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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 30, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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and a good friday morning on this august 30th for you. wow, august 30th. moving into labor day weekend for you this weekend. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. you probably can't tell there, it's a little foggy but that's what you're looking at. good morning. thanks for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get a look at the forecast. a little hazy out there? >> yes, we'll start out with great weather, just some fog near the coast. a live look in fremont, a few clouds rolling by and we'll see some clearing headed into the rest of the morning with our temperatures starting out cool, lower 60s, leading into some low 70s. south bay we're going to be just a degree or two warmer than yesterday. it was so pleasant. we're reaching up to 81 in san jose. 87 in gilroy, and our east bay
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temperatures up to 88 degrees in antioch, while oakland tops out at 76. so we'll talk about all of our microclimates and the forecast leading into the holiday coming up. mike, you're expecting a lighter commute this morning. >> it's only 4:31, we're seeing it but the bay bridge toll plaza the less amount of cars. as we discussed yesterday midday folks made their way to the sierra valley, a lot of folks make thursday their getaway. friday morning we'll see a lighter volume of traffic. be careful. there are crews in palo alto north past willow. you see the flashing lights still working on the center divide here and also in patches through oakland and we'll let you know if we see problems for closures and traffic breaks coming up. back to you. >> thank you. breaking news out of the south bay, there is damage to at least three business this is morning after an overnight fire in downtown los gatos.
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>> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live in los gatos this morning. what do you know, kris? >> reporter: hi there, laura and marcus. i just talked with the fire captain 15 minutes ago. he tells me the fire here is not least one crew is going to stay put just in case. the fire happened about 1:30 this morning, runs parallel to the main author yofare north santa cruz avenue. captain bill murphy tells me the fire started in one business that was in the middle of that building but damaged both of the businesses on either side. firefighters got that call around 1:30 this morning and because the roof structure is old, it took them about an hour to put it out. it had to be unnerving for one business in particular here in downtown los gatos because it happened just a ways back behind double d's sports grill, if you live ins area you know only recently reopened after it was gutted by a fire in 2016. at this point, santa clara county fire investigators will
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look into this fire, but at this point, it does not appear to be suspicious. in los gatos, snch smpkris sanc "today in the bay." >> thank you. this morning we're tracking the path of hurricane dorian, churning in the atlantic and set to become a major storm. it's taking straight aim at florida, but where it will exactly strike remains uncertain. the forecast track did change overnight and moved south toward palm beach but up and down the florida coastline, concerns are running high as are preparations. millions of people are now stocking up on supplies, they're filling up their gas tanks. this is how it looks outside of ft. lauderdale where the lanes are very long. right now it's looking like landfall will hit on sunday. dorian already hit parts of the caribbean, as the tropical storm, but did little damage, mostly bringing heavy rain and downing trees. at that point it was far from the category 4 storm it may be by sunday. when it slams florida, dorian could pack winds of at least 130
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miles per hour. category 4 storm, that's why florida's governor already declared a state of emergency. >> we're ready. we have the best people in the world ready, and they're going to help you. we're shipping food. we're shipping water, about you it may be that you're going to evacuate. we're going to see what happens. we're waiting. >> president trump has scrapped a trip to poland to help florida brace for the worst case scenario. kari hall will join us with more on the hurricane's track coming up a little bit later. the search is on for the culprits who stole puppies from a san francisco animal shelter. two of three dogs were recovered in the east bay. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live for us outside of the hayward police department, and bob, i know we found two of those puppies. any information about the third one still missing? >> reporter: marcus and laura, possibly. law enforcement will likely search a home here in hayward at some point. just before 11:00 last night, hayward police did return two 4-month-old husky puppies to the
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director of family dog a pit bu shelter wednesday night. family rescue blasted the dogs pictures on social media and searched for the dogs on for sale websites. rcovth police arrested two men and found the huskies safe. >> to take our dogs is just -- i don't know, it's beyond me, honestly. i almost always think that when you think of a shelter, you would think to give, not that you would sneak in and steal their dogs. >> reporter: there is still that third dog, it's an 8-week-old pit bull with mange, still missing. hayward police says san francisco police is taking over this investigation, will likely as i mentioned search a home in hayward looking for that pit bull, and other items stolen from the shelter. security cameras captured three men inside the shelter leaving with the dogs, ipads and medication. staff members said the thieves cut a lock to get bob redell, ""
