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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 5, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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we are live in san pablo with how many animals were killed and saved. you may notice messages along freeways to work and school. plus -- >> it is here, hurricane dorian battering the east coast right now as the system moves north. we are live in north carolina with how people in the path are doing. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we have breaking news to tell you about, and we want to go to bob redell who is at the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: westbound 80 here in richmond is shutdown because of the big rig crash involving chickens. the two drivers involved in the accident are okay, but what is
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haoeupb behind me is a very disturbing scene and sad, and you had hundreds of chickens being hauled in the back, and many are still alive and are suffering because they have been burned. nceefighters have been out here about a couple hours ago wrangling chickens and so far they captured about 50 of them. animal control has taken the chickens to the back of their truck and are trying to figure out what to do with the remaining chickens still alive. this big rig hauling these chickens was coming down westbound i-80. a driver hit the san pablo
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overpass, and a lot of the chickens burned up. the driver of the big rig was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and expected to survive. we have got gases and liquids on the road and caltrans has to come and clean that up, and then a chunk of the overpass was knocked off, and engineers need to make sure that overpass is safe for people to continue to drive underneath it and you have the issue of the chickens, the three issues, and chp right now does not have an estimated time of opening, and we just know it's going to be hours, not minutes. it's going to be well into if not past the morning commute. >> that's really sad. thank you, bob. >> mike, it says they will be a while before they re-open that area. >> yeah, it will continue to be
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at a very critical portion of the upper east shore freeway. because today is thursday we see a later build for the commute, so that's holding things off for now, but as what bob talked about, this is jammed up here starting before you get to hilltop. all of these folks out of contra costa county, it's a standard day for them, but you are forced off of san pablo and hilltop drive. you join in with the freeway just past the scene of the crash. it will be an issue and it holds some folks off from the bay bridge. overall, if you are just heading to the bay bridge but not through san pablo, you are having a better commute.
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how is the forecast for today? >> nice to have a cooldown in the forecast after having such a hot start to the week. some of our inland temperatures reach into the 80s for today, and then look at saturday, we are talking about upper 70s in the forecast. we will be warming up as we go into early next week, and in san francisco we have upper 60s in the forecast. i will break it down for today with some of our numbers as you get ready to head out the door, that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you. developing now, a manhunt is under way across the state after a deputy was shot in the central valley. police are looking for 51-year-old guadalupe lopez herrera. he open fire on a merced county deputy. we are told lopez herrera fired several times during a traffic stop hitting the deputy a single time in the chest but he was wearing a bullet-proof vest and
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is expected to be okay. the suspect was originally wanted for domestic violence. if you are headed out the door you may see the be on the lookout alerts around the bay, and they are looking for a 2013 white gmc crew cab. and then we have video of one rescue that happened yesterday around noon off of highway 101 near the ikea in east palo alto. crews used a truck as a makeshift crane to get an aerial ladder to lift the man from the crane and they brought him safely to the ground. no word on how the man ended up atop of the billboard or where he is right now. a fire burned the upper level of the two world apartment complex. nobody was in the units when it happened and no word on what caused the fire. 6:05. new details on cupertino's plans
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for the now closed vallco mall. they are trying to pave the way for a mixed use development at the site, but the plans fall short of mandated housing goals. leaders drafted two new ordinances easing housing constrictions. they plan to allow development elsewhere to allow state requirements. there are mandatory evacuation orders in effect in marietta and riverside county. the fire started yesterday and in a matter of a few hours grew to torch 1,000 acres. containment lines are being built to protect marietta. it's a category 3 hurricane,
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and here's a live look at myrtle beach in south carolina. you can see the wind blowing, of course, and this is happening right now in myrtle beach, south carolina. the massive hurricane moving there, it's just lashing the region with rain, wind and storm-surging flooding, and this is after hurricane dorian unleashed on the bahamas. jay, dorian is headed your way and going to make landfall for the second time there, and is the city ready this time? >> reporter: yeah, i think they are ready, marcus. i think they are prepared. they are doing last-minute preparations right now, but that window of opportunity is closing quickly. in storm lost a bit of its steam when it left the islands but it's reorganized overnight, and it is looking to make landfall
