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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 6, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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don't get that much. i know i - >> i don't have anything to say to you right now >> i'm shocked and saddened. >> reaction from all sides as one defendant walks free the other's future remains uncertain. later no confidence issues one contra costa county department is dealing with this morning. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning. thanks for joining us, you made it to friday. we'll see you through it. >> mike will get us the commute in a bit. things have cleared up this morning. >> and some changes. >> e o, greoh, great. and change in the forecast, mild. >> we're going to see cooler temperatures moving in. it's finally going to feel like september across the bay area. here is a live look outside with some clouds rolling by and san jose now as we head toward campbell, check out our
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temperature trend we have some low 60s to start and mid-70s by early afternoon. we are not going to make it up to our normal high of 82 degrees. we're looking at upper 70s with some mid 80s for parts of the inland east bay. there will be warm spots, we'll talk about our spread in temperatures and what's ahead for the weekend and mike, you were saying that traffic was stopped on the peninsula. >> it was completely stopped, kari, a traffic break for northbound 101 right at willow. they just released traffic about 90 seconds ago traveling north past willow headed up toward marsh. they had to struggle to get the vehicle to the side. you see slowing athe the on-ramp where the location was reported. we'll track that closely. rest of the bay shows a light friday commute.
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breaking news, san jose firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a late night fire that killed a woman who could not make it out you have her mobile home. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the scene. that has to be a hard thing for a lot of people in that community. >> reporter: considering the circumstances of the woman who lived in this home. i spoke to another lady who knew her and she told us that she had been paralyzed by a stroke, was confined to a wheelchair which might explain why she was not able to get out of her home here at the west winds mobile home park in north san jose. this acquaintance said the lady was in her late 50s, a wonderful person. it started 11:50 last night, not far from the intersection of zanke rean east jasmine. firefighter its called for a second alarm because they
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realized there was somebody possibly trapped inside. the fire did gut the interior of the house and in spite of their best efforts the fire department was not able to save this woman. >> neighbor said a small fire was inside and next thing in seconds it catches on and instantly everything caught on fire. >> reporter: this acquaintance of the woman who passed away last night also tells us she believes a man lived with her who was her caregiver. we know that he was not hurt in the fire. we don't know if that's because he got out in time or if he was not here last night. as far as the investigation goes, the fire department is calling out an arson investigator, which is not unusual when you're dealing with a fatality. report live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> very sad she couldn't make it out. it is 6:04. in the aftermath of the
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verdict, some wonder if justice was served in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. one of the defendants this wimorn his family. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us here with reaction. this verdict reeling. >> to say the families and friends of the victims are disappointed is an , the case against derick almena, master tenant the jurors could not reach a unanimous decision. ten thought he was guilty, two did not. this is max harris. jurors aquitted him of all charges of involuntary manslaughter and 36 people died in the ghost ship warehouse fire in 2016, and their loved ones told us they feel like they really did not get justice. >> we were hoping for justice, but we didn't get justice today. >> we're still kind of in shock, to be honest. we're deeply, deeply disappointed and we just hope that justice will somehow be
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served. >> i stand with the other family members and friends that think max should not have been charged, should not have spent any time in jail. derick is a different, completely different human being. i do find him responsible. >> there are clearly a lot of questions about what's next in this case, both in the criminal case and a civil case against derick almena and max harris and the city of oakland and the owner of the building and pg&e. we'll talk about that coming up at 6:30. a lot of families disappointed. it was a really long process and then to get to a hung jury, it was difficult. ivil cases. thanks so much. we'll continue to follow the cases as they unfold. another great resource is our website we've got more content about the trial, including a detailed time line. new this morning thieves target another bay area apple store. police say three men ran into the san mateo store around 9:00 p.m. last night. they grabbed about 40 devices in
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seconds and bolted from the store. the robbers got into a four door white sedan. officers spotted the car and lost it in the chase. last week thieves stole from an apple store in burlingame. richmond's chief of police this morning suddenly feeling a crisis of confidence among rank and file. officers recently held a confidence vote more than 80% voted no confidence in police chief brown's leadership. officers cited workplace problems and management issues. this is the first time richmond's police officers union has ever held this kind of vote. voters and leaders say that the department is now at a boiling point. so far the chief nor the department are commenting. >> 6:07 right now. dorian is battering the east coast this morning. the hurricane now a category 1 storm with violent wind and soaking rain. the coast is dealing with that storm surge of more than seven feet in some areas. in charleston, first responders
