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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 2, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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forces evacuations across mas florida and south carolina. >> as you wake up, labor day light all across our bay area roadways, getting across the bay bridge not a problem this morning. we're going to help you plan your day, whether you're working or you're sleeping in, maybe you're cuddling up with your cup of coffee. "today in the bay" continues right now. and good morning to you. thanks so much for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for xw laura garcia. back to breaking news right now. >> coming from southern california. we're getting word there is a water rescue under way off the coast of santa barbara. more than 30 people are being evacuated from a 75-foot boat near santa cruz islands, the channel islands. we have just learned that that boat is on fire. one crew member is hurt. five were rescued. earlier this morning, we heard that a medical examiner was called to the scene, and that's
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usually an indication that at least one fatality. the coast guard also saying that this is launching multiple assists as well as getting help from nearby agencies. we'll continue to follow this story throughout the morning. kari, the conditions right there this morning, what are they like? >> we are seeing some rain developing in that area, because we've had a surge of monsoonal moisture that has been moving in, so we are seeing some five to seven-foot waves and gusty rain and wind in that area. we don't know if that's what caused the accident but it could impede the efforts of trying to rescue those people that are out there. as we bring it back home, we are seeing some clear skies and also a mild start to the day. our temperatures will reach into the upper 80s for this afternoon, in the south bay, as well as the we ininess peninsul. inland east bay not as hot as over the weekend. breaking news a sig alert as you get ready to head out in the east bay, so let's get to our traffic maps. we are seeing now a closure a
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lot of traffic there on highway 24, that sig alert has been issued because of downed power lines, that's westbound highway 24 near laguy yet, so that may cause some major issues for people driving to work this morning, and we also know that because it is a holiday you cannot catch a lot of public transit this early in the morning. we'll continue to monitor that with more updates to come in just a few minutes. >> that is a lot of red on your map there, kari. new this morning, a mangled mess on a san jose street overnight, after hit-and-run driver crashed through a neighborhood. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live just south of the willow glen neighborhood to show us what happened and bob, if there are people inside those cars, that would have been a very bad situation. >> reporter: that's what's remarkable, no one was killed or seriously hurt when this hit-and-run driver lost control of their suv, we're along hillsdale avenue at orlando way, the accident taking place around
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9:40 last night. when you look at this video you'll understand why i'm saying this, this is one of the two vehicles this hit-and-run driver plowed into. it was split in two. the hit-and-run driver also slammed into a truck, sent it into someone's backyard here. fortunately both vehicles were parked with no one inside, so no one was hurt. the driver himself ended up crashing his suv into a pole. he survived. a neighbor could be seen on his surveillance video talking to the driver right after the collision. you could see the driver, he's covered in blood, but conscious, able to stand on his own. he eventually took off down the street. police eventually picked him up and had him transported to the hospital. >> just left and left a blood trail and the ambulance just followed him down there, so basically they're going to
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figure it out right now. we're just glad nobody's like really hurt because all the cars parked, nobody was in it. we just thank god for that. >> reporter: we do not know how fast this driver was traveling at the time of the collisions but do believe he was speeding. one witness we heard from the was under the impression, is under the impression the driver was drunk, but police have not confirmed that piece of information. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. >> 6:04 foreyou right now. now to hurricane dorian. it is one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever make landfall. right now it is a category 5 storm. it is ravaging the bahamas with 165-mile-per-hour winds. it is supposed to keep pounding the area through most of the day. so far there are no deaths reported in the bahamas. dorian's path is making its way toward the u.s. but it's uncertain if and when it would hit. it may end up skirting florida's coast as you can see. "today in the s"rays on hilton head island, now more on the evacuations under way. >> i see one, oh -- >> reporter: dorian battering the bahamas with violent winds
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185 miles an hour sustained, gusting to over 200, soaking rains and a storm surge in some areas two stories high. you can hear the panic of residents, as it rushes in. >> pray for us, pray for us, please, i'm begging y'all. >> reporter: the category 5 hurricane tossing or tearing apart most everything in its path. dorian is the second most powerful atlantic storm ever. right now the forecast track keeping it just off the florida coast, where -- >> mandatory evacuation as of 1:00 p.m. >> reporter: evacuations have started. the governor warning dorian doest ve to make landfall to cause major problems. >> this storm at this magnitude could really cause massive destruction. >> reporter: states of emergency stretch from florida through the carolinas right now. residents stocking up food and water. some boarding up. others packing up and pulling out, all with the same hope.
