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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 6, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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we're looking at a grouped shot from it looks like an investigation scene over there, off of westbound 80. if i can show you the maps as well, that scene with chp investigation going on, leads up to here, this is the traffic jammed up. you see the flares and the investigation must be somewhere around here from across the freeway, you saw that center divide. we're looking at maximum of one lane open right now. no traffic moving. once in a while i see a few cars creep through. frontage road, the on-ramp the relief valve getting you past the scene. a pedestrian was somehow on the roadway, we don't know about that. the investigation will continue. we don't know why that person was there but someone was hit and killed westbound 80 at powell, has you jammed up coming out of berkeley and toward em y emeryvil emeryville. the backup at least to university. one of your options in san pablo avenue a major surface street. the other green line gets you into berkeley.
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taking ashby avenue will get you into the backup. use powell street or closer use telegraph to as well. i've circled the area with the deadly crash and effectively the east shore freeway closed down westbound 80 to the bay bridge. expect more folks to move over to the richmond to san rafael bridge as well. we'll talk to you more about ths looking good for this friday as far as the traffic flow. >> we're just trying to get through this friday and some cooler temperatures headed our way. here is a live look outside in san jose, we'll be headed out this morning maybe to the farmer's market going out to work, it's going to be in the upper 60s through late this morning, reaching into the mid-70s at noon. nice day to take a lunch outside. we'll get a look at our microclimates and once again that update on hurricane dorian is coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. more breaking news for you this morning, san jose firefighters trying to figure out what caused a late night fire that killed a woman who would conot make it out of her mobile home. >> "today in the bay's" bob
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redell is live at the scene. the woman lived alone? >> reporter: not clear on that, laura and marcus. i briefly spoke with an acquaintance. tells me the woman was a wonderful woman, she was in her late 50s, she had been paralyzed by a stroke at some point in her life and was confined to a wheelchair which might explain why she was not able to get out of this home when it caught fire. we believe she might have lived with a man who was her caregiver, according to an acquaintan acquaintance. it's not clear if he got out or wasn't home. we know that he was not hurt in the fire. she lived in this double wide trailer in the mobile home park not far in north san jose. the fire started around 11:50 last night. the fire department called for a second alarm, more resources once they realized someone might be trapped inside. the fire destroyed the home and in spite of their efforts, the fire department could not get to this woman in time. >> neighbor said he had seen a
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small fire start off from the inside and next thing you know in minutes, seconds, catches on and instantly everything caught on fire. >> reporter: we do not know the cause of the fire. an arson investigator is looking in to this, which is not unusual when you have a fatality. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, sad morning out there, thank you, bob. in the aftermath of the verdict, some wondered if justice was served in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. one of the defendants this morning is already back home with his family. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is here with reaction and kris, i know the verdict left a lot of those families reeling. >> to say the families and the friends of the victims who died in that warehouse fire are disappointed, that is an understatement. in the case against master tenant derick almena, the jurors could not reach a nan news decision. ten thought he was guilty of
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involuntary manslaughter but two did not. the jurors acquitted max harris of all charges and he walked out of the santa rita jail around dinnertime last night. 36 people died in the fire in 2016 and their loved ones told us they feel like they got no justice. >> we were hoping for justice, but we didn't get justice today. >> we're still kind of in shock, to be honest. we're deeply, deeply disappointed and we just hope that justice will somehow be served. >> i stand with the other family members and friends that think max should not have been charged, should not have spent any time in jail. derick is a different, completely different human being. i do find him -- >> there are questions in the criminal case and a civil case against derick almena and max harris and the city of oakland and pg&e. we'll talk about those ramifications coming up at 5:30. >> and who people think could possibly be responsible for
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this. >> right. >> thank you. 5:04 right now. this case has been making headlines all along the way. another great resource is our website. head to, we've got more content about the trial, including detailed time line as well. 5:05. firefighters busy battling a fast-growing wildfire north of the bay area called the red bank fire. it is burning near the shasta trinity national just north of chico. it's believed to have been sparked by lightning yesterday afternoon and quickly grown to 6,000 acres. right now it's burning out of control. mandatory evacuation orders are in place for parts of tahoma county. three people ran into an apple store around 9:00 and grabbed 40 products within minutes, they grabbed those products, ran out the door. those robbers got into a waiting white four-door sedan that officers eventually spotted but lost in the chase.
