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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 12, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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plus -- >> we're looking at background checks, at putting everything together in a unified way so we can have something that's meaningful. >> all eyes on the white house this morning. there could be a decision on gun laws today. we'll have a live report from capitol hill coming up. and get ready to face the heat. another warm-up almost here. talking a spare the air alert for today. kari hall tracking your forecast. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington as we continue this news day. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's track the forecast. talking about a spare the air alert. >> you should car-pool, catch public transit, and it will be unhealthy to be outside for long periods of time because of high levels of ozone. we are going to start out this morning with a live look outside in palo alto. some upper 50s with our temperatures leading into some mid-80s.
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a warm-up headed our way as our high temperatures reach into the mid to upper 90s in the south bay. more on that in just a few minutes. mike, you're updating the crash on 080. >> there might be an additional delay about grant line road. an earlier motorcycle crash. the rider reportedly conscious but that's all i know. one lane blocked and slowing there. another crash might be further down. we're checking with chp. they'll update. a nice, smooth flow of traffic. no major problems. back to you. thank you very much. 5:01 right now. anyone who rents in the bent area likely cringes when they have to fork up hundreds if not thousands of dollars of cash every month just to survive here. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live with the protections the new law provides for renters. good morning, bob.
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>> reporter: well, good morning to you, laura. it's known as the anti-gouging rent bill ab-1482, a first for california yons who live in old apartment complex. this was authored by four assembly members here in the bay area and passed yesterday, will increase to 5% plus inflation. this cap does not apply to apartments built within the last 15 years, only applies to single family home rentals owned by corporations and does not affect tenants already in a rent control in cities like san francisco. the bill gives tenants protection against being evicted without cause. landlords will soon have to show documented lease violations for tenants who have been there over a year and must provide the equivalent of one month's rent for tenants forced out for renovations or condo conversions. >> in my district, in oakland we've had a 47% increase, 47%.
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we know the majority of that is because of economic displacement issues and that is what the bill is aimed to do is protect renters to keep them in their homes while we build the necessary housing we need. >> reporter: a number of democrats abstained. opponents argue it could make it less attractive to build new apartments. therefore further constricting the already tight housing supply. they also point out californians last year voted down proposition 10, a ballot measure that would have imposed stricter rent control. they argue this goes against the will of the people. again, as i mentioned, this is still awaiting the signature of gavin newsom. once he signs it, the bill goes into effect january 1st. bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you, bob. on capitol hill lawmakers expected to address two important issues today, gun laws and impeachment. there could be movement on both. "today in the bay's" tracie
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potts live with more on these ongoing debates. good morning. >> reporter: scott, good morning. impeachment is something we haven't heard in several weeks in washington. lawmakers have been off. while it's not imminent at all they are starting to lay the groundwork in case it happens. president trump expected to give some clue as to what type of gun law he might be willing to support. what senate republicans have been waiting for from the white house could come today. >> i think progress is being made. >> reporter: president trump is expected to review options and could decide today and what gun laws he supports, expanding background checks to internet sales and gun shows. >> he has to be ready to go up against the nra and, again, i'm not sure that he's willing to do that. >> reporter: grants for red flag laws. and tougher penalties for people
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who buy guns for someone else. >> we're waiting for something we know if it passed would actually become law. >> you can be anti-people shooting up schools and churches and grocery stores. >> reporter: mean tim,he hse judiciary committee votes on rules today that would govern possible impeachment hearings. >> we have not made the decision yet to impeach the president. >> reporter: republicans say it's a waste of time. >> we have six weeks back in the district of listening to our constituents. i didn't hear anybody talk about impeachment. >> reporter: the rules up for a vote would allow lawyers to question wites and allow the president's attorney to ask and answer accusations. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. also happening in washington, the u.s. supreme court giving president trump's administration permission to enforce its restriction on asylum seekers at the southern
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border. the justices' late order means migrants cannot seek asylum if they did not do so first in mexico. it would apply to other seekers who come to the u.s. southern border from other countries as well. 5:06. salvage teams in southern california today are expected to start raising the boat that killed 34 divers in a labor day inferno. a victim was discovered in the time for divers to gain access. the cause of the fire is still in question. the coast guard yes did issue a safety bulletin reminding boaters and crews who not only know escape routes and be properly trained but to be aware and alert when charging lithium ion batteries. investigators are still trying to determine if any crimes were committed. a murder trial involving a local heiress is set to get under way in san mateo county.