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>> to have it turn east and go north, so people won't die. >> reporter: fears and emotions shared by millions along the east coast right now. now this has been a very unpredictable system. florida should begin to feel some of the effects of the storm later today. if it does make landfall here, would likely be midweek. jay gray, nbc news, hilton head, south carolina. >> jay, thank you. our coverage of hurricane dorian continues all morning. at 6:45, we have a live report from the southeast. happening today, presidential nominee bernie sanders and actor danny glover are expected to join thousands of kaiser permanente workers for a labor day rally in oakland. here is video of a similar protest last year, but this year that turnout is expe to be a lot bigger that's because kaiser workers are in the midst of a bitter contract dispute, and have voted to strike next month, if a deal could not be reached. if a strike actually happens, it could potentially be the nation's largest in years.
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kaiser says that it is committed to reaching a deal before the deadline. antioch police are not messing around with sideshows. they posted these images of a sideshow bust saturday night in a mall parking lot. 71 arrests were made, 26 cars were towed, and police say up to 100 cars participated. new for you this morning, a poignant piece of american history has reopened. the "uss arizona" memorial in pearl harbor, for the first time in 15 months, the memorial was open again to visitors yesterday. it honors the 1,177 sailors and marines killed when the ship was bombed on december 7th, 1941. the memorial was built above the sunken ship, about 40 feet offshore. renovations to the "uss arizona" cost more than $2 million.
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we want to check in with kari as the sun is coming up behind us, a beautiful day. kari, maybe some folks are up, i don't know, putting on the smoker, whatever do you this early this morning if you're off. >> it's going to be warm to stand over a grill today in some of our inland valleys in the east bay in spots like walnut creek, if you are going to grill try to get that grilling done before noon. our temperatures start out in the upper 60s and then we'll be in the upper 80s by early afternoon. so then it's not going to also be very breezy with our temperatures reaching into the low 90s in the east bay. we have some upper 80s expected in san jose as well palo alto and napa reaching 87. san francisco reaching 71. clearlake and santa rosa will be up to 90 degrees. i want to give you a heads up about a big sig alert that we have across the bay area in the east bay, but the rest of the south bay is looking good and that commute there as well as the peninsula. here we are looking at this stretch of, a long stretch of
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highway 24 that has been completely shut down, so a sig alert issued because there is a power pole down. we have some power lines blocking all lanes on westbound 24 at oak hill road, so you can see the red there extending on highway 24, going westbound, that's going to cause some major issues headed around lafayette or trying to go westbound or anywhere around that area. so as we take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, only a few cars as we approach the 6:00 to 6:30 time frame. we are normally seeing this packed but of course it's holiday light, and they may be held up at highway 24. they're being diverted around some of the nearby roads. we'll continue to monitor that and more updates to come in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. 6:09 right now. >> next and new this hour, a real estate record in russian hill. the price tag for this san francisco property. president trump says trade wars are easy.
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they might be, but they're certainly long. mortar i have e tariffs have go effect. we'll tell you about it when "today in the bay" continues.
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right now at 6:12, we are starting out this labor day with a clear sunrise, and mild temperatures. that's a live look outside in san jose, as we check out our willow glen temperatures, we'll be at 64 degrees at 8:00, 74 at 11:00, and still a warm
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afternoon with some mid 80s there, and as you get ready to head out for work, we have breaking news, a downed power line on highway 24 going westbound at oak hill road is shut down all lanes. traffic is being diverted on some of the nearby roadways so if you can avoid this, if at all possible, that is near lafayette highway 24 westbound. so another update coming up in a few minutes. and a very good morning to you. happy monday. labor day, the markets are closed today. certainly a lot of investors watching dorian. tomorrow will be the first trading day of september. if you look at the markets so far this year, the south bay's roku is our leader as far as the sec tech goes in 2019 gains, up more than 300% this year. boeing won't move today of course but may be under pressure tomorrow, as the "wall street journal" says the grounding of the boeing 737 max may last well into december and the christmas holiday season.
