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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 2, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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in the case. to have turned east and go north, so people won't die. >> dorian barrels through the bahamas, as millions more in the u.s. now pray that it continues to take a turn. the latest on the devastation so far and why time is of the essence on the east coast. thousands of health care workers expected to take the picket line. nbc bay area continues "today in the bay" right now. good morning to you. breaking news, right here from a water rescue near the coastal waters of spash. >> 30 people are being rescued
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from a boat near the santa cruz islands, it is a 75-foot boat. we'll keep you up to date with that rescue. right now we say good morning to you. 5:00 for you right now and meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that forecast, a lot of people out having a good time today. >> maybe you're grilling, enjoying the day off, spending time with family. not as hot as the weather we've seen recently so we're coming down a few degrees but still hitting 90 martinez by early afternoon and low 90s in the south county. milpitas expect a high of 85 degrees and 87 downtown, so we'll talk about some cooling ahead in the forecast, and mike -- mike? he's not here today, so i'm doing traffic as well, so let answer get a look at the roads. for the most part in the south bay, everything's looking good. i've had quite a few problems in the east bay, looking there at 880 southbound at the 66th avenue off-ramp. there is a wreck there and also headed over toward parts of
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contra costa county. there was an accident on highway 4 going westbound, so far not seeing any slowing there either, and then as you are headed east on i-80, approaching the bay bridge toll plaza, there we are also seeing an accident that may slow things down just a little bit but overall, the rest of the commute is pretty light this early on this labor day morning. >> thank you, kari. 5:02 right now. a mangled mess on a san jose stre overnight, after a hit-and-run driver tore through a neighborhood. "today in the bay's" bob redell is just south of willow glen neighborhood. so bob, tell us what you learned happened so far. >> marcus, i'll tell you this, what is remarkable is that no one was killed or seriously hurt when this hit-and-run driver lost control of their suv and you'll understand why i'm saying this, this is one of the two vehicles this hit-and-run driver plowed into. this used to be a car. it was split in two. the hit-and-run driver also
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slammed into a truck, sent it into someone's backyard here. fortunately both vehicles were parked with no one inside, so there nor injuries there. the driver himself ended up crashing his suv into a pole. he survived. a neighbor could be seen on his surveillance video talking to the driver right after the collision. you could see the driver, he's covered in blood, but conscious, able to stand on his own. he eventually took off down the street. police eventually picked him up and had him transported to the hospital. >> just left and left a blood trail and the ambulance just followed him down there, so basically they're going to figure it out right now. we're just glad nobody's like really hurt because all the cars parked, nobody was in it. we just thank god for that. >> reporter: we do not know how fast this driver was traveling at the time of the collisions but do believe he was speeding. one witness we heard from the man you just heard from actually just right there on your tv, he was under the impression, is under the impression the driver was drunk, but police have not confirmed that piece of
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information. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> certainly glad no one was hurt there, bob, thank you. now to hurricane dorian. it is one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever make landfall. >> right now it is a category 5 storm. it is ravaging the bahamas with 165-mile-per-hour winds. you can see the trees there in the distance. it is supposed to keep pounding the area through most of the day. so far no one has died in the bahamas, which is good news, but we are now looking live right now at freeport, where you can see the winds are still very active. nothing like what the country has seen over the weekend, though. >> and we're getting a look at just what the catastrophic storm looks like from space. take a look at this, these are the images where we're talking about, dorian's path toward the u.s. is still uncertain. it may end up veering off of florida's eastern coast. >> that is the hope. "today in the bay's" jay gray is on hilton head island with more on the evacuations under way.
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>> i see one, oh -- >> reporter: dorian battering the bahamas with violent winds 185 miles an hour sustained, gusting to over 200, soaking rains and a storm surge in some areas two stories high. you can hear the panic of residents, as it rushes in. >> pray for us, pray for us, please, i'm begging y'all. >> reporter: the category 5 hurricane tossing or tearing apart most everything in its path. dorian is the second most powerful atlantic storm ever. right now the forecast track keeping it just off the florida coast, where -- >> mandatory evacuation as of 1:00 p.m. >> reporter: evacuations have started. the governor warning dorian doesn't have to make lall to cause major problems. >> this storm at this magnitude could really cause massive destruction. >> reporter: states of emergency stretch from florida through the carolinas right now. residents stocking up food and water.
