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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 28, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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at the gilroy garlic festival. coming up, its plans approved for a new mo. and -- >> put that juice on there. aim that into the sun with the refractometer tells me how much sugar is in the grape. >> the grape harvest is not happening in the north bay. we'll take you tri-valley, the growers are facing there this year. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good wednesday morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. i want to go back to that grape tester there. >> looked really high-tech. you think you just sip it. >> i thought that's what he's doing. >> they have to do it at the right time. it's amazing to see. >> very impressive. let's see'temperature will cooperate today. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that for us. >> it's been humid and hot. we're going to see the same thing today. if you're on your way out the door in oakland, headed to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station it feels nice with low 60s and
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we're leading into low 70s later today. a look at all of our microclimates, we are going to be heating it up in the inland east bay, the south bay, and the north bay and we're also going to see a few clouds moving by for one last day, before some lower humidity arrives. i'll talk more about that coming up and mike, you have a new report out of san francisco. >> i do. mark on this map as you look at the green sensors for the big view you see an issue for the south bay off of highway 17. you'll stick around because that is a bigger issue for the south bay. over here a minor issue for traffic flow, southbound 280 at cesar chavez a disabled vehicle but your slowing ablocked rig i. the bay bridge slowing at the toll plaza for the cash lanes. back to you. >> all right, thanks, mike. breaking news to tell you about this morning out of the south bay. a man clinging to life this morning after a brutal stabbing at a gas station in campbell. the scene is on east hamilton avenue right off of highway 17. >> a popular area there.
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"today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in campbell with what police are saying at this point. kris? >> reporter: hi there. police aren't saying a lot but they are out at the scene, you can see them gathering evidence here. we did see one patrol car leave so perhaps the investigation is starting to wrap up. they have here for hours this morning at the shell gas station on hamilton right off of highway 17. this is after a morning where a man was stabbed here and according to the manager of the shell station, his overnight attendant says the man was stabbed several times as he was near the gas pumps. the victim was transported to the hospital. we don't know his exact condition this morning. campbell police have not told us whether or not they have a suspect or description in this case. they are out here with 3-d cameras trying to map out the scene here and this gas station also has surveillance video. we'll wait and see if they were able to capture any evidence from those. in campbell, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> very interesting. thanks so much, kris. it's 5:02 right now.
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new for you overnight, uk prime minister boris johnson asking the queen to temporarily suspend parliament. opponents see the move as an attempt to make it harder for lawmakers who want to t the prime minister's plans for brexit. the deadline for britain to leave the european union is october 31st. the news sent the pound falling. so far, buckingham palace declining to comment. back in the bay area today marks one month since the deadly mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. three people were killed when a gunman opened fire in christmas hill park. the gunman later killing himself. gilroy community continues to heal the city council approved a temporary memorial at the location of last month's shooting. these are the plans the city council approved, a 30-foot palm tree at christmas hill park will be draped with blue prayer flags and also a split rail fence with 16 posts, one for each person injured in that attack and also
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three boulders to represent the victims. the memorial will include an area where people can leave behind candles and other items. happening today, ohio's governor introduces plans to strengthen gun control laws in the wake of the rampage that killed nine people in dayton. the rampage lasted less than a minute before responders came and killed the gunman. today governor mike dewine announces that his 17-point plan which would include expanded background checks and red flag law, he is a republican that governor, and even members of his own party suggest that his proposal may face an uphill battle in the state legislature. we've got some new, dramatic drone footage showing you the kef station in tdevastation in amaz amazon. it's a story being talked about around the world, but right now, forecasts do not show much rain for that region in the near term.