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you have to wonder at this point also how passengers will feel about flying on a plane that's been grounded for months, after two fatal crashes. we're in the second day of new tariffs against china. they add 15% tariffs to $112 billion worth of chinese goods. that's the first round. then we'll add more to the list on december 15th. china has responded by adding tariffs to our soybean and petroleum exports. petroleum exports.1 we're also supposed to start trade negotiations with china but we still can't agree on a simple phone call. president trump insists the chinese are calling. the chinese government says they're not. watch the frustration between a conservative candidate for president joe walsh and fox business host stuart barney a
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couple days ago over something as simple as whether a phone call took place. >> his staff came out yesterday and admittedly, admitted that the president of the united states lied to t world to manipulate the markets. i have a problem with that. >> that's not a lie. let's not get technical. >> that's not a lie? >> that's not a lie. >> the reason i bring this up is because we've gotten used to democrats and republicans fighting over facts, not opinion, but facts. the sky is blue, no, it's not sort of. how can we move forward if we can't agree on the color of the sky? you see it among conservatives whether a phone rang, someone picked it up and talked into it has become a major issue in this china trade war. >> right so we're talking about a phone call instead of talking about the things that affect american people. >> which might have taken place on the phone call, yes. >> i don't know. all right, thank you. happening today, a major anniversary for the atm, the automated teller machine, first made its debut at a chemical
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bank branch on long island september 2nd, 1969. since then the atm and don't call it an atm machine, that's redun redundant, it is estimated there are more than 3.5 million atms around the world. however, with the increase in mobile payment systems, the use of atms is steadily declining. new at 6:00, an all new real estate record set in san francisco. >> two buildings just sold for under $53 million on russian hill. that is the highest price ever for a multifamily building transaction in that neighborhood. both buildings are on leavenworth, each include studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. >> all right, we want to get to your weather and traffic. kari, that is a serious tie-up on highway 24. >> highway 24 westbound around lafayette. that's going to cause a lot of
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issues for people headed out the door. let's look at our weather this morning, because we are starting out with a beautiful sunrise and as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge, if you're about to head out the door, we've had overall a light flow of traffic and some mild te temperatures. in the mid-60s. it's 62 in oakland and in san francisco, and some mid-50s in santa rosa. that morning commute as you head out around parts of the delta and around pittsburg, it's going to be at 69 degrees, and then some low 80s by 10:00. if you're not headed to work, you're going to be cooking out today, it is going to be another hot afternoon, so maybe you can get that grilling done early this morning, as we check out our south bay temperatures, milpitas reaches up to 85, and 92 in gilroy. we're going to see some low 90s, but this is actually a little bit cooler than yesterday, and the winds will pick up, coming in from the west at about 10 to 15 miles per hour.
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aloe alto highs up to 87 today. it will be some mid-60s in san francisco and the marina district, and napa today reaching 87, while ukiah reaches 94 and point reyes 64 degrees. if you are headed to the beaches, we will have some cooler weather there, a wide range in temperatures with santa cruz starting out at 66 degrees at 11:00, and then 76 eventually we'll reach the low 80s and start to come back down, and our inland temperatures will be in the low 90s today, but it's one of the hottest days of the week. our trend is for things to cool off, as we go through wednesday, thursday, we're talking some low 80s and some of our warmer spots and we're going to see that continue into the weekend. so after some warm weather today, we are going to have a nice cooldown, even in san francisco, low 70s today, and then getting breezy with more clouds and fog through the end of the week. let's get back to what we were talking about on the roads, because overall we do have a smooth flow of traffic especially for the peninsula, the south bay, as well as much
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of the tri-valley and into the east bay, but the problem is getting from walnut creek over past orinda, where we've had a power pole knocked down and that has closed all lanes of westbound 24 at oak hill todaro. there say huge backup. they're trying to divert traffic off of highway 24, that's going to slow a lot of people down and you want to make sure you check waze to get the alternate routes to get you around that backup. you don't have many alternate routes, and so as we get a live look outside, the san mateo bridge, very few cars we're normally seeing this packed but a lot of people have the day off so if you're headed out the door, enjoy the nice flow of traffic. we'll talk more about that, highway 24 incident, more coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. 5:19 right now. next and new for you this morning, the trump administration's change to national parks. the high-tech devices that may soon share the trails with hikers and horse riders, and what has to happen before this
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becomes reality. it's our first case involving a dispute at the dollar store though for $262. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds," next. ♪
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find the brands you love from nordstrom. up to 70% off at nordstrom rack. ♪ that's fashion at a fraction. ♪ shop anytime at and get easy returns in store. nordstrom rack. what will you find? nbc bay area responds to a school principal in campbell who says an online purchase didn't make the grade. >> so she turned to consumer investigator chris chmura's team to get her money back. >> good morning.