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last week thieves stole $70,000 worth of merchandise from apple store in burlingame. richmond's chief of police this morning suddenly feeling a crisis of confidence among the rank and file. officers recently held a confidence vote, more than 80% voted no confidence in police chief brown there's leadership. the union also says that officers cited workplace problems and management issues. this is the first time richmond police officers union has ever held this kind of vote. leaders say the department is now at a boiling point. so far, the chief nor the department commenting. it's no06 a follow-up for you on a story n nbc bay area'st oakland high s district is hiring an outside investigator. three teachers have come forward talking about what they believe is a cheating scandalnv educators at castlemont high, centers around a program apex which allows students to make up
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for failed collapses. teachers tell us some students received passing grades when they shouldn't have and dozens of students were emailed answers to tests before exams. the district admits teachers sometimes tweak students' responses to online tests. dorian is battling the east coast this morning. the hurricane is now a category 1 storm with violent wynd and soaking rain. the coast is dealing with the storm surge of more than seven feet in some areas and charleston, south carolina, first responders had to push this car you see right here out of rising floodwaters that took over the downtown streets. >> i saw the water, i was trying to back up but i couldn't back up because there was two trucks behind me. >> communities will likely feel the effects of the storm until saturday. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the storm as well. it's just a l now, a lot of people are having to deal with. >> right, it's mostly the rain and the storm surge that we're dealing with, with this category
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1 hurricane, now moving up the north carolina coast and we anu causing some of those outer rain bands and the potential of also some flooding and even some tornadoat its way off to the north and east. they are also expecting this to cause a high storm surge and waves going into the next couple of days up and down the atlantic coast and it picks up in forward speed and races off to the north and east eventually making it to n iember skosh yo and the open act on the east coast throughout the weekend. here we see cloudy skies to start out today with san francisco, mostly cloudy throughout the morning and temperatures in the upper 50s, as we go throughout the day with our hour by hour outlook, we see our temperatures warming up very slowly today, compared to the way we started this week, with some low 80s and a few spots reaching the mid 80s in the inland east bay value i ys. more on that coming up in a few
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minutes. mike continues to follow that traffic alert. >> that's right, kari. with our crew they did arrive across the freeway. now we have it framed up much better and we can show you the flashing lights and the investigation. the traffic going across the screen is eastbound 80, the flashing lights are blocking westbound 80, as we look from our sky camera over in emeryville as well we'll see the effect on the traffic. the traffic flow past our emeryville camera is showing you traffic jammed up. we can get over to the traffic map system you'll see the backup funnels folks over. you see slowly crawling past the scene of all these flares, one lane of traffic which is just eeking by. that is not your relief valve. a pedestrian was on the freeway and killed by a crash there as you are approaching the bay bridge and the berkeley curve. that's right over here, the last tail end of the commute getting toward the bay bridge and this is just wreaking havoc on the commute coming out of berkeley. you're jammed from golden gate fold to the scene.
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san pablo avenue is filling up, slowing down on our speed sensors. that is the way you get to the bay bridge right now or you get toward highway 24 and get over toward the bay bridge. the rest of the bay is showing a nice easy drive. guys, back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> 5:10. coming up, if you're among the ones looking for love in all the wrong places, facebook may have an answer for you. the company is launching its own dating service. why facebook says their match making app is different. >> i don't know, seems like too many faces. it is jobs friday today. it's my favorite kind of friday. we'll be right back.
