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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 3, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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festival. the memorial at christmas hill park. tracking dorian, an airport underwater in thebahamas. we have an update where the hurricane is literally parked and we have a reporter in the southeast as people brace for impact. "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike is back and going to help us get through the welcome back after labor day commute. >> thank you. >> first we start with meteorologist kari hall. pretty decent temperatures today. >> pretty decent today, still warm in a few spots. we'll have a wide range in temperatures and the overall trend for this week will be for us to cool off. let's get started this morning with a live look outside in san jose, a few clouds reaching over the south bay, but we're in for a beautiful sunrise, and it's back to school, kids. so if you're about to head out this morning, we are going to see those temperatures in the low 60s to start and low 70s around lunch time and some upper
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70s by the time parents go back to pick up the kids. we'll track that cooler air in the forecast. mike, you're continuing that traffic alert in the south bay. >> i am, this is a major surface street but it is off of the freeway. the northbound push just started for highway 101 and it is south 101, the story road justify ramp is closed because of a deadly crash investigation. video we bot from the scene a few minutes earlier this morning after 4:00, is when a pedestrian was reportedly hit and killed on story road wkd direction is closed right now. you see the taping off and the investigation that continues, that will likely go on for another hour, that's my estimate based on past experience with situations like this. we'll continue to track that u pruish park to philippe is closed for the time being and tully to the south is clear of
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all the activity. you want to use that. the rest of the bay shows that build for the tri-valley, the east bay and contra costa county with highway 4 and concord in toward walnut creek for south 680. back to you, kris. >> thank you, mike. to the latest in the southern california boat tragedy, as of last night, divers recovered the bodies of 25 people who died in yesterday's early morning boat fire near santa cruz island, off of the coast of santa barbara. nine people are still unaccounted for but all are prepared to have died. this is called one of the deadliest boating accidents in state history and sadly, this already turned into a recovery effort with little hope of finding more survivors. >> "today in the bay's" damian trujillo arrived in santa barbara early yesterday after we first learned about the disaster. he has an update on the community this morning. >> the "conception" set sail from the santa barbara harbor behind me are 34 candles, each one representing a victim, believed to have died in this incident.
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it is believed the passengers were sleeping below deck at the time of the fire, and here the memorial continues to grow. >> mayday, mayday, mayday. >> reporter: the mayday call was made early monday morning. by the time emergency crews arrived they say the boat with 39 people on board was engulfed. five crew members survived. >> the boat has sank and now it's inverted and on the seabed. it's on the floor, and approximately 60, 62 feet of water. >> reporter: this will remain a search and rescue operation into the morning. hopes of finding more survivors are dwindling. >> just the devastation of the boat itself and the fact that it sank, the sheriff's department and coroner's bureau we're preparing for the worst. >> reporter: by nightfall a memorial grew at the harbor, well wishers dropping by, paying their respects, knowing so many people who just used the same docks possibly remain in the bottom of the ocean. and we've been informed that the pcs charter school in santa cruz
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sent a letter to parents last night, in that letter the school says that two of their students and the parents of one of their students were aboard the vessel. we're in santa barbara, i'm damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> still ahead, more details on that victim from northern california and hear from folks who went to that memorial in santa barbara. at 10:00 this morning, we will get an update from investigators. >> 6:04 for you right now. gilroy takes another step in its recovery from the garlic festival mass shooting. "today in the bay's" bob redell live for us outside of christmas hill park which this has been closed since that shooting happened. >> reporter: it is, but not for much longer. at 8:00 a.m. this morning, the city of gilroy will reopen christmas hill park behind me for the first time in more than five weeks. you'll recall it was the last sunday of this past july, the gilroy garlic festival was wrapping up when a 19-year-old
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man armed with an assault type rifle entered the park, shot and killed three young people, and injured 17 more. the suspect shot and killed himself as police engaged him within a minute of the shooting. today will be the first time the general public is allowed back inside the park since the attack. >> i think it's great. you know, i mean i think it shows that the community is kind of together and moving forward and i think it just shows exactly what gilroy strong is. >> sure, sure, i think it allows us all to move on. >> it's another part of the healing that has to happen. >> reporter: the park as i mentioned reopens at 8:00 this morning. in a couple of hours. the public is invited to a moment of silence at 10:30 this morning at a temporary memorial site that's been set up underneath the large palm tree, on the northeast section of the ranch side of christmas hill park. reporting live in gilroy, bob redell, "today in the bay."
