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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 4, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and preserving the bay. the big step today to ovhaul one community's sanitation system to protect the water for all of us. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you. thanks for starting your morning with "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. mike has word on acrash. >> we have two traffic alerts, the biggest backup is over in fremont right now, and our chopper sky ranger arrived there. you see our traffic maps right here and showing you the backup northbound 880 as you're jammed up toward automall parkway. all lanes are reported blocked because of this crash. if we can get that chopper shot we can show you the actual crash itself. meanwhile we'll show you the backup getting up to the scene, four miles from almost mission boulevard up to this scene right here, chopper is overhead, showing you around the left side three vehicles were reported involved in this crash. it didn't sound as bad as it looks. we see major damage to a couple of those vehicles right there near the center divide and a slew of others over on the right
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shoulder. this is more than three vehicles, this is major damage, look at that, that white van as well as that pickup truck, two pickup trucks stopped behind but one smashed in the front. this scene fire crews are on scene, waiting for a number of tow trucks as well. fremont pd has been called out to assist as well as about ten chp officers i'm told, saw on the report have been called to that scene as well. we're tracking that, as folks travel southbound, you see that the distraction is there, folks traveling from the right side to the left as well. so both directions as you go in. northbound 880 is jammed up toward automall parkway by this crash. another crash on the peninsula back out to the maps, i want to show you that as well, southbound 101 you'll slow toward redwood city. i'll show outen the map coming up, over on the peninsula side south 101 slowing toward marsh, the second sig alert, traffic alert is going on there because of a deadly crash that happened overnight. traffic much lighter on the peninsula, kari, that's a little bit of a break right now. >> we're starting out with high
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humidity this morning, as we get a live look outside in walnut creek, as the sun comes up, it is a nice start to the day. headed into the rest of the day, it will still be warm in those spots, going from the low 60s this morning to about 85 by early this afternoon. look at our high temperatures, we're back in the low 90s in the inland east bay as well as the north bay. low 80s in san jose, so more on this and also a look ahead to the weekend, coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you very much, kari. 6:02 right now. this morning, the identities of many of the 34 victims in that deadly boat fire off the coast of santa barbara we're starting to learn more about them, starting to emerge. it's been a full two days since we first learned of that fire. these are just some of the photos of the victims that we've been able to gather so far. most of those that were killed are from northern california. we're trying to bring you as many of their life stories as we can. a father and daughter from los altos lost their lives. scott and kendra chan shared a love of the ocean.
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scott left his job in tech to become a physics teacher because he wanted to help students. michael and his wife took their daughters on the boat celebrating a birthday. relatives are in profound grief. >> people are missing. >> reporter: and to hear it's somebody -- >> to actually put the family to it, that's even worse. >> as of last night, divers had recovered the remains of 20 of the 34 victims. a team of ntsb investigators now in santa barbara trying to determine what sparked that infer inferno. they plan to interview the five crew members who survived. our bob redell will have a live update from fremont american high school where one who perished worked, coming up in about 30 minutes. 6:03 for you right now. coverage of hurricane dorian on the move this morning. this is a category 2 storm, making its way to the east coast, and it's bringing dangerously close to communities
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in florida, all the way up to virginia. many are under evacuation this morning, and it comes after a full strike in the bahamas that lasted almost two days. that storm is to blame for at least seven deaths so far. "today in the bay's" jay gray is in savannah, georgia, this morning, for us with more. >> reporter: as dorian inches toward the coast, we're getting a closer look now at the devastation the storm left behind. abaco in the bahamas battered and broken, communities splintered, others swallowed by floodwaters, the island ravaged. >> absolute devastation, and it really is heartbreaking just from the air, it looks completely leveled. >> reporter: images serve as a stark warning for those now in the path of the storm. >> this is not a storm to mess with as we have seen how deadly it was when it went across the bahamas. >> reporter: across the southeast. >> is this one go in the car? >> reporter: families are packing up and pulling out, busloads leaving savannah for
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higher ground. >> says to leave when you have the opportunity to leave. >> reporter: from florida through the carolinas, more than 1 million people have been told to evacuate, ahead of what could be hurricane force winds, flooding rains and a storm surge in communities from florida to virginia. >> the water is just coming over and i'm worried about our beach. it's beautiful. don't want it to get ruined. >> reporter: as dorian makes its way north, just off the coast. if the storm makes landfall, the most likely scenario is late this week, along the outer banks of north carolina. jay gray, nbc news, savannah. >> 6:05. this is a move that could help clean up san francisco's bay, the change coming to san mateo, where today the city will break ground on a new water waste treatment plan. this haseen ars in the making. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in san mateo with what this will mean for the community and the rest of the bay. kris? >> reporter: hi there, marcus. as you said, this has been in the planning for years now, but
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some folks here in san mateo have been fighting it every step of the way. the city of san mateo has not had a choice in the matter, they needed to overhaul their waste water sewage system. this is what was happening as recently as 2016, raw sewage bubbling out of manholes, spilling on to streets and then into the san francisco bay. the state ordered san mateo to eliminate overflows like that one. so the underground tank is part of a billion-dollar modernization of san mateo's clean water program. the 5-million gallon sewage storm basin would only be used in storms otherwise it would remain dry. in our prior reporting the manager of the city's clean water program told us that this not only will the water be cleaner when it comes out of here, so, too, will the air, so at this point, it seems like it will even smell better than it does today. the groundbreaking is happening at 10:00 this morning. in san mateo, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> sounds like a good improvement coming that way. thanks, kris.