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some boarding up. others packing up and pulling out, all with the same hope. >> to have it turn east and go north, so people won't die. >> reporter: fears and emotions shared by millions along the east coast right now. now this has been a very unpredictable system. florida should begin to feel some of the effects of the storm later today. if it does make landfall here, it would likely be midweek. jay gray, nbc news, hilton head, south carolina. >> we'll keep tracking the path of dorian. is tracking the storm, which is now moving at 1 mile an hour. we'll bring you a live report in the next hour. happening today, presidential nominee bernie sanders and actor danny glover are expected to join thousands of kaiser permanente workers for a labor day rally in oakland. here is video of a similar protest last year, but this year that turnout is expected to be a lot bigger. that's because kaiser workers are in the midst of a bitter
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contract dispute, and have voted to strike next month, if a deal could not be reached. if a strike actually happens, it could potentially be the nation's largest in years. kaiser says that it is committed to reaching a deal before the deadline. new details now in a coast guard rescue. they helped rescue people from a capsized boat over the weekend off the coast of davenport, this is in unincorporated santa cruz county yesterday. a helicopter from san francisco flew in to save six people on board that boat. the coast guard says none of the passengers were wearing their life jackets when the boat sank. all six people were treated for hypothermia. they are lucky it wasn't more. >> a lot of people expected to go out, have a good time this weekend on the waters. wearing a life jacket is so important for you. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking all of that for us, and kari, the temperatures are looking like they're going to be nice today. >> it's going to be slightly cooler today. if you're getting ready to head out the door, keep in mind you need to check the schedule, if you will be going to work or
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planning on catching public transit today. we will be running on a holiday schedule and in oakland we're reaching up to 76 degrees. up to 90 in concord and 91 in livermore. san jose going to reach up to 87 degrees, so it will be just a little bit lower than yesterday, and that will be the trend as we go throughout the week. as you get ready to head out for work this morning, overall the commute has been pretty light. let's look at our traffic maps as you get ready to head out this morning, in the south bay, we are seeing just a few slow spots, but we're not seeing anything really major at this time, that could delay you getting to work, and looking at the east bay commute, i've had three incidents that are so far not causing the center to slow down, meaning people aren't slowing in those areas but we have a wreck at i-880 southbound at the 66th avenue on-ramp, and then also just to the west of concord, there was an accident on highway 4, going westbound near alhambra avenue of the off-ramp there and also an
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accident on i-80 east, so that's just near richmond, so overall, we are seeing nothing slowing down, even though we do have those three incidents out on the roadways, and if you're about to head out headed across the san mateo bridge, traffic is very light, so now is the time to get on the road. we'll talk mo are about whether and traffic in a few minutes. coming up, another mass shooting in texas. new video this morning, hear from the parents of a little girl who is putting up a strong fight in the hospital to survive. what they're saying, ahead of her surgery. also looking at new tariffs as the trade war expands. we'll tell you the very latest. plus the big milestone serena williams is celebrating ahead. hint, this one has nothing to do with tennis. we live with at&t
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good morning. right now at 5:12, if you will be headed out to work, it's all clear, and we have some nicer weather for today. actually slightly cooler in santa teresa with some mid-60s to start. we'll be at 71 degrees at 9:00, and some low 80s by early afternoon. it's still going to be warm, though, so if you can, make it a full day. we'll talk about that and a look at the commute, coming up in about five minutes. and a very good morning to you. happy monday. labor day, the markets are closed today. certainly a lot of investors watching dorian. tomorrow will be the first trading day of september. if you look at the markets so
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far this year, the south bay's roku is our leader as far as the 2019 gain, up more than 300%. boeing won't move today of course but may be under pressure tomorrow, as the "wall street journal" says the groding of the boeing 737 max may last well into december and the christmas holiday season. you have to wonder at this point also how passengers will feel about flying on a plane that's been grounded for months, after two fatal crashes. we're also in the second day of brand new tariffs against china. they add 15% tariffs to $112 billion worth of chinese goods. that's the first round. then we'll add more to the list on december 15th. china has responded by adding tariffs to our soybean and petroleum exports. we're also supposed to start trade negotiations with china but we still can't agree on a simple phone call. president trump insists the
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chinese are calling. the chinese government says they're not. watch the frustration between a conservative candidate for president joe walsh and fox business host stuart barney a couple days ago over something as simple as whether a phone call took place. >> his staff came out yesterday and admittedly, admitted that the president of the united states lied to the world to manipulate the markets. i have a problem with that. >> that's not a lie. let's not get that's not a lie? >> that's not a lie. >> i show you that clip because you're used to the progressive liberal democrats and the conservative republicans arguing over facts, actual facts, did this happen. but now you're seeing it even in the conservative group. president trump is standing alone on this, that they have received phone calls, even his own trade negotiators will say well, there have been communications. they won't agree to phone calls.