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tiffany lee is accused of arranging to have her ex-boyfriend keith green killed. prosecutors say lee arranged with her then boyfriend. another man has pleaded guilty to a charge related to disposing of green's body which was found on the side of the road in 2016. green was the father of lee's children and she was allegedly scared about losing a custody battle with him. she has pleaded not guilty. uber promising to fight a bill that would designate its drivers as employees. now that bill has passed both houses in sacramento. uber, lyft, and door dash say they're willing to fight the law at the ballot box as well. some say it may drive up the cost for uber customers. >> costs are going to go way up for the ubers of the world. that means less drivers will be hired, prices will go way up for passengers. >> the state stands to benefit, too, sechg more tax revenue. uber argues drivers know what they signed up for and many
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enjoy the freedom to drive when and where they want. b.a.r.t. will approve a new headquarter location. the lease ends in 2021. agency leaders say rent could increase by as much as 90% if it renews its lease there. it's considering buying its own building at $227 million. it would be a few blocks from the current headquarters. b.a.r.t. says the move would save them up to $150 million over the next 25 years. and happening today alameda will break ground on a new ferry terminal located at alameda point, the city's third terminal. local leaders say the new seaplane lagoon ferry terminal has been part of the vision for reuse of the naval air station alameda since the base closed back in '97. a celebration gets under way this morning at 11:30. taking a live look outside, beautiful city by the bay from the distance. this is san francisco looking up from san bruno mountains.
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some of you probably can smell some of the smoke in the air drifting into the bay area from the walker fire burning north of chico. it has triggered a spare the air alert. probably not a great morning to get out there and go for a jog, kari. the air quality will get worse as the day goes along and temperatures heat up. we won't have much of wind and the smoke will drift smoke into the bay area. in the inland east bay and the south bay. here is what's going on. we have those wild farce to the north. our winds will shift as we go into the rest of the day. down into the bay area today, once again, the worst of the smoke will be in the north bay. we'll be watching out for that as our winds shift and temperatures go up, look at how hot it will be today reaching up to 98 degrees in concord as well as antioch. 99 degrees in livermore today. san jose 94.
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oakland reaching the upper 80s and 80 today in san francisco with mid-90s across the north bay. so i'll have more on this and what's ahead as it gets even hotter tomorrow. mike, right now you're tracking a backup in oakland. i am, kari. they had construction work overnight around 23rd, 29th,that corridor. typical of the overcrossing work going on. you see one of those signs showing you lose the far left lane. from the coliseum, on the map up to 23rd and south down to 29th. do allow that extra time, another ten minutes to be safe. traffic is moving smoothly. there will be periodic breaks here and there. the rest of the bay shows the slowing here. i'll move my head. that crash still reported out of the altamont.
