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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 22, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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aclu. and then "today in the bay" continues right now. good thursday morning to you. we have been on since 4:30 this morning, getting you up-to-date. >> is that when we start? >> where were you? >> that's why i am tired. >> thank you so much for joining us here on "today in the bay," i am marcus washington. >> as you are getting ready and heading out the door, you are feeling more humidity, too. as you are packing lunch for the kids to go to school in pittsburgh, expert low 70s as you head out the door, and mid-70s around recess. 1:00, 90 degrees. it's going to be hot. 95 in ukiah. oakland, 82. 88 in san jose.
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we will get a look at the weekend forecast, and mike will get you out with the morning commute. overall, things look fine, except for the south bay behind me. look over here. we see flashing lights. one vehicle in the center divide, only one, and maybe a stall or i don't know if there was a crash there. i know that backup is caused by this crash here. this crash leaves one vehicle in the middle of the roadway and has been there for about 40 minutes. this big backup is starting at capital expressway. more folks heading up 280 and 87. the tow truck is being escorted by chp trying to get there and they are trying to clear it in the next few minutes. breaking news to tell you about this morning. this is near san jose state university. one man is dead and roads are
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shutdown after a hit-and-run crash. >> today in the bay's kris sanchez just arrived on the scene. >> reporter: the investigators are here and taking measurements and are trying to figure out how this happened and they are trying to figure out who was behind the wheel of this vehicle and left the man for dead on the roadway. we have video from earlier this morning, and this happened around 2:45 this morning near the corner of fourth street and san fernando. if you are familiar with san jose state, you will know this is near the martin luther king jr. library. we have seen road closures and sidewalk closures, and if you are a student at san jose state you might have to reroute this rning give yourself extra time. if you are driving through downtown san jose you will definitely have to reroute as
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san fernando street is closed through fourth street and the next street over. again, the investigators are here on the scene and are taking measurements. we don't know much about this man killed in the hit-and-run crash other than it was an adult male, and we are trying to figure out if this was a student from san jose state or somebody that lived in the downtown area. we will bring you more details. i will be in touch with mike inouye with the traffic closures so you can get a live report. >> thank you. 6:03 for you you right now. new for you this morning, bart's idea to ban panhandling not only on bart trains but in bart stations, and not everybody is onboard with this and some feel that idea may never leave the station. pete joins us with what a lot of people are talking about.
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>> reporter: yeah, one bart official is proposing the potential panhandling ban and other bart officials are not onboard with this idea, but this idea is being proposed to ban panhandling and busting. bust something when individuals are playing music for money on trains and stations, and probably folks have seen that when they are riding bart. the director said she felt inspir inspired to propose the ban because of some of the riders that can't get away from it. and some say it's like banning free speech, and the aclu did not say they would specifically file a suit but said they would have problems. here's what bart riders are saying this morning about this idea.
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>> your heart goes out to these people if they are truly in need. >> i would like to see a different -- something else done. >> for the riders it would be good, especially in the rush hour. but there's no room to panhandle in the rush hours any way. >> sometimes dance ing and performing on the bart, it's not too much crowd, it okay, but with the crowd we have to move all around. >> reporter: according to bart's most recently quarterly performance report, riders are saying stations are getting cleaner when it comes to restrooms and platforms. no official vote has been scheduled for the ban. it's 6:05 right now. house speaker phronancy pelosi taking sides in the debate on
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regular to ban or regulate e-cigarettes, and her position is what one crowd of high-profile democrats wanted to hear yesterday. juul has spent millions on proposition c, and pelosi said people should not allow special interest packing for the prop to addict our children to nicotine. >> 150 people nationwide have reported vaping-related lung issues. and then the jury in the ghost ship trial taking a hiatus. the break that begins today was preplanned. deliberations will resume september 3rd. today students in one north bay district will collectively turn the page. that's because classes begin at
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the newly named school district. this is due to the obvious confederacy ties. the district's only elementary school also changed its name from dixie elementary to lucas valley elementary. deputies in contra costa county has a new office building. the redwood city council approved the sheriff's office on move into the building on brentwood boulevard. the county paid for the construction. 23 deputies will be working out of the station. and then san jose city leaders voted earlier this year to approve an 11-acre land sale to the tech giant, and neighborhood activist are against the plan saying they are worried low income residents will be forced out.
