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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 28, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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there. >> a brand new look this morning at the harvest in the east bay. the weather challenges growers tell us they're facing. "today in the bay" continues right now a very quoorng to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike will have the commute in a moment. first kari hall, another warm one today? >> it's still to be hot and humid but after today we'll shake this humidity. let's get you out the door in palo alto as you get ready to step out this morning. we have some clouds moving through, and it will be in the low 60s. expect some low 80s by noontime, eventually reaching our high temperature of 81 degrees. san jose 87. you can see these numbers are lower than the way we started this week, but it's still going to feel quite warm in some of our north bay valleys. i'll have more on this and mike, you have more info on that motorcycle crash. >> i do, we're tracking that for
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highway 4. looking at the bottom of a screen, crash on 87 and slowing that did clear to the shoulder. this exclamation point is part of our next big story. the slowdown continues to build, the motorcycle crash blocks your two left lanes at hillcrest, westbound highway 4, jammed up from about laurel and building coming out of antioch and that is an issue also the brentwood area but the deal is that injuries sounds like they're at least not so severe that they couldn't move the motorcycle rider. the rider was sitting in the back of a pickup nearby. the rest of the bay approach toward the bay bridge moves smoothly, a crash moved to the shoulder at the toll plaza. we'll check on that next. a man is clinging to life after a brutal stabbing at a south bay gas station. >> it happened right off of highway 17 and campbell. kris sanchez there right now. kris, anything new from police this morning? >> reporter: well, it looks like they're starting to wrap up their crime scene investigation here at the shell gas station.
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you can see them picking up some of their investigative tools there, but they did have 3-d cameras capturing the scene and we've seen surveillance cameras on the buildings so perhaps they're looking at video from that as well. investigators have been here for hours at the gas station off east hamilton off highway 17, a pretty buzzy csy corridor. after 1:00 a man was stabbed here. the overnight attendant saw the whole thing happen, said that man was stabbed nef ebed severas he was near the gas pumps. the victim was transported to the hospital. we don't know his specific condition this morning. campbell police have not told us whether or not they have a description of the suspect but if you were in this area around the 1:00 hour this morning and you saw something, you should give campbell police a call. in campbell, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> kris, thank you. new overnight for you, uk prime minister boris johnson is asking the queen to temporarily
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suspend parliament. opponents see this move as an attempt to make it harder for lawmakers who want to thwart the prime minister's plan for brexit. that deadline for britain to leave the european union is october 31st. the news has sent the pound falling. so far the buckingham palace is declining to comment. back here in the bay area, today marks one month since the deadly mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. three people were killed when a gunman opened fire in christmas hill park. the gunman later killed himself. the city council approved a temporary memorial at the location of last month's mass shooting. there are plans the council approved, the 30-foot palm tree in christmas hill park will be draped with blue prayer flags and a split rail fence with 16 posts, one more every person injured in the attack. there will be three boulders to represent the victims. the mem legal will include an
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area people can leave behind candles and other items. happening today, ohio's governor introduces plans to strengthen gun control laws in the wake of the rampage that killed nine people in dayton. the rampage lasted less than a minute before responding officers shot and killed the xwnmxw gunman. today governor mike dewine announces that his 17-point plan which would include expanded background checks and red flag law, he is a republican that governor, and even members of his own party suggest that his proposal may face an uphill battle in the state legislature. the man accused in the attack of a woman caught on camera outside of a san francisco condo will be back in court today. austin vincent's attorney says he'll ask a judge to release him and to wear an ankle monitor, until that trial takes place. that attack happened earlier this month on the embarcadero, also there's a new twist. authorities have now dropped separate assault charges against vincent, tied to a violent incident in february. the charges had been filed when
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the victim identified him from the condo attack video, but investigators now believe he was living in southern california at the time. new for you this morning, antioch is looking to fix the homeless crisis within its borders. the city council is considering hiring what they call a special coordinator to look into fixes such as overnight rv parking, tiny home communities, and renting out motel rooms to the homeless. at the same meeting last night, the city council gave itself a raise, starting in 2020, they'll start earning roughly $1600 a month. for the last 12 years they made about $940 a month. the last pay raise was approved in 2006. >> it's 6:05. neighbors rattled after the discovery of a homemade pipe bomb in theine. i bomb squad from walnut creek was called from martinez to dismantle it, after martinez police say it was sitting in a front yard on wayne street. police also say they've been to that house a number of times. neighbors say there have been
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problems in the past. >> the rv is there, you're not supposed to be living in it. people are coming and going. >> we're not selling drugs out of the house, nothing like that. there's kids here. >> neighbors will reach out to city leaders about the issue. new at 6:00, a warning if you have recently filled up your gas tank on the peninsula, credit card skimmers were just discovered at a gas station in woodside. workers at the chevron on woodside road found those devices attached to the pumps. now the san mateo county sheriff's office is trying to crack down and track down more information. this isn't the first time this chevron has been targeted by thieves. according to one yelp reviewer his credit card number has been stolen at the gas station five times in the past two years. 6:06. our recent hot weather has really been unwelcoming unless you're a winemaker. >> this last blast of heat was good enough to kick off this year's grape harvest in the east bay.
