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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 23, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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wanted to show you the seven-day forecast because we are going to have some hot weather for the weekend, even though it feels a little humid and mild this morning, we are going to be hot this afternoon, and some of our inland temperatures reaching 91 degrees. 90 for tomorrow, and sunday even hotter, reaching the mid-90s, but then we gradually come down next week. san francisco 71 today. more clouds and fog tomorrow. so events going on. that and mike, you're getting us out the door and looks like we've got a couple of minor spots. >> that's right, in fact only one of them is a problem as far as your timing goes right now, and that's up in oakland. you do have slowing through san martin for another 101he earlier crash cleared. everything else looks green except for this one stretch of north 880, jammed from the coliseum up toward fruitvale. the crash reportedly leaves a vehicle in the middle of the roadway but the tow truck has arrived, just like the cavalry, so we hope those lanes will be cleared soon.
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right now, they are not. there is your view, traveling north past the coliseum, if you can take west 580 do so, because that's clear. back to you. >> thanks, mike. new overnight a wild scene along moorpark avenue in san jose. more than half a dozen parked cars damaged. >> witnesses tell us it looked like a truck just plowed right into them. roz plater is on the scene where the wreckage remains and the question is how were more people not heard, roz? >> reporter: we just got an update from police on injuries. i'll tell you about that in a second. first we're told that the person responsible for all this took off running. now take a look here at some of the cars that were damaged still on the scene. you can see this really bad rear end damage to this suv here. let's show you some of the video from the scene just after it happened. all this went down just before 11:00 last night in the 3900 block of moorpark. it appears a truck crashed into a half dozen cars parked along the street. some had extensive damage. one man told us the crash was so
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loud at first he thought the vehicle had struck his apartment building. the truck wound up flipped over completely upside down and witnesses say the driver just took off running. >> the guy ended up getting out of the truck that flipped and took off running. how, i don't know, because it looked like a pretty bad accident. >> reporter: police tell us one person was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, so that is the good news in all of this. of course police are still investigating all of this. we don't know about charges, and we'll give thaw information as we get it. for now we are live in san jose, i'm roz plater for "today in the bay." >> all right, roz, thank you. 6:0 6:02 for you right now. president trump heads to france tonight for this weekend's g7 summit which he says should be g8. russia was kicked out five years ago and president trump wants them back. tracie potts has two personalities to watch out for at this meeting.
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tracie? >> that's right, marcus. president trump and the man in europe that some call the president trump of great britain making his debut at the g7, while president trump suggests maybe vladimir putin the president of russia should be back at the table. 13,000 officers ready for protests at this weekend's g7 uhm isity in southern france, banks and the beach are closed, stores boarded up in case demonstrations turn violent. there's tension between the u.s. and europe on trade, iran, climate change, and president trump's push to reinstate russia. >> if somebody would make that motion, i would certainly be disposed to think about it very favorably. >> reporter: russia was removed in 2014 after invading crimea. >> to invite them back in without condition essentially ratifies that illegal act. >> it makes it look like he owes president putin some kind of favor. >> reporter: europeans aren't crazy about the idea either.
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>> the case has yet to be made out for russia to return to the g7. >> reporter: that's boris johnson, britain's new prime minister. some call him europe's version of trump. >> they would probably gate long like a house on fire, or they will pretend to. >> reporter: the world's seven largest economies are expected to end this meeting without a joint statement for the first time ever. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. and coming up, some of the top democrats running for president are descending upon san francisco. at 6:30, a look at who will show up in person and brand new perspective from our political analyst. new this morning, anti-semitic fliers showing up in the north bay and novato city leaders along with police and school leaders and the community say they are united against hate. residents reported seeing the fliers near storefronts in the downtown area near their safeway store there and at least a dozen were posted on the san marin high school campus.