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as the school year wrapped up, tracy young said she ordered gifts online for her entire staff through yes, the dollar store. the items were supposed to arrive june 2nd, but she says dollar tree later pushed back the delivery date to june 10th, that's six days after school would end. tracy canceled and expected a $262 refund but didn't get one. so she turned to us. the dollar tree website states that all sales are final, however, if your order is incomplete or your items arrive damaged, we will correct the problem. that doesn't really address tracy's situation. so we asked dollar tree to take a second look and apparently it did telling us only it would be happy to help the customer resolve the issue. that same day tracy told us she got her $262.47 back. if a business earns a failing grade with you, maybe we can help, 888-996-tips or visit
6:24 am >> thanks, chris. 6:23 now. conservation and outdoor groups are blasting a new white house order allowing ebikes, electric bikes along all national park trails where right now regular bikes are allowed, that includes places like yosemite, the golden gate national recreation area and point reyes. it means ecyclists can use the trail that hikers and horse lovers also enjoy. the park service says it's just adopting to new technology, adapting to new technology. opponents say this is a decision made without proper analysis. the new rule will only be implemented after a public comment period, so you still have a chance to have your say. many world leaders spent the weekend in warsaw, poland, marking the 80th anniversary of the start of world war ii. >> representatives from dozens of countries joined together yesterday to commemorate the start of the war on september 1st, 1939. that is when nazi germany first
6:25 am
invaded poland which remained under german occupation for more than five years. president trump canceled his trip due to hurricane dorian, but vice president mike pence was among those attending. >> today we remember how the gathering storm of the 20th century broke in to warfare and invasion, followed by unspeakable hardship, and heroism of the polish people. >> germany is poland's closest partner in the eu and also in trade and the economy. great balls of fire do not try this at home, in is a central american town slaeb grating its annual fireball festival this weekend. >> the el salvadoran town lights up one night each year. people flinging the flame balls at each other, this is in the middle of the street. the fireballs are rags drenched in gasoline, and then set on
6:26 am
fire. that town was hit with hot lava from a volcano back in 1658 and this festival commemorates that event. right now, there are no reports of any injuries, but ooh, scary. >> don't let my kids see that. >> no, don't do it at home. all right, ahead at 6:30, back to the breaking news we've been talking about this morning, an early morning rescue on a boat in the pacific ocean in southern california, possibly more than 30 people on board. up next, we'll talk about the new information we just got from the coast guard about the type of boat and what people may have been doing there. plus -- >> this brand new video from overnight looks like a movie scene. next, where those flames began before they spread to that house, and what people who were there this morning have to say about it. plus -- >> please pray for us, pray,
6:27 am
pray for us, pray for abaco please, i'm begging y'all. >> continuing coverage of hurricane dorian. next and new a view from space and how president trump's florida mansion is preparing. at 6:45, we are live in south carolina, right now you're watching "today in the bay." alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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welcome back to "today in the bay." it is 6:30 for you right now. out east, hurricane dorian is getting closer and closer to the
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u.s. you can see right here from the track on your screen, but as we look live in the bahamas right now, you can still see the rain, nothing like it was the wave of destruction left behind in the bahamas. thanks for joining us on this labor day morning, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we start with breaking news out of southern california. >> that's right, there say water rescue under way off the coast of santa barbara and santa cruz island, but it's off the coast of santa barbara. these are the first pictures of the scene that we're seeing this morning. all morning the coast guard has been saying that more than 30 people were on board that boat as they were trying to rescue them. it's a 75-foot boat near the channel islands. we have video into our newsroom of a u.s. coast guard boat headed to the scene in oxnard, ventura county. the coast guard is saying the boat is on fire. we know at least one crew member is hurt, and five others were
6:31 am
rescued. earlier this morning we heard a medical examiner called out to the scene which is usually an indication that at least one person has died. the coast guard is saying that it is launching multiple assets as well as getting help from nearby agencies. we want to talk about the conditions there this morning. kari, we know this is going to be a complicated rescue and that it's under way right now. >> they were saying they were having problems getting there due to weather conditions, a surge of monsoonal moisture and that caused showers and gusty winds to development in that area, so we have five to seven-foot waves, not that high, but when you complicate that with some rain moving through, that could impede some of those rescue efforts in that area, so we'll continue to monitor that, as we bring it back home, we are seeing some fog rolling across the golden gate bridge, so as you head out this morning, some low visibility in a few areas but at the bridge level, things are looking good, and we are also headed in to a holiday and it's going to be mostly clear in the south bay, but still some warm temperatures, if you plan
