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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 28, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and good wednesday morning to you. august 28th. taking a live look in downtown san jose. thanks for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get a look at the forecast, half way through the work week. >> and almost through the humidity, too. so yesterday it was really muggy. we're going to feel the same thing again today, with a few more clouds moving in, but at least we're clear to start, as we head over to evergreen, we'll see partly cloudy skies this morning and some mid-60s leading into some low 80s at 11:00 and normally we're reaching 82 degrees. i think we're going to be slightly warmer than that,
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reaching 87 in san jose, and 88 today in gilroy. so we'll talk more about what's ahead as we look at all of our microclimates and mike, you're seeing some slowing on the peninsula. >> a little bit. not enough for most of our sensors to pick up. flashing lights here, to clear some cones in the next bit, about a half hour northbound past university, willow, up toward marsh. the stretch of roadway also approaching the bayfront expressway saw some slowing. that might be crews getting ready to help the crews on 101 other patches with minor roadwork but no major clesheuos. breaking news to start out out in the south bay, a man clinging to life after a brutal stabbing at a gas station on east hamilton avenue, right off of highway 17 in campbell. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us in campbell with what police are saying at this point. kris? >> reporter: right now they're not telling us a lot of
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information, laura but they are still here on the scene gathering evidence. some of the globes you see around the scene, those are 3-d cameras capturing what the scene looks like. investigators have been here for hours this morning at this shell gas station on hamilton, right off highway 17, this isn't too far from the home depot here in the area and the kohl's store. it was just after 1:00 a man was stabbed here and according to the manager of the shell station, his overnight attendant told him that the man looked like he had been stabbed several times. he was near the gas pumps at the time. that victim was transported to the hospital and we don't know his condition at this morning other than he might be fighting for his life. now campbell police have not told us yet whether they have a suspect description at this point, but if they do, we will pass that along to you. often we know police ask for information from the public so if you were in this area, hamilton at 17 and shell gas station, you might want to give campbell police a call. in campbell, kris sanchez,
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"today in the bay." >> kris, thank you. right now we're following other breaking news, this happening along mexico's east coast. at least 23 people killed overnight after an attack at a bar in the state of veracruz. 13 people were hurt. investigators think a fire started when someone threw gasoline bombs into the bar. so far, there are no arrests. the state governor is suggesting gang activity is connected to this attack. president trump this morning has approved an emergency declaration for puerto rico as tropical storm dorian bears down. new images showing heavy rain from the storm in martinique is looking more and more like dorian may cross directly over puerto rico, and may reach hurricane strength when it passes. dorian is expected to arrive by midday. people who live there are nervous and really trying to brace themselves. [ speaking in foreign language ]
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>> reporter: tomorrow the winds will pick up and so will the rain. we have to prepare now. >> that was one woman speaking with a reporter yesterday. of course, puerto rico is still recovering from hurricane maria, which ravaged the island in 2017. dorian is on track to hit somewhere along florida's central coast and may become a category 2 hurricane when it strikes. happening today, the suspected drunk driver accused of hitting a rideshare car and killing a woman in santa clara expected in court. the driver 32-year-old claudio perez of san jose facing multiple charges. investigators say perez was driving intoxicated and slammed his car into an uber an lawrence expressway over the weekend. one of the passengers in the uber car died. she was 28-year-old carol major, an apple worker. her friend and the uber driver suffered serious injuries. in the north bay, a petaluma man has been arrested in connection with a brush fire that burned out of control in marin. it happened yesterday afternoon west of fairfax and woodacre.
