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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 26, 2019 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, investigators this morning trying to piece together why an off duty san francisco police officer shot a man in contra costa county. there is still information we're working to find out at this minute. and a good morning. thanks for joining us for midday newscast, i'm marcus washington. laura is off. now we brought you live breaking news of this story all morning long during "today in the bay." sharon katsuda is live at the crime scene and you spoke with police and neighbors about this chaotic morning. what did they have to say? >> reporter: well, investigators around here all this morning questioning neighbors who live in this condo complex. we were able to talk to a neighbor who heard what
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happened. police say at about 10:00 last night they first responded to a report of a man shot at a gym nearby. they found a man with gunshot wounds about a block away the at condo complex on mozier and kerny and an off duty san francisco officer shot the man but did not give details on what led up to the shooting. a neighbor who did not want to show his face on camera and said the off-duty officer was attacked. >> there was loud banging and yelling for a couple of seconds and then a couple of gunshots. >> reporter: police say the man shot was around 40 years old and had nonlife-threatening injuries. police told us the officer also who was involved is okay. so far the names of both the off-duty officer and the man who was shot by the officer have not yet been released. reporting live in el cerrito, i'm sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news.
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well spare the air alert in effect for today. a live look out the golden gate bridge. a beautiful sight but you could see the fog there. just kind of covering up parts of the bridge. now with that bad air and the hot temperatures, it is a thing you've been telling us all morning, kari, be careful because you want to do more during the beginning of the day. >> during the beginning of the day and it is warming up like in the spots like golden gate bridge and that is where you find relief and inland this is a live week outside in walnut creek. and this is where we have to worry about the unhealthy air quality, a spare air alert for the inland and east bay. the coast looking good as the wind mixes things out there but moderate air quality for areas outside of the inland east bay. so into the rest of the afternoon, if you can, try to limit the amount of ozone and carbon emissions you're putting into the atmosphere. let's go into the rest of the day with temperatures hour by hour and around lunchtime 88 in
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antioch. 90 in livermore and in concord. in san francisco in the lower 70s. as we go throughout the day we're going to see some of the spots heating up in the valley, reaching 94 in livermore and antioch and fairfield. 90 in santa rosa and san jose at 92 degrees. so the heat comes this afternoon. but this will be the hottest day of the week. we're about to see the temperatures go down so i'll have a look at that and what else is ahead in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> looking forward to it. well in the south bay cal fire is about to create a fire break several miles long. this is in order to protect the santa cruz mountains. bob redell is live in fremont where residents were reminded of fire danger there, bob. >> reporter: and so reminder, take a look behind me, you see this large patch of burned grass along highway 680 on the south side of the sunol grade where this fire burned early this morning. one of my colleagues shot this cell phone video on the way to
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work at around midnight as the wildfire burned two acres in the hill above the freeway. the risk of smoke and fire got so bad authorities had to shut down two lanes of southbound 680 at one point. firefighters had it out in less than an hour. later this afternoon the start of a major fire prevention project in the santa cruz mountains. we're talking about a 6.5 mile long fire break along highway 17 from los gatos to the summit. the idea is to create a safe route for evacuation. people we spoke to said it is needed after the loma fire of 2016 which scorched more than 4,000 acres and destroyed 12 homes. >> look at paradise and what happened up there and really and truly at the end of the day, their problem is because nobody has cleared the woods up there in 50, 75 years and we have the same problem here. >> reporter: workers will be clearing all of the brush up to 150 feet away from the edge of
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the highway 17. the work will take several months and sections of the highway 17 may have to be shut down while the work is done. cal fire and caltrans two he several agencies involved in this major effort. live in fremont, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> the benefit outaways any possible congestion. and in the meantime firefighters are making progress in the fire burning in shasta county. the mountain fire is now 80% contained. it burned 600 acres since thursday. all evacuation orders and road closures will now lifted. and new at 11:00, narrow escape routes are endangering dozens of california towns including sev righ here in the north bay. new analysis focusing on places with population under 40,000. u.s. searchers ranked the towns based on the number of people who were likely to take the main road during an emergency which would result in traffic gridlock. among some of the towns included inisanger in the bay area,
