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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 10, 2019 2:07am-2:36am PDT

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oz, the tv star revealing his mother is battling alzheimer's. >> i blame myself because if i found it earlier, i could have helped. alarming video, the tesla on auto pilot a driver and passenger apparently asleep on a busy highway. the new warning from police and a one simple thing you can do just once or twice a week to cut your risk of heart attack or stroke in half >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, everyone breaking tonight, the dramatic day-long operation to free crewmen tra massive overturned cargo ship off the coast of georgia the tricky operation put into action after rescuers managed to make contact with the sailors. a full day after the ship turned over shortly after leaving port and tonight, there is late word the last of them has been freed our ron mott is there tonight. >> reporter: tonight, freedom
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from a sweltering capsized cargo ship and obvious relief after a dramatic rescue. the freed shipmates from the golden ray appearing soaked from head to toe with temperatures on the surface of the hull reaching 120 degrees. >> they were subject to some pretty tough conditions over the last day and a half. >> reporter: the two-football field long vessel toppled in st. simons sound sunday around 2:00 a.m. the first five rescued >> three were together in one spot, the fourth is stuck behind glenom he's probably the greatest risk of all four now. >> reporter: the ship that transports thousands of automobiles was leaving the port of brunswick when it began to list before catching fire as this operation unfolded today, there are multiple landings of coast guard helicopters and equipment, taking place under a hot sun with temperatures in the 90s. >> they drilled a hole
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in the hull and the crew member's location after hearing temperatures from inside the ship. >> when i heard the news this morning, tap backs throughout the night, i think that really motivated the team here. >> reporter: a grueling rescue effort over two days buoyed by the sounds of life they are investigating what went wrong to this capsizing sunday morning, in the meantime, the first three crew members pulled off on relatively good healtheverne is with 450 cigarette people getting sick innit from vaping in 33 states the american medical association is urging people to stop using e-cigarettes. at the same time a government crackdown tonight on one of the biggest brands our dr. john torres has more. >> reporter: one after the other. young healthy adults hospitalized with severe respiratory illnesses. >> i was having a hard
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time breathing. i couldn't walk well. >> reporter: so sick they are being put into medically induced comas. >> i had no idea what was >> reporter: the cause, vaping. slamming juul for illegally advertising as safe. siting a high school presentation describing the device as totally safe delivering smoker satisfaction without the harm reminiscent of what cigarettes were marketed as safe lawmakers across the country calling for action. >> previously healthy young people are getting seriously ill because our food and drug administration in washington has failed to protect them from the dangers of e-cigarettes. >> no one should use vaping products period until we know what it is. >> reporter: one alabama high school taking extreme measures after a student was found passed
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out in the bathroom after vaping the principal removing doors off stalls in the boys' bathroom which some parents say is excessive. scrambling to find solutions to a growing health crisis. >> dr. torres is here. until the fda takes action, what can we do? >> some states are taking into their own hands. new york announced new investigations and a plan e cigarette shops must post warnings, michigan banned flavored e-cigarettes and this is a sign of things to come, states not necessarily waiting for the federal government to act. dr. john torres, thank you. the controversy that will not go away over hurricane dorian a trump cabinet official denying a report he threatened the jobs of weather agency employees for knocking down president trump's assertion that the hurricane would strike alabama hallie jackson is at the white house with more. >> reporter: the political storm
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that out lasted hurricane dorian is taking a new turn tonight with a report commerce secretary wilber ross threatening to fire top staffers according to the "new york times. citing three people familiar with the discussions late tonight, the commerce department tells nbc news that's false and that the an initial comment and tweet from president trump about alabama's risk from dorian. >> alabama is going to get a piece of it it looks like poor alabama, please be careful, also. >> reporter: the president later displayed a map with what looked like a sharpie line drawn through alabama added to the cone of uncertainty. >> i know alabama was in the original forecast. >> reporter: but the danger from dorian hit past the state days before the president first brought it up sparking this pointed tweet from the birmingham branch. alabama will not see any impacts.