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tonight's meeting is at 6:00 at san jose city hall. several cities and counties across the state have decided to stop using roundup, the weed killer, and that includes oakland as well as others. the maker of roundup has denied the accusations it could cause cancer, but they have also lost several costly lawsuits. and then sonoma county and its work to rebuild after destructive wine country fires. milk is also a top producer in that county, and several of the farmers producing products did suffer damage in the 2017 wildfires but have since recovered. we want to get a look at the
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forecast for today. expecting a warm one, kari? >> yeah, and it's humid as you head out the door. 65 degrees already in santa rosa. 70 in san jose. these are the current temperatures. 71 in brentwood and probably not a good hair day either. if you want to head out for a workout in concord, try to get out there early. you are going to sweat easily because it's so muggy outside. as we go through the day, the air dries out. heading up to 93 for the high today. livermore will see a high of 94. some of our inland areas slightly hotter than yesterday with san jose reaching 88, and 74 today in san francisco. mike, you are tracking two problems for the south bay. >> i am, kari. the bay bridge toll plaza has metering lights on and it's a light build for the bay.
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101 is jammed through san jose starting around capital expressway where we expect to see folks tapping the brakes, and they are, and it just gets worse and worse. we are still waiting for a tow truck to clear one vehicle, and no major injuries just delays. be careful, kris sanchez just reported, there's a parameter for a deay hit-and-run crash on the western side of the campus. we will continue to track that. remember, a lot of pedestrians hit the area yesterday because school started, and expect the same this morning. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:10 right now. >> ready for cuteness overload for you. next, meet the baby sea lions becoming a major attraction.
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i am not sure i can top that. we will take a look at the new iphones due out next month. we will take a look at that and at those cute little babies next on "today in the bay."
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it is 6:13. let's get a look out the window. in walnut creek it's a beautiful sunrise with a few clouds moving by, but overall it feels very
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humid and warm with temperatures in the upper 60s and heading into the low 90s by early this afternoon. we do have more hot weather in that forecast. we will take a look at that and the fog near the coast coming up in less than five minutes. while we have all the drama in the south bay with the jam and the crash, we are looking over here towards the bay bridge toll plaza, the backup is there and drive times are not so bad but the build is up for the freeway. happy thursday as well. i want you to look at these numbers from target. they kind of look like a typo. target stock is up 20% here. the retailer says sales are strong and the online and the curbside stuff is really working out. target may be the only store to compete with amazon. san francisco's spunk says it's buying a company for $1 billion. wall street looking over the most recent fed meeting showing
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the fed's recent rate cut was probably a one-time thing. this make the speech tomorrow that much more important. and then the labor department, some of the jobs numbers we report to you on the first friday of every month, some of the numbers, they say, are too high and resized downward. revisions are very normal, and they happen every month and this month there was a basket of revisions. the labor department says there was about half a million fewer jobs created than everybody thought. president trump tweeting his anger over ford and california. looks like the white house will lose the battle to lower emission standards in cars. california can set its own standards, and california and a number of other states want to
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keep the emissions where they are for their states. that means car companies can create two sets of cars, one for one set of states and the other car for the others. president trump calls the car executives foolish and said henry ford is rolling over in his grave. the state of california is pouring all kinds of resources in this fight against the white house. the white house has one very bright single staffer working alone on this who inherited the job when his predecessors moved on. bloomberg says the next iphone
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will have three lenses on the back, and you can charge ipods using your phone's battery. and the video camera is said to be as good as professional cameras. it's an enormous television camera, and it would be an iphone on a selfie stick. >> you can report from anywhere now. i got a phone call yesterday from the cell phone representative, saying want to bring in your own phone? >> yeah, the iphone 10 is old news. >> i just got it. >> christmas is coming, too. a new video to show you. talk about a cute colony. this is what you may want to call one group of sea lions laying low on the lined. this is in china, and after more than a month the pups are trying