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so i don't know how we then negotiate tariffs if we can't agree on whether we're talking on the phone. >> right, and then the conversation, well it doesn't really matter. it does. >> it's not opinion. this is like whether or not a phone rang and somebody picked it up. >> yes. >> it's like a dating show. did you call me? did you ghost me? what happened. i don't even know. thanks, scott. >> 5:15. tennis star serena williams is celebrating mother hood two years on. yesterday she posted images of the birth of her daughter alexis. can you believe that was two years ago? >> two years ago. time flies, especially with little kids. she says her heart aches every time she has to leave her daughter for work. we can sympathize with that, right, kari? mom right now has her hands full. yesterday she advanced to the quarterfinals of the u.s. open. i always like to say, when it's a kid's birthday, congratulations, mom. you made it one more year. >> you made it! >> onward. >> very sweet. >> all right, so this morning,
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we've been feeling a little bit milder weather to start, and a little bit of fog looking across the bay in san francisco. so that's going to hang out there throughout the day, make for some nice pictures for everyone. it will be out enjoying the day and enjoying the day off but if you have to work this morning and it's going to be a nice one, a little bit cooler than that it has been. as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen we'll have cooler days ahead. let's get out the door in concord, hit is hot. 73 degrees at 9:00. at noon we're at 86 degrees, and i think it's a little too hot for some grilling today. at least standing over that hot grill with temperatures in the 90s, but if you're in some of the spots where it's a little bit cooler it's going to be a go for this afternoon with upper 80s in east san jose. we're reaching into the low 90s in the east bay, fremont reaching 84 degrees. expect half moon bay to only reach 63 degrees and redwood city is up to 83 degrees.
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san francisco some low 70s in the mission district, and the north bay up to 90 in clearlake and in santa rosa. in the south bay, you may want to wait until later on this evening, if you're thinking of going to work, coming home, and then a grilling and having some people over, it's going to start to cool off around 6:00. so later in the evening, the better, and if you can make it a beach day, santa cruz is looking pretty good this afternoon, with some upper 70s at 3:00 and only reaching about 81 degrees, a lot of sunshine today. our seven-day forecast shows we are cooling off as we go throughout the week. if you are off today and it's going to be hot, the rest of the week is looking very mild, with some low to mid 80s, and san francisco reaching the low 70s for today and tomorrow, and then some upper 60s for the rest of the week, a lot more people head back to work. let's look at that commute, if you're about to step out the door, it's looking pretty good for most of the commute, not
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seeing any problems in the south bay. i've had three issues in the east bay and they haven't cleared up yet. we're tracking that wreck on i-880 southbound, and then also for highway 4, that one is going westbound and so that may really slow a few people that are headed out the too for work and we have that wreck on i-80 eastbound so that shouldn't cause any major problems going away from their main commute areas and overall not seeing any other problems getting out there on the road. wanted to give you one last live view of oakland this morning, not a lot of cars out there on 880, so i'll continue to monitor that, and also the forecast, more coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you very much, kari. coming up, big changes could be coming to national parks all across america. why environmental groups are calling foul. first our team always on social media. this is a photo of the golden gate bridge shared by vianey arana on twitter. be sure to follow vianey on facebook, instagram and twitter. it is 5:18 right now. you're watching "today in the
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investigators in texas this morning still are trying to figure out why a shooter went on a weekend rampage, killing seven people. this happened in midland, odessa in west texas. the victims are between 15 and 58 years of age. police also killed the gunman, a 36-year-old man, who authorities say had recently been fired. this all started with enthen thn shot and injured a trooper during a traffic stop, he targeted people in 15 different locations along the a ten-mile stretch. at one point he killed a postal worker, and took her van to continue his attack. one survivor became emotional talking about what happened. >> i feel lucky that i was not hurt, and i'm so sad inside
5:22 am
because i knew what was coming towards people and i couldn't help them. >> in addition to the seven people who were killed, more than 20 others are now being treated for gunshot wounds. >> among the victims a 17-month-old girl. anderson davis was hit in the face by a bullet shrapnel. she is expected to make a full recovery. her parents are extremely thankful. >> i feel joyful for our daughter, that she's okay. we got to bring her home. very fortunate and grateful. >> this morning, 12 shooting victims are still in the hospital, one is in critical condition. 5:22 for you right now. another weekend of major o protests in hong kong targeting the city's airport, but in this last instance, protesters barricaded the roads to and from the terminal, leaving traffic gridlock for hours. also trains to and from the airport were shut down. tensions are escalating amidst concerns about china's effort to silence the city's democratic
