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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 30, 2019 2:07am-2:35am PDT

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how the president isthe urgents stop vaping immediately health officials say. >> i had no idea what was happening inside my body and that is very scary >> tonight the number of vapors with lung disease growing. the shocking surveillance, a pregnant jail inmate in labor, her cries for help she says went ignored. the woman forced to give birth in her cell alone. the terrifying discovery, a massive arsenal, dozens of guns, eight grenades, more than 2,000 rounds inside the home. and that's not all police found and the slam dunk that seems impossible until you see it with your own eyes. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, i'm kristen welker in for lester we begin tonight with the millions of americans bracing for what could be a dangerous and deadly storm, hurricane
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dorian is intensifying as it churns toward the u.s. the storm is expected to strengthen to a category 4 hurricane before hitting florida over the holiday weekend. with dorian on that collision course, many are now preparing for a direct hit, stocking up on food and medicine and some are even getting out of town. tonight, there is an expanded state of emergency in florida and parts of georgia and we begin our coverage with al roker. al, what are you seeing out there >> kristen, the latest from the national hurricane center, 85-mile-per-hour winds with dorian. northwesterly movement at 13-miles-per-hour it quickly becomes a category 3 tomorrow, category 4 on sunday, landfall central florida on monday afternoon. the american model, landfall central florida on monday. in the european, down in southern florida on tuesday. catastrophic winds over the bahamas on hurricane force winds for florida on monday. and the rainfall, coastal sections of the southeastern florida area, five to ten inches of rain
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isolated 15 inches we're still watching these models trying to coalesce, and we haven't even talked about storm surge yet. kristen, it really bears watching all weekend long >> indeed. al roker, thank you for that and in florida tonight the state's 21 million people have been placed on alert, residents racing to get ready and tourists scrambling to get out as dorian approaches the coast guard late today raising the alert level for port canaveral. that's where we find nbc's kathy park tonight. >> reporter: hurricane dorian slammed into the caribbean flooding streets, toppling trees, and capsizing boats, but spared the islands from major disaster now, the storm has its eye on florida and is expected to hit the state as a dangerous category 4 the governor issuing this blunt warning >> the time to act is now. if you haven't acted, act to make preparations do not wait until it's too late >> reporter: residents in davie packed this
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costco stocking up with day's worth of food and supplies, some stores not able to keep up with the demand nasa isn't taking any chances either, moving hardware out of harm's way at kennedy space center meanwhile on the central coast where tourism is key, restaurants are struggling to fill seats on what would typically be a bustling labor day weekend. >> we've probably dropped 30%, 40% in business >> reporter: the beach also thinned out >> really only like us and a few other people here two days ago it was total stacked. >> reporter: vacationers cutting their holiday short. >> the tourism is definitely going to be a little down this year >> reporter: getting in and out of florida may pose a problem >> pack a lot of patience you may find longer lines than you expected here this weekend because of people trying to get out of town earlier. >> reporter: as all signs show dorian settling in for the long weekend and port canaveral is one of the busiest cruise ports in the world and tonight cruiselines are modifying itineraries for their guests to ensure their safety as kristen?
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>> kathy park, thank you for that report from florida as dorian barrels toward the u.s. mainland, we wanted to give you an idea of exactly what it's like to be inside a hurricane and feel those extremely powerful windsth more on what could be in store when dorian is expected to blast ashore >> reporter: with all the talk of wind speeds and categories, the university of maryland's research wind tunnel shows us what that really means. >> all right we're at tropical storm force winds. this is too late to be boarding up your windows. >> reporter: by th time we hit hurricane strength at 74-miles-per-hour -- >> i can't walk against this anymore category 1, older mobile homes might be destroyed. we see some damage we start to see a lot of power lines down. even some stronger 96-miles-an-hourway too strong i can ba >> reporter: category older st
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significant power outage homes destroyed, power and water out for several days this is devastating damage in the older maybe weeks. >> reporter: so, that's as high as they let us go. add in storm surge and a cat 4 or 5 can be catastrophic what researchers learned from tests here can be life saving >> people think that they're prepared, but once the winds pick up, once the water rises, they're not as prepared as they think. >> reporter: a stark warning -- >> 112 miles per hour, i would be flying back if i didn't have these straps holding me ine park, maryland president trump tonight is cancelling his trip to poland so an port which found he violatbiaking memos of his private conversations with the president nbc's hallie jackson is at the white house. >> reporter: the justice department's independent watchdog is blasting james comey for setting a, quote, dangerous
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example by not safeguarding sensitive information during his time leading the fbi that's specifically referring to memos comey wrote about hi reactions to president trump, describin being asked for loyalty and to let go of a former investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. comey shared one of the memos with a friend to share with a reporter with th revelations triggering the appointment of special counsel robert muler in 2017. >> i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. >> reporter: the report says comey was not permitted to information in order rsally desired outcome. the ig says he violated fbi policy by doing so and although some of what comey released was later deemed classified, it was not at the time. prosecute as comey responds defending himself today. to all those who spent two years talking about me going to jail or being a liar and a leaker, ask yourselves why you still trust people who gave you so
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much bad info for so long, including the president. president trump tweeting perhaps never in the history of our country has someon been more thoroughly disgraced an liaand he's a leaker >> reporter: comey has become a political lightning rod for the right. >> this report confirms it. mr. comey is a meathead he's a political hack. he hurt the fbi badid what he at an extraordinary political moment >> we are better off as a nation for james comey having kept these memos and i think they will be important well after this administration wraps up >> reporter: the white house tonight is accusing comey of disgracing himself and his office as comey says he would like to hear sorry we lied about you from his attackers. kristen? >> hallie jackson at the white house, hallie, thank you. the trump administration moved today to roll back federal rules on a greenhouse gas that scientists say is a major contributor to climate change
