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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 28, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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barricaded in a home. >> reporter: the fairfield s.w.a.t. team surrounded the house and tried for hours to coax the occupants out. eventually deploying teargas. >> we did not receive any response. after a couple of hours the s.w.a.t. team began to people c with their hands up. some of them visibly impacted by the teargas. the s.w.a.t. team also knocked out a back fence trying to get to the occupants inside. after more than eight hours, police finally was out. now the secret service is busyk evidence in what they just confirmed is a fraud-related investigation. >> it is kind of crazy because it is a good neighborhood and quiet. we're new to the neighborhood but i've never seen anything like this go on. >> reporter: we're back here live where you could see this is still a very active scene. again, the secret serv t to service a search warrant and
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now after all day they are finally doing that. they're final -- finally inside of the home looking for evidence. i asked them what this case is about and they said they would only say it is fraud-related and wouldn't give us any details. live in fairfield, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. a couple of teenagers are accused of kicking and punching a pizza hutd worker and robbing the restaurant. it happened at the pizza hut in pannol. this shows the teens wearing masks and hopping over the counter and the worker said they pointed a gun at her and kicked and punched her and then stole money from the cash register. this shows the two teens officers were able to spot their getaway car once they left. a 13 and 17-year-old was behind the wheel and say the teens through a handgun out of the window before pulling over and they discovered stolen cash and other evidence in the car. a new judge in the
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high-profile case involving the transient in san francisco accused of attacking a woman outside of her condo complex along the embarcadero this month. the case was delayed until tomorrow due to a scheduling conflict. this is austin vincent as he walked into court. the judge orders we don't show his face. and the district attorney's office dropped a separate assault charge tied to a violent attack back in february but turns out vincent wasn't in the bay area in february. >> this is an e misidentification occurs often from eyewitnesses and at the end of the day, he's been in custody for nine days based on something that he didn't do. >> when the came resumes tomorrow, vincent's attorney will ask the judge to release him and allow him to wear an ankle monitor until his trial begins. today is one month since the deadly mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. three people died thousands of
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lives were impacted. keyla salazar, tonight her family and friends will hold a vigil. yesterday they approved a temporary memorial for the victims at christmas hill park, the site of the festival. a south bay community is desperate for a solution to what they are calling an invasion. an invasion of cows and bulls roaming free in front of their homes. residents say the animals are destroying property and making them anxious. it is a story we broke last night. anoushah rasta has more. and the city is now getting involved. >> reporter: they are, janelle. they are getting involved. neighbors say the cows travel from up the hill over there and down and across into this part of the neighborhood and they say, you know what, this could be really intimidating to see large animals in your driveway, your front yard, steps away from your front door. >> look at that.
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>> reporter: typically drivers are used to keeping an eye out for pedestrians or the occasional wandering cat or dog. but there is a different kind of hazard for those on san jose's white tail lane. >> big cows. big bulls with big horns. >> reporter: big cows and bulls walking and grazing on people's multimillion-dollar properties and tearing up the grass and leaving behind waste and creating a threat for drivers especially at night when it's hard to see them on the road. >> it is not just a one time. it is happening every day. >> reporter: they say the animals have been coming and going for months, sometimes in groups of six or seven. this is cell phone video at 1:00 in the morning and these are pictures of the livestock from another homeowner and neighborhoods have had it and they want to know who do the cows belong to and how can they make it stop. >> we are working with one owner who told us he thinks it is his cows but we haven't been able to
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confirm it yet so he is volunteering to remove some of the cows that he thinks are the ones that are getting out. >> reporter: in the last two days the city of san jose animal services center has gotten involved and tells us the owner who thinks the cows belong to him claims someone has been cutting his fencing. >> at some point work with the owner to make sure that it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: in the meantime, animal services said that owner has picked up and removed several cows that were roaming here. animal services said the owner could get a citation for the cows getting out of the property. but a fencing. reporting live in san jose, anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a troubling trend, a number of homeless people dying in contra costa county is up. a lot. a new county report found 59 homeless people died in 2018. that is up 34% compared to the
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year before. the executive director of trinity center in walnut creek said often homeless people are so focused on surviving they are not able to seek preventative care. >> if you had to figure out every single day of your life where you're going to sleep tonight, you're probably not going to take the time to go see a doctor. >> the report found the number of homeless people ages 62 or older has doubled. and the number of disabled homeless is also increasing. we'll take a closer look at the findings and what is being done to change them tonight at 6:00. in about 30 minutes from now, phase two of the south bay b.a.r.t. project will get a big boost. federal transit authoesill make a major funding announcement they choose bta as the first b.a.r.t. station. transit agency to possibly benefit from a pilot program named expedited project delivery designed to fast track major transportation infrastructure projects. here is a look at four of the new b.a.r.t. stations or stations b.a.r.t. plans to build. to help the south bay.