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here maybe sometime late this evening into early morning. dorian is battering the atlantic coast. high winds. driving rains and a vicious storm surge. the hurricane clinging to the shoreline gaining strength and taking aim at the carolinas where it could make a second landfall by the end of the week. >> north carolina faces a deadly storm surge and inland flooding. the greatest threats are to our coastal communities and their inland neighbors. >> the threat from the storm. most everything else is gone. >> we need help. >> reporter: water and wind no longer rushing over the island, instead rescue and recovery teams rushing in, treating the
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injured and ferrying survivors out of the strike zone. >> it's worse than anything i could have imagined. >> reporter: and dorian isn't done. no, in fact we will see winds of 100 and 120 miles per hour should the storm make it here, and the water will be the biggest issue, storm surge and rain in some places for several hours. many of the coastal communities will continue to feel the affects of this storm until maybe midday saturday when hopefully, hopefully, marcus, that this unpredictable sm i k in your story, carolinas were not even a consideration for forecasters. could see we even more changes before dorian is no longer a threat? >> right. that's the thing. we were talking late last week about the islands in florida. it was all about that and not
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even a thought, no cone of inconsistency up this way. now it could be a strike point. this has been a storm tough to pinpoint. it could change and slow down, linger, and we hope that's not the case. right now the models seem to indicate it's going to speed up a little bit and finally get out of here. that's why millions are watching so closely to see what dorian does next. >> certainly hoping those areas are spared a lot of destructive damage in the process of all of this. thank you. at 7:00 for you on the "today" show, al roker has the latest reports of the storm. we want to check our own weather. much more mild there, but people back there, they are really dealing with a lot. >> yeah, it's a slow mover and we have bay area crews headed in that direction. right nnd it will also start to
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move over towards north carolina where we are seeing some of the rainbands. it's a category 3 hurricane and will stay strong as it continues to make its way off the north and east over the next several days. as we look at our weather here, we are starting out with a nice sunrise. temperatures in the low 60s and clouds moving by, and that's a look at walnut creek with our start in the morning in the low 60s. and reaching into the low 80s by early afternoon with our highs today reaching from the republican 60s in san francisco to the low 90s in the far north bay. more on this in a few minutes, and mike, that traffic alert continues. >> one traffic alert and the rest of the bay shows an easy drive, and we look at most of the bay's commute, and the tri-valley looks great. a little build starts over here, and also 880 from hayward out of
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san leandro. the80, the crash and a fire from a truck. bob redell continues to cover that on doe jam up the traffic that portion of the east shore freeway. berkeley, it's an easy drive, and the backup of the bay bridge, and the cash lanes look much lighter. and even royal babies go to school when they grow up. a look at preuincess princess '.
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as you get ready to head out the door in clayton, it's low 60s and going to be a beautiful day but quite warm as we reach up to 84 degrees to get ready for the last school bell tog. of thessh. as you look out at the traffic flow, westbound 92 right here at san mateo bridge, moving like, but much better than 80,
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and we will tell you about the truck fire and that progress coming up. happy thursday to you. stock markets moved higher with hopes of the rate cut and china trade talks. a tesla slammed into the back of a parked fire truck near los angeles the final report from the safety board said the so-called auto pilot failed to brake, and then again, the driver failed to brake, too. the chinese will meet with u.s. trade representatives in october, so that's good news. the other side of the coin is we thought these talks were originally scheduled for this month. during a press conference in the oval office, president trump defended his trade war.
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>> somebody h this. to me it's much more important than the economy. somebody had to do it. we had to do it with china. it had to be done. >> the president has been less than honest with aspects of the trade war, and he's not honest about who paid for the tariffs, and in the press conference the president did his best to explain why this trade war is necessary. even his critics agree. interesting pictures sent down from space from san francisco's planet labs, before and after in the bahamas. we will ponne for you to examine. and yahoo has been having trouble overnight, and some people hav trouble log into yahoo mail. you may ask who uses yahoo?
