta board members narrowly approved it following hours of debate. official name will be chinatown rose pak station. supporters remember her as a ground-breaking community organizer who loved chinatown.
6:36 am
opponents say she used intimidation tactics on those who did not agree with her. happening today, another key step in the presidio tunnel tops project taking shape in san francisco. animated video showing the long-term plan to create a 14-acre park above the new tunnel connecting crissy field and the main post. today huge amounts of soil will be delivered, that means a lot of dump trucks filled with soil passing through the area for the foreseeable future. the tunnel tops project is supposed to wrap up in 2021, eight years after it began. so we have trucks on the roadways, mike. >> watch out for the dump trucks and the dust. you'll probably have to wash the car. looking at the rest of the bay it's pretty clean as far as the commute goes. we have one crash i'm concerned about this one, west highway 4, san marcos. we see more slowing over the last couple of minutes and a motorcycle is involved. the rider reportedly down but conscious, that's the report that's coming in. chp is heading out there.
6:37 am
we will track that in bay point. also the bay bridge toll plaza there's a backup there and there may be slow metering lights over the next few because west 80 at fremont that's in to san francisco reports of a fender bender there as well. waiting for more detail. we know this crash has cleared all lanes now south 880, recovery as that build starts to form, we should see over the next few, an easier drive south 880 past staephenson. >> thanks, mike. here we go headed to the weekend, hump day. >> it's nice, come back to work on a wednesday. it's like all right, all downhill from here. it's going to be a great weekend with some slightly hotter temperatures for the inland areas, but nothing we hadn't seen before, some inland valley temperatures reaching the 90s. the bay up to 84 and the coast right around 72 degrees. we're going to be just slightly hotter in the valleys on sunday, reaching into the mid-90s with sunshine. so if you're planning to go out to silicon valley pride this
6:38 am
weekend, saturday we've got the festivities going on all day, and sunday will be the parade, but our saturday forecast looks like we'll reach 92 degrees and you may bump up the temperatures a couple more degrees for everything going on, on sunday. if you're planning to go to the sierra this weekend looks good with highs on friday squaw valley up to 74. 80 degrees on saturday and sunday, but we're going to keep it cool here in half moon bay, at times some fog rolling by. we're only reaching 67 degrees on saturday there, and 68 degrees on sunday. napa valley has hotter temperatures reaching into the mid 80s on friday. saturday 88 degrees, and 92 degrees on sunday. let me know what you're doing, what's going on. i've got a couple of messages of people giving me updates on events happening this weekend, and i love that. i'm @karihallweather on facebook, twitter and instagram. i'll talk about the temperature trend for the east bay coming up
6:39 am
in a few minutes. coming up next on "today in the bay," a soccer star takes the football field showing the boys how it's done. see the video going viral this morning. and more local news, this morning we know what spontaneously combusted starting a junkyard fire that sparked health concerns in the north bay. but first -- >> we would have been dead for sure. there she goes. >> the entire country is talking about this plane crash near half moon bay. the dramatic events all caught on camera, as the pilot, his friend and the coast guard talk about the rescue. we have breaking news on a major decision on immigration, and president trump accuses some american jews of disloyalty. we'll look at that when "today in the bay" continues.
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right now at 6:42, and a clear start. here say live look outside in fremont. we have our temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s this morning. we'll be at 68 degrees at 10:00. at noon 77. take that lunch outside before it warms up. we'll talk about that, some hotter weather for the end of the week, and i'll let you know if it cools off n less th, in l five minutes. the richmond-san rafael bridge moves steadily across the north bay. the east shore freeway we are over a half hour from highway 4 to the backup and the metering lights at the bay bridge.