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had to push a car out of rising water. look at that. it looks over the downtown streets. >> i was trying to back up but i couldn't back up because there was two trucks behind me. >> communities on the coast will likely continue to feel the effects of this storm into saturday. this as much as the bahamas is still in complete disarray. the official number of dead there now stands at 30 with the total expected to rise. tough going for those folks. >> a lot of the rain and water can be as deadly as the storm itself. >> the storm surge along the coastline is going to be the big threat as it continues to move through north carolina and some of the low lying areas. the rain bands will cause the threat of tornadoes throughout the day as it hugs the coastline t will cause a big surge along the coastline extending up past the new england area going into the weekend. once again right now capital
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goir 1 but will make its quick approach toward nova scotia later on this weekend as it continues to weaken. we'll continue to track that as it has major impacts all along the atlantic coast throughout the weekend. we start out here in the bay area with some low cloudiness over san francisco and some cool temperatures. headed out for a jog around the tri-valley, expect temperatures in the upper 50s. we are going to see another really nice day, in fact slightly cooler than it was yesterday, and 1:00 today we're up to 78 degrees in the tri-valley, so we'll talk more about this coming up. mike, it's still slow for 101. >> highway 101 through palo alto headed up in toward menlo park, we showed you the earlier remainder after the traffic break. we still see some flashing lights here underneath the willow overcrossing. the deal is a little farther north, slow lane is blocked just about marsh and the on-ramp there. i showed you two incidents, there was slowing on bayfront expressway. reports of a separate crash past
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the last of the facebook compound headed toward 1k0 1 and the on-ramp as you pass by the park entrance. you may have a crash that blocks some of your roadway there and north 101 slows toward marsh because of that crash blocking the slow lane. that is an issue for folks traveling through or north of east palo alto and menlo park. san mateo moves smoothly. south bay no build. trivaluey and east bay all moving at speed except for this part of the east bay. westbound 80 is slow, jammed up toward university and gilman, the earlier crash there may have been two crashes, there's activity and waiting for a tow truck. the roadside activity is the distraction past golden gate field toward university and the earlier traffic cleared at the berkeley curve. all of the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza was flooded, the metering lights turned on about 5:45. back to you. >> you can tell behind you there. thanks, mike. 6:10 for you right now. and still ahead the dating pool includes your friends. >> shouldn't they?
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>> not always. we're going to tell you how facebook's new feature works if you're trying to make plans for saturday night. >> what about the friend zone there? there's always the friend zone. >> hey now, stick to business. >> stick around. we'll have a lot of fun. got the jobs numbers, not quite what we were hoping but we'll find good in it as well when "today in the bay" continues. we live with at&t
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happy friday. walnut creek with a live view outside, clear skies, cool temperatures and headed into a great weekend. time to get up and get moving with temperatures out the door in the low 60s. we'll be at 69 degrees at 10:00 and low 80s for early afternoon. we'll check out the rest of our microclimates coming up in less than five minutes. >> and we do have a few slow spots. here the richmond side of the bridge to san rafael, crowded here for a friday. i'll tell you why i think think this might earlier crashes and one crash on the peninsula may be bogging down palo alto. brake lights toward redwood city. goomo happy friday. it's the best friday if you like numbers, the labor department says 130,000 jobs were added in the month of august. it's kind of a modest number. the unemployment rate sticks at 3.7%. even better though, average hourly wages are up 11 cents to
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$28.11 an hour. that has been a stubborn number. head of the fed jay powell will speak today. wasn't necessarily planned to coincide with the jobs report but it's an excellent coincidence. the president just tweeted, where did i get this guy, jerome? oh well, you can't win them all. president trump appointed jay or jerome powell replacing berkeley's janet yellen who was an economist. powell not an economist. powell under a lot of pressure to cut interest rates. now the national economic council who would not allow the post to use their names say mr. trump told them one of the reasons he replaced janet yellen was she was short. she's just over five feet. ironically she was considered someone who leans toward interest rate cuts. as we first reported to you on thursday on "today in the bay," a number of states will hold a press conference monday to announce major investigati hig . the "wall street journal" has
