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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 4, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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comes to light about the victims of the dive boat fire off the ventura coast. we're finding out most of the victims are from northern california. what family members are saying this morning as investigators search for answers. plus taking a turn, the slow moving hurricane dorian finally moving out of the bahamas. the preparation quickly under ways the storm eyes the u.s. mainland. a possible sewer solution. officials in one bay area county breaking ground this morning on a major new water project. the expected environmental impact it will have on san francisco bay. the news at 5:00 conditiotinuest now. good morning to you. thanks for joining us for "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> announce >> and i'm laura garcia, welcome. >> welcome back. >> thank you, it's nice feeling a monday on a wednesday. >> good for you. >> i've been there before. okay, i can do this. >> right? >> so we are also making it closer to the weekend, so as you
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get ready to head out the door in oakland it is a busy one. fruitvale b.a.r.t. station expect low 60s, grab a jacket and it will be a nice mild day. we will see a wide range in temperatures across the south bay with cupertino reaching 80 and gilroy 90. we'll talk more about this and what's ahead coming up. mike you're updating a crash in menlo park. >> a few minutes ago video showing you this car overturned, a vehicle going off the roadway there, southbound 101 at marsh, and one person has died as a result of this crash and the investigation we're told now from redwood city pd so it must be in the redwood city/menlo park border use willow or woodside. let's show what you we're talking about. the construction crew is cleared from the northbound side and kari showed you the busy traffic as construction clears in oakland as well. as the morning continues this
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may last until 8:00 a.m. any time after 7:00 on the peninsula we see more traffic and 7:30 we'll start to see more slowing through palo alto. this will be a distraction at the least for folks traveling southbound 101 and marsh will be closed. woodside ex-it to the north and willow to the south, two alternates. the rest of the bay shows an easy, light drive. disabled vehicle roreported on e shoulder for san jose and no problem at the toll plaza. we have cash lanes with a build-out. we'll track that marcus, back to you. >> thanks, mike. we begin with the latest on the deadly boat fire in santa barbara. it has been a full two days since we first learned of the inferno. many of the 34 victims identified are starting to emerge. these are just some of the photos that we've been able to gather so far. we found out most of those victims are from northern california, and many of them from right here in the bay area. this morning, we now know that the father and daughter from los altos lost their lives, scott
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and kendra chan shared a love for the ocean. he was a physics teacher at american high school in fremont. also on the boat, five members of the same stockton family, michael took his wife and three daughters on that boat to celebrate a birthday. relatives feeling the profound grief. >> people missing and it's just gosh. >> reporter: to hear it's somebody. >> to actually put the family to it, that's even worse. >> as of last night, divers had recovered the remains of 20 of the 34 victims. a team of ntsb investigators now in santa barbara trying to determine what sparked the inferno. they plan to interview the five crew members who survived. our bob redell will have a live update from fremont high school at the bottom of this hour. we're getting a better look at the sleeping cabins aboard the "conception." this is video posted on youtube of a trip last year. you can see how tight the sleeping quarters are and how
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difficult it would be for more than 30 people to evacuate during a fire. head to to see all of the stories that we put together on this such a tragedy along with stories of the victims. we'll continue to follow this immensely. as well as following hurricane dorian no longer a stationary storm. it's on the move but headed toward the u.s. mainland. people in the southeast preparing for the worst. take a look at where it is right now. the category 2 storm on a course that will bring it dangerously close to communities from florida to virginia. residents in north carolina and georgia evacuating with many moving to higher ground. this comes after a full-on strike in the bahamas that lasted almost two days. it was a category 5 when it made landfall there. the damage catastrophic. the storm is to blame for at least seven deaths so far. "today in the bay's" jay gray is in savannah, georgia, this morning. >> reporter: as dorian inches toward the coast, we're getting
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a clor look now at the devastation the storm left behind. abaco in the bahamas battered and broken, communities splintered, others swallowed by floodwaters, the island ravaged. >> absolute devastation, and it really is heartbreaking just from the air, it looks completely leveled. >> reporter: images serve as a stark warning for those now in the path of the storm. >> this is not a storm to mess with as we have seen how deadly it was when it went across the bahamas. >> reporter: across the southeast. >> is this one go in the car? >> reporter: families are packing up and pulling out, busloads leaving savannah for higher ground. >> says to leave when you have the opportunity to leave. >> reporter: from florida through the carolinas, more than 1 million people have been told to evacuate, ahead of what could be hurricane force winds, flooding rains and a storm surge in communities from florida to virginia. >> the water is just coming over and i'm worried about our beach. it's beautiful.