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try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at $4.99. we are looking at the traffic alert again for the east shore freeway, this time out of berkeley and into emeryville, westbound 80, only one lane opened and there is the powell on-ramp where the deadly crash happened early this morning. westbound 80 effectively shut down toward the bay bridge. i'm giving you one avenue of relief down through berkeley, and out of richmond and san pablo but we may have to shift that option as the commute contin right now. you see that going on, now is a good time to get out the door, catch b.a.r.t. train as you get ready to head out this morning. we have low 60s heading out the door and then it gradually warms up today. it's going to be a nice one. we'll talk about that and the weekend forecast in less than five minutes. and a very good morning. a very happy friday and the best friday if you like numbers. weet
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so jus fbo jay powell will speak today after the jobs numbers come out. wasn't necessarily planned that way but it's an excellent coincidence. powell under pressure from president trump to lower interest rates again. as we first reported to you on thursday in "today in the bay," a number of states will hold a press conference monday to announce major investigations in to high tech. the "wall street journal" has refined that reporting to say it will involve google and facebook. the new york attorney general will lead an investigation in to facebook. the texas attorney general will gole primarilytigation into company discouraged competition. 28 other states will take part but hard to say before we've heard from the attorneys general how coordinated these investigations will be. in other news, google the researching how we age. perhaps that can be slowed or
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stopped. several silicon valley companies are working on that science that would extend lives perhaps reverse aging. this sunday on "press:here" i'll talk to the san francisco and west coast bureau chief of mit technology review publishing the whole idea. >> you can switch genes on and off which can almost rejuvenate tissue. again it's like early days. all of this stuff is early days but it's getting to the point where we're going to have some serious questions to ask. >> among the questions we have to ask is who can afford it. i'll grow old because i can't afford the drug. you will not grow old because you can. that's a pretty serious question. we'll talk about it on "press:here" sunday morning at account a.m. >> sounds good. scott, stick around for this. >> i'm ready. >> not that you need it but facebook getting into the dating business. menlo park calling it facebook dating and someone paid to come
5:16 am
up with that unique name, yeah. so if you're looking at the sample right here of the profile, it's available in other countries but came online in the u.s. this week. facebook says its dating service is different than the others out there because it lets you identify secret crushes. you know facebook used to have that back in the day when someone says they like you or like a person but they don't get to notify you unless they say they like you back. so law camera, i could say i like you but unless you say you like me back i don't know. >> i never know you liked me. >> back to math class, stop passing notes about who likes you. >> yes or no. >> check one. >> check maybe. >> like and like like? ooh. >> what was the thing they used to do something to each other. >> poke. >> pokes, yes. >> i didn't like that. >> that was also one could you send someone a message but not reveal who you were. >> i didn't like that either. >> that was a long time ago. >> admirer? >> yes. >> there you go. we'll try out scott first.
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like, like him. >> we'll talk about this again at 6:15, i'll create a profile and we'll show it on air. >> really? oh. >> as an experiment. truly. >> i love it. >> that was a good one. >> helping you out. >> 6:15, now you get to be late to work. >> #gooutwithscottmcgrew. >> unfortunately i have a reason why folks will be late for work on the east shore froe weeway. westbound 80 once again is a nightmare getting to the bay bridge. looking from our emeryville camera the flares at the bottom of the screen. you see traffic moving slowly. i've been talking about, this one lane is now declared open by chp. this is the on-ramp from powell, so folks on berkeley city streets coming on to ashby avenue and then struggling down
5:18 am
to powell, that is still a tough drive. berkeley in to emeryville, down to one lane at the berkeley curve. get a quick look from our crew. josh is with his camera across the freeway. the alameda county coroner's van. once the coroner aifz radio tra investigation is continuing. we hope this will clear by 6:00 but i haven't gotten any detail or update. all but one lane of westbound 80 are blocked. the traffic zooming by is eastbound, getting back out to our camras in the map sm oosite. the big problem is coming down from golden gate field at the top of the screen down hereo st with a little bit more slowing is san avenue. coming off ashby avenue flooded with traffic coming over there, likely so is university avenue and powell. powell is the off-ramp the last you can take before you get past the scene and struggle through
5:19 am
with one lane. the rest of the contra costa county and alameda county approaches to the bay bridge are clear. i circled where the deadly crash investigation continues to block all but one lane of west 80 coming into emeryville out of berkeley and the rest of the bay as you expect and hope for on this early friday commute everything else is moving smoothly. we're moving smoothly into the weekend with cooler temperatures looking at martinez and our temperature trends throughout the day, expect it to be right at about 61 degreest seven-day forecast is already up at theottom of the screen. a lot of 70s for the south bay. as you head out in be at about through 8:00, and then slowly warming up today at noon. great day to enjoy some extra time outside with our high temperatures only reaching 79 degrees. that's several degrees cooler than normal. and as we head over toward the east bay, no 90s here today, with danville up to 87, and 77 will be the high in fremont. some upper 70s as well in palo
5:20 am
alto. daly city reaching 65. we'll see some mid-60s in san francisco but knots how windy it will be, sustained winds will be higher with the wind gusts. and some of that cooler air also coming in to parts of the north bay, but we're still pretty hot in clearlake today reaching 90 degrees. our cooldown continues into the weekend. the storm system moves just to the north of us but it will bring in some more clouds and gusty winds. i think for the most part across the bay area tomorrow looking mostly cloudy throughout the day and going into sunday, it clears out. early next week we warm up but there b so as you make weekend plans, check out our forecast for the art and winees mountain view. oncein we're going to see morelo any better than that, 79 degrees and a gradual warmup for early next week keeping it cloudy and cool in san francisco. another weather update coming up in a few minutes. >> looking forward to it, kari. it's 5:21. coming up, an american airlines
5:21 am
mechanic charged with sabotaging a plane moments away from takeoff. we'll explain how he was caught and why he says he did it. plus all new this morning, sacramento settles with a family of stephon clark, the unarmed man officers shot and killed in his grandmother's backyard. details on the seven-figure payout coming up. you're watching "today in the bay." . you can adjust your comfort on both sides . your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. not promise. prove.l it's the final days where all beds are on sale! the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed now only $899. plus 0% interest for 24-months on all beds. ends sunday. cracker barrel makes every meal one to remember. with favorites like sunday homestyle chicken, now available every day.