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refined that reporting to say it will involve google and facebook. the new york attorney general will lead an investigation in to facebook. the texas attorney general will lead an investigation into google primary how the companies discourage competition. 28 other states will take part but hard to say before we've heard from the attorneys general how coordinated these investigations will be. in other news, google is one of the big tech companies researching how we age. perhaps that can be slowed or stopped. several silicon valley companies are working on that science that extend lives and reverse aging. this sunday on "press:here" i'll talk to the san francisco and west coast bureau chief of mit technology review publishing the whole issue on the idea. >> you can switch genes on and off which can almost rejuvenate tissue. again it's like early days. all of this stuff is early days but it's getting to the point where we're going to have some serious questions to ask. >> it is fascinating science and this is real science. this is not fountain of youth
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stuff. we'll talk more about it "press:here" sunday morning at 9:00 on nbc bay area. >> perfect. stick around for this next story. >> okay. this one we all have been talking about. if you didn't know, you don't have a date this weekend, just logon to facebook. menlo park company finally launching its new facebook dating feature. looking for a sample of the protile there, other countries doing this online, debuting in the u.s. this week. facebook says it's dating a different thing, you know, dating is different for thousands of people out there, because this site allows to you identify secret crushes, when you say you like a person but they don't get notified unless they say they like you back. some people say let the stalking begin, i don't know. >> in our last hour i was te teasing scott mcgrew saying you
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should set up a dating profile. you took my advice. >> kari said use the picture where you're against a wall. there it is. >> good picture. >> wait, then you describe yourself, talking head, avid traveler, and two sons. >> i point out i am a free market capitalist and i want the women out there to know the first question i'm going to have for them is about monetary expansion, monetary policy, quantitative easing. >> you're looking -- >> they talk about finances early. >> may need dating coaching. >> the date report has to come in here, date numbers. >> we'll have that on monday. >> i'm interested in this one. >> you said it was easy to get to? >> it's on your app and there's a little triple line button lower right, if your app is updated, dating will show up there. >> does someone have to be your friend in order to date you? >> no. it will go out to everyone --
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hurry because i'm going to delete it fast. >> no, you're not. this could make matches happen in your life. >> a long-term sort of thing on the news? >> exactly. >> imagine the pressure those women would be under. >> the love of your life right now is watching. >> i found mine on facebook. i reconnected. so it's nice. >> wow. >> but this is about you. ladies? >> i can see where this is going. >> ladies? >> i think my facebook paged a daughter -- >> and your husband. >> yes, all that going on. but i'm @karihallweather. as you get ready to head out the door, cool temperatures and a great weekend. i want to show you a shot of san francisco from above the clouds. it is a beautiful sunrise, even though you can't see it right now in the city, so we're going
6:19 am
above the clouds looking at our sutro towerment ka camer camera. let's head toward fremont, get you out the door with a look at the forecast for the warm springs b.a.r.t. station. it will still be a cool start with some low 60s but we are also going to have a comfortable day with mid-70s into the afternoon, once our skies clear. so we are looking at slightly cooler than normal temperatures in co have some mid 80s for the inland east bay. notice no 90s hereindy it willeo about 20 miles per hour, and then for the peninsula, we're at 76 for the hh in redwood city. in san francisco really windy today and cloudy, upper lot more sunshine and highs up to 90 in clearlake today. we have an area of low pressure and approaching storm system that's moving closer to the bay area. it's going to bring more clouds, so actually your saturday is looking pretty cloudy and also cooler with some gusty winds, but that starts to move away on
6:20 am
sunday. we get more sunshine. early next week our temperatures come up a few more degrees. there will be passing storm systems to our north that's going to keep it fairly mild for the first part of the week, so here is a look at our inland temperatures going into today, reaching 84. 79 tomorrow, and then some low 80s for sunday. it's going to be a great weekend, but it will start to feel more like summer by the middle of next week with san francisco feeling some gusty winds, more clouds and highs in the mid-60s. mike, you're tracking two key sp>> t that's right, we have tw spots and the rest of the bay looks green and good on the peninsula, we have one of the key spots north 101, jammed up as you head up toward marsh but we seeo orange and willow up toward marsh where the crash still reportedly blocks that slow lane. traffic is quickly starting to improve. one set of flashing lights that
6:21 am
remains just north of willow headed up redwood city through menlo park. in the east bay the other spot is the crash. there have been a number, traffic alert cleared at powell in the backup there was another crash at university and another at gilman. it looked like the last of the crashes made its way to the shoulder but there is a delay about a ten-minute delay if you're coming off of highway 4 and through berkeley. the rest of the contra costa county and the east bay look great with mild slowing for highway 4 through pittsburg, bay point and walnut creek for 680. a little build at the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. over on the san quentin side we had a disabled vehicle off of the roadway. there is the >> wow, a lot of people out there. thanks, mike. 6:22 right now. still ahead for you this hour, chase center traffic at 6:30, a new look at how concert goers and warrior fans will have to navigate to the newlnistenin.
