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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 29, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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here we are, we made it to thursday morning. we're taking a live look outside of san francisco. thank you so much for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. what is going on outside this morning. kari hall has been tracking that. >> as we take a live look outside, we are going to see in waln walnutemperatures. with our south bay high temperatures reaching the upper 70s it's going to be one of the
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best days of the week. we will talk and mike, if you are headed to work you are not alone. >> some starting their day and some ending their day, and i have seen crews already starting with flashing lights and clearing highway 101 from willow to marsh, your typical overnight destruction, and no other major problems. contra costa county looks great where we have two cash lanes on the left side not open, so we only have half of the cash lanes, and if you are in fast track, you are good. homeless man accused of attacking a woman could get out of jail as soon as today. >> a new judge wase and his att he is going to be asking for him
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to be released. with the center looking more and more like a sure thing, opponents are turning their attention to the increase in safety. >> i know everybody here seems committed that you are going to help establish a safe and sane navigation center, and as you see none of us believe you. >> skeptical neighbors voice concern at the first meeting of the advisory group. the center is already under construction. recent assaults like this have her feeling unsafe. >>e more resources
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out here to put the community at ease a little bit, and to try and address some of the problems pre-emptively. working to enforce a good neighbor policy, the same policy others have not lived up to. >> some support it. >> i think the least we can do is offer people who want to get off the streets a way tdo that. 4:33. gang violence is a growing concern in the south bay, and e. san jose police chief illegal g streets. he said so far this year his
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officers have taken more than 50 guns off of suspects off investigative stops. >> every time we take a gun off the street, that's one less person in the hospital, two less parents grieving because their child was grieving or worse. >> they need more people to recall and report suspicious activity, and he's aware some people don't report crimes due to their immigration status. there's a troubling trend, the number of homeless people a new county report found 59 homeless people died in 2018. compared to the year before. the executive director of trinity center in walnut creek says often homeless people are so focused on care. >> if you had to figure out e y are going to sleep r life
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tonight you are probably not going to take the time to go and see a doctor. >> the rep f a number of homeless people, age 62 or older doubled and the number of homeless is increasing. just this past tuesday, the antioch city council is addressing what is becoming a homeless crisis. and then peru president was arrested earlier this summer in the bay area and reportedly had $40,000 in a suitcase at the time. a bond hearing is being held for him later this morning. and then a new chapter for charter schools. governor gavin newsom gave
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districts more power to reject charter school changes. outrage is growing over a painted mural. gone are the colorful images on the side of the building. community activist are blaming the property owner, and ironically, a larger mural was over painted on that building. celebrating its 25th anniversary, it takes place at 5:00 p.m.
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the mural plays tribute to athletes who performed at the venue for years. another popular retailer struggling to stay afloat. we will tell you about the last-minute move from forever 21 to keep its doors open. why disney plus already seems like a hit and why other services may need to be concerned. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. some cars moving along and some not so much. mike will give us an update on the commute in just a bit.
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good morning. here are today's top business headlines. chinese says it's still in discussions with the u.s. over holding more trade talks with the u.s. there are reports on unemployment, housing and second quarter whether to file for chapter chapter 11 bankruptcy. like other struggling retailers they are located in malls where fewer shoppers are spending
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money. they are also investigating heavily technology. a new study suggests interested disney streaming service. the number of customers that say they plan to sign up means disney will proceed its own projections. it estimates it will have 20 to 30 million subscribers. if you buy two years you get a third for free. >> free? >> a lot of kids will like that. >> thank you. we will get a check of the forecast with kari hall. looking so much better now that the humidity is dropping and the temperatures are going down, too. concord seeing warm weather, but won't be as hot as it has been. we will talk more about that
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coming up next. we keep checking the bay bridge, and just one lane closed. ing "today in the smoothly. wat "
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good morning to you. this is a look at san rafael. you see the cars on the road? a single file line all in line.
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mike will get to the commute in just a bit. >> when i say, all right, all right, all right, who do you think about? >> actor mcconaughey, but now he's proor mcconaughey. becomes a profession of practice there. listen to him. >> after about 12 years of beine first scriptasvie part. i thought let's take them on a journey from the script to the screen. >> i would take that class. mcconaughey earned his own degree from there. cool. >> yeah, nice to get advice from somebody who has already done what you want to do.
