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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 28, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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you can see the flames here, a brush fire in byron. right near discovery bay. at least three structures are on fire and power lines are down in the fire zone. now our nbc bay area sky ranger is flying to byron as we speak. we'll continue to monitor this fire both on air and online. good ev andeng, thanks for being with us, i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre, the risk much higher than previously thought. >> we have been analyzing these numbers and this data for weeks, and just two hours ago, uc berkeley released this three-page memo to all students, parents, faculty and stuff some 50,000 people telling them some of the highlights that we found, primarily that 68 different billions owned by the univers y
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university -- buildings, are all over the campus, the bell tower, and of course foothill dorms where students just moved in last week to start the fall semester. many of these buildings are listed by the uc system as safe but under a new engineering assessment recently completed they are all classified as poor or very poor. when it comes to withstanding an earthquake. >> we have learned more about what earthquake ground motion close to faults can be like, and you know, we're now incorporating that new knowledge into the assessment of these buildings, and as that new knowledge comes into play, many buildings that were deemed safe in the past now have some open questions. >> is there concern by some faculty that enough hasn't been done yet here? >> there is some concern. i personally have concerns about that. >> reporter: now this is all
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part of a reassessment of all buildings on the university of california campuses statewide, some nine campuses and it does not mean the buildings have gotten worse as they have gotten older, merely that scientists have a better understanding and appreciation of how those buildings might actually handle a real earthquake. our team is still crunching these numbers, so coming up tonight at 11, we will break all of this down for you. we'll show you which buildings rank where and we'll explain the new seismic system to show you where the risk is and what the university is going to do about it. that's tonight at 11. >> we'll be tuning in. certainly unnerving for parents. dying on the streets, that is the troubling news out of contra costa county, the number of homeless people dying has dramatically increased. those numbers are coming. do we know why we have seen that increase? >> reporter: well, there are several theories about why we're seeing that increase, for one,
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there are more homeless people who are older, over the age of 62. here at trinity center, it was move in day here, and this is a place where the homeless can come to get services, food and showers, and that's especially important because the number of homeless here in the county is on the rise. as these three will tell you, living on the streets is challenging, wendy vigil says she game homeless three years ago. >> sold the home. >> reporter: she says she's helped save homeless friends fighting to survive. others have not been so lucky. according to a new report by contra costa county, 59 the homeless people died in 2018, up 34% compared to the year before. >> medical care is hard for people living on the street. nine times out of ten, they don't see a doctor when they should see a doctor so there are a lot of health issues. they don't eat healthy, they
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don't exercise. they're busy surviving. >> reporter: the report found the number of people aged 62 or older who were homeless has doubled. >> there may be people that are living on social security that can no longer afford the rentals that they have, and they're making a choice between food or rent. >> new numbers show the homeless are taking much longer to find housing. advocates say it's because the bay area has very few affordable options. some new programs are helping. >> we have housing navigation services now that are very useful in helping people identify yununits, figure out w they can afford, apply for units and take them to meet landlords. >> reporter: for those who don't have the money to pay nominal rent, the battle to survive in the bay area continues. to give you an idea of just how hard it is to get affordable housing here in the county, when a new apartment complex opened offering 58 affordable housing
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apartment, 4,700 people applied. reporting live in walnut creek, nbc bay area news. if you would like to read the entire report released by contra costa county, you can go to our web site, we want to get back to the breaking news in byron. crews are fighting a brush fire along the byron highway near s vasco road, and highway 4. you can see the flames and smoke. there is a live look from the sky ranger that just arrived on the scene overhead. at least three structures are on fire and when we saw it just a few minutes ago, there were many more flames. here's possibly good news. now we're seeing a lot more smoke. it looks like from our vantage point, firefighters are getting the upper hand. there were three buildings that were on fire. this is off the byron highway near vasco road. we'll continue to monitor this
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on air and online, and bring updates as need. here comes the money and the green light. within the last 30 minutes, good news for the vta and its plans to bring b.a.r.t. into the south bay. the head o. federal transportation authority is in town and using san jose as an example. let's bring in our business and tech reporter in san jose with this notable announcement. scott. >> reporter: they're calling this a down payment on the future of silicone valley, a huge financial shot in the arm. the announcement made by the head of the federal transportation authority here at the barry s station, it's $125 million, a plan to fund this transit system a huge boost to vta and to b.a.r.t. now, from here this will be phase two, going from east san jose, into milpitas, the 125 million will go toward building that faster and more efficiently, and here's how it went down.