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people use it to manage fantasy football. i was invited for the first time for fantasy football, and i was intimidated, but i got andrew luck. >> he retired. good luck. this is the season for going back to school, and look at that, even the royals head back. parents, prince william and kate middleton, taking their children to school. the prince is a pro, but princess charlotte, it's her first time. hopefully they packed enough lunch and they get to greet the
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headmaster there. >> does the secret service get their lunch boxes, too? >> yeah. >> it's an emotional thing taking your kids to school for the first time. >> yeah, we are getting into that routine, so we are working our way through the school as you head out the door this morning, we are taking a live look outside in emeriville with clouds rolling by, and everything starting out nicely. taking a look at the pleasant hill forecast, if you are about to step out and head to the bart station, it feels nice. we have low 60s, and a few clouds and we will see our skies clearing as we go throughout the day at noontime. we are at 77 degrees, and then going to see low 80s by early afternoon. here's a look at our high temperatures, morgan hill reaching up to 89 and 89 in concord and napa, and we are going to see a high of 86
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degrees and 92 in clear lake. oakland reaching 75, and san francisco today in the upper 60s. going through our forecast, there will be an approaching storm system that will move to our north. this will help provide cooling go into the weekend. we will see more clouds moving in on saturday. the humidity will be dropping, so we will have a nice day, not as bright and sunny, and then going into next week we are going to see the temperatures warm up as we see the storm system move on and the potential, possibly, of getting more humidity by the middle of next week. let's enjoy the cool down. only reaching the upper 70s in the valleys on saturday, and 83 degrees on sunday and then comes up a few more degrees by the middle of next week. san francisco staying in the mid-60s, and clouds, fog, drizzle, all that we will see coming into the weekend. and the upper east shore freeway, just after 3:30 this
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morning, we had a crash and truck fire closing i-80. contra costa moves just fine, and thank goodness it's thursday morning. 6:21. we see the jam and the slowing as you head down towards hilltop, and shy of hilltop you will hit the brakes. a lot of folks will exit san pablo. bob redell continues to follow the scene, and westbound 80 still closed. coming down off pinole, you can jog off the freeway, but it's an hour and ten minutes to get out of the miss. if you are forced to exit, if you take it to 24, that's much faster right now. out to the other maps, the
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metering lights are on at the bay bridge. you have the backup but not much else as far as backups around the bay. 6:22. still ahead, an act of generosity for young wildfire victims. the gift from one of the nfl's biggest stars, plus -- north working 9:00 to 5:00, what a way to make a living ♪ >> is this a new musical or something? no, it's a sneak peek at the "kelly clarkson show." we're going to share the link on social media so you can watch it and enjoy it.
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start maximizing today! maxx life at t.j.maxx. 6:25 for you right now. another day of jury deliberations begins in a few hours at the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. >> the jury asked to re-hear the
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testimony from a captain. he testified the place was a huge fire risk and derek almena told him nobody was living there. police in pittsburg are showing off a whole lot of cash. a security at the pittsburg transfer system was caught on camera stealing $4,000 from the cashbox. when he returned to work the next night, the police were waiting for him, but he admitted to the theft and had returned $3,000 before being arrested. and aaron rodgers is giving back. >> he donated helmets at paradise high, and the coach said it was a meaningful gesture especially for the town of
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paradise, a town leveled by last year's camp fire. a nbc bay area investigation, claims of cheating and falsifying grades at one east bay school. what we know so far and the response we expect today. but first, a chicken truck crashes and catches on fire. up next, the cleanup and backup on your drive. hundreds of chickens suffering this morning. we will have the latest. you are watching "today in the bay."
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a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. it's 6:30 right now. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we want to get you to breaking news this morning. a stretch of sa pablo. >> bob redell is on the scene. i understand hundreds of the chickens were killed? >> reporter: correct. what is sad a number of them are still alive, and they have been badly burned or severely injured. animal control is out here and we will have more on that in a minute. westbound 80 is still shutdown and we do not have an estimated time of reopening. we are probably talking hours if not past the morning commute. you can see why. we had this big rig accident involving a big rig and a car. the drivers of the big rig and the car, they are okay. what is left behind is you have hundreds of dead chickens on the back of this big rig that caught fire after it collided with the overpass here, and then a number
6:31 am
of them are still alive and you can tell they are suffering, which is very sad to see out here. i did speak with animal control. their issue right now is because it's overnight and you have the backup because of the crash, they can't get their large trailer out here. they need the large trailer to correct the chickens and go with them individually with the county vet to assess their conditions and it's up to the vet to do with the injured ones. they will do what is best for the chickens. you don't want chickens running around the road when you have traffic on the other side and this side, so firefighters were wrangling the chickens and collected about 50 of the chickens that seem to be in fine health. the big rig was coming down westbound 80, and collided with the overpass at the san pablo
6:32 am
dam overpass and veered back into traffic and caught fire and hit a car in the process. the driver of the car and the big rig driver, minor injuries. they will be okay. caltrans has to come out with an engineer and assess the overpass and make sure there's no structural damage, and it doesn't look like there is but they want an emergenngineer to t it, and they gas and chemicals on theroad. >> so much going on out there. >> yeah, we want to get to mike inouye. >> they have the inspection of the over crossing which is a necessity. they have the fire and fuel and
6:33 am
liquids on the roadway, and the surviving chickens and and normally this would be a major concern, and it's thursday so there's a lighter volume of traffi you saw behind, bob, folks were going by there. they are getting off the freeway at san pablo dam road and then being back on allowed the access route. san pablo dam road cutting through the area 24, and that's around the tunnel and that could complicate things. as i back out of the shot you see the only other spot that is a problem is the bay bridge toll plaza, which is not a surprise. it's mostly green around the bay, kari you have a great forecast coming up.