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including allen rock, two downtown stations near the new google headquarters and a station near santa clara university. just in, palo alto will be saying good-bye to fries. the electric store is planning to close in january off el camino real is in a center old historic building that once served as a cannery. the lease is set to expire at the end of january. no word on what will go in once fry's leaves but city leaders have pushed to use the site for housing. we reached out to see if other stores were closing and they said palo alto is the onlend a tt famous mavericks surf contest. big waves in a big way. but local organizers are worried the event may not happen even if waves are perfect. nbc bay area's robert handa joins us near half moon bay with the exclusive story.
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robert? >> reporter: well, there is always some drama surrounding this event and right now some local officials are publicly worried. now, again, the contest window opens on november 1st. but there is also another window to do the other things in order for the super bowl of suffering -- super bowl of surfing could happen including containing crucial permits and that window is just about shut. the mavericks contest window starts in november. that is when everyone watches the forecast. if and when waves get big enough, then top surfers from around the world will have 48 hours to gather at pillar point. the world surf league took over after the previous organizer went bankrupt and made history by announcing offering equal pay for women competitors during the next contest but for various reasons maverick hasn't been held for three seasons and now officials realize while wsl holds the contest permit, they
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have not applied for the otherh >> to start the permit process now is late in the game. should have been started sooner and it is going to be challenging to pull it off. >> reporter: bianca, a mavericks surfer told me by phone she's worried. >> each time we think we're going to get the opportunity, something happens. so fingers crossed that everything lined up and we have the best event ever. >> is it a concern it might not happen? >> yeah. there is definitely some rumblings, people are starting to talk. we're hearing rumblings from within the wfl that they may be bailing on holding the competition this season. >> reporter: now local officials say they have not heard back from the wfl after numerous calls about the concerns, we also reached out and have not heard back. coming up at 6:00, what some people in the surfing community say might be behind the reluctance to move forward. live in half moon bay, robert
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handa, nbc bay area news. hurricane dorian skimming past puerto rico. this is a live satellite feed of the storm where it is on track to make a beeline for florida later this week. today in puerto rico, thousands of residents forced to shelters and president trump declared a national emergency while slamming on twitter saying puerto rico is one of the most corrupt places on earth and the politicians are incompetent or corrupt. >> we honestly have no time for the tweeting incontinence of the president of the united states who continues than rather than do what he's supposed continues to get in the way with his divisive and aggressive comments towards the people of puerto rico. >> dorian also a threat to floridas. forecasts say it could grow to a category 3 this weekend. jeff ranieri will have the full path of the storm coming up
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later in weather. slowly but surely they are dropping out of the race. new york senator kirsten gillibrand has called it quits. she dropped out of the presidential race. today was the cutoff for candidates to qualify for the september democratic debate and her poll numbers simply weren't high enough. she pledged to support whoever wins the democratic nomination. up next, siri has been recording your conversations. apple is apologizing and promising some specific changes going forward. also once sat outside of soldest san jose restaurant and now it is gone. what is being done with the old wing's restaurant sign. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. cooling on down after some 80s in the south bay. dropping to 76 in san jose. i'll show you the big thing to watch out for tomorrow. that is coming up in about eight minutes.