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>> so shocking when you hear of crimes like that. thanks, bob. 4:36. the manhunt continues in the south bay for a driver in a hit-and-run that killed a bicyclist in san jose, this happened a little before 3:00 p.m. yesterday, this was at story and jackson avenue, that's when police say a driver of a gold and suburban suv ran a red light, plowed into a pickup truck and struck a cyclist in the crosswalk. witnesses say he then gathered items from inside the suv and then ran from the scene, this is after another driver refused to give him a ride. >> he tell the guy take me away and the guy said no, i don't take you. >> witnesses say the driver was last seen hopping a nearby fence. right now police only have a vague description. the victim has not been identified. it's 4:36 right now. san francisco leaders are reportedly pushing back on a recent order from the mayor's office to cut the number of treatment beds from mental health patients. according to "the examiner" this morning, san francisco general
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will eliminate 41 residential treatment beds. those are for mental health patients who cannot care for themselves. patients who have been there for years will have to move to another part of the hospital. two supervisors argued the decision was made without debate amid a mental health crisis. they are demanding a public hearing and expect one to happen within the next three weeks. 4:37. coming up on "today in the bay," walmart making moves to become more than a place of household needs but also health care. plus target exploring new territory with curbside delivery service, that will allow to you shop but never have to leave your car. taking a live look in fremont, you see cars are on the road getting kicked off for the holiday weekend. mike is going to get us through the commute coming up in just a bit. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street will look to add to yesterday's rally. stocks jump with the dow rising more than 300 points, as the fears over the u.s./china trade war eased at least for now. although the next round of tariffs are set to go into effect this weekend. the dow is on track for its best week since june and also set to break a two-month winning streak. on today's watch list, reports on personal income, manufacturing and consumer sentiment. cnbc learned walmart is
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opening a new clinic format at one store in georgia next month calling it walmart health. walmart health will give patients access to comprehensive and low-cost primary care, dental care, mental house counseling, labs, x-rays and hearing tests. it is in a separate clinic to give it a sense of privacy. health and wellness accounts for nearly 10% of walmart's u.s. sales. and target is expanding its pickup service for online orders nationwide. shoppers who use the target app can get their purchases brought right out to their carsingnto t. the service is now available in nine states and target expects to have it at all of its 1800 u.s. stores by the holiday season, of course, as it launches a new location, target often gives out free product samples as a perk to encourage repeat business. who doesn't like free stuff? back to you, marcus and laura. >> love it. put it in the trunk of my car, too. >> got more things to do, let's go. >> sure thing, on the go, frank.
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>> let's go. coming up here on "today in the bay," kari is tracking our holiday weekend forecast. >> looks like it's going to be a nice holiday weekend for a lot of people, having a nice extended one. it's going to feel very nice. our temperatures in willow glen will be in the upper 60s all throughout the morning, low 70s going into early afternoon. so we'll take a closer look at this in all of our microclimates coming up. and i'm watching closely on your morning commute, even though we saw a lot of folks get away yesterday afternoon, and evening, not everybody's gone. we'll show you how that is shaping up, coming up. plus high-tech break-ins. the new technology north bay s are
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and taking a live look out at walnut creek as we get started with this friday which kicks off the holiday weekend. we'll get you through the day with the commute as well as the forecast for you, and speaking of the forecast, kari, it's going to be a nice way to kick off the holiday weekend. >> yes, i don't think it gets any better than this, especially this time of year. >> if we were off -- >> well, we'll be there tomorrow. >> there you go! >> so today it's going to still feel nice and cool. we're still seeing the low clouds and fog in s foran a lit be misting and drizzling there. as we head inland if you're about to make y o the door in pittsburg, expect your morning commute to look good with some low 60s, it will get cooler as we approach sunrise down to about 60 degrees and then starting to rise as we go