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earlier a group called the american identity movement posted fliers around san jose state university. the fliers had slogans like nationalism not globalism, and diversity destroys nations. the group is known for trying to recruit young people, but all the fliers were taken down before classes started this week. other racist fliers and stickers were posted at san diego state university. officials say a white nationalist hate group is responsible. new details on a proposed b.a.r.t. station between b.a.r.t.'s fremont and warm springs stations. b.a.r.t. wants to open an irvington station in fremont near osgood road and washington boulevard. b.a.r.t. directors yesterday approved the plan to move forward with the project. construction will not begin before 2023 and it's not expected to be completed until 2026 at the earliest. developing this morning, hawaiian airlines still not saying what caused smoke to fill the cabin of this plane here on your screen that was headed from oakland to hawaii. this is brand new video in to
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our newsroom overnight. when the plane touched down in honolulu, passengers evacuated on the emergency chutes. many say they were terrified, but remained calm. >> we were on the final approach coming in and all of a sudden the cabin just filled up with smoke, so we just all had to kind of go like this to breathe. >> there were 184 people on board. seven passengers, including two children, were taken to hospitals to be treated for smoke inhalation. this morning, claims burning man is deaf to some disabilities. two deaf men are suing the festival saying the event violates the americans with disabilities act by not having sign language interpreters. the two men plan to attend this year but they say that they are asking the court to issue an injunction, ordering burning man to provide interpreters. the suit is also seeking an unspecified amount of money. burning man begins on sunday. 15,000 people are expected to descend onto the south bay this weekend to celebrate the lgbtq community. events for the 44th annual silicon valley pride start
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tomorrow at plaza decesar chavez. the theme this year, diversity and action. organizers say it will be remembered as part of a a '70s themed disco party tomorrow night. >> it's important to know your history. it's also important to know why pride, why we celebrate pride, why pride happens, because it's a rally. >> the pride parade through downtown sunday and will be headlined by singer macy gray, and ru paul's drag race winner evey oddley. for more details for this weekend's event head to our website, the weather should be perfect. you might want to wear sunscreen as you head out there. >> drink lots of water. at least for the parade with it happening earlier in the day it's going to be nice and comfortable. we start out at 76 degrees and then as we go through the day as
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the festivities continue, it heats up. we'll reach 92 on sunday. also pretty warm tomorrow throughout the afternoon. let's get out the door this morning as the sun rises, a live look outside in san jose, headed over to campbell, we will have another day well above normal. we should be up to about 82 degrees but we'll be at 86 degrees at 2:00 today eventually reaching 89. livermore 94, and also 94 in concord today. santa rosa reaching 87 degrees, and 71 in san francisco. a look ahead to the east bay forecast coming up in a few minutes, and mike, you're starting to see some improvement through oakland. >> yeah, i think so. you were talking about the highs for the day i'm looking at high street here, where there was a disabled big rig i thought. chp talked about an argument after a fender bender at 4:15, a verbal altercation, they were yelling at each other. it's cleared in the last few and i've seen traffic start to flow much more smoothly right here up past fruitvale, where the crash there took a while to clear to the shoulder.
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still slow stretch from the coliseum to about 29th. 580 westbound much better but i think you should be okay through oakland in the next 250 0 minut. the rest of the bay a smooth drive. a crash on the peninsula, not a lot of detail but it was reported by one of our teammates so i'll bring that to you coming up. back to you guys. >> thanks, mike. coming up next, my little pony meets peppa pig. the expensive toy deal making headline this is morning. plus -- >> i can't believe it. i want to bring it back and put it back on our mantlepiece. >> all new for you this hour, nasa out of this world gift to the rolling stones, the announcement from iron man and california overnight. i know that sounds crazy to you but i want to you stay tuned because you don't want to miss it. it is 6:09 for you right now. you're watching "today in the bay."
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happy friday. let's get you up and ready for school. 6:12, the pittsburg school day forecast nice walking to school with mid-60s. it will quickly warm up. 78 degrees as the kids head out for recess and throughout the day our temperatures continue to climb into the low 90s later on this afternoon. we'll talk about that. also the weekend forecast, in less than five minutes. and look, how quickly 880 is recovering. traffic north past the coliseum cleared past the crash at 29th.
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more folks expected at the bay bridge toll plaza but it looks like they can handle it. why are those two cars stopped? they're moving again. we'll sort things out there and the approach coming up. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquart headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. stocks look to open up lower after china announced it will levy its own tariffs on u.s. goods. they will go into two phases, one in september and one in december. despite that news, wall street trying to snap a three-week losing streak in what will likely be a busy day with a key speech from fed chairman jay powell when he delivers his remarks on the economy. on today's watch list, the government will release a report on new home sales for july. google is shutting down more than 200 youtube channels relating to the protest in hong kong. the company is saying it found the channels tied to the spread of misinformation in a
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coordinated manner about those protests. this comes just a few days after twitter and facebook announced they would suspend 1,000 accounts linked to a state-backed campaign originating from inside of china. and u.s. toymaker hasbro is making a $4 billion purchase, the company is buying uk-based media company entertainment one. the owner of the popular children's series "peppa the pig." the deal would add to hasbro's toy portfolio, it includes the brands my little pony, transformers and play-doh. transformers is near and dear to me and marcus' hearts. ♪ transformers, robots in disguise ♪ ♪ more than meets the eye >> hey! >> you got to jump in, kris. it would be like this generation of black-eyed peas. >> transformers i stepped on them for my brothers and they sounded like ouch to me. thanks, frank. >> we'll get you some.