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6:06 right now. new this morning, the san francisco board of supervisors declaring the nra as a domestic terrorist organization, after citing some statistics about gun violence across the u.s., city leaders voted to pass that resolution yesterday. they're now urging other city states, even the federal government to follow suit. the nra has responded saying the declaration is a "ludicrous stunt" and the group will continue to work to protect the constitutional rights of all freedom-loving americans. now that comes as walmart is jumping into the national controversy on gun violence. the retail giant announced it's further restricting sales of guns and ammunition and urging congress to do something. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live from washington with reaction on this. tracie? >> laura, reaction includes the nra saying that this is a bad idea. gun rights advocates also. but gun control advocates applauding walmart for no more handgun sales in their stores. they banned most of them in the
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'90s. alaska was the last state where they sold them. they'll now ban them there as well, plus nationwide no ammunition for either assault weapons or handguns sold in walmart stores and they're asking people not to carry weapons openly in their stores, after the most recent shootings. a lot of advocates as i said applauding walmart for this move. the white house says they're just going to focus on congress. >> those are weapons of war. they should not be found on our streets. >> walmart leadership is stepping up to the vacuum they see from washington leadership. >> now a white house official has said or an administration official has said the white house is looking at what kind of gun laws would the president be willing to support? they're looking at everything from stronger background checks to red flag laws in states like california, that would restrict weapons to people who are deemed
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to be a threat. laura? >> one to continue to follow. tracie potts live from washington, thank you so much. 6:08 for you right now. this morning, christmas hill park in gilroy is back open. leaders held a moment of silence for the victims of last month's mass shooting there during the gilroy garlic festival. there is a memorial where visitors can pay their respects. it is 6:09 right now. we have a feeling the sense of humidity in the air that's a lovely live look behind you, kari. >> i'm loving these views this morning, as we take a live look outside from our san bruno mountain cam over san francisco, you can see the fog rolling by and the city kind of peeking out from behind the fog, and then we head down to the south bay, with also a beautiful sunrise, a few clouds dotting the sky and this is what we'll see throughout much of the day. let's head farther north to milpitas, as you get up and get the kids ready for school this morning, you're stepping out the door to some low 60s, and we'll see some partly cloudy skies through about 11:00, reaching
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into the low 80s by the time that last school bell rings. here is a look at our microclimates and what to expect for this afternoon, we're ranging anywhere from 68 in san francisco to 93 in ukiah, and livermore today reaching 90 degrees. so more on this forecast coming up. mike, you're still tracking the two traffic alerts. >> that's right, kari. we'll start with sky ranger over the nimitz freeway. the northbound side of the nimitz out of the south bay hopeless as you travel over the area. we saw the backup on 880 from our view across from tesla, that was jammed solid. right here just above my name is actually where the crash continues. we see no lanes moving northbound. that's the reason why, currently we have between 45 minutes and an hour from milpitas past dixon landing road and getting toward fremont. let's get back off of the chopper shot and we can show you the jam solid to the north of here north of automall parkway is where the crash is. i'm told that chp is getting folks off of the nimitz on to radio automall parkway that will
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flood traffic on automall, trying to get toward 680 that's going to flood 680 as well. better idea instead of going to 680 and traveling north t goes opposite, you want to get toward cherry or the other surface streets and take it up here, cedar is another major one, cushing all surface streets but don't take a straight shot alongside 880. that is an issue for traffic by pacific commons center, just off the automall exit. the other traffic alert other side of the bay, we'll give you a second to look at the rest of your commute. fremont a horrible backup and scene that's investigating with southbound 101, the closure continues for the southbound 101 slow lane as well as the marsh on-ramp there in menlo park because of an overnight deadly crash there. we're told this closure might last until 8:00 a.m. causing a slowdown, it will start to build over the next 45 minutes. getting toward the bay bridge toll plaza the predictable backup because of the metering
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lights and no problems for contra costa county. back to you. >> 6:11. next and all new this hour, take a look at this brand new book, there's an all new dr. seuss book out now, the message the kids and the cast of characters making a comeback. i'm wracking my brains trying to come one rhymes but can't do it. the markets fell on tuesday. we'll bring you the numbers when "today in the bay" continues.