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the so-called spirit fire burned 16 acres and is nearly fully contained this morning. sheriff deputies say that man flagged down deputies claiming he started the fire. he claims that he tried to stop those flames but the fire quickly grew out of control. there were some evacuation warnings, they are now lifted. 4:35 right now. it's probably been a few decades since we've seen cows invade the south bay and the neighborhood. i can tell you this, it's not a pretty sight. >> neighbors say the cows are tearing up the grass and leaving behind cow chips. ian cull reports from san jose silver creek area. >> one, two, three, four, five. >> reporter: this was a typical night, neighbors say, bulls making their rounds to graze on their grass in the hillside near them. one car had to slam on its brakes to stop from hitting one
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and they always leave a calling card. >> this is residential area, it is not a ranch. >> reporter: people on white tail lane say this is the new group that's been moving in. it was bulls and cows grazing on the grass and leaving behind waste. they've been here on and off all summer and the neighborhoods have had it, especially one couple trying to sell their house. >> it makes harder, and i don't want to ruin by reputation of the neighborhood. >> reporter: every person here has a cow story, one almost ran into a cow outside of her house. debbie gong says the animals are intimidating. >> they're big, and they're sometimes on the driveway when you drive home and it's right there on the driveway. it's very scary. >> reporter: while there are other cows behind fences down the road and the street is up against open space, no one knows who these cows belong to. one cow owner in the area blames people who party in nearby linear park who knocked down the fences allowing the animals to go through. the neighbors just want the cows
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to move home. >> it's just not fair. this cow don't belong to this neighborhood and we shouldn't take the damage. >> reporter: ian cull, "today in the bay". >> a lesson in cows and bulls. 4:37. ongoing overnight closures on highway 4 in contra costa will not be an issue. >> last night cal trans begins two weeks of closures for work on the interchange at 680. detours are in effect from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00. each night. work will stop tomorrow and pick up against next tuesday. american airlines offering an apology to customers for many lay its and canceled flights. what the airline is extending to its customers as a peace offering. after johnson & johnson's landmark opioid court ruling another drug manufacturer is considering billions of dollars in settlements dealing with the crisis. the details surrounding the shakeup.
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good morning. i'm rahel solomon at cnbc head quarters an here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open modestly higher this morning. stocks fell yesterday as a closely watched recession indicator continues to raise red flags as trade tensions between the u.s. and china escalate. the yields on the ten-year u.s. treasury bond falling further below that on the two-year bond, the so-called yield curve inversion proceeded the past seven recessions which tend to occur six to 18 months after the
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inversion. the dow dropping 120 points. the index is down more than 4% this month. perdue farm and its owners are reportedly in talks to settle more than 2,000 opioid lawsuits for $10 billion to $12 billion. it is among several drugmakers and distributors sued for fueling the crisis, claiming perdue aggressively marketed prescriptions while misleading doctors and consumers about the risk of prolonged use. perdue is actively working with state attorneys general to reach a resolution. reports say under the proposed terms, the sackler would give up control of perdue and perdue could file for bankruptcy as a means to implement the settlement. american airlines says it's sorry, calling customers affected by travel disruptions to apologize and offer compensation mostly in the form of frequent flyer miles. american has been dealing with the grounding of the boeing 737 max, weather cancellations
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hundreds of flights. american came seventh out of ten places in on time arrivals as of june. marcus and laura, back to you. >> i wonder who is in last place. >> i could think of one but i won't say it. i'll look it up. >> there's always someone, i guess. >> thanks, rahel. coming up next on "today in the bay," kari hall tracking that wednesday forecast. a little less humidity. >> it's still going to be humid today but the humidity will drop as we go throughout that forecast. a live look outside in walnut creek as you get ready to head out. some mid-60s as you step out the door. mid-70s by 11:00. we'll talk about what else is ahead, coming up next. and i'll bet there is a 70 out here but you should be going 65 max, that's the speed limit. for oakland where you are, traveling at the limit. we'll talk about what's going on for i-80 construction and a crash zone, they kind of overlap, coming up. you're watching nbc bay area. a product arrives addressed to you, but you never ordered it. so do you have to pay for it? the federal trade comission says
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no. federal laws prohibit mailing unordered merchandise to consumers and then demanding payment. as for the product? the ftc says it's yours. you have a legal right to keep it as a free gift. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. the number is 888-996-tips or online at
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good wednesday morning to you. taking a live look outside, this
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is from the golden gate bridge. mike's got tabs on the morning commute. looks like things are already picking up out there. no backups, though, right, maik. >> that's right. >> i'm not getting into your territory. >> 4:46 right now. are we going to look at the forecast? yes, we are. >> okay. >> there was no fog there. >> that's coming up. >> i want to show you a little bit higher up because we are seeing a layer of clouds and fog rolling over san francisco. it may make it drizzle for a little while and then start to clear out over the next couple of hours. meantime inland as you get ready to head out the door, we're in the low 60s. it just feels really humid and then check out brentwood, the start of the day, we're already at 68 degrees. let's go through that commute, because we'll see those temperatures in the low 70s, and antioch within the next hour, and then 69 degrees as we cool down around sunrise, then we
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quickly start to heat up again today. a few of those high clouds drifting by. as you head out the door in the south bay, expect it to be in the mid-60s there, and then leading into some low 80s by 11:00. so your morning is still looking good, and fairly comfortable, and our temperatures this afternoon will be slightly lower than we've seen recently. reaching 87 i downtown san jose, now that's still above normal but it actually is one of the cooler days of the week and as we head over toward the east bay, reaching 92 in pittsburg. 92 in danville, and up to 86 in fremont. half moon bay mid-60s there. palo alto reaching 81 degrees. the marina district reaching 65, while the mission is up to 69. 77 in mill valley and 95 today in ukiah. high pressure still giving us not much of a wind right now, and then we are also seeing tropical clouds moving in from the remnants of what was tropical storm ivo.