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>> my poor feet. trending this morning it's only a rock on mars but they like it. the rolling stones now have their very own rock in space. nasa named a piece of theed planet after the iconic band, but not just any old rock. robert downey jr. helped make this naming announcement last night at the stones concert in pasade padena's rose bowl stadium. >> while landing on the red planet surface, it displaced a rock that rolled a fair distance in view of its onboard cameras. and some scientists at nasa's jet propulsion laboratory in a fit of fandom and clever association put forth why don't we name it rolling stones rock. ♪ he like it >> nasa says the name will appear on the agency's mars map and can it get any more rock 'n'
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roll than that? what i thought about when i saw that, "if they built a city one day on mars." ♪ we beat this city on rolling stones ♪ >> you're mixing. >> copyright. copyright. >> kari, we were having a discussion. you think it's not hot in the studio. i think it's already hot in here and frizzy. >> it's humid indeed. >> it's microclimate different there. >> a microclimate difference in the studio and across the bay area. >> i have a michael climate. >> livermore. woo-wee. i think it's hot. >> settle it. >> we're going to settle it with a look at our nice cool view this morning, and let's head over toward los gatos for our temperature trend this morning, as you get ready to head out. we are going to have a very warm day, at least it starts out nice, with some mid-60s. we're seeing sunshine all throughout the day. at lunch htime it's 85 degrees. get the sandwich and head back
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to the office. 88 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. if you are about to head out the door to diridon station, low 60s to start at 7:00, and then 71 degrees at 9:00. our san jose temperature trend quickly goes up there as well, reaching the upper 80s by early afternoon. let's get a look at all of our microclimates and what to expect today. at 9:00, we're mostly in the 60s and low 70s, but we'll see the temperatures climbing very fast, danville at noon you're at 84 degrees. we're at 77 in napa. novato at 80 degrees but look at some of our inland east bay temperatures reempg the low 90s and starting to come back down. in some spots slightly cooler than yesterday but we'll have a nice breeze picking up this evening. high pressure still right overhead, but as it moves just to our west, the clockwise wind flow around that high pressure brings in some northerly winds. that means it will be dry and our inland areas will continue to heat up. so by sunday, monday we're reaching the peak of those hot temperatures, and then gradually
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coming back down for the middle of next week. but we still have a lot of 90s here and so it's going to be hot in the valleys, reaching 91 today. 90 tomorrow. 96 on sunday. whatever you do, make sure you're staying hydrated. if you're along the coast it's mostly in the upper 60s and low 70s. san francisco today up to 71 degrees. mike, you've got the ipad, you're tracking the commute with waze. >> i do. i want to give credit to one of our team members. so you know what? that's not the top priority. right now what's top priority is the recovery for the nimitz through oakland, much lighter. in the last 15 minutes from backed up to clear as that crash cleared at 29th, another over at high, expecting to see more traffic at the bay bridge but because it's friday, lighter volume, so that has not had a major impact, only in the fastrak lanes as well we see more traffic flow ing and a nic drive, recovering speeds past the coliseum and easy drive east shore freeway. contra costa county a disabled vehicle on the shoulder and bay point a little slowing out of
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pittsburg, over toward concord, nothing dramatic. the rest of the bay moves smoothly, a little slowing shows up at the bottom of your screen, north 101 through capitol expressway and also in san martin, continued slowing toward morgan hill. the peninsula, let's check waze. our team member over there did report a crash south 101 at brisbane coming past candlestick park. we give them a thank you for being a member of our team and also for putting our icon on the map as well. it's nbc bay area wazers, there is the icon you'll get a special bonus free of charge. back to you. >> oh, free of charge, i like that. >> that's my middle name. still ahead for you this morning, a controversial plan to keep troubled kids in class. the bill banning california schools from forcing disruptive students to leave. we'll tell you where it stands. some tech gear that doesn't compute. a shipping company that won't deliver and an auto shop that won't pay for losing a customer's keys. we tackled them all.
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i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds" next. but first, do you join us on instagram? i shared that photo last night, watch laura anchor the 5:00 and 6:00 with news with raj while i was making dinner, after working with her in the morning. she was a busy lady last night. follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram. we'd love to have you in the conversation.