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>> in an area known for congestion, vta predicts that this project will serve 52,000 passengers a day, and remove 27 million miles that would have been driven in private vehicles. >> so again, a big, big, financial shot in the arm for public transportation, and the future of silicone valley. again, as far as the timetable, the warm springs station is expected to come here to berryessa by the end of the year. phase two is to go from here through san jose, into santa clara. that is expected to happen around 26 or 27, and that is what the $125 million grant will go towards, building that as fast as they can. reporting live from the the berryessa station, scott budman, nbc bay area news. two teenagers are accused of kicking and punching a pizza hut employee and then robbing the
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restaurant. it happened earlier this week at the pizza hut in pinole. this was the surveillance video. the employees said they pointed a gun at her, kicked and punched her and then stole money from the cash register. now, officers were able to spot the get away car and catch up to the teenagers once they left the pizza hut. they threw a handgun out of the window before pulling overment police say they recovered stolen cash and other evidence in the car. a new judge appointed today in a high profile case involving a homeless man accused of attacking a woman outside her apartment complex. the case delayed until tomorrow due to scheduling conflicts. the judge ordering that we not show his face. the d a's office dropped the separate assault charge, turns out he wasn't even in the bay area back in february. >> this is an example of how
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misidentification occurs often from eyewitnesss and at the end of the day, he has been in custody for nine days based on something he didn't do. >> when the case returns tomorrow, vincent's attorney will ask the judge to release him, and allow him to wear an ankle monitor until the trial begins. the s.w.a.t team, crisis negotiators and tear gas, that's what some people in a fairfield neighborhood woke up to when federal agents rolled up to a home this morning. they were there to serve a warrant but it turned into a standoff. jodi hernandez was there all day long until it ended. neighbors have questions about what happened there. >> reporter: there are definitely still a lot of questions. the secret service tells me this all centers around a fraud investigation. this remains an active scene. you can see the court is still cordoned off with police tape. federal investigators are finally serving the search warrant they came out here 12 hours ago to conduct.
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>> i think that this is very scary. i think it is intense. i think that this is a good neighborhood, and i would never expect this to be over here. >> that's how neighbors reacted to the unsettling scene that played out in their unusually quiet neighborhood. police say it all started when the u.s. secret service came to a house on shenandoah county early this morning to investigate a case. >> we received a call at 7:00 this morning from the united states secret service and the u.s. marshals office requesting assistance. they were conducting an operation, and stated they had someone barricaded in a home. >> the fairfield s.w.a.t team surrounded house and tried for hours to coax the occupants out, eventually deploying tear gas. >> we did not receive any response after a couple of hours, the s.w.a.t team began to introduce chemical agents into the house. people started to come out. >> our cameras were rolling as
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six people came out with their hands up, some of them visibly impacted by the tear gas. police led all of them away in handcuffs. the s.w.a.t team also knocked out a back fence, trying to get to the occupants inside. after more than eight hours, police finally confirmed everyone was out. now the secret service is busy searching the house and what they say is a fraud investigation. and we are back here live where again, this remains an active scene. federal agents are currently searching the home, looking for evidence in what they call a fraud related investigation. no word on how long the search is going to take or what the folks we saw handcuffed, taken out and handcuffed, what kind of charges they may face. reporting live in fairfield, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. donald trump is making his first visit to the bay area as president. he's coming to town next month. it's a fundraiser, hosted by the
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republican national committee. the event is september 17th at an undisclosed location in the bay area. ticket prices as high as 10,000 bucks for a couple. up next, after years of investigations led by our team, a major settlement reached with the leaning millennium tower. the massive price for the people who live there. what's the future of mavericks a different kind of wave could be crashing on the high profile surf competition. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a lot cooler today. down to 77 in walnut creek. we'll tell you how much cooler it will be tomorrow, plus an updated storm path on hurricane dorian, and when it could hit the united states. that's in about six minutes.