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the amazon fire fight itself turning into a political football. that's because brazil's ultra conservative president this week turned down millions from the g7 to help fight the fires. he refused to take it mostly because he's in a war of words with french president eman wale macron, who he believes disrespected him and brazil's sovereignty. brazil's critics in the meantime say he should focus on fighting the fires and not the french. 5:05 and happening today the mo man accused in the tack of a woman caught on camera outside of a san francisco condo will be back in court today. austin's attorney will ask the judge to release him and wear an ankle monitor, until his trial takes place. the attack happened earlier this month on the embarcaderembarcad. authorities dropped separate assault charges against vincent tied to a violent incident in february. the charges had been filed when the victim identified him from the condo attack video, but
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investigators now believe that he was living in southern california at that time. 5:05 right now. new this morning, antioch is looking to fix the homeless crisis within its borders. city council is considering hiring what they call a special coordinator to look into fixes such as overnight rv parking, tiny home communities and renting out hotel rooms to the homeless. at the same meeting last night the city council gave itself a raise, starting in 2020 earn roughly $1,600 a month. for the last 12 years they made about $940 a month. the last pay raise was approved in 2006. neighbors are rattled after the discovery of a homemade pipe bomb in the east bay. a bomb squad from walnut creek was called to martinez yesterday to dismantle it. this after martinez police say that it was just sitting in the front yard on wayne street. police also say that there have been a house and a number of times those neighbors say there have been problems there in the past. >> that rv has been there,
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they're not supposed to be living in it. you see people coming and going. >> we're not selling drugs out of the house, nothing like that. there's kids here. >> neighbors say they will reach out to city leaders about the issue. 5:07. south bay housing advocates teaming up to provide free grocery toies to residents livin affordable housing units. the food will be offered twice a month at several housing locations in san jose. a recent hot weather has been unwelcome for some,nless you are a wine maker. >> the last blast of heat was not enough to kick off this year's grape harvest, in the east bay steve berman of three steves winery in livermore tells us his pinot noir grapes are ready to be harvested but he says this year has been a bit challenging because late rains knocked off some of the blooms, and the quality of those grapes on the other hand -- >> the taste is outstanding.
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i'm very excited to see what we're going to get. some of the later grapes to come in are cabernet sauvignon, which some of these grapes are. they took longer to change colors, where it goes from the greenish color to the redskin and so that suggests we're a little bit behind this year but we've had a few hot days and we're up for a few more hot days so it might turn into a great growing season. >> local clergy will bless the grapes later this morning in livermore to kick off the wine harvest. >> might be a good time to head on out, kari. >> i think so. as you make plans maybe we'll see the humidity sticking with us today as they get to harvest those xwragrapes today in liver. highs reaching 90 degrees so hot but cooling down the next couple of days into the mid 80s. as we look at all of our high temperatures for today, 93 will be the high in antioch, so we're coming down from the high heat we had to start out the week,
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but it's still pretty hot when you factor in that humidity, and it feels muggy out there, with a few clouds passing by today at morgan hill, reaching 89 degrees. we'll be up to 77 in oakland. santa rosa 79, while ukiah today reaches 95 degrees. we'll talk about what's ahead for the weekend coming up. mike, you're seeing the lanes change at the bay bridge. >> that's right. the distribution through the lanes. we still have your same numbers and same distribution of hov, fastrak and cash lanes. the cash lanes starting to consolidate toward the toll plaza as they've all opened now and the fastrak lanes starting to fill in, that happens just about 5:00 a.m. we're getting ready for the metering lights right on schedule i think, over the next ten minutes. no problems on the approach to contra costa county, not even a slowing right now for highway 4 so we'll track that out of antioch and vasco road moves smoothly toward 580 out of brentwood and discovery bay. a smooth drive forever the rest of the bay. we're talking about a nice flow of traffic. a live look through fremont and
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northbound no delays into hayward, san leandro and eventually oakland. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it's 5:09 right now. coming up, a warning especially for parents and students. the popular contigo reusable water bottle are under recall this morning. we'll tell you about the danger they could pose. you've seen airline safety videos. i'm going to show you a new one i really want you to see. and scott, i don't know but, if you tried to but i could not find a popeyes chicken sandwich anywhere. up next who popeye's is saying about all of this. i hope they have something good to say. we'll be right back. you're watching "today in the bay." it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
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good wednesday morning. right now at 5:13, stepping out the door. it feels nice but it's going to heat up and we still have that high humidity. we're headed up to 90 in concord. this is the last day of the humidity and the heat. flashing lights north through a palo alto and the construction zone clearing north of there. should be slowing for a couple of minutes. we'll track that on the peninsula and the changes over there in the east bay. we'll talk about mass transit as well, coming up. good morning, happy wednesday to you. the founders of amazon and facebook have both sold millions
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of dollars in their own company stock. normally this might be a bit alarming, but they have projects that they spend money on. jeff bezos spends billions of dollars on his rockets. zuckerberg has zuckerberg charity and pays for it with facebook stock. facebook says it will crack down harder on political ads. not ohm do they want to know who is paying for them, facebook will demand tax i.d. ahead of the 2020 presidential elections. i'd be surprised if you knew who this guy is but he's stirring up washington. he's will cram dudley, used to be the vice chairman of the federal open markets committee the group that decides interest rates. he suggested the fed not order lower rates to hurt president trump's chance in 2020. he says this is a legitimate idea because the fed is supposed to protect the american economy. in an op-ed published in bloomberg he wrote "trump's
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re-election arguably presents a threat to the u.s. and global economy to the fed's independence and its ability to achieve employment and inflation on jikti iobjectives." he says it is for the good of all of us, this is exactly the political fight the fed is trying to avoid. the current fed governors were quick to distance themselves from this wild idea. peloton bike filed the paperwork for an ipo. the exercise bikemakerr clothing rack maker depending how you use it, the company is worth billions. a thought this was interesting our consumer reporter chris chmura was tweeting about the safety video from japan airlines, different from safety safety briefings, warnings about this guy, don't take your luggage with you when you go out onto the slide. you're going to get caught up and this happens. this is a graphic look at what could happen if you do.
