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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 30, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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warning for families about vaping, and all new for you, one north bay community's official message today. plus a great loss, a sad update overnight about one of the world's best known natural wonders, the great barriern thb right now. a very good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike is getting us ready to head out for the weekend commute for the holiday. >> some people already did >> might be a good thing. we'll get to that in a bit. first meteorologist kari hall with a look at the forecast for us. >>t ekend. if you're going to be staying in the bay area, we have just a short drive to get to the weather that you want. so let's get a look at our morning start in walnut creek, all clear skies, and also cool temperatures, as we go through the day, it will be heating up with some low 80s by early afternoon, but not too hot, as we reach the upper 80s in the east bay valleys, north bay up to 85 in napa and 93 in clearlake.
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san francisco low 70s, with some low 80s in the south bay. we'll talk more about what's going on this weekend. mike has a look at that morning drive for you. >> well, easy drive. look at this, the bay bridge toll plaza this is great. this is a live picture it's 6:01 and we see a smooth flow of traffic, no metering lights, no pausing even for the cash lanes. you have to pause to pay, you pay cash but everyone else flowing smoothly through the fastrak lanes. contra costa county looks great. a little blip shows up north of the benicia bridge. there may be an issue. there say crash on the shoulder 242 at grant, and a couple of crashes here 680 around capitol expressway and montague, both out of the roadway but look the at the speed sensors are all green, guys. back to you. >> thanks, mike. breaking news this morning, out of the south bay, there is damage to at least three businesses this morning, after an overnight fire in downtown los gatos. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live from the scene. the fire is now out. a lot of damage to report? >> reporter: well, we can tell you that the last fire crews
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just rolled out of here, and the last five minutes, and the city cruise are starting to roll in presumably to help remove some of the debris that was taken from these three businesses that were damaged overnight. you asked about how much damage, laura. these businesses are going to have to be closed for a while, because in addition to fire damage in the center building, in the center business in that building there's also water and smoke damage to the ones on either side. this happened on village lane, which runs parallel to the north, the main thoroughfare, north santa cruz avenue if you're familiar with los gatos. captain tells me the fire started in one business in the middle and then damaged the two on the other side. there's a salon, a game shop and some sort of ice cream parlor. firefighters got the call after 1:30 this morning. they did put that fire out within an hour. it took them that long, the firefighters say, because of the roof configuration above. today's fire happened in the same block as another fire you might remember back in 2016,
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there was a big fire that gutted a sports grill down the way, double d's that was unaffected but it had to cause some concern for folks who know and live around this downtown area. the fire is under investigation this morning, but at this point, the fire captain says nothing is blatantly suspicious. in los gatos, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> good to know, thanks so much, kris. new overnight also in los gatos -- less than three miles away from the last fire we were telling but, two firefighters were taken to the hospital for observation after battling this house fire that started before 11:00 on overlook road. firefighters arrived to find the flames shooting out of the front of the home. two people were evacuated, one was taken to the hospital. no word on a cause. at 6:03, now to hurricane dorian, and what is expected to become a major hurricane when it slams into florida over the holiday weekend. forecasters say it will likely become a category 4 storm, the
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strongest hurricane to hit that state in three decades. the storm that size packs winds of at least 130 miles per hour. overnight dorian continued to strengthen over warm waters and the forecast changed as well. its projected path moved further south to palm beach. this morning every county in florida is under a state of emergency. people up and down the atlantic coast are scurrying to get their hands on supplies, food, gas, sandbags, plywood to protect windows and that's not all. >> batteries, flashlights, generators, extension cords anything they can use that are going to give them survival. >> eventually most of interstate 75 which runs from miami to the georgia line will be completely turned into northbound lanes so people can get out. we have much more coming up. kari is tracking the storm. we'll bring you a report from miami at 6:45. the santa clara county fire department is testing its emergency alert system today.