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don't want it to get ruined. >> reporter: as dorian makes its way north, just off the coast. if the storm makes landfall, the most likely scenario is late this week, along the outer banks of north carolina. jay gray, nbc news, savannah. here is a live look at daytona beach, florida. the wind is starting to pick up there this morning. we'll have much more ahead on hurricane dorian. kari is tracking its path as well. it's all coming up. 5:06. it is a move that could help clean up san francisco bay, change is coming to san mateo, where today the city will break ground on a new water waste treatment plan. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in san mateo with what this means for the community and the rest of the bay. you would think this would be welcome news, kris. >> reporter: well, good morning to you, marcus. it's welcome news unless it is in your own backyard and that's the reason why throughout years of this planning process some folks here in san mateo did fight this every step of the way, but it didn't matter,
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because the city of san mateo really doesn't have a choice. i want to show you some video here, this is what was happening as recently as 2016. raw sewage bubbling out of manholes in the city into the streets and on into the bay. the state ordered san mateo to eliminate such overflow, so that's part of the reason for this project. the underground tank is part of a billion-dollar modernization of san mateo's clean water program. it's a 5 million gallon sewage storm basin in use during heavy rains, otherwise it would be dry. in our prior reporting the manager of the city's clean water program, not only would the water be treated before it's released, so, too, would the air so it might smell better than it does right now. daly city has a similar program already, a similar system i should say. the ground-breaking is happening this morning at 10:00. in san mateo, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, kris. 5:07 right now. happening today, a north bay
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doctor accused in the drug related deaths of four elderly people due in court for a preliminary hearing. a judge is expected to determine if there is enough evidence to send 72-year-old dr. thomas teller to trial. last month, he pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder charges. investigators say he prescribed those patients dangerously high levels of opioids and narcotics and all of them later died. teller is also accused of issuing suspicious prescriptions. developing this morning at 5:08, police in the tri-valley credit an alert neighbor for helping to nab three teenagers accused in a string of car break-ins. here are some of the items recovered from the suspects. they say a woman heard glass breaking outside of her home near st. augustine church and called 911. police stopped a car driving with its lights off. the recovered items are from at least a dozen different nearby break-ins. new details in the ongoing debate over whether to ban or regulate ecigarettes.
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today a group called san francisco kids versus big tobacco plans to rally against proposition c outside of city hall asking voters to keep vaping legal, despite the ban enacted by city leaders in june. you may have seen tv spots, billboards and other ads for proposition c. san francisco-based juul has spent more than $4 million on the campaign. jul sued to stop the fda over its review of the long-term effects. san francisco mayor london breed is calling for major traffic upgrades in the city. she says that she wants new bike lanes, new crosswalk signals and safer intersections. city leaders met yesterday to review her so-called vision zero initiative. she first introduced that plan last month to try to stop traffic deaths in the city. if her plan passes t will create new bike lanes for bikers and extend the time pedestrians have to cross the street and also wants to restrict right turns at red lights. there is a date not yet set when
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the vote will take place. we did checking and last year there were 18 fatalities involving pedestrians and bicyclists. as of july this year, there was already 14. new video showing a wildfire burning in edorado county this morning. firefighters making progress south of tahoe. it's burned 85 acres. it's about 25% contained. it started yesterday afternoon. at least three structures have been destroyed. two firefighters suffered minor injuries while battling those flames. right now we want to go to meteorologist kari hall, when we talk about flames, you want to think about the wind conditions. what are we looking at around here today? >> it's still going to be breezy out there and we're seeing higher humidity. one thing that may be of concern is the chance that we could see some lightning in some of our higher elevations as well as the santa cruz mountains, and some of the inland east bay. so watching out for that, as the humidity increases you'll feel it as you step out the door. let's go hour by hour with our temperatures throughout the day.
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we take you through noon and antioch at 81 degrees. we're at 74 in san mateo, and then into early afternoon, concord at 89. there will be a few spots reaching the low 90s but we won't stay there throughout much of the afternoon. we're just going to hit that temperature, and then start to come back down. so this is slightly cooler than the weather we've seen, and we're coming back down to the mid-60s for tonight. so we'll continue to watch our temperatures decline over the next few days. some great news headed into the weekend, i'll have more in a few minutes and mike, that traffic alert still continues? >> that's right, kari. on the peninsula now. the impact to traffic minor, but the impact to the people someone died as a result of this crash. this is a big impact as far as that goes and that's why the investigation will continue at least for a few more hours, we're told. the southbound 101 you're down a lane and down the marsh on-ramp at marsh getting on to southbound 101, woodside and willow are your options to the north and to the south respectively. you see the speed sensors, fine for the freeway.