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people who live in the syncing millennium tower settled
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their lawsuits today. the deal is worth about collectively half a billion dollars. and at least some of it, attorneys say, will come from taxpayers. >>. the millennium tower has been the center of a two-year legal tug of war, but both sides finally ended that fight today in a san francisco courtroom. >> it's a global settlement. >> attorney david castleman represents homeowners in 145 units in the building. he says the deal came after a year of mediation. >> everybody feels that they compromised a little more than they want, which is kind of the essence of a good settlement, so in that sense, i think it's a very good result. >> reporter: under the deal, all but one of the 419 homeowners claims against the developer, contractors and consults, and the sales force tower will be resolved.
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the cost is said to be in the range of a half billion dollars. >> it's really good news. >> reporter: but the development firm says it's too early to talk details. >> i can't get into the case itself. but we're happy to be at this point in the process. >> reporter: he says the deal will pay for a fix, expected to cost $100 million. that fix involves installing 52 piles that reach down to bedrock to keep the tower from sinking any further. it's leaning 18 inches at the top. at least part of the cost will hit taxpayers. that's because homeowners had also sued the plublicly funded transbay terminal next door claiming the construction there further destabilizing the already millennium building. the head issued a statement today saying the details were still being worked out but still denying liability so there's no word yet on how much taxpayers are on the hook.
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jaxon van derbeken, nbc bay area news. today also marks one month since the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. three people died and thousands of lives were impacted. one of the victims, 13-year-old keyla salazar from san jose. tonight her family and friends will be holding a vigil. yesterday, the gilroy city council approved a temporary memorial for the victims at christmas hill park, the site of the garlic festival. an emergency exercise became a little too real today at travis air force base. someone reported the sound of gunshots near a supply warehouse. it happened during a scheduled active shooter training drill. the base was briefly locked down before they determined it was a false alarm. airport officials did not offer deeper explanation about the initial reports of gunshots. there are hints this evening that the waves may be crashing on the maverick surfcontest, in a story only on nbc bay area,
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robert handa joins us from half-moon bay, why so many people are worried that mavericks won't happen this year even if the conditions are perfect. >> reporter: that's right. officials here are kind of used to drama around mavericks, but this time there are time limits involved. now, the window for the contest opens november 1st, but there is also a window to get other things including obtaining crucial permits. right now, everything is at a standstill. the mavericks contest window starts in november, that's when everyone watches the forecast. if and when waves get big enough, top surfers around the world will have 48 hours to gather. the whl took over after the previous organizer went bankrupt, and offering equal pay for women competitors during the next contest. for various reasons, mavericks hasn't been held for three seasons. now officials realize while the
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wfl holds the contest permit, it does not apply for other permits needed, a process that takes six months. >> people are starting to talk, we're hearing rumblings from within the wsl, that they may be bailing on holding the competition this season. >> a maverick surfer told me by phone she's worried. >> each time we think we're going to get the opportunity, something keeps happening so fingers crossed that everything lines up and we have the best event ever. >> i'm worried, and i'm not -- i'm not going to say i'm d disappointed yet because i don't have enough information but i'm sensing that things are not coming together in the way that they should. >> reporter: and when you have reached out to the wsl, what's been the response? >> no response. >> reporter: now, we also reached out to the wsl and have not heard back. we talked to other leaders in the surfing community who did not want to be on camera, and
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they told us they're worried the contest may have become too expensive for sponsors, now with the prize money and the overtime cost for the agencies needed. brennan acknowledges, no one but the wsl knows why nothing is happening. live in half-moon bay, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> that's been a mess for the last several years. we hope they can turn things around. it's a big tedeal for so many people around here. >> listening to your forecast about the waves too. >> no hope for the big waves in the next couple of weeks, but we are looking at major changes that rolled on in today. i know a lot of you were really happy about this after lots of upper 90s and low 100s the past couple of days. you can see in san francisco, the fog is rolling in, and it is thick right now. currently in san francisco, 64 degrees, and as we continue through tonight, we'll keep 60s and also that fog in the forecast. with it this strong right now, the big change i want you to be
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ready for as you move into tomorrow morning is the widespread cloud cover. look at this, it's going to be probably the most widespread coverage we have seen in a couple of weeks. cloud cover here through marrin, napa, sonoma county, also for the peninsula, and most of contra costa, alameda counties, patchy fog down towards san jose and isolated drizzle near the coastline. as we head through the afternoon, sunshine returning and temperatures are going to warm up. the good news, no 100s in the forecast tomorrow. we're going to keep it nice and comfortable across the south bay, 86 in morgan hill. one of the warmest is antioch at 86 and that's not that bad. through the north bay, 77 santa rosa, head to the coastline, bring your jackets, 60s from half-moon bay to san francisco. of course we'll have your complete seven-day forecast coming up in what you can expect for labor day weekend. i want to get you an update on the tropics, hurricane dorian,
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exiting puerto rico. we think this is going to move close to florida by sunday and monday. winds of around 100 miles per hour, possibly as a category 2 or 3 hurricane. i'll take a closer look at florida and the cities that could be near this path. that's coming up at 6:48 tonight. >> a three day weekend is coming up. thanks, jeff. up next at 6:00. steer clear, you get it, cows continue to invade an upscale south bay neighborhood. what's the owner of the cows doing about it.