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east bay steve berman of three steves winery in livermore tells us his pinot noir grapes are ready to be harvested but he says this year has been a bit challenging because late rains knocked off some of the blooms, and the quality of those grapes on the other hand -- >> the taste is outstanding. i'm very excited to see what we're going to get. some of the later grapes to come in are cabernet sauvignon, which some of these grapes are. they took longer to change colors, where it goes from the greenish color to the red skin and so that suggests we're a little bit behind this year but we've had a few hot days and we're up for a few more hot days so it might turn into a great growing season. >> local clergy will bless the grapes later this morning in livermore to kick off the wine harvest. >> you see, kari, a lot of times we're complaining about the heat but hey, somebody's enjoying it. >> the grapes really get sweet in some high heat and also my garden is doing pretty well in this heat. so it's been good for some, but just getting out the door this
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morning, it is already warm and you feel that humidity, we're at 63 in livermore right now, as well as 63 in oakland, and we talk about the wine harvest over the next few days in the tri-valley. it's going to be pretty hot out there today with some low 90s, but then we'll drop it back a few more degrees, headed into the next couple of days. let's go hour by hour for all of our microclimates. we take you to lunch time. concord is at 84. we're at 83 in cupertino and san francisco at 69 degrees. mid 80s for the south bay, while we start to see low 90s in the tri-valley. antioch at 88 degrees and hitting the low 90s for today, but we're not going to have the weather that's been so hot to start out the week. it's starting to come down and i'll have a look at that and what else is ahead coming up in a few minutes. mike, you're checking up on the bay bridge toll plaza. >> there were reports of a fender bender but one of the vehicles involved in that was a big rig, so that will be over on the shoulder, the right
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shoulder. some spectator slowing undoubtedly. the cash lanes off to the left approach between the fastrak and hov lanes are lightening up. this is typical about this time of morning, we'll see it pack in over the next 20 minutes likely. all of the folks coming down off the upper east shore freeway. the backup on the left lanes will be fed by the maze and that shows more slowing as well. we still have this issue west highway 4 slow from laurel past the antioch bridge, hillstres, left two lanes blocked by the motorcycle crash. concord shows a build. the south bay, the tri-valley and the peninsula all moving nicely. there is a crash reported on the peninsula highway 101 around peninsula avenue. we'll get more updates. i'll let you know what's going on up there, coming up. back to you. >> 6:09. still ahead, move over, boys. >> pickup date from the women's soccer star whose long field
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goal went viral last week. the hint she's dropping about a possible historic nfl signing. plus you've seen lots of airline safety videos, probably memorized a couple of them. stick around and watch so don't head for the exits. we'll be right back.
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we have a beautiful sunrise over the south bay right now at 6:12, thanks to more humidity, and some high clouds moving
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through. you'll feel the humidity as you step out the door in santa clara and the temperature at 63 degrees. it will still be muggy today, reaching into the low 80s by early afternoon, but our temperatures are coming down. i'll have a look at that and a look at that weekend forecast in less than five minutes. >> and looking at highway 92 westbound, taillights across the san mateo bridge where yesterday it was plagued with crashes. this morning no incidents. you see some of the service lanes right now. we'll check that out as well as what's going on, some of the folks may head past the crash on the peninsula. good morning. a happy wednesday to you. the founders of amazon and facebook have both sold millions of dollars in their own company stock. normally this might be a bit alarming, but they both have projects they spend money on. jeff bezos spends billions of dollars on his rockets. zuckerberg has zuckerberg charity and pays for it with facebook stock.
