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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 22, 2019 11:00am-11:29am PDT

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right now at 11:00, another attack in the embarcadero caught on camera. a man punched in the head while in a seemingly unprovoked attack. this comes as residents call for increases in security. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. pete, this new video is really fueling that push against that controversial navigation center in the city. >> yeah, this is new video. i do want to point out this group is trying to get the city of francis not to build the planned homeless navigation center along the waterfront. in that video, you can see a man running along beale street and then in half a block he punches
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someone in the face. this is weeks after yet another incident took place, that one involving a homeless man attacking a woman outside a condo. we know the man in that video has since been identified at 25-year-old austin vincent. a judge did initially release vincent following that incident, but earlier this week he turned himself in for previous crimes he committed over the past few months. the city of san francisco is apparently working to address concerns following these incidents. you have the "san francisco chronicle" reporting that the mayor and other city leaders met just yesterday to come up with a plan to secure that area. they say it will include an increase in foot patrols as well as social services for folks who are mentally ill or addicted to drugs. despite the attacks, crime is apparently going down in san francisco, according to sfpd, they say courtroom has down 14% compared to this time last year. guys? >> thank you, pete. we'll keep talking about
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that one. atigaon is under way. a crash happened around 2:45 this morning near the san jose campus, and we're told man was hit and killed near 4th and san fernando. san fernando was closed for about four hours before it reopened around 7:00 this morning. so far no arrested have been made. new details for a search for a woman who disappeared in east contra costa county. she was last seen tuesday night gardening outside her home. crew his searching theme and investigators have not determined exactly how she died. a new warning po people in two cities after a series of arson. one was set to a car while a woman was sleeping in side. police say someone targeted the car in a barking lot on san pablo avenue. the woman is suffering from
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severe burns. investigators say several fires have been set the last 48 hours, most to shrubs and garbage can. the recent le reshuffled jury in the ghost ship warehouse is now taking a two-week hiatus. the break that begins today was already planned. deliberations will resume september 3rd. this morning one woman is talking about being too close to gunfire that sent people running in san francisco's streets. we're talking about market street. this was all caught on camera. i want you to take a look at this. this all happened tuesday. in the chaos one person was taken to the hospital. however, police say the injuries were not from gunfire. the woman who reported this video says everyone was caught off-guard. >> somebody screaming, and i assume it was a gun because of the popping sounds. what i caught on my camera was
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essential someone brandishing a gun. >> during our investigation, we hospital. so far police have not and was transported to the indicated if they have leads on the man seen shooting in this video. the weather is starting to heat up, as kari told us it would. we are looking live outside at richmond. you can't tell how warm it's going to be, but we can tell you how hot it will be. >> this is mostly for the inland areas. we will still have a cool coast, but the valleys will be where it's going to be hot. with all of that sunshine, more people will be getting up and getting ready to head out for lunch. it's still fairly muggy out there. we have such high humidity this morning, and we were feeling that warm air, as we go into the rest of the day we're reaching into the mid 80s in palo alto, holding steady at about 85 degrees during the mid middle of the day, starting to cool off into the lower 80s. as we go thghclimates and what
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we're in the low 90s from concord to livermore up toward fairfield, then we'll see the temperatures starting to come back down in time for the evening commute. it will be warm and muggy. temperatures in the south bay, as we get closer to sunset will be in the upper 70s while san francisco drops back to the mid 60s. we will see the temperatures coming down a few more degrees tonight, and still pretty high humidity. we'll talk about that and what's ahead for the weekend inned full microclimate forecast. there you have it, the opening bell of the new york stock exchange, where the dow is up 87 points. now we want to go to capitol hill, where president trump is sounding off, offering a series of bankrupt poli-- abrupt polic shifts. hallie jackson r
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hiplh, developing mixed messages on everything from gun toss greenland. >> i have an appetite for background checks. we'll be do you checks. >> reporter: that's where the president says he stands now. just yesterday? a softer tone, more in line with the nra's position. >> we have very, very strong background checks right now. >> reporter: after critics accused the president of capitulating, he seems to be splitting the difference, arguing the background checks in place are good, but could be better. >> we already have strong background checks, but we'll be filling in some of the loop holes as we call them. >> reporter: on the economy, the president has been consistent on one thing, he doesn't see a downturn down the road, but wi solve again possible payroll tax cuts. >> payrollen thinking about them for a long time. i'm not lookinge recent economi warning signs have been trying patly by the trade war with
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china. the president says he has a divine directive. >> something hsomebody had to d it. i am the chosen one. somebody had to do it. i'm taking on china. he's also taking on ally, denmark. remember, the president first insisted making an offer on the danish territory was not a top priority. >> we're look at it, not number one on the burner. >> reporter: but he canceled a state visit after the prime minister scoffed at the suggestion, calling the discussion absurd. >> it w nasty, i thought it was an inappropriate statement. all they had to do is say no, we would rather not do that, or we would rather not talk about it. don't say what an absurd idea that is. to decision 2020getsnder wa but there are also notable expected to ak absences. one item on the agenda that, parties leaders will had a debate solely on climate change.