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good wednesday morning. coming up on 6:15. in concord we have another really warm day. we're back in the low 90s by early this afternoon. there will be a slight cooldown in the forecast, i'll have a look at that in less than five minutes. >> skyranger zooming in, folks trying to get off the exit, by tesla. the backup on the approach, the stream of lights coming toward us is northbound 880 jammed up for over four miles headed toward automall parkway. the southbound side is jammed up as well. a big problem for fremont and another traffic alert on the peninsula. we'll sort this all out coming up. and good morning. very happy wednesday. youtube announced it would pay $170 million to the ftc as part of a settlement and it claims it violated child privacy laws as part of its youtube video.
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the other thing to talk about today the red arrows on wall street, this is concern over the chinese tariffs, among other things. one stock that's in the green, kind of a total surprise is walmart. walmart has huge exposure to tariffs on chinese made products. think about it, its shelves are full of them. walmart's ceo says the stores will start limiting what ammunition it sells joining dick's sporting goods and taking a stand and will ask its customers in open carry states to stop carrying guns into its stores even if they're legally entitled to. underreported is the other thing walmart's ceo did. he asked congress to pass universal background checks, that say big statement coming from america's biggest retailers. back to the markets. i was warning you yesterday that september is traditionally very hard on the markets, losing 1% over the course of the monday on average. the dow lost more than 1% yesterday.
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you've got the tariffs worries and factory data showing the first slowdown in production in three years. the institute for supply management says new orders are the lowest in seven years. we knew a bunch of states, actually 30 of them, were talking about teaming up and investigating google. now "the washington post" says that investigation is for sure going to happen and the states will announce the details next monday. this is bipartisan. attorneys general from both parties looking into how google may try to snuff out competition. you remember that company cloudflare and its ceo made news recently when it said it would withdraw support for 8chan. he'd headed toward an ipo, price range between $10 and $12, valuing it at $3.5 billion. lots of chinese iphone users are talking about a new app that maps your face on leonardo dicaprio's body in the movie. this twitter user alan cha
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posted this. it's his face in leonardo dicaprio movie. that looks really good. >> it really does. >> this is apparently the most downloaded app in all of china. now, i know you're wanting to do this yourself. who wouldn't, right? you have to have a chinese phone number for this to work. i think it's a copyright issue. >> okay. >> obviously there are a lot of american app makers going most downloaded app? i'm on it. >> just may be a matter of time. >> a matter of days. >> isn't that a gorgeous sunrise behind us? >> that's real. >> it is. that's right. for kids of all ages, we have some good news. there is another book out by the late dr. seuss. it's a book called "the horse museum" and it was never quite done but his editors came together and could you say have h some fun. they filled in the sketches and rounded out the rhyme and the expert on sus says you'll have a great time. >> "the horse museum" teaches
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children about art and how to look at how different people can look at the same object, in this case a horse and see it in completely different ways. >>that is an expert from the dr. seuss library in san diego that helped provide illustrations by the book, the widow of dr. seuss discovered a few years ago. it was in the same box as the unfinished work of "what pet should i get?" first published in 2015. so many classic there is. >> the grinch and "the cat in the hat" in there as well. >> sometimes you get a song you hear for the rest of the day? i bet most at home are trying to think of rhymes. >> hop on pop. >> getting through the day. what do you say, kari? >> i say it's beautiful out there. i can't think of a rhyme. >> oh the places you'll go. >> we'll take that. we're going to start out with a beautiful sunrise. i wanted to talk about that. as we take that look outside in san jose, it is amazing.