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know if you recognize this man, vallejo police asking for your help to find him. officers say this surveillance picture shows the man who allegedly robbed a person at a wells fargo atm. vallejo police did not say which atm or when the crime happened but wanted to put this alert out to the public to make sure
5:24 am
you're careful when going to the atms. the trial for a local heiress accused of having her ex-boyfriend killed is under way. >> tiffany hillsborough is on trial for murder in the 2016 killing of keith green. this is lee walking into the san mateo county courthouse yesterday as jury selection began. lee was afraid she'd lose custody of the children so she planned the murder with the help of her boyfriend, who is also facing murder charges. new details on aetit will p which is all part of a wrongful death lawsuit. clark was shot and killed in march in his grandparents backyard.l phone. the officers will not face criminal charges. >> 5:24 right now. new this morning, an american airlines mechanic is charged with sabotaging a plane. prosecutors say the mechanic was angry over stalled union
5:25 am
contract negotiations. he glued foam inside a tube to stop the aircraft's navigation system forcing the pilot to manually. the pilots noticed the problem before headed to the bahamas and the flight was aborted and the plane taken out of service for maintenance. it is now up to governor newsom to okay the plan to charge san francisco visitors a toll driving down the world's crookedest street. state lawmakers aproved a $5 we weekday and $10 weekend toll to drive lom board street. they hope it cuts down on crime and traffic in the surrounding neighborhood. if the governor signs it into law, it will be ready to start paying by next spring. all right, well we are waiting new kelly clarkson show right here on nbc bay area next week, and we're really already feeling the excitement. >> here is a sneak peek of what you can expect. >> monday, welcome to "the kelly
5:26 am
clarkson show." >> it's the premiere of "the kelly clarkson show." your baby brother kevin hart was supposed to be here but he was in a car accident. >> everything is good, thankfully he was strapped in nicely to his car seat. i'm only kidding. we spoke to the pediatrician and he said -- >> plus the community comes together to help one of their own. ♪ >> again "the kelly clarkson show" debuts monday. see it here on nbc bay area at 3:00 p.m. if you're working at the time, just set your dvr. >> should be a fun show there. 5:26. coming up the top stories we're following on this friday morning. including breaking news on "today in the bay." sadly a woman killed in an overnight mobile home fire. also coming up in a live report what witnesses are telling bus that woman who died. plus -- >> we were hoping for justice but we didn't get justice today. i don't blame the jurors.