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>> it's important that we actually test the system prior to an actual event. there are processes in place for us to put these messages out, and we want to exercise those before lives are literally on the line. >> if you registered with the system or if you're driving through certain parts of the county today, you'll get an alert on your phone at 10:00 this morning. the system is used to communicate fires, evacuations and other emergencies. >> 6:05 right now. some of this year's union supported labor day protests may attract larger numbers, that includes protests against kaiser permanente. the "east bay times" says thousands of kaiser union workers may be out in force right now a strike is being planned for october. it may include 80,000 workers, which would make it the largest strike in more than two decades. also new this morning, bay area health alert about
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vaping. sonoma county health leaders are warning about lung injuries. since june, 36 people have been hospitalized in california while 193 potential cases of severe lung illness related to vaping are being reported by 22 states, including california. the cdc and the fda are now investigating. ondeiseing blamed on in most cases victims admitted to vaping before they got sick, though it's not clear vaping actually caused the illnesses.t of the tallest buildings in the city. the proposes six-story complex will be built on third street and lincoln avenue, close to the city's transit center and downtown smart train station. here is a look at what the complex will look like. it will have stores and restaurants on the ground floor along with more than 120 residential parking spaces. the complex will also have 12 affordable housing units. now to a follow-up, san francisco's planning commission is giving the green light to a long-term safe parking site for people living in their rvs and cars.
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if supervisors pass it next month, it would be located near the balboa park b.a.r.t. station on highway 280. the safe overnight parking pilot program could launch at the site for one year as early as november. the lot is expected to serve up to 33 people. new for you this morning, b.a.r.t.'s latest reported upgrades have nothing to do with actual trains but may be just as important for commuters. if you've ridden b.a.r.t. you've experienced the platform sign telling you the train is 12 minutes away that never actually arrives because it's been canceled or rerouted. some riders call it a ghost train. "the examiner" reports starting tomorrow, platform signs will be more accurate to reflect arrivals and specify when the trains have been canceled, and that's thanks to upgraded software. b.a.r.t. also says that better sign improvements are coming in the near future. the great barrier reef facing more danger. australian government downgrading the outlook for the reef's ecosystem to very poor in
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2019. iit 2014. the report says rising sea temperatures caused by human-driven global warming is the biggest threat to the reef. australian and queensland governments are investing more than $2 billion to protect the reef. >> hearing about this more and more. >> beautiful area, too. >> it's unfortunate to see the bleaching of the coral reefs as well. so it's not as colorful as it used to be. so maybe something you need to visit and see very soon. let's get a look outside as the sun comes up in san jose. look at this beautiful sunrise, bright orange. get those cameras ready, take a nice snapshot. as you head out for school in the south bay, it's going to be cool walking to school, with some upper 50s, and then leading into some upper 60s at 10:00. i think the kids will enjoy the time outside today for lunch and recess, and then we're in the upper 70s by 1:00, eventually reaching 81 degrees later on today. some of our warmer spots reach the upper 80s and low 90s,seaso,
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temperatures. san francisco reaching 70 this afternoon. we'll talk about the weekend, but mike, you have a spot to avoid. >> we do, we just got thisleroa royalcommuno reale at san carlos avenue south of holly as well. there's a water main break reported there so the northbound side of el camino at san carlos avenue, we don't tea know how long it will take to address that. one block away, take laurel street through the area. the rest of the bay shows freeways very light volume of traffic. the bay bridge toll plaza there's a little slowing. we'll check on that with a live camera coming up in a second. we don't have any backup for the metering lights, we don't have metering lights. as we look toward dublin, a smooth drive, mild slowing out of the altamont, light volume around the bay. guys, back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:10 right now. next and new this hour an
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act of kindness for a little boy nervous about moving into a new home. what plus you have an iphone 10 in that's an antique. new i-toiphones coming up when "today in the bay" continues.
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right now at 6:13 on this friday morning, let's get you out the do are in palo alto with a look at a few clouds moving by and it clears out with our temperatures starting out cool, upper 50s, but leading in to a very comfortable day, 77 at 1:00. wrel' ta
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we'll talk about what's going on this weekend and look at our microclimates in less than five minutes. >> great travel times down the east bay, east shore freeway and oakland as we travel toward the bay bridge, things are looking really good. crossing the san mateo bridge you have a light build as well. things are moving nicely westward, moving nicely in all directions. i'll show you what's going on coming up. good morning to you. very happy friday as well. stocks were higher on hopes that china and america can work it out between them, though keep in mind, new tariffs go into effect over the weekend. bloom energy, this is a blast from the past. i'll get to that one in a minute. apple sent out invitations to reporters and analysts for an announcement on the 10th. traditionally apple announces new iphones in september. apple also announcing it will provide tools and original parts to third party repair shops in case, i don't know, that happens. if your phone is still under warranty, you have to use an apple-approved repair center.