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this is what some monsoonal moisture can do to the bay area as we wake up. this is surging in from the desert southwest, and we're seeing more clouds moving in. we are watching out for a slight chance there could be what we call some dry lightning, some of these clouds if they get tall enough could produce lightning. the rain evaporates before it hits the ground. things are looking dry but also not seeing any lightning, we'll continue to monitor that for you. as we go throughout the day in campbell, we'll still see the clouds through about noon and it's going to feel a little bit more sticky out there, as we go into the morning, early afternoon, it's going to be in the low 80s but it will probably feel a little bit hotter than that, and then we still have some warm temperatures in spots like antioch. we start out at 64 degrees as you're walking to school. we're at 76 degrees at lunch time and reaching into the upper 80s as you head back during that pickup line you'll have the air continuing on. in concord expect a high of 91
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degrees and clearlake it's up to 92, while san francisco stays in the upper 60s with the fog staying near the coast. we will at times see some clearing in the city but the rest of the bay area will have a few passing clouds and once again some slightly more humidity but we'll also be watching out for a chance that some of that monsoonal moisture could cause storms to develop over the sierra. here we look good throughout the day. if you're going out to the a's game this evening, it's going to be cool and also quite breezy with temperatures dropping back to the mid-60s. our seven-day forecast shows humidity today as well as a few more clouds tomorrow, but then it starts to dry out, headed into the weekend. we'll also cool down with a stronger ocean breeze and it will feel nice especially on saturday and a gradual warmup sunday into early next week, with san francisco staying in the upper 60s. mike, you have skyrange ever ov the fremont crash. >> traffic alerts on two sides of the bay, this is the east bay
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and skyranger is over the scene. i'll step in and try to talk you through what's going on. you see that set of lights traveling the wrong direction on the freeway, because no traffic is traveling northbound past the scene of this crash. hopefully that means one flatbed tow truck arrived, that might be what's going on here. chopper showing you right here, let me get out of the way, reorient, northbound coming tord me is jammed up past automall parkway. you see the folks on the on-ramp, too, do not enter 880 anywhere south of automall parkway. this is a problem. we'll look at the waze system as we mapped out the time and waze shows you almost an hour delay as you travel north from mission boulevard all the way past the scene of the crash at automall and just past. anywhere north of dakota, the dumbarton bridge, even stephenson, you're okay getting up toward the area but this is a huge problem for folks traveling from the south bay into fremont. alternates as we get to our maps system a lot of major surface streets wiggling around, cushing boulevard, fremont boulevard,
6:23 am
cherry by pacific commons. that is a huge area and a tough time and that distraction is also for the southbound commute direction as you're coming down out of union city and in toward fremont as well. notice that 680 is great if you can choose between the two, if you're over here in this area around niles, choose 680 this morning. the other traffic alert we're looking at is on the other side of the bay, south bay is just fine. it's the peninsula getting down to the south bay, a slowdown continues to build, south 101. overnight crash there after 1:30, got reported to chp. the slow lane and the marsh on-ramp are closed to southbound 101, that may continue toward 8:00, that will be a big problem for the peninsula, that is the time things are building up out of that area and the buildup at the bay bridge toll plaza. thank goodness the approaches there are moving smoothly. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it's 6:23. a pair of historic hirings for one north bay police department, we'll introduce you.
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new at 6:00, 6:26 right now, santa rosa police department making history. >> the department just swore in its first latino chief of police. ray navarro worked for the santa rosa police department for his entire 27-year law enforcement career. he said he is humbled to lead the organization. santa rosa police department is also adding its first ever female lieutenant, janine cooker, was also promoted this week. congratulations to them both. still ahead this morning,
6:27 am
major update out of hong kong overnight. the decision that may end protests in that city. all new this hour, when san francisco will pull cable cars from city streets and how long they'll be gone. >> whether or not we knew them personally, it's a small community. >> mourners continue to pay respects to victims of a dive boat fire in southern california. coming up next, we're hearing from people who knew a fremont teacher and his daughter, who were killed. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:30, taking a live look outside, this time from the south bay, take a look at the sunrise over san jose this morning. it's a nice start to our day. >> it is. beautiful start to the day. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we want to keep it going for you this morning. meteorologist kari hall is tracking what we can expect throughout the bay area today with the temperatures. not too bad today. >> not bad at all. it will start out nice and mild, beautiful sunrises because we do see a little bit more humidity moving in, some monsoonal moisture and you're going to feel that as you head out the door. this is a look from emeryville toward the bay bridge in san francisco, starting out with a few low clouds but that commute from pittsburg starts out with some mid-60s, and we'll see it quickly warming up there as we go throughout the day. we will still have some hot spots for the inland valleys. i'll have a look at the weekend forecast coming up in about
6:31 am
seven minutes, and mike, you have a warning for fremont commuters. >> i do, a huge jam for 880 both directions toward automall parkway. you see the reason, traffic stopped as we have a number of flatbed tow trucks loading up one, two, another flatbed tow truck there and a number of vehicles but it looks like possibility of opening a couple of lanes over the next 15 minutes because they've got actually a couple, look at here the van, that was pulled off of this overturned vehicle and yet we're not hearing about any major injuries thank goodness, that vehicle is on its back as if it was pinned by that van, that was on top of it. we're tracking details but doesn't look like severe because they expect to cleared roadways soon. we show you the big jam up approaching three or four miles from mission up to just shy of auto mall parkway, just past where folks are forced off the freeway. 680 if it's your option, go for it p cher ris pass, auto mall and the pacific commons mall are good options for surface streets.