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b.a.r.t. takes the next step in its effort to go entirely paperless. tickets will no longer be available at san francisco's powell street stations. riders there have to purchase reusable clipper cards which a lot of folks are already using. b.a.r.t. is slowly eliminating paper tickets all together from all of its stations, though riders can still use paper tickets if they were bought at the other stations or previously purchased. happening today, governor. gavin newsom is among those expected to celebrate the official opening of san francisco's chase center. isn't it impressive? the ribbon cutting ceremony takes place at 10:30 this morning. city leaders including mayor london breed will join warriors executives. the first public event is friday night, a metallica concert along with the san francisco symphony. hurricane dorian is still battling the bahamas, more than this hours after it made landfall. authorities confirming the storm killed five people and slowly making its way toward the u.s.,
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now a category 3 strength. some of the effects are being felt in florida with people further up the coast watching to see where dorian may go next. jay gray is live for us in the middle of the forecast path in savannah, georgia. things look calm where you are now. >> reporter: yes, marcus, really a beautiful start to the day here in savannah, nice sunshine, a light breeze. that will likely change dramatically over the next 24 to 48 hours, as this storm now creeps toward the u.s. coast. dorian relentless, ravaging the bamas for more than 24 hours. >> we are in the midst of a historic tragedy. in parts of northern bahamas. >> reporter: violent winds ripping apart communities, soaking rain, and a storm surge in some areas two stories high, swallowing homes.
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>> we are literally in the ocean. >> reporter: an ocean that's beginning to surge along the florida coast now, the peninsula starting to feel the effects of the massive hurricane, continuing what will be a long, tense week along the eastern seaboard. the latest forecast track shows dorian shadowing the coast, no clear landfall, but still close enough to cause serious problems. you can look to what happened overnight in the bahamas, devastating impact and the eye wall does not have to come ashore to have that kind of impact. >> reporter: shelters have opened across the potential strike zone and evacuation orders are in place now from florida through the carolinas. more than 1 million residents told to move to higher ground, as dorian starts to slowly move in. and slowly is the key there, moving it just a mile an hour. if it follows this current forecast track and it's expected to pick up a little steam, we
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should see the storm just off the coast here in georgia sometime late wednesday into thursday morning. marcus? >> jay, we were talking earlier about how beautiful and calm it looks where you are. you were mentioning there are evacuation orders in that area. >> reporter: yes. >> have people started to leave there in savannah? >> reporter: yes, they have. a lot of people have listened to the advise of first responders of officials here and moved to higher ground but a lotf the businesses, most are closed, sandbags in place. there's a port behind me down river here, it's also closed, so they're prepared. they're ready. everyone doing what they should. it's just dorian right now that's not playing along with all of this. >> one thing we know about a storm, it is unpredictable. hopefully everyone remains safe. thank you, jay. >> reporter: yes. menlo parch search and rescue team is preparing for deployment as the hurricane takes aim at the u.s. here are some of the photos we get from the crew getting equipment ready to go.
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the team is still waiting to officially be activated with the water rescue response package. eventually they expect to fly out of sfo to the carolinas. and the "today" show continues coverage of hurricane dorian at 7:00 this morning, with a correspondent in the bama hases as well as there are. we want to get a look at the forecast with kari hall and watching our forecast here at home. >> we're going to have some cooler air moving in, as a lot more people head back to work today. we are seeing a clear sunrise over dublin this morning with a nice cool start. if you're on your way out to the b.a.r.t. station, expect it to only be in the upper 50s. grab a jacket but it will warm up throughout the day with our temperatures reaching into the mid 80s by early this afternoon, with some spots up to 90, livermore 90 degrees. morgan hill 89 and san jose reachi 83 degrees with oakland topping out at 79. we'll see mid 80s in much of the north bay and san francisco mainly in the upper 60s.
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and heading back over to mike, the bridges are getting a lot busier. >> that's right, kari. we'll start with san mateo bridge, look at that westbound on the right side, it is just bogging down but really over the last five minutes, i saw traffic almost at a standstill. i was scanning those reports and nothing reported as far as problems. the problem is, there are too many cars and number of lanes is not a problem, that's a daily thing. we are looking at the slower drives, open our sensors. this crash involving an alameda county transit bus no, injuries reported, it's over on the shoulder. the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive. in san jose we have that crash investigation the deadly crash investigation blocking part of story road, near 101 that affects the justify ramp and the build here for contra costa county standard toward the backup at the bay bridge. guys, back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:11 right now. next and new this hour, how long is too long for a cruise? two weeks?