5:23 am
movement. this is the latest protest and it did not impact flight operations at the airport. many world leaders spent the weekend in warsaw, poland, marking the 80th anniversary of the start of world war ii. representatives from dozens of countries joined together yesterday to commemorate the start of the war on september 1st, 1939. that is when nazi germany first invaded poland which remained under german occupation for more than five years. president trump canceled his visit because of hurricane dorian. the vice president mike pence was among those attending. >> today we remember how the gathering storm of the 20th century broke in to warfare and invasion, followed by unspeakable hardship, and heroism of the polish people. >> germany is poland's closest partner in the eu and also in trade and the economy. conservation and outdoor
5:24 am
groups are blasting a new white house order allowing ebikes along all national park trails, where regular bikes are currently allowed, that includes places like yosemite, the golden gate national recreation area and point reyes. it means ecyclists can use the trails that hikers and horse lovers now enjoy. the park service says it's safely adopting the new technology. opponents say the decision was made without proper analysis. the new rule will only be implemented after a public comment period. coming up, breaking news, a rescue under way, at least 30 people are in a boat off the coast of santa barbara, and we know that they are being rescued right now. what else we know, coming up. and a busy night for fire fighters in san jose. this is new video after a fire spread to several back yards. what investigators say helped fuel those flames. plus bracing for dorian, after it barrels over the bahamas, where people were boarding this up morning, aheadahead
5:25 am
of the storm. a live look right here, looks different when you see four cars on the road. this is the been beeay bridge t plaza. it is labor day, less people on the road this morning. kari will help us get through the commute this morning as well as a look at the labor day forecast. you're watching "today in the bay." come try my really big chicken two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! only at jack in the box.
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i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. breaking news in southern california, we're getting worked there is a water rescue under way off the coast of santa barbara. this is a scary situation for a lot of people. the coast guard is saying that more than 30 people are being rescued from a 75-foot boat, this is near santa cruz island. that is the channel island, in just a few minutes ago, a medical examiner was called out to the scene, and that is usually an indication that there is at least one fatality. the coast guard is also saying that this is launching multiple assists, as well as getting help from nearby agencies. of course we're going to continue to follow this story and keep you up to date of what's going on throughout the morning on "today in the bay." right now we want to get a track of what we can expect with the weather today, labor day, a lot of people expected to get out? >> hopefully they'll be able to enjoy slightly cooler temperatures today. a live look with clear skies over walnut creek, and it's also a milder start, so we have some
5:29 am
upper 60s, if you're about to head out the door and you will be working today. it will be at about 73 degrees at 9:00, and then leading in to some mid 80s by early afternoon. so it will still be a very warm day, with some low 90s in the south county and most of the south bay in the san jose area in the upper 80s. for the east bay, we're up to 92 in pittsburg. vallejo reaching 83 degrees, and in hayward today expect a high of 78 there. in redwood city, 73 degrees will be the high temperature and on the embarcadero some low 70s, while the outer sunset is at 65. keep that in mind if you're going to the beaches in spots like point reyes, only 64 degrees today, while the valleys will reach into the upper 80s and lower 90s. so we still have this wide range in temperatures, and it will be cooling off as we go throughout the week, so i'll have more on that in a few minutes. let's get out on the roads this morning, most of the problems i've seen have been in the east bay, so the south bay everything is looking good, a lot of green
5:30 am
sensors here, meaning that cars are flowing at speed. we've also had a couple of incidents on the i-880 going southbound at the 66th avenue off-ramp and also saw that cident that was on highway 4, that has since cleared up, so that icon is not there anymore, and also on i-80 going eastbound there was a wreck there and then there was another one just to the north, and then another one to the south. i don't know what you're doing in the east bay this morning but it needs to stop. we are getting a lot of traffic hazards here on the roads but everything is looking elsewhere, like it is moving just fine. so i'll keep an eye on all of that going on around oakland and richmond this morning. marcus and kris? >> thanks so much, kari. new for you this morning, a close call for some san jose homeowners overnight. this is after a fire swept through their back yards. take a look at it here. some of this video really quite remarkable. >> "today in the bay's" sharon c katsuda is live injapantown.