6:32 am
we're tracking a traffic alert but redwood city, slowing for south 101. i'll talk more about that coming up. back to you. >> thank you, mike. the search for clues into what sparked monday's earlyinfe sufficient the coast of santa barbara. >> divers recovered the remains of 20 victims. near the berth where the boat normally docked, relatives have been joining complete strangers to remember the 34 people who are now presumed dead. many of the victims from northern california. the people who we have pictures of you see right here, and this morning, bob redell is live at freedom high school in fremont, where one of them worked and bob, he had a long history of teaching in the bay area.
6:33 am
>> reporter: correct, marcus. the fremont unified school district tweeted out its condolences for scott chan and his family. he was a physics teacher. chan was on board the "conception" with his daughter, kendra chan, for what was supposed to be a three-day excursion to share his love of exploring the ocean. his other passion was teaching. a neighbor tells us scott left his job in tech to become a physics teacher because he wanted to help students. according to his linkedin profile, he'd also taught physics at cupertino high in fremont, carlmont high in belmont and also in san mateo. and he often visited his daughter kendra in southern california, where she worked as a wildlife biologist, one of them a dive off santa cruz island two years ago yesterday. scott chan prepared for their adventures at pacific scuba divers in sunnyvale. where we spoke with the manager. >> he bought equipment and rented tanks and things like that. he frequents the dive sites in monterey and in southern california. everybody up here, they're really trying to grasp
6:34 am
the reality of so many divers for that to happen all at one time. >> reporter: the store manager says he isn't sure if they know any of the other divers on board the "conception" because the list of names has not yet been released. kendra chan's brother writing on facebook, i'm quoting, i'll miss you and your love for all things outdoors and underwater. reporting live in fremont, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> this has affected so many people. bob, thank you for that report. >> so sad, as we learn more and more about some of the victims. right now we continue to compile stories about the them and everything else we're learning about the dive boat tragedy, read about them now at if investigators hold another news conference we'll stream it for you on our home page and mobile app. there is word leaders in hong kong have withdrawn the extradition bill at the center of weeks of escalations tensions with china.
6:35 am
this comes amidst continued protests in a city-wide strike in hong kong. the bill would have allowed residents to be sent to china for trials despite ongoing concerns about china's threat to hong kong's democracy, leaders still insist the one country two systems relationship will continue. seven crew members aboard an oil tanker seized by iran will be released. iran's revolutionary guard seized contrf the "stena emporo" in july as it was travel through the strait of hormuz. it was done in retaliation after the british seized the iranian oil tanker weeks before, for allegedly breaking european union sanctions. iranian officials have not given a clear answer for seizing this tanker. >> 6:35. hurricane dorian turning its attention on the southeast coast. this is a look at what it is right now. look at it churning out there. the category 2 storm on a course
6:36 am
that will bring it dangerously close to communities from florida all the way up to virginia. this comes after a full-on strike in the bahamas that lasted almost two days. it was a category 5 when it made landfall there. the storm is to blame for at least seven deaths so far. communities in the bahamas are splintered and others just swallowed by those floodwaters. many residents say they're in disbelief. >> absolute devastation, and it really is heartbreaking. just from the air, it looks completely level. >> now from florida through the carolinas, more than 1 million people have been told to evacuate. this morning, bay area emergency responders now on the ground in dorian's next strike zone. they're just waiting for the impact there. 45 members made up of firefighters from 15 east bay agencies flew from menlo park to
6:37 am
charlotte last night to get ahead of the storm. their mission is to search large disaster areas and conduct water rescues. >> they will be going out with inflatable boats, floatation devices, search equipment, search cameras, search dogs. >> our local crews could be there quite a while, depending on how hard the storm tears into the carolinas. san francisco's iconic cable cars will be going out of service for ten days so the city can replace their gear boxes. be sure to mark your calendar because according to "the chronicle" the shutdown starts next tuesday. shuttle bus us will run along the hyde, hanson and california lines. bus also stop near the cable car turntables. >> we'll get a chance to jump on them again but for those who come throughout the world. >> those who get the tours, bummer. >> stay a little longer. >> folks have to stay a little longer unfortunately a couple of huge spots today. i'll take you first to an unpleasant news, video we got from earlier this morning about
6:38 am
1:30, we had this crash, a vehicle this flatbed truck right here was hit by another vehicle in which someone died, south 101, coming through menlo park. back out to the map and show you we still have the slow lane closed southbound 101 at marsh and the on-ramp to south 101 from marsh. woodside, willow are your options. chp staying on 280 down the peninsu peninsula. as we look at the rest of the map, looking toward the fremont side, the east bay where we're showing this big jam northbound is jammed, so is the southbound commute, crash blocked all lanes of northbound 880, let's check this crash from sky ranger, still loading up a number of vehicles, that flat bed tow truck loading a pickup, we had a van, another overturned vehicle and i've seen four vehicles loaded on to flatbed tow trucks, hoping to reopen a couple of lanes in the next few minutes. right now they have to make sure everybody is safe and that especially includes the crew that's on the freeway north 880