5:27 am
i do not blame them. they had a tough job to do, so many lives during the trial. >> emotions running high after the verdict is delivered in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial as one defendant is walking away, waking up free this morning. coming up, what's next for the master tenant of the building. and we continue to follow breaking news. there's been a deadly crash on westbound 80 near the powell street exit. you can see the traffic backup there. mike is monitoring everything for us. he'll have more in a live report as well. it's 5:27 right now. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time. that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. good friday morning to you. we are following breaking news. take a look at the backup the
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powell street exit in between berkeley and emeryville, where there's been a deadly crash, backing up traffic but there are some changes just coming in to our newsroom about that morning commute. we'll bring them to you shortly as mike is monitoring all of that. good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike inouye has been following that, and some good news about all this for those commuters there, some of the lanes are back open? >> some of the lanes are. behind me our cameraman josh is showing across the freeway there eastbound here all the traffic but westbound moving to the left le, you see flashing ts coroner's van from i still therf the deadly crash investigation. they have to route traffic on either side of what's going on still in lanes of traffic. as we look from our rooftop camera at emi haveville
5:31 am
westbound the commute is moving better past powell. there is that frontage road, for a long time about an hour, actually almost two hours they had traffic slow jammed up to part of the access lane on the shoulder. we're seeing more traffic flow but the backup has built up so much and west 80 at university there's another crash getting to the shoulder but causing more complications. on surface streets you can use san pablo avenue or martin awell as sacramento, take you toward highway 24, flooding the berkeley city streets. as we watch this investigation continue with a couple lanes open west ng the berkeley curve there is the big jam. everything else is friday standard which means a lighter commute for everyone else in the bay. >> we're headed into a weekend with cooler temperatures that's a really nice day. we are starting out with some clouds. a live look in oakland this morning with a cloudy start and temperatures in the low 60s.
5:32 am
plez antd hill 66 degrees at 9:00 and a slow warmup today as we only make it into the low 80s this afternoon. i'll have a look the at the rest of the microclimates and weekend events coming up in a few minutes. san jose firefighters trying to figure out what caused a late night fire that sadly killed a woman, she couldn't make it out of her mobile home. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live for us at the scene and often a sad story. what do we know about the lady who died? >> reporter: a wonderful woman, ac a acquaintance who spoke to me about 30 minutes ago, the lady who lived in this home behind me was in her late 50s. at some point in her life she was paralyzed by a stroke and confined to a wheelchair. the fire started last night a little bit more midnight. the woman lived with a man who
5:33 am
was her caregiver. it's not clear if he got out or wasn't home at the time. we know she was not hurt in the fire. this woman lived in this double wide trailer here as i mentioned in the mobile home park not far from the intersection in north san jose. fire started around 11:50 last night. the fire department called for a second alarm, more resources because they might have someone who was trapped inside. as you can see the fire destroyed the home. the fire department could not get to this woman in time. >> small fire started off on the inside and barely coming out and next thing you know in minutes, seconds, catches on and instantly everything caught on fire. >> reporter: the fire department does not know the cause of this fire, but they have brought out their is not unusual when you have someone who dies in a fire. reporting live in san jose, bob
5:34 am
redell, "today in the bay." >> very solemn out there no doubt. thank you, bob. 5:34 for you right now. the ghost ship warehouse jurors settled a fate for one defendant. >> max harris was acquitted but the jury couldn't reach a decision on derick almena. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us with what is next for him and the families who certainly want justice. >> max harris is already home. he made it home yesterday evening. once the jury acquitted him on the 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter he was released from jail within hours. the jury could not reach a unanimous decision between master tenant derick almena. ten thought he was guilty but two did not. the case is not over for him or max harris, according to our legal analyst and an attorney for some of the victim's families. >> no matter what happens in this criminal trial, this is not over. there's a civil trial pending in
5:35 am
which all of the people who are said to be responsible for this horrible tragedy are going to be in the same courtroom. >> the city knew, the police knew, firemen knew that this place had people living in it, that they were using it like a cabaret, that there were events that were happeningnd they analyst sa case against almena and harris is pending. some families are owners and ev pg&e said the fire was deemed to be an electrical fire. we expect a decision next month whether derick almena will be retried on criminal charges or perhaps a plea deal in the case. in any of the cases, max harris could be called to testify to change the dynamics of the whole case. >> very interesting. >> it's tough for the families, either way it would have been tough. >> thank you very much, kris. we'll continue to follow the cases. it will go on as they unfold.
5:36 am
another great resource is our nbc bay area website. head there for more content about the trial including a detailed time line. new this morning the long time leader of zimbabwe has died, robert mgabe ruled for 40 years. his legacy is complicated. many praise him for lding zimbabwe's independence. along the way he expanded access to education and health but his reign was filled with starvation and violence against his opponents. the military finally ousted him two years ago. he was 95 years old. sports fans may be talking about this, antonio brown would add some excitement to the raiders but this probably wasn't what they had in mind. >> no kidding. brown may end up sitting down when the raiders take the field for their season opener. the team is talking about suspending him.