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a month? majority of the year? trending today, the vacation plan cruising for a guinness world record. and looks like a tough tuesday ahead over tariffs on the markets. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues. ♪
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find the brands you love from nordstrom. up to 70% off at nordstrom rack. ♪ that's fashion at a fraction. ♪ shop anytime at and get easy returns in store. nordstrom rack. what will you find? good tuesday morning. here is what to expect in palo alto as you get ready to head out the door. right now at 6:14 we're seeing a few clouds rolling by and we'll
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see our skies clearing and slightlyle temperatures today, with some breezy winds going from 60 degrees at 7:00 to 76 degrees at noon. we will all have a little bit of a cooldown. more on that in the forecast in less than five minutes. >> right now you're looking at the live pictures we have from the scene, you see the freeway in the distance. this is story road just off of highway 101, the deadly crash investigation continues. i see flashing lights and i believe that's the next phase of the investigation as we l the closure in the south bay, we'll show you the effects on the commute. >> good morning to you. youtube just said it took down 17,000 channels and 100,000 videos that violated hate speech rules. we'll talk more about that on the midday news. as for the back to work day, it probably feels like monday, right, but it's tuesday and
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traders have got a bad case of the tuesdays. the markets are expected to open markedly lower. over the weekend new tariffs on china took effect and china added more tariffs. now because it's a new month, we get the jobs numbers on the first friday of the month, that's this friday. we've seen a slowing in job growth, but it's still pretty solid. the other thing that's probably weighing on investors, september is traditionally the worst month for stocks. there are various theories why this is, but in general, since they invented the dow 30 in the 1800s, they lose about 1% in september. president trump meanwhile wants to remind you that the markets are doing much better, since he was elected in november of 2016, the stock market is up over 50%, he says, then he goes on to criticize the economist paul krugman. let's check that. there are the point totals on the day of the election, there are the points now. nasdaq is up 53%, but not the dow. the broadest and best measure of
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the markets is the 1.500, he's incorrect there as well. hone honestly, these are fantastic numbers. there's no reason to inflate them. as for krugman, president trump is still angry at him for something he wrote in the "new york times" after the election. he is an economist and a columnist for the "new york times," won a nobel prize but president trump is angry when he wrote in the editorial section saying because of trump's victory, we' probably looking at a global recession with no end in sight. now you can win a nobel prize and still be a thousand percent wrong, which krugman was, but president trump continues to be angry. >> he can hold a grudge. >> yes, he can. >> thank you, scott. trending this morning it is the stuff of travel dreams, maybe travel nightmares depending on your vacation preference. the world's longest cruise is under way right now more than 900 passengers on board. viking says it will be a 245-day luxury journey that will come to an end in london. th trip includes six contine
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continents and a total of 51 countries along the way. the aim is to set the guinness world record for the longest continuous passenger cruise. i asked for the time off to go on that and my boss said 245 days, i don't know. >> it wouldn't be time off. you'd be covering it. >> 244 days would have worked. >> push my luck with that one day. >> you know what makes that cruise longer, the fact you're with the same people for 245 days. >> this is true. >> they were saying for some people, that's cheaper than retirement homes. it may be something to do in retirement. >> travel the world, too. >> kari, always thinking ahead. >> yeah, way ahead. let's get you out the door this morning as we look ahead to our commute and our weather for today. as you get ready to head out across the golden gate bridge we have to deal with low visibility there, as we start out with some fog, some low clouds draped across the bay and extending across the golden gate bridge
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but inland we're clear and it is back to school for the kids today, in antioch we're in the low 60s and mostly sunny sky as we go into the rest of the day, up to about 79 at lunch time and as you go back to ping them up, in the upper 80s. hopefully they get in all the activities earlier in the day. we still have some hot temperatures in the inland east bay as well as the south county. here is a look at our time line for today and all of our microclimates, where we see our temperatures in the mid 80s at 1:00. danville at 86 degrees, and we're at 88 degrees in morgan hill, while palo alto is at 78 degrees and then we reach into the low 90s for a couple of these areas, but we get there briefly and start to come back down. so it won't be really hot today but we're still looking at some very warm weather, even for this time of year, as we go into this evening, cools off nicely. we also have some comfortable weather, if you're going to the a's game this evening, first pitch at about 7:07.