6:43 am
>> thanks somp, kari and mike. 6:42. back to our top story a crash landing into the waters off of half moon bay. this is video of the surviving pilot. he actually shot the video himself. everyone lived, thankfully. all thanks to a friend from above and help with the coast guard. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is joining us with their story, plus what that pilot was saying as the plane crashed. kris? >> good morning to you. not only did the two people survive this crash landing into the pacific ocean, they were in that cold pacific water for about a half hour, they were getting stung by jellyfish at the same time. that plane and another were midair for a photo shoot when one plane lost power about eight miles off the coast of half moon bay. david lesch the pilot what crash landed called in a may day while the other pilot kept rolling and circling that crash site in order to keep sight of them and not knowing whether lesch and his passenger were okay.
6:44 am
turns out they were fine and they were documenting what was happening to them on a waterproof phone which was way to the relief of the pilot, who watched it all go down. >> we're floating around now in the [ muted ] pacific ocean. i'm holding onto my window shade as a floatation device. [ laughter ] >> i'm on the seat cushion. >> we have a seat cushion here. water is a little cold. >> your heart sinks when you hear may day, i have no power. it's something you never want to hear and it takes a second to kick in. >> reporter: and he calls you ten minutes on the phone later. >> hearing that was such a relief. i've never been so relieved to hear him on the phone. >> you heard the passenger's nervous laughter in that video there. their luck continued from that point as the coast guard was able to get to them quickly, because they were on a training mission nearby. lesch says without that coast guard rescue so fast, he is sure that they both would have died in that situation. at this point, we're not sure why the plane went down but of course the ntsb and the faa are
6:45 am
investigating but those people are just incredibly lucky. >> i know, completely. it's fascinating to see it, too. >> right. >> thanks, kris. new details firefighters know what sparked a junkyard fire in the north bay that iginterestered a she. triggered a shelter in place. the fire sent thick plumes of black smoke into the sky. this is near scenic avenue. it turns out oily rags spontaneously combusted. in their announcement firefighters reminded people to store and dispose of oily rags properly along with any combustible materials. >> quarter to 7:00 now. parents and activists are leading the charge for new restrictions on ecigarettes and the makers like san francisco's juul. protesters gathered outside of juul's new york headquarters yesterday, it comes after a new class action lawsuit involving juul and phillip morris. the suit claims those companies marketed to teens despite knowing about growing health risk. some activists are stopping
6:46 am
short of calling for a complete ban. >> no one wants to ban these products because there's no reason that adults should not have access to them, but remember, we're talking about the most serious adolescent public health crisis that the country has faced for decades and that's why it's important to take conclusive action to protect kids. >> the cdc is investigating cases of severe lung illness to determine if they're tied to vaping. you can hear more about the claims on the "today" show, after "today in the bay" at 7:00 a.m. a new $50 million pledge from governor newsom will help ensure california is ready when it comes to wildfires. the name of the campaign is called listos california, spanish for ready california. we learned it includes $50 million in grants to boost preparedness. that will keep, that's to keep future disasters such as the butte county fire from happening again.
6:47 am
most of the money is going into efforts to boost protections in the most high-risk areas. breaking news the trump administration is lifting the limit how long it can detain migrant families. the white house adds this change will allow migrant children will be held in long-term detention with their parents rather than releasing them. the new rule may be in defiance of a 2015 federal court ruling that limited the time families could be detained to several days. there are several lawsuits expected to be filed over the new rule. the latest news is part of a long list of news out of the white house. >> scott mcgrew, give us the rest of it. >> i will, good morning to you. president trump canceled a trip to denmark because denmark won't sell him greenland. he wants russia readmitted to the g7. he's backed down on universal background checks and he says some american jews are disloyal if they don't vote the right bay. let's start with that issue this morning, specifically the president said jews who vote for democrats, which is a good portion, are either uninformed or disloyal. here is the president.
