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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 3, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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now believe unfolded in the middle of the night. every victim is now believed to have been asleep on the bottom deck and both exits were engulfed in flames so quickly t majority of people are probably we spotted the fbi presuy nowa criminal investigation. >> that's damian trujillo in santa barbara. now, a stockton family was among though killed in the deadly fire. a father and his three daughters. among the members of the family that were killed were nicoli storm anda angela rose. we're learned two of the daughters were nurses at h. at st. johns in stockton. the mother posted on facebook th that her heart is broken. they were on a dive trip with the parents of one of the girls. none of them survived. nbc bay area's marianne favro is
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live inanz with w >> reporter: well, as students arrived here at pacific collegiate school here in santa cruz this morning, some of them learned for the very first time that two of their classmates likely died in that fiery boat accident. the school had grief counselors here to help the students. friends confirm tia, her father steve and diana were on a labor day weekend dive trip aboard the "conception" when the boat caught fire and sank. tia's good friend, 16-year-old baranisea felipe was with them as well. all four believed to be killed in the fire. they were both students heree s santa cruz. >> pacific collegiate school is saddened by the tragic sinking of the diving vessel "conception" over the weekend. while this was not a school-sponsored trip, our
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hearts and thoughts are with the families and victims, particularly those of our students and parents on board. >> reporter: parents we spoke with say they received an email last night letting them know the two girls were on the boat. this woman's daughter knew both teens. >> i said did you know these girls, you know? she said, yeah, i was just at a birthday party with them. >> reporter: steve was an engineer at apple and a dive instructor with 40 years experience. friends say she was a tennis ut to turn 17.t and thoughtful here at the school students still in shock that their classmates with so much promise will not graduate with them. friends tell me that baranisea was hoping to pursue a career inliin ly forensics. >> a lot of discussion about the crew. did they follow protocol? now, after that boat caught fire the captain and his crew jumped in the water and swam to a
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dinghy at the back of the boat. they sped away to another boat about 500 yards away. the crew banged on the side of the boat until the owners, a husband and wife named bob and shirley hanson, brought them on board. >> i mean, we're glad we can help, but i would hope that anybody would to it, you know, it's not -- i just -- i feel so sad. had they been able to all abandon boat, i have more than enough room to put the entire crew -- the entire guests and everything on board. >> hansen said he quickly called the coast guard and tried comforting the crew. the entire boat youan was engul. it didn't matter how close the coast guard was, it wouldn't have made a difference. >>theor crew, their main exit w through the galley and the galley was on fire. they actually opened the door to try to get to them and it was all on fire. >> hansen adds that he and his wife felt helpless.
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the coast guard told them not to move their boat closer to the fire, so all they could do was son sole the cr console the crew and watch the other boat in flames. we're getting a better look and feel what the sleeping cabins were like on board the "conception." this is a video on youtube posted by a diver named sailor james. he posted this video while on the "conception" just last year. you can see how tight the sleeping quarters are and how difficult it would be for 30 people in the middle of the night to evacuate a fire. we'll cnu coverage of our story on our digital platforms as well. you can check it out on our twitter feet @nbcbayarea. >> we're going to talk about hurricane dorian right now. the storm destroyed the bahamas as it hovered over the islands for more than 24 hours. now the southeastern u.s. is getting the edge of the storm. >> thankfully the eye of the storm staying offshore. here's a live look now at
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daytona beach, florida, where winds are picking up and the sky is looking more ominous as each hour passes. we're also getting our first look at the destruction in the bahamas. you can see the aerial shot here. it almost looks like garbage down below, but those are homes and little villages. the island almost entirely underwater. dorian hit the island over the weekend with winds clocking about 220 miles per hour. >> dorian's now making its way up the coastline. nbc's jamie guirola is live in po pompano beach, florida, with the very latest. jamie? >> reporter: well, as you can see behind me, it's pretty calm right now, but earlier today we did get some of those bands from dorian with heavy rain and wind. for days and dauncertainty, but for the first time the whole stat is out of the cone of weve that doesn't mean people should stop caring because some areas are currently in a hurricane warning and evacuations are still in place.