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into late morning into the mid-70s, and as we look at our high temperatures for today, this is very normal, reaching up to 81 degrees in downtown san jose. in morgan hill looking at a high of 85 degrees, and also some warm weather for the inland east bay, antioch, up to 88 degrees, martinez 81, and 78 today in hayward. in redwood city, expect a high of 77, and for san francisco reaching 70 on the embarcadero. notice those winds coming in from the west at about 19 mnorth bay sees a wide range i temperatures, point reyes at 66, up to 93 in clearlake this afternoon. going into the weekend, we do still have some cooling as we start to see our winds turning onshore, that storm system moving into the pacific northwest, may impact some of your travel plans in that area. elsewhere it's just going to be really hot, and then as we go into early next week, we start to see our ocean breeze backing off just a little bit, and so our inland valleys will be ridesing into the low 90s, and
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if you're thinking of making it a beach weekend, santa cruz will see highs in the low 80s today, upper 70s for tomorrow, and then going into labor day, up to 77 degrees. so very nice and comfortable, with some low 90s in the inland valleys. our temperatures will peak on sunday, reaching 92. 90 on labor day and mid 80s for the middle of next week. and mike, you have a couple of reports to share. >> that's right but just a couple. most of the bay looking really good. a little slowing as crews clear and move around through palo alto and a few other patches but nothing shows up other than green for most of our sensors around the bay. we are looking at a couple of issues. first of all the bigger look, contra costa county we'll zoom in over here, 242 there may be a isabled vehicle still goither . understand but we're tracking that, just off of 680, and then eastbound highway 4 over at san marco, there is one crash over on the shoulder, car went into a fence. no major injuries reported but chp not yet there. since we're talking about the
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area, walnut creek we see orinda as well, everything is normal for today, but remember the weekend work, this is the advisory from the b.a.r.t. page, they're going to close down the orinda station over to walnut creek, that same stretch as a couple weeks ago and a couple of lanes eastbound highway 24 will be affected through lafayette. that's the same as a couple weeks ago and those lanes in the stations will not reopen until tuesday morning commute so we're looking at the a smoother, easier drive right now. the bay bridge toll plaza light volume of traffic, we talked about this, this is lighter than your typical friday because a lot of folks head out of town, maybe not commuting today. the golden gate bridge supposedly h a doe have an advi from the chp, but you could see from our live view at this present moment it's clear with just the clouds hovering around. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 4:48. they're calling it an epidemic, police officers in north bay city are conducting undercover operations trying to put an end to car break-in vallejo. the city has had 1,000 vehicle
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break-ins so far this year. thieves are using two new techniques. in one case they're using radio frequency jammers that look like this, and what it does is blocks your ability to lock your car when it's happening. you don't even know it. >> our unsuspecting shoppers get out of their car g to hit their key fob to lock their car and they can't because the jammer or radio frequency device jammer jams the signal. >> criminals are also using bluetooth devices to scan cars and find ones with electronics inside. police say if at all possible, leave your valuables at home. now to a bb gun shooting spree in the east bay. someone has been taking aim at windows in el cerrito, mostly in the middle of the night. eight bb gun shootings have happened within the last week and most of the targets are cars but at least one business and one home have been hit. so far, no one has been hurt, and no arrests have been made. now to a follow-up for you
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this morning, the maverick surf contest will not happen. we've confirmed the world surf league or wsl is dropping the competition, citing expenses. wsl took over the competition after the previous organizer went bankrupt. they made history by announcing they're offering equal pay for women competitors. the last competition was in 2016. new this morning, the north bay's smart train agency is now working on revising its schedule to bridge service gaps. according to "the press democrat" sometimes there can be a 90-minute wait between trains. in december, more departures will be added from the new lakespur station and in addition to four new rail cars, will allow the smart to increase the number of trains. and a warning for east bay commuter this is holiday weekend, if you're taking b.a.r.t., you can expect delays again in contra costa county. the agency is shutting down the tracks between the orinda and walnut creek stations to make repairs, that will impact the
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lafayette station which will have no train service. ac transit will offer free shuttle bus service for passengers. coming up here on "today in the bay," sponds. "nbc bay area responds." >> we have a medical billing error and auto insurance dispute as well as lots of other cases, helping people like you get their money back. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds," and telemundo responde next. but first happening now, 400 residents evacuated in utah as an out of control fire grows by the minute. the gun range fire is burning in the city of bound i feel, north of salt lake city. the fire is set to be so big crews from nearby counties are being called in.