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yunkville, saint helena, sausalito and fairfax. researchers say the study comes in the wake of the deadly campfire in butte county. president trump said that he is willing to meet with iran any time in the next couple of weeks in fact. scott mcgrew is monitoring the latest from the g7. >> reporter: good morning. president trump reiterated woe be up for the meeting with the leaders of iran and has said before and repeated iran must not be allowed to obtain a nuclear weapon. he also repealed his call to allow russia back into the g7 once again making it the g 8. president trump is wrapping up leaders -- meetings with leader of france, germany and the other six countries that make up the current g7. the meeting in france had much less drama than last year. the president made news as he always does but f left controversy this year and a press conference a short time
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ago mr. trump repeated the claim china was ready to meet to solve the trade war. >> so when you say do you think they want to, maybe they want to and maybe they don't. but i th-- i think they want to make a deal and i don't think they have a choice. i don't say that as a threat. i don't think they have a choic and the united states which has never collected 10 cents from china will in a fairly short period of time be over $100 billion in tariffs. >> reporter: now the united states does not collect tariffs from china. that is not how tariffs work. and t president has mitted as mucn the pastday went back to the claim. live to the big board. they were encouraged by this talk about china and the united states talking. the dow industrials gaining 172 points. the next g7 is in the united states. president trump gets to pick where. he suggested his golf resort in miami, marcus. >> all right, scott. thanks. well the search for a missing man in the waters of discovery bay is now a recovery
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effort. resorts say that cruz was fishing around 4:00 in the morning yesterday when an inflatable raft pop. they went back to shore but crews never made it. people who live nearby looked on. >> i thought it was perhaps just a training mission. because i saw them every 30 minuteor so circling back and forth. so it was hard for me to learn that it was somebody in dire need. >> the coast guard said that the two men were not wearing life jackets. well shopping malls are on alert this morning after three separate similar robberies yesterday. three called a big scare and lockdown at the great mall in milpitas. police are investigating a smash-and-grab robbery that shoppers said they heard a loud sound before 8:00 near a jewelry
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store and someone yelled gunman and that set off a chain reaction with hundreds of panicked people running out of the mall. others ran into storage areas of various stores. we spoke with one young woman who hid in the hollister store for more than an hour. >> everybody was on lockdown and rubbi -- was running in the hallway like a stampede. it was scary. >> police are investigating whether the smash-and-grab is linked to similar incidents in modesto a few hours earlier. well a flight from sfo to hawaii only got a third of the way before the pilot had to turn back around. united flight 694 from sfo to kona returned to sfo yesterday due to a mechanical issue. united said the plane landed safely and paengers were put on a new plane and crew. it is not clear the type of mechanical issue the plane experienced. coming up for you, the international space station might become a crime scene. what an astronaut is accused of doing while in orbit.
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and fires consume vast parts of the amazon rain forest. now as the world watches and pushes for action, what world leaders are doing to stop the burning. uh-oh, looks like someone's
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big steve? thanks, man. there he is. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and renters insurance. developing now, an international crisis brewing in brazil as fires burn out of control in the amazon. protesters say the effects on the environment will hurt the entire planet. nbc's kerry sanders has more from brazil on the alarming story. >> reporter: with the amazon burning at a record rate, brazil space agency reporting a staggering number of fires. more than 74,000 since january. the fires purposely set to clear the amazon jungle for agriculture and cattle grazing. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: with international
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protesters, the world is demanding action. the crisis taking the world stage at the g7 summit in france. world leaders working on an agreement to help brazil battle the flames. the amazon rain forest produces 20%st planet's oxygen. this is a rare view above the tree canopy in the amazon jungle. the so-called lungs of the earth and to stand here it is peaceful. but the fear is so much of it is now being destroyed. the pope expressing concern for the amazon on sunday. a global response to save a region vital to the future of the planet. there are now 43,000 troops here to enforce the law, not one person has been arrested for setting these fires. climate scientists and activists say that is a crime because what happened here is irreversible. kerry sanders, brazil. new at 11:00, an american