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their fins at swimming in the more shallow areas of the pool's inclosure, and they are doing what they do best, laying low. it's going to be a good day to go swimming or head to the pier, and maybe we can check out our own baby seals around here. we are starting out with fog. you can barely see anything as you cross the golden gate bridge. we will have to deal with this for a couple more hours but it will clear out quickly. the inland areas are heating up. we are already feeling humidity. concord, upper 60s. 86 degrees at noon. it's going to be warming up there. it's the second day of school in the san jose evergreen school
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district. it will be warmer this morning compared to yesterday. we are at 72 at 10:00. they will see those temperatures in the mid-80s by early afternoon, so warming up as we reach near 88 degrees today in downtown san jose. morgan hill up to 93. also 93 in concord. clear lake and santa rosa, we're looking at a high of 92. san francisco reaching 74. here's what is going on. we still have this weather pattern where we see at times fog at the coast. high pressure building across the southwest that will be on top of the bay area going into the weekend, so not much of a wind and it will compress the marine layer keeping it hot for the inland valleys. look at the numbers. they are not changing even as we go into the beginning of next week, 90s today and then cooler tomorrow, reaching 90 degrees and then the temperatures go right back up, taking on monday
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at 96 degrees, and then coming back down to the upper 80s, and that's still above normal for the middle of next week. while san francisco stays in the 70s from now through next wednesday. mike, you are taking us back to look at san jose. yeah, the first crash just got cleared from the chp report, and that's good news, northbound 101 just shy of oakland road. behind me you will notice the traffic is jammed up here and not here, because right behind me, chp activity there, this is the disabled vehicle or the crash we saw earlier. one vehicle was left in the center divide and i think there was a second vehicle involved and we will let them sort out details. and meanwhile you have activity and the fast lane is blocked so there's a bottleneck at 680. 880 southbound, around oakland road, another crash as well. all the brake lights and folks scrambling around. things will be disrupted here from northbound 101 at capital
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expressway. the good news is, with this clearing we should see some recovery here in time for all the traffic to take 280. and yesterday and today, lots of traffic he. and then the closure will be closed until 9:00 this morning because they are investigating the deadly hit-and-run just off san jose state campus. and then no problems getting towards the bay bridge, just a few more folks and metering lights are on. we are still sharing your kids back to school photos. >> richie in third and mark in tpo fourth year, and that's in the oak grove school district in san jose. follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter.
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we want to have your photos as well so we can share and get your kids off to a great start to their day. it's back to school for a lot of kids. her lease contract lists a charge of $300, so what happens when the dealer charges almost $700. she calls us. that's next.
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welcome back.
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6:24 for you right now. nbc bay area responds to a couple's car trouble. >> they thought they were being over charged on a lease, so they turned to chris chmura' team. >> they leased a 2017 rogue like that one right there and they did that lease for two years and at the end of the summer they wanted to by the rogue. the way they ad their contract, there would be a $300 purchase option fee, but they say that's not what nissan sunnyvale quoted. >> they wanted to charge me $695 in additional fees that were nowhere on the lease or in writing. after talking to teshe sal guy and the sales manager we took our issue to you guys. >> we took a look at the lease ant a did not see the fees either so we contacted nissan sunnyvale and nissan corporate and they did not get back to us, but roberta said she got a call from the dealer
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letting her know the $695 fees were history. vehicle leases look complicated and they are super long to begin with but they are not terribly complicated. if you and a patient sales person dissects the contract line by line, there should be no surprises. a link on our website,, or call us 888-996-tips. a deadly hit-and-run crash in the south bay overnight. we're live asking police for updates on that investigation. the race for the white house comes to the bay area with one very notable exception. the top issue up for discussion today. first, more attacks in san francisco's embarcadero.