6:32 am
on heading out and going grilling for dinner, it's going to be in the mid 80s and then cooling down into the upper 70s with our high temperature still warm in those east bay valleys, reaching up to 93 in antioch today, 90 in clearlake as well and ukiah 94 degrees with san francisco staying in the low 70s. we also have some breaking news on the traffic front, so i want to show you what's happening as you get ready to head out on the roads this morning, the south bay much of the peninsula looking good. we have a full closure on highway 24. there was some power lines down and they were diverting traffic off of highway 24, and so we are not seeing much in the way of the commute. we haven't had an update in the past few minutes so hopefully they are getting that cleaned up and they'll allow for that traffic flow near lafayette off of oak hill road, the problem area on highway 24, and then in san francisco, we also have an accident getting into the city from daly city northbound to 280, we are seeing an accident
6:33 am
there that is slowing down the commute, so a lot to watch here on the weather front, we'll be cooling off and i'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. >> looking forward to that, kari, thank you. new for you this morning, a close call for some san jose homeowners. overnight after this fire swept through their neighborhood, this was in their backyards. some of the video remarkable. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda live in japantown to explain what firefighters are saying. this could have turned out a lot worse, sharon. >> reporter: yes, marcus. it was quite a scene out here. i spoke to the fire captain earlier this morning an he said this fire threatened four structures, so thankfully it did not cause more damage. now firefighters say the blaze started around midnight on the 600 block of 12th street and there was a lot of trash in the backyard which caused the fire to quickly spread to other neighbors' back yards. neighbors tried to help out. >> i was banging on the door trying to get the older people out of their house and they went
6:34 am
in the back and started unraveling the water hose in the backyard right here and they started going through and we got in the back it was like an inferno man, like churning, spinning and just went in the back and started helping. >> reporter: we saw red cross out on scene when we arrived. they couldn't give us exact details on how many neighbors needed help overnight, though i'm told a lot of people were displaced. fortunately there were no injuries, and the cause of this fire is still under investigation. reporting live in san jose, i'm sharon ckatsuda, "today in the bay." we're tracking what is described as one of the strongest hurricanes ever in the atlantic. dorian, which is still barrelling through the bahamas made landfall as a monster category 5 hurricane with 165-mile-per-hour winds, and it is supposed to keep pounding that area through most of the day because the storm has stalled out. at this point it is only moving
6:35 am
1 mile per hour, so a powerful storm moving very slowly. so far, there are no confirmed deaths in the bahamas and right now dorian is dangling offhe coast of florida's panhandle and eventually expected to turn north. that means florida may avoid a direct hit. however, parts of the state are still under mandatory evacuation orders. people say they are packing up, boarding up and moving out. >> even if it does bypass us, we'll still be a lot safer if we move out. >> states of emergency stretch from florida through the carolinas. president trump's estate also under evacuation. mar-a-lago is boarded one hurricane shutters covering the windows. the winter white house as it's called is on the island of palm batch and the stores on palm beach's worth avenue, the upscale shopping district, are also covered with shutters and plywood. and now we are getting a look at just what the catastrophic storm looks like from space. look at the images right now,
6:36 am
dorian tied the record for the most powerful atlantic hurricane ever to come ashore, equalling the labor day hurricane of 1935. and in about ten minutes, nbc's jay gray is live in south carolina. he'll actually talk about those conditions on the ground right now. a strange set of events on the grounds of oakland international airport, and this one investigators are still trying to track down the man who triggered it. investigators say it started yesterday when an alameda county sheriff's deputy tried to pull over a driver, took off onto an airport access road and rammed a security gate at more than 50 miles an hour. shortly after driving onto the tarmac, the man got out of the car and ran toward the water. crews spent hours scouring the area. they believe at this point that he drowned. deputies are still looking for a motive. >> there's always just a mental health factor, was this just one person acting out, and i think we need to learn who this person is before we can even begin to make a determination.