5:37 am
right now nothing's confirmed but we know brown was nowhere near team headquarters in alameda yesterday after he and gm mike mayock reportedly got into a heated exchange believed to have stemmed from brown's posting of a letter about training camp fines. mayock is not addressing the specifics. >> this week antonio brown is not in the building today, he won't be practicing. i don't have any more information for you right now and when i have some and it becomes appropriate, you guy also all get it. i promise you but that's it for today. >> a letter posted by brown indicating fines of more than $50,000 for missing practices and meetings and reports brown may have threatened to punch owg the suspension might last. season. and pretty much went downhill from there. neither the bears or packers mustered much offense. the only touchdown we saw there,
5:38 am
the packers won it 10-3. >> the 49ers take on the buccaneers sunday afternoon in tampa and the raiders will open the season monday night at the coliseum against their heated rivals the denver broncos. kickoff there is scheduled for 7:20. folks, i have better news for the traffic flow just in the last five minutes we got word that all lanes have cleared for westbound 80, there's the frontage road which is powell on-ramp. powell will start to loosen up, so will the traffic connecting ashby and powell o frontage road. westbound 80 starting to move better now but we have a l of backup to make up. the bay bridge toll plaza which was completely vacant in the last two minutes has shown all the traffic flow so here is the big burst we'll see. they may have to turn the metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza because of the traffic unleashed down the east shore freeway. we have from central avenue jammed but another crash involving a motorcycle in the backup at university westbound
5:39 am
80 at university may be a problem. we're tracking that. all lanes approaching the berkeley curve have cleared from the deadly crash investigation and the rest of the bay as you see is showing what we like to call friday light. or friday late. >> sleep in. oh cooler temperature this is we'll kick off the weekend tonight in campbell with our live music on first fridays. >> that's always a fun one. >> it is. temperatures in the mid-70s. it's going to be so comfortable and some breezy winds, reag into the low 70s at 7:00 and then 67 degrees as the music wraps up. for your saturday forecast we have some upper 60s along the coast. 74 will be the high for much of the bay and the inland areas only 79 degrees but there will be more clouds rolling by if so if you're enjoying the art and wine festival in mountain view, expect it to reach into the low 70s during the middle of the day and you won't have the sun
5:40 am
beaming down on you but might want to wear a hat even with the breezy winds picking up and also fall-like weather in castro valley for the fall festival and we're going to see the sun every now and then peeking out from behind the clouds. some gusty winds and temperatures in the upper 60s. so you might even want to wear some long sleeves, if you get cold easily and for sunday we're warming things up into the mid 80s, slightly warmer compared to saturday and it won't be as windy. high temperatures up to 80 for the bay and 71 along the coast. if you're hittingnly this weeked we'll see temperatures in the mid-70s throughout the weekend but slightly cooler on sunday with upper 60s and for russian river valley expect highs to also cool off between today and tomorrow, we're going to see it coming down a few more degrees. we'll get a look at today's temperature trend coming up in three minutes. >> thanks, kari. >> it's 5:41. coming up for victims in the deadly santa rosa fire storm
5:41 am
their efforts to find out more on the legal hurdles that they are facing. we'll have the very latest coming up. plus we got the latest jobs numbers. we'll bring them to you. looking pretty solid. and be sure to catch tonight's giants game on nbc bay area. coverage starts for you at 7:00. it is 5:41 for you right now. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:44, it's a good friday. it's starting the day with mostly clear skies. let's get you out the door in cupertino. we're in the upper 60s throughout the morning and then making it only into the 70s with sunshine and breezy winds, and finally will feel like we're headed toward fall. i'll have a look at that and the weekend forecast in less than five minutes. >> we were right, they turned on the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights, because of the rush of traffic coming to the the plaza and now might not traffic clearing down there from the east shore freeway. the earlier traffic alert cleared from this portion of the east shore freeway. another issue into berkeley, i'll talk about that coming up. new details for you this morning on the looming lawsuit tied to the deadly santa rosa wildfire 2017. "the press democrat" reports pg&e's attorneys are appealing a decision that would allow for a jury to weigh potential damages
5:45 am