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i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds" next. ♪
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find the brands you love from nordstrom. up to 70% off at nordstrom rack. ♪ that's fashion at a fraction. and get easy returns in store. nordstrom rack. what will you find? 6:25 for you right now. new details on a settlement between the family of stephon clark and sacramento. the city will pay out $2.4 million to clark's two children. which is all part of a wrongful death lawsuit. clark was shot and killed in march in his grandparents backyard. investigators determined clark was holding a cell phone. the officers will not face
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criminal charges. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here with some viewers we recently helped. they hit a wall in customer service. >> let's start with michael in san jose. he called us and said he was having trouble with a pay tv subscription. it ended up costing him $144 more than he expected. we stepped in, got it fixed and saved michael $144. speaking of subscriptions, let's talk about doris in oakland. she was having trouble with newspaper delivery, because her complaints were going nowhere, she called us. we spoke up and saved doris $113. and brad in sunnyvale was locked in a dispute over a medical device. our team worked with the doctor's office to resolve the disagreement. our efforts saved brad $252. perhaps we can help you, too. call us any time, 888-996-tips or go to
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have a great weekend. >> thanks, chris. next back to the breaking news in the south bay, what we're learn being a woman who died in a house fire, her physical limitations mayave pla. plus -- >> this is not over. >> what is next after the long-awaited decision in the ghost ship trial, why the defendant who walked free may not be totally off the hook. you're watching "today in the bay." we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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good friday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. meteorologist kari hall is tracking the weather for us today. >> heading out it will be mostly cloudy and temperatures in the 60s across the bay area. this is a live look outside in san jose, so as you head out the door within the next couple of minutes it will be in the upper 50s. if you're going out later in the morning, going to the farmer's market, expect temperatures at about 67 degrees and throughout the day it will warm up slowly, reaching into the upper 70s this afternoon. we're going to still see spots in the inland valleys reaching into the mid to upper 80s and loo ahead to weekend events coming up. mike you're checking traffic out of richmond. >> that's right, there may be a little more traffic than you'd normally expect friday. backup richmond-san rafael bridge. folks are trying to avoid this one section of the east shore freeway. we had an earlier traffic alert that cleared and a couple of
6:30 am
other crashes at gilman and university, both of those have cleared as well but there's slowing and as folks see that coming down the upper east shore they may take 58 to to the peninsula side or the north bay side. the backup at the bay bridge is there, slowing across the san mateo bridge and the crash north 101 at marsh looked like it is clearing some lanes. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> 6:31. breaking news we've been following for you this morning, san jose firefighters trying to figure out what caused a late night fire that killed a woman. she couldn't make it out of her mobile home in time. >> bob redell is live at the scene and bob, what are people saying about the lady who died? >> reporter: a woman came up to me earlier at the scene of the fire, an acquaintance of the lady who died in this fire mind me and tells us she was a wonderful woman, in her late 50s, paralyzed by a stroke sometime early in her life, was confined to a wheelchair which might explain why she was not
6:31 am
able to get out of her home when it caught fire. we believe she lived with a man who was her caregiver. it's not clear if he got out or wasn't home at the time. he know he was not hurt in the fire. she lived in this double wide trailer in the wt winds mobile home park not far from the intersection of east resources once they realized someone might be trapped inside. the fire gutted the home and in spite of the best effor i time. we do not know what caused this fire but we do know an arson investigator is looking into the cause which is not unusual when you're dealing with a death. reporting live in san jose, ready ready, "today in the bay." >> thanks, bob. where do we go from here in the ghost ship warehouse fire case? jurors settle the fate for one defendant acquitting max harris but the jury could not reach a decision on derick almena. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us with what's next for him and families who
6:32 am