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the epa proposed revoking obama era regulations requiring oil and gas sites to monitor and plug methane leaks. environmentalists are threatening to challenge the proposal in court next to the 2020 race democratic front-runner joe biden again on defense tonight after a report he had been repeatedly and inaccurately telling a war story on the campaign trail we get more from nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: it's a moving war story that joe biden has told before >> this guy climbed down a ravine, carried this guy up on his back undere. >> reporter: that he was in afghanistan as vice president when he was asked to pin a silver star on an heroic navy captain. >> i do not want the damn thing please do not pin that thing on me, sir do not do that he died. he died. >> reporter: according to "the washington post," almost every
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detail of that story he told friday appears to be incorrect, that he was conflating elements from multiple actual events including when he pinned a bronze star on this army staff sergeant, chad workman. ultimately "the post" reports biden got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the type of medal, the military branch and the ran of the recipient wrong as well as his own role in the ceremony >> this is the god's truth, my word as a >> reporter: asked tonight if he conflated multiple stories, biden told north carolina newspaper, no, i don't think so the central point is it was absolutely accurate what i said he refused the medal it comes as president trump has repeatedly accused the democratic front-runner of being off his game >> joe biden has truly lost his fastball. >> reporter: the president has made numerous exaggerations and false statements including this claim just this week >> kim jong-un who i've gotten to know extremely well, first lady has gotten to know kim jong-un >> reporter: the white house later clarifying that the first lady has never met kim. >> reporter: as for
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staff sergeant workman told "the post" eight years later he remembers meeting with biden and felt like the former vice president really understood >> peter alexander, thank you. as we've been reporting an epidemic of gun violence is spreading through st. louis, missouri, and innocent chire are often caught in the line of fire authorities are now offering big payouts for information as the community remains outraged by these killings ron allen is there >> we losing too many people, families >> reporter: pain and anger erupting at an emergency community meeting. >> we had to bury five people in our family >> yes, we did >> within two days >> reporter: a long line of those who lost loved ones demanding authorities stop the bloodshed. in the st. louis metro area, at least 20 children have died in gun violence this year, more than a dozen since spring vigils for victims all too often like this one for 8-year-old journey thompson >> she kissed me and
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told me bye. >> reporter: her father let her go to a football jamboree, a reward for doing her chores then gunfire broke out. >> she was a protector and lover and she just wanted everybody to know that she loved us >> reporter: the case is unconnected but a disturbing pattern, investigators say. adults usually the target, the kids innocent bystanders. afterwards witnesses refuse to tell police what happened. police hoping $100,000 of reward money will entice residents to come forward people are afraid. what do you tell them? >> well, you have to stand up and stand out. we will do our best to protect them as best we can >> reporter: without more help, the fear is the unrelenting street violence will claim even more young lives. ron allen, nbc news, st. louis. and also tonight the stark new warnings for ecigarette users health officials in one major american city advising to stop vaping immediately as the number of illness potentially linked to ecigarettes grows. we get more now from anne thompson. >> any pain when you breathe? >> no. >> reporter: this is
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not how maddie nelson wanted to spend her summer vacation. >> they had no idea what was going on inside until they put me into a medically induced coma >> reporter: after three years of daily vaping, the 18-year-old developed a high fever and pneumonia. her doctor thinks were caused by her habit. >> i still have to be on oxygen at night and i just finished my prescription of steroids that i was taking but other than that i'm doing pretty good. >> reporter: she's one of a growing number of people getting sick leading to more warnings today about vaping, indiana's governor targeting teens. >> the best thing we can do is make sure they never start >> reporter: and milwaukee health department joining the national chorus urging people to stop after 16 users were hospitalized with a caused by poisons or toxins nbc news reached out to the health departments of all 50 states and found there are nearly 300 confirmed or suspected cases connected to
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vaping symptoms include coughing, shortness of breath, and fever. >> just because they are safer or perceived to be safer than cigarettes doesn't mean they are safe i think we're now seeing clear evidence that that is not the case >> anne joins us now anne, good to see you. what is in this vaping liquid >> it's a whole big chemistry pile along with nicotine and flavorings there's something called propylene glycol it's used in antifreeze, perfume, and that artificial fog you sometimes see at concerts. while generally emistry experimentit isa every time you inhale. >> such important information tonight, anne thank you for that report really appreciate it on that same topic, ecigarettes to vape marijuana. but today the nation's surgeon general sounding the alarm on pot saying it's thre times more potent than 20 years ago dr. jerome adams is warning pregnant women who use marijuana to ease morning sickness that it could harm their baby's development and teens who use the drug
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can have problems with attention, memory and decision making. we will have more ahead tonight, including the video sparking outrage, the pregnant inmate in labor, no one coming to help her. forced to deliver her baby alone in her cell then the massive arsenal seized inside a home, what police found in addition to dozens of guns and the young man who never gave up on his hoop dreams inspiring america. stay with us
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tonight a denver mother is suing after she says she was forced to give birth alone in a jail cell without any medical care sanchez's journey to motherhood began ia give birth alone her attorney says after hours of begging for help, the entire ordeal caught on this surveillance video released by her lawyer sanchez first raised the flag at breakfast time telling a deputy at 5:02 a.m. she was in labor, then again at 6:34. her lawyer says she tried at least nine times to get help.