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let's head outside today where the weather is going to be more than all right. >> i am looking forward to the cooler air starting to move in and the lower humidity. here's a live look outside in san francisco, and the clouds are higher up and that's the case in the south bay. we will start out with mostly cloudy skies that willelold down those temperatures and keep it from warming up so quickly. as we head over to campbell, 65 degrees at 6:00 going into the mid and upper 60s mid morning. the warmup is happening slower, because we are heading up to only 70 degrees today. and gilroy, 85 degrees, and parts of the east bay reaching into the mid-80s today. we will see 80s for the inland east bay, and we will have mid-60s for the coast as well as daily city, and palo alto
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reaching 79. in the marina district, it's going to be windy and breezy in the north bay. we are start ing to see is a storm approaching and that means a cool ocean breeze coming in and it's helping to cool us off. we will seeheor the next several days and into the start of next week, and only slight rises in our temperatures over the next several days. we are also tracking hurricane dorian as we enjoy nice weather, they are really having to brace for a hurricane in -- towards florida the next couple of days. we will reach 92 inland over the weekend, and early 90s next week on tuesday and wednesday, in the
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upper 80s, and san francisco upper 60s today and low 70s the next several of days. mike, you found something over in richmond? >> i did, and then it went away. it was a disabled vehicle and that's great news for somebody . here we go. 580 across san rafael. we showed you the nice here, and the bay bridge toll plaza, we should see the build as we approach 5:00, thetet 5:20. northbound 101, a little flashing lights and slowing just north of willow heading up towards marsh. caltrans, you are looking at the
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speeds, no delays reported. new this morning, more more drivers are ignoring red lights and it's turn into a deadly issue. >> that is according to a new aaa safety study. red-light running claimed more than 900 lives in 2017, and that's a ten-year high, and most of the people killed in the crashes are somebody other than the person running the light. aaa says distraction is a likely factor. >> we could get that driver distraction could be a factor. increased time constraints and ore so they are exposed to driving more, and of course more ces happen including red-light running crashes. >> red light cameras could help make intersections safer, but
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they could be just large of the safety plan. two pedestrians were hit and one died after a tesla ran a red light. it was clipped by another car. investigators obtained security camera footage from three different angles at the intersection, and the driver at the tesla was traveling 45 miles the intersection causing the chain reaction crash. one research group is tagging sharks, and it will give information of how many sharks are in the water. they are also collecting bacteria from the shark's mouths and it will help the islands' doctors treat potential bites. your iphone conversations as siri were not as private as you thought.
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contractors have been able to listen in on conversations. in a statement apple said it has not been living up to its own ideals of privacy and would like to do better. also, users will have to opt in to have their conversations heard. >> i just type it in myself. 4:41 for you right now. coming up on "today in the bay," he two year anniversary of the north bay fires is a dire deadline for some families that lost their homes. i am chris chmura, and nbc bay area responds next. and then appear dead bar at
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officers now say gang members burst into a bar and locked all of the exits and started a fire. 26 people were killed and a dozen others injured in mexico. we'll be back with more news. it's 4:52.
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welcome everyone. it's 4:54 right now. some of the fire victims are facing an unexpected deadline that could cost them thousands of dollars. >> several families still rebuilding their homes tell us they are about to lose vital insurance payments for temporary living expenses. one man is building here and renting elsewhere. his temporary housing allowance
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will end at the two-year anniversary of the fires even if his home is not complete. he feels the two-year cutoff ignores construction delays so many face. >> it was pretty well stated in the first few months after these fires that this is not going to be just a regular rebuild process. >> brad and others told us they expected payments for living expenses until their homes were rebuilt and the insurance industry told us that's not how it works, and tonight we willg companies are doing to help the fire victims make ends meet. i will join you again tonight at 11:00. >> thank you. good news for you, the a's are mathematically just ahead of the rays for the wildcard spot. >> a's lost last night in kansas
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city but got off to a good start with the series. next month, some of the namf the safeway open in napa. pros mickelson and tony romo will be taking part. the tournament raises more than $2 million each year. this year the money is going to high school students that can't pay for college. >> nice to see.
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the new milestone bart just reached and what it means for your safety while riding the trains. let's get you out the door for your commute. anti- mid-60s to start, and cooler air coming and more on that coming up next. no problems on 580 but we have an issue for the tri-valley and ash in the east shore. you are watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:00, a hiring frenzy. a live report just minutes away. plus, the growing storm taking aim at florida's atlantic coast. the last-minute scurry before dorian s a final frontier. >> to the infinity and beyond. president trump's plans for the country's new space force. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you. it's 5:00 and thank you for starting your day right here on "today in the bay." i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. a cooling trend coming our way, and will we feel it? >> yeah, we will feel it. yesterday it was so muggy out, but the humidity will drop and the temperatures will stay down and we will get drier air as we go throughout the day.
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we will start out in campbell at 64 degrees and lead into mid-70s as we go into the afternoon. our high temperatures today in the upper 70s. more on that coming up. mike, now you have two crashes. >> yeah, one lane reportedly blocked westbound 80 as you are coming down towards


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