5:31 am
even in the darkness with the flames you can see how close it was so those homes. >> reporter: yes, kris and marcus. i'm having a little trouble hearing you, but i talked to the fire captain this morning, and he tells me that the fire threatened four structures. now, this fire started just down the block here on 12th street. firefighters say the blaze started around midnight on the 600 block of 12th street and there was a lot of trash in the backyard, which caused the fire to quickly spread to other neighbors' back yards. neighbors tried to help out. >> the guy was banging on the door trying to get the elderly people out of their house and they came out and fortunately woke them up and got them out. >> reporter: thank goodness. we saw red cross out on scene. they couldn't give details how many neighbors needed help overnight. i'm told a lot of people were displaced and fortunately, there
5:32 am
were no injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. reporting live in san jose, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> thank you, sharon. also we want to tell you about this morning, this is what remains after a fire threatened homes in another san jose neighborhood. this one broke out last night in the area of martin drive and fleming avenue. that's in the city's east foothills. no structures were damaged. and this morning, we are tracking what's being described as one of the strongest hurricanes ever in the atlantic. for yap barrelling through the bahamas made landfall as a monster category 5 hurricane with 165-mile-per-hour winds. look how strong it is, and it is expected to keep pounding that area through most of the morning, that's because that storm is stalled out, moving only about 1 mile per hour. kris was just telling us there. so far there are no confirmed deaths in the bahamas. this is a live look at sunny
5:33 am
isles, florida, along the state's southeast coast and right now dorian is dangling off of the florida coast and expected to eventually turn north. that means florida may avoid a direct hit. however, parts of the state still under mandatory evacuation orders. people are packing up, boarding up and moving out. >> even if it does bypass us, we'll still be a lot safer if we move out. >> state of emergency right now stretches from florida all the way through the carolinas, so really impacting a lot, a big part of the eastern coast. >> even if it doesn't take a direct hit. president trump estate under evacuation, mar-a-lago boarded up. the winter white house is on the island of palm beach and the stores on palm beaches worth avenue, upscale shopping district are covered with shutters and plywood as well. dorian is still nowhere near the
5:34 am
u.s. coast but people in the carolinas are bracing themselves and getting prepared. mandatory evacuations are expected to begin a little later this morning for coastal communities. some residents there are still debating whether they should stay or go. >> it's not a change for me to even stay or go, if it's a category 1, 2 or i might stick around. 3 or 4 i might consider going somewhere else. >> it is a category 5 if i'm not mistaken. south carolina schools, state government offices will close starting tomorrow. right now dorian is on track to arrive wednesday or thursday and its path is still uncertain. let's go with kari with the latest storm track. i'm thinking if it's even a category 3, you should get out if they tell you to. >> right, this is absolutely the worst case scenario. the facts it's not moving. it's dumping rain on the bahamas and we are really not certain of the track because we don't know when it will start to get picked up by that weather system that could steer it farther off
5:35 am
towards the north and west, and so as we go throughout the day, we are expecting it to go through what we call an eye wall replacement cycle. that could cause it to weaken just briefly, but then a new eye will form, and then it could strengthen once again. so if it's over some very warm water, this could also impact the intensity of the forecast of what we are expecting as it continues to make its way up toward the north carolina and south carolina coasts, still as a major hurricane, so a lot to watch here as we go throughout the next several days now that this hurricane has slowed down. >> kari, thank you so much for that. 5:35 for you right now. a strange set of events on the grounds of oakland international airport and this morning investigators are still trying to track down the man who triggered it. authorities say this all started yesterday when an alame do county sheriff's deputy tried to pull over a driver. the the driver took off onto an airport access road and rammed a security gate at more than 50 miles an hour.