5:16 am
we've seen video from crashes of people taking hand luggage out of the planes. don't do that. i'll take one more controversial idea here and say don't take video, and we shouldn't be running the video of those sorts of things either, because just get off the plane. >> it's an emergency. >> it indeed is. >> thank you very much. right now a warning for parents really important if your kids drink from the contigo reusable water bottles check the lid. the company is issuing a recall. it says the spout can come off and choke a child. contigo says it got 149 reports of those spouts coming off, so it's recalling 5 million water bottles. no doubt a lot of people getting their lunches ready for their kids so make sure if you've got that contigo water bottle, no deaths or injuries were reported but certainly we don't want any kids injured. take a look here, you can
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see right here if you're looking to indulge in the viral trend of eating popeye's new chicken sandwich you have to wait. the fast food chain has completely sold out in less than a month. i have a friend who was in vegas who bought one not only monday but tuesday. hmm. >> that's why they're out. >> so according to the video posted on popeye's twitter page, that's what they say. the company says it plans to bring the items back as soon as possible. >> it's the hype, come on! >> i know, i wanted one. the fast food chain has been on twitter, really social media battle with chick-fil-a, inspiring consumers to taste the new sandwich for themselves. >> look at this. look at chick-fil-a. >> i posted this on my facebook page this picture. i went to two different popeye's on sunday, one of them said they were sold out, the other said we don't sell those sandwiches after 5:00. >> really? >> turn into pump kinkins?
5:18 am
what happens? pumpkin spice? >> i don't know if this is real or not but it says fyi, we don't run out of chicken sandwiches. >> i didn't know you were on such a quest to get this chicken sandwich. >> when people talk about something, you know you don't want to miss a movement. >> i understand now, thank you. >> when it comes back i'll be one of the first in line and i'll let you all know about it, trust me. >> good to know. i don't think i've ever hadeyes before. >> really? we should get them. do you like spicy? there's a jalapeno pepper. >> kari is like -- >> i don't have time to run over town for a chicken sandwich. i'm like, whatever. so this morning as you get ready to head out, a live look in emeryville with a mostly clear view. we are seeing the fog linger along the coastline and also we are going to see that stay throughout the day, and it's going to keep the coast cool but the inland areas hot again, along with some higher humidity.
5:19 am
pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station temperatures will be at about 64 degrees as you step out the door. we're going to stay in the 60s through 9:00 and then see our temperatures starting to warm up. it's still not bad at lunch time at 79 degrees and as you head out the door for school this morning in hayward, we're going to see our san jose at 63 degrees at 7:00, so the walk to school is looking good. it will start to feel a little bit more muggy as we go throughout the day and highs reaching into the 80s eventually reaching 87 degrees, but this is much cooler than the way we started the week. livermore up to 90. 84 in napa and santa rosa reaching 79 degrees. so the high pressure moving away, that's what's caused really high heat and we are going to also see some tropical clouds moving through today, and then as we go closer to the weekend, some cooling headed our way, as this area of low pressure approaches the pacific northwest, we'll see a shift in our winds and look at saturday's
5:20 am
forecast. 85 degrees. 91 for some of our hotter spots on sunday, and san francisco more 60s than 70s in the forecast. headed over to mike, you're starting with the crews on highway 101. >> we saw the flashing lights and traffic breaks going on, typical just after 5:00 and so we're looking now at traffic starting to smooth out and no more flashing lights no, more lanes closed. i saw one more flashing light truck traveling northbound. they picked up the last of the cones as you come up through palo alto and into menlo park. slow crew clearing from the little blips, clear by the time you get to marsh no, more construction there and no problems, green all over the bay. we are looking at some changes here. a little volume increase for highway 4 so there is slowing in pittsburg headed toward bay point. concord and walnut creek are clear right now. over here the bay bridge toll plaza, you see the changing sensors from green to orange and yellow on the backup, filling in the toll plaza. metering lights turning on right now. the fastrak lanes slowing down a bit.