6:34 am
yeah, we are moving by in f. we to start leading into mid-70s in the afternoon with high temperatures in the south bay up to 84. 89 in concord. low 90s in some of the inland valleys. we will continue to cool off. we will look ahead into the weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. today oakland unified leaders will address a cheating scandal that puts teachers and administrators front and center. >> we have a look at what we know so far. >> what we know is what the accusations are, and they are serious accusations. a former teacher spoke with our investigative unit exclusively, and that teacher did not want to be identified, and she told oakland unified that she knows of at least eight students that failed required courses but still graduated.
6:35 am
>> they were given the grade of an f and then when i went back into the database right before graduation, or some of them right after graduation, the credits were there and the grades were there they needed to get the diploma. >> you would think one explanation is that students are allowed to retake failed classes online, however three other teaches told us they saw passing grades for incomplete work and students passing despite having the equivalent of a couple days of work instead of the work it would take to retake those courses. the oakland unified spokesperson told us in a statement we have not found evidence of any wrong doing but we are looking. the spokesman also told us they plan to hire an outside investigator to look at the online courses. you might be wondering, what did the accused administrator say. we don't know. we have asked the district
6:36 am
repeatedly to talk to the former and current add men admin aand not available. police flood a south bay neighborhood. officers were called, and they received calls about people walking around with rifles. they detained two individuals that were carrying replica rifles. no word on what the charges they will be facing. dive teams now recovered the bodies people that died in the south california boat disaster. >> they are looking the
6:37 am
incident, and a preliminary report is expected to be released in nine days. new for you this morning, the search continues for whoever spray-painted anti-semitic and satanic messages on a historic downtown san jose church. >> the staff of the cathedral discovered that tagging early on sunday morning. they have pictures of the images that have now since been painted over. a nearby restaurant owner says tagings are common in the area but murals could be a good solution. happening today in the north bay, yellow school buses heading towards a financial cliff in mill valley. not enough valley school district are buying bus passes for their kids. the program started a few years back to reduce congestion, and city leaders say that actually
6:38 am
worked. they are looking att to start eliminating. and then the fast-food issue, and people on both sides were on hand for the meeting. this would go in the same location where an in-n-out was once proposed. >> it makes zero sense to have a drive through entrance and a line of cars from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on second avenue. >> i believe it's the best use for this -- >> if the planners approve it, it would go to the city council. we take you back to the
6:39 am
scene where bob redell is. bob, tractor trailer and the overpass involved in the earlier crash and fire. you can see liquid on the roadway and there are cages that used to hold the chickens on the back of the truck. bob is following all this activity that keeps westbound 80 closed here, and behind me you see the folks going by and getting off of the freeway as we look at the map. and then allowed back on via that same access area. things are moving slowly on the approach, basically pinole in through san pablo. san pablo is one alternate for you. you look at the rest of the bay, and things are moving slowly. look at that, contra costa county moves nicely, and so does the rest of the bay. time to cruise to the weekend, right? it should be nice. >> yeah, it's cooling off.