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it department show any slowing there. back to you. it's 5:10. mountain view's google stepping up to try to help with the opioid crisis. the new website and services it offers next. >> and still on the market, the iconic "full house" home has been on the market for months. good news, a price cut. we'll tell you the new asking price. coming up next you're watching "today in the bay." come try my really big chicken two patties for $4.99,
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good thursday morning. we're coming up on 5:14. as we get a live look outside in the south bay, we're starting out with clear skies and cool temperatures. as the day goes along we'll see some smoke drifting in. filtered sunshine and temperatures heating up into the mid-80s by early afternoon. we'll talk about some hot ather in the forecast and a big cooldown after that. it's coming up in less than five minutes. and just now saw this happen. look at these taillights, folks are hitting the brakes and stopped north 101 just at the overcrossing. typical of this time, though, that traffic break with construction. we'll go of you an update and talk about ways around it you want to avoid. good morning. i'm kate rogers. here are today's top business headlines. wall street looks to add to yesterday's big gains which were helped by a rise in tech stocks. investors continue to await more
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clarity on u.s./china trade talks and cut interest rates. the dow notching a sixth straight gain closing above 27,000 for the first time since july. the dow is less than 1% from its all-time high. on today's watch list reports of unemployment and consumer prices. forever 21s denying reports it could file for bankruptcy as soon as this weekend telling "usa today" that is inaccurate and it will operate the vast majority of its u.s. stores. "the wall street journal" reported forever 21 was expected to file for chapter 11 and close stores. so far this year there have been 40% more total retail store closing announcements in all of 2018. walmart races to gain an advantage in the fresh food business. walmart will charge a fee of $98 which gets you unlimited same day delivery. it will be offered in 1,400 stores and 200 markets and will expand to 1,600 by the end of
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the year. there's a $30 minimum on orders and a four-hour wait. people can also order online and pick up curbside for free. >> a pretty good deal. thank you much. it's 5:16. purdue pharma will pay out $12 billion to thousands of cities. many of the states are not onboard with the deal saying the settlement doesn't go far enough and isn't holding the company fully responsible for the nationwide opioid crisis. purdue has threatened to declare bankruptcy if its offer is not accepted leading to less money for the states. mountain view's google wants to help in the opioid crisis has launched a new website called recover together, recovery resources and the drug that reverses overdoses. 5:16.
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a san francisco judge ordered canned tuna company starkist to pay $100 million fine for price fixing. starkist pleaded guilty last year. the tuna price fixing scandal included chicken of the sea. new this morning jcpenney launching a new store within its stores. the store will sell outdoor gear and wear. introducing a new men's rugged clothing line today. the chain struggling to boost sales. it pushed stock up nearly 19% yesterday. whatever happened to predictability? the milk man, paper boy, evening tv? we're talking about the "full house" home in san francisco. according to "the chronicle" just got a little bit cheaper. sellers cut the price by $250,000. if you want to buy it, it will now only cost you about $5.78 million. the home wept on the market in may. beautiful interior there. >> i like how in san francisco
5:18 am
we cut the price of a house by a house. >> by a quarter of a million dollars. >> i don't think i can afford the price break. >> no kidding. all right. so if you're out house hunting today or you're going to be doing, you know, every day thin things. >> housework. >> wow, there's a lot of people already out the door in oakland. we have to work to pay for this. as we start out the day heading to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station, we are going to have temperatures in the low 60s. it will be a nice start, but our temperatures will heat up fast. here is a look at our temperature trend for oakland, 78 degrees at noon and then 82 degrees at 1:00. if you want to head out to the park in the north bay this is the forecast for santa rosa. you want to get out there early. we start out with some upper 50s. it will be cool. look at 11:00. we're warming up and drifts of smoke coming in. at 1:00 it's 88 degrees and
5:19 am
unhealthy air quality. by 3:00 today we reach 92 degrees. our high temperatures will head into the mid-90s there. we're going to see antioch up to 98 degrees. livermore, 99. morgan hill, 97. and in palo alto expect a high of 92 degrees. and as you check out that seven-day forecast after tomorrow we'll start a gradual cooldown but then we're also looking at some high pressure moving in and high pressure causes the air to sink. as it sinks, it warms up. so we are going to see that right overhead going into the next couple of days. but its clockwise wind flow will draw in some smoke. going into next week we'll start to see big cooling ahead. storm systems across the pacific northwest will drop some cooler air our way and then we go from the upper 90s, the triple digits, back to the 70s to start out the new workweek. know how to prepare for the day.
5:20 am
that heat peeks for the valleys and san francisco as well, reaching mid-80 tomorrow. mike, you're tracking a track break. >> it looks like they've cleared the lanes, released the traffic flow north from that willow pass overcross. we're looking at a slower drive. we're seeing crews from both directions in all areas. plan for a little bit of a delay there. i would say there are options around it. over to the bay through city traffic, bayfront expressway if you're coming off the dumbarton bridge. stick to 101 and allow another ten minutes through that portion of the peninsula if you're traveling over the next 45 minutes. south 87, it was reported a car fire there, we're looking at no problems, no injuries and just a
5:21 am
little bit of slowing south of 280. the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive over here. the toll plaza, we know about the backup that formed there. metering lights should be turned on soon. north past the coliseum and delays for sfo. 64 cancellations scattered overnight. good to know, thank you, mike. coming up, the battle over plans to build in hawaii comes to the bay area. >> and jay leno stops by the kelly clarkson show today and we have a preview. the connection between clarkson and leno goes back to the "american idol" days.