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hey siri are you listening. apple claims to be a leader when it comes to privacy but admitting the iphone conversations with siri were not as private as bly thought. our business and tech reporter scott budman shows us what apple was doing and why they now promise to make changes. >> hey siri, what is the weather. >> reporter: iphone owners probably took siri for granted. she's always there with answers. but apple now admits your conversations with the voice assistant were not always
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private. outside contractors were allowed to listen to them and now apple is facing a privacy problem similar to what amazon faced when it disclosed that people could listen to your talks with alexa. >> it is a little bit concerning. i have alexa at home, a couple of them and obviously i have an iphone. >> nothing should be done with our data without our permission. >> reporter: cybersecurity professor said apple got caught. >> absolutely. they got caught with the phone and this shouldn't be the case given that apple is holding the flag for privacy for the other tech companies. >> reporter: apple released a statement promising change saying, quote, we realize we haven't fully been living up to our high ideals and for that we apologize. >> when i go shopping it will tell me, you've just been here. >> reporter: under the new plan only apple employees could hear audio snippets of a siri
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interaction and not contractors and users have to opt in to have their interactions heard. it is no longer the default. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. four days after a woman's car went over a big sur cliff, search and rescue crews have found a body. the damaged car was retrieved over the weekend but no sign of the registered owner 37-year-old kristin kendall. today crews found a body floating ashore. that body has not yet been identified. investigators say they interviewed kendall's family and friends and do not suspect foul play in this sexually assault a woman in the locker room and apparently this isn't the first time. this is the man. it happened this morning at the 24 hour fitness near eagan junior high. witnesses say he walked into the locker room and opened the shower door and reached in to touch the woman. she slapped him and he ran. police found him in a nearby parking lot. officers say he had another encounter with a woman at another 24 hour fitness around the corner. police believe there are other
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victims and are asking them to come forward. an emergency exercise became a little too real at travis air force base. someone reported sound of gunshots near a supply warehouse during a scheduled active shooter training. the base was briefly locked down before they determined it was a false alarm. air force officials didn't offer any deeper explanation about the initial gunshot reports. google is coming through on a promise to help build low income housing in the b area. they gave $1.5 million to help solve the crisis. part of the commitment to build 20,000 new homes around the bay will support the expansion of the silicon va center in downtown san jose. call it a sign of the times. for decades the classic emp of neon art directed diners to wing's restaurant in japan town. after 94 years wing's shut its doors this year. so the owner had to move the
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sign from its old jackson street location. the folks of history san jose now have the sign just for safekeeping. the owner of wings wants to reopen for catering and hopes to put the sign back up once she gets a new location. >> they make a good t-shirt. that logo. >> that was neat. >> sweet. >> jeff, let's take a look at our forecast. the fog in san francisco and it has cooled down. big headway on the hotter temperatures that we had the paflt -- the past two days and you like the result of what rolled in this afternoon. as we bring into our sky camera network out to the east bay, a lot of blue sky in walnut creek, also in concord where some of the hottest temperatures were. after 98 degrees yesterday we're down to 79 degrees now. it was warmer a couple of hours ago but just beginning to drop. already due to the ocean breeze and i know many of you are enjoying this quite a bit. 60s will return once we hit 10:00 and 11:00 tonight.
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so why we're getting the changes now that i know none of you are probably complaining about because it feels so good. we have this system developing out here in the pacific and the key thing this is doing is helping to get this onshore flow going. so it is this cooler westerly wind that is keeping the fog up at the immediate coastline and that is the biggest thing for tomorrow morning to make sure you are ready for. we have drizzle at the coastline and look at how wide spread it is here through marin, napa, sonoma county and all of contra costa and laalameda county and e peninsula as well and even a little bit of fog down there through san jose. sunshine for the afternoon but with that fog staying at the coastline temperatures will remain cool. check out the morinstd of 70s f you are down to 60 degrees. 58 in the peninsula. south bay at 59. also 62 ith bay. i san francisco sand 56 and for the north bay 57. so tomorrow an enjoyable day.