wanted justice. kris? >> hi there, marcus. max harris is home and once the jury acquitted him on the 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter he was released from the santa rita jail within hours. the jury could not reach a unanimous decision against derick almena. ten thought he was guilty and two did not. the case is not over for him ha. >> no matter what happens in this criminal trial, this is not over. there's a civil trial pending in which all of the people who are said to be responsible for this horrible tragedy are going to s. >> the city knew, the police knew, firemen knew that this place had people living in it, they were using it like a cabaret. there were events happening and they failed to stop it. >> here's what's next in the ghost ship trial. as you heard our legal analyst
6:33 am
say the civil case against almena and harris is pending and some families are pursuing a civil case against the city of oakland, the warehouse owners and pg&e, since the fire was deemed by the fire marshal to be an electrical fire. we expect a decision whether derick almena will be retried or there will be a plea deal in this criminal case but in any case, any one of the different scenarios, max harris could be called to testify now that he has been acquitted. he's just a witness. we talked with families, they're struggling with this outcome and it just stretches out that process of getting some closure. >> very much so. they really wanted that. thank you very much. continuing coverage now of the southern california boat fire tragedy, last night mourners gathered at santa barbara harbor where the "conception" once docked to remember the 34 lives lost. in the meantime the investigation is ramping up. ntsb agents are talking with crew members who survived and this morning we're learning the boat's owners are filing a lawsuit and that suit is meant
6:34 am
to law.ibly lawsuits filed st cite many legal experts call it an expected move. as for possible causes, investigators are looking into the boat's wiring. >> there may have been gear charging. there was a lot of photography, videography, cameras, cell phones that were charging on the vessel itself, so we are not ruling out any possible ignition sources. we are focused on everything. >> crews have not removed the boat from the water. get ready for more tourists in the city by the bay. san francisco travel association says that the number of visitors next year is expected to hit an all-time high, more than 26 million people. that's nearly 1 million more travelers than this year. of course, that's expected to fuel more money into the city's economy, to a tune$10
6:35 am
billion. get ready for the loud opening night in san francisco's new chase center. tonight the new warriors arena will open. metallica is taking the stage along with the san francisco symphony. if you're going to the show, public transportation really is going to be your best ticket here because there are only 900 parking spots at the chase center itself, and they're for vips. on muni, show your concert or warrior, ticket to ride for free, eticket on your phone as well. b.a.r.t. will get you there from 16th street, mission and embarcadero stations. caltrain will connect you at fourth and king streets. the closest ferry is at pier 48 pier 52 and at the ferry building. take a look at that morning commute, we saw things were clearing up in some spots but picking up in others. >> that's right. overall smoothing out. we have a couple of key spots. outlining what marcus was
6:36 am
talking about, just want to give you the options for your chase center commute tonight, if you are going to the metallica concert, keep in mind parking is going to be limited and folks will definitely be getting oriented. all the agencies have access near or actually right to the arena. keep that in mind, chase center just off the area, we'll show you where that is. oracle park used to be called at&t, now called oracle park, the ball park down third is where chase center is and across third is where ucsf medical is. this is a key area getting into san francisco at 280 and west of there, it will be congested this evening and for any of the warriors and other concert activities over there. right now the big area issues on the east shore freeway, the traffic alert and a couple other crashes and we still see slowing, this will likely stick around, this is about the normal pattern, slowing coming down out of richmond and in toward about university. the two earlier crashes at university and gilman should be completely cleared for the crews on the shoulder, that's why speeds are improving, not as much of a distraction and the
6:37 am
rest of the bay shows a nice smooth drive slowing across the san mateo bridge for west 92 and a crash on the peninsula at marsh looks like it cleared from 101. >> good and clearing for this weekend, too, a little cooler. >> it's going to be great. we're also kicking off a lot of festivals, there's live music. tonight in campbell with live music happening downtown. at 5:30 we'll be at about 75 degrees so it's going to be so comfortable as you get off of work and strolling around town. we'll see temperatures dropping down into the upper 60s later this evening. and then for saturday, we'll see some cooler air across the bay area, some clouds roll in. our coastal temperatures will only reach about 69 degrees. 74 for the bay, and reaching about 79 in the inland areas. how about checking out the art and wine festival in mountain view. it's going to be great, all throughout the weekend. a little bit more clouds though. don't expect the sun to be beaming down on you throughout the day. we're going to see the highs only reaching about 72 degrees. we'll also have some cooler