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not what you see every day, an upscale neighborhood getting a little more country than you'd ever expect. >> front lawns and streets were taken over by cows and bulls. the city of san jose is getting involved. the big question what the what's the owner going to do about the wayward cows. san jose, silver creek area, with an update on a story we broke last night. >> raj and jessica, the city of
6:26 pm
san jose is getting involved and their animal services center may have found the owner of these animals. they're hoping that people who live here won't have to deal with this much longer. >> i don't know what to do, how to clean it up or, like, get control over this. >> reporter: when you're paying a lot of money to live on a street like white tail lane in san jose, you're not expecting to come home to this. >> big cows and bulls with big horns. >> reporter: walking and grazing on people's multimillion dollar properties, tearing up the grass and leaving behind waste and creating a new threat for drivers, especially at night when it's harder to see them. >> it's not like a one day thing. it's been happening like almost every day. >> reporter: neighbors say the animals have been coming and going for two months, sometimes in groups of six or seven. this is cell phone from a driver on the road at 1:00 in the morning, and these are pictures
6:27 pm
of the livestock from another homeowner taken earlier during the day. neighbors have had it, and everyone wants to know, who do the cows belong to, and how can they make it stop. now the city has an answer. >> we are working with one owner who told us that he thinks it is his cows but we haven't been able to confirm it yet, and so but he's volunteering to remove some of the cows that he thinks are the ones that are getting out. >> reporter: in the last two days, the city of san jose's animal service center has gotten involved and tells us the owner who thinks the cows belong to him, claims someone has been cutting with his fencing. >> at some point work with the owner and make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: in the meantime, animal services says that owner has picked up and removed several cows that were roaming here. the neighbors say the cows come from the hill over there and then cross over into their neighborhood on this side. again, animal services says it's still investigating all of this. they're asking people not to get
6:28 pm
too close to these cows and these bulls and they're asking people to call animal services instead or just call the police. reporting live in san jose. anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. >> that is a potentially dangerous situation if you get too close. up next at 6:30, one less candidate in the crowded field of democratic presidential hopefuls. we're going to tell you who's bowing out. first, as hurricane dorian roars toward puerto rico and florida, a president trump tweet storm is blowing through, what he's saying about puerto rico.
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right now at 6:30. hurricane dorian prompting the governor to declare a state of emergency. puerto rico dodge the full brunt of the storm. florida may not. right now, dorian is moving away from puerto rico and the virgin islands. >> it didn't have the power of hurricane maria two hours ago but it did pound the island with heavy rain. the results rr power outages and some flooding. as the storm moves over the atlantic now, it will gain strength and could reach category 3 when it hits the u.s. now, the hurricane is also creating a political fire storm with president trump in the eye of the storm. >> a series of tweets today has puerto rico and politicians lashing back at the president. our janelle wang.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: president trump slams puerto rico. no longer a direct hit but hurricane dorian forcing thousands in puerto rico to evacuate to shelters. >> this is terrible, i mean, that's the last thing you want to do is leave your home. >> reporter: puerto rico not taking any chances as it still recovers from hurricane maria two years ago. that category four storm killed nearly 3,000 people. president trump declaring a national emergency and also delivering critical tweets posting the storm is heading as usual to puerto rico, and writing, puerto rico is one of the most corrupt places on earth. their political system is broken, and their politicians are either incompetent or corrupt, adding he's the best thing tt's ever happened to puerto rico. the mayor of san juan who he's called incompetent, responded to a phone interview. >> we have no time for the
6:33 pm
tweeting incompetence of the president of the united states, who continues, to do, rather than what he's supposed to do, continues to get in the way with his divisive and aggressive comments toward the people of puerto rico. >> reporter: those in the storms path are focused on the storm's next move. >> everyone, you know, should be getting a plan for their family. everyone should have a stockpile of food and water and medical supplies. >> that includes florida, where dorian is likely to strike the state later this week as a major hurricane. >> dorian, a category one hurricane right now but will gain strength as it moves west in the atlantic. jessica. >> thank you. dorian is five days away from making the landfall in florida. too early at this point to determine the storm's impact path. people in central florida not taking any chances. they know the routine. they have done it many times before, and they spent the day today filling up sand beings. >> being from northern new york, i have gone to many blizzards,