6:37 am
not seeing necessarily a nexus to domestic terror or international terror at this point. it really appears to be some type of lone individual acting very bizarrely. >> there was very little impact at the airport on this busy travel weekend and no one else was hurt. this week, jurors in the ghostship warehouse fire trial will resume deliberations after they got a two-week break. three jurors were dismissed last month and then we had a pre-planned break, which was already scheduled before jurors could reach a verdict. they're still waiting to start back up tomorrow, and the two defendants, derick almena and max harris each face 36 counts for manslaughter, one for each person who died in that fire. i've got an update on highway 24 going westbound. i wanted to give you an overall view of the bay area commute this morning, on this holiday. everything is looking good in the south bay, the tri-valley and areas around hayward, but we also had that downed power line that was over highway 24, going
6:38 am
westbound, and so it was really tying up traffic, but now we are seeing some recovery here, they have picked up that power pole. now all lanes are open on highway 24, going westbound, but we are still seeing a little bit of a backup there, just as you approach lafayette, going westbound on highway 24. so we'll continue to monitor that. we've also had a crash on i-280, going northbound, daly city, and that is causing a lot of people to slow down in that area, just north of daly city. so we'll continue to monitor that commute, headed from daly city in to san francisco. the san mateo bridge is seeing a smooth flow of traffic this morning, and a look at those east bay drive times from westbound 80 from highway 4 to the bay bridge, it is looking at about 14 minutes westbound 580, we're seeing that commute taking about 15 minutes, and then northbound 880 at 238 to the bay bridge taking about 13 minutes at this point. so it's good that we are seeing as more people head out on this
6:39 am
labor day and out the door, highway 24 now open, going through lafayette, going westbound. >> that is good news. >> yes. we're on a holiday weekend, not everybody had a long weekend so maybe if you have to work this labor day you're looking forward to next weekend. >> yes, you are and it's going to be cooler this upcoming weekend compared to this weekend we just had. looking at inland temperatures, we're at our warmest day today, and then we're heading downward with some mid 80s in the forecast in the valleys, for both saturday and on sunday. for san francisco, we have some upper 60s and low 70s. we'll see the return of the fog, helping to cool things off. going to the see yes this weekend, squaw valley is looking nice. that is a look at our live camera there and our high temperatures will head into the mid-70s for friday and saturday. 70 degrees on sunday. if you'll be in the tri-valley this weekend, enjoying some time outside, it's going to be warm, with some low 90s on friday, and then a little bit cooler on saturday, reaching up to about
6:40 am
82 degrees. if it's a beach weekend for you, you're going to be along the coast, santa cruz will see the high temperatures up to about 71 degrees on saturday, as well as sunday, and then russian river valley we do also have some beautiful weather, nice warm temperatures reaching into the low 80s throughout the weekend. let me know what your plans are, i'm @karihallweather on twitter, facebook, as well instagram and today's temperature trend is coming up in about three minutes >> thanks, kari. the "today" show family will be back together ain tomorrow morning. hoda returns from maternity leave tomorrow. brand new for you today, here are savannah and craig reflecting on what they miss most this summer. >> you know what? can't wait. can't wait for hoda to get back. >> i know, we got a great summer. >> we've missed our hoda but not much longer. she's going to be here soon. >> the gang will be back together. >> reunited and going to feel so good. >> she's returning tomorrow at
6:41 am
7:00, and during the "today in the bay" tomorrow, we're going to share some of her moments that she shared as she reflects on her summer with her two little girls while on maternity leave. >> i'm glad she got to take the time with her family. up next, one of of the most famous faces in comedy right now hospitalized, after a rollover crash. how kevin hart is doing this morning. plus -- >> i've heard of accidents but nothing like this, this is crazy. >> luckily no one was inside these cars in the south bay. brand new for you this morning, a destructive hit-and-run, what witnesses saw and what we know about the person who police arrested. plus we'll do washington by the numbers. the big number of course is five, but we also have 53 and 14, when "today in the bay" continues. well well well, what have we here?
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right now at 6:44, a clear start to the day and mild temperatures as you head out the door. as we take a live look in san jose, let's get our temperature trend, mid-60s to start and leading quickly into some upper 80s for the afternoon. it's going to heat up pretty fast. if you're on your way out the door, we are seeing some issues, recovery in the east bay and then also tracking something on the road on 680, so i'll check out what that is in san jose, more on that coming up in a few minutes. >> kari, we want to get you caught up on that breaking news we've been talking about out of southern california, where there is a water rescue under way off the coast of santa barbara. the coast guard saying more than 30 people are being rescued from a 75-foot boat, this is near santa cruz island, that's in the
6:45 am
channel islands near santa barbara. these are images of the boat on fire. you can see firefighters working hard there. we also know that one crew member is hurt, and five were rescued. earlier this morning, we heard a medical examiner was called there to the scene, that usually indicates at least one person has died. the coast guard is also saying that it is launching multiple assists as well getting help from nearby agencies. our sister station knbc have to actually ground their helicopter because of the conditions out there with the weather, but of course we're going to keep up on this story and bring you the latest. a mangled mess on a san jose street overnight after a hit rein young tore through a neighborhood. it is shocking that nobody was hurt, but that's only because people were not in those cars at the time. a driver lost control of an suv along hillsdale avenue in san jose around 9:40 last night. one car just split in two. the driver also slammed into a truck and sent it into
6:46 am
somebody's backyard. both vehicles were parked. no one was inside at the time. the driver himself ended up crashing his suv into a pole. a neighbor can be seen on surveillance video talking to that driver after the collision. the driver eventually took off down the street. police picked him up later and had him transported to the hospital. >> just left a blood trail and the ambulance followed him down there, so basically they are going to figure it out right now. we're glad nobody's like really hurt because all the cars parked, nobody was in it so we thank god for that. >> we don't know how fast that driver was going at the time of the collisions. it is a surface street, but we do believe that he was speeding. 6:46 and president trump says that america is preparing for dorian. >> there is confusion in the white house. >> good morning, president trump tweeted, kris, the storm would be particularly hard on alabama. then emergency services in alabama responded by saying that state didn't expect any real
6:47 am
effects from the hurricane. he also said he's not heard of a category 5 storm before, in fact, this will be his fourth to hit the united states since he took office. >> i'm not sure that i've ever heard of a category 5. i knew it existed and i've seen some category 4s, we don't see them that much but the category 5 is something that i don't know that i've ever even heard the term, other than i know it's there. that's the ultimate and what we have unfortunately. >> i think this is less president trump being confused as it is his tendency to make everything even storms the biggest ever. it's kind of his way of speaking. let's talk about some other numbers. it's september 2nd, so far no americans have been killed in mass shootings in september, but in august, it was 53. congress comes back to work next week. there's uncertainty as to what they'll do. i talked with nbc's political director chuck todd about that on sunday. he'll say 51. the death toll went up in odessa, midland yesterday, so we're at 53.