5:21 am
mass transit no delays. a great start with all of these. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up a peninsula landlord accused of trying to push out tenants with threats of force. plus clashes at the border between mexico and guatemala, the crisis that led to an altercation between african migrants and mexico's national guard. you're watching "today in the bay."
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a family under attack on the peninsula. suspected robbers kicking down their door and shutting off power. mountain view police say it was a plot and their landlord was behind it. the violence was over a rental dispute and the landlord allegedly decided to forcibly remove a family from the home. five suspects have been arrested. the family says they had just
5:24 am
moved in, though they had an agreement for a set price but the property manager they say started harassing them and the attack happened. 5:23 right now. continuing coverage, police explaining how a man stole police cruiser monday night, he actually ended up crashing it into two children, so sadly, in dayton, ohio. first told but this story yesterday here on "today in the bay." >> and police say raymond walters jr. was going nearly 5 1 00 miles an hour when he crashed into a mini van, killing those two children inside. officials say that it all began when that suspect allegedly stabbed his father and crashed the truck into a tree. a police officer responded to the crash and that's when walters got inside the police cruiser and the deadly crash happened. >> 5:24. drama the at border between mexico and guatemala, clashes between african migrants and the mexican national guard. this is video from a human rights group. mexico sealed off the migrant camp. the migrants are demanding documents to move north to the
5:25 am
united states but they've been trapped for weeks due to changes in mexico's migration policy. oregon senator jeff merkley is squarely in the center of an immigration debate, this youtube video showing him being turned away from a border detention facility earlier this year. he recently authored a book called "america is better than this: tru this: trump's war against migrant events." a book signing will follow. 5:25 and when it comes to baseball, here is something more rare than the perfect game or even a four homer night. >> an indoor rain delay. it happened during last night's brewers game in milwaukee, even though miller park has a retractable roof. the problem is, someone forgot to close it, and the delay lasted about ten minutes. really there's nothing like a perfectly thrown fastball especially when it's a juicy red tomato. new video of the only food fight
5:26 am
that makes news every year, it's the annual tomatina festival in the spanish town of bunol. 145 tons of oven ripe tomatoes were tossed and don't worry about the food waste. foodies say the tomatoes are not very good eating. >> i'd say. it's all over them. coming up, the top stories we're following on this wednesday morning. >> including a school district in one of the biggest cities in the east bay is getting the first middle school ever. the reason behind the change and how this will impact students when they head to class this morning. plus the latest on the breaking news we've been following in the south bay, since we came on air at 4:30 this morning. a man brutally stabbed at a gas station near busy hay way 17. live pictures from the scene next. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza that daily backup we see there. mike inouye will get us through that commute, coming up in a bit. kari is going to let you know what you can expect with the weather today. it is 5:26 right now.
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you're watching "today in the bay."
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and good wednesday morning to you. let's take a live look outside, where are we now? sfo. are you leaving town or do you have people coming in? thanks for starting your morning here. we're already here so you don't you worry about it. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get a look at the forecast with kari. how are we looking for today? >> it looks good but still a bit humid for our taste and as we get a live look outside in fremont, as you step out the door, we have some low 60s here and a few clouds but it clears out going throughout the day, and our noon temperature will be 80 degrees, eventually reaching into the upper 80s. we're going to see a high of 90
5:30 am
in livermore and so as you can see, all across the bay area, slightly cooler than what we've seen lately but a wide range from the coast to the inland valleys. we'll look ahead to the weekend coming up in six minutes. mike, the metering lights are on. >> not a surprise. it's 5:30 right now. we're looking at green sensors, that's a treat all around the bay. south bay we have that wrebreak news coming up in a second. the rest of the freeways, 84 shows slowing as the volume starts to build coming out of the pleasant hill, livermore. 238 slows out of castro valley. no surprises toward the bay bridge where the metering lights are on. marcus showed that before we took that last commercial break. no problems for walnut creek and mild slowing, pittsburg and bay point and the san mateo bridge yesterday, a ton of problems morning and evening commute. right now very pleasant across. back to you, marcus. >> thank you, mike.
