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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 3, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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where that rampage played out. how leaders plan to remember the victims. and as hurricane dorian turns towards the u.s., parts of florida already starting to feel the impact. this is a nas new deaths are cod in the bahamas. the damage said to be like nothing ever seen before. good morning to you. thanks for joining us for "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez, i'm in for laura garcia. we want to get a look at your weather forecast. we're saying the summer feels officially behind us. kari, still feels like summer. >> it will feel like summer outside but maybe it won't feel like summer because we're past labor day. this is a live look in san jose, a few clouds rolling by. we're going to see our sunnyvale temperatures going from the low 60s to the mid-70s by early afternoon and we're going to meet that average high of about 82, so we'll get a look at the rest of the week. mike, you have a serious crash.
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>> a follow-up to the crash in the south bay. looking at your maps here showing you the traffic flow is nicely on the freeways but just off the freeway you cannot exit the freeway here at story road from southbound 101. the details san jose pd had to close story road westbound going this way from knox just before the freeway to philippe, just after the freeway. that will affect the off-ramp and on-ramp getting on to 101 through the area. tully road a little to the south is completely clear and so is the 280/680 interchange, just a little to the north. again, we have a serious crash sounds like on city streets, story road just off of highway 101 westbound direction is affected right now. the rest of your freeways show a smooth drive, no problems. we have the backup much bigger than yesterday, and much bigger than friday and thursday in fact last week, there are the cash lanes just starting to really build up. back to you. >> thank you, mike. to the latest in the southern california boat
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tragedy, as of late night drivers recovered the bodies of 25 people who died in yesterday's early morning boat fire near santa cruz island. >> nine people remain unaccounted for. this is already being called one of the deadliest boating accidents in state history and sadly this turned into a recovery effort with little hope of finding more survivors. >> "today in the bay's" damian trujillo arrived in santa barbara early yesterday after we first learned about the disaster. he has an update on the community now in mourning. >> the "conception" set sail from the santa barbara harbor behind me are 34 candles, each one representing a victim, believed to have died in this incident. it is believed the passengers were sleeping below deck at the time of the fire, and here the memorial continues to grow. >> may day, may day, may day. >> reporter: the mayday call was made early monday morning. by the time emergency crews arrived they say the boat with 39 people on board was ungulfed.
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five crew members survived. >> the boat has sank and now it's inverted and on the seabed. it's on the floor, and approximately 60, 62 feet of water. >> reporter: this will remain a search and rescue operation into the morning. hopes of finding more survivors are dwindling. >> just the devastation of the boat itself and the fact that it sank, the sheriff's department and coroner's bureau we're preparing for the worst. >> reporter: by nightfall a memorial grew at the harbor, well wishers dropping by, paying their respects, knowing so many people who just used the same docks possibly remain in the bottom of the ocean. and we've been informed that the pcs charter school in santa cruz sent a letter to parents last night, in that letter the school says that two of their students and the parents of one of their students were aboard the vessel. we're in santa barbara, i'm damian trujillo, "today in the bay." nbc bay area for the latest on the development story, we'll be streaming a news conference later this morning, it's scheduled for 10:00.
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we'll bring that to you live and sharon katsuda is following all of the developments in the newsroom. she'll join us back here in a half hour. in a few hours, gilroy takes another step in its recovery from the garlic festival mass shooting. "today in the bay's" bob redell live for us outside of christmas hill park which this has been closed since the shooting. >> reporter: correct, marcus, but at 8:00 a.m. the city of gilroy will open christmas hill park behind me for the first time in more than five weeks. you'll recall it was the last sunday of this past july, the gilroy garlic festival was wrapping up when a 19-year-old man armed with an assault type rifle entered the park, shot and killed three young people, and injured 17 more. the suspect shot and killed himself as police engaged him within a minute of the shooting. today will be the first time the general public is allowed back inside the park since the attack. >> i think it's great. you know, i mean i think it shows that the community is kind