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we'll be at 69 degrees and cooling off into the mid-60s with mostly clear skies. we'll see more humidity, the surge of monsoonal moisture causing some showers, even some thunderstorms to spark up over parts of the sierra. for us, we're going to see a few more clouds and that will kick in tomorrow. we'll feel more muggy and then by the end of the week, the humidity drops and our temperatures will be dropping as well. so here is a look at our seven-day forecast, with our inland areas in the upper 80s today, as well as tomorrow, and a little bit more mugginess, and then cooling down as the air dries out for the weekend, and san francisco seeing more clouds and fog and highs in the upper 60s. mike, continuing to follow that road closure in the south bay. >> that's right, kari. there's an investigation, a deadly crash happened on city streets, the freeways themselves move nicely. you see that from the big view south bay, the peninsula, even the tri-valley and east bay, we have more traffic than last thursday and friday, but it's a typical pattern and no big surprises. it is a surprise here,
6:21 am
southbound 101 at story, the off-ramp will be blocked because of this, let's look at the live pictures we have. we can see the van there in the middle of the picture that is on story road westbound in the background you see the overpass there for highway 101, right off the off-ramp, the investigation continues from a deadly crash that happened a pedestrian was hit and killed and folks stayed around to do reports. chp, san jose pd all doing the investigation, and now we believe this van is entering the next faiphase of that investigan as it continues on city streets. we get back out to the maps and we'll show you this will likely affect folks getting on to the freeway as well as the closures from p ruruish park to the free in that direction. tully road, stays completely clear, and an easy drive but the build for highway 4 coming through bay point and more slowing 680 south toward the walnut creek interchange, you may see debris from an earlier crash in lanes. the freeway moves smoothly. the bay bridge toll plaza left approach is easing up a little
6:22 am
bit after an early rush. over here b.a.r.t. no delays, all stations opened up for that morning commute after the weekend work, that's good. back to you. >> all right, thanks, mike. so if you need more technology in your life, would you sleep with it? the rumor announcement from a bay area tech giant that may change the way we all go to bed. our team is always on social modia, check out this picture of the moon, scott budman is scaring on twitter. he gets to stay up late enough to see it unlike us who go to bed early. follow us on twitter, facebook, instagram, nbc bay area.
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6:25 right now, and new for you this morning, imagine being a student pilot on your first lesson, when your instruct your suddenly collapses, unconscious, in the other seat, while still in the air. >> i could not imagine what happened to this young man over the weekend in australia, but he safely managed to land that plane. max sylvester was taking his first flying lesson in a cessna two-seater prop plane as his wife and three children were watching from the ground. he said it felt like something straight out of a movie. but it was real and with the help of air traffic control, he managed to land that plane in one piece. >> the situation that you've been thrown in front of and you
6:26 am
need to react. it was a fight and flight, that was it, adrenalin. >> sylvester had studied a lot of aviation before taking his first hands-on lesson. right now there's no reason for why the instructor collapsed, but he is said to be in serious condition. >> wow. all right. 6:26. now to a follow-up for you, the tesla app back up and running after being down for hours. that issue? it kept many people out of their cars. this is the reason why. drivers can use that app as a key to get into their tesla but because of the outage, they had no access, unless they had the key with them. one pleasanton woman told us she had to order uber to get home. the outage lasted about four hours yesterday. tesla so far not saying if it knows what caused that issue. speaking of an app, apple is reportedly working on a sleeping tracking feature for the apple watch. >> so the 9:00 to 5:00 app blog says apple is expected to announce the feature at its
6:27 am
product event september 10th. it's unclear whether you'll need a new apple watch or if it is an upgrade to use with older models. apple will pull data from sensors on the watch that detects movement, noise and heart rate. other wearable devices from samsung and fitbit already offer sleep tracking. >> pretty cool if you have some of those devices. 6:27. still ahead, cleaning up travel. the bold push from prince harry for ecotourism he says involves all of us. >> in washington the debate over gun control is taking center stage once again, after this weekend's rampage in texas, but will the conversation be different this time? and our top story, that deadly boat fire in southern california. this hour, new for you this half hour, we're going to learn about a northern california woman who lost her life in that fire and hear from the people coming to pay their respects. you're watching "today in the bay." alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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plus a speed upgrade to 400 megs, free for 2 years. and ask about even more savings with xfinity mobile. click, call, or visit a store today. right now at 6:30, live outside at the bay bridge, as things start to get a little bit more back to normal, with the holiday behind us, kids back in school, sports back in session. we hope that you're easing into it nice and smoothly. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez if for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we head over to meteorologist kari hall to get you up to date on what you can expect as you head out the door this morning. >> it will be nice to have this cooler air moving in but seeing a few more clouds. a live look in fremont as we
6:31 am
start out with low 60s. if you're about to head to the warm springs b.a.r.t. station, expect low 60s to continue until about 8:00 and then we start that warmup as the skies clear. upper 70s by early afternoon, with a few low 90s in the inland valleys. it's still going to be hot in a few areas, but we have a nice cooldown by the end of the week. will li mike you're continuing with the south bay. >> we're looking at the crash, video taken from the scene earlier this morning after 4:00 when a deadly crash a pedestrian was killed on story road. that's the reason why it's still closed. police working in collaboration with chp. the reason why chp is involved is because story road off-ramp is closed coming off of southbound 101, counter commute, story getting over there from pruish park. that will affect on-ramps as well but traffic is manageable and tully road will be a good option for you, stay completely clear of all of that. there is another crash in
6:32 am
mountain view and lanes are affected for highway 101 around shoreline. more news investigated there, the bay bridge toll plaza of course has your metering lights on. back to you. >> thanks, mike. we want to get to the latest in southern california, with the boat tragedy, the bodies of 25 people have been recovered. nine still unaccounted for. there's a lot of questions about what happened on that boat. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda joins us now with the latest on that search. >> the coast guard says the search is very difficult, since the boat is 60 feet underwater. no official word on the names of the victims but we've learned pcs charter school in santa cruz sent out a letter saying two students and parents of one of the students were aboard the vessel. we've learned the identity of one of the victims is from the bay area, she was an instructor with the national association of underwater instructors. she loved adventure and had thousands of dives under her belt.