5:31 am
nltds i. a live look at east hamilton avenue off of highway 17. according to the manager there this overnight attendant says a man was stabbed several times. the victim was transported to the hospital. we're working to find out his condition this morning. so far police are not confirming anything, include a suspect description or possible motive. kris sanchez is there and will have a live report at the top of the hour. we're following breaking news along mexico's east coast. at least 23 people killed overnight after an attack at a bar in veracruz. 13 people were hurt. investigators think a fire started when someone threw gasoline bombs into the bar. so far, there are no arrests. the state governor is suggesting gang activity is connected to this attack. this an exciting day for hundreds of students in fremont. they'll become the first middle schoolers ever for that district. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live for us at walters middle school. bob, this really has been years
5:32 am
in the making and just the first chance like this for the district. >> reporter: marcus and laura, fremont unified is one of the few school districts that still has junior high schools that house only seventh and eighth grade students but when classes begin today, walters junior high behind me will become walters middle school so not only just for seventh and eighth gladers but for sixth graders as well, just like a traditional middle school. within the past 24 hours, the district cut ribbon on the 22 new class rrooms added to accommodate the 600 extra sixth graders. elementary schools in the kennedy attendance area that served walters now have extra space since they are now just k through 5. the district says that convert together middle school model also helps align grade levels to state standards. now eventually all sixth grader also move outf the district's
5:33 am
28 elementary schools. horner is scheduled to convert next year. thornton, centerville and hopkins in the subsequent three years. the conversion is being paid by the $650 million measure ebond that voters passed in 2014. reporting live in fremont, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. san francisco is looking to better help students dealing with stress, depression, bullying, even suicidal thoughts. mayor london breed is allocating more than $3 million to fund new mental health programs at public schools. right now san francisco unitide schools are each allotted only one nurse and one social worker. the new funding will also allow some middle schools and high schools to hire a wellness coach. the suspected drunk driver accused of hitting a rideshare car and killing a woman in santa clara is expected in court today. the driver 32-year-old claudio perez of san jose facing multiple charges. investigators say perez was
5:34 am
driving intoxicated and slammed his car into an uber on lawrence expressway over the weekend. one of the passengers in the uber car died. she was 28-year-old carol major, an apple worker. her friend and the uber driver suffered serious injuries. in the north bay, a petaluma man has been arrested in connection with a brush fire that burned out of control in marin. it happened yesterday afternoon west of fairfax and woodacre. the so-called spirit fire burned 16 acres and is nearly fully contained this morning. sheriff deputies say that man flagged down deputies claiming he started the fire. he claims that he tried to stop those flames but the fire quickly grew out of control. there were some evacuation warnings, they are now lifted. there is a possible fix to san francisco's leaning and sinking millennium tower. yesterday a panel of engineers signed off on a $100 million plan to prop up the troubled high-rise. this is a story we've been covering for years. our exclusive investigation unit
5:35 am
reports prompted a city to probe. experts say that problem is that it's not anchored to bedrock so it started sinking as water was taken out of the ground during the nearby construction project. engineers approved a plan to drill 52 miles along two sides of the building that would go into bedrock. ongoing overnight closures on eye way 4 will be an issue -- won't be an issue when the holiday weekend arrives. that's good news, right? last friday cal trans began two weeks of closures in both directions for work on the interchange at 680. detours are in effect from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. every night but work will stop after tomorrow night's closure and get a break and pick up next tuesday. >> nice. >> some relief i guess. >> and the crews get the labor day weekend, because they are laboring overnight. in general even though it's approved until 5:00, they've been picking it up around 4:00. we'll keep that in mind so good stuff. i hope i didn't jinx you.