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of together and moving forward and i think it just shows exactly what gilroy strong is. >> sure, sure, i think it allows us all to move on. >> it's another part of the healing that has to happen. >> reporter: the park as i mentioned reopens at 8:00 this morning. the public is invited to a moment of silence at 10:30 this morning at a temporary memorial site that's been set up underneath the large palm tree, some northeast section of the ramp side of christmas hill park. the city is also mentioned an alert there's a section of the park presumably where the shooting took place where it has been recede and not going to let people walk on that so the grass can grow. reporting live in gilroy, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> one of the men said it well, this is just another part of the healing. thank you, bob. b.a.r.t. takes the next step in its effort to go entirely paperless. tickets will no longer be available at san francisco's powell street stations. riders there have to purchase reusable clipper cards which a
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lot of folks are already using. b.a.r.t. is slowly eliminating paper tickets all together from all of its stations, though riders can still use paper tickets if they were bought at the other stations or previously purchased. happening today, governor. [ gunfire ] is among those expected to celebrate the official opening of san francisco's chase center. the ribbon cutting ceremony takes place at 10:30 this morning. city leaders including mayor london breed will join warriors executives. this is the first public event that will take place, which is going to be on friday night. it's a concert featuring metallica with san francisco symphony. going to be fun. >> i can't wait to see the clips from that. right now hurricane dorian is battering the bahamas, more than 24 hours after it made landfall. authorities now confirm that the storm has killed at least five people, and it is slowly making its move toward the u.s., at category 3 strength. some of the effects are already being felt in florida, with people further up the coast watching to see where dorian
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night head next. "today in the bay's" jay gray reports from the middle of the forecast path in savannah, georgia. >> reporter: dorian relentless, ravaging the bahamas for more than 24 hours. >> we are in the midst of an historic tragedy in parts of northern bahamas. >> reporter: violent winds ripping apart communities, soaking rain, and a storm surge in some areas two stories high, swallowing homes. >> we are literally in the ocean. >> reporter: an ocean that's beginning to surge along the florida coast now, the peninsula starting to feel the effects of the massive hurricane, continuing what will be a long, tense week along the eastern seaboard. the latest forecast track shows dorian shadowing the coast, no clear landfall, but still close enough to cause serious problems. you can look to what happened overnight in the bahamas, devastating impact and the eye wall does not have to come
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ashore to have that kind of impact. >> reporter: shelters have opened across the potential strike zone and evacuation orders are in place now from florida through the carolinas. more than 1 million residents told to move to higher ground, as dorian starts to slowly move in. if it follows the current forecast and begins to move, we should see dorian off the coast here sometime late wednesday into thursday morning. jay gray, nbc news, savannah. >> this live picture was just made available to us in the newsroom, jensen beach in florida, you can see some of the storm's effects starting to reach that area. the winds not too strong at this point, but it is a category 3 storm and still could be very dangero dangerous. we'll track that throughout morning. 5:08, menlo park search and rescue team preparing for deployment as the hurricane takes aim. these are photos of the crew getting their equipment ready to go. the fire chief says the team is still waiting to officially be
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activated with a water rescue response package. eventually they expect to fly out of sfo and head to the carolinas. we want to check in with kari. kari, category. still destructive. >> they're also expecting a big storm surge despite the strength of the storm, so we'll have to continue to watch that and it's always good to see our local people helping out as well. here is a look live right now in oakland as you get ready to head out the door. it is back to work and back to the b.a.r.t. station, fruitvale b.a.r.t. it will be partly to mostly cloudy, with low 60s and we'll stay in the 60s throughout the morning and rise into the low 70s. a look at all of our microclimates and the time line for today of what to expect. at noon we're in the low 80s and danville we're at 82 degrees. 82 in novato. san francisco mostly in the 60s and low 70s. almaden valley 88 degrees. low 90s in the south county as well as the inland east bay.