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if you're out of warranty, you can use one of those small mom and pop stores, and they will be provided with official apple parts. i mentioned bloom energy, this dates back to ten years ago and a remarkable debut in silicon valley of a company many thought was going to be the next big thing. this is video from 20and the company's founder showing off the new technology. the governor of california was was there, and general colin powell was there, legendary silicon investor john doerr was there and made a comment that sounds way off, ten years later. >> i was talking with my friend larry paige about the nature of this event and it strikes the two of us, this is like the google ipo. >> it sounds off because while bloom did ipo, its stock plunged from a high of 35 to around $4.15 today.
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getting the company's founder k.r. schriedar showing the technology there, we do that on this weekend's "press:here" he sat down to talk about the company's past, future and how bloom might be able to take advantage of pg&e's troubles, the threat pg&e will have to cut off power to certain communities during high fire danger. bloom energy might be able to solve some of those problems so we'll talk about it on "press:here" sunday morning after 9:00, right at 9:00 after all right, thank goodness. we'll see you on sunday, too. >> yes. trending this morning, an iowa police officer is a real life hero for a 6-year-old. amanda williams posting these photos on facebook. since moving to a new home, her son hayden was frightened of his new room. amanda went to the eldridge police department. an officer escorted the home and
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searched the room for bad guys. hayden is now sleeping soundly in his room all by himself. >> nice job. and now they have hayden to look out specifically for that part of the patrol as well watching the house. >> there you go. i have a girlfriend used to spray monster spray under the bed and closet. >> that stuff works. >> who do you call? >> post ghostbusters. >> call mom, really. >> momster spray. that's coming in their teenage years i'm sure. >> good to see some good news on a friday morning, especially leading into a long weekend, and we're going to have some great weather here in the bay area. here is a this friday started in san francisco. you can see at the very topf go bridge covered by some low clear as you get across the bay in oakland it's
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mostly cloudy, some low 60s to start, and then we'll stay in the 60s through about 11:00, and as the skies clear, we'll make it into the 70s this afternoon. let's get a look at all of our clp microclimates and see how the day shapes up. at 9:00 we're seeing 60s across the bay area but then it starts to warm up with some of our east bay, north bay valleys reaching into the mid to upper 80s. we'll see a high reaching into the upper 80s in danville, as well as concord. napa today 84 degrees, and we'll see some mid-70s for much of the peninsula. at 5:00 in san jose, we're at about 83 degrees, and then cooling downck stronger ocean breeze as our pleasant weather continues, going into the start of t week, and warms coming in from our cooler temperatures, our natural air conditioning. so we're looking at some upper 80s today, low 90s for saturday and sunday, also very warm on monday inland, but then coming down to the mid 80s by the
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middle of next week. for san francisco we have 70s across the board and at times there will be some fog especially during those early hours. and mike, the drive is not your typical friday. >> no, it's even lighter than your typical friday. look at this folks, beautiful sunrise the view and you can see that coming over from san francisco to oakland, but going from oakland to san francisco, this is a live picture, shows you no one really slowing down at all. you do need to slow down for safety sake through the toll plaza, for the fastrak lanes which are clear here and the cash lanes you have to p then move onwing we showed thaw live picture through the berkeley curve. right there. contra costa county we have only this issue for northbound 242, the off-ramp at grant street has been a problem since 4:30 this morning when a big rig ran into the fencing on the shoulder there. no major injuries but there was some sort of fluid leak so we're waiting to take care of some of that activity. there's a tow truck that should be there, so only the grant street off-ramp is affected, no other problems through concord or the rest of contra costa county. a smooth drive right here south
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bay, peninsula, tri-valley, look at that dublin interchange. out of the altamont pass just minor slowing. this is the speed we typically see about 4:00, 4:15 in the morning before the show starts. no delays for transit agencies but for monday's holiday we'll probably have the sunday service for most of service is a little bit different for a couple agencies, no ace train service and b.a.r.t. we've talked about the track closures and couple lanes of highway 24 are closed through lafayette like a couple weeks ago. here is the b.a.r.t. website you can get more information on what's going on, the longer project and a few more dates ahead of time. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. still ahead this hour, a bill decision for the future of anyone who uses or works for rideshare and delivery companies. at 6:30, the vote for lawmakers and big money push by companies like uber, lyft and doordash. but first -- >> leila, come here. no, wait, wait, wait! >> a near tragedy at the bus
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stop. all new today, a mother's message to a driver who didn't stop for the school bus. we got a medical billing error and an auto insurance dispute as well as lots of other cases, helping people like you get their money back. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds," and telemundo responde next.
