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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 30, 2019 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, tracking dorian. forecasts say it will be a major hurricane when it makes landfall in the next few days. good morning, thank you for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. store shelves are bare as millions of floridians brace for the worst. here is a live look at south beach near miami where the storm is starting to build up. nbc's jay gray is in cocoa beach about 200 miles north of that scene near orlando with a closer look at the storm and preparations across the strike zone. >> reporter: hey there. we've had a bit of an on-again, off-again spinning rain
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throughout the last few hours. not anything to do with dorian just the coastal showers you see quite frequently here in florida. otherwise conditions very calm right now and officials and first responders urging rents here and cocoa beach and across the state, use this time wisely to prepare before the conditions take a dramatic turn for the worst. >> you do have time before it reaches to prepare if you have not done so. >> right now the entire peninsula of florida is in the forecast cone. all 67 counties under an emergency watch as well because we just don't know where this storm is going to wind up. it looks like at this point it will make landfall sometime late monday evening and into early tuesday morning as a category four storm with wind up to 130 miles per hour. lines at grocery stores and gas stations, home improvement
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stores selling out of supplies and generators, millions preparing for the punch that dorian may bring here to florida. evacuations not in place at this point because we don't know where this storm is going to strike. >> we urge all floridians to have seven days worth of food, medicine and water. >> reporter: officials urging residents, pack the things that you will need should your zone become one that needs to be evacuated. they want people to be ready to go at a moment's notice. that is the latest from here in florida, i'm jay gray, now back to you. and we are tracking the path of hurricane dorian. >> meteorologist kari hall is here. and what is the timeline? it is hard when it hits in the middle of the night. >> that and it is also a holiday and leading into labor day. but we're also going to see this storm continuing to intensify. we're seeing that right now. the width of the storm has expanded and that means that it
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is also a larger storm that makes cover for a larger area and right now it has increased to a category three hurricane. we expected this throughout the day. and then possibly becoming a category four before it makes landfall late monday night into early tuesday morning and it continues up florida going into the next several days. so this will be something we'll have to be watching as we go into the weekend because it is also going to coincide with very high tides that could cause flooding along with the rain that we're expecting. as we head back home, we're also leading into the holiday weekend. people heading out of town. here is an airplane right there heading out. and as we go through the next couple of days, we're going to have near normal temperatures with san jose reaching 81 today. mid-80s for the weekend and we'll come back to 81 degrees on labor day. so we'll have a look at your getaway forecast and also some festivals happening around the bay area for the weekend. that is coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. and this just in,
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firefighters rushing into action to stop a fire at oak grove high school in san jose. crews say a custodial building caught on fire. we just got this video in to our newsroom. good news, that fire is out. >> scary afternoon. a developing story on the peninsula where police apprehended a high school student after that student threatened to shoot up their campus. bob redell is live outside of the palo alto police department. the student made the threat in a very public way. >> reporter: correct. the palo alto police department said this 14-year-old student made the threat online in the comments section of the police department instagram feed. that threat has since been taken down. but a sergeant tells us that in this post the teenager threatened to, quote, shut ungun high school which is where he is a student. someone noticed at around 6:00 last night and they connected with the school district to
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figure out the true identity behind the pest and at 8:30 they visited the student's home in palo alto and the student was cooperative and answered police questions and let detectives search the home and found no guns and determined the threat was unfounded and the student had no intention of shooting up gunn high school and the student is sent off for a mental health evaluation. and with today's climate of mass shooting we take it seriously. >> we understand that threats like this could cause anxiety for our community, the parents, teachers and of course the students themselves and so we are going to investigate it to the fullest and we just want to make sure that everybody understands that there are consequences. it is a crime to make a threat whether it was in jest or as a spoof or whether they had a serious apt to carry out that threat. >> the principal of
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gunn high hool sent out aletter to parents that reads in part, school safety is of the utmost concern and we're happy to have a strong relationship with the palo alto police department in keeping our school safe. we continue to work on building a positive school culture at gunn as it has a relationship with wellness and safety. they are will send the case to the district attorney and it will be up to the d.a. whether or not to charge the 14-year-old student with a crime. reporting live in palo alto, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, thank you. new at 11:00 for you, families in one of oakland's neighborhoods is scrambling to find a new place to educate their kids after the city told them they have to close the door. >> we are now at the science center which is taking in the students in the meantime, but tom, this is a temporary solution. >> it is only temporary and thank goodness for shibbo taking
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in a classroom of eighth graders. not only is this temporary, it is seven miles away from the fruitvale neighborhood where most of the families live, up a winding road and some families find it impossible to get to their kids to the new locations. parents just tarted learning about this last night in a meeting with the charter school and ajointing latitude high school and epic middle school they learned would not be allowed to operate where they had been teaching kids for the past six years, school officials say oakland planning and zoning officials just denied their conditional use permit at the last minute just as the school year is beginning even though they knew about this since may. the two schools are operated by education for a change, a public charter school group and the ceo a long time educator in the community said she and teachers are heartbroken. >> my eighth grade teachers, what -- what do we say?