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we'll talk about some cooling ahead in that forecast and mike, you're taking a look at the bay bridge. >> kari, we have signs the vacation days are over and we're back to the commute. it's only 5:09 and we have all these lanes filling in. just after all the cash lanes opened, everything filled in. that tends to be the case early in the commute as folks return from a vacation weekend, like a lot of folks seemed to have taken thursday and friday last week off. there is the backup but no problems through contra coa county. a tiny bit of build at bay point and the crash on the grid should be cleared at willow pass road. everything else on the freeway moves smoothly but i want to take you back down to the south bay, we have this closure that continues. south 101 the off-ramp story road is closed because of what i'm told say deadly crash involving a pedestrian, so the investigation continues. westbound story road, this direction coming over here, over toward mclaughlin side and there's a closure past the freeway, so i'm going to say it affects the on-ramps as well
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even though we don't have that detail. use tully on or off of the freeway you're completely clear of the problems and the access and we'll continue to follow this investigation. for now, avoid the story road on and off ramp from the westbound side of story road. guys, back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> 5:11 now. a big problem for tesla owners. a software issue located nowhere near the engine that kept some owners from using their cars. and also ahead, new information on the bizarre action from the texas government in saturday's rampage, seconds before he started shooting. the markets back open back up this morning. looks like a tough tuesday. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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good tuesday morning. time to get up and back to work. right now at 5:14, let's get you out the door in martinez with a look at our temperature trend, going to be in the low 60s, a few more clouds this morning, but clearing out, and reaching into the mid 80s by early afternoon. our trend will be for it to cool off throughout the rest of the week, so i'll have a look at that forecast in less than five minutes. >> right now as you'd expect, palo alto moves smoothly. there's highway 101 on the peninsula, highway 101 in the south bay affected bit deadly crash on surface streets. we'll bring you the latest an the updates from chp. very good morning. if you are going to work for the first time this week, it will probably feel like monday all day but it's tuesday and traders have got a bad case of the
5:15 am
tuesdays. the markets are expected to open markedly over. sunday september 1st new tariffs on china took effect and china added mortar i haves on us. now because it's a new month, we get the jobs numbers on the first friday of the month, that's this friday. we've seen a slowing in job growth, but it's still pretty solid. the other thing that's probably weighing on investors, september is traditionally the worst month for stocks. there are various theories why this is, none really hold up but in general, since they invented the dow 30 in the 1800s, they lose about 1% in september. president trump meanwhile wants to remind you that the markets are doing much better, since he was elected in november of 2016, the stock market is up over 50%, he says, then he goes on to criticize the economist paul krugman. president trump's claim the market is up more than 50% is easy enough to fact check. let's do it. here is the numbers when he was elected, here are the numbers
5:16 am
today, and here are your percentage changes. the president is one-third right. nasdaq is up 53%. the broadest and best measure of the market is the s&p 500, and honestly, these are great numbers. there's really no reason to inflate them. they're good returns, as they stand. as for krugman, president trump is still angry at him for something he wrote in the "new york times" after the election. he is an economist and a columnist for the "new york times," won a nobel prize but president trump is angry when he wrote in the editorial section saying because of trump's victory, we're probably looking at a global recession with no end in sight. now you can win a nobel prize and still be a thousand percent wrong, which krugman was, but president trump continues to take this very personally. >> we know that he can hold a grudge. >> he can hold a grudge. >> thanks, scott. >> 5:16 for you right now. the follow-up for you the tesla app is back up and running again, after it was down for hours. so the issue if you didn't know
5:17 am
kept a lot of people out of their cars because drivers can actually use that app as a key to get into their tesla, but because of the outage, they had no access, unless they had their key with them. one pleasanton woman told us she had to order uber to get her home. the outage lasted about four hours yesterday. tesla is not saying if it knows what caused the issue. >> that's a new excuse for your boss. new video shows germany's first giant panda cubs, thoh, g! >> it is so cute. >> they're not. you guys are so mean. berlin zoo says the mother is doing a wonderful job looking after her pink -- yeah, put my face up there. >> the reaction. >> the pink twins are doing all right. they of course bear no resemblance to the cute pan $, black and white ones, i'm not looking at them. as for the gender, nothing has
5:18 am
been announced although the zookeepers already have a good idea. it's not like they have fur covering. >> some babies, humans, when they come out they're not so beautiful. >> your child is beautiful. >> when you first come out. >> pink and squishy so -- >> gummi bears. >> tiny baby pandas. >> before they get the fuzz. >> you have to get some in here for you one day. oakland zoo, take us a new panda. >> you can't make me look anymore. >> they're like flopping around. >> oh, gross. i'm a good person. those are gross. give me some puppies all day long. >> no baby pandas. >> not clearing the panda shelters. >> i am not looking like a nice person right now. >> kris, so funny. i'll move on to weather so they won't pop that video back up anymore. we'll show it to you later. here is a live look outside.