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new video shows a houston
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girl nearly being hit by a car after she got off the school bus. it happened earlier this she sc putting out its sign and a car just zips right past. you can hear the mother scream for her daughter to stay put. luckily, the little girl was not hit. her mother says it could have been a very different outcome. >> after this incident, didn't stop, i asked if my daughter was okay or anything and that's just what hurt me the most, because it could have ended very differently. >> she now hopes what happened to her daughter served as a reminder to other drivers to stop, pay attention when you see the school bus extend their stop sign, slow down in the school zones as well. >> absolutely. >> sponds to help viewers like you. >> here is consumer investigator chris chmura with some cases. >> good morning. we work hand in hand with our
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sister station telemundo responde to make things right when you get stuck in a spat with a company. together we've helped people get back around $4 million. we've gotten there one case at a time like when our "nbc bay area responds" team helped the tse family in oakland, having trouble with a hospital bill, 790 bucks on the line. we got it back for them and over at telemundo 48 consumer investigator arlen fernandez helped someone in oakland, it was manor, his car was totalled in a crash but his insurance company didn't send the $3100 payment until arlen stepped in. if you aren't getting anywhere battling a company, perhaps we can steer you the right direction. in english, 888-996-tips, in spanish 844-408-4848. i hope you have a great holiday weekend. "today" show family has been sharing their thoughts about hoda's return. brand new this morning, she's reflecting on her time on maternity leave. >> the news of my life has been like watching these two little
6:25 am
girls change. you blink and it's different, and if your eyes aren't wide open, you're missing it, so i feel like for these three months, i've done nothing but watched and soaked it all in, every second. >> nice treat to get that time off. hoda said it was the best summer of her life. she'll be back on tuesday. still ahead, tracking hurricane dorian. >> the time to act is now. >> the potentially catastrophic storm taking aim at florida. next an updated look at the track. then later, a report on the conditions on the ground. stolen puppies. two are safe but one is still missing. the brazen theft caught on camera, and what else the alleged thieves took. but first, back to breaking news coverage in the south bay. the businesses that burned in los gatos overnight. you're watching "today in the bay." you have a foundation of strong values.
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right now at 6:30 on your friday morning, let's take a peek outside. overlooking walnut creek you'll notice cooler temperatures, as we approach the labor day weekend. thanks so much for starting why you a your morning with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. meteorologist kari hall the inside look what we can expect for this weekend's forecast. >> i'm giving you a secret here. it's going to be a great weekend. >> hey! >> a live look outside in walnut creek, and we have some sunshine to start out today, a beautiful sunrise. actually we're in evergreen as we get a look at our temperatures in the low 60s to start, and then going into the
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upper 70s by early afternoon. now these temperatures right where we should be, reaching into the low 80s in the south bay, upper 80s for the inland east bay, and low 90s in parts of the inland north bay. we're going to talk more about what's ahead for the weekend coming up, and mike, you finally found a bit of a backup. >> i've been looking, kari. i'm not happy about anybody having to slow down on the drive but that's why i'm here to show you where you might have to watch out for slowing maybe a little bit for san jose if you're looking for it. contra costa county a little bit bay point concord, around kirker pass road. the big rig crash still apparently on the off-ramp northbound 242 at grant street, but not a problem for the freeway and not a problem for the commute. the backup i found over here at the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge, this just popped up over the last 15 minutes. nothing dramatic. that looks kind of standard for that time on 6:30 on a friday. this is not standard, no backup, no metering lights at the bay
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bridge. thumbs up. back to you. >> all right, thanks, mike. palo alto police telling us they identified a teen who made online threats against gun high school. investigators say the comments were posted to the police department's instagram page last night under an anonymous profile. they figured out who posted those comments and say that it was a 14-year-old gunn high school student. police searched his home and did not find any weapons. police believe the comments were unfounded and don't think he intended to carry out the threat. the teen was taken into custody for a mental health evaluation. 6:31 for you right now. breaking news to tell you about, three downtown los gatos businesses damaged by fire this morning. it happened on village lane around 1:30 this morning. santa clara county firefighters tell us it started in one business, in the middle, and damaged the two on either side of it, because the roof
6:31 am
structure was weak. it took them about an hour to put it out and an investigation is under way into who sparked that fire. and this morning, we are tracking the path of hurricane dorian, churning in the atlantic, and set to become a major storm. it's taking aim straight at florida, but where it will exactly strike remains uncertain. the forecast track did change overnight. it moved south toward palm beach but up and down the florida coast concerns running high, as there are for preparations. millions of people are now stocking up on supplies, and filling up their gas tanks. this is what it looks like outside of ft. lauderdale. lines there as you can see forming in many of the grocery stores right now, looking like landfall on sunday. dorian already hit parts of the caribbean as a tropical storm, but did little damage, mostly bringing heavy rain and downing trees. at that point, it was far from a
6:32 am
category 4 storm, which it may be by sunday, but when it slams into florida, dorian could pack winds of at least 130 miles per hour, a category 4 storm, that's why florida's governor has already declared a state of emergency. president trump has scrapped a trip to poland to help florida brace for the worst case scenario. >> we're ready. we have the best people in the world ready, and they're going to help you. we're shipping food. we're shipping water, but it may be that you're going to evacuate. we're going to see what happens. we're waiting. >> at 6:45, scott mcgrew has more on the president. he'll check in with a report from florida. it is 6:33. state lawmakers getting closer to giving rideshare drivers the same rights full time workers for most every other business out there. rideshare companies are saying not so fast and they're willing to put up millions of dollars to fight the plan. thom jensen live in san francisco where the battle really started. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning.