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roxana: our students don't have part-time needs. so they absolutely cannot have part-time solutions. angelia: one of changes that we need is smaller class sizes. rosanne: we need a lot more school nurses, a lot more school counselors. rodney: counselors provide that social, emotional core that's needed. marisa: schools need to be safe places for our children to learn. ever: every student has the right to quality education. no matter what neighborhood you live in. angelia: we are cta. rosanne: we are cta. marisa: we are cta. narrator: because we know quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
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6:22 and happening today, the man accused of killing a bay area native, molly tibbitts in
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iowa is expected in court. the man prosecutors say is the golden state killer won't be back in court until next year. joseph deangelo is charged with 13 counts of murder. police say dna evidence linked deangelo to murders of the golden state killer. those crimes happened in several counties in california between 1975 and 1986. yesterday a judge delayed the case until january of 2020. prosecutors with so much evidence to look through, it could be years before that case is brought to trial. disruptive students might get a break in california. there's a bill that would
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prohibit disobedient children from being expelled and that is a step closer to the governor's desk. starting next year, the bill would prevent kindergarten through middle school students from being suspended for disobedience and prevent students of any grade from being expelled for the same reason. this week it was passed out of the state assembly. if the bill passes in the senate, it will be up to the governor to sign it into law. a follow-up on the fight to keep milpitas theater company performing. center stage has used the city's community center theater for seven years but this summer the city didn't renew their contract. a resolution is now in the works. the city says it's doing a study to see if this is still the kind of entertainment that residents really want to see at their community center. it is possible that the shows will go on until the study is completed. >> this is my second family, so it would be sad to see it go away, but i'm really hoping that these meetings and all these talks with the city are going to help us get there.
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>> the city provides about $75,000 a year to put on productions but the city council will not make a final decision on the contract until october. our response team saved viewers a couple thousand bucks just this week. >> chris chmura is here with a few of the cases where we took action. >> good morning. let's start with tricia in san carlo. she had an ongoing dispute with a tire shop over some lost keys and $1,126 in locksmith fees. well we spoke up and the shop paid up in full. andre in san jose was getting absolutely nowhere with a shipping company. our team delivered and got andre $111 back. finally, soren in san jose as well. he was having trouble with an $80 flash drive. we got him connected to the manufacturer for a replacement, plus some free tech support. kudos to tricia, andre and soren, all submitted their complaints with detailed time lines and paperwork, evidence
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that made their cases stronger. good record-keeping is savvy. we recommend it any time you're spending your hard-earned money. if you're stuck dealing with a company, let us know. or 888-996-tips. have a great weekend. still ahead at 6:30, our first in-depth look at google's plans for the south bay. the new plan we're seeing this morning detailing the company's san jose village. we'll take you through the map. campaigning in the bay area, every single democratic candidate will speak in san francisco today, either in person or via video. and within the last few minutes, another candidate dropped out. we'll tell y who. and wildfire, an update on the flames burning right now in northern california. you are watching "today in the bay."
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visit your local chase branch. right now at 6:30, we are pulling the curtains over the window in san francisco, and we probably should leave them shut because it is fogged in from our san bruno mountain camera, but we see the sun trying to burn through the fog there. when is it going to happen? that's the question. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now let's head over to meteorologist kari hall with a look at what we can expect in the forecast today. >> we're seeing the sunshine over the south bay, as you get ready to head out the door. here say live look with our temperatures now in the mid-60s. it's not as humid as yesterday, but it's still pretty muggy, so
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if you're about to head out the door and get the kids ready for school, campbell second day of school it will be 63 degrees as you're walking to school, but then we'll be at 69 degrees at 9:00. our temperatures in the south bay heat up pretty fast. we'll be at 86 by early afternoon, eventually reaching 89. 94 will be the high in livermore and up to 89 today in napa. we'll look at all of our microclimates coming up. mike, you're seeing some slowing ac ross the san mateo bridge. >> right, it is not a surprise. it's friday and the pattern is you'll start to see more traffic west 92 across the span. you'll see a little traffic below the bridge, too. look at that volume. everybody's still finishing off their work week on schedule. lighter volume around the bay. a little slowing north 101 around capitol expressway, sticking around for about 15, 20 minutes. there is a crash reported around the berkeley curve, i think it's okay, easily manageable. we'll double check on that. meanwhile look at contra costa county, just mild slowing through pittsburg and bay point. no problem for the upper east
6:31 am