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as that continues to move away we could have one last day of high hiumidity and chance of sierra storms. the area of low pressure helps to cool us off as we see a shift in our wind flow. the humidity is dropping by tomorrow and our temperatures reaching 86 degrees in some of our warmer spots. going into the weekend looks nice with low 80s on saturday, low 90s on sunday and then for san francisco upper 60s today and staying in the low 70s through the end of the work week. headed over to mike, you're giving us a look at what's happening in the east bay. >> that's right, a lot of these folks are headed over from the oakland side, well, i guess they're all headed over from the oakland side to the san francisco side. if they're not, they have to turn around at the parking lot here, the bay bridge toll plaza, cash lanes pretty standard backup for wednesday. we're looking at the backup forming, the slowdown right there as you see the metering lights turn on probably in the next half hour. let's talk about a couple of things. overnight closure we talked about earlier in the show,
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highway 4 generally picking up just about 4:00 a.m. but it could be scheduled as late as 5:00. that will resume tuesday but not over the holiday weekend. over toward eastbound 80, there was a construction crew as well and in that construction zone there was a minor crash at pinole valley road. the good news is that crash no major injuries and it will clear as the construction zone clears as well right in the next few minutes. we'll track that counter commute headed up toward the carquinez bridge. no problem for the speed sensors there or around the rest of the bay, a nice smooth flow of traffic right there. a live look at palo alto shows you where we had the earlier construction talk and anywhere north of this shot from about marsh up to willow or willow to marsh and we don't see any slowing but we'll see crews over the next 20 minutes probably traveling up, already picked up a lot of these cones. back to you. >> thank you, mike. there's a possible fix for san francisco's leaning and sinking millennium tower. yesterday a panel of engineers signed off on a $100 million plan to prop up the troubled high-rise.
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this is a story we've been covering for years. our exclusive investigation unit reports prompted a city investigation. experts say that problem is that it's not anchored to bedrook so it started sinking as water was taken out of the ground during the nearby construction project. engineers approved a plan to drill 52 miles along two sides of the building that would go into bedrock. san bruno parents find a teenage boy in their daughter's closet, but they are the ones that got arrested. now they're facing assault and hate crime charges. they say they're innocent. they discovered the 17-year-old boy hiding in their daughter's closet last week. the teenager is accusing the mom, stepdad and the girl's biological of father of attacking him and making racial slurs. the parents were released from jail earlier this week. they tell us they're not racist, just stunned and scared. >> happy because i'm still with my family and still alive.