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this kind of unstable situation is not good for the students. especially the little kids that need stability and where they will be next week and i -- i was thinking about that. >> reporter: nearby achieve academy is taking in some of the sixth grade students like shibbo and closer to epic middle school in the fruitvale neighborhood but one neighborhood told me she and others have no transportation and are unable to get their kids to school. many of these families are homeless. the schools are praying someone will step up and offer a suitable place to educate these kids through the rest of the school year and closer to their homes. i did reach out to the city of oakland and a talk to a city spokesperson a short time and she will look into this and get back to me but at news time we still had not heard back from the city. live in oakland, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> so hard and so close to the beginning of the year. thank you, thom. happening today, state
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lawmakers will vote on a bill to give new protection to ride share drivers for companies like uber and lyft and door dash are fighting the move pledging millions for a ballot fight. the bill would make it harder to classify ride share drivers or delivery drivers as independent contractors instead of full time employees. some companies say that change would destroy their business model which is built around employees flexibility. the companies are not saying whether they could reach a deal with lawmakers at this point but they say if they can't they will launch a $90 million effort to bring that issue to voters. [ bell ] there you have. it the opening bell of the new york stock exchange where the dow is up 30 points. stocks fell with earlier gains after wall street concludes a volatile month. forget the iphone x there is a new phone on the way. scott mcgrew, the iphone 11. >> it could be. it will be interesting to see if they keep that up because event
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will you you get to the iphone 13 and this is not the new iphone but apple did send out invitations to reports and analysts for an announcement on the 10th. and i should also add we assume it is an iphone. traditionally apple announces new iphones in september. apple announcing it will provide tools and original parts to third-party shops just in case, you know, this happens. if your phone is still under warranty you still have to use an apple approved repair center but out of warranty you use a small mom and pop store and they will be provided for official apple parts. that is a pretty progressive move on apple's part after all from a company using special screws in the iphone just to discourage people from taking them apart. other news silicon valley compies are seeing opportunities in pg&e troubles. local power like tesla batteries and solar and fuel cells might be the answer to cutting off
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transmission lines. bloom energy is one of those companies. very unusual company. long time nbc bay area viewers know it came up on the radar a few times i've been covering the company since 2010. governor of california was at that launch party, arnold schwarzenegger and general collin powell and silicon valley investor john door was there and made a comment that sounds way off ten years later. >> i was talking with my friend larry page about the nature of this event and it strikes the two of us, this is like the google ipo. >> now that sounds off because while bloom did ipo, the stock has plunged from a high of $35 to around $4.15 today. getting the founder to talk about that is difficult. but we did it this weekend or we will do it this weekend on "press here." he sits down with us for a frank talk about the company's past and the company's future and
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what he's trying to accomplish ahead on "press: here" on sunday morning right after "meet the press." >> we'll be there. downtown los gatos businesses were damaged by fire this morning. they're along village lane around -- happened around 1:30 this morning. santa clara county firefighters said it started in the middle and damaged businesses on either side and because of the roof structure it took firefighters an hour to put it out. there is an investigation underway into what sparked the fire. coming up here, scooters are all over the roads in the bay area. we'll tell you about the number of people ending up in the emergency room after going for a ride. and the search is on for the culprit who stole puppies from a san francisco animal shelter. we'll show you who police are looking for. i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico,