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now, an uproar after the national office scolded birmingham backing the president over some of its own scientists one former noah staffer calling that statement moral crowdedness. forecasters showing support. now noah's chief scientists is calling the response political and a dangero standards according to an email obtained by "the washington post." president trump was supposed to see some of the damage from dorian in north carolina today, but bad weather forced him to cancel that tour and hold a briefing on air force one instead. lester >> hallie, thank you. the death toll following dorian is at 45 expected to rise sharply. tonight the focus is handling the influx of evacuees and getting them the aid they need.gabe gutierrez is in nassau tonight. >> reporter: tonight, plane by plane, evacuees are streaming into the bahama
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capital, a humanitarian exitos. >> it is bad we don't know what to do. >> reporter: rose's home is gone in the hard-hit northern bahamas, thousands like her escaped by boat. one ferry that went directly to florida was turned away because customs and border protection says it was supposed to stop in nassau for visas that never happened. >> i don't want to allow people that were supposed to be in the bahamas to come into the united states including very bad people. >> reporter: the president appearing to contradict his own agency, the heading head of cbp calling this a humanitarian mission saying they plan to expedite the immigration process that let hurricane victims in. >> we're headed to nassau now and will try to determine what we'll do with our lives from here on. >> reporter: nbc's kerry sanders is on abaco island. >> the humanitarian aid is sitting on the docks, not needed because this island is a ghost town some of the private donations rushed here make little sense like eggs now sitting in the hot sun.
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>> reporter: now, the rush is on to get help to the people who need it most today in puerto rico, the captain and his crew loaded up donated food, generators and chainsaws. so far he's brought 18,000 pounds in five days. >> i'm giving everything that i got for the people of bahamas. >> reporter: we first met him after hurricane maria. >> it's like rewinding a movie. i saw it in puerto rico i saw people without water and without electricity and houses i know what they going through right no this temporary shelter in any idea where they will go next lester >> gabe gutierrez for tonight, thank you. president trump is holding a rally in north carolina and declaring talks with the taliban are dead after cancelling a planned secret meeting to discuss ending the war in afghanistan. nbc's kristen welker has new details for us.
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>> reporter: tonight president trump saying after the death of army sergeant first class ellis in a taliban attack, peace talks with the taliban are over. >> they are dead they are dead. as far as i'm concerned, they are dead they thought they had to kill people in order to put themselves in a little better negotiating position one happened to be a great american soldier, a wonderful young man from puerto rico, family from puerto rico and you can't do that. >> reporter: he's defending his controversial idea to hold those now scrapped talks with the taliban at camp david, the site of previous presidential negotiations. >> camp david held meetings with a lot of people that would have been perceived as being pretty tough customers and pretty bad people. >> reporter: the u.s. and taliban have been negotiating a deal that could lead to a u.s. withdraw of troops from afghanistan, but the idea of a camp david meeting sparking divisions within the president's national security
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team, according to u.s. officials, secretary of state mike pompeo supported it, national security advisor john bolton was opposed so were key republicans like liz cheney that tweeted no member of the taliban should set foot there ever the president also saying he's considering withdrawing u.s. troops from afghanistan even without a deal with the taliban. that likely to come up here in h republican congressional candidate tonight. lester >> thank you. there is more breaking news this evening, two more people have told you about that's being spread in the u.s. by mosquitos. nbc blayne alexander has what you need to know. >> reporter: tonight, a terrifying mosquito-born illness claimed two more victims known as eastern equine encephalitis, eee is transmitted by a single bite friday officials confirming a island, the victiman there diagnosed just ten days ago. >> there is no vaccination to prevent eee.
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this is one of the most deadly mosquito-born infections. >> reporter: eee is rare but comes with a 33% fatality rate. the numbers of human cases nearly doubling from last year, 11 confirmed so far this season including seven in massachusetts. within days, symptoms can go from headache and fever to brain swelling and coma. 14-year-old savannah neigan >> her brain is trying to heal itself and she can't do anything until that happens. >> reporter: experts say with no known treatment, your best option, protect yourself keep windows closed and when outside, wear bug spray with deet and cover up during dawn and dusk hours blayne alexander, nbc news. one of the country's best-known doctors is revealing a heartbreaking diagnosis he missed in his own family dr. oz opened up about his mother's alzheimer's on his show to nbc maria shriver
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who lost her dad to the same disease. here is stephanie gosk. >> reporter: america's tv doctor today sharing painful personal news, his 81-year-old mother has alzheimer's. >> like a snake in the grass. you sort of see the grass moving but can't quite tell what it is and you don't want to admit it because it's too painful. >> reporter: the red flags resembling issues people often deal with getting older. >> i blame myself because if i found it earlier, it could have helped delay and stall it the clues were there. >> reporter: early signs of alzheimer's include difficulty with tasks, problems with words, confusing time and place.n't you come over for lunch? i said mom, you're an 11-hour flight from me i'm not near you. >> reporter: then the doctor's diagnosis. >> the neurologist said we put her through a mental status test, and she flunked. >> reporter: dr. oz also learned through the process that he has an alzheimer's gene, a trait one
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in three americans shares research shows that a healthy diet and exercise can help delay the onset, even for people with the genetic risk. >> i feel i'll lose my mom twice, and i'm scared. >> reporter: dr. oz' show revolves around health advice for his audience. >> i know i'm not going to cure it. >> reporter: today the cautionary tale he told was his own. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. we want to let you know dr. oz will be live on "today" tomorrow morning with more a prominent couple in the world of politics is calling it quits. it appears todd palin filed for divorce from wife sarah palin. the former alaska governor in 2008 vice presidential candidate. court documents site quote in combatbility of temperament for the split. the palins have been married for 31 years and have five children together. there is much more ahead including it's happening again, a driver asleep at the wheel caught on video in a car with auto pilot.