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they're okay, nobody get hurt of my family, but at the same time all these things is like it's a lot confusing about my mind because we was in jail is not anything like happy inside there, but we still here. >> the family said the daughter had invited the teen into the home, that he'd been hiding in the closet for two days. they also contend he physically injured them. child protective services now has kus i ccustody of that daug. police in san jose are working to track down the vandals who defaced a mural attal an emt tear school. >> an artist painted it this summer on lowell elementary. teachers and community leaders in shock. >> we hired a muralist to paint it and all that work probably one to two days of work in the hot sun, bring the community together to beautify the campus
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and have it wiped away in three seconds is heartbreaking. >> the school painted over the defaced mural. the district is urging any witnesses to call police. coming up here on "today in the bay," a plan to build more granny units in the south bay? we'll tell you where to go if you're looking to make some extra cash. but first happening now, fishing boats and passing ships helped rescue people from a burning ferry in southern philippine waters overnight. nearly 200 passengers were on board at the time. a 1-year-old girl and two other people were confirmed dead. the coast guard is still searching for survivors right now. the fire apparently started in the ferry's engine room. we'll be right back after this break.
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and good wednesday morning to you. taking a live look out at walnut creek. good morning to you out there. thanks so much for starting your morning right here with us. we'll have much more of what you can expect with temperatures out there today coming up in just a bit. it is 4:55 for you right now. san jose is helping homeowners build granny flats in their back yards. >> the city sees the tiny houses as key in addressing its housing crisis. this ek, mayor sam liccardo announced a series of measures to simplify the home building process including a one-stop shop style website. applicants can get their permits for the homes in as little as 90 minutes. thents dream turnaround is suddenly turning into more of a nightmare. >> the giants weren't the only ones with their hands full last night at oracle, as for the game, the giants took another step back in the playoff race. a base hit in the seventh inning gave arizona that 3-1 lead. diamondbacks won it 3-2, even though the giants debuted a new
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reliever with so-called submarine delivery. his name is tyler rogers, getting a lot of buzz these days. he has a twin brother taylor who is the closer in minnesota. look how low he throws that ball. baseball is a funny game. two nights ago in khan kansas city the a's belted out 19 runs but that was a distant memory last night against the royals. the a's scored just two runs but made them count. base hit in the second by marcus siemian ended up being enough. the a's came up big in the field. you see the catch there from the rookie outfielder, seth brown. i'm getting so choked up, it's amazing. a's hold on to the second wild card spot. carli lloyd's foot is getting a lot of attention from the football world as well. >> by football we're not talking about somethinger here. we're talking about the gridiron. remember this video earlier this week? this is lloyd, she kicked at philadelphia's training camp.
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let's just say she was impressive, hitting one field goal from 55 yards out. >> wow. >> this morning she says she's considering an offer to kick for an unidentified nfl team when it takes to the field for its last preseason game tomorrow. of course, if lloyd follows through with that, it would be some serious sports history. >> wow. cool. >> i don't know, they should offer you to go, too. >> my heel would fall off, fly off. >> make it more impressive. >> it's 4:57. coming up next on "today in the bay," breaking news we're covering in the south bay. police on the scene of a stabbing at a gas station in campbell. we've got a crew there talking with officers. we'll have a live report for you in just three minutes. and one more day of this muggy air, as you get ready to head out the door. here is a look in palo alto. we'll see a few clouds rolling by and temperatures again heating up this afternoon. we'll talk about some drier conditions and some cooler air coming up next. and here is the san mateo bridge, maybe some of these
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folks headed to palo alto along highway 101. a smooth drive, a few changes and one issue just off another bridge. you're watching "today in the bay." right now at 5: breaking nn
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the south bay. police surrounding a gas station right now, 5:00, breaking news in the south bay. police surrounding a gas station in campbell after a person was stabbed overnight. what the manager of the gas station was saying about what happened. a live report is coming up in just moments. plus today marks one month
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since the deadly mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. coming up, its plans approved for a new mo. and -- >> put that juice on there. aim that into the sun with the refractometer tells me how much sugar is in the grape. >> the grape harvest is not happening in the north bay. we'll take you tri-valley, the growers are facing there this year. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good wednesday morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. i want to go back to that grape tester there. >> looked really high-tech. you think you just sip it. >> i thought that's what he's doing. >> they have to do it at the right time. it's amazing to see. >> very impressive. let's see'temperature will cooperate today. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that for us. >> it's been humid and hot. we're going to see the same thing today. if you're on your way out the door in oakland, headed to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station it


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