6:34 pm
ice storms, many things like that, so i'm just saying, it's just a little different storm. >> forecasters think that the storm could be a category 3 when it hits florida. the crowded field of presidential candidates just got less crowded. new york senator kirsten gillibrand is out. senator gillibrand dropping out of the race because she failed to qualify for the september democratic debate. gillibrand's poll numbers weren't high enough. she positioned herself as a champion for women and families, and now pledges to support whoever wins the nomination. newly appointed secretary of defense mark esper held a rare media briefing at the pentagon today. es per stepped into the permanent role last month, joined by the chiefs of staff, general joseph, promising to communicate more with the media and addressed topics ranges from afghanistan, iran and north korea expressing concern about recent tests of short range
6:35 pm
ballistic missiles. >> we want to understand what they're doing, and why they're doing it but on the other hand we're not going to overreact. we want to take a measured response and make sure we don't close the door to diplomacy. >> despite three meetings with president trump on denuclearization, leader kim jong un has not kept a single commitment to the u.s. so far. tonight, an admission and an apology from apple. your iphone conversations with siri weren't as private as you probably thought. ouide contractors were allowed to listen in on your conversations. this is especially troubling because apple has long claimed it's far more focused on privacy than its rivals, google and alexa. apple says it has not been living up to it high ideals and vows to do better. a local cyber security expert said apple simply got caught. >> nothing should be done with our data. they got caught, and this shouldn't be the case, apple is holding the flag for privacy for
6:36 pm
other tech companies. >> apple says from now on, only apple employees will be able to hear snippets from your interaction with siri, not third-party contractors and users will have to opt in to have their conversations heard. a change to a controversial change in the s.a.t., the college board putting an end to the adversity score, based on each student's socioeconomic background and high school. it was meant to recognize disadvantaged test takers, people who support the change saying scoring inequality simplifies the process. they will replace the score with something called landscape, providing counselors with information on a student's background, which includes factors like average neighborhood income and the crime rate. landscape won't combine the data into a single score, and won't alter the s.a.t. results. san jose and san francisco, top ten cities with the most motorcycle thefts last year.
6:37 pm
there is a silver lining, the rate is dropping. the national crime insurance bureau releasing a report showing motorcycle thefts are down about 5% across the country. out of the more than 40,000 bikes stolen, the top brands include honda, yamaha and suzuki. sports motorcycles tend to get snatched for often but you can protect your bike no matter what kind. >> if you treat your motorcycle li your home, lock it down at night, make it harder for them to steal, they will go and move on to the next bike that is not as well protected. >> nearly 850 motorcycles combined were stolen in san francisco and san jose last year. >> it is a sign of the times. for decades a classic example of neon art, directed diners to wings restaurant in san jose's japan town. after 94 years, though, wings shut its doors earlier this year, and that meant the owner had to move the sign from its old jackson street location. folks at history san jose have the sign for safe keeping.
6:38 pm
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a troubling discovery at a woodside gas station, credit card skimmers, workers at the chevron found the devices on monday. the skimmers which are nearly undetectable can steal your credit card number as you pay at the pump. san diego county sheriffs investigators say this isn't the first time this chevron on woodside road has been targeted. one customer said his credit card number was stolen five times. could the pill be making you depressed. a study shows there may be a link between birth control and the mood disorder. surveyed 1200 u.s. women, girls who took birth control as teens
6:41 pm
were more likely to develop depression as adults, compared to those who started taking as adults. science is stressing that research doesn't prove the pill causes depression, but that there may be some association between the two and more research is necessary. plastic shampoo bottles are about to become a thing of the past at marriott hotels. marriott is the largest hotel chain in the world. it will no longer stock rooms with single use bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and the goal is to cut down on the plastics damaging our environment. marriott said all of the hotels should make the change by december of next year. that's very good news. >> it is a good idea. now where am i going to get my plastic bottles that i take with me from the hotel. >> you do have a lot of fancy sh shampoos. we have basic stuff. definitely saw a drop in the temperatures today.