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at one point officials slipped an absorbent pad under the cell door finally you see sanchez writhing in pain undress and a 10:44 a.m. give birth to her baby boy. >> she was in excruciating pain. she was petrified. she was humiliated >> reporter: the video shows after the birth, staff entered her cell and 32 minutes later her lawyer says she was taken to the hospital sanchez was being held on identity theft charges. a sw tement, the de sated in the jail's medical denver health medical under the care of professionals, noting they've since changed their policy to make sure inmates in labor are immediately taken to the hospital. a year later, both sanchez and baby are home and hoping a judge gives them closure. blaine alexander, nbc news well coming up, the terrifying discovery inside a quiet neighborhood
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next tonight, police say they've seized a massive weapons arsenal inside a home in philadelphia
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officials say they recovered dozens of guns, thousands of rounds of ammo, and that's not all here's nbc's miguel almaguer >> reporter: the than 2,000 rounds of ammunition, and 8 mostly inactive aw by police philadelphia suburbs discovered in the as much armory as it lst a home, evenkeby the find. gun in every single room in the house. some were hidden under furniture. some were in drawers some were in cabinets. >> reporter: responding to a call of a suicidal man -- >> says he is armed. possibly multiple guns in the home. >> reporter: -- the 72-year-old homeowner who authorities call an avid weapons collector was taken in for a mental evaluation the cache of hand guns, rifles, and assault rifles nearly all loaded are being cataloged. >> we're going to get the serial number of every single gun and we're going to run that serial number >> reporter: tonight no arrests and no charges as police say
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there was also no longer a threat here, an arsenal dismantled in the middle of a quiet suburban neighborhood miguel almaguer, nbc news >> good catch by philadelphia police. and the slam dunk you just have to see to believe.
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finally in tonight's "inspiring america," a college athlete who proves strength is much more than physical. here's ron mott. >> good. >> reporter: 21-year-old zion clark is like many young wrestlers, lean, chiselled, and full of grit >> good job. >> reporter: but it's what he doesn't have that sets him apart. zion has a rare birth defect causing his lower body to not develop. >> what you're born with is what you're born with. you can't go back in in and out of foster homes since birth, he >> reporter: that sa wasn't always easy for zion >> were you an angry young man? hangi was very angry. when zion turned 16 living with his new foster mother. and when i first saw him, it was just something that was in my spirit.
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he needed a home he needed a mother >> reporter: kimberlii hawkins decided to adopt him. >> he said, yes, i want you to be my mom. i said, let's do it. >> ready >> reporter: she helped zion bring his passion, wrestling, to the next level >> his persistence and his accountability throughout his career was absolutely second to none. he taught me more about life than i taught him about wrestling. >> reporter: he won 30 matches his senior year of high school and was recently captured in this viral video with his new trainers >> you want to just be the best version of yourself you're going to have trials and tribulations, but the end result is worth it if you stay with it. >> reporter: overcoming the odds and standing tall. how incredible zion's dream is to compete not only in the 2020 paralympics, but the olympics, too. we have no doubt he will remarkable young man normal? "nightly news" is this
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steve: does it sound normal to you? you look like a singing group. advice?take my >> and we are baking dreams come true. >> teamwork makes the dream work. your hands together for your host, steve harvey. [applause] steve: i have something funny i have to show you. i will take just a moment to settle the debate once and for highero has the
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threshold for pain, men or women? >> women. you are dam right. the answer is women. it is as simple as that. let's quit messing around with this. i can prove it. i will show you a couple of videos. the first one is a woman giving birth. take a look. you are amazing. [applause] i know it can be more than that. but that is a woman giving birth. cool. calm, all while giving birth to a human being. that is the power of a woman. the next one is a guy getting his girlfriend's name tattooed on his arm. roll the tape.
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>> [screaming] [laughter] steve: many questions? that is what i thought. ♪
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