5:19 am
>> that's much better looking. >> in san francisco, it is foggy, completely foggy right now, but we know this will also help cool us off even for the inland areas. as you get ready to head out the door and yes, kids, it's back to school. so the kids probably aren't up this early but if you're up and getting them ready, it's going to be in the low 60s in antioch, starting out for the school day, and then warming up into the mid-70s around lunch time, up to about 87 degrees, so lunch will probably be outside, and then as you head back to pick them up, it's going to be quite warm out there. we're still looking at some warm temperatures in the south county, with a high of 90 in gilroy today. 85 in pimilpitas. low 90s for the east bay. mid-70s for san mateo. san francisco staying in the 60s and the north bay reaching up to about 85 in santa rosa. as we look at what's happening here, we are going to start to see a boost in humidity for tomorrow, some monsoonal moisture sparking up showers over parts of the sierra and as
5:20 am
we look at our forecast, it will be a little bit more in the way of cloud cover. by the end of the week we're starting to see coastal clouds moving in, as the humidity drops, and temperature also ds drop, too. upper 80s today, a little bit more humidity tomorrow, still pretty warm but a little bit of a cooldown by the end of the week and continuing into the weekend, with san francisco staying in the 60s, with a lot more fog. now mike you have a traffic alert in san jose? >> kari, we do, on san jose city streets. the freeways throughout the south bay silicon valley are just fine but your access to story road again continues to be closed for an indeterminant amount of time, likely a couple of hours. i'm told it was a deadly crash on story road off the freeway. this pruish park on the east side of the freeway and traveling west the story off-ramp toward philippe, the stretch from the park to philippe is closed in the westbound direction for the next probably couple hours to do the
5:21 am
investigation, a pedestrian was hit and killed at some point overnight and so the investigation is there. a lot of folks talking to san jose police department, so lots of information, but this is a scene they have to continue with. tully road we're on to highway 101 that's your clearest route in the area. the rest of the bay an easy drive for speed sensors. a live look over here at the bay bridge toll plaza, does show you much more traffic heading across toward san francisco, the metering lights likely on even as we speak, because that happened in the last five minutes. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, a routine flight becomes a life or death drama. see how men who had never flown before suddenly were faced with the ultimate test, land the plane himself. what he did to save his own life and the life of his unconscious pilot. first, you can always find our team on social media, scott budman gets to stay up later than we do. he got to share this picture, 19% of the moon from silicon vall valley. follow nbc bay area on facebook,
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twitter and instagram. you're watching "today in the bay."
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developing in texas, we are now learning that the gunman in a weekend shooting rampage called an fbi tip line moments before that attack began. seven people died in saturday's rampage in west texas. 22 others were injured, including a baby. investigators say this man had just been fired from his job. he made calls to both odessa police and the fbi national tip line shortly after being terminated. authorities say during both calls he made no specific threats that might have tipped off the mayhem to come. hong kong protesters are seen burning a chinese flag during a protest, this happened on sunday when thousands of protesters blocked roads and public transport links to hong kong's airport. some then targeted a subway station, ripping out the
5:25 am
turnstiles and smashing security cameras. police made several arrests. the unrest is growing after starting over the suspended extradition bill that would have sent suspects to hong kong to china for a trial. new video shows a massive fire burning at a building in philadelphia. you can see it here. large flames engulfing the walls and the roof there. it started overnight inside a vacant building. it is still burning. also forced peopleiving nearby to evacuate. so far no injuries are reported. new this morning, imagine being a student pilot on your first lesson, when your instructor suddenly collapses unconscious. >> this is what happened to a young man over the weekend in australia but he safely managed to land that plane. max sylvester was taking his first lesson in the cessna two-seater prop plane and his wife and three children watched from the ground. he says that it felt like something straight out of a movie, but this was real life,
5:26 am
and then when the help of an air traffic controller came through, he actually landed that plane in one piece. >> this is the situation that you've been learning in front of, and you need to react, a fight or flight, that was it, adrenalin. >> sylvester says he had studied a lot of aviation before taking his first lesson. there's no reason why the instructor collapsed, but he is said to be in serious condition. that's a scary situation to be up there, taking your first lesson. >> right, and thankfully he did know, i mean he had read stuff before and he didn't have any hands-on experience. >> right. >> good for him. >> i remember taking my first helicopter ride, and i can't imagine if something happened to the pilot. >> no way, jose. not at all. >> glad they landed safely. 5:26 for you this morning. coming up, we are following developments on the devastating southern california boat fire. more than two dozen people are now confirmed dead. several more still missing, but
5:27 am