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welcome back, everyone. it's 5:23. a follow-up for you now in the
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debate over flavored vaping and e-cigarettes. the white house has pushed to try to ban sales. they insist they would only be temporary. some time after that companies would have to apply for approval from the fda. house leaders are among many concerned about vaping lure for teens when it comes to flavored products. >> e-cigarettes, so this is an entire new generation of people becoming addicted to nicotine. >> i don't think it's going anywhere. however the regulations come out, i think it will exist now. >> vape manufacturers including juul say they welcome the federal government's action and are cooperating with the fda. some are blasting the idea of a white house-imposed ban. 5:24. happening today opponents of a giant telescope, video showing
5:25 am
dwayne johnson joining those recent protests. gordon moore. his foundation is one of the observatory's major backers. the project would desecrate a sacred location a harrowing rescue in fresno county. they zoomed in on him. rescuers had to battle heavy currents to try to get to him. he was kayaking when a branch hit him in the face disorienting him, the dog or the man hurt and luckily rescued him there. kelly clarkson's talk show makes a splash. >> former "tonight show" host jay leno, one of her first
5:26 am
interviews after she won "american idol" and it left a lasting impression. >> so handsome. you are handsome. you're my first. i wouldn't have given -- >> anybody tuning in right now will go, whoa, i didn't know that! >> tune in to see kelly clarkson this afternoon at 3:00 and stick around for "ellen" sitting down with reese witherspoon. set your dvr. >> that's right. if you have the chance to watch it live, that's really fun, a great lineup of guests this week. coming up next, top stories on this thursday morning -- >> including a man who rushed into a fiery crash trying to rescue a driver in the north bay. coming up in a live report we'll tell you how it all played. plus going viral, two women caught on camera be robbing an elderly shopper. police are asking for your help.
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a very good morning to you. taking a live look outside. that's a lovely view of the golden gate bridge up from sutro tower. great scenery here. >> i've lived here decades. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia.
5:30 am
there is a spare the air alert. >> we're advising people to car-pool. that may be a big benefit today or catch public transit as we start out this morning. and we're going to start to see drifts of smoke coming in along with extremely hot temperatures and that smoke mostly moves into the north bay. highs for today, upper 90s for the south county. we're up to 97 degrees there. livermore reaching 99 and 80 in san francisco. >> car-pooling and this behind you over here. not because there's a lack of car-pool, it's because still the commute and traffic flow that's narrowed as you travel past the coliseum up to 29th.
5:31 am
they're probably clearing over the next half hour. we're looking at their journey up to the toll plaza through 23rd, 29th, the bay bridge with the metering lights on. a smooth flow of traffic. >> thanks so much. >> a man running into a fiery and explosive crash is seen trying to pull the driver to safety. unfortunately, the driver didn't make it out alive. there were some heroic moments in the story but it didn't end very well, sharon. >> reporter: a retired firefighter and he tried his best but could not save the man. take a look at the fiery crash, the video from it. at the intersection of 128 and tubs lane, the good samaritan says the driver of the white minivan was swerving down the hill and hit a water truck.
5:32 am
that's when the good samaritan ran into the inferno and tried to rescue the man from the white minivan. >> he hit the water truck, caught on fire. we tried to extricate him through the driver's side, couldn't get to him. got the passenger side open. i was cutting his seat belt off when the car blew up. >> reporter: the driver of the water truck suffers injuries and was taken to the hospital. the highway has since reopened. no word whether drugs and alcohol were involved in this case. reporting live, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest, sharon. more new video to show you that morning.