6:48 am
>> i think any jewish people that vote for a democrat, i think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty, all right? >> that statement was condemned by all kinds of groups, jewish and gentile. accusing jewish people of being disloyal to the country they live in is a old and cruel trope. about an hour ago he tweeted a quote from someone else describing or comparing trump to the king of israel. they love him like the second coming of god, the quote said. as for denmark, president trump tweeted he would delay a trip to denmark prescheduled because denmark wouldn't sell him greenland. here's video of danish troops in afghanistan, where they suffer far more than slings and arrows. denmark is our nato ally, so it joined us in the fight in afghanistan following 9/11, still fights alongside us against isis as part of "operation inherent resolve." it would appear but we're not certain that president trump backed away from universal
6:49 am
background checks following mass shootings in gilroy, el paso and dayton. but here he is a few days ago saying he's in favor of the checks. he's in front of a helicopter, may be hard to hear but what he says is, i do want background checks. >> i am convinced if mitch wants to do something, i've spoke on it mitch mcconnell. he's a good man. he wants to do something. he wants to do it, i think very strongly, he wants to do background checks and i do, too. >> on the calendar that was here, strongly wants back ground economics. now we're here august 21st on a wednesday. other news president trump says russia should be readmitted to the g7. he says president obama kicked russia out because putin "outsmarted him." russia was actually kicked out because it invaded crimea. we'll talk about the payroll tax cut that president trump wants as well, we'll do that on twitter. >> thanks, scott. philadelphia eagles might
6:50 am
have a backup kicker waiting in the wings. two-time world cup soccer champion carli lloyd made it to the team's practice and did more than just watch. after practice, she lined up for some field goals. not bad. video on her twitter account of her connecting from 55 yards out. now some nfl fans are throwing shade to the chicago bears suggesting they should sign her after last year's kicking debacle. >> the field goal uprights are closer together than on regulation nfl field. >> so even harder. >> a better job. >> there you go. >> girl power! >> there you go. keep the girl power going. meteorologist kari hall is powering us through the day with the forecast. >> yes. it looks pretty good today, just slightly shhotter. you step out the door and it feels nice and cool. let's get a look at our cool shot over dublin right now as the sun comes up, looking a little hazy, but we are going to see some mostly sunny skies. happy first day of school, as
6:51 am
you get ready to head out this morning in san lorenzo. you're going to see temperatures at about 59 degrees, if you're walking to school, 61 at 8:00, and then leading into some low 70s by noon, as you're heading back to pick them up from school, the mid-70s there with a lot of sunshine. we're headed up to 86 today in san jose. evergreen also first day of school, and in livermore, we're going to see the high of 91 degrees. now, we'll be slightly hotter in some of these inland areas, compared to yesterday, with half moon bay staying cool at 68, and 73 today in san francisco. look at this beautiful sunrise over the south bay, if you're seeing that, your view out the window this morning, you're going to still need a jacket, but the rest of the day you'll be comfortable with something lightweight and kind of flowy today, maybe a dress. we're going to see also some rain moving across the pacific northwest, but that's going to stay well away from the bay area. the high pressure blocks it and steers it to the north. for us, that heats up our
6:52 am
temperatures. we won't see as much of a breeze coming inland. as we go toward the end of the week, it just gets hotter, as that high pressure moves closer, but there will be at times still some coastal fog moving in, so that's going to keep our coastal areas cool, while the valleys reach into the 90s. that high pressure is just going to sit there for a while, so we're still going to have more hot weather in the valleys, in through early next week. san francisco reaching into the 70s and at times a little bit more sunshine than others. mike, you're updating two crashes now. >> i may update it to three. we'll see how things go. northbound 101 on the peninsula, we are showing a slower drive coming out of the south bay. the south bay in general your northbound push kicks in for san jose. remember san jose state construction starts today. he'll see traffic in the exits seventh and tenth off of 280. northbound 101 we see slowing headed up around san antonio. just north of ringsdorf we have a crash in the middle of the
6:53 am