6:42 pm
>> some areas down 50 degrees. you'll see into east bay, upper 90s at this hour. yesterday, just 77 in concord. we'll talk more about the cooling and the big thing to watch out for tomorrow in just a few minutes. ♪ new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express.
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nbc bay area responds to a lot of complaints about package delivery. >> consumer investigator says you have some surprising rights when unwanted merchandise ends up at your door. >> a product arrives addressed to you but you never ordered it, do you have to pay for it, the federal trade commission says no. federal law prohibits mailing unordered merchandise to consumers and then demanding payment. as for the product, the ftc says it's yours. you have a legal right to keep it as a free gift. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. the number is 888-996-tips, or online at >> thank you, chris. well this summer, baseball fans at oracle park have been
6:45 pm
treated to an out of this world, marking the 50th anniversary of the moon walk. >> taking us behind the scenes of the local company that created them. >> these are absolutely identical. >> they say imitation is the highest form of flattery. >> they are mind blowgly realistic. >> which may explain why a plain looking office in san rafael. >> this piece is from the metropolitan museum of art. >> holds what appears to be some of the world's great art treasures. >> but in reality, what appears to be high art is actually high-tech. lisa fed refer lisa's company makes 3 d prints from high quality scams. while the company always aims for the stars, its recent project with the smithsonian proved out of this world. the company was hired to make 15 replicas of neil armstrong's
6:46 pm
space suit to put in ballparks across the u.s. >> the goal was to produce them and bring back the magic of the day 50 years ago when neil armstrong walked on the moon. >> the launch pads for the project were high resolution scans of arm strong's original suit that captured every letter on every patch, every bit of stitching. >> there's 8 million points of data. >> they captured writing on arm strong's sleeve. >> you can see where he had his commands, his cheat sheet when he was out there in case he forgot what to do. >> there the team made 3 d prints of the suit in 16 parts, which were assembled to create a model used to make all 15 suits when were then hand painted. >> mixing the different colors to get it as close as possible to the original. >> i was able to come in and do some finishing work here. >> from the helmet to the boots, every inch looks as real as the
6:47 pm
one that stepped on the moon july 20th, 1969. >> it takes something that looks like fantasy and brings it into the real world. >> the suits are installed in 15 major league ballparks, including san francisco's oracle park. >> i took about 60 photographs of people posing with it before the game. everybody wanted to be next to it, touch it, pose with it. >> the suits will remain up into the fall giving people a chance to step into that one small step for man. nbc bay area news. >> this weekend, you can see buster posy and the giants and you can see the neil armstrong replica there. >> jeff, i want to ask you a quick question because both of us have family in florida. they have been through this routine before. when can we expect the hurricane shutters to go up. looks like sunday, maybe impacts on monday. a lot of the forecast date is going toward central and parts of southern florida as well. we'll have more on that exact path coming up, if you do have
6:48 pm
family there, friends or you might be traveling to florida over the next couple of days. live look outside in san jose. the big headline in the bay area is the cooling temperatures down to 74 degrees. it feels really nice outside. and we have 60s moving on in as we head through tonight and also for tomorrow morning. now, the big thing we want you to be watching out for is the fog tomorrow morning. we had this system developing in the pacific and it's basically just helping to reinforce this westerly wind and keeping the fog going at the immediate coastline. wait until you see this, the fog is not just going to be at the coastline, it will be widespread throughout marrin, napa, sonoma county. be ready with the drizzle, and a little bit of fog there for the south bay and also for the peninsula as well. we'll clear out from that once we hit the afternoon tomorrow with plenty of sunshine. so just be ready for the cloud cover tomorrow morning, and also these cool temperatures to start
6:49 pm
instead of mid-70s as you walk out the door in the trivalley. 60, that will feel better for you. 50 in the peninsula. chilliest weather in san francisco with 56 and the east bay starts off at 62. as we pass through the day tomorrow, temperatures actually a little bit below average in a few locations, downtown san jose one of them at 79 degrees. right through the east bay, no more upper 90s. down to 83 here in pleasanton. 77 vallejo. 78 in martinez. the peninsula, 78 in palo alto, 74 in san mateo. san francisco, it will be in the 60s no matter where you head. breeze out of the west at 18 miles per hour, and the north bay also feeling a little bit of this cool air. 74 in mill valley. 80 in nap pa, and 77 in santa rosa. extended forecast has a simple pattern in san francisco. morning fog. afternoon sunshine, and look we bump it up a couple of degrees