6:33 am
yes, rideshare companies uber and lyft along with doordash pledged at least $90 million to launch a ballot proposition measure if assembly bill 5 does become law, but first that assembly bill has to go to a senate committee meeting and then to a full senate vote on the governor's desk. you might remember just a couple of days ago, rideshare drivers from lyft and uber took to the streets here in san francisco, upset about losing a bigger share of their fares. they hit the streets here and ask state lawmakers to support a.b. 5, which passed the house in may. like i said, it goes on toommit sacramento later on today. if it passes the full state senate, and it is signed by governor newsom, the law would give drivers those benefits normally guaranteed to employees, but not contract workers. it's important to note that some drivers do oppose this law, if it gives the company the ability
6:34 am
to set their hours of work. right now they enjoy the freedom to set their own hours, which gives them the freedom to have two jobs. uber and lyft have agreed to pay drivers at least $21 an hour while they have riders inay to riders, but labor leaders say that does not go far enough. we're live in san francisco, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> thom, thank you. 6:35 right now. and caught on camera, thieves stole puppies right here from a san francisco animal shelter. one of those puppies is still missing and the search continues for a suspect. bob redell, do we have any leads on why they stole these puppies? >> reporter: not as of yet, as far as the motive but they might have a lead on the third dog there, marcus. law enforcement tells us they will likely search a home at hayward at some point. bhe two
6:35 am
three people had stolen the dogs along with a pit bull from the shelter wednesday night. family rescue blasted the dogs pictures on social media and began searching for the dogs to be on sale. the dog community spotted the listing for the huskies, they set up a buy and they looped in police. undercover hayward officers arrested two men, and found the huskies safe. >> to take our dogs is just -- i don't know, it's beyond me, honestly. i almost always think that when you think of a shelter, you would think to give, not that you would sneak in and steal their dogs. >> reporter: the third puppy is an 8-week-old pit bull with mange, still missing. hayward police says san francisco police is taking over this investigation, will likely hayward looking for that pit bull, and other items stolen from the shelter.
6:36 am
security cameras captured three men inside the shelter wednesday night, leaving with the dogs, ipads and medication. the shelter believes those thieves cut through a lock to get inside. reporting live here in hayward, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks, bob. >> it is 6:37 right now. a warning for east bay commuters this en taking b.a.r. can expect delays. the transit agency is shutting down tracks between orinda and walnut creek stations to make repairs. that will impact the lafayette station, which will have no train service. ac transit will offer free shuttle bus service for passengers. mike, so sounds good, i don't know, what do you think? >> i think it's better time than maybe during the week, when there's more b.a.r.t. riders i guess. that's just a note. talk about 40-minute delays to show you the entire system, walnut creek and orinda, the yellow line here, the rest of these systems are moving smoothly, and just that note. again the bus bridge is there. it's included in your b.a.r.t.