6:48 am
chuck, yesterday at least five killed, 21 injured in a shooting in odessa. how are the politicians responding there? >> well what's been interesting today, i mean look, we're at 51 deaths in the month of august for mass shootings so let that sink in a minute, and after el paso and dayton there was a round of hand wringing by politicians, the scourge of gun violence is something that congress still hasn't tackled and there's going to be an expectation that they try and do something. >> they come back next week. another number on washington's mind is 14. 14 republican members of congress have announced they're quitting at the end of their term including four from texas and a senator from georgia. the latest is republican congressman, john shimkus, from illinois. we're watching dorian and tweeting about it. i'm @scottmcgrew. tahoe will soon get a taste the hurricane is churning through the bahamas.
6:49 am
the category 5 storm is one of the most powerful ever, dorian is dangling off of florida's coast and expected to eventually turn north which means florida may avoid the direct hit. >> jay gray is there right now. >> reporter: kris, marcus, we started in florida late last week and made the move to the carolinas because the storm moved. it's been so unpredictable. once this is done with the bahamas and what a beating they are taking, you have to keep them in your thoughts right now, it will make that move, but not make landfall officials say that doesn't mean you won't feel it. strong winds, potentially storm surge along florida and some of that could start as early as this evening and the storm will shadow the coastline as it continues to move up. if it makes landfall it could be in this area, and that would likely be late wednesday night
6:50 am
into thursday morning. marcus, kris, we've got more than 1 million people just from georgia through the carolinas being told to evacuate right now. millions more watching to see where dorian may go next. >> jay, thank you. the "today" show continues coverage of hurricane dorian, with a correspondent in the bahamas and florida as that storm gathers strength. kari, category 5, the president says he's never seen anything like this before, but we know that we've suffered through category 5s. >> right, we've had several of them in the past few years and the bad thing about this one is it's barely moving, so it's just lashing the bahamas with that rain, and it makes it a little bit harder for us to predict exactly where it's going to go. let's get a live look outside with our palo alto cameras. the sun comes up this morning and we have a light flow of traffic and a nice mild start to the day. we're in the mid-60s and headed into the mid 80s by early afternoon, getting out the door for that commute. as you head out in pittsburg, it's going to be still hot this
6:51 am
afternoon, but at least we do have a very comfortable start to the day, with some upper 60s at 7:00, leading into some low 80s at 10:00. if you're planning on grilling today, going outside, try to get those things done early, with our south bay high temperature in east san jose reaching 89 degrees. 93 in morgan hill, and for the east bay, we're also looking at some low 90s, but if you can believe it, this is cooler than the past couple of days, with redwood city reaching 83 degrees, san francisco up to 70 on the embarcadero, and the north bay reaching up to 94 in ukiah, with napa reaching 87 degrees, and keep in mind that if you're going to the coast, it's still going to be cool there, with some mid-60s, but we do have a nice start to the day, and also already very warm. so all you need are short sleeves and if you can, make it a beach day if you're enjoying this labor day off. santa cruz will have some comfortable air, reaching into the mid-70s around noon, and
6:52 am
early afternoon eventually reaching about 81 degrees, before those temperatures come back down. our inland areas will be in the low 90s, and some of the warmer spots, but we do have a cooldown headed our way. we'll be in the low 80s by the middle of the week, and some of the warmer areas, and then that continues into the weekend. for san francisco, more fog returning to the coastline, brings in some cooler air along with some breezy winds. and as you get ready to head out the door for the commute this morning, we've seen a couple of issues. here is a look at the overall drive. we had a pole down, some power lines that caused some issues for parts of the east bay on highway 24, going westbound, that is no longer an issue, all lanes opened and we're seeing some recovery there. we also have an accident going 280 on northbound near john daly boulevard north of daly city that's causing the commute there to slow down, headed in to san francisco. in the south bay, we had a report of someone sleeping on the side of the road on i-680
6:53 am
southbound, near the king road off-ramp, and then there was a report of an accident, so hopefully they're not related. overall we're not seeing things slow down in that area, and a very light flow of traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. so for the most part, we are seeing a pretty good commute on this holiday. kris and marcus? >> all right, thank you very much, kari. happening now, overseas, vice president mike pence meets with ukraine's president and voices america's support for ukraine over crime in a. crimea. pence said the u.s. would stand with ukraine on security issues and rightful claim of crimea. the vice president was filling in for president trump own a trip to poland marking the 80th anniversary of the start of world war ii. the u.s. is a key ally for ukraine and applied sanctions on russia for annexing crimea in 2014. and next we're going to go back to that breaking news, early morning rescue on the pacific ocean, a diving vessel usually used for tours is on fire in southern california.