6:40 am
it has been so hot recently, and it's nice to see even if it's for a day or two cooler weather coming in. we have highs in the upper 60s. that's along the coast. we will see upper 70s inland. that's cooler than normal, but we will bring it back to our seasonable temperatures on sunday and that means coming up a few more degrees with our inland valleys in the 80s, and the bay up to 80 degrees, and the coast up to 71. the chase center this weekend will have a block party, and it may be your chance to check it out ask see what is going on, and watch the u.s. open. our temperatures on saturday in san francisco reached the low 70s, and that will be going on from noon to 4:00. along the coast, keep in mind you will see mist and drizzle along the coastline, and at half moon bay you will reach up to 65 degrees, and maybe clearing a bit on sunday but also staying cool. heading up to lake shasta, we will have a cooldown but friday looks hot. upper 80s there, and up to 84
6:41 am
degrees on saturday and then lower 80s on sunday. 95 degrees on friday, and 83 degrees on sunday. for santa barbara, we will have cooling temperatures there, and a few more degrees by the end of the weekend. looks nice with all the sunshine and highs near 80 on saturday. let me know what you have planned for the weekend. i am @karihall on twitter, facebook and instagram. there's an active manhunt under way, and you may notice messages along freeways as you head to work or school this morning. we will tell you about the brand-new details overnight. a statewide search for a suspect that shot a sheriff's deputy. >> and then protecting the young
6:42 am
people from vaping. and then we will take you out to new york city and the big board. do you industries up big onward the chinese will talk to the united states in october. i gave you cautions about this news, though, earlier. you are watching "today in the bay." ♪ find the brands you love from nordstrom. up to 70% off at nordstrom rack.
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right now atust a few clouds heading by. a nice start to the day, and it will be warm this afternoon but we are coming down from the extreme heat we had earlier this week. at noontime, we are 77 degrees and reaching into the upper 80s. we will have more on this and a look into the weekend in less than five minutes. we are looking at the
6:45 am
commute that is jammed. a freeway closed, westbound 80 and we will talk about the surface streets as they are seeing alternate flow, and it may affect contra costa county and walnut creek. developing right now, a manhunt is under way across the state after a deputy was shot in the central valley. police are looking for 51-year-old guadalupe lopez herrera. investigators say he opened fire yesterday on a deputy. we're told lopez herrera fired several times during aeput a sie time in the chest. he was wearing a bullet proof vest and is expected to be okay. the suspect was originally wanted for domestic violence. if you are headed out the door you may see these be on the lookout signs, and they are alerts on bay area freeways. investigators are looking for a 2013 gmc crew cab.
6:46 am
and juul is pledging $5 million to help stop sales of its project to aeteenagers, and that money will go for electron electronic technology to help. a group rallied at city hall yesterday urging people to vote no to proposition c this november, and that's a proposition to overturn san francisco's ecigarette ban and the measure is largely funded by juul. and then the toll authority is driving forward on plans to convert all seven-state owned bridges to electronic tolls. the plan could take five years to complete, and toll takers will be replaced with cameras that take photos of license plates, similar to what is already in place on the federally-owned golden gate bridge. toll takers will be offered
6:47 am
positions in other california districts. new details if you are thinking of building a granny unit in san francisco, there's a new preapproved builder. it's making it easier for homeowners to build the tiny homes. in the south bay, one tiny home looks like the other. 495 square foot units to be built in two weeks. right now the president continues to insist he was right about alabama and the hurricanes. >> he is demanding apologize from the media. >> despite the fact it was not the media that corrected the statement that dorian would hit alabama, it was the national weather service. on wednesday the president showed off a map of the original forecasted path of dorian during an oval office press conference, and you can see somebody with
6:48 am
access to a sharpy marker changed the official map to include alabama, a little extra circle added in there in marker. this whole thing dates back to a tweet president trump sent last sunday saying the storm would hit alabama. it was a well-intentioned tweet, but by the time president trump made it meteorologist were certain dorian would go nowhere near alabama. he has been doubling down, and now tweeted a map showing off the original forecast of the storm's path, possibly hitting alabama. if you look at the date, it's early morning august 28th. trump would not make a claim about alabama until september 1st, three days later. this map was way out of date even when we tweeted. it's totally reasonable to say
6:49 am
who cares about all this? why do we care? there there's bigger issues. but it's president trump that keeps alabama in the public eye. five tweets are about what didn't happen. he just retweeted one of his tweets about alabama skprpb, ana short time ago wrote a new one. another completely avoidable controversy, and trump denies he suggested mike pence stay at his golf resort while in ireland, but the chief of staff said days ago it was the president's idea. president trump tweeted really good jobs number, and those numbers are not supposed to come out until tomorrow at 5:30. we are not talking about if he's
6:50 am
talking about the adp numbers, and it will land him in your controversy. you can follow me @scottmcgrew. so many people followed this bay area radio station. a big piece of bay area history going away at midnight tonight. that's when kfog is signing off. normal programming ended last night. all day today the san francisco radio station is bringing back old personalities and re-airing the show when this man was the new cutting edge format. the last hour of progmm a big part of history here. hour 37 years ago. sad, isn't it? >> yeah. >> yeah. has been part of so many
6:51 am
peoples' lives for so long. >> do we have any k -- fog? >> yeah, we are seeing low visibility in some spots. take a look at this view from our camera in san francisco. it looks like the drizzle there, and the dense fog will keep it cool there today santa clara, we will be about 62 degrees and c 9:00, and then the kids get ready to head to recess it feels much m70s. downtown san jose reaching 84 degrees with oakland reaching 75. we but this is much cdegrees, and francisco today up to 67 degrees. we are still tracking the
6:52 am
tropics and what is happening with hurricane dorian, now a category 3 hurricane. some of the outer bands reaching into north carolina. this is a strong hurricane with wind speeds at 115 miles per hour. it will continue to rush off towards the north and east going into the next several days. in the pacific we have hurricane juliette. this is expected to weaken over humidity in the nextweather win week. actually our humidity will be dropping but by the middle of next week, the remanence of what will be juliette may be moving into the bay area making it feel more muggy heading into next wednesday. our temperatures will be cooling off to mid-80s. upper 70s on saturday.