6:37 am
ride again, walnut creek to orinda, through the entire area. contra costa county moves very nicely, mild slowing pay point in toward concord, westbound highway 4, this issue on the peninsula side. san carlos, el camino a water main break that will affect a few blocks of el camino. use laurel street, if you're familiar with laurel street you know the area i'm talking about. if you don't, the freeways are just fine along the peninsula. it's light today. >> looking good. and the weekend is finally here. >> i'm guessing a lot more people will be headed out around noon. >> midday and afternoon, busy. >> why not just stay here around the bay area. we're going to have some great weather and as we kick off the long holiday weekend, maybe you're going to the giants game this evening. we'll be in the upper 60s at first pitch, and then cooling down as we go into the rest of the game, with some breezy winds and mostly clear skies. we have some perfect weather for
6:38 am
the art and wine festival in millbrae tomorrow. this also continues on sunday with some temperatures starting out in the mid-60s, and then some mid-70s during the middle of the day. we have some warmer temperatures in morgan hill for the weekend, and the blues festival during the middle of the day, you want to make sure you find some shade, you stay hydrated. it will be in the low 90s and as we go into the evening, it cools down into the 70s. all aless kro tcross the bay ar range in temperatures. san francisco in the low 70s and if you're going up to sonoma county, maybe for the taste of sonoma, it will be up to 92 degrees there on saturday. 90 on sunday, and then labor day we're looking at some upper 80s. for the south bay, expect mainly 80s throughout the weekend, with today one of the cooler days, reaching 81 degrees, and warming up to 86 on sunday, but then by monday we're starting to come back down with some low 80s there. oughthe sierra, we have 80s monday, and mostly sunnyet mono
6:39 am
facebook, twitter and stain gram. i'll look at your south bay temperature trend coming up in three minutes. coming up next for you on "today in the bay," all new this hour, swapping electronics for housing? the possible changes coming along the peninsula. later, tracking a monster storm. brand new report from florida this morning about how folks there are getting ready. we'll get the latest from washington as well as the white house and fema prepare. let's take you out to the big board in new york city, remember, there are new tariffs that take effect this weekend, but the dow industrials are gaining 122 points. you're watching "today in the bay."
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we're coming up on 6:43, and this is our treat for waking up
6:42 am
early, a beautiful sunrise, as we take a live look outside in san jose, headed over to santa clara, it also feels nice and cool, with some upper 50s, and a gradual warmup today, leading into some upper 70s by early this afternoon. we are going to have a nice mild day and then a little bit warmer for the rest o on that in less minutes. over here, 19 minutes, that's great, less than 20 from highway 4 to the bay bridge, where there's no backups, no metering lights. light traffic flow. we see a little slowing out of vallejo. traditional spot, about ten minutes faster than your typical commute from vallejo toward novato. >> thank you, kari and mike. it's 6:43. the manhunt continues in the south bay for a driver in a hit-and-run that killed a bicyclist in san jose. it happened a little bit before 3:00 yesterday at story and jackson avenue. that's when police say the driver of a gold suburban suv ran a
6:43 am
pickup, and struck the cyclist in the crosswalk. witnesses say he then gathered items from his suv and ran from the scene after another driver refused to give him a ride. >> he went to go and take over the car and tell the guy, take me away, and the guy said no, i don't take you. >> witnesses say the driver was last seen hopping a nearby fence. right now police only have a vague description. the victim has not been identified. new today, the city is looking to turning a piece of land into housing, fry's near the corner of orlg organize expressway and el camino real, shutting its doors in january. the city is discussing how that site might be redeveloped. a report says more than 220 housing units could be built there based on zoning rules. the north bay smart train agency is now working on revising its schedule to bridge service gaps. according to "the press democrat" sometimes there can be a 90-minute wait between trains. in december, more departures will be added from the new
6:44 am
lakespur station and in addition to four new rail cars, will allow smart to increase the number of trains. vector control teams in two northern california counties recently discovered invasive mosquitos with potential to carry the deadly zika virus. one discovery was made in citrus heights in sacramento county. the other was made in south placer county. in both cases the mosquitos did not carry the virus, rather the kind of species that can transmit it. no human infections have been reported. quarter to 7:00 right now. the white house says the federal government is ready for hurricane dorian. >> scott mcgrew, hurricanes can really be a test for any presidency. >> just ask george w. bush, right? president trump has canceled a planned trip to poland freed up fema to do what it needs to do, he made this little video from the rose garden. >> now it's looking like it could be an absolute monster. we're ready. we have the best people in the world ready and they're going to help you -- >> critics are noticing the difference between the
6:45 am