5:33 am
flames fully engulfing a car on 101. it happened in the southbound lanes. >> among those awaiting the arrival of muni's central subway. you'll have to wait for more delays. that opening will be in march of 2021, three years beyond the original completion date. to chinatown and north beach, even fisherman's wharf. a fact-finding mission after work extended past the december opening. the 2021 opening includes about a year of testing. a san francisco supervisor is accusing muni of racism with the way it's shuttling crowds to concerts. walton says muni is hoping buses to accommodate concert goers but
5:34 am
mta says fewer buses in the bayview are not tied to the new chase center. instead, there's a shortage of bus drivers. routes were normal when eric clapton played at the chase center. >> it's 5:34 right now. it's always exciting to move into a new home. some new home buyers a a cause for celebration itself for santa clara county because the down payment assistance program made it possible to buy their first new home. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez on how the program is working and to find out who is eligible as well. good morning, kris. >> reporter: i think a lot of folks' ears will perk up. voters did pass that affordable housing. a down payment assistance program. the first eight people to buy under the program are now in their homes. they've moved in.
5:35 am
ten more are in the process of buying. 12 applications are processed right now. the county's goal is to help up to 200 first-time buyers in santa clara county within the next five years. the program is called empower home buyers and aims to help home buyers with that down payment loan that is payable when the home is refinanced at the end of the 30-year term. housing trust manages that program and here is how they describe some of the working class families the program helps. >> she works in manufacturing. she and her two children were able to move into their first home. it's exciting. another family we recently helped with t small kids were living in a mobile home and now are able to move into their own home and the kids have their own bedroom, there's a place for them to run around. >> reporter: so you might be wondering could this work for me? santa clara's fund can provide
5:36 am
assistance up to 17% of the down payment for a home price at $800,000 or less. you can find some of those in santa clara county. home buyers must make no more than 120% of median income which in santa clara county is $150,000 a year for a family of four. the buyer has to contribute at least 3% of the down payment but certainly 3% a lot less than the conventional 20% that people are expected to save and spend. also generated funds for homeless housing and also affordable housing across the county. some of those projects are going online as well. if you want to know more about the down payment assistance program, you can find a link on my facebook page and in my twitter feed. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> a lot of people will be interested in that. thanks so much, kris. san jose police say they've solved a homicide that occurred in july during a robbery. these are the four suspects in custody died to the death of an
5:37 am
elderly man. police say the arrests were made in the weeks following the initial crime. police responded to a burglary call on montecito drive where they found an elderly man who died from his injuries. police are not revealing the exact cause of death. >> this is a bold and heartbreaking theft caught on camera. seniors are watching with horror. they target add womed a woman a shopped. they were lurking over her shoulder before taking her purse right out of her cart right there as she's looking at something on the shelf. the women walk off with the victim's wallet. they prowled the store for an hour looking for just the right victim. police remind to you keep your
5:38 am
bag on your shoulder. >> they have grandmothers, too, how dare they do that. >> they are going to be caught. >> i hope so. >> we'll keep showing you those pictures until they're caught. >> i hope they do. >> former judge aaron prsky has been fired from a new job teaching a girls' tennis team. >> a light sentence was recommended for stanford swimmer brock turner. persky was the judge at the time, agreed to the sentence. many believe the sentence was too lenient. he recently became the girls' jayvee coach at lynbrook high school until former students launched an online drive to have him removed. supporters including a former judge empathized. people who wanted him gone argued he wasn't a good role model. >> we have a group of people and now including the superintendent of schools who are sending the
5:39 am
message that we don't believe in redemption when it comes to someone who didn't break any laws at all and was trying to rebuild his life. i find it outrageous. >> all of us were just so happy but we also talked about this really being a wake-up call for lynbrook and realizing this is still a big oversight. >> in a letter persky expressed disappointment but agreed the media attention was probably too much for the students and wished the best for team members. let's get you started on your thursday commute. the slowdown obvious out of the altamont and we expect that. over in san francisco circling there, a fender-bender at i-80 just off -- a smooth drive. a little slowing there. it sounds like everything is out of lanes. the arrow shows you north 880.
5:40 am
we continue to have this jamme from the coliseum up to 29th. we have construction crews which should be clearing the southbound side. >> a lot of people out there right now. maybe they're getting a jump on the weekend. >> going somewhere cooler. >> it's going to be hot here this weekend especially on saturday. we're going to kick off our weekend forecast on friday with a heart walk, and it starts out at 11:30. we'll be in the mid-70s as we go throughout the rest of the late morning into early afternoon hours. we'll reach into the low 80s. so we will have some warm weather there. our saturday forecast for the coast will stay in the low 70s. the bay reaching about 85 degrees and 96 degrees for the inland valleys. it's going to start to feel better on sunday. in fact, we're back to some more normal weather. we'll see partly cloudy skies, the coast in the upper 60s.