5:36 am
if i did, don't blame me anyway. east bay, tri-valley looking great. green sensors even out of the tri-valley. we're looking at antioch, highway 4 a little bit of slowing right there as you come by summersville. we are watching for the build, no dramatic changes. looking at the approach and the speeds on the east shore freeway, and bay bridge toll plaza, sorry, san rafael, the bay bridge toll plaza you know the lanes are backed up. san rafael a nice smooth start so the curve is here, just ator it teralinda. >> nice. >> wednesday a lot of people anticipating the weekend. >> time to make weekend plans. let's talk about it. it will still be hot in the valleys and cool for the coast. we'll see some low 70s on saturday, and the bay reaching 84. 92 in the valleys and a lot of sunshine. on sunday, more of the same. it's all about where you go and a short drive can really change
5:37 am
your temperatures. if you're going to head out this weekend to the millbrae art and wine festival, it is going to be great, reaching into the low 70s there. just a few clouds passing by, but overall, some really comfortable temperatures, and then on saturday, we also have the morgan hill blues festival, and that will be a great event to check out, but during the middle of the day, we're in the upper 80s, and then coming down to the low 70s by 8:00 in the evening. if you're headed out of town, going to yosemite this weekend, it will be probably the best day will be on friday. 79 degrees will be the high temperature. saturday 82, and starting to warm up on sunday into the mid 80s, while santa cruz holds steady in the mid-70s for both saturday and sunday, for those highs, and russian river valley expect a high of 87 degrees on saturday. that's the warmest day, and then just slightly cooler on sunday. let me know about your weekend plans. it may be a long holiday weekend for you. i'm @karihallweather on twitter,
5:38 am
facebook and on instagram. we'll talk about today's temperature trend in three minutes. >> thanks, kari. 5:37 right now. the anticipation is certainly building in studio 1a as hoda prepares to return to the "today" show next week. >> everyone is sharing their excitement. here is craig melvin. >> i am so looking forward to september 3rd because that is the day hoda kotb is back at 1a, backing athe desk bringing that incredible energy, wringing that spirit as well that gets us all going each and every morning. >> we will have more from the team throughout the week, including alan carson. we will count down with the "today" family as they get back together again, coming up for you on tuesday. >> looking forward to that. coming up next, hunkering down and preparing for dorian. the tropical storm set to slam puerto rico. how people there are getting ready and how they're tracking it all as it is moving closer to the u.s. minuteland. as you're watching puerto rico we're watching washington
5:39 am
and its preparations for the storm as well. and holy cow, or should i say bulls? up next, the mystery in the south bay as these bulls appear in the evening, and then they disappear before sunrise. we investigate, next. you're watching "today in the bay." it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's the last chance to save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 36-months. ends labor day.
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good wednesday morning. at 5:41, we are starting out with low 60s and a clear start over the south bay. we're going to see more clouds moving in and get that camera
5:42 am
ready. it will be a beautiful sunrise. willow glen at 63 degrees and low 70s at 11:00. 80 degrees at 1:00 today as we have another day above normal. we'll talk about a slight cooldown in the forecast coming up in less than five minutes. >> kari we have our camera ready over oakland. look at the nimitz, it will look nice in the sunrise as well. right now it's flowing smoothly. the volume builds toward the bay bridge with the backup. we'll talk about all those commutes coming up. people in one san jose neighborhood say bulls and cows are seemingly moving in. >> they've been eating their grass and leaving a trail of droppings behind. our crews shot this video just last night. we saw five bulls casually strolling by as they walked in and out of front yards. neighbors on white tail lane in silver creek say it started about two months ago. >> this is residential area, it is not a ranch. ? sometimes they're on the
5:43 am
driveway when you come home. it's very scary. >> used to be ranching area there. no one knows who the cows belongs to. one of the owners blames people who party in linear park. they've knocked down fences he says, allowing the animals to wander off. san bruno parents find a teenaged boy in their daughter's closet but they are the ones who are arrested. now they are facing assault and hate crime charges. haiti and wilfred agrillo say they are innocent. they discovered the 17-year-old boy hiding in their daughter's closet last week. the teenager is accusing the mother, the stepdad as well as the girl's biological father of attacking and making racial slurs against him. the parents were released from jail earlier this week. they tell us they're not racist, just stunned and scared. >> happy because i'm still with my family and still alive. they're okay, nobody get hurt of my family, but at the same time all these things is like it's a
5:44 am
lot confusing about my mind because we was in jail is not anything like happy inside there, but we still here. >> the family said the daughter had invited the teen into the home, that he'd been hiding in the closet for two days. they also contend he physically injured them. child protective services now has custody of that daughter. >> it's 5:44. san jose is helping homeowners build granny flats in their backyard. the city sees the tiny houses as key in addressing its housing crisis. this week, mayor sam liccardo announced a series of measures to simplify the home building process including a one-stop shop style website. applicants can get their permits for the homes in as little as 90 minutes. >> 5:44 for you right now. the race for 2020 continues to take shape. >> this morning we'll find out what democratic candidates will move forward in the debates, scott mcgrew. >> that's right. there's nothing stopping candidates who don't make t laura, in to the september