5:36 am
shortly after driving onto the tarmac, the man then ran toward the water. crews spent hours scouring the area, but they believe he may have drowned. deputies are still looking to determine a motive. >> there's always just a mental health factor, was this just one person acting out, and i think we need to learn who this person is before we can even begin to make a determination. not seeing necessarily a nexus to domestic terror or international terror at this point. it really appears to be some type of lone individual acting very bizarrely. >> scary situation there. there was very little impact at the airport on this busy travel weekend and no one else was hurt. happening today, as you are headed out this morning, you'll need to know that transit agencies are operating on a holiday schedule this labor day, and san francisco's muni is warning city festivals could cause additional detours and delays for you as well. in case you are driving, be sure to keep in mind that san francisco street parking meters will be enforced despite the
5:37 am
holiday. you don't want a ticket. no. they're pricey. protesters in berkeley sent a strong message over the weekend. >> they say "fascists" are not welcome here. dozens marched to people's park for a rally, sparked by conservative activist amber cummings, coming to berkeley to denounce revolution books for its "communist ideas." protesters confronted her and a handful of her supporters outside the store, marchers then gathered for a rally at the park. >> so we all used to say we want to protect our independence and local book store and make sure our values are maintained in the city which include access to water and open space such as people's park. >> in the past, right-wing activists have threatened to burn down revolution books. no one was hurt during the rallies and no arrests were
5:38 am
made. this week, jurors in the ghostship warehouse fire trial will resume deliberations after they got a two-week break. three jurors were dismissed last month and then we had a pre-planned break, which was already scheduled before jurors could reach a verdict. they're still waiting to start back up tomorrow, and the two defendants, derick almena and max harris each face 36 counts for manslaughter, one for each person who died in that fire. a reminder today if you're traveling through central contra costa county, if you look at the map here, b.a.r.t. and caltrans are working on major upgrades between the orinda and walnut creek stations. that means two eastbound lanes of highway 24 are closed near the lafayette station. b.a.r.t. tracks are shut down between all three stations, with a bus bridge running in between, so you'll get there, it will take you a while. four who are similar weekend closures will happen between now and the end of october. >> you need to call, get a ride to work this morning, if you are
5:39 am
getting, headed to work early and out onned roo ways, everything is looking pretty good. we had quite a few issues in parts of the east bay around richmond and oakland opinion an accident on i-880 southbound near the 66th avenue off-ramp that still has not cleared and we also have a couple of issues and traffic hazard on i-80 going eastbound, and then also around san pablo, and then we are seeing that may slow things down headed toward the richmond-san rafael bridge. we also have another traffic hazard going 880 southbound near the coliseum. so we've been watching that. that's a live look outside in oakland, as you get ready to head out this morning. everything is fairly light in terms of the flow of the commute and traffic, not so many cars out on the roads this morning. so that's good news if you have to work, at least you don't have to deal with some really heavy traffic just yet. let's hope that continues throughout the rest of the morning. >> all right. you know, we like to look
5:40 am
forward to the weekend coming up as well. >> for a lot of people, it's still the weekend. but there will be a lot of festivals coming up this upcombiu upcoming weekend. the seven-day forecast, it will be cooler for this weekend coming up compared to the weekend we just had with mid 80s in the valleys and san francisco in the upper 60s and low 70s. that's a look at our live camera in squaw valley and mid-70s as we go into friday throughout the end of the weekend, just a few clouds and if you'll be in the tri-valley this weekend, expect highs on friday reaching 90 degrees, and then some low 80s on saturday. sunday up to 87. if you're thinking of headed to santa cruz this weekend, low 70s there, a little bit cooler, with some more clouds moving by, and then russian river valley we also have some nice weather with highs in the low 80s throughout the weekend. i'll have a look at today's
5:41 am
temperature trend coming up in three minutes. the "today" show family will be back together tomorrow morning. hoda returns from maternity leave tomorrow. brand new today, here are savannah guthrie and craig melvin reflecting on what they missed most this summer. >> you know what? can't wait, can't wait for hoda to get back. >> i know, we had a great summer but we missed our hoda, but not for much longer. she's going to be here soon. >> that's what i hear. the gang is going to be back together. >> reunited and it's going to feel so good. >> hey, again. >> they said it, hoda returns tomorrow. >> 7:00. during "today in the bay" tomorrow we'll share some moments from hoda. she'll reflect on her summer with her two little girls while on maternity leave >> if you're on maternity leave summer is a great time to do it. get you relaxed. coming up, we are following up on a south bay hit-and-run crash over the weekend, the two men that are dead this morning, who police say they're still looking for.
5:42 am
and we'll do washington by the numbers. category 5 right also 53 and 14, we'll do it when "today in the bay" continues. humira patients, you inspire us. the way you triumph over adversity. and live your lives. that's why we redesigned humira. we wanted to make the experience better for you. now there's less pain immediately following injection. we've reduced the size of the needle and removed the citrate buffers.
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5:45 am
as you get ready to head out on the roads, we're seeing a smooth flow of traffic for much of the south bay, and the east bay, just a couple of issues for the east bay, so i'll get to that in the traffic report coming up in less than five minutes. our breaking news in southern california, we are watching and following a water rescue off the coast of santa barbara, and it sounds like things are getting way more serious. the coast guard is saying more than 30 people are being rescued from a 75-foot boat near santa cruz island, which is in the channel islands down near santa barbara. a medical examiner was called out to the scene, which is usually not a very good indication. the coast guard is also saying that it is launching multiple assets as well as getting help from nearby agencies. the 75-foot boat with 30-people plus on board is now on fire. so we know that we are tracking this, the coast guard is there,
5:46 am
other agencies are there as well. as soon as we have information that we can confirm, we will bring it to you. firefighters are recovering in the south bay this morning, after being air lifted from south monterey county. three firefighters suffered burns while fighting the fire in greenfield. this is off highway 101. some of them flown to san jose. 15 acres burned in that fire, which was marked under control by 5:00 last night. san jose police are looking for three men they say ran from a crash scene. it was a street racing crash, this happened saturday night near snell and rosebaum avenues. the driver of the jeep lost control slamming into a tree. a 33-year-old man and 26-year-old man were killed. witnesses rushed to try to help those victims. family members say the pair had just left a family gathering. >> they're my nephews, both of them, both of the victims were cousins. the family is just devastated. terrible, terrible loss.