6:38 am
temperatures and it's just in time for the fall festival in castro valley. it's going to be mostly cloudy this start with some mid-60s and then in the afternoon a little bit more sunshine, upper 60s. on sunday, we do have some slightly warmer air moving in, more sunshine. our valleys reach up to 85 degrees. the bay up to 80 degrees and low 70s for the coast. if you're headed out of town, going to lake tahoe, it's going to be great for that hiking he tomorrow and then some upper 60s, slight cooling for sunday. we're also going to see some cooling in russian river valley with a high of 84 degrees today. 80 and partly cloudy tomorrow with a high of 83 degrees on sunday. it still looks pretty nice. santa cruz will be cooler with low 80s this afternoon but for the rest of the weekend we're mostly going to see some mid-70s with some partly cloudy skies and some gusty winds. if you're going to l.a., we're going to see temperatures there also cooling off, going from 82
6:39 am
today to 79 tomorrow and 75 degrees on sunday. so let me know what your weekend plans are. had a few people reach out. i'm @karihallweather on twitter, facebook and instagram. we'll talk about what's going on today coming up in three minutes. >> thanks, kari. next and all new this morning, fighting a trial, what pg&e is pushing for after the north bay wildfires. the move the utility made this week to avoid a legal battle. plus will he ever play? the ongoing drama involving raiders antonio brown. next, comments from the general manager who argued with him. we have the latest jobs numbers. were they good news? were they bad news? what about interest rates? take a look at what wall street thinks. wall street can't dow industrials essentially flat. you're watching "today in the bay."
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it is 6:43 and a busy start to the morning in palo alto. if you're dealing with traffic, you'll be able to roll the windows down and enjoy a nice cool start to the day, and the cl now will clear out. sunshine as we lead into some very comfortable air for this afternoon. we'll talk about that and a look ahead to the weekend in less than five minutes. >> the reason we're seeing the slowing, watch this right there, chp arrived and a little distraction and a little help, 101, we'll talk about the slowing and show you a bigger view of your bay area commute. new details on looming lawsuit tied to the deadly santa rosa wildfire 2017. "the press democrat" reports
6:43 am
decision that would allow for a jury to weigh potential damages against utility. that decision green lights a potential civil suit even though the utility is bankrupt. you may remember cal fire concluded private equipment not operated by pg&e started the fire. the plaintiffs filing suit want to challenge that conclusion. do you recognize this man? vallejo police asking for your help in finding him. officers say the surveillance image shows a man who robs a wells fargo atm user. the pd did not say which atm or when the crime happened. 6:44, the antonio brown saga with the raiders taking a new ea is talking about suspending him after brown and gm mike mayock reportedly got into a heated exchange where brown threatened to punch mayock. it's believe this stemmed from brown's posting of a letter about training camp fines.
6:44 am
mayock is not addressing the specifics.rtnd sweet, antonio brown is not in the building today, he won't be practicing. i don't have any more information for you right now and when i have some and it becomes appropriate, you guys will all get it, i promise you, but that's it for today. >> here is the letter he posted, indicating the fines were more than $50,000 for missing practices and meetings. the raiders opener this season, monday night at the coliseum against the denver broncos, kicks off its scheduled for 7:20. the 49ers play the buccaneers sunday afternoon in tampa. >> a lot of football there. >> 6:45 for you right now. the summer camp outside of the bay area that brings together california inmates with their children is proving to be a big turning point for some of the men. >> at camp grace in salinas, children will spend a week with their fathers, activities include a party for the bi having loved ones who are in
6:45 am
prison. they also paint murals with images of what the perfect day might be for a father and child. "today" show anchor craig melvin went to salinas state prison and talked to inmates at the warden. >> the warden told me this is a program that actually makes the prison safer because you have a lot of guys who are basically staying on their best behavior so they can spend this week with their kid during the summer. >> craig melvin will have more on the story coming up on the "today" show. >> 6:46 for you right now. a word from the president, slower job growth. >> scott mcgrew, you found something to like in this morning's job numbers. >> i did, two things. good morning. the unemployment rate sticks at 3.7%. we like that. this is extraordinarily low, something to be very proud of. honestly, even if this had ticked up i wouldn't have been too worried because i thinkou y can explain that more americans are coming off the sidelines, people who had not chosen to work before looking for work.