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looking toward the peninsula, we continue to follow that investigation. we saw those crews clearing 808 from the northbound side and now the southbound side shows that coming down toward 23rd, and into downtown, possibly as far down as the coliseum. we may see some slowing over the next couple. we'll track that as well and the bay bridge toll plaza looks like all the cash lanes have opened and now things are sorting themselves out, so the fastrak lanes starting to build, over the next ten minutes the gradual build toward the metering lights. >> thanks, mike. something we all use in the bay area, and we're finding out about a new lawsuit set to be announced in a few ours against rideshare companies. >> the stock market just gets hammered on its first day back to work. we'll take a look at the numbers. and would this home make you say i will always love you every time you walk in the door? the cinematic history behind this beverly hills mansion, now for sale. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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good wednesday morning. at 5:15 as you get ready to head out the door. we have upper 60s. already a humid start in concord. it's going to be hotter today, reaching 90 degrees at 3:00. we are going to have a slight cooldown, even in concord, headed into the weekend so i'll talk more about that in less than five minutes. >> looking aat the san mateo bridge, westbound across the san
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mateo is fine but on the peninsula we have the deadly crash investigation continuing. we'll give you details coming up. and good morning. very happy wednesday. more red as wall street shows its disaful proof the new tariffs that went into effect on sunday. one stock surprisingly in the green is walmart. totally unexpected. since walmart has huge exposure to tariffs on chinese made products its shelves are full of them. walmart's ceo as you know says the stores will start limiting what ammunition it sells. they joined dick's sporting goods in taking a stand on that. it will ask its customers in open carry states to stop carrying guns in stores even if they're legally enentitled to. walmart's ceo asked congress to pass universal background checks. that is a big statement coming from america's biggest retailer. back to the markets. i was warning you yesterday that
5:17 am
september is traditionally really hard on the markets, losing on average 1% over the course of the month. the dow lost more than 1% yesterday. you've got the tariffs worries and factory data showing the first slowdown in production in three years. the institute for supply management says new orders are the lowest in seven years. we knew a bunch of states, actually 30 of them, were talking about teaming up and investigating google. now "the washington post" says that investigation is for sure going to happen and the states will announce the details next monday. this is a bipartisan attempt. attorneys general from both parties looking into how google may try to snuff out competition. you remember that company cloudflare and its ceo made news recently when it said it would withdraw support for 8chan. he'd headed toward an ipo, price range between 10 to 12 bucks, valuing it at $3.5 billion. lots of chinese iphone users
5:18 am
are talking about a new app that maps your face on leonardo dicaprio's body in the movie. this twitter user alan cha posted this. it's his face in leonardo dicaprio movie. i think this looks authentic. >> you need to put your nation in. >> unfortunately it only works on phones with chinese phone numbers. so i need a good phone to do that. >> pretty amazing. >> the most downloaded app in china, so we're seeing again these deep fakes, where things can be what they don't appear to be. >> that's the only film they can -- >> that's what it shows. eventually you could probably do it to anything. >> cool, be in a film with cary grant. >> look at you. thanks, scott. >> it's 5:18. happening today, san francisco city leader also get a chance to eat breakfast at the new chase center. mayor london breed will also be at the chamber of commerce
5:19 am
eechbd. it comes a day after the official opening of the center. the first public event takes place friday night, featuring metallica, with the san francisco symphony. if you are looking to buy a home, trending this morning an estate in beverly hills that has a gorgeous and glamorous hollywood past is on the market. you may recognize it, it has a range of views here, featured in "the godfather" and "the bodyguard." the former home of william randolph hurst. late john f. kennedy and his wife spent their honeymoon at the estate. it's been on sale since 2016 so you'd think they'd drop the price. the new offer that's being added to the $135 million price tag here, the current owner says that he is hoping someone buys a percentage of the home. >> wow. you could have a certain wing? >> or brick maybe. >> a chair? >> how much does a brick cost? >> that little shrub in the
5:20 am