6:50 pm
this weekend. it's not going to be hot. low 70s right into labor day for san francisco, and similar weather into tuesday and wednesday. inland valleys, we'll keep you in the 80s through friday's forecast. it keeps up this weekend, not too hot. 90 right there for labor day. we'll drop it off a couple more degrees by tuesday and wednesday. mighty fine forecast as we wind out august and head into september for the bay area. tropical update, hurricane dorian and the latest has it exiting. puerto rico right now, it approaches florida by sunday. possibly moves in sunday night into monday as a category 2 or 3 storm. winds around 100 miles per hour, based on the current data, closer view of this shows really anywhere from palm beach to daytona beach is where we could see landfall. of this there is a lot more we need to know about it. those are the folks thinking about thi and preparing rain in
6:51 pm
that dangerous storm surge. the usual run of the groceries in the stores. generators. >> water. >> i talked to my mom today, we got to do this, that and the other. >> my mom has hurricane shutters up. she likes to put them up early and she's in total darkness for days. >> good to be ready. up next, it's almost time for some of the best golfers in the world to return to the bay area. it's a great event. melissa colorado joins us next from napa county. here's one you guys will like. show me making it. oh! i got one. the best of amy poehler. amy, maybe we could use the voice remote to search for something that you're not in. show me parks and rec. from netflix to prime video to live tv, xfinity lets you find your favorites with the emmy award-winning x1 voice remote. show me the best of amy poehler, again. this time around... now that's simple, easy, awesome. experience the entertainment you love on x1. access netflix, prime video, youtube and more, all with the sound of your voice. click, call or visit a store today.
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next month some of the biggest names in golf will be in napa, the safeway open pairs prose like phil mickelson and former pro athletes like tony romo, all for a good cause. >> last year's tournament donated to much needed fire efforts. melissa colorado joins us now from the silverado country club. >> reporter: i don't know how to play golf but i know how to drive a golf cart. work is underway, you can see the tents are going up for next month's fourth annual safeway option. >> some come for the golf. >> reporter: this isn't bottle rock and it's not the masters and augusta either but if you give wine lovers a golf club,
6:55 pm
welcome to the safeway open, set to start on september 25th. >> i'm excited to see the players, great shots. >> reporter: hall of fame johnny miller is a patriarch, the retired golf analyst face timed with a sports broadcaster. >> former dallas cowboys quarterback, tony romoho's taking a suspending at competitive golf. >> obviously a chance to compete again. >> when he's not calling football games. >> you have done really well announcing, almost as good as me. >> it's fun to get out there and compete, and also to learn. >> reporter: among the golf pros romo will be competing with. >> i'm excited about molinari being here. >> reporter: it raises $2 million for the napa community. this year instead of funding fire relief efforts, some of the money will goo needy high
6:56 pm
school students who can't pay for college. >> we'll be able to give the money to kids, education, food banks. >> reporter: and of course we cannot forget about the music. crews right now are working on setting ut stage for jake owens, bad company, and grammy award musician, rob thomas will be performi performing during the safeway open. melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, the elk in point rays national seashore in marrin county is a popular attraction, they are causing problems for local ranchers. we're going tell you about the controversial plan that has a lot of people upset. that's coming up tonight on our 11:00 newscast. >> that will do it this evening. thank you, we'll see you tonight at 11:00. >> have a great evening. thank you for joining us. >> bye bye.
6:57 pm
tomorrow on california live, one of the most inspiring stories we have done. doctors operate while the baby is still in the mother's womb. >> it's happening tomorrow on california live. on nbc bay area.
6:58 pm
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♪ now on "extra" -- kelly clarkson revealing not one, but two secret health scares. >> i was feeling pain and we thought it was something else. >> inside her new "people" cover story, from her childhood pain to motherhood. "shark tank" kevin o'leary involved in a deadly boat crash. o'leary's first words about the tragedy today. john stamos breaking his silence about lori laughlin's college scandal. why he says the punishment don't fit the crime. simon cowell, red alert. the shirt, the glasses. his surprise new look on "agt"


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