6:33 am
so many other families are waiting to hear if their loved ones were on the diving boat "conception" this became an inferno off the waters of santa cruz island. at least 25 people died, five crew members escaped, two suffered minor injuries. the coast guard says several bodies have been located on the ocean floor, but they have not recovered due to unsafe conditions. the coast guard says the boat "conception" was in compliance before this tragedy. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. experienced divers have described the boat in detail. >> i know i've been on "conception" many times, and a lot of people look at it and say the crew didn't do anything to the people down below. there's a small staircase that goes down below. if it's engulfed in flames there's no way the crew could get down in time to help them. i know the ship. >> another good samaritan pleasure craft called "the great escape" helped rescue the crew members. the husband and wife on "the great escape" say crew members
6:34 am
told them some of the divers were celebrating birthdays and included families on board. as for the victim out of santa cruz, she studied fish and corals in the tahitian island and counted salmon for the city of santa cruz. her family is asking for privacy. and many family and friends say they are still holding out hope for their loved ones to be found safe. kris and marcus? >> such a tragic story. our thoughts are with all the families involved. >> absolutely. >> we continue to remind you there will be an update from investigators streamed live on, and you can check our website for updates if we are in between newscasts. last month three jurors were replaced in the ghost ship warehouse fire, forcing them to start their deliberations from the beginning. working to determine the fate of co-defendants derick al me in a and max harris.
6:35 am
both face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter from the oakland fire that killed the same number of people in 2016. developing in texas the gunman in the weakened shooting ram page called an fbi tip line moments before the attack. seven people died in saturday's rampage in west texas. 22 others were injured, investigators say this man had just been fired from his job. he made a call to both odessa police and the fbi national tip line shortly after being terminated. authorities say during both calls he made no specific threats that might have tipped off the mayhem to come. once again the texas shooting is reigniting the debate on gun control. >> lawmakers on capitol hill will return from summer break next week. president trump recently made a stronger call for background checks, only later to pull back on that idea, after pressure from gun supporters. lawmakers on both sides are starting to agree, though, the president will be key in getting
6:36 am
any new laws passed in washington. >> the only thing that will make that happen is the president deciding and communicating clearly and consistently exactly what he wants. >> another possible compromise could be gun buy-back programs for assault weapons but democrats disagree whether this should be mandatory or voluntary. meanwhile, red flag laws forcibly taking guns from people deemed mentally ill does have support from democrats and republicans. >> new this morning, firefighters are still at the scene of a motel fire in sunnyvale. this happened at the motel on el camino reale near highway 85. you can see some of the smoke coming from that building. that call came in around 3:00 this morning. crews got that fire pretty quickly under control. no injuries were reported and no word what burned or how that fire started. the city of berkeley is telling
6:37 am
people to stay out of the water in aquatic park, after high levels of e. coli were found. the lagoon at the aquatic park is a hot spot for water skiers but the city posted several health advisory signs not to drink or swallow the water. the most severe e. coli cases can be deadly. the city is keeping an eye on the lake's water quality and testing it more often. a fast food battle in walnut creek the city will meet once again tomorrow to discuss a new amy's drive-through that has a lot of people worried about traffic. if that projects gets the green light it would go up on north main street and look like this on your screen. people living nearby think the dinner rush could congest the roadways. amy's will present a revised plan that address the the traffic concerns at a hearing tomorrow. amy's serves organic burgers and pizza. prince harry is launching a
6:38 am
sustainable tourism project. his charity foundation is teaming up with the big international travel companies to encourage passengers and tourists think about the impact on ecosystems, wildlife and pollution. he traveled to amsterdam on a commercial flight to announce that campaign. harry and his wife faced criticism for traveling via private jet to their summer vacation. all right, mike? >> yep, i don't travel on my private jet, just for the public opinion. >> we're going to stay in our carpool lanes. >> exactly. we'll take you out by moffitt's field. highway 101 jams up as it merges with highway 85, artist representation of all these cars. we're looking athe the issue, the reason for the change in color a crash may still be in lanes north 101 just shy of shoreline boulevard, right where the freeways come together and
6:39 am