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astronaut is accused of hacking her estranged wife's bank account while in orbit around the earth. astronaut ann mcclain denies any wrongdoing and so far no charges have been filed. the accusation comes from a bitter divorce and custody battle. estranged wife summer worden said her bank account was accessed. the nasa office of inspector general is investigate whether a crime was committed. >> i was shocked and appalled at kind of the audacity of her to think that she could get away with that. but i was also very disheartened that i couldn't keep anything private. >> mcclain's attorney told "the new york times" she was only looking at her ex-wife's bank account to check on the family finances as she's always done. just last week at the military newspaper stars and stripes
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reported she's on the short list to become the first woman to walk on the moon. no word on whether any of this could affect that heftic moment. and the latest on the high-profile case tied to the nation's opioid crisis that could have far-reaching implications for manufacturers. a oklahoma judge will decide whether johnson&johnson is held responsible for the state's opioid epidemic a crisis officials said led to more than 6,000 deaths over two decades. the state is asking for more than a $17 billion from the company claiming it aggressively marketed the powerful drugs to doctors while downplaying the risk. the lawyers for johnson&johnson said the company denies any wrongdoing. >> it is essential medicine for people who suffer from debilitating chronic pain. >> this case is one of many pending claims. nearly 2,000 have been file --
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filed across the countries to sue drugmakers and distributors into bridging the gap between law enforcement and lgbtq community. the two sides come together and hair personal experiences being called the reflection and reconciliation forum at glide memorial. that meeting marks the 53rd verdict of the compton cafeteria wriet to inspire the lgbtq liberation movement and the claims of mistreatment by police. >> we live in a time where there is a lot of intersectional issues so at the same time people feel like their rights are easing there are other communities that feel more vulnerable. >> the san francisco police department is organizing this event but held at glide memorial church tonight. today hong kong police officials are defending police actions during a weekend of violent clashes with protesters. nbc's janis mackey frayer reports from hong kong. >> reporter: it was a serious
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escalation over a weekend that started with a human chain and ended in gunfire. police officials today defending six officers who drew their pistols on protesters who were coming at them with poles. one officer fired a warning shot into the air. police also used a water cannon to clear the streets for the first time since pro tests began in june. it highlights a dilemma. each side is testing the other to see how far they'll go. the question, of course, is at what point does china intervene. chinese state media today is using the heaviest language yet saying that the hong kong government responsibility to stop what they call riots and that it now has all of the signs of a color revolution. so there are a lot of ways that china could show force here beyond the para military forces staged in shenzhen. she arrested more protesters over the weekend and dozens, the youngest 12 years old and there
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is increasing pressure on the multi-nationals and businesses dependent on the mainland to ensure that they tow the party line. janis mackey frayer, nbc news, hong kong. greenland is seeing a spike in the american tourism after president trump said he would be interested in buying the country. since then travel booking site hopper told nbc it is seeing a 337% spike in searches to travel to greenland but greenland has seen an increase in american tourism even prior to last week's news. in 2018, 3% more americans grew to greenland than in previous years. a popular south bay park is closed due to mountain lions. people are traveling there and being turned away from rancho san antonio and the cupertino hills. you'll see why in a moment. why it is being closed. rangers posted this video of the two right here, you see mountain
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lions traveling there. the entire family through the trail. the mountain lions are not usually in that area but rangers say that these cats did not appear to be afraid of people. >> the safety for themselves and for the safety of the animals within the park and again we appreciate their patience while we work through this process. >> so far there is no set date of when the park will reopen and rangers do recommend you check the park website to see when it reopens. kari, you've been telling us right now is not a good time to go out there any way. yes. it is so hot and dry so be careful in some of the natural preserve areas. but we do always see mountain lions -- >> here and there. >> -- always a threat around the bay area. so as you make your way out, we'll see beautiful conditions looking at the coast. but the main problems have been for the inland areas and you could see in the distance there there is one layer of fog crossing the bay and across the golden gate bridge and then clears out. so much of the city is clear