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the move the mayor is making as the debate over a controversial homeless shelter heats up again. a community on edge as the search for a contra costa county woman continues. you are watching "today in the bay." well well well, what have we here?
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a magical place...that's lookin' to get scared! halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!... look outside this time from dublin. things are heating up inland. we will check the forecast in
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just a few minutes, but first thank you for joining us, i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. let's head over to kari hall with a look at the forecast today. >> feels humid as you get ready to head out the door. here's a live look in san jose with temperatures in the low 70s. campbell will be in the lower 60s through 9:00 and then will see the temperatures rise as skies stay partly cloudy and clearing by early afternoon with mid-80s at 2:00 today. we will see downtown san jose reach 88 degrees, and 94 in livermore. antioch, 95. napa todayaching the upper 80s. it gets even hotter going into the end of the weekend. mike, you are looking at flashing lights in san jose. >> i am. and i am not the only one. we only have one set, and as we were talking, we had two sets,
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the fast lane was blocked north of 680. stay over to the right, and the other lanes has plenty of capacity. 101 was jammed up just before capital, and clearing by 680. we have had a couple crashes in the area including 880 at 101. if you are headed to san jose state, hangout because we have an issue that would affect your drive on city streets, and 680 there's another crash that could be in lanes and we are checking that out in sunol. the breaking news we are following in downtown san jose, one man is dead after a hit-and-run crash. this is near san jose state university. >> kris sanchez is live at the scene. anything knew since we spoke to you about 30 minutes ago? >> reporter: well, yeah, the coroner's office just arrived here to take that man's body away. he has not been identified. we don't know anything about who that man is who was hit and left here for dead on san fernando
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near downtown. you can see the video behind me, there are folks still arriving and investigators have been taking measurements all morning long, and the incident happened around 2:45 this morning, and it was near san jose state campus just around the martin luther king jr. library. mike pensionmentioned there is o be a traffic impact, and there will be street closures until 8:00 this morning as the investigation continues. police say they don't know who might have been behind the wheel or what kind of vehicle, but as soon as they give us a description, if they are able to pull information from cameras in the area and perhaps come up with a detailed description that could be helpful, we will pass that along to you.
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traffic will be impacted until 8:00, and it's impacting not only drivers but pedestrians were also turned back, and we will keep you up-to-date here and on social media platforms as well. >> thank you. after a violent attack outside of a san francisco condo, all of it right here caught on camera. this morning we are learning about more changes. two new attacks in that same area, all on the waterfront in the embarcadero, along this area here. the mayor making changes. bob redell is joining us live to tell us what the changes are. >> reporter: san francisco police, frankly what they are going to do is going to boost their social services in san francisco and do more outreach since one of the attacks involved a transient. here's that attack in question. this is surveillance video from a couple weekends ago of a
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transient attacking a woman outside her condo off the embarcadero in san francisco. this story went viral after the judge released the man out into the public without a monitoring device. but now the man is in jail. "the chronicle" reports there were two more attacks along the city's northern waterfront which prompted city leaders to meet yesterday to come up with a plan to secure the area. officers will increase foot patrols, that will be indefinite, and social services will try and reach out to people on the streets and do a better effort especially for those that are mentally ill and/or addicted to drugs. now moving on to decision 2020. today the democratic national committee summer meeting gets under way in san francisco. 12 candidates vying for the presidential nomination are expected to speak tomorrow, but