shore freeway. this is a great drive. back to you. >> thanks, mike. breaking news for you this morning, conservative billionaire and major republican donor david koch has died. koch was 79 years old. david along with his elder brother charles have been highly influential figures in u.s. politics since the 1980s. koch industries is the second largely privately owned company in the united states. we'll have more on the breaking news as it comes in. in decision 2020 now, the race for the white house converges on the bay area in a big way today. more than a dozen democratic presidential candidates are in san francisco this mor as part of a three-day national party summer convention. >> thom jensen is live near the city with who could expect and the real reason they're all here. thom? >> reporter: and the one big name that we won't see here today you guys is vice president, former vice president joe biden, who is opting to instead focus on the first
6:32 am
primary state instead of coming to california. he's in new hampshire. he's talking a lot about his revamped health care plan, which he says will save consumers money on premiums, deductibles and prescription costs. he'll speak at a forum at dartmouth college this afternoon, hoping to gain an edge in the first primary which is less than six months away. he will be appearing by video conference, so as will beto o'rourke, mayor pete buttigieg, new york mayor bill de blasio, and congresswoman tulsi gabbe e decided to drop out and run for re-election in washington. 13 candidates will be speaking here, 12 we know of for sure today and tomorrow, including senators michael bennet, cory booker, kamala harris, amy klobuchar, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. also attending seth moulton was
6:33 am
scheduled to attend. he's decided to drop out of the race. tim ryan will be here also, former congressman joe sestak, former obama cabinet member julian castro hedge fund manager and balance nair tom steyer and writer marianne williamson along went prenuur andrew yang are also scheduled to attend. nbc area political analyst larry gerston says candidates might be speak being policy this is weekend but also here with dollar signs in their eyes. >> the most important part is california's cash register. they'll meet, have a fund-raiser, or two or three, bring in lots of money and their work will be done. >> reporter: meanwhile the latest national democratic presidential poll shows the former vice president enjoying a big lead with 29% of the likely voters and a jump of nearly seven points since the last major poll.
6:34 am
bernie sanders is at 15%, elizabeth warren close behind at 14%. senator kamala harris is down big since her surge in june when she polled at 17%, now at just 5% this morning, and in a virtual tie with mayor pete buttigieg, followed by beto o'rourke, cory booker and heulian castro. the convention is scheduled through saturday at the hilton union square in san francisco. live in san francisco, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, thom. new this morning, google is unveiling an up close look at its proposed mega campus in downtown san jose. city leaders voted earlier this year to approve that 11-acre land sale to the tech giant and now we know what it might look like. the development is planned for an area near diridon station and the s.a.p. center. if you look at the map it shows us how google is going to use that land, the areas in blue all of these areas here are going to be office buildings, about 10,000 square feet of office space.
6:35 am
the orange areas are also part of the plan. those are housing units. google is planning to have between 3,000 and 5,000 living spaces for employees. and the purple areas represent retail space and also a hotel planned for there as well. the company says it plans to employ about 25,000 people at that new site. however neighborhood activists are against the plan saying they're worried low-income residents might be forced out. some moments of terror for kids and parents during what had been a routine youth football practice in hayward. >> there was a shooting at my son's football practice just now. >> cell phone video taken by a mother, seconds after shots were fired yesterday. it happened at sorendale park behind tennison high school. a 17-year-old was hit by the gunfire. he is expected to survive but one parent says three pop warner teams were practicing along with the cheer squad. >> we heard a gunshot and we looked, girls were screaming. >> we were practicing and
6:36 am
coaches just told us to like hide. >> three men were seen running from a park restroom after that shooting but so far police have not announced any arrests. in:contra costa county a serial arsonist is still on the loose after setting fire to a car with a woman who was trapped inside it. it's a story we first brought you yesterday on "today in the bay." this morning, we are getting a good look at a person of interest in the case. take a look at the photo released by police. they say they don't know if this man is connected to the car arson, but they want to talk to him about something they know. here is another picture shows the burned out car. police say the woman who was inside that car was sleeping when somebody torched it in a parking lot along san pablo avenue. the woman had to break a window in order to escape and she has severe burns now. it was one of the latest in a slew of arsons in the el cerrito and richmond areas over the last couple of days. most of the fires were small and
6:37 am
were set in bushes and garbage bins. happening now firefighters appear to be making headway on a wildfire near lake shasta. the mountain fire started yesterday morning, north of redding. as of last night, it was 20% contained with about 600 acres burned. the fire did destroy one structure. it's threatening hundreds of homes. we met one family who lost their home to a fire a decade ago in san ramon, and they briefly found themselves reliving that same nightmare in shasta county. >> i was upset at the beginning but i'm a lot calmer now, knowing that my house is still standing. >> late last night, authorities started letting evacuees into some areas return to their homes, but that situation is said to be fluld and in some areas power is still out this morning. two teenagers are on a unique mission to help the environment and calling out san francisco's gap. here is youtube video of jackson dumas and carson philbin from