5:47 am
accident. >> police say three men inside the bmw stopped, got out, looked at this crash scene, then they took off. if you know where they might be, police want to hear from you. 5:47. president trump says that america is ready for dorian. >> scott mcgrew, there is some confusion though in the white house. >> there is. good morning, president trump sweeted the storm would be particularly hard on alabama but then emergency services in alabama responded by saying that state didn't expect any real effects from the hurricane. he also said he's not heard of a category 5 storm before, in fact, this will be his fourth to hit the united states since he took office. >> i'm not sure that i've ever heard of a category 5. i knew it existed and i've seen some category 4s, we don't see them that much but the category 5 is something that i don't know that i've ever even heard the term, other than i know it's there. that's the ultimate and what we have unfortunately. >> i think this is less
5:48 am
president trump being confused as it is his tendency to make everything even storms the biggest ever. it's kind of his way of speaking. let's talk about some other numbers. it's september 2nd, so far no americans have been killed in shootings in september, but in august, it was 53. congress comes back to work next week. there's uncertainty as to what's going to happen next. i talked with nbc's political director chuck todd about that on sunday. he said 51 mass shootings. the death toll went up in odessa, midland yesterday, so we're at 53. chuck, yesterday at least five killed, 21 injured in a shooting in odessa. how are the politicians responding there? >> well what's been interesting today, i mean look, we're at 51 deaths in the month of august for mass shootings so let that dink in a minute and after el paso and dayton there was a round of hand wringing by politicians, the scourge of gun
5:49 am
violence is something that congress still hasn't tackled and there's going to be an expectation that they try and do something. >> another number in washington's mind is 14. 14 republican members of congress have announced they're quitting at the end of their term including four from texas and a senator from georgia. this is the latest republican congressman, john shimkus, from illinois. we're watching dorian and twe tweeting about it. i'm @scottmcgrew. tahoe will soon get a taste of celebrity chef gordan ramsey's cuisine. ramsey is opening a health kitchen inside of harvey's lake tahoe. >> honestly, i cannot wait to bring this to that picturesque stunning lake tahoe and more importantly, i can ant he wait to be there. >> can't wait to taste. >> ramsey already has a health kitchen in las vegas and dubai. meteorologist kari hall is here with your forecast for
5:50 am
labor day. >> looks py gd today, and it's going to still be warm this afternoon, but we have some cooler air headed our way. this is a live look outside in fremont, and not a lot of people headed out the door, and going to work. so if you do have to work, it's going to be a nice one. nice start to the day, and some mild temperatures, and we are looking at that seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen with some cooling ahead, but looking at our highs this afternoon, it's still going to heat up, with some low 90s in livermore. 87 will be the high in san jose, and in palo alto. in oakland expect a high of 76 degrees and 87 in napa. clearlake up to 90 degrees this afternoon, so there will still be some hot areas and for this afternoon, if you do want to go out for a run, you have some outdoor activities or some yardwork to do, it's of course best to get it done before these temperatures start to heat up, in pleasanton we're starting out with some mid-60s but we'll be at 77 degrees already at 10:00. as the sun rises, we are
5:51 am
starting out with clear skies and all you need is a t-shirt to be comfortable, because we are starting out with some warm temperatures and it will be a great beach day. our coastal areas will be very comfortable with santa cruz reaching into the low 80s by early afternoon, and we're starting out with some upper 60s for the 11:00 hour into noon. our inland areas will reach into the low 90s today, but then we're looking at more of some 80s throughout the rest of the week. we're going to bring it back to some more seasonable weather with san francisco in the low 70s today, and then some upper 60s throughout the rest of the week, as we start to see a little bit more clouds, and that marine layer and the fog returning to the coastline. let's get you out on the roads this morning, with a look at the commute. overall we've seen fairly smooth flow of traffic, and not as many people out on this holiday, but we've had a couple of issues popping up for parts of the inland east bay and also for the bay. from richmond a traffic hazard on the road there on i-80
5:52 am