president's tone as the storm president's tone when the storm approaches florida as opposed to puerto rico. where he seemed to complain about money americans were spending on other americans, will it ever end, he said, and now that's headed to the mainland, be prepared, he said. now to be fair, when dorian was approaching puerto rico it was a tropical storm. it is now a category 2 hurricane, may be on its way to category 4. joe biden also facing some storms after reporters figured out a story he was telling about pinning a medal on a soldier in afghanistan was at best an onf at biden tells nbc news this morning the central point of his story is truthful. this is not a gotcha as it is a concern this is biden's biggest achilles heel and he keeps putting arrows in it. remember, he dropped out of the 1998 election in part after he
6:46 am
was caught telling a story about his childhood but it was somebody else's childhood. >> i started thinking as i was coming over here, why is it that joe biden is the first in his family ever to go to a university? why is it my wife is sitting out there in the audience, is the first in her family to ever go to college? >> why am i the first in a thousand generations to be able to get to university. why is janice the first woman in her family in a thousand generations? >> now, politicians tell untruths all the time. it's part of our job is to catch them. president trump said the white house got a phone call from china. it didn't. he said china pays our tariffs, they do not. he said msnbc's lawrence o'donnell cried in a previous on-air apology. he did not. he said the first lady has got on it know kim jong-un very well, they've never met.qution something we as the american voters should accept from either
6:47 am
party? we're watching everything the politicians say and checking the archives. follow me on twitter i'm @scottmcgrew. >> thanks so much, scott. 6:48 rightno we've been talking about hurricane dorian, the storm is actually gaining strength as it approaches florida. we've been checking with our team out east to see how people are getting ready. >> new, jay gray is live for us cocoa beach with a look at the race across the potential strike zone. jay? >> reporter: hey, marcus, laura, a bit of a spitting rain here throughout the morning, has nothing to do with dorian, just part of the coastal showers you see pretty regularly here in florida. otherwise conditions very calm, and first responders, officials urging residents not only here but across the entire state, take advantage of the situation right now, use these next 24, 48 hours to prepare before those
6:48 am
conditions take a dramatic turn for the worse. we have seen lines at grocery stores and gas stations, people stocking up on supplies and home improvements stores, really doing what they need to be ready for this storm, once it makes landfall. the problem is, it's been a very unpredictable system. right now the entire peninsula of florida is in the forecast cone, so we don't know where it's going to strike. it appears at this point that landfall will likely come sometime late monday into early tuesday morning, but again, we're not exactly sure where, and that's going to hinder putting in evacuations. officials are stressing people get things together you think you will need if you think your area might become one o mandatory evacuation zones. be ready to move to higher ground as quickly as possible. don't waste time packing. get it done now. >> a lot of people have been preparing for this for some
6:49 am
time, jay, and you, yourself, have covered hurricanes i know for us for years. >> reporter: yes. >> this could be the biggest to strike florida in three decades, i understand, like the top ten. >> reporter: yes, there's no question about that, if this thing maintains the way it s it will be a real monster, and it's going to cause some significant problems, already a lot of the state is saturated. they've had heavy rains over the last month really, and so this water is going to have nowhere to go. the wind is going to be a serious issue, but flooding may be even worse here. we're talking about as much as 15 inches of rain in some areas, with the concern that this storm, once it makes landfall, is also going to slow down a bit, so it will keep pushing those driving rains into areas that just can't maintain the water right now. >> has nowhere to go. jay gray, be safe out there. thanks so much. the "today" show of course continues our coverage of the hurricane with of course in florida as the storm is gathering strength. i mentioned my brother lives in
6:50 am
the ft. lauderdale area. this morning they're putting their lawn furniture in the pool, because you don't want it to become a projectile. >> some of the things, fill up your bathtub to have water, just a lot of things. i've been there before so we'll be watching for that, and also hoping for the best for florida. as we are headed into our long holiday weekend, we are starting out with some cool temperatures, and i wanted to take you above the fog that we are seeing over san francisco, from our sutro tower camera, the clouds rolling by right there, as we are seeing some clearing that will be with us for the inland areas, and overall a very nice day. getting up and getting the kids ready for school in pittsburg, expect your walk to school to be nice and cool, with 60s, even as we go throughout the rest of the day, we have some very nice and comfortable weather, low 80s for early afternoon, eventually reaching the upper 80s in antioch and concord. livermore we're going to see a
6:51 am