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two forums are scheduled next month, but some activists would like to see a party-sanctioned debate. new this morning, larry gersten is calling the issue a hot topic. >> something like climate change has been slow to evolve. it's hard to see, we don't look out and said, my gosh, here's the ocean. nonetheless people more and more are realizing something has to be done. now the question isbiden's absence is intentional. >> remember, when you have a top gun, you have a different eyes you are your strategy is different from all those trying to catch up. >> biden, along with all the oft attentioning will present prerecorded messages. today students in one north bay school district are collectively turning the page. that is because classes began at
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the new miller creek -- newly named. this is the former dixie school district, for years people wanted to change the name of the district because of obvious ties to the confederacy. also the elementary school's name was changed. house speaker nancy pelosi is backing opponents of -- the vote she's trying to influence in san francisco as concerns about e-cigarettes increase nationwide. i'm not able to really do more with my morning. >> from bad to worse, still ahead, how the nation's traffic congestion is becoming more of a problem, especially for us here in the bay area.
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well, new at 11:00 jection in time for back to school, there's news about how bad the traffic congestion has gotten. traffic truly is worse than ever. i want you to listen to this stat from texas a&m, the averages commuter wastes 54 hours adding up to more than $1,000 in personal costs, like gas bean. from i-5 here in california to between. a lot of folks are going nowhere fast. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: from coast to coast, bumper to bumper, the nation's traffic congestion just gets worse by the day. >> my energy, my sleep, you know, just a lot.
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i'm not able to to do more. >> reporter: why, you asked? here's the top five list you don't want to be on. the cities with the worst congestion. five, drum-day-old roll please, it's beantown. boston, where commuters spend 80 hours of extra time on jam-packed streets. number four, just down i-95 -- >> no reports of any problems, just a lot of people. >> the big apple. new yorkers lose 92 hours a year going nowhere fast. moving down the coast, the third-worst traffic. >> the damage has been done.ile. >> the nation as capital, will be well know for gridlock of a
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different kind. the folks in washington, maryland and virginia spend 102 hours of quality time wit and f. for the second-worst congestion, we take a slow crawl across the country to -- >> starting toeece again. >> reporter: san francisco, where you can leave your heart 45 gallons and 103 hours each your of your precious time. finally the worst city for concession is the worth-kept secret. los angeles has the worst and it keel getting worse. they spend 119 hour in delays, 119 hours, nearly five days. so back to the question -- what's behind the surge? it's a good economaning that more people are on the roads. that means more aggravation. >> it's getting worse, you know. there's just more and more
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people moving into l.a. i don't see no top to it. if you're thinking it's time to leave the big cities and go small, kokomo, indiana only has eight hours per your, lawton, hours a year. b.a.r.t. is floating an idea to ban panhandling on all bart trains and b.a.r.t. stations, but some people like this idea may not ever leave the station. one felt -- groups like the aclu, though, say this is unconstitutional. in an e-mail, aclu said bought would likely have issue with his them because it would violate freedom of speech. the group even references a
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battle with the city of sacramento over a similar ordinance last year. more details, b.a.r.t. getting better reviews for the according to the quarterly performance report. 6,000 riders were surveyed, with you big improvement spot, the elevators, 58% of the riders said they were good or excellent, up from had 2% last year. passengers also gave higher ratings to the platforms, the rest rooms and escalators. b.a.r.t. says this is the third straight survey in which it's seen improvement. faa investigators today will have their hands full with two new northern california investigations about crashes one involves a single-engine plane in livermore that crashed yet, sending the pilot to the hospital. the other involving a twin-engine jet in butte county that burt into flames. no one was hurt in this crash. there were ten people on board.