against the utility. that decision green lights a potential civil suit even though the utility is now bankrupt. you may remember cal fire recently concluded private power equipment, not operated by pg&e, started the fire. the plaintiffs filing the suit want to challenge that conclusion. 5:45 for you right now. summer camp right outside of the bay area brings together california inmates with their children providing a place for them to provide a turning point for some of the men. >> at camp grace in salinas, children will spend a week with their fathers, activities include a party for the birthdays missed and talks about having loved ones who are in prison. they also paint murals with images of what the perfect day might be for a father and child. "today" show anchor craig melvin went to salinas state prison and talked to inmates at the warden. >> the warden told me this is a program that actually makes the prison safer because you have a
5:46 am
lot of guys who are basically staying on their best behavior so they can spend this week with their kid during the summer. >> craig maelvin will have more on the "today" show. just in to the newsroom the employment numbers for august, 130,000 jobs were added, that's below expectations and stoking new fears about a recession. the unemployment rate stayed steady at 3.7%. speaking of the jobs numbers the president made an odd tweet about jobs thursday. >> scott mcgrew, president trump never afraid to stir up a little controversy. >> we knew that, but we saw it again with this tweet. it's simple, it says really good jobs numbers. this was published thursday morning. he doesn't say what jobs numbers he's talking about. the only jobs numbers that matter this week are the numbers that were released 15 minutes ago that we justea access to ye. now it's vague, right? it could very well be a
5:47 am
different number, the adp number. why does this matter, though? because that tweet can artificially move markets. the pentagon has released more information about what projects will be delayed or cut to pay for construction of the border wall, they include small projects like a parking lot at west point but big projects like an on base middle school. the pentagon will ask congress for more money to pay for the canceled projects but some see that as a back doorway for paying for a wall. the house judiciary committee will be on the road in el paso holding a hearing on the relationship between anti-immigrant hatred and domestic terror. el paso the place where 22 people were shot to death by a man who published a white nationalist manifesto before the murders. president trump awarded nba star jerry west with the presidential medal of freedom. the former laker is literally the faith of basketball, he's the guy in the logo.
5:48 am
>> jerry works harder than just about anybody i can imagine, helping our nation's veterans. jerry west is one extraordinary american and i'd now like to ask the military aide to come forward and present jerry alan west with the presidential medal of m. this is so richly deserved. >> and there's the medal there. west also helped lead the u.s. basketball team to gold at the 1960 olympic games in rome. we're watching everything that's happening in washington. follow me on twitter, i' i'm @scottmcgrew. >> it's 5:48. a reporter and his camera man covering a wildfire in southern california find out what can happen on the front lines. steven luke with our san diego sister station was reporting live on evacuations in murrieta. a frame dropping fire retardant doused them. >> reporter: we got hit by the
5:49 am
fire retardant and this is what happens when you're on the front lines. i'm going to do this right here for you at home. i heard all the fire crews behind us say whoa and run and then i felt it. the good news is the homes are now safe and like us, very, very pink. >> that's what happens. the plane can carry 3,000 gallons of fire retardant or water. we brought you a story a couple weeks ago about retardant falli zones. it can cause a lot of damage. i've had a lot ofha reporting and. >> that pink stuff is hard to come out. there's some really strong colored dyed in there. it takes a long time to get that out. >> if you look at the website they talk about burning eyes and itching skin. >> right, exactly. >> hopefully we don't need any of that this weekend. we are going to lead into some
5:50 am
cooler temperatures. a live look in walnut creek this friday morning a little bit of a breeze and mostly clear skies and temperatures in the low 60s. as you get the kids up and ready for school it will be a great day with our temperatures starting out at we'll be at 65 degrees at 9:00 and after that our skies clear and we will see a slow warmup in our temperatures and it's going to reach into the upper 70s by the time you go back to pick them up, so in that pickup line windows down. we're going to feel some comfortable air in the south bay but it will be hot in the south county reaching into the mid 80s this afternoon and our winds will pick up. even in the east bay looking at winds coming from the west at about 20 miles per hour and in danville we're going to see a high of 87 degrees, so breezy and warm in some spots, but also very cool along the coastline. palo alto reaching 79 degrees. 65 for the high in daly city and mostly mid-60s in san francisco. check out the winds coming in from the west, sustained at 25
5:51 am