6:53 am
we are back in the mid-80s for the beginning to middle of next week, and we are also seeing a slight cooldown for the next couple of days with more clouds and fog. here's the issue. right here a live look from bob redell's crew there. there was a crash. a truck, a crash, fire, fuel and fuel on the roadway, and there's also this, the activity afterwards, the cleanup. there were live chickens on this truck. bob is talking about a lot of them have died during the fire, and others are still in the area being taken care of bye forced . they need tons we are talking about westbound 80, the critical upper east shore freeway. we are seeing more traffic here
6:54 am
because people want to avoid the backup that starts at hilltop drive. san pablo avenue, and richmond parkway both seeing more traffic. not as bad as we often will see and that's because traffic is not as heavy coming off the bridge. folks have been hearing about this -- well, we started out with it on our show, and then concord, pleasant hill may be seeing more traffic through walnut creek. if you come down the upper east shore freeway, it takes you an hour and ten minutes or 15, and then highway 24 off of 680, you are saving 15 minutes and it's a longer drive. keep that in mind. as we get back out to the maps, a smooth flowing traffic for the rest of the bay. a major incident reported for caltrans outside of san francisco.
6:55 am
bay shore station, sounds like somebody may have been on the tracks and they are investigating an accident that may have involved a pedestrian. everything else is on time. president trump will soon present the medal of freedom to hall of famer, jerry west. he was eventually immortalized in the nba. then, the terrible chicken truck crash snarling traffic now, and investigating the crash and how many chickens lost their li bay."
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welcome back on this thursday morning. before you head out the door, here are the top stories we are covering on "today in the bay." >> here's a live look where all westbound lanes of interstate 80 are closed in san pablo. this is near the san pablo dam exit. there's no word on when any of the lanes will open because engineers need to check the structural integrity of an overpass there. a big rig crashed into the overpass and collided with the car catching fire. both drivers are okay. hundreds of chickens were killed out there, and more will probably have to be euthanized. about 50 chickens were saved. >> so sad.
6:59 am
it led to big traffic problems. >> yeah, lighter traffic overall today, so as you look at your maps, you saw your live shots and folks were getting by through the san pablo dam exit. we are also looking at hilltop drive and san pablo avenue as alternates. still, that traffic is a problem there. on the peninsula we are also have an issue. it's not the traffic flow, but it's cal tran and there was a trespasser hit. >> looking for a nice day today? >> it will be a nice day for the inland areas. we are seeing a cooldown with mid-80s in the forecast, and for the weekend it will be even cooler. >> that's a treat. thank you for joining us. we are back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> have a good morning.
7:00 am
breaking news, dorian's wrath, the hurricane gaining strength overnight, now battering the carolinas with intense rain, high winds and life-threatening storm surge. flooding and power outages already being reported and al says the worst is still to come. we're live with the very latest. decimated. >> we need help. we need help. >> nbc news gets a firsthand look at the massive rescue and relief mission unfolding in the bahamas. entire neighborhoods leveled, families being pulled to safety. >> it was scary, but i'm glad we're still alive. know my name. the woman sexually assaulted by a stanford swimmer reveals her


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