5:45 am
debates from running but it will hard to generate funds and attention if they get left out. 20 candidates in the last debates. candidates now need four polls showing them at least 2% or higher. tom steyer, kirsten gillibrand, tulsi gabbert and marianne williamson will not qualify. >> it is not letting me vote what i want to vote for. >> video of a voter in mississippi having trouble voting for the candidate of his choice in the republican primary for governor. we haven't verified the authenticity but the state does say this machine was taken out of service. there's always been concern about electronic voting machines that have no paper backup. that machine changed the vote in front of the voter, but the fear is there are those that could change the vote and nobody would know. e house has passed several bills acrossing some inin inin of these concerns. the trump administration
5:46 am
proposed this long before we knew the tropical storm dorian was headed toward puerto rico. could you make the argument there is a humanitarian crisis at the border, but just potential new damage in puerto rico. president trump has declared an emergency for puerto rico, authorizing fema to start emergency relief. a few minutes ago he criticized either the storm's path or puerto rico's position in the ocean. we're tracking closely tropical storm dorian as it heads, as usual, to puerto rico. fema and all others are ready and will do a great job, and then they could, let them know it. give them a big thank you, not like last time. that includes the incompetent mayor of san juan. we'll be watching the situation, tweeting about it. marcus, i know you have your eye on it as well. >> that's right, scott. new images showing the heavy flooding from dorian in martinique is looking more and more like dorian may cross directly over puerto rico and may reach hurricane strength when it passes. dorian is expected to arrive by midday. people who live there are nerve
5:47 am
u us and trying to brace for themselves. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: tomorrow the winds will pick up and so will the rain. we have to prepare now. >> that was one woman speaking with a reporter yesterday. of course puerto rico is still recovering from hurricane maria which ravaged the island in 2017. dorian is on track to hit somewhere along florida's central coast and may become a category 2 hurricane when it strikes. kari, certainly that's something a lot of people need to be mindful of. the hurricane could get stronger and could also weaken as well. >> it could weaken but with the warm water in that region, it is going to cause it to strengthen. as we look at the storm now, we are expecting it to continue on a northwesterly track once it moves past puerto rico. this may be a problem for the east coast of florida. this will possibly cause a lot of problems going into the labor
5:48 am
day weekend, and shing we'll have to watch for our friends and family and not only in puerto rico but also in florida. as you get ready to head out the door in dublin this morning, skies are all clear and our temperatures are in the lower 60s. that morning commute will be a little bit warmer in antioch, at 68 degrees, and then at 8:00, we're at 72 degrees. more people getting up and heading out the door and it's going to be warming up into the mid 80s by noon. eventually reaching 93 in antioch today, but these temperatures are actually cooler than what we've seen to start out this work week, but it's still going to feel muggy out there today with san jose reaching 87 degrees. 84 in napa, 95 in ukiah. s with' look at what's happening here, high pressure set up across the region and some tropical clouds streaming into the bay area, the remnants of what was tropical storm ivo continues to move in. going into the weekend, we'll have some cooling, as this area of low pressure moves into the
5:49 am
pacific northwest. that for us changes the wind flow and it's going to make it feel a little bit better, as that humidity drops, going into the end of the week, into the weekend. our inland temperatures today in the upper 80s. 86 for the high tomorrow, and then 88 degrees on friday. look at saturday, that looks pretty good, reaching 85 degrees, and one of the cooler days in the seven-day forecast. san francisco staying in the upper 60s to lower 70s, and i think the fog will linger along the coast today, as well as the next several days, with our temperatures in the mid-70s for saturday, sunday and into the start of next week. headed over to mike you've been keeping an eye on the bay bridge. >> that's right. we'll start with these, the metering lights of course turned on. typical time, the fastrak lanes still movement. we just want to see movement at the bay bridge toll plaza and we do. hov lanes, these folks good, good decision to get three or more in the vehicle. now that's the approach and the maze and nothing surprising there. a little build for the upper
5:50 am
east shore freeway. it's over here, way over there, west highway 4 at hillcrest we have a crash involving a motorcycle and motorcycle reportedly ran into the back of a truck so this could be a major injury situation. still waiting to find out more details on that. i know we have two lanes open and one or two lanes closed depending on how close it is to the on-ramp there at hillcrest avenue. you may have one and a half lanes depending on how the lanes are splitting there. this is jamming folks up out of antioch, off of the bridge coming from rio vista. this may send more folks down in through brentwood if they choose to go the other route, down toward vasco that could increase some slowing. right now things are looking standard toward 580 and also the dublin interchange. no major problems there. the green sensors around the bay and here is san jose with the first burst that kicked in about ten minutes ago north of 680 right there for 101. no surprises and nice easy ride for the transit agencies, good stuff, marcus. back to you. >> thanks, mike.