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a few numbers below average here for the south bay, down san jose only 79 degrees. 79 in cupertino. and a little bit warmer there for morgan hill at 86. the east bay, no more 90s. 82 in livermore and 77 vallejo and 77 in martinez. 77 in red chillier 65 in daly city. from the embarcadero to you the outer sunset and the north bay 74 in mill valley and 80 in napa. extended forecast in san francisco. no big changes in the upcoming weekend. a slight warming trend with low 70s sunday and right into labor day. a similar forecast tuesday and wednesday. inland valleys will stay with 80s through friday. go up a little bit saturday and sunday but not too hot. and we'll drop off a few more degrees into next tuesday and wednesday's forecast. so a nice way to end august and start off september if you ask me. the tropicals.
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let's get you an update on hurricane dorian. this is pushing out of puerto rico through tomorrow. sunday and monday approached florida, a category two or three storm, winds around 100 miles per hour if you have friends or family traveling there, the landfall could be from daytona beach to palm beach. rainfall four to eight inches. dangerous storm surge. so there is still more specifics to learn on this but right nowh >> thanks for the update, jeff. still to come, the tsa is saying no way tyou can only get at disneylan. why you are not allowed to bring the special coke bottles on your flight.
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a driver hit and killed a biker today in fremont. it happened around 5:15 this morning on boyce road. you could where the impact was. the windshield and roof smashed. it is unclear how this crash happened. >> a man was stabbed at the shell gas station in campbell. this happened overnight. surveillance video shows the victim in a red shirt enter the gas station to pay for his gas. you see him there. police say while he was inside he got into an altercation with someone. moments later as he walked back to the pump he was stabbed in the chest. now investigators have solid leth suspect and are looking into whether this might have been gang related. it is becomne of the hottest pieces of home technology. we're talking about door bells which include a surveillance camera. now one of the companies that makes them is partnering with police and in hopes of putting that footage to good use. ring will pair up with 400 police agencies across the u.s. under the deal police could directly request video from any
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of the homeowners' cameras as long as they have a specific date and time. there are limits. a homeowner has the option to deny the request. take a look at the program current partners here in the bay area. amazon purchased ring last year for more than $800 million. the tsa is cracking down on "star wars," people trying to travel with these plastic coke bottles. see that there. the new "star wars" land opens tomorrow at disney world in orlando. one of the pop lor souvenirs, coke bottles that look like the thermal detonators and the tsa said they look too realistic and have banned them on checkon and carry-on backs. a river boat is making its return to the bay area. we're going to show you where, next. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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tonight at 6:00, when the big one hits, dozens of buildings at uc berkeley are at a higher risk of failure. our unit is digging through the details and that story coming up at the 6:00 newscast. the grand romance river boat has a new home in the bay area. early this morning our cameras captured the boat passing under the golden gate bridge. there it is. the petaluma queen and one of
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the first boats to cash in when river boat gambling became legal in california. now the river boat's new permanent home will be on mare island in vallejo, no more gambling but hosting lunch and dinner along the napa river. >> what is it called. >> the romancer boat. very romantic. >> no boat gambling but there is romance. >> that is even better. >> looks good. i would go out on it. >> there is no losing in romance. >> it is fun though, right. >> it is fun. >> for romance. >> either way. >> if it is going your way, it is always good. >> we digress quickly. 80s next two days. warm up as we hit this weekend. not too hot for labor day and we'll have more updates on that hurricane. >> trying not to get in any trouble. >> kate snow joins us next for "nightly news." >> see you at 6:00. >>ea
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hurricane dorian striking as we come on the air. the category 1 storm gaining strength, bearing down on the u.s. virgin islands. the new track tonight, a state of emergency declared for florida. dorian now threatening to approach the u.s. mainland as a powerful category 2 or 3 this labor day weekend we're in the storm zone tonight in the caribbean, and al roker is tracking it all also a terrifying plot foiled the college student police say planned for months to shoot up his school, guns seized in his s the new threat from north korea, growing fears kim jong-un is building a submarine capable of launching nuclear missiles, what the new satellite photos show


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