two divers who had been on that very same boat are revealing about their time on board. plus the battle over a fast food restaurant about to fire up again in walnut creek. details on a new revised plan that the company says will ease concerns about potential supersized problems. . and taking a look at the backup on the bay bridge toll plaza. welcome back to work, folks. labor day holiday is over. kari will have a check of your tuesday forecast. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. i'm kris sanchez for laura garcia. mike has a traffic alert in the south bay. >> apparently we have live pictures, this must have come from the scene, assuming this is video from the scene story road westbound, it's closed right now. the video shows the investigation that continues right now, overnight about 4:00 in the morning just after there was a deadly crash reported involving a pedestrian. a number of people have stopped to give information, what information they had to the san jose police department. san jose pd and chp cooperating to close the off-ramp of story road from southbound 101. as you see the tape there and the continuation here, we'll show outen the map the impact toward traffic. a closure folks familiar with the area of san jose, emma bruish park, knox, the street that comes out of the park toward philippe on the other side of highway 101 the westbound direction currently closed for this investigation that will continue likely another 90 minutes i'll guess based on past experience. say 7:00 at the earliest a
5:31 am
reopening. tully road say little bit to the south, that is clear on and off-ramps as well as the access through the area so that is a good option and too early for us to see much of a commute for the south bay, which would be in the northbound direction anyway. the commute is overall great but westbound story road closed between knox and flee play. we have the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. clearly from this shot the vacation is over. >> it didn't look like this yesterday. as you are headed out in palo alto quite a few people on highway 101, a few clouds and a cooler start to the day with low 60s. we're going to feel that breeze throughout the day, with some low 70s, headed into noon. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates and the cooler air in the forecast, that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. now we want to get to the latest in southern california, from that boat tragedy. the bodies of 25 people have been recovered, nine still unaccounted for and there's a lot of questions about what happened on that boat. >> "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda joins us live from the
5:32 am
newsroom with the latest on the search. they're still looking for nine people, is this a recovery for still search? >> sadly they're still calling it a search but they're recovering as much as they can. it's not looking good, though, this morning. the search continued overnight for the others missing, but the coast guard says the search is very difficult since the boat is 60 feet underwater. no official word yet from the coast guard but we've learned pcs charter school in santa cruz sent out a letter saying two students and a parent of one of the students was aboard the vessel. we've also learned the identity of a victim who was from the bay area, christy finstad lived in santa cruz, instructor with the national association of underwater instructors. we're told she loved adventure and had thousands of dives under her belt. so many other families are waiting to hear if their loved ones were on the "conception" that became an inferno on the waters off santa cruz island. at least 25 people died, five
5:33 am
crew members escaped, two crew members suffered minor injuries. the coast guard says several bodies have been located on the ocean floor but they have not been recovered due to unsafe conditions. the coast guard says the boast "conception" was in compliance before this tragedy, so there are still many unanswered questions as to what caused the fire. >> i know i've been on "conception" many times and a lot of people look and say the crew didn't do anything to the people down below. there's a small staircase that goes down below. if it's engulfed in flames there's no way the crew could get down in time to help them. i know the ship. >> craft called "the great escape" helped rescue the crew members. the husband and wife on the "the great escape" crew members told them some of the divers were celebrating birthdays and included families on board. as for finstad the victim out of
5:34 am
santa cruz she studied fish and corals in the tahitian island and counted salmon for the city of santa cruz. her family is asking for privacy and her thoughts and prayers are with all the families >> thank you, sharon. true aquatics operates the boat involved in the fire, well-known in the bay area scuba diving community. we talked with two two-divers who spent several days on board that very boat. they say the staff is dedicated and is athaeft safety was alway priority. >> the crew kept things spotless, clean and well maintained. i can't say enough good things about the crew and the staff and it will cut me, but it's a terrible accident. >> the crew sleeps on the third level of the boat, wasn't able to make contact with the passengers that sleep inspect sleeping quarters on the first level of the boat. >> one of the divers says that while he was on board the "conception," the crew was always giving divers safety briefings and pointing out life
5:35 am
jackets and eape routes. >> stay with nbc bay area for the latest on this developing story. we will be live streaming the news conference this morning, that begins at 10:00. our nbc bay area app is a great resource for breaking news as well as weather. new this morning, firefighters are still on seen at this motel fire in sunnyvale near highway 85. you can see smoke still coming out of that building. the call came in about 3:00 this morning, and crews were able to get the fire under control pretty quickly. no injuries are reported but we don't know how that burned or where the fire started. right now, hurricane dorian is still churning through the bahamas, slowly moving away from the island chain. thousands of homes are destroyed and the storm is a category 3. the entire island is without power and international airport on bahamas northernmost island was submerged underwater.