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the focus now -- more heartbreaking images from the bahamas where the magnitude of devastation continues to grow. this is dramatic video of a journalist and his family abandoning their home, escaping by wading through water chest high carrying their dogs. it's the story of thousands of other victims. at least 13,000 homes severely damaged or destroyed. >> this is the water by my back door glass. >> reporter: hurricane dorian parked over the islands for a day and a half, but the u.s. coast guard raced to the bahamas providing relief, rescue and humanitarian aid. >> it's as if we're fighting a war with the enemy having all of the weapons at its disposal and we have absolutely nothing. we're hopeless. >> reporter: dorian has since lost strength and is finally moving away from the bahamas. now the hurricane aiming toward the u.s., appearing to spare florida. but the governor and other officials telling residents to
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stay alert. >> while we think this is a much better track than what we were looking at 72 hours ago, we just ask people to stay safe, remain vigilant. >> don't assume anything because it only takes a movement here or a movement there and we're back into the hurricane force winds. >> reporter: up the east coast into savannah, people are still preparing for the worst with long lines of evacuees looking for shelter. north carolina's coastline also bracing for impact. boarding up, packing up and getting out. and the latest advisory at 8:00 p.m. has hurricane dorian still at a category 2, so it's definitely weakened from when it hit the bahamas. it'sleper hour to the reporting live tonight in pompano beach, florida, jamie guirola, back to you. >> thanks, jamie, for that update. here is another look at the bahamas from the air. you can see the debris covering
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everywhere. jeff ranieri tracking dorian's path. what are you seeing over the next 24 hours? >> well, the really good news is that it took that key turn to the north today. that's really what we had been waiting on over the past 24 hours. as you mentioned, pulling away from the bahamas. look how dangerously close it is to florida. 113 miles away from the central coast of florida. even a little jog here off toward the west and those impacts could be even higher. but at this point based on the data we have, it would go parallel to florida as we continue through wednesday's forecast, winds of 110 t0 mis p. as a category 2 hurricane. now, we will not be totally free from impacts in florida. rain, 2 to 7 inches. wind gusts, 30 to 70 miles per hour on the immediate beaches and storm surges still of 3 to feet. that's why there are some evacuations in place at this hour. we'll have more details on a
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carolina landfall and when that could happen coming up in about ten minutes. >> okay. thanks, jeff. see you soon. another great resource is jeff's twitter feed. he just tweeted about that key turn to the north that will keep it offshore. you can follow his handle is @jeffranieri. an update on the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. the final patients are now out of the hospital. that is great news. they left today. also today, gilroy re-opened christmas hill park, the site of last month's shooting. they had a moment of silence for the victims. three people died. 21 others were wounded. there is a member rat right at christmas hill park where people can pay their respects. still to come, an oakland school ransack again. just how much it's costing the school district and the effect it's having on its students. also, get out the big pair of scissors and the ribbon. it's finally open and ready for business. today's vip grand opening of chase center.
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ahead for us, walmart taking its own actions about guns after the recent mass shootings. what they will no longer sell. also, 97 dogs and counting. we'll meet the womanthem from t the bahamas when we see you back here tonight.
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after a ten-day break, the jury returned to the deliberation room today in the ghost ship fire trial. before the jury went on break, the judge removed three women from the jury for alleged misconduct and replaced them with three alternates. that meant the jury had to restart deliberations all over again. seven women and five men must
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now decide if master tenant derrick almena and his lead tenant max harris should be found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for their role in the warehouse fire that killed 36 people. >> i think as time goes on the more difficult it becomes for them. so we sympathize with them, but we're confident that they took detailed notes and that as a group will be able to remember what the various witnesses said. >> the jury will continue deliberations tomorrow. leaders at an east bay elementary school are saying enough is enough. they're making a public plea for thieves to stop stealing from their classrooms and vandalizing their school. this picture's back from january. thieves broke into an elementary school in oakland and stole 40 kindles. over this past holiday weekend, a second break-in. this time burglars stole about 60 google chrome books and bald damaged several classrooms. many of the students are low income and don't have access to