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it happened at oroville airport. the pilot tried to abort takeoff and the plane slid past the runway. >> i came out and saw the sky. there was a lot of concern.e ha to portland. so far we don't know why the pilot had to abort takeoff. the pilot of a small plane that crashed off the coast of half moon bay is having to defend himself. because of that video, people are wondering if it was some sort of stunned. the coast guard released its own video. you can see the pilot being pulled up in a basket into the coast guard chopper. crews also pulled the woman plying to him with safety. we showed you this video earlier this week by the pilot from the chilly waters moments after the crash. he owns a colorado outerwear
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company. some argue he does have a history of recklesses lesh says any claims that it was staged is justot true. >> it's out of scope of what an insane human being would do to draw attention to themselves or their company. he speculates bad fuel may have played a role, but faa and ntsb are also investigating. cotati is the latest to ban the use of roundup. several cities have decided to stop using the weedkiller, coalition oakland, this all comes amid st. concerns that the prout may cause canner. the make of roundup hasen but a the debate over whether to bag or regulate e-cigarettes.
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juul has -- house speaker nancy pelosi said that spores should not allow -- for quote, addict our children to cigarettes. >> a snow to juul, no on 6. >> at least 150 people nationwide have reported vaping-related lung issues. one peninsula city is taking an unusual tactic. >> san mateo is spending a half million on converting a former fire station so that officers can sleep will, meaning they don't have to live here to work here. once construction is complete, with two out of three officers living outside san mateo county,
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leaders hope this will keep officers from burning out. some officers tell us cars at the police station or couch surfing with friends because of the fact that they live so far away. the new converted station is set to open in january. we'll knock on the door and take a look when it happens. all right. a lot of people heading out, enjoying the day, thursday, the day before friday. but kari, you've been telling us we'll have to get ready for -- >> have you noticed how humid it is? >> i did! i went outside and my hair went, boop! >> yeah, marcus, i can tell your hair is very frizzy.
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>> a very humid day, and look at this gorgeous shot. you can barely see the top of the golden gate bridge, and we do have the low clouds and the fog rolling across the bay right now. it looks gorgeous, and most of san francisco seeing some sunshine. we're also seeing sun. we've got seeing the sun throughout the past couple hours, but we're also seeing the fog along the coastline, looking from the peninsula and woodside toward the coast. you can see the low fog settling down. if you're goingn concord try to get out there the next hour or so. after that it will just by too lot. we'll be reaching up to 94 degrees at 3:00 to 4:00 today. our south bay high temperature san jose. gill royce 84 degrees, slightly
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hotter than yesterday, about you when you factor in the humidity, it probably feels hotter than that. antioch reaching 95 today. oakland today, going to see a high of 82. half moon bay keeping it cool and foggy, 70 there, 87 in palo alto. for san francisco, we're up to about 70 degrees in the marina district. the mission district up to 75. we'll see a high of 89 in novato game this evening, first pitch to the a's is 6:37. it will be around 73 degrees, cooling off as we go throughout the game. over the next several days we'rg in fact, high pressure making it feel very hot. by the end of the weekend, it just gets hotter. we're celebrating a lot of events this weekend, including the silicon valley pride in san jose. that will be quite hot during the middle of the day. after the parade it's going to be really hot and sunny. we also have the polish street
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festival happening this weekend there in martinez, some very warm weather. the seven-day forecast will come up in a few minutes. >> thanks, dari. coming up, a deep dive with the stunning new video ofhe "titanic" wreckage and how it's changed since we last saw it. first happening now, fox news is hiring sarah sanders. she'll be paid as an on-air contributor for the network. she'll start at fox in september. you might remember that sanders left the white house at the end of june. we'll be back after the break. saved hundreds.
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well, now to a brand-new look at the legendary titanic. >> you'll see the new individual use is more than 12,000 feet down in the atlantic. the "titanic" is starting to crumble because of the saltwater, strong currents and met metal-eating bacteria. they dove down in a specially designed submersible. explorers described the best part of their mission. >> amazing moment came when i was going along the side and the bright lights ofhe submersible the first time when they reflected off a portal and came right back, it was like the ship was winking at me. >> the new video could allow 3-d model to preserve the wreck, and
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tomine how much lounger the wreckage will be arniel. some estimates every complete his disappearing by 2030. no word on whether the diamond necklace was found, but we still think there was room for jack. >> it's going to be hot in the inland areas. not looking forward to it. have a great afternoon. don't forget, laura will be on tonight.
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right we're also going on a mule ride live" saddle up. in mammoth, somewhere over the rainb rainbow. then how to empower girls by embracing their curls. we're rolling out the red carpet for really cute kids,
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strutting that i can back-to-school size. amber is popping up with pizza. >> he i'm at nothing cheesy. >> i'm hanging out at pet pop, with some adorable fur babies. "california live."


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