front, that's mine. >> all yours. >> part of the american dream. you own a piece of it. >> very nice. >> all right, so weather today? >> looks pretty good. >> that's sweet. >> here is a live look outside in dublin, as you head out the door, there's already a lot of people heading out on 580. as you join them it's going to feel a little bit stuicky outside. let's go through that hour-by-hour outlook for the tri-valley and dublin. we'll be at of 3 degre63 degree. 82 at noon and as it clears out we're at 88 degrees. it will be hot in some areas. not as warm in san jose, so if you're stepping out, maybe going to diridon station, expect some low 60s. at noon we're seeing those temperatures at about 81 degrees. we'll only go up a few more degrees from there. we'll reach 90 in livermore today. 91 in concord. napa up to 86 degrees, and 76 in
5:21 am
oakland. in santa rosa, expect a high of 85 degrees today. we're going to feel the sti stickiness, and models hinting at a chance of a few lightning strikes in some of our higher elevations. we'll be watching out for that. other than the slight chance of some lightning, we are going to see just a few passing clouds and a very nice day with a wide range in temperatures from the coast to the inland areas. going to the a's game tonight enjoy it. it's going to be breezy with upper 60s and we'll be at 66 degrees at 8:00. at 9:00, 65 degrees. our seven-day forecast after today the humidity drops, the dry air returns and for the weekend e we're headed into some low 80s. that's in some of our warmer spots and then for san francisco we're in the upper 60s, so no big changes there. mike, you have more info on that highway 101 traffic alert. >> i do, kari. looking overall at a smooth drive for the speed sensors, pointing out what we're looking at for the peninsula. there will be a slower drive
5:22 am
early in the commute for the peninsula. remember that commute kicks in one of the last for the morning drive. southbound 101 you will see slowing past by marsh road. the on-ramp is closed. video into the newsroom, a car went off the roadway about 1:30 this morning reported to chp. this flatbed truck where chp is investigating they are looking at some damage there. this flatbed truck was reportedly hit by a small passenger vehicle that then went off of the roadway. both of them were traveling south, the smaller vehicle sounds like a honda went off the roadway and down the side of the road. so that will be the investigation that continues. there is no slowing just yet again. southbound 101 will build up through palo alto out of redwood city. we're tracking the buildup at the toll plaza. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up for you, take a look at your screen right now and have you seen him? investigators in the north bay searching for the man you see
5:23 am
right here. the crime they say he committed and what we're learning and what they're revealing about his hiding place. first our team is always on social media. check out this photo, kris sanchez's daughter at a weekend giants baseball game. that's fun. she shared it on instagram. follow kris on facebook, twitter and instagram. you're watching "today in the bay." it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save 40% on the sleep number 360
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a san francisco law firm plans to announce a new lawsuit today against lyft, joining other firms suing the rideshare company over alleged sexual assaults by drivers. attorneys present women who claim to have been assault victims. lyft is not responding to the specific allegations but has responded to other similar recently filed lawsuits. lyft says it does not tolerate harassment or violence and such behavior can result in the permanent ban from its service. lyft also touts numerous safety
5:26 am
features on its app. new this morning, in the north bay, police in novato say these are images showing a purse snatcher in action. take a look here. that man jumped out from behind a truck and stole a woman's purse, taking off, recently on redwood boulevard. if you think you can help investigators by identifying this man you're asked to contact the novato police department. as tension dries in the middle east, seven crew members aboard an oil tanker seized by iran are going to be released. iran's revolutionary guard seized control of the "stenn "stenna empiro" in july as it was going through the strait of hormuz. this was in retaliation after the british seized aan iranian tanker weeks before for breaking sanctions. iranian officials have not given a clear answer for seizing this tanker. a school in upstate new
5:27 am
york. >> they're hoping facial recognition technology will help prevent a future shooting. lockport city is the first public school system in the country to use this technology. it uses ai to identify someone with a gun who walks into their school, and instantly calls police. the superintendent of the school district says that the tool doesn't track people. the use of facial recognition technology has raised some concerns about the country. in the bay area, san francisco and oakland have banned the use of the technology for police and local agencies. 5:27 for you right now. and coming up, we're learning more about the victims killed in the devastating boat fire off of the southern california coast. many of them from right here in the bay area. the reason why one of the deaths is hitting a high school in fremont especially hard this morning.