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facebook says it will crack down harder on political ads. not only do they want to know who is paying for them, facebook will demand tax i.d. ahead of the 2020 presidential elections. i'd be surprised if you knew who this guy is but he's stirring up washington. he's william dudley. he used to be the vice chairman of the federal open markets committee, the group that decides interest rates. he suggested the fed not order lower rates to hurt president trump's chances of winning in 2020. he says this is a legitimate idea because the fed is supposed to protect the american economy. and he says trump is hurting it. in an op-ed published in bloomberg he wrote "trump's re-election arguably presents a threat to the u.s. and global economy to the fed's independence and its ability to achieve employment and inflation on objectives." he argues the fed has a responsibility to stop trump from being reelected.
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it's exactly the kind of political fight the fed is trying to avoid. the current fed governors were quick to distance themselves from this wild idea. peloton bike filed the paperwork for an ipo. the exercise bikemaker or clothing rack maker depending how you use it, will trade on the nasdaq. the company is worth billions. a thought this was interesting our consumer reporter chris chmura was tweeting about the safety video from japan airlines, different from american safety briefings. warnings about this guy, don't take your luggage with you when you go out onto the slide. then causes all these problems. you remember that crash in moscow in may that caught fire, the plane did, after a bumpy emergency landing. video showed people exiting with their luggage and there was the entire possibility -- people died on that flight. there is the possibility that some of that was people getting their luggage. >> exactly, because other people behind them couldn't get off. >> which is insane.
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>> people have that instinct to grab their stuff. >> an interesting "new york times" article about the psychology when you've lost all control, you do stupid stuff. stop and think. >> 6:15 right now. two-time world cup soccer champion carli lloyd appears to be kicking her way into the nfl. maybe if she accepts a possible opportunity from an unidentified team to join the roster. the offer comes after this video of her at the philadelphia eagle practice last week went viral showing her connecting from 55 yards out. what a kick. if she agreed to that deal, the last set of reseason games take place tomorrow night. we'll see. >> i hope so see that. it would be nice to see history. >> quite a boot. >> right now we want to look at what we can expect, the sunrise behind us looking beautiful. what can we expect today? >> it's going to be another warm day for the inland areas but
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cool for the coast and we are all going to see a very nice sunrise. so get the camera ready and you can post the pictures on my facebook or twitter pages. let's check it out from dublin, here is a look at our camera there as the sun comes up over the hills and it's all because we are feeling a little bit more humidity in the air. we'll be at about 62 degrees at 7:00, going from 62 to 65 at k so for some of the later commuters, it is going to be very mild. no need for a jacket this morning and it's going to be heating up again today reaching 89 degrees in east san jose, and 88 degrees in gilroy. the temperatures are lower than when we started the we. we were in triple digits. today in concord reaching 91, that's still warm when you factor in it's going to feel very muggy outside. san francisco 69 degrees is the high along the embarcadero and
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sonoma today reaching 83 degrees. high pressure is moving away, that's causing the heat to back off but we're also drawing in more of the tropical clouds and the higher humidity from the remnants of what was the tropical storm ivo. as we go through the rest of the day, there may be storms firing up over the sierra, but we're going to see more clouds. by the end of the week we see the storm system approaching the pacific northwest and for us, that changes the wind flow. makes us feel a little bit better. as we check out our temperatures for the inland areas, some of our warmer spots reaching the upper 80s. mid 80s tomorrow and drier by the end of the week into the weekend. saturday is a nice day to get outside with some mid 80s and for san francisco upper 60s today. a few more clouds. we'll see the fog moving by the bay and low 70s extending into early next week. mike, you are checking out the hazard lights out of hayward. >> folks check out this live
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look the san mateo bridge westbound we have the hazard lights. no update from chp. they don't have the call in to their report. doesn't mean no one knows about it. bridge crew likely does. if we don't see that come up soon we may call them ourselves anyway since we are watching this. it's in the service area. the slowing on the flat section because the volume builds and getting down there may be an issue for some folks headed down through san leandro, a cash 880 southbound at the 92 interchange partially blocking your fast lane, the center lane separating both directions. that is a distraction for those headed northbound. we'll see if that effects anything that critical hayward junction there. meanwhile the dumbarton bridge moves smoothly. anywhere south of there a typical pattern whether now silicon valley. tri-valley great news over there. the slowdown westbound highway 4 that is clearing now as lanes
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just cleared so recovery good recovery out of antioch. more traffic headed toward pittsburg and bay point and the crash north 101 at millbrae avenue just north of broadway is blocking one lane from what i understand. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:20. you think the line is long at your grocery store, you haven't seen anything yet. next and new this hour, the crazy costco opening that forced the store to shut down early. cial media, check out this ys on photo, this is scott budman, he shared it on twit he, he volunteered to help serve food at a homeless shelter. follow scott on facebook, instagram and twitter for all updates. follow us @nbcbayarea. a product arrives addressed to you, but you never ordered it. so do you have to pay for it? the federal trade comission says no. federal laws prohibit mailing unordered merchandise to consumers and then demanding payment. as for the product?