6:38 am
north carolina. they fault the gap's old navy for throwing away thousands of plastic hangers every year. the pair plan to protest outside the gap's san francisco headquarters later on today. in a statement to our affiliate charlotte old navy says it's working on a reusable hanger program it plans to deploy over the next 18 months. the teens believe that's just too long to wait. speaking of waiting, are you ready for a 19-hour flight? australia's qantas wants to know. right now the airline is testing flights between sydney and new york and london. the tests are meant to see how such long flight may affect passengers' health. about 40 people are taking part. qantas wants to begin those routines for at least the next two years. 19-hour flights sometimes the commute feels like it takes 19 hours, mike. >> whether in a car or in an airplane, i think we should start having some folks do psychological profiles see
6:39 am
whether it's compatible for long durations. >> make sure you're not sitting next to somebody you don't like. >> happens in our car sometimes. back seat kids, got to get along. these folks are getting along but we are seeing more traffic flow. for a while the left lanes were really clear but starting to build up a bit and this will tend to happen from time to time for the morning commute. it's friday, so a looser build coming through contra costa county. walnut creek no slowing. same for the upper east shore freeway. the bay bridge will fluctuate in volume and getting closer to 10:30, 11:00, a lot of folks head in toward the city. keep that in mind for your timing. as you look toward the east bay slowing for the nimitz south into hayward and union city for the typical build, also toward the san mateo bridge and the south bay, no real problems, just silicon valley pushing northbound. there's palo alto an easy drive with the low clouds to give us a little atmosphere. i can feel that, too, humid i think it is. >> feels sticky this morning.
6:40 am
making big plans, folks going out to the pride parade. >> big plans, big hair. >> this would be perfect. >> what about free ice cream? >> i'll take it. >> mike will be giving it away at fremont street east at 5:00. we'll be 86 degrees and a nice evening for some ice cream. cooling off quickly with our temperatures at 7:00 77 degrees. for your saturday forecast we'll have a wide range in temperatures from the coast in the upper 60s to the bay at 84, and 91 for the inland valleys. are you going to the battle of the bay? it's going to be nice out there, oracle park with our temperatures in the low 60s, low 70s i should say at 6:00 and then cooling off to the upper 60s by the end of the game. on sunday, it is going to be even hotter in the valleys, reaching 96 degrees. 86 for the bay, and 73 for the coast.
6:41 am
if you're planning to look for something family friendly in livermore, check out sunday at hagemann ranch that will reach into the mid-90s so stay hydrated in livermore. also on sunday we have the pride parade in san jose. if you get there early, line the parade route, it's going to be nice and comfortable. 76 degrees. good thing that parade is early. as the festivities continue throughout the day, it is going to be really hot, reaching 92 degrees. if you're going to lake shasta, plan on going swimming this weekend, pack the swimming gear. 96 degrees for saturday and on sunday. also warm in carmel valley with our highs there reaching into the mid 80s. mostly sunny skies. if you're at carmel by the sea, it's of course much cooler and russian river valley we're also going to have some warm weather there, with a mix of sun and clouds, reaching 81 degrees tomorrow. we'll talk about today's temperature trend in the south bay, that's coming up in about three minutes. >> thanks, kari. next and all new this
6:42 am
morning, a crime spree across the east bay. the string of summertime attacks authorities say targeted the elderly and even an ice cream man. first, hit-and-run. >> you ever seen anything like this before? >> no, not at all. >> a bad crash in the south bay overnight. you can see these damaged cars, the injuries witnesses are telling us about this morning. and also new the reason facebook is banning some pro-trump content from the social network. the rules the company says one group is breaking. and taking a look at the big board, you see the dow is down 88 points. the dow actually was lower today after china said it will slap new tariffs on u.s. goods. more news after the break. it 16:6:42. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:45 am
happy friday. it is 6:45, and a nice clear view of our south bay sunrise. let's head over to santa teresa. temperatures start out at 63 degrees at 7:00, and lead again into a very warm afternoon, reaching the mid 80s at 1:00. we'll talk about the hot weather and all of our microclimates for the weekend coming up in less than five minutes. >> and looking at oakland, nice recovery. north 880 at speed once again, heading up toward downtown. the earlier crash has cleared from the nimitz, and travel time look at the bottom is great. so is the one at the top. slowing off of san pablo down in
6:46 am
toward berkeley. no big problems. certainly problems here, mike, new overnight a banged up mess along one san jose neighborhood after a driver plowed through a bunch of parked cars and this morning witnesses say the driver took off running. this is all happening in san jose, this happened just before 11:00 last night on moorpark avenue. a truck crashed into a half dozen parked cars along the street. some have pretty extensive damage. look at here, witnesses say that driver took off running. >> the guy ended up getting out of the truck that flipped and took off running. how, i don't know, because it looked like a pretty bad accident. >> that witness says that he saw at least one person being taken to the hospital. we don't know the extent of the injuries. new this morning, contra costa county crime spree and now a bay area couple is being charged with a string of robberies and purse snatchings.