5:36 am
dorian has killed at least five people in the bahamas and one in puerto rico. crews are doing their best to try to help those in need. >> we know that there are a number of people in grand bahama who are in serious distress and we will provide relief and assistance as soon as possible. >> floridians are now on edge, waiting for dorian to make a move. more than 1 million people from florida to the carolinas are under evacuation orders. schools also shutting down across the u.s., thousands of flights are canceled and some east coast airports are closed. the ghost ship warehouse fire trial resumes later this morning, after a two-week break, the jurors will pick up deliberations again. last month, three jurors were replaced, forcing the jury to restart all of their deliberations. the jury is still working to determine the fate of the co-defendants, derick almena and
5:37 am
max harris, who each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter after the warehouse fire in 2016. a follow-up now to a fast food battle in walnut creek. the city will meet once again tomorrow to discuss a new amy's dry-through. a lot of people are worried about the traffic. if the prong gets the green light, it will be built on main street and look like this. people living nearby think the dinner rush could congest the roadways nearby. amy's says it will present a revised plan that addresses the traffic concern at a hearing tomorrow. amy's serves organic burgers and pizza. an update to a traffic headache we told but "today in the bay." power back on in lafayette after a b.a.r.t. crane knocked down a power line along highway 24, nearly 24 hours ago. the crane was in an area working on rebuilding the b.a.r.t. track when it hit a line. pg&e crews worked to get that power back on all day, closing the highway in the process and
5:38 am
the repair work on b.a.r.t. will continue over the next two weekends. mike, i against the good thing, it happened during labor day, less traffic yesterday. >> that's right, why they do it over the weekends especially and took the extra day on monday. folks, i want to take you out to live pictures i'm told we have over the scene in san jose. we have this going on police activity, investigation on the surface street, story road a major surface street traveling across underneath highway 101, that is the issue. the closure of westbound story road doesn't look like a very active scene but it is. there were interviews and a pedestrian was hit and killed at some point overnight, so it was reported just after 4:00 a.m. as we get out to the map, to clarify the location, this will be the westbound direction of story road traveling from pruish park the closure at knox over toward philippe, just on the other side of the freeway, so that does affect the off-ramp south 101 at story. if you plan on getting on from story to the freeway, there say
5:39 am
closure partially affecting that portion of the on-ramp and have traffic control. to stay clear of everything use tully, that will keep you clear and the freeways are moving nicely. the build for 101 the volume building and northbound pushes as you travel through san jose. typical of this time. we track that scene over there in the south bay, the rest of the the bay shows a smooth drive, a light drive but much heavier than yesterday or friday, or thursday. a smooth flow of traffic, highway 24 is all clear, so are the b.a.r.t. stations, things are back in place for the morning commute which is back in place. >> okay. >> a lot of people after the long holiday i'm sure a lot are thinking about the upcoming weekend. got to get some plans out there. >> going to be a great weekend, also enjoying some cooler temperatures, our inland areas will reach into the mid 80s. we're up to about 84 degrees. that's going to feel much nicer than the 90s and triple dingitys
5:40 am
from the past few weekends. san francisco low 60s and 70s. where are you going, if you're planning to head to yosemite it's nice there, better hiking conditions with some mid-70s for friday and saturday, even cooling down with a high of 69 degrees on sunday. for napa valley we're up to 85 degrees on friday and not much of a change for the next couple of days, saturday and sunday, reaching up to about 84 degrees. we're just going to start out the day with some clouds and even some fog with the sunshine peeking out during the afternoon hours. l.a. a warm start to the weekend. it will cool down as the weekend goes along, highs in the mid-70s for sunday. let me know what your weekend plans are. we have the art and wine festival happening in mountain view this weekend. i'll be tracking that along with other events. i'm @karihallweather on twitter, facebook and instagram.
5:41 am
today's temperature trend is coming up in about three minutes. happening today the wait is finally over. hoda kotb is back in studio 1a, rejoining the "today" show family after her maternity leave. this is her playing with her two daughters, hayley and hope, who is of course a little baby. hoda is sharing with viewers how she happily filled her days off. >> look, we miss a lot of our lives. we all do. we work. we have, you know, a lot of people are pulling on us, but for this tiny little window, i got to not miss anything. >> the "today" show starts at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." >> good to have her back. coming up here, prepare for the worst, following yet another mass shooting over the weekend, what first responders in contra costa county are doing today to make sure they are ready to respond to violence. vice president pence has a busy day in ireland. it's where he's staying that is causing some controversy. we'll look when "today in the bay" continues.