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there are also notable absences. one item on the agenda today, party leaders considering a plan to hold a future debate focused solely on climate change. two such presidential forums are scheduled for next month, and some activist would like to see a party-sanctioned debate. >> climate change has been slow to evolve because it's hard to see. we don't look out one day and say, oh, my gosh, here's the ocean. theless, people more and more are realizinghi has to be done and now it's a question of what? how far? to what extend? >> joe biden will not attend the meeting and it's said that his absence is intentional. >> remember, when you are the top gun, so to speak, you have a different set of eyes, and you are looking at this differently and your strategy is different than all those trying to catch up. >> biden along with other
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candidates not attending will instead send in prerecorded videos. a woman was last scene outside her home on tuesday night, andeputies believed she went outside to water a plant but never returned. investigators searched the waterway behind her home which had neighbors fearing the worst. >> the neighbor on the other side saw her on the dock cleaning spider webs off the boat cover, and my heart sank because she can't swim. >> police say she was wearing a green tank top. it's 6:36 right now. faa investigators today will have their hands full with two new northern california crash investigations, one involved a single-engine plane in livermore yesterday, and the other involving a twin engine jet that
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bursts into flames shortly after. if you have not seen the videoet it's amazing nobody was hurt in that crash. there were ten people onboard. it happened at the orville airport when the pilot tried to abort the takeoff and then fire engulfed the plane and, as you can imagine, it left people nearby stunned. >> i came out and saw black smoke filling the sky. there was a lot of concern. >> the plane was headed to portland and so far we don't know why the pilot had to abort takeoff. it's been called the great pay, and there's a plan to help 100 miles of oakland city streets be paved. it's expected to take three years and cost $100 million. they adopted the plan in may. here's a live look at the roads.
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you can see cars packed on the richmond bridge, bay bridge, san mateo bridge, highway 101. we are seeing lights there as well. across america, average commuting time is going longer and getting more frustrating. here's one los angeles driver. >> i feel like it has gotten a lot worse. yeah. i always have to leave, like, an hour early to get anywhere. i am not able to really do more with my mornings. i would like to workout and do other things, but i have to make sure i'm on time to work. ? >> tom costello on the "today" show counts down the five worse cities to commute in. guess what? we are on the list. >> we won't call that breaking news. >> you ask somebody, what is the worst commute in the bay area, and people would say, mine.
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a big backup on northbound 101. chp is on the southbound side or the opposite side, the north side of 280 right here is where we had the crash, and still activity but a couple vehicles have been cleared from that stretch. 280 northbound picking up some of the slack. north 87 and north 880, a couple slow spots as well. a crash is blocking the hov lane, and that's a distraction, and any distraction through sunol and pleasanton was 680 to slow down. the rest of the bay actually not surprising. there's a bay bridge toll plaza backup because the metering lights are on. on the weekends, the lights
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go off and the heat will be on. it will heat up for some of the inland areas. the bay will be at 84, and the coast reaching the low 70s. as you make plans, it will be slightly hotter on sunday but we are still going to have a nice wide range in temperatures from the coast to the valleys. if you are headed to martinez on saturday, it will be 79 degrees early and then reaching the upper 80s. we have the palo alto festival of the arts happening and it's going to be warm there, especially with all the sunshine. the earlier the better. at 10:00 it will be 71 degrees. yosmite this weekend will be warm for the day hikes reaching into the low 80s. up to 81 tomorrow as well as saturday, and 84 degrees on sunday. then for santa cruz, we are going to have nice weather there. mostly sunny skies, and saturday
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reaching 75 and 79 degrees on sunday. if you are going to l.a. we have mid to upper 70s there all throughout the weekend. let me know what is going on. i am @karihallweather on facebook and instagram. next, news coming in of a woman set on fire in contra costa county. a serial arsonist is on the run. first -- >> house speaker nancy pelosi backing opponents of juul. the votes she is trying to influence in san francisco as concerns about e-cigarettes grow nationwide. the clairefareful cleaning instructions apple is providing for its credit card. people are thinking, where should i keep this thing? and allies have agreed not
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to agree. i will tell you about that, and dow industrials gaining 174 points. you are watching "today in the bay."