6:47 am
prosecutors say stephen john son and dakauna buckley under crimes in stockton, discovery bay, richmond and san pablo. in one case snatching a purse from a woman with a walker and another they robbed a man selling ice cream. new this morning, facebook is banning ads from a conservative news outlet called epoch times, it comes after an nbc news report that showed the outlet spent large amounts of money on pro-trump advertisements, they promoted conspiracy theory about his political enemies. in a statement a facebook spokesperson says "over the past year we removed accounts associated with epoch times for violating ad policies trying to get around our review systems." high school football is starting up around california this weekend but one game in particular that will be about a lot more than what's happening on the field.
6:48 am
tonight paradise valley high school finally cranks up the friday night lights for the first time since the deadly camp fire. lost in the tragedy of last year's fire is the fact that the bobcats were set to play their first playoff day one day after the flames erupted. their principal, who is also an assistant coach, says most of the players lost their gear in that devastation not to mention their homes, they lost their homes. they say that more than 90% of the players are now currently traveling up to an hour each way just to get to practice. and that is commitment. when you hear preseason, you might think easier games. last night the oakland raiders and the green bay packers didn't have to go quite as far to score. the downsized field that the teams played on and were playing on in winnipeg manitoba. safety concerns in the end zone caused them to shorten the field to 80 yards. the field conditions kept derek carr off the field and aaron rodgers. the raiders won the game with a last-minute field goal. would it have been a field goal if it was 100 yards? you have to wonder.
6:49 am
that's interesting. speaking of big stars, they are people, too. angelina jolie is feeling emotional now that her first son officially has flown the coop. >> the hollywood star dropped off maddux at the university of south korea this week and someone with a phone documented it. >> i leave today. today is the day. >> oh! >> i know. i'm trying not to cry. >> just like every mom around, right? her eldest son just turned 18. he'll be studying biochemistry. jolie has five other children with her former husband, brad pitt. >> i don't know about you guys, i've seen a lot of the tearful good-byes and the moms and dads are it's time, and when it comes to the day of drop-off it's like -- >> i've heard that, one girl i know dropped her daughter off but she cried in the car after when she was driving away, she was like, wow. >> i have no problem dropping my kid off but saw a neighbor come back dropping her son off without him and crying. my husband is like what is wrong
6:50 am
with you? >> it's that time of year. yesterday campbell union started their first day of school so we are going to say bye, kids, and of course pick them up again today. it's not like college. so we are starting out with some foggy conditions along the coast. a live look in san francisco, nice and cool there. we'll see all of that clearing out fairly quickly as we see sunshine as you head inland. that's a live look in walnut creek, so if you're about to step out the door, it's already warm, with some mid-60s. we'll be at 64 degrees at 7:00. 71 degrees at 9:00, and then look at our noon temperature, 84 degrees. we'll continue to heat up for the afternoon eventually reaching 94 in concord today. also 94 in livermore. 97 in clearlake. santa rosa up to 87 degrees and 71 today in san francisco. we have high pressure that's slowly moving across the region and by tomorrow as well as
6:51 am
sunday, it's just to the west of us and the wind circulating around that high pressure always clockwise so for us, that wind flow will be northerly, and also blowing slightly offshore so that's going to heat up our inland temperatures and we'll see temperatures peak on monday so as we get out there, look for events to enjoy the sunshine this weekend. if you're planning to head to the polish street festival in martinez expect it to be cool to start but for the middle of the day we're in the upper 80s so stay hydrated there. also at the palo alto festival of the arts, saturday forecast we'll reach into the low 80s during the middle of the afternoon, with some mostly sunny skies. it's probably going to feel a little bit warmer than that. that while our inland temperatures reach into the low 90s today and tomorrow. we have some mid-90s in the forecast sunday. 97 on monday but then coming down for the middle of next week into the upper 80s, which is still above normal. and in san francisco, upper 60s and low 70s throughout that seven-day forecast. mike, you were telling me you
6:52 am
had an odd report from the peninsula. >> we usually don't see this report at this time of year from this section right there. look at that. over here our redwood shores parkway, and look at that, shell parkway, tree down, a tree down in the residential area. there are some trees along the roadway, so maybe that's what's going on but i don't think they're huge, but in any case, we're told to avoid the intersection of redwood shores parkway and redwood parkway. that will be going on for the time being. shouldn't present too much of a problem but a note, 101/92 through the area, just fine. the bay bridge toll plaza and the richmond to san rafael bridge just fine. those are the two areas you see the red. everywhere else shows orange at its worst west highway 4 through pittsburg and bay point. the bay bridge toll plaza did see a lot of traffic build in over the last 20 minutes but starting to move better, the fastrak lanes that's good news of course if you carpool always an advantage. remember it's friday so midday we'll see muc more traffic than right now. we're also looking at no problems for the train traffic.