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well come back, everyone. taking a live look at the richmond raph bridge. not a lot of folks up and out the door just yet. maybe they got a jump on the weekend already. we'll see, keeping tabs on the morning commute for you. it is 4:54. a big debate is brewing over driver's rights, ride share and delivery apps are pledging $09 million to mount a california ballot fight against legislation that may be approved as soon as today. lawmakers are debating a bill to make it harder to classify ride share drivers as independent contractors rather than employees. companies including uber, lyft and doordash are against it. they say it would destroy their business model built around employee flexibility and they're willing to put theironey where their mouth is. thom jensen will join us with a live report coming up at 5:30. nbc bay area responds to help viewers like you. >> and here is consumer investigator chris chmura with a look at some recent cases.
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>> good morning. we work hand in hand with our sister station telemundo responde to make things right when you get stuck in a spat with a company. together we've helped people get back around $4 million. we've gotten there one case at a time like when our "nbc bay area responds" team helped the tse family in oakland, having trouble with a hospital bill, 790 bucks on the line. we got it back for them and over at telemundo 48 consumer investigator arlen fernandez helped someone in oakland, it was manor, his car was totalled in a crash but his insurance company didn't send the $3100 payment until arlen stepped in. if you aren't getting anywhere battling a company, perhaps we can steer you the right direction. in english, 888-996-tips, in spanish 844-408-4848. i hope you have a great holiday weekend. >> you, too, chris. coming up here on "today in
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the bay," kari issing t trackin we can expect the holiday weekend. >> starts out cool in dublin with some low 60s. at noon we're at 77 degrees and 85 at 4:00 today. a nice warmup ahead today in the tri-valley, as well as the weekend. we'll have a look at that coming up next. and we're looking at the san mateo bridge, this is pretty standard flow for this time of morning, being 4:56. we are looking forward to a lighter volume of traffic for this morning's commute, because i think some commuters left town yesterday. i'll show you some changes coming up. plus we're staying on top of the breaking news in the south bay, a fire tears through a los gatos business overnight. a live report on the damage done, next.
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right now at 5:00, breaking news. fast-moving flames ripping through south bay businesses overnight. our team is live on the scene in los gatos with more about the damage done and the impact it will have. plus -- >> the time to act is now. >> florida's bracing for the impact as hurricane dorian churns in the atlantic. the growing warnings, preparations and potential damage expected. and aiming to help those in need. the bay area city giving the green light to a new safe parking site for those living inside rvs and cars. a very good friday morning to you and thanks so much for joining us.
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i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. hl us get morning. a lot of people may be coming and going through the bay area but first we want to talk about the forecast you ce beginning o weekend. >> yes, there may be a big travel day for the bay area, as you are getting ready to head to your weekend destination. if you're going to work this morning, headed to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station expect it to be in the low 60s and clouds throughout the morning as our temperatures rise slowly. overall a very nice day, reaching into the low 90s or low 80s i should say for the south bay. we will be in the low 90s in clearlake today while san francisco is at 70 degrees. more on that coming up in a few minutes. mike, you're updating a crash in concord. >> the bay bridge toll plaza we usually see the cash lanes filled up past the end of the parking lot with you not today, friday and a pre-holiday friday shows a lighter volume around the bay, the maze, contra costh kari said over in concord, it's not a disabled vehicle, it's actu a crash which leaves
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some debris, there's a big rig near the off-ramp for grant street, it's northbound 242 and what commute we have would normally be south coming off of highway 4. no major slowing shows up on sensors except in palo alto, a crew clearing lanes. we'll give you a live look at that coming up. back to you. >> thank you, mike. breaking news out of the south bay, there is damage to at least three businesses this morning, this after an overnight fire in downtown los gatos. >> south dakota's kris sanchez live on the scene this morning. the fire is out now, kris? >> reporter: the fire is out, but you can see here behind me that there are still some fire crews on


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