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and welcome back. caught on camera thieves stole puppies from a san francisco animal shelter. one puppy still missing and the search continues for a suspect. hayward police releasing two of the four-month-old husky puppies to the director of family of dog rescue before 11:00. three people stole the dog as long with a pit bull from the shelter wednesday night. the family dog rescue blasted the dog's pictures on social media and began searching for the dogs and for the sale of the dogs. the dog communitied spotted them for sale and set up a buy and looped in police. undercover hayward police officers arrested two men and found the huskies safe. >> to take our dogs is -- it is beyond me honestly. i almost think when you think of a shelter you would think to give, not to sneak in and steal the dogs. >> there is still an 8-week-old
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pit bull puppy missing. the thieves cut a lock to get inside. >> hope they find that puppy soon. injuries on the poop lar e scooters to riders riding under the influence. many of the folks who are hurt are not only inebriated but riding without helmets. miguel almaguer reports. >> reporter: you can find them in cities across the country. e-scooters on street corners, at the beach and even outside bars. but while fun and perhaps a good way to get home after a night out, new research warns against the dangers of scooting while drinking. >> i can't lie. and say i haven't been on one after a few things but i think you -- i had a friend that came off and got hurt really bad. >> reporter: in a study dubbed the emerging scooters they logged 103 patients injured on a scooter and found 48% of them
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were intoxicated on the vehicles that would reach up to 15 miles per hour. 98% were not wearing a helmet. 42% had extremity fracturesnd 26% facial fractures. >> others may not be aware of you and you don't want to pay the penalty for that. >> it is a problem some scooter companies have tried to curb with public safety campaigns like lime's respect the ride with free helmets to participants who sign a safety pledge along with in-app messages that warn against drinking and riding. the company's ceo also recently announcing lime is working on ways to force the vehicle to slow down if it detects irregular driving. a spokesperson from bird scooters telling nbc news, we go to great lengths to educate and inform riders about the dangers of distracted riding, including riding under the influence. with e-scooter trauma significantly increased over time, this morning a warning
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from doctors and the companies with so much on the line. always ride clean and sober or face the pitfall of a dangerous ride. >> that was miguel almaguer reporting. now police remind you that riding while intoxicated is just like driving while intoxicated and the same laws and consequences apply. b.a.r.t.'s latest reported upgrades have nothing to do with trains. but maybe just as important for commuters. if you've ridden b.a.r.t. enough you've experienced a platform sign telling you the train is 8 or 12 minutes away. well then it never actually arrives because the train is canceled or rerouted so riders call this the ghost train. the examine is reporting that tomorrow platform signs will be more accurately reflective of those arrivals and specify when a train is canceled. that is thanks to upgraded software and b.a.r.t. said better sign improvements are
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coming in the near future. >> you don't want to wait around for a train that is not coming. >> special a ghost one. and warriors have a new home and a beer. it is called dubs golden ale. they are teaming up with magnolia brewing available at the chase center on september 6th when mellalica plays and around the area. the guinness book of world records bounce house is staying in the bay area longer. >> right now it is in oakland. it includes a 900 foot long inflatable obstacle course and tickets range from $16 to $30. all age groups are welcome. you don't have to be a kid. if you can't get there this weekend, it is open through september 15th. >> and this weekend will be a great time because, kari, you're telling us the weather is nice to get out and enjoy the
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weekend. >> a great weekend. sometimes for labor day it could be hot and it is going to warm up but not extreme heat. and we'll keep the fog along the coast. right now we're at the golden gate bridge and it will clear up through the rest of the day and roll back in later this evening. we're all clear as we get a live look outside in walnut creek. as you get ready to head out for the lunch hour we're in the upper 70s. but look at how fast the temperatures go up. up to 88 degrees in the middle of the day and our breeze still picks up and it will be a nice, comfortable afternoon with livermore reaching 84 degrees, san jose reaching 81. a lot of these numbers right where we should be for this time of the year. oakland reaching 75. 85 in napa. and ukiah up to 91 degrees. if you are heading out to the giants game this evening it is nice and cool, breezy winds. first pitch with temperatures in the upper 60s. and then we'll see temperatures at about 66 degrees dropping back to about 65 around the end of the game.