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the ftc says it's yours. you have a legal right to keep it as a free gift. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. the number is 888-996-tips or online at
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welcome back, everyone. it's 6:23. south bay housing organizations and advocates are teaming up to provide free groceries to residents living in affordable
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housing. the food will be offered twice a month at several housing locations in san jose. ongoing overnight closures on highway 4 will not be an issue in the holiday weekend arriving. last friday cal trans began two weeks of closures for work on interstate 680. detours are in effect from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. every night. work will stop after tomorrow night's closure and it will pick up again on tuesday. dramatic new drone footage showing the devastation in the amazon rain forest. look at all of this here. this is from the recent surge of wildfires. right now forecasts do not show much rain for the region in the near term. the amazon fire fight has also turned into a political football because pla brazilbrazil's ult a ultra conservative president turned down millions from the g7
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because he's in a war of words with president macron who he believes disrespected him. brazil's critics say he should focus on fighting fires, not the french. check this out, china's first ever costco store opened earlier this week but then it was forced to close early because the store grew such massive crowds it caused neighborhood traffic jams. police actually had to come in to restore order. the company even issued an apology on social media. looks like they didn't know what to do with their carts. they will work with local police to lessen the disturbance on neighbors. looks like an average busy costco. new video of the only food fight that makes news every year. how about a judy red toe may know in the kisser? it's the annual tomatina festival in the spanish town of
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bunol. 145 tons of oven ripe tomatoes were tossed and don't worry about the food waste. foodies say the tomatoes are not very good eating. pretty cool there. 6:25. trending this morning, leslie jones leaving "snl." so we won't be able to see any more of our "game of thrones" obsession. >> i assume my lord you are here to avenge the need. >> i am not. >> well, that's unfortunate. >> she's so funny. jones is also known for her olympic coverage. jones is leaving after five seasons. she first worked as a writer for "snl" and then became a cast member as annie. ♪ tomorrow she became a cast member in 2014. she has a netflix comedy special coming up soon along with other film projects. good luck to her. still ahead for you this hour, introducing the star offer, the results of an ambitious test that may bring commercial space travel closer to reality. new school, students from
6:27 am
five different schools all meeting at one today. we're live with what families should expect. first breaking news for you, a deadly fire ripping through a bar in mexico overnight. the rising death toll, the possible intentional calls, and the first look at what's left behind. 6:27. you're watching "today in the bay."
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action. right now at 7:30, a live look at the east bay, rolooking temperatures to rise again in the inland areas. summer is hangi on. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> aimi'm marcus washington. meteorologist kari hall is keeping track of the temperat e temperatures throughout the bay area today. >> it's hot in the valleys and feeling humid while the coast is dealing with the fog and we can see it right over san francisco that will help keep it cool for the coast. school in high ward in the low 60s. a few clouds through about 9:00 and seeing those temperatures warming up it will reach into the low 90s in the inland valleys. highs over 100 degrees which is the way we started this week. up tole 87. >> fremont waking up to first day of school, the last school
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district i know public schools getting back in session. hayward north of there with one of our problems. the other problem is northbound 101 we continue to have one lane blocked perhaps two as crews arife there, northbound 101 just north of broadway, just shy of sfo, that will be a delay if you're taking 101 to sfo. 880 san mateo bridge crews are arriving there. the bay bridge toll plaza has your metering lights on but we'll check out the new crash in walnut creek. back to you. >> thanks, mike. right now, we are following wreaking news along mexico's east coast. at least 23 people were killed overnight after a fire and attack at a bar in the state of veracruz. new photos showing the damage done to the bar. 13 people are hurt. investigators think a fire started when someone threw gasoline bombs into the bar. the state governor is suggesting
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gang activity is connected to the attack. breaking news in the south bay as well, a man is in the hospital after being stabbed at a campbell gas station, this is a live look of east hamilton avenue, the shell station off of highway 17 where investigators just left the scene. we just learned that it started when two cars pulled in to the station in an argument started between two men. that's when one of the policemen was stabbed several times. the victim is said he's going to survive. no one is in custody right now. kris sanchez is there all morning and been out there since we came on the air at 4:30 this morning and will join us with a live report in ten minutes. it is an exciting day for hundreds of students in one fremont school district. there the district's first ever middle school. "today in the bay" bob redell is live. this is years in the making and just the first change like this for the drd.