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a very good now wednesday morning to you. taking a peek outside, you may notice the humidity in the air. what a lovely live look. this is san francisco from san bruno mountain. we did the hike for you with that shot. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's head over to meteorologist kari hall with a look at what we can expect throughout the bay area. >> it's a nice one but still hot in the valuies. this is a live look in walnut creek. before you step out the door we're in the low 60s and also a little bit more muggy, so we are going to feel the mugginess continue today and our temperatures may feel a little bit warmer than this. we're at 81 degrees at noon and it will reach into the low 90s again later today, but san jose headed up to 83 for that high. napa reaching 86 and 76 in
5:31 am
oakland. palo alto today expect a high of 80 degrees. we'll look ahead to some weekend events coming up in about seven minutes. mike, you're tracking the deadly crash in menlo park. >> southbound 101 you see this video showing the investigation. this flatbed truck as well as another passenger vehicle involved in a crash. the passenger vehicle crashed off of the roadway and that vehicle someone died and that's why southbound 101 keeps one lane closed at marsh. let's look at the map. marsh the approach will be slowed by that but right now traffic is light, it doesn't show up. the on-ramp also closed so you'll use willow or woodside possibly until 8:00 a.m. right now traffic very light on the peninsula, but we'll track it as it builds. looking at the rest of the bay a slight build for the south bay and toward the bay bridge, clearing as crews are traveling southbound on 808 through downtown oakland. we'll watch for that. marcus, back to you guys. >> thank you, mike. developing right now the search for clues into what sparked monday's early morning fire on a dive boat off the
5:32 am
coast of santa barbara. >> last night a team of ntsb investigators scoured a similar boat owned by the same santa barbara dive company to try to determine the cause. divers have recovered the remains of 20 of those victims. >> in the meantime, near the berth where that boat normally docks, relatives have been joining complete strangers to remember the 34 people now presumed dead. many of those victim are from northern california. bob redell is live at fremont high school. one had a long history of teaching in the bay area. >> it is, and the fremont unified school district tweeted out its condolences for scott chan a his family. he was a physics teacher. he and his daughter had a love for exploration the ocean. chan was on board the "conception" with his daughter, kendra chan, for what was supposed to be a three-day
5:33 am
excursion. a neighbor tells us scott left his job in tech to become a physics teacher because he wanted to help students. according to his linkedin profile, he'd also taught physics at cupertino high in fremont, carlmont high and he often visited his daughter kendra in southern california, where she worked as a wildlife biologist. here is a photo from a dive off santa cruz island two years ago yesterday. scott chan prepared for their adventures at pacific scuba divers in sunnyvale. where we spoke with the manager. >> he bought equipment and rented tanks and things like that. he frequents the dive sites in monterey and in southern california. everybody up here, they're really trying to grasp the reality of so many divers for that to happen all at one time. >> reporter: the store manager says that they aren't sure if they know any of the other divers, because the list of names hasn't been released yet. kendra chan's brother writing on facebook, and i'm quoting,
5:34 am
i'll miss you and your love for all things outdoors and underwater. reporting live in fremont, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you. just a tough story for so many people. thank you. right now we continue to compile stories about the victims in the dive boat tragedy. you can read about them right now on if investigators hold another news conference we'll stream it for you on our home page and mobile app. >> it is 5:34. hurricane dorian is turning its attention to the southeast coast. here is a look at where it is right now. the category 2 storm on a course that will bring it dangerously close to communities from florida all the way up to virginia. this comes after a full-on strike in the bahamas that lasted almost two days. it was a category 5 when it made landfall there. the storm is to blame for at least seven deaths so far and communities in the bahamas are splintered and others swallowed by the flood wwaters.
5:35 am
many residents say they're in disbelief. >> absolute devastation, and it re is hetbreaking. just from the air, it looks completely leveled. >> now from florida through the carolinas, more than 1 million people have been told to evacuate. we have a live look from jacksonville, florida, right now, watching this camera. u see some of the rain coming down but the wind has been shaking this camera rather dramatically at some points. we'll have more on the storm and how people are preparing there, all coming up in our next half hour. this morning, bay area emergency responders are now on the ground in dorian's next strike zone, waiting for the impact. 45 members made up of firefighters from 15 east bay agencies flew from menlo park to charlotte haas night in north carolina ahead of that storm. their mission is to search large disaster areas and conduct water rescues. >> they will be going out with inflatable boats, floatation devices, search equipment, search cameras, search dogs.