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good thursday morning. right now at 6:44, let's head outside to fremont. a live look there and it's starting out humid and warm. a few clouds will roll by and we will see those clouds through about noon and clear out with temperatures in the mid-80s at 1:00. we will have warmer temperatures
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inland. i will show you that and a look ahead to the weekend in less than five minutes. look at the top of your screen. a warning issued around san jose because of the deadly hit-and-run crash investigation. streets are closed by the library on the edge of san jose state campus. new for you this morning, a new warning going out to people in two contra costa county cities. this is after a series of arsons. one of the fires was set to a car while a woman was sleeping inside. police in el cerrito said that woman suffered severe burns. several small hours were set in the past 24 hours around el
6:46 am
cerrito and richmond. most were set to shrubs and garbage cans and so far there's no suspect information. nancy pelosi is taking sides in the debate of whether to ban or regulate e-cigarettes, and her position is what one crowd wanted to hear yesterday. san francisco based juul has spent $4 million on prop c. speaker pelosi said we should not back the proposition that is trying to addict our children to cigarettes. >> say no to juul. >> 150 people nationwide have reported vaping-related lung issues. this morning one woman is talking about being too close to a man just shooting shots off that sent people running in san francisco's market street. this was all caught on camera. i want you to take a look at this. as you can see, it's a scary
6:47 am
scene right there. this all happened tuesday, and in the chaos, one person was taken to the hospital and the injuries were not from gunfire. that woman that recorded this video said everybody was caught off guard. >> somebody screaming and i assume it was a gun because of the popping sound, and what i caught on my camera was essentially somebody brandishing a gun. >> during our investigation we located the victim who was injured and he was transported to the hospital for life-threatening injuries. >> so far police have not indicated if they have leads on the man seen firing the shots in the video. 6:47 right now. leaders from the world's top seven economies will meet this weekend in france. >> and scott mcgrew said they will not come to an agreement. >> they have already announced for the first time in history the countries that are going to the g7 will not sign any kind of
6:48 am
joint statement at the end. this is video from last year's g7, and that's when the united states became the very first country in history to refuse to sign on to the joint statement leaving germany, the uk, france, italy japan and canada to do it without us. this year's the summit host, french president, emmanuel macron, said they won't bother with a statement at all. this iconic photograph from last year's summit looked like everybody was tkpwrapbgiganging president trump. russia used to come making it the g8 until russia was kicked out for invading crimea. and the white house is expecting law suits over holding families longer than the law
6:49 am
allows. there are options for those crossing the border, you can let them go while they await their hearing, or detain the parent which is separating then the children, or detain the family together for no more than 20 days. but president trump has a fourth option, detain them indefinitely. that will get the attention of one judge here in california. she did not author the flores agreement but she's the one that said children can't be detained longer than 20 days. here she is talking about her own immigrant father. >> he did not speak english and there were no english as a second language courses in those days. he went to kindergarten at the age of 15 and learned how to speak english by learning nursery songs. >> all kinds of administrations
6:50 am
have had a tough time getting their wishes past judge g. remember, g7 this weekend, and lots happening this weekend. follow men r @scottmcgrew. apple's card has a laser edge and apple says to clean it you should use a soft, slightly damp lint free cloth, and don't put the card in your pocket because that could leave permanent marks. maybe you should just use apple pay. >> where have we started caring about what our credit cards look like? >> that may cause it not to work? who knows? >> there's a lot of reasons why -- >> yeah, that's true.