6:53 am
there's b.a.r.t., 60 trains on time and a note there will be no closure this is weekend, not like last weekend, the closures for orinda, walnut creek and parts of highway 24 happening labor day weekend, that is not this weekend. a smooth drive for fremont as well. these folks head south into the south bay, with a smooth drive. back to you. >> thank you, mike. happening now, taiwan is bracing for a typhoon. fears of flooding and high seas prompting flight cancellations and the typhoon is bearing on the island's southeastern coast. the storm could become the first typhoon to make landfall on the island in more than two years. thousands of people already moved to safety, many of them tourists on islands off the country's east coast. and next a quick look at the top stories, including terrifying moments inside a plane. >> this is brand new video of the flight that left oakland. reaction from the people on board.
6:54 am
then on the "today" show, a look at president trump's upcoming trip to france. at 7:00, how police are preparing for protests. 6:53 for you right now. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:56 am
welcome back to you. it is 6:56. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> breaking news as conservative billionaire and major republican
6:57 am
donor david koch has died. koch was 79 years old. david, along with his elder brother charles koch, have been highly influential figures in u.s. politics since the 1980s. koch industries is the second largest privately owned company in the united states. 13 presidential candidates hit the stage in san francisco today. they're set to appear at the democratic national committee's summer meeting. among those attending, senators kamala harris, cory booker and tom steyer. joe biden and others sent video messages. hawaiian airlines is not saying what caused the smoke to fill it. it touched down in honolulu and passengers had to evacuate on the emergency chutes. many say they were terrified but tried to remain calm. >> we were on the final approach coming in and all of a sudden the cabin just filled up with
6:58 am
smoke, so we just all had to go like this to breathe. >> 184 people on board headed to what they thought was a fun vacation. seven passengers including two children had to go to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. morgan hill police department is taking new steps to keep in touch with crime victims. this week enrolled into a new software program made by an l.a. company allows police to send text to victims to help maintain communications after initial police calls. the hope is that it will cut down on the follow-up administrative calls. the department hopes the system will promote trust in police by filling gaps in information. new details on a proposed b.a.r.t. station between b.a.r.t.'s fremont and warm springs station. b.a.r.t. wants to open an irvington station in fremont near osgood road and washington boulevard. b.a.r.t. directors yesterday approved the plan to move forward with that project. construction would not begin before 2023 and is not expected to be completed until 2026 at the earliest.
6:59 am
happening today, you have another opportunity to treat yourself. our nbc bay area treat truck will be out in fremont this afternoon and we have free ice ice cream. raj, jessica and mike at town fair plaza at 5:00. >> it's going to be great for ice cream today, because it will be warming up with some low 90s in the inland areas. today and tomorrow it's going to be still very warm and then turning downright hot for the end of the weekend into the start of next week. at least we still have some places where we can go and cool off like san francisco. 71 today. >> all right, well we've settled into our friday pattern, mike? >> which means friday lighter traffic. showing you live pictures. we have slowing across the san mateo bridge, this is the worst of it, the flat section clears up by foster city. fremont a smooth drive, i'll be
7:00 am
there passing out frozen treats at town fair and san jose where we're proud to host pride this weekend. >> we're going to be joining you on facebook live right after this newscast. we hope that you'll join us for more conversations about our big talk. >> have a good morning. good morning breaking news. emergency landing. smoke suddenly fills the cabin of a passenger jet headed for hawaii the flight forced to land. passengers evacuated on to the tarmac at least seven sent to the hospital just ahead, what the airline says is the likely cause of that road show. president trump heads to france today. world leaders uniting for the g7 summit but deeply divided, as fears of a global recession grow. amazon burning a record number of fire s rage out of control and consume the


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