5:42 am
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time to get up and moving and back to work and school. right now at 5:44, here is a live look outside in walnut creek, our morning shapes up with low 60s during the 6:00 to 7:00 hours and low 70s at 10:00. at noon we're at 81 degrees. not bad. we'll cool off throughout the rest of the week. i'll show you that in the microclimate forecast in less than five minutes. >> right now we're seeing a little build to the volume
5:45 am
through oakland. we have the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza so the vacation is over. 101 to the north bay moves smoothly. we have a traffic alert for the off-ramp in the south bay. happening today if you live in walnut creek, and you see a lot of first responders near john muir medical center, there's no reason for alarm. >> people nearby have been warned, organizers say. >> they may hear some loud noises. we'll try to keep that to a minimum but it is part of making it a realistic scenario. there will not be impact to patient care or appointments. >> police in walnut creek and concord as well as firefighters from contra costa county are taking part. new details on a possible new skate park in danville. leaders there want you to weigh in. they're asking for input via an online survey. organizers first proposed the park two years ago and if the
5:46 am
plan is approved, it would cost the city about $20,000. city leaders are now trying to figure out the potential location for that skate park. you can give your input on danville's city web page through september 15th. decision 2020, california billionaire and democratic presidential candidate tom steyer will have an event at the california ballroom on franklin street. it starts at 5:00 tonight. president trump's vice president and his entourage in ireland. >> the president and vice president spending time at trump golf courses. vice president pence arrived in ireland after a trip to poland. we'll talk more about poland in a minute. he has landed in county claire at shannon airport on the west
5:47 am
side of ireland. here is where shannon is. duneberg is the golf course owned by donald trump where the vice president will be staying along with secret service and support staff. the vice president's meetings are in dublin, on the other coast. google maps says that's about three and a half hours by car or about an hour by air. the vice president will be commuting from trump's golf course to his meetings. the vice president came from poland, where he participated in a solemn ceremony marking the 80th anniversary of the start of the second world war. the war started when nazi germany invaded poland, killing thousands. in fact it was 80 years ago today france and britain declared war on germany. president trump sent pence so mr. trump could monitor hurricane dorian. when a reporter asked president trump if he had anything to say to poland on the anniversary, the president congratulated poland. the president also angry at journalists for questioning his claim alabama may be hit by the
5:48 am
hurricane. issuing a scathing tweet at abc. the issue started as it often does on twitter, a few days ago the president tweeted this, adding alabama to the list of states in the storm's path, but alabama is well off the atlantic coast. the national weather service quickly issue ed basically a correction. "alabama will not see impacts from dorian, no impacts from hurricane dorian will be felt across alabama. this system remains too far east." that is well far from balabama and the hurricane runs up the coast, quite some distance from alabama. we're tweeting about everything that's happening in washington and both coasts of ireland. follow me, i'm @scottmcgrew. they say when you laugh the world laughs with you so maybe when you jump rope, the world jumps with you. after splitting the first two sets of her round 16 match at
5:49 am
the u.s. open after midnight, taylor townsend tried to keep things loose on the course, not the course -- >> the court. >> the court. oh, my goodness, i don't play tennis obviously. tried to stay loose using that extended time-out to jump rope, new york stadium, where she was. the music turned up, people in the stadium stands joined in. unfortunately the boost didn't seem to help her as townsend went on to lose. >> they looked like they were heckling her or mocking her. >> that's a good way to stay warm. >> i guess. >> she made tv in the bay area. >> true. let's get a look at our start this morning in the south bay, as the sun starts to come up, we're just going to see a few more clouds reaching over the south bay. in east san jose and evergreen, expect it to start out cool, 59 degrees, and then warming up into the mid-70s throughout the rest of the morning. normally we're up to 82 and we're going to match that temperature today with some low
5:50 am
80s in the south bay. inland east bay we're back in the low 90s and also some low to mid-90s for the inland north bay, while oakland tops out at 79. san francisco reaches 69 degrees. we will have slight cooling. a weak storm system approaching and a surge of monsoonal moisture causing some showers and storms to develop in parts of the sierra. here we're just going to see a few more clouds and then as we head toward the end of the week, the humidity drops, we get more of an ocean breeze, but we'll also see that marine layer returning and making it partly to mostly cloudy. so here is that update on hurricane dorian. we've seen in the past several hours still a lot of rain, and just a little bit of a jog farther to the west, but still not much movement here, and we are expecting it to continue to curve to the north, and possibly make landfall as a category 3 by early thursday morning. on the south carolina/north carolina coast, we'll be watching that, and then it curves back out into the atlantic. and so as we look at our
5:51 am