freeway. a lot of focus flowing over the last ten minutes from 85 and there's moffett field reference there. over here the southbound direction of 880 i'll say this crash is cleared to the shoulder, maybe a distraction but recovery into fremont and slowing out of union city. as the traffic builds that portion in san lorenzo, san leandro and 880. the walnut creek interchange holds steady but some traffic is held up over here for west highway 4, where we had the motorcycle down. i heard no major injuries but we heard the rider was on the ground and that the fast lane is blocked by crews there. the good news is crews are there lending help. we look toward the bay bridge where the left approach was clear for a few minutes but now we're starting to see that buildup once again and definitely slow off the berkeley curve for westbound 80, and again the south bay here is north 101 picking up with volume from the south. laura? >> thanks so much, mike. 6:53. happening now, wildfires raging in the amazon rain forest
6:54 am
hit a record number this year. large portions of brazil are covered in thick smoke. in total, brazil's space research center has detected over 72,000 fires so far. the agency says the surge marks an 83% increase. and next a quick look at top stories here on "today in the bay," including changes to youtube relating to kids. the type of ads the company will reportedly no longer run on certain videos. then for you at 7:00, what police are doing to stopass shootings before they happen, coming up on the "today" show. we're back in two minutes with more local news for you. you're watching "today in the bay." before you head out the do
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
here are the top stories on today welcome back on this wednesday morning. before you head out the door here are the top stories we're covering on "today in the bay." >> san jose may be poised to the first city anywhere to introduce a new kind of gun requirement that is given a lot of national attention. mayor sam liccardo wants to require gun owners to buy insurance. a city committee will take up the proposal this afternoon. if passed it would require gun owners to carry liability insurance for every firearm they own. it would cover accidental discharges, as well as any type of damage done by someone if their gun is stolen. the proposal comes following the mass shooting in gilroy. two of the people killed were from san jose. happening today, deliberations resume with a rebooted jury in the ghost ship
6:58 am
warehouse fire trial but now it appears more potential delays may be on the horizon. the judge hinted that some jurors made travel plans next month, one requesting four weeks off. this after the judge on monday dismissed three jurors for violating court orders, leaving one alternate, and there's a chance two of them could be held in contempt of court, which may include fines or jail time. new for you this morning, youtube is reportedly finalizing plans to eliminate targeted ads on its main site for videos that kids are likely to watch. this would be a move to please the federal trade comission which has examined whether youtube violated the children's online privacy protection act by collecting data and failing to protect young users. this weekend is silicon valley pride parade and festival. this morning the pride flag is flying over san jose and for the first time ever, the bisexual flag is also raised at city hall. that's the blue and red flag on
6:59 am
the right you see there. festivities starting on saturday at cesar chavez park. the annual parade through downtown is sunday. let's get a forecast before we bid adieu. >> it will be hot in areas today inland reaching into the 90s. we have a nice break here but it's about to come to an end and we'll see a prolonged stretch of hot weather with low to mid-90s into the beginning of next week. san francisco a lot of 70s there from today through at least next tuesday. >> looks good. we have more problems headed through mountain view? >> a cratch we've been talking about. things look great near palo alto coming out of mountain view, north 101 is jamming up toward san antonio, a crash blocks the three left lanes hopefully for a short period of time, but no major injuries are reported. this will have a major impact on the south bay commute though. >> we'll keep tabs on that and be back with a local news update
7:00 am
about 7:ta and every half hour after that. >> don't forget now we're jumping on facebook for after the show. you don't want to miss that. follow me there and do nbc bay area or follow me, marcus washington nbc bay area. see you then. good morning. on ice. president trump abruptly cancels a state visit to denmark overnight now that greenland isn't for sale. his blunt message to the danish prime minister and her reaction live from the white house. taking no chances. the dramatic moment police arrest a 15-year-old they say threatened to shoot up the school. s mother pleading with officers it was just a joke. >> he's a little boy. he is not one of those crazy people out there doing stuff. >> ahead, why police across the country are aggressively taking on online threats. storm threat. the risk of severe weather in th


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