high of 84 and in san jose 81 degrees. oakland reaching 75 and 85 today in napa. so we are seeing a wide range in temperatures but overall pleasantly warm weather and the area of low pressure approaching the pacific northwest will provide us with some cooler temperatures, with a stronger ocean breeze going into today, but then as we go into the weekend, that moves on, and our inland temperatures will start to warm up. we'll have a couple of days by the end of the weekend with some warmer temperatures. upper 80s in the valleys today, and then some low 90s for saturday and sunday. we're still up to 90 degrees on labor day, but then we'll start to cool off after that, and some low 70s in san francisco, extending into the middle of next week. for you, mike, the top traffic story has been the bay bridge backups. >> look at the backup at the bay bridge, it's missing. there's no backup at the bay bridge at all, no metering lights. this is how light it is because it's friday but before a three-day holiday weekend, we typically see this very light traffic flow. we saw the getaway traffic
6:52 am
yesterday afternoon, a little heavier volume 580 eastbound, and eastbound 80 to get out toward sacramento and the sierra. westbound highway 4 shows slowing through bay point. no major problems. walnut creek and orinda, remember the b.a.r.t. stations are closing over the weekend. a smooth drive for the roadways peninsula, tri-valley, all looking great right now. the south bay just starting to build, northbound for 101 up toward capitol expressway right here and also 87 around kurtner, typical spots should show this pattern an hour prior to this time. a light flow of traffic through the south bay, and here's palo alto with an easy drive highway 101, no problem and sun in your eyes traveling south out of san francisco, and again the b.a.r.t. stations, walnut creek and orinda are closed, the connection there, will be a bus bridge and modified schedules for the other transit agencies on the monday holiday lines. back to you. >> thanks so much. 6:53. happening now, 400s resides are evacuated in utah as an out
6:53 am
of control fire grows by the minute. the gun range fire is burning in the city of bountiful, north of salt lake city. the fire has already destroyed three homes. next a quick look at our top stories on "today in the bay." two fires overnight in los gatos, one damaging three businesses downtown, the other a home in the hills. the firefighters hurt, and the investigation into how it all started. and we want to you know that grammy award winning and bay area native h.e.r. is performing during the "today" show this morning. tune in for that concert on the plaza at 8:30, you don't want to miss that and don't want to miss what we have coming up after the break. 6:54. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:57, welcome back. before you head out the door, the top stories we're covering on "today in the bay." >> breaking news overnight, a few santa clara county firefighters are still on the scene after several businesses in los gatos are damaged by fire. here is a live look at the picture you see right now. the fire happened on village lane which runs parallel to north santa cruz avenue. santa clara county firefighters tell us it started in one business in the middle, and then the damage to the other two businesses on either side. because of the roof structure it took an hour to put it out. new overnight loss in los gatos less than three miles away two firefighters taken to the hospital for observation after battling this house fire. it started just before 11:00 last night on overlook road. firefighters arrived to find flames shooting out of the front. two people were evacuated, one
6:57 am
taken to the hospital. no word on the cause. happening today, state lawmaker also vote on a bill getting new protections to drivers but companies like uber, lyft and doordash are fighting the move, pledging millions for a ballot fight. the move would make it harder to classify rideshare drivers as independent contractors, instead of full time employees. some companies say the change would destroy their business model, which is built around employee flexibility. those companies are saying if they cannot reach a deal with lawmakers, they'll launch a $90 million effort to bring the issue to voters. new today, ground-breaking new research reveals there is no single gene that can predict whether someone will be gay. instead, a massachusetts study of nearly half a million people found thousands of genetic variants linked t influences, nature and nurture. hosenvirmental if you want in-depth analysis, dr. john torres will be in studio 1a coming up at 7:00 a.m.
6:58 am
a lot of people headed out expected to do a lot of things extended weekend for some. >> i think all you have to do is take a short drive, if you want warmer weather you'll find that in the inland valleys. if you want the cooler weather, head to the beach, it will be in the 60s and 70s. we're going to warm things up a few more degrees by saturday and sunday, and labor day is looking like more of the same, reaching up to about 90 degrees and then cooling off. >> looks good. mike is doing a quick bridge check. >> you can quickly check and drive across, some folksooweeke already on the weekend. the san mateo bridge easy drive westbound. here the richmond-san rafael bridge, there say little bit of a backup but not quite as much your typical friday and this is not your typical friday, no backup, no metering lights apt the bay bridge. >> no backup, no problem. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> join us for her midday newscast at 11:00. see you then.
6:59 am
good morning monster in the making. hurricane dorian grows in size and strength overnight now a powerful category 2 storm. the southeast directly in its path millions racing to prepare for what could be a massive category 4 storm when it makes landfall. >> do not wait until it's too late. >> al's tracking it all. travel chaos >> i'm just really confused, and i'm puzzled right now. >> the storm already taking a toll on holiday travelers from coast to coast just ahead, the last-minute rush to change labor day plans. campaign controversy >> what is it that i said wrong? >> joe biden pushes back in a
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