westbound and we also have an accident going eastbound, now we're starting to see the road sensors showing that people are slowing down in that area, so if you will be headed out keep in mind that we're seeing quite a few issues in parts of the east bay. we'll have another look at this coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. first, happening now, overseas, vice president mike pence meets with ukraine's president and voices american support for ukraine over crimea. pence said the u.s. would stand with ukraine on security issues and ukraine's rightful claim of crimea. vice president was filling in for president trump on a trip to poland, marking the 80th anniversary of the start of world war ii. the u.s. is a key ally for ukraine, and sanctions on russia for annexing crimea back in 2014. still ahead, good news on this monday morning. one bay area teen will be the talk of his school for sure. >> i don't know what i'm going to tell my friends when i come
5:53 am
back home. i don't know. this is all so surreal to me. >> hear this teen's patriotic performance at one of the biggest sporting events in the world, and the funny traffic comparison he's making between the big apple and the bay area. but first -- >> i was scared and i, uhm, didn't know what to do either. >> meet the little boy in a viral photo we first shared with you on friday, the hopeful message today that the officer who scared off the bad guys showed him. you're watching "today in the bay." we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
5:54 am
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you can always find us on social media this weekend. i took my daughters to mt. diablo state park, where it's tarantula mating season. they were looking beyond the horizon with the pretty colors. you can see those on my instagram page, follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram. happy follow-up to a story we watched develop late last week, a puppy stolen from a san francisco rescue is safe and sound. his name, huey, and here he is, safe in the arms of a family dog rescue employee there. >> oh, my goodness. >> you may remember that, police say the three puppies were stolen on thursday. that same night, two other dogs
5:57 am
were found in hayward, and reunited with the employees of the rescue. so two suspects arrested as well. on saturday, the third dog that was found in a yard in oakland, no third arrest however, in that situation. >>that was lucky. another follow-up a little boy who was scared in his new home. >> he got help from police and he is talking about that good deed. the officer who helped him, he's there, we told you about on on friday morning, little hayden is the little boy, moved into a new home in iowa and he was worried about bad guys in his bedroom, to be expected at that age. mom reassured him but that didn't help, so the local police department checked things out and all new today, hayden says he feels much better. >> a good day, on my first day of school, on the second day, today was good, too, and i bet tomorrow is going to be a good
5:58 am
day. >> i'm definitely not special. any one of our officers would have done the exact same thing. you know, we do this job for that reason, just to help people. >> that initial facebook post that we showed you on friday already has 6,000 shares and more than 24,000 likes. we sure do like when kids can feel comfortable. >> i like when he said "it was a good day." >> and tomorrow's going to be another good day. tennis fans saw a bay area teenager singing at the u.s. open in new york over the weekend. >> new for you this morning, here's gavin geraldo. ♪ america, america, god shed his grace on thee ♪ >> wow. so the young man from milpitas sang "america the beautiful" before the evening session of e s. open, saturday in new york. the u.s. tennis association shared this footage with us and gavin told them that he loves to sing, and he actually loves new york's transportation system.
5:59 am
>> i like that you could walk anywhere and i like the subway here, for transportation, because in california, we have to drive everywhere because everything is so far apart. >> the usta says gavin is one of 350 teens across the country who auditioned online. look at him now, got that lucky spot. right now at 6:00 for you, we have breaking news to tell you about this morning, an early morning rescue in the pacific ocean. more than 30 people on board. we'll update you with the latest, coming up. also ahead a destructive hit-and-run crash. >> i've heard of accidents on hillsdale but nothing like this, this is crazy. >> incredible video to our newsroom overnight, would you believe no one was inside those cars in the south bay. brand new what witnesses saw and what we know about the person police arrested. plus -- >> getting ready and what's left. dual story lines as hurricane
6:00 am
forces evacuations across mas florida and south carolina. >> as you wake up, labor day light all across our bay area roadways, getting across the bay bridge not a problem this morning. we're going to help you plan your day, whether you're working or you're sleeping in, maybe you're cuddling up with your cup of coffee. "today in the bay" continues right now. and good morning to you. thanks so much for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for xw laura garcia. back to breaking news right now. >> coming from southern california. we're getting word there is a water rescue under way off the coast of santa barbara. more than 30 people are being evacuated from a 75-foot boat near santa cruz islands, the channel islands. we have just learned that that boat is on fire. one crew member is hurt. five were rescued. earlier this morning, we heard that a medical examiner was called to the scene, and


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