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right now. but that is also helping to provide some cooler temperatures there while we heat up inland. this is a live look outside in san jose. if you are about to head out for lunch, maybe around campbell, it is going to be starting to really warm up out there. and in fact we're approaching our temperatures that are near our normal high temperature but we haven't made it all the way through the day. s in the way the temperatures will shape up, reaching into the upper 80s by 2:00. we're hitting 90 degrees at 4:00. and then gradually starting to see the temperatures coming back down for the rest of the day. and for livermore, expect a high of 97. 100 in antioch today. in napa we're going to see the high of 88 and till in oakland. now this is the weather we've seen recently. hot inland and then fairly mild along the coast. so we're still going to have that spread and those temperatures across the area. and while we talk about the heat, this is what people are talking about in the caribbean islands. this is the win ward islands
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approaching puerto rico, storm dorian expected to strength to a category one hurricane that could move over puerto rico and approach the dominican republic as we go toward tuesday and wednesday. and here we also have seen a little bit of tropical activity. you could see here the clouds and this is the remnants of what was tropical storm evo. into tomorrow that will surge into the bay area and give us a lot of humidity and it is just going to feel muggy. and then we're also going to see more clouds moving in. but it shouldn't have a major impact on us. we're just going to have a slightly increased, uncomfortable air into tuesday and wednesday. high pressure still remains so we're going to see the fog near the coast. not much of a wind. and then going into the rest of the week as that moves away, we'll see our humidity dropping and then it is going to feel a lot nicer with cooler air moving in by the end of the week. here is a look at our temperatures. our inland areas reaching the upper 90s today.
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93 tomorrow but once again because we will have the boost in humidity, it is still not going to feel any better. and it is still going to be muggy on wednesday. as we go toward thursday, this is when the temperatures come down a couple of degrees. and with the drier air is nicer. in the weekend, upper 80s and low 90s. not as hot as the past weekend. san francisco will see slight cooling toward the end of the week and early next week but overall, marcus, improving as this week go as long so let's make it past wednesday. >> i'm with you, kari. rushing into the weekend. >> yeah. >> thank you. well, coming up for you, kfc out for a new take on chicken. the new item perfect for vegans. and a new angle of the blue angels. we'll show you what it is like to be in the cockpit -- take a look at this. i'll tell you all about that when we come back. you're watching today in the bay into but first now, hollywood
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mogul harvey weinstein is back in court, charged with another rape accusation from back in 1993. weinstein facing several rain and sexual assault charges. he pleaded not guilty to the new charges. if convicted he could face life in prison. we'll have more for you right after the break.
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meteorologist kari hall posted a picture with her husband in san francisco. as they spent the day there. be sure to follow kari on facebook and twitter and traug to find her updates. and new at 11:00, click -- chicken will never be the same again. kfc is offering beyond chicken tomorrow in atlanta. they will use beyond meat to make its finger-licking chicken but will it include the 11 herbs and spices. they are vegan approved and this is available while supplies last and if the lines are going to be as long as people waiting to get the popeye's chicken sandwich, you might want to get that. this is what it feels like to be in the cockpit of a blue angels yet. these aerial daredevils posted this mind-blowing video on twitter over the weekend. look at how close they are to each other as they are flying. the wings are just inches away
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from each other and because the blue angels will be in the bay area soon for fleet week which starts october 6th. the blue angels take to the skies starting the day after my birthday, october 12th. and a spanish man is celebrating ocean antic feature only calling outstanding and historic. >> aloha. welcome to hawaii. how are you doing? >> fine. >> mahalo. the first person to paddle board across the pacific to hawaii. over the weekend he arrived from golden gate on his 24-foot paddle board small boat. he left san francisco on june 9th. that is 2500 miles of open ocean. the yiek eeky yacht club said he used his wind and current muscles. >> no. this is the motor. >> doing the math here, it took
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him 76 days to take that 33 miles per day. >> and i want to go to hawaii, but i don't want it to take that long. >> we're going to take the plane. that does it for us. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world.
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right now on "california live," how to rock high heels without wrecking your feet. >> without the pain. and fall makeup magic from celebrity stylist. and plus the hills are alife with agreena pat ridge. >> and how she stays bikini body ready. >> and travel tips to taf you time and money. >> the latest getaway gadgets. >> right now on "california live." no


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