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prompting new warnings tonight. how taking a nap may help prevent heart attacks and strokes. we'll have striking new details out tonight and the emotional show of support for a boy teased over his t-shirt it's inspiring america. we'll tell you more about it hope you can stay with us
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next tonight yet another driver caught on camera asleep at the wheel while his police haven't found the driver yet and as nbc's tom costello reports it's becoming a growing problem on the nation's roads. >> reporter: on i-90 alarming video state police says show extremely dangerous behavior a. man and woman asleep at the sleep as their tesla drives in auto pilot mode. dakota says the car was doing 55 miles per hour. >> i did a double take and sure enough, this guy was just head between his legs completely asleep. >> reporter: it's happened before
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in june this driver was asleep at the wheel of a tesla on the 405 in los angeles in 2018, a tesla driver slammed into the back of a stopped fire engine the ntsb blamed driver inattention and over reliance on the driver assistance system the ntsb is still investigating a fatal crash in 2018 in california and another last march in florida before enabling auto pilot, tesla says drivers must agree to keep your hands on the steering wheel at all t a if a driver takes his hand off the wheel, the car responds with visual and audio warnings. >> drivers are believing that the cars are autonomous, there are no fully autonomous vehicles that are on the market today. >> reporter: it may be called auto pilot but police are warning this is a very bad idea tom costello, nbc news, washington. >> that is not good. when we come back, we all love a nap here or there, certainly not at wheel but tonight we'll tell you about the
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life-saving benefits just out
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here is an eye opener, there is evidence released that taking a nap even once or twice a week can be life saving ann thompson explains. >> reporter: to sleep perchance to dream for your health, napping once or twice a week may cut risk says research reported today in the online journal heart. at her startup thrive global aimed at reducing stress and burnout, she's created a zen environment to promote daytime zs. >> getting everyone a 20-minute nap is game changing it improves your alertness and decision-making and also improves your health. >> reporter: but doesn't it go against the idea of productivity in the workplace >> on the contrary, in fact, if you get a 20-minute nap when you're sleep deprived, you're going to be infinitely more productive.
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>> reporter: the study says people benefitted regardless of the length of the nap whether five minutes or more than an hour there were no benefits for those who nap more three times a week huffington's top tip. >> picking a time at the end of the day, when you turn off your phones and charge them outside your bedroom. >> reporter: turning off the world to recharge even for a few minutes. ann thompson, nbc news, new york all right. we'll take a short break. when we come back, inspiring america, the boy teased for wearing a home made t-shirt and a tremendous outpouring that followed
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in tonight's inspiring america when a boy in florida was teased by classmates for making his own sports t-shirt the response he got was
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remarkable rehema ellis has his story. >> reporter: this fourth grader into a sensation, a home made sign boasting u of t the young fan didn't have an official shirt for his school'se one and proudly pinned it to his t-shirt but once at school he was deat contacting the university hundreds rallied. >> the phone is ringing off the hook, we have emails and tweets and phone calls. >> reporter: the university sent a care package, notebooks, a hat, a jersey. today the giant campus icon, the rock is painted with the boy's drawing, and now the school is going the extra mile turning the boy's home made logo into an official university t-shirt. how is that for u of t pride? rehema ellis, nbc news. >> the university of tennessee says it will donate a portion of the shirt's proceeds to an anti
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bullying organization. how about that that's "nbc nightly news" for for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night ♪
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