6:39 am
at auto mall parkway is jammed right now. consider surface streets. anywhere north of stephenson you're okay. >> sounds good. right now a lot of people getting back from the holiday weekend. >> we're looking forward to the next one. >> right, it's going to be cooler this upcoming weekend, festivals really going into high gear, and so we're going to have a lot of events to enjoy the nice fall-like weather for some. the bay will reach up to about 76 degrees. some of our warmer inland valleys will only make it up to about 82 and the coast staying in the upper 60s. slightly warmer on sunday, if you're going to be out there enjoying some time outside, expect it to be breezy with highs for the bay and inland reaching into the 80s. this weekend rvthe castro valle fall festival, going to feel like fall with highs only reaching up to about 74 degrees in the middle of the day, and it's going to also be very nice and comfortable at the art and wine festival in mountain view. this is happening on castro street on saturday and it's going to start out in the upper
6:40 am
60s, reaching about 76 degrees at 3:00 in the afternoon. if you're going to monterey this weekend, it's only going to reach up to about 69 degrees and a lot of clouds rolling by with peeks of sunshine and some nicer hiking weather for yosemite this weekend, with the temperature cooling off from friday through sunday, will reach into the upper 60s by the end of the weekend. if you're keeping it a little bit closer to home, going hiking in muir woods, expect highs up to about 70 degrees this saturday. we'll talk about today's temperature trend, that's coming up in three minutes. >> thanks, kari. 6:40. coming up next on "today in the bay," pair of fires burning right now in northern california, including in the santa cruz mountains. coming up next, how big they are, and where the fire fight stands this morning. also today, citing juul, the plan to combat the ecig company pushing to sell in san francisco. preserving the bay, the big
6:41 am
step to overhaul one community's sanitation system to protect the water for all of us. in washington some members of congress will return early to push for gun laws. let's take you out to the big board in new york city, making up some ground, the dow lost yesterday, up 200 points. you're watching "today in the bay."
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so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. the time now is 6:43. as you head out the door it feels humid outside because we're going to have some monsoonal moisture coming in today and that's going to make for a muggy one. in walnut creek it's also going to be very warm, combine that with the humidity, and not the most comfortable day but it's going to feel much nicer by the weekend. a look at that coming up in less
6:44 am
than five minutes. >> and one is better than none, one northbound lane of 880 just reopened seconds ago. i've seen a number of vehicles clear, mostly chp and debris north 880, jammed up, you see more vehicles on the shoulder there at auto mall parkway. you are jammed out of milpitas for about four miles. we'll talk about what else developed and the other traffic alert we're tracking. it's know not just fremont. it's 6:44 right now. drivers may soon be saying good-bye to cash lanes on bay area bridges. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. there's a new push to convert entirely to electronic tolling like the golden gate bridge. the mtc is voting on a new contract today. drivers would pay with fastrak or received a bill in the mail. supporters say the change could save drivers up to five minutes. the bay bridge would be last in the eventual conversion order. today the city of san mateo will break ground on a sewage
6:45 am
project that would serve the city and protect the bay as part of the city's waste water treatment system to keep raw sewage from flowing into the bay. this is what was happening as recently as 2016. raw sewage bubbling out of manholes in the city into the streets and on into the bay. the new project is part of a cou court ordered fix. groundbreaking scheduled for this morning at 10:00. new details in the ongoing debate over whether to ban or regulate ecigarettes. today a group called san francisco kids versus big tobacco plans to rally against proposition c outside of city hall asking voters to keep vaping legal, despite the ban enacted by city leaders in june. you may have seen tv spots, billboards and other ads for proposition c. san francisco-based juul has spent more than $4 million on the campaign. juul sued to stop the fda over its review of the long-term
6:46 am
effects. new detailers firefighters making progress on a brush fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. it's northeast of boulder creek. so far, about ten acres have burned. we checked in with cal fire. bear creek road is back open. crews remain on the scene overnight reinforcing containment lines. the fire started yesterday afternoon but it's unclear what caused it. in the sierra, new video showing a wildfire burning in el dorado county. this morning, firefighters are making progress south of tahoe. so far it has burned 85 acres and it is about 25% contained. it started yesterday afternoon. at least three structures have been destroyed, two firefighters have suffered minor injuries, while battling those flames. >> 6:46. developing this morning, police in the tri-valley credit an alert neighbor for helping nab three teenagers accused in a string of car break-ins.