6:46 am
2811 is the other number i like. we haven't got it here but i'll do my teacher and put it in, i would beer itible on a chalkboard, 28.11 is hourly wages. it's a stubborn number but up, the average american making north of $28 an hour, good news. the pentagon released more information about what projects will be delayed or cut to pay for the construction of the border wall. they include small projects like a parking lot at west point but also big projects like an on base middle school. the pentagon will ask congress for more money to pay for the canceled projects but that will be seen by some as a back doorway of congress paying for a wall. the house judiciary committee will be on the road in el paso holding hearings on the relationship between anti-immigrant hatred and domestic terror. el paso the place where 22 people were shot to death by a man who published a white nationalist manifesto shortly before the murders. on a happy note, president trump awarded jerry west with
6:47 am
the presidential medal of freedom. the former laker is literally the faith of basketball, he's the guy in the logo. >> jerry works harder than just about anybody i can imagine, helping our nation's veterans. jerry west is one extraordinary american and i'd now like to ask the military aide to come forward and present jerry alan west with the presidential medal of freedom. this is so richly deserved. >> and there you go with the medal of freedom there and the president will then put it on west. west led the team to gold in the 1960 olympic games in rome. we're watching everything that's happening in washington. follow me on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew. >> all right, thanks so much, scott. it's 6:48. firefighters are busy battling a fast growing wildfire north of the bay area, called the red bank fire and it is burning near the shasta trinity national
6:48 am
forest just north of chico, believed to have been sparked by light nipping yesterday afternoon and quickly grown to 6,000 acres. right now it's considered to be burning out of control. mandatory evacuation orders are in place for parts of tehema county. a reporter and cameraman covering a wildfire in california find out what can happen on the front lines. steven luke with our san diego sister station was reporting live on evacuations in murrieta. a plane dropping fire retardant flew right overhead and >> reporter: we got hit by the fire retardant and this is what happens when you're on the front lines. i'm going to do this right here for you at home. i heard all the fire crews behind u then i felt it. the good news is the homes are now safe and like us, very, very pink. sounds like the crews out there were laughing. it can happen so quickly. the plane can carry 3,000
6:49 am
gallons of fire retardant or water. you might recall, we brought you a story a couple weeks ago about the dangers of fire retardant falling in fire zones. while it's a major asset in fighting fires, it can cause a lot of damage. >> we saw in the story we showed you how it crushed that suv. >> exactly. >> we don't need any of that hopefully any time soon because it's been very dry but at least we have cooler weather in the forecast but it does come along with some gusty winds so let's get out the door this morning. live look in dublin with some clouds rolling in, cooler temperatures and a great way to start out your friday morning. let's get the kids up and out the door for school this morning. in concord we're going to see temperatures right at about 59 degrees. actually walnut creek will be at a 64 degrees at 9:00 and then some very comfortable air throughout the day and that pickup line windows down, enjoy the sunshine and upper 70s. we're going to reach 84 in
6:50 am
livermore today, with a high of 78 degrees in palo alto. san francisco staying in the upper 60s and 82 will be the high in santa rosa. as you see that seven-day forecast, now starting with the peninsula, at the bottom of the screen we'll have a big cooldown. it continues tomorrow as a storm system to our north approaches and brings in more clouds. we're also going to have a pretty brisk onshore wind flow. tomorrow expect it to be mostly cloudy, windy and cool at some times of the day but it starts to clear out on sunday. by early next week our temperatures will be warming up a few more degrees, but a storm system just to the north also keeps it from being really hot. if you are not going to the metallica concert tomorrow but want to check out the chase center there will be a block party tomorrow and it starts at noon. you'll also be able to watch the u.s. open. temperatures will reach into the low 70s and it will be a very nice day. the coolest day of the week happening tomorrow with upper 70s. couldn't be at a better time.