linkedin, we have my gosh, microsoft, google, everybody but facebook down there, the reason for some slowing. traffic flows smoothly around the bay but has returned for the commute after the last couple of days of an easier commute, slowing through bay point for highway 4 and the bay bridge toll plaza. the earlier crash cleared here at the richmond to san rafael bridge. that's better. >> okay. not too shabby for the weekend on a tuesday. not too shady, right? we're okay. >> we're always okay to look ahead to the weekend, even if it's monday, so we are going to have a cooler one headed our way for the inland areas. we're talking some mid 80s and for san francisco right at about 68, 70 degrees. it's going to be another nice one. if you're headed out of town, maybe going to yosemite, we have some better hiking weather. it's been pretty hot there, but this weekend coming up, we'll be in the low 70s on saturday for the high, and on sunday, upper 60s. napa valley will also have some nice milder weather, with some
6:40 am
low to mid 80s throughout the weekend, and mostly sunny skies. santa cruz a touch cooler with some low 70s with some early clouds and fog to start, but sunshine during the afternoon, and l.a. will be cooling off with some low 80s on friday, with some mid-70s by the end of the weekend. let me know what's going on, where you're headed, it' it's @karihallweather on twitter, facebook and instagram. we'll also talk about some of the events tomorrow. today's temperature trend is coming up in three minutes. hoda kotb is back in studio 1a, rejoining the "today" show family after her maternity leave with her second daughter. this is her playing with her daughter hayley, her older daughter. hoda is sharing with viewers how she happily filled her days off. >> look, we miss a lot of our lives.
6:41 am
we all do. we work. we have, you know, a lot of people are pulling on us, but for this tiny little window, i got to not miss anything. >> that is so nice. the "today" show starts after this newscast, 7:00. coming up here on "today in the bay," adding likes? instagram is considering this but could facebook's iconic thumbs up be going away? say it isn't so. that story coming up for you at 6:50. and preparing for the work under way in contra costa county today, to make sure that people are safe in the event of an active shooter. vice president pence has a very busy day in ireland, but it's not what he's doing, it's where he's staying that is causing controversy. let's take you out to the big board. the dow industrials plunging 300 points on those new tariffs that took effect on sunday. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. 6:44, time to head back to school. as you head out the door in antioch, low 60s to start, a cool start to the day. we'll be at 70 degrees at 9:00 and by the end of the day we're in the upper 80s. a lot more sunshine and still pretty warm. but some slightly cooler air in the forecast. more of that in less than five minutes. we're looking over here great times, top number almost 40 minutes but still it's moving toward the bay bridge toll plaza, and in the north bay we still have that slowing, which is 40 minutes, the drive from vallejo toward novato. one of our top stories is hurricane dorian. last hour we talked with jay gray in georgia. the storm is still right over thebahamas, where morgan chesky
6:45 am
is with a look at what happened there. >> reporter: good morning from nassau, bahamas. the worst of dorian may have made it past this area but not true for grand bahama, which took the brunt of dorian's force, the second day it slammed into the northern bahamas. not inches but feet of rain fell in some areas. the bahamian prime minister telling me he's incredibly concerned about the flooding and days to come because of how slow-moving the storm dorian is. rescues are under way on abaco island, the first place dorian made landfall. u.s. coast guard choppers lowering down their ropes rescuing as many people as they can to get them to necessary care. much more on the rescue efforts coming up later on "today." >> the "to show has deep coverage of the storm at 7:00 including al roker with an updated forecast and correspondents in the bahamas and in florida. happening today, if you live in walnut creek, and you see a lot of first responders near
6:46 am
john muir medical center, there's probably no reason for alarm. today kicks off four days of active shooter drills on hospital grounds. police from walnut creek and concord as well as firefighters from contra costa county are taking part. organizers say people nearby have been warned. >> they may hear some loud noises, we'll try to keep that to a minimum but it is part of making it a realistic scenario. there will not be any impact to patient care or appointments. >> john muir is providing volunteers to play the victims. staff members will practice their response to a mass casualty incident. this hour, the shattered glass says it all but police say the suspect in this case is behind bars thanks to witnesses who helped officers track him down. the burglar targeted this santa rosa business on sbaebastol roa. they relaid the burglar's
6:47 am
location to officers. leaders in danville are asking for your input, for a skate park two years ago. if it approved it will cost the city about $20,000. leaders are trying to determine potential locations. you can give input on danville city's web page through september 15th. president trump's golf course in ireland is very busy this morning. >> and it's hosting the vice president and his entourage, scott. >> good morning to you. both the president and the vice president, marcus, spending time at trump golf courses this weekend. vice president pence arrived in ireland after a trip to poland. we'll talk more about poland in just a minute. he's landed in county claire, that's shannon airport on the west side of ireland. so here's where shannon is, and here is duneberg, the golf course owned by donald trump, where the vice president will be staying, along with secret service and a large support staff.