seven-day forecast, we're watching that. here at home we're going to see some cooler air moving in, highs in the mid 80s, leading into the end of the week, into the weekend. san francisco more upper 60s in the forecast, with some fog. mike, that traffic alert still continues for san jose? >> that's right san jose. overall your commute looks good but we have the return of traffic flow, a crash involving an ac transit bus near the san mateo bridge. no lanes are blocked. i'll follow up to let you know if there's effects on the transit agency or out of service bus. over here in san jose this is where the traffic alert continues westbound, story road. let me show you a video from the scene of this deadly crash investigation. the deadly crash happened involving a pedestrian just after 4:00 this morning. police and chp working together. chp had to close the justify ramp southbound 101 at story road, the closure as we get back to the map, impacts the area between priish park and
5:52 am
philippe, that direction tully to your south is clear, access on and off of highway 101. you may want to use that as you get that warning. the rest of the south bay looks clear. the northbound push starting to kick in for highway 101. back to you, marcus. >> thanks, mike. happening now, a woman was hit by a car and three others shot in the final hours of the minnesota state fair last night. police said the driver left the scene, but later called 911. he's reportedly cooperating with investigators. officers were investigating that scene they heard several gunshots about a block away. they rushed to the main entrance of the fairgrounds and found a man way gunshot wound. two other victims showed up at nearby hospitals. arrests have been made in the shootings. new funding for a project to beautify and make one city safer in contra costa county, and we're going to show you where that money is going to go. also new, protecting fans, the first test at dodger stadium. you're watching "today in the bay." we live with at&t
5:53 am
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it's cool. follow mike on facebook, twitter and instagram. >> it's a little perk. >> just a little. 5:55 for you right now. new details about which workers are generally happiest with patheir paychecks. >> american workers unthe age of 35 are happier with their wages over the age of 55, according to the conference board. in 2018 the sheriff workers happy with their wages increased to more than 46% up from 43% the year before. overall nearly 54% of us of u.s. employees said that they were happy with their jobs. the group with the most enthusiasm about their compensation came from millenials and gen z workers. new money is coming from contra costa for an environmental project. >> the epa is set ato announce a $1.5 million grant for the three creeks parkway restoration project. it's a nearly 1 million stretch
5:57 am
of marsh creek in brentwood. the project will line the creek to prevent flooding, plant trees and other vegetation and provide recreational opportunities. part of a total award of $8 million for eight san francisco bay water quality and restoration projects. new for you this morning, a protective netting during the dodgers game. last night was the first game at dodger stadium in l.a. since the team extended netting down to the foul linds. it's taller, now 33 feet instead of 25 feet. the netting protects fans from foul balls. several teams started extending the netting after fans started getting hit and the headlines started piling up. a 13-year-old fan got hit at the dodger stadium last season, a 79-year-old woman died after she was hit. 5:57 right now. flu season is approaching and doctors are reminding parents to get their kids vaccinated. >> the recommendation comes every year from the american academy of pediatrics.
5:58 am
they say all children six months and older should get a flu vaccine by the end of october. it could be the shot of the nasal spray but kids have to be at least 2 years to get the flu mist. all vaccines protect against the four strains of flu expected to circulate this season. we're getting ours here in the newsroom september 17th. new overnight, what turns out what boys weigh when they are teenagers could affect their risk of heart attack later in life, this comes from a swedish study published just a few hours ago. it surveyed nearly 1.7 million 18-year-old boys or men showing those with a higher bmi were likely to have a heart attack before the age of 65 than their peers. boys severely obese had more than triple the risk of heart attack. >> the impact of problems with grounded 737 max planes, american airlines says it won't resume flights for its fleet until december 3rd. the jets were first grounded in mid march after two deadly crashes in indonesia and
5:59 am
ethiopia. boeing has been working on software upgrades and training procedures but is awaiting recertification by the faa. american is confident the 737 max jets will be ready to fly in time for the christmas travel crunch but for now passengers can expect 140 flight cancellations per day but the busy thanksgiving holiday period. united airlines already extended its cancellations until december 19th, while southwest has canceled its max flights until next year. at 6:00, tragedy at sea. >> there's no escape hatch for any of the people on board. >> this morning the death toll is rising and others are still missing after that deadly dive boat fire off the coast of southern california. this morning a look at the memorial and when we expect to get an update pablo pereira. more than a month since the
6:00 am
shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. the memorial at christmas hill park. tracking dorian, an airport underwater in thebahamas. we have an update where the hurricane is literally parked and we have a reporter in the southeast as people brace for impact. "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike is back and going to help us get through the welcome back after labor day commute. >> thank you. >> first we start with meteorologist kari hall. pretty decent temperatures today. >> pretty decent today, still warm in a few spots. we'll have a wide range in temperatures and the overall trend for this week will be for us to cool off. let's get started this morning with a live look outside in san jose, a few clouds reaching over the south bay, but we're in for a beautiful sunrise, and it's back to school, kids. so if you're about to head out this morning, we are going to see those temperatures in the low 60s to start and low 70s


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