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>> reporter: yes, marcus, fremont unified is one of the few school districts that still has junior high schools that house only seventh and eighth grade students but when classes begin today, walters junior high behind me will become walters middle school so not only just for seventh and eighth graders but for sixth graders as well, just like a traditional middle school. within the past 24 hours, the district cut ribbon on the 22 new classrooms added to accommodate the 440 extra sixth graders. elementary schools in the kennedy attendance area that served walters now have extra space since they are now just k through 5. the district says converting middle school model also helps align grade levels to state standards. now eventually all sixth grader >> it's better all around for students and parents. great for students, instead of two years and you know two years
6:34 am
just goes by real quick, it's three years, more invested. they'll know the faculty, they'll know the campus. >> reporter: a live look at the new addition that was added here to walters junior high. eventually all sixth grader also move out of the district's 28 elementary schools. horner is scheduled to convert next year. thornton, centerville and hopkins in the subsequent three years. the conversion is being paid by the $650 million measure e bond that voters passed in 2014. reporting live in fremont, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. new for you at 6:00, four teenagers are recovering after their car overturned in the concord high school parking lot. this happened yesterday afternoon, right after school was over. police say that the injuries range from moderate to serious, and so far there's no word on just how this happened. san francisco is looking to better help students dealing
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with stress, depression, bullying, even suicidal thoughts. mayor london breed is allocating more than $3 million to fund new mental health programs at public schools. right now san francisco unified schools are each allotted only one nurse and one social worker. the new funding will also allow some middle schools and high schools to hire a wellness coach. >> it is 6:35. the suspected drunk driver accused of hitting a rideshare car and killing a woman in santa clara is expected in court today. the driver 32-year-old claudio perez of san jose facing multiple charges. investigators say perez was driving intoxicated and slammed his car into an uber on lawrence expressway over the weekend. one of the passengers in the uber car died. she was 28-year-old carol major, an apple worker. her friend and the uber driver suffered serious injuries. new this morning at 6:00 for the first time ever, the city of santa rosa plans to sell advertising on the back of its
6:36 am
city buses. according to "the press democrat" councilmembers aproved new rates that will cost $500 a month for every ad. the program is expected to bring in $200,000 in new revenue. elon musk's newest rocket is taking steps to the stars. check out the star hopper prototype rising 500 feet above the launch pad and landing safely. star hopper is a test vehicle, a step toward developing a starship which musk hopes will eventually take human passengers into space. ultimately, musk hopes that the company's starship could help humans reach mars for the first time. >> i don't know, would you go, mike? >> mmm, not the first one. >> okay, i understand that. >> that video looked stunning like like the flash gordon movies, the little sparkler on the back of the rocketship. what's old is new again. if you're jetting around the peninsula, you are doing better. palo alto northbound.
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some folks changing lanes, exiting over there at marsh but we are looking at farther north to millbrae, we have the slowing from 92, where we're recovering now up toward sfo, all lanes have been cleared in the last five minutes, better news the crash north of broadway will slow you down from san mateo toward 1230. 280 is fine. over on the other side of the bay looking at southbound 880 and the speed sensors are improving as far as the volume of slowing that we see. i'm still told your left two lanes are blocked as you approach 92. that will likely be in transition over the next few minutes. nothing dramatic out here, that's pretty good and getting into the bay bridge toll plaza, you have your typical slowing, that crash on the right at walnut creek and highway 24, that's already on the shoulder. no drama for the commute. >> good, let's keep it that way, right? >> let's try. >> cruise on to the weekend. >> it looks pretty good this weekend. no one wants any drama for a long holiday weekend. a wide range in temperatures,
6:38 am
still hot in the inland valleys. low 90s and we'll see the bay reaching 84. 73 for the coast so not bad. you can take a short drive and change your weather, if you want the warmer temperatures on sunday, it will be up to 91 inland, 82 for the bay, and 74 by the coastline. we also have a lot of festivals and events going on, the millbrae art and wine festival happening this saturday and sunday. it's going to be really nice, reaching into the low 70s during the middle of the afternoon. we also have the morgan hill blues festival on saturday, and it will be warm during the middle of the day, reaching into the upper 80s, but we could deal with that. drink plenty of water and maybe bring some sunscreen, make sure you keep reapplying that throughout the day. if you're making weekend plans to head to yosemite, it will be 79 degrees on friday. one of the warmer days will be sunday reaching 83 degrees, and it will reach into the upper 70s in santa cruz, all throughout the weekend, and russian river
6:39 am
valley peaking at 87. the high sunday 85 degrees. before you make the plans let me know where you're headed. i'm @karihallweather on facebook, twitter ayn instagram. a look at the east bay temperature trends coming up in three minutes. >> thanks so much, kari. 6:39 right now. the anticipation is building in studio 1a as hoda prepares to return to the "today" show next week. here is craig melvin. >> i am so looking forward to september 3rd because that is the day hoda kotb is back at 1a, backing at the desk bringing that incredible energy, wringing that spirit as well that gets us all going each and every morning. >> we will have more from the team throughout the week, including al and carson. we will count down with the "today" family as they get back together. again it's happening tuesday morning. >> big day coming ahead.