6:48 am
the vice president's meetings are in dublin, on the other coast. google maps says that's about three and a half hours by car or about an hour by helicopter. the vice president will be commuting from trump's golf course on one side of the island to his meetings on the other side of the island. vice president pence came from poland, where he participated in a solemn ceremony marking the 80th anniversary of the start of the second world war. the war started when nazi germany invaded poland, killing thousands. in fact it was 80 years ago today france and britain declared war on germany. president trump sent pence so mr. trump could monitor hurricane dorian. when a reporter asked president trump if he had anything to say to poland on the anniversary, the president congratulated poland. the president also angry at journalists for questioning his claim alabama could be hit by hurricane dorian, issuing a scathing tweet at abc. the issue started as it often does on twitter, a few days ago
6:49 am
the president tweeted this, adding alabama to the list of states in the storm's path, but alabama is well off the atlantic coast. the national weather service quickly issued basically a correction. "alabama will not see impacts from dorian, no impacts from hurricane dorian will be felt across alabama. this system remains too far east." let's take you out live and we can look at the satellite, it's still churning in the bahamas, and then probably will track right up the east coast, and alabama will still safe. we are tweeting about all of these thing, follow me, i i'm @scottmcgrew. new today and trending this morning, facebook is thinking about hiding those likes from public view. tech crunch reports the menlo park company would hide the exact amount of likes on a post from everyone except for the person who is posting it. you'd see how many people like it, but nobody else would. instead, they would see a note that the post was liked by a
6:50 am
friend, instead of showing a specific number. what do you guys think? thumbs up or thumbs down? >> i'm for it i guess. >> yes? >> i know how it feels, i'm not going to share it with anyone. >> only you know. >> hide my thumbs. all right, kari, we're lining your forecast. >> i think it gets the thumbs up, we're going to be cooling off headed into the rest of the week. the only thing that gets the thumbs down is it's time to get back to work and back to school. let's get a look at that view right now, at the golden gate bridge. it's in there somewhere. we have some fog rolling by making it mist and drizzle in san francisco, and also creating some low visibility for some drivers, but it's also going to help cool us off, even for the inland areas in spots like san jose, as you get ready to head back to school and packing that backpack and the lunch, it's going to be in the low 60s, and then going to school, we'll continue in the low 60s through about 10:00. lunch outside, recess outside is
6:51 am
cooler than recently, reaching 83 degrees in san jose, 91 in antioch. in napa today 87 degrees, while ukiah today reaches 93 degrees and we'll see some of those upper 60s continuing in san francisco. the seven-day forecast shows more cooling over the next several days, and it will also be nice and cool out there at the a's game this evening with first pitch at 7:07. we'll be at 69 degrees. 66 degrees at 8:00 and 65 degrees at 9:00. our skies are mostly clear now, but we'll see a few more clouds and a little bit more humidity, as the monsoonal moisture moves in. it's also helping to develop some showers and even some thunderstorms over parts of the sierra. we're watching out for that, and if you will be traveling off towards the east, heads up about that. we are going to see some cooler air and more clouds move in by the end of the week, and also some seasonable weather extending into the weekend, so we're coming off of that hot weather we had recently, but a little bit more humidity tomorrow, and then look at these
6:52 am
numbers for some of our warmer spots, reaching into the mid 80s for the rest of the week. for san francisco, we're looking at upper 60s. more clouds than fog extending through this forecast. and mike, you're updating two crashes in the south bay. >> that's right, kari. overall we see that commute that's back, since yesterday, about thursday we saw things really ease off, of course we tend to see that around the three-day holiday, like this last weekend. over here the south bay shows the most volume increase and also that's where our two crashes are. north 101, two separate crashes right around shoreline, just before you get to shoreline exit there and both gotten to the shoulder. individual slowing 101, 237 and here in san jose, this is the update we got from the san jose police department, they have only this section of story road westbound from highway 101 to philippe road that block is the off-ramp there. south 101 you cannot exit at story road and that may last until 9:00 a.m. there is a deadly crash investigation that continues, a
6:53 am
pedestrian was hit and killed about 4:00 in the morning. meanwhile, tully road to the south is completely clear, access to and from highway 101 so consider that. meanwhile a steady flow of traffic slowing pittsburg through bay point into concord for westbound highway 4. pleasant hill looks nice and pleasant lafayette west 24. build for the upper east shore freeway, 40, 45 minutes at most carquinez bridge and backup at the bay bridge toll plaza left lanes eased up over the last few minutes. the early rush for folks to get in toward san francisco eased up a bit, building once again over the next half hour and same thing for the san mateo bridge to the peninsula. back to you, kris. >> thank you. happening now, a woman was hit by a car and three others were shot in the final hours of the minnesota state fair. separateine separate incidents. a driver left the scene after hitting the woman but later called 911. while officers were there investigating, they heard several gunshots at the main entrance of the fairgrounds where a man was shot.