6:47 am
here are some of the items recovered from the suspects. they say a woman heard glass breaking outside of her home near st. augustine church and called 911. police stopped a car driving with its lights off. the recovered items are from at least a dozen different nearby break-ins. happening today, you can weigh in on a fast food battle in walnut creek. the city will meet once again to discuss a new amy's drive-through. a lot of people are worried about the traffic that could be coming from the fast food chain, if it gets to set up shop. if it gets the green light, it will be built on main street. this is what it would look like. a rendering. people living nearby think the dinner rush would congest the roadways around there. amy's says it will present a revised plan that addresses the traffic concerns at today's hearing at city hall. at 7:00 tonight. >> 6:47. congress is not due back until next week but some members are returning early. >> scott mcgrew they hope to strengthen gun laws. >> yes, there have been four mass shootings laura, in the
6:48 am
time that congress has been on break. congress left july 26th. so you had gilroy two days later, el paso was a week after that, dayton was the following day, midland, odessa last weekend. so 53 americans have died in mass shootings during congress' vacation. today the house judiciary committee will return early to talk about a new assault weapons ban and further restrictions on magazines. these are things that can easily pass that democratic committee, but they also got to get past the senate. remember mitch mcconnell has blocked previous bills though he says he will allow a universal background check bill if he's sure a majority of the senate would vote yes. i should point out by the way this number 53 is accurate up until today. congress does not meet until next monday. in six weekends since congress has been out there have been a mass shootings on four of them. vice president pence completed his one-day meeting with the irish prime minister,
6:49 am
earlier i said the other gentleman was the prime minister's husband. my mistake, they are not married but long time partners. pence's meetings were in dublin. dublin is on the east side of the country. he stayed at president trump's golf course on the west side of the city. it's an hour's flight there and back again. the vice president explaining his choice said he wanted to meet family on this side and he says it's safer, he says. >> if you have a chance to get to doonberg, you'll find it's a fairly small place, and the opportunity to stay at trump national in doon bay to accommodate the unique footprint that comes with our security detail and other personnel, made it logical. this morning the vice president is denying reports his boss and the owner of the resort president trump had suggested that he and his detail stay at doonber doonbe beg.
6:50 am
mark schwartz said the idea started with the president. "i don't think it was a request, like a command. i think it was a suggestion." we may not have heard the last of this. this is easy pickin's for congress. we'll follow everything that happens and talk about it on twitter, find me @scottmcgrew. a bay area football star just signed a record contract extension. jared goff's new deal is worth $134 million. $110 million is guaranteed. it is an nfl record. goff starred at cal and before that marin catholic. he led the rams to the super bowl last year. >> good for him. >> um-hum. >> nice. just thinking about it now. >> a lot to take in. >> okay, you sit and ponder that. >> job well done.
6:51 am
>> get you something else to ponder, a beautiful sunrise this morning as you get ready to head out the door. we're going to feel a little bit more humidity as the monsoonal moisture comes from the desert southwest into the bay area. take a look at that. we can just hang on this shot for a while, as i talk about the reason why we are seeing these clouds. we are going to feel that mugginess once again, that surge of monsoonal moisture causing us to get more clouds and we're also watching out for a slight chance there could be some lightning strikes over the next couple of hours, as these clouds continue to build, if we get enough energy to get taller clouds, any rain will evaporate before hitting the ground and there may be that lightning especially in the higher elevations, so just watching out for that slight chance, but we're all going to feel this humidity, as you step out the door in milpitas for the start of the school day. walking to school, it's going to be in the low 60s, and at least it starts out comfortable, with a mugginess and temperatures in the low 80s. your walk home is going to be quite uncomfortable. we're still looking at some very warm temperatures for our inland
6:52 am
east bay, going through our hour by hour outlook, we see some upper 80s by 2:00 today, in livermore, as well as antioch, napa 84 degrees. oakland at about 76 degrees, and some spots will briefly hit the low 90s, and then come back down as we go into this evening. i'm also still tracking what's happening with hurricane dorian as this system continues to move just off the east coast of florida, as a category 2 hurricane, and it is expected to bring some of those outer rain bands and some storm surge to florida, and then continuing to move a little bit more quickly going into the next several days, by friday we're going to see it just off the north carolina coast, and then moving back out into the atlantic, as it quickly races off towards the north and east. we'll continue to monitor that while we enjoy some nice weather here in the bay area. this is a look at the inland forecast. once that humidity drops our temperatures come down and saturday is the nicest day of the weekend, with some of our warmer spots reaching the low 80s.