6:51 am
we're also going to see some nice weather on sunday. next week we'll go back to summer, with some upper 80s in the forecast by next thursday, san francisco windy with some clouds rolling by and then some low 70s by the end of the weekend. mike, you're updating that drive through the peninsula. >> we still have reports of a crew blocking one lane, put the arrow there. i saw one set of flashing lights clear the area but slowing just as you're approaching willow. the off-ramp is fine. over on the right shoulder and part of the slow lane activity from an earlier crash. things are bagging down once again right there, just north of university and folks making their way from the dumbarton bridge on to 101, may be conjesting things more. the rest of the peninsula, the rest of the bay looks great. south bay just starting to see the northbound routes push north 101, 87 to downtown san jose and now 85 coming up out of the al maden valley. slowing in pittsburg and bay point in toward the concord
6:52 am
area, south 680 toward walnut creek and 24, through lafayette and entering the caldecott which is fine. the east bay shows the build toward the richmond to san rafael bridge, slowing in berkeley from earlier crashes but all lanes cleared. richmond and san rafael bridge might be folks destination as opposed to the bay bridge because they heard about all the early morning activity on the east shore freeway, but those crashes and especially the traffic alert they had cleared so you can head toward the bay bridge and that may be better than headed across the richmond 580 westbound commute. back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:53 right now. happening now, done emonstrs marching through rio de janeiro to protest the burning of the amazon rain forest, the protest comes amid intense international concern over the wildfires. critics say some of the fires were started deliberately to clear parts of the rain forest for development. the president sent the military in to help battle some of those fires. and next we're taking a look at some of the top stories we have. a new time line on a major probe
6:53 am
into two bay area tech giants, google and facebook. how the rest of the country is but first breaking news dealing with a deadly fire. >> saw flames coming out of her house, ran back in the house, .o >> tragic news from the south bay overnight, neighbors tell us a woman died in a fire at her home. the physical limitation witnesses tell us may have played a role. more news after the break. you're watching "today in the bay." alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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you are gonna say: you'll get the best deal of the year on xfinity tv and internet! and you even get this. mike, you're on balloons. sarah, you're gonna high five everybody. ben, you're gonna be wowing them with your dance moves. don't miss the xfinity best deal of the year. now that's simple, easy, awesome. get amazing tv and internet during our best deal of the year! with huge savings of $600 over two years. plus a speed upgrade to 400 megs, free for 2 years. and ask about even more savings with xfinity mobile. click, call, or visit a store today. welcome back. before you head out the door, it is 6:56. here are the top stories on
6:56 am
"today in the bay." >> breaking news in the south bay, one woman died in a mobile home fire. here is a live look at the scene, what is left of it. the fire itself started a little before midnight at a mobile home park in san jose south of highway 237 near the al viso salt pond. the woman who died is disabled and she was confined to a wheelchair. a man lufd there and he either made it out safely or was just not home at the time. thieves target another bay area apple store. police say three people ran into the san mateo store around 9:00 p.m., grabbed about 40 devices in seconds and bolted from the store. the robbers got into a waiting four-door white sedan. officers spotted it and lost it in a chase. last week another group o f thieves stole $70,000 worth of merchandise from an apple store in burlingame. richmond police chiefs of c
6:57 am
rank and te, more than 80% voted no confidence in police chief brown's leadership. officers cited workplace problems and management issues. this is the first time richmond's police officers union has ever held this kind of vote. leaders say the department is at a boiling point. so far neither the chief nor the department is commenting. attorney generals from a number of states will talk monday about their investigation into the tech industry in silicon valley companies. according to the "wall street journal" it will include google and facebook. "the journal" says new york's attorney general will lead the facebook investigation and texas' attorney general will lead a google probe. it is supposed to focus on anti-trust matters and 28 other states will also take part. we heard scott say it, the august jobs numbers came out just about an hour ago. employers added 130,000 jobs in august boosted by a census hiring. the unemployment rate remains
6:58 am
steady at 3.7%. here we are on this friday getting ready for the weekend. a lot of people have plans. today and tomorrow nice weather for us? >> really nice. it will be great to actually have a cooldown. seems like it's been so long especially since we've seen temperatures in the upper 70s and we're also seeing more clouds moving in by tomorrow and we warm things back up next week, while san francisco stays in the mid-60s with some gusty winds. >> all right, good news here. smoother drive in menlo park? >> i believe the police activity cleared to the shoulder. live camera at university north. a series of flashing lights and the slow lane closed, just reopened. the three-car crash may have been a reckless river. there is slowing across the san mateo bridge. typical pattern there. >> hope the rest of your friday is great. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with
6:59 am
a live local news update. >> have a great friday. the east coast this morning. slow and unrelenting. leaving behind a trail of devastation. a string of tornadoes in the carolinas, widespread flooding, hundreds of thousands without power. al has the very latest and the looming threat for the weekend. desperation and despair. >> we have nothing left. thousands left homeless and frustrated, waiting for badly needed supplies. our live report just ahead.
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