6:54 am
two other victims showed up at nearby hospitals and police have made some arrests. next a quick look at top stories, another b.a.r.t. station going paperless. first a somber milestone here in the bay area, more than a month since the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival, the planned ceremony this morning at christmas hill park. we're back in just two minutes with more news. you're watching "today in the bay." well well well, what have we here?
6:55 am
a magical place...that's lookin' to get scared! halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!...
6:56 am
good morning. before you head out the door, it is 6:56. here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> the latest in the southern california boat tragedy as of last night, drivers recovered the bodies of 25 people who died
6:57 am
in yesterday's early morning boat fire near santa cruz island off the coast of santa barbara. nine people remain unaccounted for but all presumed to have died. this is already called one of the deadliest boating accidents in state history and sadly already turned into a recovery effort with little hope of finding more survivors. in a few minutes on the "today" show, gadi schwartz is live in santa barbara where there's a growing memorial for the victims there. gilroy will take another step in its recovery from the garlic festival mass shooting. here is a live look at 8:00 this morning the city will reopen christmas hill park for the first time in more than five weeks when a 19-year-old man started shooting in the park, killed three young people and injured 17 more. today is the first time the public is allowed back inside the park. neighbors call it a big step. >> i think it's great, you know, i think it shows that the community is kind of together and moving forward and i think it just shows exactly what
6:58 am
gilroy strong is. >> a moment of silence will take place at 10:30 this morning. it's being held around a temporary memorial site set up underneath a large palm tree in the northeast section of christmas hill park. today b.a.r.t. will take the next step in its effort to go entirely paperless. tickets will no longer be available at san francisco's powell street station. riders have to purchase reusable clipper cards like a lot of folks are doing. b.a.r.t. is slowly eliminating paper tickets from all of its stations. you can use the paper ticket if you bought it at another station or if you bought it before today. governor gavin newsom is among those expected to celebrate the official opening of san francisco's chase center. a ribbon cutting ceremony takes place at 10:30 this morning. city leaders including mayor london breed will join warriors executives. the first tunnel event takes place friday night. the concert featuring metallica and the san francisco symphony. >> i suppose we know you have plans friday night, some of you, lucky enough to get tickets,
6:59 am
hard to come by. beautiful weather outside today. >> you can tell it's foggy across the golden gate bridge and san francisco. it's drizzling right now, before the inland areas it does provide a bit of relief with some upper 80s in our temperatures today. and a little bit more humidity tomorrow, cooling down by the end of the week, with san francisco staying in the upper 60s over the next several days. >> there was a crash this morning, the investigation continues? >> story road, it affects one small section, big impact, someone was killed overnight, from 101 over to philippe, so the westbound direction off of the southbound exit is closed. south 101 you cannot exit at story. you can exit at tully. the rest of the commute the freeways move smoothly. the build is on, there's the richmond side of the richmond to san rafael bridge. >> i hope thaw are abt you are enjoy the gorgeous sunrise. it's beautiful out there. we'll keep the conversation going on facebook this morning, we'll be live on facebook right after the newscast. >> we'll be back at 7:25 for a
7:00 am
local news dateup join us for our midday show coming up at 11:00. have a great morning and welcome back to work, for a lot of you. >> thank you. >> he did too many chores on his day off. breaking news. relentless. hurricane dorian continues its breaking news. relentless hurricane dorian continues its onslaught of the bahamas the deaths and damage mounting dramatic video emerges from people still trapped in their homes. >> this is deep ocean in our yard >> the storm is set to gibb its march up the east coast today. al is tracking it all. disaster at sea, overnight the coast guard tells nbc news, 25 people are now dead, nine


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