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coming up, it's 6:39, next and new this hour, netflix and seal in the scheme that led to charges. also new the olympic medalist fighting to represent team usa, and the reason she says her spot on the team is no sure thing. we have our eye on tropical storm dorian, so, too, does president trump. we'll look at that, as we look out at the new york stock exchange, dow industrials falling for the second straight day. you're watching "today in the bay." the clear the rack sale is on at nordstrom rack.
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right now at 6:42, time to get the day started. here is a live look outside in
6:43 am
fremont, and we'll feel temperatures at about 63 degrees, and still pretty muggy out there with a few clouds, going throughout the day, reaching into the low 80s by early afternoon, and our temperatures continuing to go down, so that's the good news. we'll talk more about that in the forecast, in less than five minutes. >> and over here you're looking at emeryville, see if i can get that sign off of there. a smooth throw of traffic despite the crash approaching the toll plaza is just fine but here at berkeley curve we have the issue, see the top of the screen, chp officers and a crash currently blocking about three lanes there. the tow truck there, flashing lights in front of our eyes. we'll check the east bay coming and the rest coming up. back to breaking news we've been covering since we came on air at 4:30 this morning. if you're just joining us, there was a stabbing overnight at a popular intersection gas station in campbell. >> this happened right off of highway 17 on reeeast hamilton. kris sanchez is there for us.
6:44 am
catch us up to speed with everything. >> reporter: police did just leave the scene. they collected quite a bit of evidence out here at the shell station, off of east hamilton and highway 17 not too far from the bruinyard in san jose. this is campbell. the ground is wet because the station attendant rinsed things off to get back to normal business. in the last 15 minutes campbell police told us what happened. two cars pulled into this gas station at the same time those drivers went inside and there was some sort of disagreement. one man chased the other man back into the service station and stabbed that victim several times, and then took off in his car. this is according to comp. bell police in the last 15 minutes. the victim was transported to an area hospital, has several stab wounds but the good news here he is expected to make it. campbell police have not told us yet whether they have a suspect description or whether they know who that suspect is, but we know that while we were here this morning they did tow away at least one vehicle with a license
6:45 am
plate visible, so we don't know at this point whether that belonged to the victim or the suspect, so the case will be ongoing. as we get more details we'll post them on our social media platform so you can have them on the go and always go to for the full story. in campbell, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest out there, kris quarter to 7:00 right now, and this morning possible settlement for people living in san francisco's leaning and sinking millennium tower. sterdaa panel of engineers signed off on a $100 million plan to prop up the troubled high-rise. this story we've been covering for years. our exclusive investigative unit reports prompted a city probe. experts say the problem is that it is not anchored to bedrock. so it started sinking as water was taken out of the ground during nearby construction. engineers aproved a plan to drill 52 piles along two sides of the building that would go into bedrock.