6:54 am
we're going to tell you what we know so far. also ahead, that dramatic fire fight in the south bay overnight, next where those flames began before they spread to this home. we're back in two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:56 am
welcome back. before you head out the door t is 6:56. here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> we've been following breaking news out of southern california, where there is a water rescue under way off the coast of santa barbara, and within the last couple of minutes, we've learned that there are fatalities. more than one person is now confirmed to have died on that 75-foot boat. this is off santa cruz island, which is near the channel island
6:57 am
of santa barbara. right now we're hearing from ventura county sheriff's department again there are multiple deaths. these are the first images of that boat on fire, from firefighters down in ventura county. we know one crew member is also injured. five others were rescued. earlier this morning, we heard a medical examiner called out to the scene, that is again now confirmed that there is at least one person who died. the coast guard is saying that it is launching several assets as well as getting help from nearby agencies, but at this point, we don't know why that boat caught fire, how those 30 people plus were on that boat or why they were on that boat overnight. but the rescue started just before 4:00 this morning. we'll follow it for you. more breaking news, vallejo firefighters russian into action and extinguish an early morning fire. this is a three-alarm fire at foster lumber in vallejo. that fire is knocked down and crews managed to keep the damage to about one-fourth of the
6:58 am
property. new for you this morning, a close call for san jose homeowners overnight after a fire swept through their backyard. firefighters say there was a lot of trash in the backyard, which caused the fire to quickly spread to other neighbors back yards. no one was hurt. this morning, comedian actor kevin hart is still recovering after he was in a very serious car crash down in l.a. happened over the weekend. he was in a car with two other people, and they were driving on the windy mulholland drive in los angeles, when they veered off the road over an embankment and rolled down a hill. this is the scene from a short time after the crash. >> kevin hart. >> kevin hart and the driver were air lifted to hospitals and according to the chp, both suffered major back issues. troopers say rather chp officers say that the driver was not under the influence of alcohol
6:59 am
at the time of the crash. happening today, presidential nominee bernie sanders and actor danny glover are expected to join thousands of kaiser permanente workers for a labor day rally in oakland. here is video of a similar protest last year, but this year that turnout is expected to be a lot bigger. that's because kaiser workers are in the middle of a bitter contract dispute, and have voted to walk off the job next month if they can't reach a deal. if a strike actually happens, it could potentially be the nation's largest in years. kaiser says that it is committed to reaching a deal before the deadline. on this labor day, a last look at your weather and traffic. >> a lot of people plan to head to the beach or enjoy some time outside grilling. we will still have a wide range in temperatures, and some very warm air for the inland areas, reaching into the low 90s. the rest of the week we cool off into the low 80s, so it's going to be very pleasant, and san francisco reaching into the low 70s today. upper 60s for much of the rest of the week, and as you head out on the roads, here is a look at our overall view of the commute,
7:00 am
and green means good, and everything is a go. we've seen a couple of accis, though, daly city, we have a wreck on 280 northbound, and then also watching what's happening in the east bay, highway 24. >> that is what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back with you in 30 minutes. good morning. breaking news. the coast guard responding to the scene of a dangerous boat fire off the coast of southern california. nearly three dozen people unaccounted for. a major rescue operation under way. a live report straight ahead. happening now, dorian's destruction on full display in the bahamas. >> someone, please come help us. >> one of the most powerful storms ever ravaging the islands with violent winds and torrential rains as it slowly approaches the u.s. millions ordered to evacuate from florida to the carolinas. >> this is a serious storm, y'all. let's get ready for it.


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