6:53 am
mike, do you have any better news for the nimitz? >> it doesn't look great but we'll show you the shot from fremont, looking up here. there is the overcrossing and the truck scales up to auto mall parkway. the good news you saw if you saw a few minutes ago chopper showed one lanes, perhaps two by now, northbound 880 starting to creep and crawl. we'll show you the waze system where you have a big backup though and waze translates it to a delay, north 880 traveling toward auto mall and the closure and the crash. we have one mile which takes 38 minutes. 40 minutes for that mile, there's cushing parkway and fremont boulevard. waze will get you a more creative way to get around that, nbc bay area wazers will help you on that road. out to our maps system the jam from basically mission all the way up to auto mall parkway. the distraction for the southbound side minimizing as the crews clear. we still have lanes blocked though, a few lanes north 880 jamming you up out of milpitas toward fremont.
6:54 am
south bay kicking in but we have the other traffic alert which happened early this morning, called a traffic alert for southbound 101 and now you really in the last ten minutes have seen a lot more slowing south 101 from woodside down to marsh road, where the slow lane is blocked by a deadly crash investigation. the on-ramp from marsh is also blocked so you'll use willow that's an option to the south to get back on to southbound 101 and continue about your day. it's getting crowded menlo park and palo alto. that is a big concern because they think the lanes may stay closed until 8:00 a.m. 280 is a good option. san mateo bridge standard flow. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 6:54. happening now, soldiers and firefighters in brazil joining forces to combat one of the many fires that have consumed large swathes of the country's amazon forest. the country's president is now making tens of thousands of troops available to help extinguish the fires in the rain forest, after a worldwide outrage. he's also passed a decree
6:55 am
banning most fires from land clearing for a period of 60 days, although he later limited that ban to the amazon. and next here on "today in the bay," a quick look at the top stories, including families and friends of those people who died in that deadly dive boat fire, reflecting on the lives they lived and the legacy they leave behind. nd later, a "today" show exclusive, princess diana's brother shares his emotional journey to normandy to uncover their father's secret untold war story. more news for you after the break. it 6:55. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪
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welcome back to you. before you head out the door, here are the top stories we're covering on "today in the bay." >> new from the peninsula, as mike has been mentioning, at least one person is dead after a crash on 101 just south of marsh road in menlo park before 1:30. chp says the vehicle hit the back of a flatbed truck before leaving the highway, and into an embankment. the driver died. they have not identified the driver just yet. southbound lanes are still closed right now. mike has a work-around in just a moment. this morning, the identities of many of the victims in the deadly southern california boat fire are starting to emerge. it's now been a full two days since we first learned of the fire. there are photos of some of the 34 victims, many of those who died were from northern california including five members of the same stockton family. their relatives are feeling profound grief. >> oh, yeah, they're always in the water. >> a father and daughter from
6:59 am
los altos lost their lives, scott and kendra chan shared a love of the ocean. he was a physics teacher at american high school in fremont, also taught at sarah high school. in a few minutes on the "today" show, miguel almaguer will be live in santa barbara with the latest on the investigation. we're closely tracking the markets today. here is a look at the big board right now. you can see stocks are up 164 points right now. the easing tensions in hong kong after leaders withdrew a controversial extradition bill. some investors feared the continued protests could hinder u.s./china trade talks. >> i cannot get over the sunrise that we're seeing over here. >> it's going to be more humid today with inland areas reaching into the upper 80s, and then cooling off in time for the weekend. >> all right, mike, last look at what we can deal with the commute. >> two traffic alerts. we have south 101, one lane blocked and the marsh on-ramp blocked as you talk about the deadly crash, we continue to
7:00 am
follow. maybe as late as 8:00 a.m. no major injuries at the fremont but a major backup. >> we're back in half an hour. >> have a great morning. the entire southeast in its path. in the bahamas, the devastation left behind. >> worse than anything i could have imagined. >> home after home leveled. airports and roads swallowed by the ocean. the unfolding emergency next. no survivors. the coast guard calls off its search in that devastating boat fire in california. families imourning. >> the thing that is holding me together is that she has left this world doing something that she loved. >> this morning, what passengers faced in the final frantic moments and what could have caused it.


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