5:36 am
>> our local crews could be there for quite a while, depending on how hard the storm tears into the carolinas. >> it's 5:35. there's word leaders in hong kong have withdrawn the extradition bill, comes amidst continued protests in a city-wide strike in hong kong. the bill would have allowed residents to be sent to china for trials despite ongoing concerns about china's threat to hong kong's democracy, leaders still insist the one country two systems relationship will continue. in the south bay today the chp will focus on traffic safety. the agency's safety committee is holding a meeting in san jose at the sobrato center for nonprofits. leaders will talk about the response to pedestrians, collision and other crashes. as of last check, there have been 33 fatal collisions so far this year in san jose. today's meeting starts at 10:00 this morning. it's 5:36 right now. time for a look at that morning commute, see how things are not
5:37 am
really racing around out there, huh, mike? >> not so much. folks are rushing to get to the bay bridge toll plaza. once you get there, you have a little time to decompress and catch your breath. the toll plaza metering lights are on, right on schedule, the backup there is. we'll look at the rest of your approach and through contra costa county an easy light flow of traffic starting to build for highway 4. there's still a slowing that shows up, look at 880 south from seventh toward 23rd. overnight crews should have cleared by now. we'll track that. traffic alert on standby for slowing south 101 through redwood city. i'll talk more about the crash on marsh coming up. fremont you have company north of tesla. >> friends. >> friends, hello, good morning. >> hello friends. what are we doing this weekend? >> going to hit up a couple of festivals and talk about that. let's look at what we're expecting for saturday. it's going to still be very
5:38 am
nice. a look at the forecast for the coast reaching the upper 60s. the bay at 76 degrees and 82 inland, so that's going to be really nice and comfortable. on sunday maybe hanging out around lake merit, 85 degrees for the high. the bay reaching 80 degrees and the coast in the lower 70s. if you're planning to head to the castro valley fall festival happening downtown on saturday and sunday, we'll start out with mid-60s. we're only going to reach about 73 degrees, so it's going to feel like fall as you're walking around the city, and then in mountain view we have the art and wine festival happening on castro street. this is on saturday, we're looking at highs there in the middle of the day reaching about 76 degrees, after starting out in the upper 60s. if we're going to the beach, monterey is looking nice but cool with some breezy winds, some clouds, we're reaching about 69 degrees on saturday. hiking in the yosemite will be also very comfortable with our
5:39 am
temperatures reaching up to 75 on friday and dropping to a high of about 68 degrees on sunday. we'll talk about today's temperature trend coming up in three minutes. >> all right, looking forward to it, kari. >> it's 5:39. coming up, it's called by many the world's oldest profession, but now some residents in the south bay say they're fed up with it. the big problem they say it's causing for children. and congress returning early at least part of it to deal with some gun laws, but will the numbers favor them? we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues. come try my really big chicken two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! only at jack in the box.
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good wednesday morning. we're coming up on 5:42. let's get a look outside in palo alto. we are going to have a nice cool breezy day, with a start in the lower 60s. it's going to be muggy outside. we're going to feel some higher humidity. we'll talk about that and some real cooler temperatures in the forecast that's coming up in about five minutes. >> kari, in the last five minutes we've seen this backup form just after i showed you the traffic by tesla, headed north from there, this crash at auto mall parkway, currently has all lanes of the nimitz blocked. we have three vehicles involved. hoping to get a better update soon. we'll track this, north 880 into fremont jammed up right now. breaking news for you, firefighters are making progress on a brush fire burning right now in the santa cruz mountains. it's northeast of boulder creek. so far, about ten acres have
5:43 am
burned. we checked in with cal fire. bear creek road is back open. crews remain on the scene overnight reinforcing containment li the fire started yesterday afternoon but it's unclear what caused it. it's 5:43 right now. a neighborhood in san jose is fed up. they say prostitutes are taking over an area where children play by day and where johns come out at night. the area is edwards avenue and sherman street south of downtown. a man who doesn't want to be identified says when the sun goes down, alleged sex workers hang out on the corner. he says that he's been waiting for seven years for police to take action. >> we've seen the girls get beat, get shot at by the pimps. that's not right. what's the city doing about it? >> we called san jose police. they say they are launching a report john program to reduce human trafficking and prostitution. it's an online forum where people can anonymously report this activity. >> 5:43.
5:44 am
this morning the jury in the ghost ship fire trial will continue its deliberations. last month three jurors were replaced, forcing the jury panel to restart those deliberations. the jury is still working to determine the fate of codefendants derick almena and max harris. each defendant is facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter after an oakland warehouse fire killed the same number of people in 2016. >> at 5:44, happening today, you can weigh in on a fast food battle in walnut creek. the city will meet once again to discuss a new amy's drive-through. a lot of people are worried about the traffic from the fast food chain. if it gets the green light, it will be built on main street. this is what it would look like. people living nearby think the dinner rush would congest the roads. amy's says it will present a revised plan that addresses today's hearing at city hall. it starts at 7:00 p.m. 5:44 for you right now. congress is not due back until next week but some members are returning early. >> scott mcgrew joins us now. they really are hoping to
5:45 am
strengthen some of these gun laws. >> yes, there have been four mass shootings laura, in the time that congress has been on break. they left july 26th, had gilroy two days later, el paso was a week after that, dayton was the following day, midland, odessa last weekend. so 53 americans have died in mass shootings during congress' cation. today the house judiciary committee will return early to talk about a new assault weapons ban and further restrictions on magazines. these are things that can easily pass that democratic committee, but they also got to get past the senate. remember mitch mcconnell has blocked previous bills though he says he will allow a universal background check bill if he's sure a majority of the senate would vote yes. i should point out to be totally accurate, this 53 is accurate up until today. congress does not meet until next monday. in six weekends since congress has been out there have been a mass shooting on four of those weekends.