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tomorrow we have the art and wine festival happening in millbrae and it is going to be very comfortable there as well. reaching the upper 60s at 10:00. and then eventually topping out at about 76 degrees. so pretty nice weather there. and i know a lot of people for the holiday weekend make plans to head to the beach. santa cruz up to 81 degrees. now a lot of the temperatures expected downtown and it might be a little bit cooler near the coast. but some low 80s there while san francisco reaches the low 70s. we'll see a high tomorrow of up to about 73 degrees and more sunshine throughout the weekend with breezy winds. if you are going to the sierra this weekend, expect it to reach up to 82 degrees and this looks pretty nice for hiking and a little bit of swimming weather and we're also going to see some sunshine continuing through labor day. looking at our forecast here for the inland areas, expect a high to be in the upper 80s today and some of the warmer spots low 90s and also a high of about 92 degrees on sunday.
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90 on labor day. and then we'll have some slight cooling once we get much more of a breeze picking up with mid-80s through at least next websi-- n wednesday and thursday. for san francisco, once again 70s throughout the weekend as well as throughout the middle of next week so no major changes here and in all looking at a wide range in temperatures, cool along the coast and warm temperatures inland. so all you have to do is make a short drive to change your weather around the bay area. so a lot of events going on to enjoy this nice weather and of course we'll be right here with all of the updates. >> thanks, kari. coming up, a fried chicken sandwich lawsuit. >> what? >> yes. the reason why one man is suing popeye's. >> and san mateo police hope you could identify this bank robber. he walked into a california bank and trust and gave a note demanding money from a teller and they believe that robber was
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wearing a wig and possibly a fake nose. he got into a van with stolen plates on it. if you recognize the suspect, please call police. more news for you after the break.
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welcome back. when you ask your kids how was school today and they just say fine. well one of our teachers of back-to-school night gave us 50 questions to get the conversation going, including
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what made your teacher smile. follow me on instagram to read the full list and then try them out at home. did you like your lunch today? >> i did, actually. well, look, did you catch the "today" show because we need to stand up because one of the natives rocked the plaza today. take a listen. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that girl has an old soul. >> what do i tell you. so that is h.e.r., celebrating recent best new artist nomination from the mtv music
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awards and she is amazing. >> it sounds amazing. it is like old funky stuff and she taught herself to play those. >> from vallejo. this morning a tennessee man is very upset about not getting to try popeye's chicken sand itch he decided he will take some legal action. >> you had me at legal action. greg mar is suing the company saying he wasted countless hours searching for the new menu item and was hustled out of $25 after answering a craig's list ad. >> that is not popeye's fault. >> hey i have a friend who works at popeye's who sell sandwiches behind the restaurant. he said the lawsuit is standing up to big corporate companies but just bad decisions. >> we have to take personal responsibility. we choose to wait in line for nothing. >> and we're going to be catching the updates coming out of florida because we're watching hurricane dorian. right now it is a category three
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hurricane, could become a category four hurricane as it makes landfall on labor day. a lot of updates to come. >> thank you very much, kari. thanks for joining us, next newscast tonight at 5:00.
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right now on "california live," buckle up. ross is taking us out on a monster ride and there is a wild woman on the track. we're shredding the dirt at monster jam. >> then careful. the guy who knows all about how to get away with murder is alive in studio. >> came to a punch. so i fought back. and i guess i didn't stop. >> and listen up, jorge cruz is here to help new college students to avoid the freshman 15 pound. >> and plus gadgets galore, it is friday try-day. >> i have a gadget that is


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