6:46 am
new at 6:00, a legal streaming site leading to live charges. department of justice saying jetflicks and istreamitall unauthorized streaming services led to millions of dollars in losses. the defendants allegedly used sophisticated computer codes to scour pirate sites for new and legal content to download, process and store the shows. 6:46. new this morning an olympic goad medalist back in the gym training in southern california but also taking time to help the environment. first the olympics, lori hernandez setting her sites on a return to the team in 2020, working out five hours a day, six days a week. this after a two-year break in training and also new today she realizes her place in tokyo is no sure thing. >> ultimately it's qualifying to olympic trials and doing as best
6:47 am
as we can to slet selected for 2020. having taken that two years off it's making sure i can get consistent again. >> of course watch your olympics here on nbc bay area. as for her environmental effort she's partnered with a motel company to help conservation efforts at national park. 6:47 right now. there's always something going on with president trump. scott mcgrew has the checks and balances this morning. >> indeed there is. he's looking at some of the opponents he'll face in the democratic primaries or the ones that will qualify. so we are going to find out today around midnight east coast time who is going to qualify for the new debates. we have some video of the last debates which featured 20 candidates. candidates needed four polls showing them at 2% or higher. tom steyer, kirsten gillibrand, tulsi gabbert and marianne williamson will not qualify.
6:48 am
it is not letting me vote for who i want to vote for. >> video of a voter in mississippi having trouble voting for the candidate of his choice in the republican primary for governor. we haven't verified the authenticity of this video, but the state does say this machine was taken out of service. there's always been concern about electronic voting machines that have no paper backup. that machine changed the vote in front of the voter, but the fear is there are those that could change the vote and nobody would know. the house has passed several bills addressing addressing some of these concerns. the senate has blocked them. hurricane relief for the crisis at the border. the trump administration proposed this long before we knew the tropical storm dorian was headed toward puerto rico. you could make the argument there is a humanitarian crisis at the border, but just potential new damage in puerto rico. president trump has declared an emergency for puerto rico,
6:49 am
authorizing fema to start emergency relief. a few minutes ago he criticized either the storm's path or puerto rico's position in the ocean. "we're tracking closely tropical storm dorian as it heads, as usual, to puerto rico. fema and all others are ready and will do a great job, and then they could, let them know it. give them a big thank you, not like last time. that includes the incompetent mayor of san juan." we'll be watching the situation, tweeting about it. i know you guys are covering and watching that storm as well, marcus. >> that's right, scott. looks like more and more dorian may cross directly over puerto rico and may reach hurricane strength when it passes. dorian is actually expected to arrive by midday. new images showing the heavy flooding from dorian in martinique. they are nervous and trying to brace themselves.
6:50 am
[ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: tomorrow the winds will pick up and so will the rain. we have to prepare now. >> that was one woman speaking with a reporter yesterday. of course puerto rico is still recovering from hurricane maria which ravaged the island in 2017. dorian is on track to hit somewhere along florida's central coast and may become a category 2 hurricane when it makes landfall on monday. coming up for you at 7:00 on the "today" show, a live report from puerto rico as the island braces for that impact. >> people must be dreading this right now, you know, with the problems they've had in the past. >> dealing with so much stuff there, and all the rain that's coming. >> it's already starting to rain in puerto rico. we are seeing some of the outer rain bands approaching puerto rico right now. we'll continue to monitor that as we get a look at the satellite imagery this morning, and we are going to once again see that possibly make landfall later on today, and then continue its track off toward the north and west, as it
6:51 am
strengthens. we have some very warm water over that section of the caribbean, and as it approaches the east coast of florida, it may strengthen to a category 2, and once again that could be late on sunday into early monday morning. so we'll be watching that as we approach labor day. as we bring you back here at home, we are seeing a lot more in the way of colorful hues in the sky, thanks to some tropical moisture moving into the bay area from the remnants of what was tropical storm ivo, so you've seen a few more clouds the past couple of days and also a bright sunrises and sunsets. it feels more muggy as you step out the door in pleasant hill with our temperature at 64 degrees at 7:00, leading into some low 70s at 10:00, and as you make your way out, it already feels quite warm, as the kids go to school this morning, walking to school, we'll feel some low 60s in the south bay, a few clearing out quickly through late morning and as times as they go to lunch and recess it's nice out there, but once again
6:52 am
slightly more humidity than we're used to, with high temperatures today reaching into the upper 80s in the south bay. we're cooler than we have been looking in terms of our temperatures, but it will once again still feel very warm, with some upper 60s in san francisco, and some low 80s for parts of the north bay. high pressure continues to move away and by the end of the week, we'll start to see an approaching storm system for the pacific northwest that will shift our wind direction and make it feel better here as that humidity drops. our inland temperatures in the upper 80s. mid 80s for tomorrow and then back to some low 90s by the end of the weekend into early next week. mike, you're tracking that crash in front of our emeryville camera. >> that's right, the camera off the east shore freeway and ben moved it over there to see that tow truck, hooking up that vehicle. chp arrived on scene. there was a crash, folks got out of their vehicles, chp said that's not safe as you know at home so people got back in their cars and chp is still there, blocking one of your lanes.