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technology at home. leave your coolers at home. that's the word from the organizers of the bluegrass festival after the meeting in gilroy and the string of others across the country. here's what's new for the festival in san francisco. the music festival will be completely fenced in with four security entrances. festivalgoers will need to carry their stuff in clear bags. blankets and chairs are still allowed inside the grounds but if the chairs are too tall, they won't be allowed. no coolers whatsoever. set for next month in golden gate park. after years in the making, the warriors' new arena in san francisco is now open. the official ribbon cutting today with local and state leaders. even though the warriors don't start playing there until next month, a lot going on this month with the first concert this friday. nbc bay area's mark matthews was at the vip event at the chase center which will be hosting 200 events a year in the 18,000-seat
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arena. mark? >> reporter: that's right, the first event is tonight. they've got some 2,000 people coming in for a gala associated with the ribbon cutting, but then metallica on friday. today was all about celebrating. this was the moment the warriors' ownership envisioned 2,600 days ago. >> it's not been easy -- >> reporter: warriors' majority owner called it the hardest thing he has ever done. governor gavin newsom chuckled. >> joe, delays or not, denials, i'll take seven, eight years. hell, we need to b building are >> reporter: the billion-dollar arena cost $1.3 billion, 30% over budget, but they noted it's all privately financed. >> no one says let's go down to the theater, i hear a film came in on budget. it will be the audience, you all and our public who will determine our enterprise's true fate and value into a "timtime e
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showed 2 1/2 years of work in about 2 1/2 minutes. that was followed by a video tribute to former mayor ed lee. >> and i know that we would not be here today had it not been for his incredible leadership. >> reporter: the speeches were followed by dancers, drummers, flash and fireworks. and this closing thought off-podium from the warriors' majority owner. >> basketball and winning are what we're about, and we came here to win championships in san francisco, too. >> reporter: now, a lot of the talk about this arena has been about the traffic that it might cause. in an already congested area. but today the warriors team assured me that they have a lockbox that they will open up in order to mitigate the gridlock. and those of you with a political bent might get a chuckle out of that. we'll have more at 6:00. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> i have no idea what that
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means, the lockbox on the gridlock, but we will see if the gridlock will be as bad as we think it's going to be. friday night, the first event, metallica and the symphony. >> the food. we need to talk about the food. >> jessica aguirre did a taste test. >> she did. >> i'll be the crazy guy out there eat all the food. >> there's steph curry. >> wait, what? >> jeff, let's talk about our forecast. a bit cooler today. >> numbers are down today and are going to continue to go down as we head through the next couple oflet' ds. bring you int microclimate forecast. there is also a lot happening in the atmosphere right now. let's go ahead and break this down for you. it's not that complicated. we have two systems in the pacific. basically those will keep us out of the 100s as we go through the next seven days. as the first system approaches tomorrow, it's going to pull up some humidity from the south. now, along with that humidity there is the chance for maybe some thunderstorms. we have activity across southern
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california and the sierra right now. it's because of this we could get dry lightning in the bay area and just a slight chance of a spotty shower. bottom line, we'll keep an eye on the radar. anything gets close by, of course, we will be the first to bring it to you. so tomorrow morning's forecast, just keeping the cloud cover on the increase for tomorrow morning. over the peninsula and tri-valley, temperatures in the 60s. san francisco 67 and the east bay at 63. so a little bit on the increase of that humidity tomorrow. and once again a slight chance of maybe a lightning s temperatn hen cupertino. over to the east bay, comfortable in oakland andd, mi over to pittsburg and antioch, warm low 90s. san francisco stays cool in the 60s. from the marina down to the mission. and the north bay, 63 in point rays. santa rosa, 85 and mill valley,
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81 degrees. my extended forecast. touch of humidity. slight risk of dry lightning. stay in the 60s through saturday. a little bit of a bump in temperatures once we hit sunday and monday's forecast. inland valleys, it's continuing to cool down as we head into this upcoming weekend. an average of 89 tomorrow down to 82 on saturday. we'll bump it up a few degrees once we head into next week. all in all, a pretty good forecast headed our way. what about the tropics? the latest on hurricane dorian continues to sw a path parallel to florida. there still will be impacts at the immediate coastline. 30 to 70-mile-per-hour winds. 2 to 7houl stay offshore of florida and georgia, wednesday, 110 to 120-mile-per-hour winds. now, beyond this we could we head through thursday and friday night as a category 1 storm system. so we'll continue to mon theito
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this, of course, at i can tell you what, central florida along the beaches right now near daytona beach, if you know the area, they're getting slammed with some of these outer bands. for good reason there are still evacuations in florida. >> we talk about florida and the kaerm carolinas, in the next couple of days it's going to go up to new york. >> well offshore. >> a lot of flights cancelled too. a big shift in the world of gaming. it's going to change the way people get the video games and interact with other players online. we'll explain. tomorrow on california live, we've got kelly clarkson all to ourselves cruising the unives b talk show premiers. >> it's a morning at 11:30 on nbc bay area. than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households