5:46 am
vice president pence completed his one-day meeting with the irish prime minister, meeting here with leo vatikar and his husband in dublin. pence's meetings were in dublin. dublin is on the east side of the country. he stayed at president trump's golf course at doonberg. it's an hour's flight there and back again. the vice president explaining his choice said he wanted to meet family on this side and he says it's safer, he says. >> if you have a chance to get to doonberg, you'll find it's a fairly small place, and the opportunity to stay at trump national in doon bay to accommodate the unique footprint that comes with our security detail and other personnel, made it logical. >> other news, the pentagon has approved the funds designated by the president to build the wall using military money diverted from 127 other projects. the military has not said specifically what projects will be canceled to pay for the call. we're watching everything that's
5:47 am
happening in washington. follow me on twitter, you know where, @scottmcgrew. bay area native jared goff can afford maybe to move back to the bay area. the rams quarterback signed a new contract extension worth $134 million. it includes an nfl record $110 million guaranteed. goff went to marin catholic and cal ran the rams to the super bowl last season. trending this morning a massachusetts farm paying tribute to three-time super bowl champion. the owner created this corn maze to honor recently retired new england patriots tight end rob gronkowski. the gronk maze opens later as part of the farm's annual fall festival, features a depiction of his signature post touchdown spike, also with the phrase "thanks gronk" at the top and "ga pats" toward the bottom. gronk announced he was retiring in march, after nine nfl seasons.
5:48 am
now he has to find h way through the maze. what a tribute. interesting, right? >> yep. >> someday i hope someone makes a corn maze for me. >> put that on the list. >> one day. >> we're think beiing about fal. there is a fall festival happening this weekend, so we're going to have a cooldown headed our way, just in time. here is a look at the fog rolling across the bay and we see a clear view over san francisco right now, as you get ready to head out for your drive in pittsburg this morning, it's going to feel a little bit more humid, with some mid-60s. we are starting out with a fairly warm morning and it's going to be another hot day. we'll be already at 84 degrees at noon, reaching into the low 90s in that area. we're going to see oakland reaching 76. san jose looking at a high of 83 degrees. so we are just where we should be, and in santa rosa, reaching up to 85 degrees today. we're also keeping an eye on what's happening with the tropics, and hurricane dorian,
5:49 am
continuing to monitor that storm as it is just off the eastern coast of florida, and moving closer to georgia, with some of those outer rain bands. right now it is a category 2 hurricane. we are expecting this over the next several days to start to make a curve off toward the north and east, as it moves a little bit faster. we know just a couple of days ago it was stationary, but it's going to start to pick up in forward speed and also remain as a category 2 hurricane, and then weakening to a 1 on friday. this may still be an issue even going into the weekend, as we see it continuing to move off toward the north and east. here at home, we're going to have some nice and quiet weather, temperatures cooling off. our inland areas going from the upper 80s to the low 80s by saturday. we'll also have some breezy winds, and the lower humidity returning. san francisco expect it to be foggy and looking at upper 60s through the first part of the weekend. mike, you have a new traffic alert? >> i do, this is a bad spot, bad time for the commute, northbound 880 look at the steady set of
5:50 am
lights here, traveling north from tesla to auto mall parkway, quickly building as all lanes are reportedly blocked at auto mall parkway. three vehicles involved in the crash, they have two flatbed tow trucks head to the scene and zero vehicles are able to move. chp are arriving. the stream of headlights causing a distraction for the southbound commute. you saw it build as well coming down toward auto mall parkway from about mallory, you'll be tapping those brakes, continuing down. watch it between mallory and dixon landing road right now. 680 a good alternate for you but it starts to make that bend over in toward the tri-valley so it's a little tougher to get out of that area. the south bay will have folks cut off from the east bay for the time being, at least for that slowing so we'll watch for that and a slower build for the south bay and on the peninsula we have the other traffic alert, this is southbound 101, much less traffic impact but you're seeing some slowing now, south 101 the marsh on-ramp is closed by a deadly crash investigation that continues, also in the slow
5:51 am
lane, that's why we see more slowing for 101 south. you can enter at woodside or willow, those are your two alternates to either side of that closure which may continue there until 8:00 a.m. we have no update from chp on the hope for opening those lanes in fremont. i hope it's just another 15 minutes or so. demean while getting toward the bay bridge we have the backup at the toll plaza, the metering lights on, the typical time and you do see at least a little bit of movement for the fast track lanes but clearly the hov lanes the carpool three or more is your advantage. marcus, back to you. >> thanks, happening now, soldiers and firefighters in brazil are joining forces to combat one of many fires that have consumed large swathes of the country's amazon rain forest. the country's president is now making tens of thousands of troops available to help extinguish those fires after worldwide outrage. he also passed a decree banning most fires for land clearing for a period of 60 days, although he later limited that ban to the amazon. be careful what you eat. alarming new news about a
5:52 am
teenager who went blind. new this hour, the specific junk food diet he's been on for years, how it affected him. but first -- >> in the bible it tells you that -- >> i don't want to argue my faith. >> a wedding owner turns away a mixed race couple from getting married. new this hour the video and the reason she's apologizing. you're watching "today in the bay."