6:53 am
the hov lane reopened after we saw it break earlier just before the commercial. that is causing a slowdown, folks have to go either side of that approaching the bervkeley curve. a little extra slowing as folks make their decision which of the many routes to take through the maze. here we see continued recovery san mateo up toward millbrae, the recovery is slow because the volume is building as all lanes of 101 did clear from the earlier crash there. 880 south toward 92 looks like all lanes are clear but chp hasn't cleared the incident. we're shouting that out for hayward and the build for the south bay continues there as well. good news, the san mateo bridge that disabled vehicle tracking finally has assistance arrive, no lanes blocked, just the distraction west across the flat section. laura, back to you. >> 6:53. fishing boats and passing ships helped rescue people from a burning ferry in southern philippine waters overnight. nearly 100 passengers were on board at the time. a 1-year-old girl and two other
6:54 am
people sadly were confirmed dead. the coast guard is still searching for other survivors right now. the fire apparently started in the ferry's engine room. next a quick look at the top stories here on "today in the bay," including checking your child's water bottle, the specific type being recalled and the danger it may pose to children. plus, plans in gilroy to honor the victims of last month's deadly mass shooting. a look at the new memorial being planned. it is 6:54 right now. you're watching "today in the bay." well well well, what have we here?
6:55 am
a magical place...that's lookin' to get scared! halloween time is back in disneyland
6:56 am
and disney california adventure parks!... before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today welcome back. before you head out the door, it is 6:56. here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> today marks one month since
6:57 am
the diddly mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. three people were killed when a gunman opened fire in christmas hill park, the gunman later taking his own life. the city council approved a temporary memorial at the location of last month's mass shooting. here are the plans the council approved. the 30-foot palm tree in christmas hill park will be draped with blue prayer flags. there will also be a split rail fence with 16 posts, one for each person injured in the attack. there will be three boulders to represent the victims. the memorial will include an area where people can leave behind candles and other items. >> the man accused of the attack of a woman caught outside of a san francisco condo will be back in court. austin vincent's attorneys are asking a judge to release him and wear an ankle monitor until his trial takes place. the attack happened earlier this month on the embarcadero. a new twist.
6:58 am
authorities dropped separate assault charges near vincent tied to a violent incident in february. the charges had been filed when the victim identified him from the condo attack video but investigators now believe that he was living in southern california at that time. new this morning, antioch is looking to fix the homeless crisis within its borders. the city council is considering hiring a special coordinator to look into fixes such as overnight rv parking, tiny home communities and renting out hotel rooms to the homeless. at the time of the meeting last night the city council gave itself a raise, starting in 2020 ste will earn 1600 a month. for the past 12 years they made about $940 a month. the last pay raise was approved in 2006. if your kids drink from the popular contigo reuseable water bottles, check the lid. the company issued a recall for the bottles. it says the spout can come off and choke a child.
6:59 am
contigo got 149 reports of the spouts coming off so it's recalling 5 million water bottles. no deaths or injuries were reported. i put a link on my facebook page, you may want to check out to see if yours is on the list. we have several in our house holds. >> a lot of people do. right now a last check of what we can expect with the weather today. >> you want to make sure you stay hydrated today. it feels humid outside, pe temperatures upper 80s. less humid tomorrow and into the weekend, san francisco reaching 69 today with at time some clouds and fog. >> mike the crash is cleared in emeryville. >> watching in front of our emeryville camera. all lanes are cleared underneath that sign showing you why it's called the maze. the maze directions are all open for business. the tow truck helped giving assistance to ace dibld vehicle on the san mateo bridge. no problem for the flat section and the build for the south bay. >> it is and here we can.
7:00 am
that's what's happening "today in the bay." >> we'll hop on facebook after this and talk about some of the talker this is morning on "today in the bay." you don't want to miss that, follow me on my facebook page, marcus washington nbc bay area. see you then. fuerza. estaremos allí en vivo, disturbing images. nbc news obtains new photos that show north korea may be building a submarine capable of launching nuclear missiles. so how will the white house respond? the survivors. nearly two dozen jeffrey epstein accusers get their moment in court. >> today is a day of power and strength.


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