5:51 am
>> the giants dream turnaround is suddenly turning into a nightmare, but first, the giants were not the only ones with their hands full last night at oracle, as the game before that game, the giants took another step back in the playoff race. a base hit in the seventh inning gave arizona a 3-1 lead. the diamondbacks won 3-2. even though the giants debuted a new reliever, with so-called submarine delivery. look at it right here, his name, tyler rogers and he has a lot of buzz. he also has a twin brother taylor, who is now the closer in minnesota. have you heard of this one before, baseball is a funny game. two nights ago in kansas city, all that was a distant memory against the royals. instead the a's scored just two runs but they made them count. the base hit in the second by marcus siemian ended up being enough because the a's came up big in the field, check out this
5:52 am
catch from rookie outfielder seth brown. the a's win it 2-1, and they are still holding on to the second wildcard spot. and happening now, fishing boats and packing ships help rescue people from a burning ferry in southern philippine waters overnight. nearly 200 passengers were on board at the time. a 1-year-old girl and two other people are confirmed dead. the coast guard is still searching for survivors right now. the fire apparently started in the ferry's engine room. if you're ready to make your kids lunch for school, you'll want to stick around for this story, an important recall to tell you about and the danger it actually may pose to your kids. plus -- >> i'm sure you've all heard about cbd. >> a football star throwing his support behind the booming business of cbd oil. his emotional message to the nfl and other professional sports leagues about player health. you're watching "today in the bay." here's one you guys will like.
5:53 am
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welcome back. 5:55. our team is always on social media. check out this photo kari hall shared on instagram. beautiful tropical clouds over the bay area. kari says thanks to the remnants of tropical storm ivo. be sure to join and follow kari on facebook, twitter and
5:56 am
instagram. angry parents and students are sounding off with a plan critics call lunch shaming. >> it's a story making national headlines. in new jersey the plan calls for alternative lunches such as tuna fish sandwiches to children between $10 and $20 in debt that would deny lunch to kids whose families owe more than $to. here is what some had to say. >> i don't think any student should have to wear that scarlet letter around every day. >> you still continue to feed the kids. you don't forget about it. what lesson are you saying there? >> outstanding lunch debt totals $18,000. some families can't afford to pay the debt. others refuse to pay. they'll revise a policy for next month. the school district says they cannot and will not deny a child food regardless of debt. a warning for parents if your kids drink from contigo
5:57 am
reusable water bottles, you might want to check the lid. the company issuing a recall for bottles. it says the spout can come off, choking the child. contigo got 149 spouts coming off and recalling 5 million water bottles. no deaths or injuries are reported. dozens of cars were damaged in southern california, just outside of san diego. new and used cars stored near the mile of cars damaged in the fires. flames burned brush in several vehicles parked within a chain-link fence. authorities say 21 cars were totalled and five others damaged. no word on what started that fire. 5:57 right now. new details investigators say a grass fire that scorched several homes and businesses in portland, oregon, was set on purpose. monday's fire started at an abandoned driving range. wind helped it quickly spread. eventually it reached a parking
5:58 am
lot where about 50 cars burned. investigators are not saying how it started. while it was set intentionally, so far it is not being called arson. cbd oil is a booming business and a big name in sports is now lending his support. rob gronkowski is partnering with a cbd company. the former tight end is working to launch a line of all-natural fitness oriented recovery products. gronk says he would advocate for the use of cannabis extract to help athletes in the nfl and other professional sports. >> and wherever i go, patriots fans always ask, am i coming back, when i'm coming back. i needed to recover. i was not in a good place. football was bringing me down and i didn't like it. and i was losing that joy in life. >> gronkowski did leave the door open for a possible return to football if he reaches "another
5:59 am
level with my body." still feels passionate about the sported athat time. a critical endanger frog species is making a comeback at the frog zoo in czech republic. >> the tadpoles of the offspring of adult frogs the zoo received from the denver zoo, the first zoo anywhere to successfully breed the amphibians. the backup populations are necessary because the lakes where the frogs come from in bolivia are considered to be heavily polluted. that means the frog could soon be extinct in the wild. right now at 6:00, there's been a gas station stabbing, a disturbing attack in the south bay while you were sleeping. what the station's manager is telling us about the violence. plus credit card skimmers, you know how these work. all new for you this hour, the spot along the peninsula where would-be thieves struck again. plus -- >> grape, put the juice on
6:00 am
there. >> a brand new look this morning at the harvest in the east bay. the weather challenges growers tell us they're facing. "today in the bay" continues right now a very quoorng to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike will have the commute in a moment. first kari hall, another warm one today? >> it's still to be hot and humid but after today we'll shake this humidity. let's get you out the door in palo alto as you get ready to step out this morning. we have some clouds moving through, and it will be in the low 60s. expect some low 80s by noontime, eventually reaching our high temperature of 81 degrees. san jose 87. you can see these numbers are lower than the way we started this week, but it's still going to feel quite warm in some of our north bay valleys. i'll have more on this and mike, you have more info on that motorcycle crash. >> i do, we're


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