5:53 am
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learn more at 5:55 for you right now. here in the bay area, we've heard of self-driving cars but how does a self-cleaning car sound? >> really nice. a pennsylvania tech company are trying to make it a reality. apparently bugs and other gunk on the road make it harder for self-driving cars to run. so ford is developing a self-cleaning system to protect cameras and sensors. basically the car sprays off the sensors, but to dirty them up for testing the company created synthetic bird dropping to smear on camera lenses and a bug launcher to fire bugs at sensors at high speeds. i was hoping it would clean the back of the car. >> i was seeing that example. >> no kidding. trending this morning, the owner of a mississippi wedding
5:56 am
venue is apologizing for turning away an interracial couple. >> the groom's sister went to confront the owner and filmed the video, which went viral. here it is. >> first of all, we don't do gay weddings or mixed race. >> so why not -- >> it's christian belief. >> we're christians as well. so what in the bible tells you that -- >> well, i don't want to argue my faith. >> that's -- >> we just don't. >> woman from mississippi, know that area well. the groom and his black wife, he was white, and fiance is black. "as a child growing up in mississippi our racial boundaries that were unstated were that of staying with your own race."
5:57 am
going on she says "i have come to the conclusion my decision which was based on what i thought was correct to be supported by the bible was incorrect." the family tells nbc news that they accept the owner's apology. 5:57. and now to a shockingly painful sign of the times. a school specifically designed to keep students safe in case of an active shooter on campus. >> the $48 million project is the first school in the country specifically built to deter an attack. this is fruitport high school in west michigan. the building has hallways and classrooms with limited sight lines. there are bullet proof windows and a special system to lock down certain section of the school. the students like the new safety measures. >> i think it's a good thing. >> i don't have to think about if a shooter came in now. i can focus on spanish class. >> the school is open but construction will continue for a couple more years. 5:57 right now. the fight for criminal
5:58 am
justice reform has a new ally. ice cream. >> new this morning, ben & jerry's has a political flavor called remixed. the ice cream company is donating some proceeds to the advancement project national office which is a civil rights organization focused on racial justice. >> and that's why as more and more of us become woke to the hypocrisy, compassion leads us to speak out and to right those wrongs. >> if you're wondering how that sweet taste of justice tastes, the flavor features cinnamon and chocolate ice cream, gobs of cinnamon bun dough and spicy fudge brownies. >> a lot of sugar there. you don't have too much ice cream though because trending today, doctors say in the uk that a teenager's poor diet actually caused him to buigo bl. >> the 14-year-old boy described as a fussy eater went to the doctor complaining he was tired.
5:59 am
blood tests showed he was anemic and hello b12 levels. but within three years, he was deficient in many nutrients, and he'd actually completely lost his sight. the boy admitted that he'd only eaten chips, french fries, white bread, sausage, and processed ham since elementary school. >> not a good diet. >> not at all. no connection to in and out by the way. right now at 6:00, coping with the loss. >> people missing. my gosh. >> we're hearing from family and friends of the people who died in the deadly boat fire. the lives they lived and the legacies they leave behind. plus -- >> it's going to be a long road and there's nothing to go in and patch up. it has to be a full rebuild. >> on the move, hurricane dorian getting closer to the u.s., as the storm leaves a trail of devastation. coming up next, a look at what's left behind in the bahamas.
6:00 am
and preserving the bay. the big step today to ovhaul one community's sanitation system to protect the water for all of us. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you. thanks for starting your morning with "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. mike has word on acrash. >> we have two traffic alerts, the biggest backup is over in fremont right now, and our chopper sky ranger arrived there. you see our traffic maps right here and showing you the backup northbound 880 as you're jammed up toward automall parkway. all lanes are reported blocked because of this crash. if we can get that chopper shot we can show you the actual crash itself. meanwhile we'll show you the backup getting up to the scene, four miles from almost mission boulevard up to this scene right here, chopper is overhead, showing you around the left side three vehicles were reported involved in this crash. it didn't sound as bad as it looks. we see major damage to a couple of those vehicles right there near the cenr


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