6:51 am
>> i know i have money in there. >> just use this other one. >> yeah, just tap it and keep it moving. we are coasting into the weekend and starting off with a lot more humidity, hence the big hair today, and the fog we are seeing over san francisco. this view looks amazing, but below that it's misting and drizzling and not all that amazing right now. let's get you out the door for school this morning as you get ready to head out. we are seeing temperatures in the mid-60s, and there's a lot of clouds and as the kids head out to recess they will see the sun peeking through. our high temperatures in the south bay heading up to 88 degrees in san jose. hotter in concord today, reaching 93 and 92 in clear lake as well as santa rosa, and 74 in
6:52 am
san francisco. we still have the same weather pattern set up, and it's going to stay with us over the next few days as high pressure just barely moves as we go into the weekend, but it's also giving us less wind. we are at times seeing coastal fog but it doesn't hang around very long. once that clears out temperatures heat up for the inland areas, and as we go into the weekend it will get hotter. take a look at the numbers. we're up to 93 today in some of the hotter spots. tomorrow, better but then going back up. we are looking at all 90s in the forecast until next wednesday. for san francisco, a lot of 70s as the fog quickly clears and we will get sunshine for the afternoon. the camera operator was moving it around and the view is flipped around 180. before you get too motion sick, it looks like i am running now. we have a smooth drive on the
6:53 am
left side, good stuff. no problems for the east shore freeway, and contra costa county looks great, and there's typical spots for a thursday. 680 may be recovering, but we also see, of course, your slower drive from san leandro into union city, and that's a standard spot. in the south bay, this is where most of the action has been all morning, northbound 101, that crash has one vehicle that still needs to be towed but no lanes blocked. it's your normal commute for 101 once again. 880 jammed up, and there's reports of a crash and perhaps a roadside fire, and that's just north of 101. if there is smoke that will also be a distraction and we are tracking that. on the city streets in the same area where kris sanchez is reporting, a deadly hit-and-run crash near san jose state.
6:54 am
in addition to messing up the traffic flow by the king library, and for folks heading there, allow lots of extra time. the six lines are affected, so prepare for reroutes. that closure we are told will go on possibly until 8:00 a.m. we will track that for you. happening now, new video from brazil showing just one of dozens of wildfires burning in the amazon forest. they have had a record number this year with more than 72,000 fires detected by the space research center. next, a quick look at the top stories we are working on, that breaking news mike was telling you about, that deadly hit-and-run crash in san jose. what we know about that investigation right now, plus -- >> unconstitutional. a step bart might take that has a stern warning from the alcu.
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you are watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. before you head out the door, it's 6:57. >> we are following breaking news in the south bay where there has been a deadly hit-and-run. an investigation is happening near the san jose state campus. this is a live look at the scene. police are still there gathering evidence. this all unfolding at 4th and san fernando.
6:58 am
we are told a man was hit and killed about 2:45 this morning. it's not clear what led up to that crash. bart is floating an idea to ban panhandling on all bart trains and stations. groups like the aclu call it unconstitutional. in an e-mail the aclu said bart would likely have issues with them because it would violate freedom of speech, and there was a recent battle with sacramento over a similar city ordinance last year. so far no vote or ordinance has been scheduled. classes begin at the new mill yo creek elementary school district. for years people wanted to change the name of the dixie school district due to the obvious confederacy ties. let's get a check of the
6:59 am
forecast. we will see a little bit of a warmup today, or is it a lot of it? >> a little bit for the inland areas compared to yesterday. we are feeling humidity as we start out, low clouds and low 90s, and we're going to see a lot more 90s in the forecast. mid-70s in san francisco as the skies clear. we have a camera at emeriville, and there are reports of a roadside fire. low clouds may complicate the view of the smoke which could be a good thing, and traffic not slowing down but it is building, so watch that. 680, vta is impacted by that investigation by san jose state, and i just learned that they have re-opened the roadways, san fernando, fourth, sixth, that whole stretch has re-opened.
7:00 am
there will be activity near san jose state for a few more minutes. we will jump on facebook right now, at least i am, you can follow me, lauragarcianbc. >> we will be back in 25 minutes for more local news. . good morning, miracle in california. a plane flies off a runway, good morning. miracle in california. a plane flies off a runway, bursts into flames and sparks a dangerous wildfire incredibly, everyone on board survived the dramatic images, the stories of escape, and the investigation into what went wrong just ahead. breaking overnight, two soldiers killed during a mission in afghanistan members of an elite special forces unit. we're live with what happened in the deadliest year for americans there in five years. mixed messages from taxing to guns to greenland, the president suddenly shifting positions. plus, the way he's framing his fight with chinahi


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