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with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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there is something new on our nbc bay area youtube channel. our digital correspondent abby
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fernandez went to an arcade with our digital journalist jonathan bloom to talk about his report on the future of games. >> do we think that these streaming serves that google came up with like stadium are the thing of the future. do we think we're not going to use console games? >> i think there will always be a place in the world for dedicated gaming hardware. it's just going to become more specialized. i would say the average gamer might gravitate to the subscription service because it costs a lot less. you don't have to worry about your computer going out of date or buying the new console. for a lot of people, $10 a month could be a good value. play whatever game you want at the highest performance possible. >> i recognize those sound effects. that's pac-man. >> it was pac-man. it was the funnest thing ever. no, with google announcing their new streaming service coming out this november, it's a game streaming service. we wanted to look into -- jonathan is our resident expert
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on this. we wanted togoin to be like in a how can we watch the segment you did with jonathan. >> it's on our youtube channel. you just have to search for "nbc bay area." the video is titled "the future of gaming." watch it there. it's going to be a lot of fun. facebook is changing the way friends tag friends. facebook has been using a facial recognition setting to help people tag friends in photos. you probably know about that. facebook was sued in illinois because it didn't ask users for their permission. facebook is changing the setting. you'll have the option to allow facebook to use facial recognition. beginning today some people will get a notice to turn the new feature on or off. okay. an artist asked the internet for help to find the man he met briefly and then painted a portrait for. we'll be right back. we'll show you. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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tonight at 6:00, a ship expert weighs in on that boat fire near santa barbara. he gives us new insight into what went wrong and if the crew followed protocol. many of the victims, as we reported, are from the bay area. we also have a live report from santa barbara harbor. those stories and more coming up on our 6:00 newscast. the search is over for the person who inspired an artist at
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pride in san francisco. back in june, the artist, robert lang, took photos of people celebrating pride, but one picture in particular really captivated him so he turned that picture into a painted portrait. unfortunately, the artist didn't know who to thank so he took to social media. last week lang asked his followers if they could help find the man. in minutes this photo went viral and it took only hours to track him down. his name is dunbar windsor. he's 21 years old. he's also an aspiring model. lang says windsor is planning to see the painting in person for the opening night of his gallery exhibit. >> that's pretty cool. and it happened quickly, right? it went viral and tracked him down. >> so realistic. i mean, his interpretation of the photo, it looks like the photo. >> i couldn't tell the difference. like the photo. >> sometimes you go, uh -- >> it looks great. we're going to talk about the weather. this is the best time to be in san francisco, right? september/october, this is our summer. beautiful. >> lots of upper 60s in san
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francisco the next couple of days. inland valleys not too hot. chances of dry lightning tomorrow. better chance of thunderstorms over the sierra and a little bit of humidity. you can see right there once we hit saturday, we're dropping down to 82 degrees. let's get a track on those thunderstorms off to the south and over the sierra right now. we'll be closely monitoring that dopplar radar. more updates on that at 6:00. of course, dorian moving parallel to florida's coastline. still a lot more updates coming up at 6:19 and also 6:48 tonight. >> and program what we had a few days ago, this is relatively good news for the floridians, especially your family that is right long that coast, too. >> exactly. the path of the storm is supposed to go parallel to florida which would keep the very worst offshore. still impacts to the coastline, but wouldn't be as bad if the eye were over florida. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. lester holt is next with "nightly news." >> bye.
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bracing for dorian's impact. the deadly storm moving dangerously close to florida and georgia on the heels of pummelling the bahamas for 48 hours. the first images from above. the historic total destruction entire neighborhoods flattened thousands of homes ripped apart. massive floods urgent search and rescues upped way. in the southea, anxiety growing. the chances of a direct hit in the carolinas rising new evacuation orders. long lines trying to get out al roker with the new track. also breaking, the grim discovery, 20 bodies recovered from the boat that sank in flames


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