miles per hour, and even higher gusts. our north bay temperatures reach 90 degrees in clearlake with novato up to 84 degrees. as the cooler temperatures arife we'll get gusty winds as the storm system moves to our north. looks like our saturday is looking mostly cloudy and it will be a lot cooler with some gusty winds once again. that continues and then once that moves on, by next week we're starting to warm up once again. here is a look at our seven-day forecast with mid 80s today. upper 70s tomorrow, more sunshine on sunday, still very nice and heating up by the middle of next week and keeping it cool in san francisco, with some mid-60s today and tomorrow. mike, you have another big backup? >> this time at the bay bridge toll plaza which may not seem like a surprise but this friday we had a very light backup until the crash cleared westbound 80 at powell, so now we have the metering lights turned on about 5:42 this morning registered and the backup, getting toward the approach we still have a smooth drive down the east shore
5:52 am
freeway at the berkeley curve but the crash at university has things distracted and tied up from golden gate field to university avenue. as we look at our waze system they timed it out. we have a 15-minute delay and continuing to improve as the speeds continue but also we have the earlier issue at powell that sent a lot of folks on to berkeley city streets. nbc bay area wazer help you reroute traffic to adjust. back out to the maps another issue, some folks heard about the crash which has cleared ata westbound direction. disabled vehicle on the shoulder we don't see it causing a big problem. because of the lighter commute around the bay friday walnut creek, pleasant hill close to the speed limit. look at what happened, fender bender on the peninsula, we'll check that near menlo park. back to you. we now know what spashlgd a grass fire earlier this week near boulder creek.
5:53 am
cal fire says it was from the embers of an illegal garbage fire on private property. ten acres burned and it destroyed one structure. so far there's no word about anyone facing criminal charges or penalties. a major music star calling it quits, who it is and why she said she's suddenly going to retire. mothers may relate. plus wwon? a judge ded fate of the french rooster we tol you about yesterday morning. why are people waking up in this town still crowing this morning? you're watching "today in the bay." we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
5:54 am
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no homework this weekend? kris sanchez's daughter sure hopes so. little todayle that kris posted on instagram. follow her, share your kids experience with all that homework. >> i wonder how she feels about homework. >> my kids love if there's no homework on friday, thank you. trending this morning, one of the biggest names in music is retiring. >> nicki minaj is calling it quits to start a family. she tells her fans ♪ love you for life that was a song she had. we don't know what retirement looks like, maybe no new music. fans freaked out.
5:57 am
minaj filed for a marriage license with childhood friend kenneth petty. more and more young people are flocking to trendy new bars with next level laser tag, axe throwing, archery and virtual reality. vr is seeing slow success in the living room largely because it cost 500 bucks for a headset but it's taking off as an entertainment destination. >> being able to turn a single experience into a social experien experience >> sometimes the adults have more fun. >> the arcades are mainstreamed in other countries but taking hold on domestic front for us. expected to grow to get this, ar and axe throwing, not a good combo. well keep crowing, not you, i'm talking brand new update to a controversy from france.
5:58 am
>> a fowl one. maurice won his case. a judge says maurice and his friends can crow all they want even though their neighbors who moved to the country don't like it. the ruling may serve precedent that lets ducks quack, church bells ring. neighbors took the owner to court claiming the crowing was a nuisance. not used to the farm life. >> not the aall. a question as you wake up this morning, how many times did you hit snooze? >> does this sound familiar? >> i hit like seven, every 15 minut minutes. >> wake up probably after the second one. >> i don't hit the snooze button. i turn it off and lay there two to three minutes and get up. >> i do it four times. >> you do? >> i settheirst one if i can ge if not, i got two more. >> i s
5:59 am
like me, you may not be getting the benefits of a good night's rest. >> if you're snoozing it so you're waking up every ten minutes for hours, you're probably not getting great quality sleep. some people might set a few alarms where there is an alarm for an hour earlier and 30 minutes later and so on, probably not as bad but it's not as good as uninterrupted sleep. >> i set them so they'll annoy me to get up. >> really? >> the doctor says aim for seven to nine hours a night. one-third of adults say they don't get that much. i know i - >> i don't have anything to say to you right now >> i'm shocked and saddened. >> reaction from all sides as one defendant walks free the other's future remains uncertain. later no confidence issues one contra costa county department is dealing with this
6:00 am
morning. "today in the bay" continues right now.


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