5:41 am
the bay at 78 degrees and 84 for our warmer spots inland. if you're heading out of town going to lake shasta, it will be hot there, too, reaching 92 for saturday as well as friday. then by sunday it's cooling down. we're in the lower 80s for those highs. and if you are looking for somewhere to escape the heat, half moon bay is your place. we're going to see highs staying in the mid-60s there with some clouds and fog building again on saturday and sunday. russian river valley has some nice weather for the end of the weekend, but it does start out with some 90s and 87 degrees. still quite warm on saturday. if you're going to carmel valley we do have warm weather there as well with some mid-90s on friday. 89 degrees on saturday and then by sunday it's in the upper 70s. we do have some big changes ahead. track it with me. i'm at karihall weather. we'll talk about today's temperature trend in three
5:42 am
minutes. sounds good. we look forward to it. democratic hopefuls go at it tonight. we'll have a preview up next. you may have heard president trump wants to crack down on homelessness. up next the california facility administration officials are looking at for that purpose. you're watching "today in the bay." we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time. that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere
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when you download the xfi app today.
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good thursday morning. at 5:44, a spare the air alert day. as we look outside in walnut
5:45 am
creek it will start out clear and cool but our temperatures will heat up today. it's going to be much hotter than yesterday going from the low 60s at 6:00 to 86 degrees at noon and we won't be done there. we'll talk about what's ahead for the weekend as it continues to get hotter. that's coming up in less than five minutes. and a great look at the san mateo bridge. we're picking up more traffic with the taillights, no problem. getting there throughout the east bay, a nice smooth flow south on 880. we'll show you what the slowdown is for the northbound side of the nimitz. thanks so much kari and mike. considering a new tax measure that would boost for education. the district is considering a special tax measure. leaders are looking at putting it on the ballot in march for november of next year. no word on what kind of tax increase it would involve. supporters say it would cover the cost for rising teacher salaries and allow the district
5:46 am
to remain competitive. in the north bay faulting distracted drivers for two major crashes this week. santa rosa police posted photos of one of the crashes. the driver dropped his cell phone, leaned over to pick it up, swerved and crashed into a parked ford pickup truck. he was injured but expected to be okay. earlier in the week police say an 18-year-old driver was on face time when he struck a woman in a crosswalk. new details on a report last year's triple crown winner justified failed a drug test. racing board members essentially ignored. "the new york times" says the test took place after justify won the santa anita derby and before he won the kentucky derby. the first leg of the crown. the horse allegedly tested positive for a banned substance veterinarians say can enhance performance. california's horse racing board eventually decided to dismiss the case. some argue if the board would
5:47 am
have followed through with the punishment, justify would have never run in the kentucky derby. as we told you earlier this week the federal government is considering a plan to fix california's homeless problem in cities like san francisco and los angeles don't. a team of trump administration officials toured a southern california facility looking for federal facilities that could be turned into homeless shelter. this comes one day after president trump directed aid to launch a major crackdown on homelessness across california. one possibly is an unused faa facility near los angeles. the name and location hasn't been released. the president is expected to visit california next week. 5:47. a woman with a rare medical disorder is taking her deportation battle to california. isabel is from concord. she's lived in the u.s. for 16 years. she has a disease requiring
5:48 am
weekly treatments she says she cannot get in her native country of guatemala. she testified in a hearing about the trump administration's decision to end medical deferred action by the end of the week. >> you know, i think it takes guts and courage to be here and speak about the problem, but i feel like it has to be done because there are issues. >> she, along with other patients who testified, worried that a change in immigration laws would not only end her stay in the u.s. but could end her life. >> to decision 2020. another big night on tap in the race for president. tonight in houston the ten leading democratic contenders gather for the party's third debate. no real question about who is leading in the polls. the gap is wide between joe biden and the rest of the pack when it comes to percentage points. elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are the only two contenders tracking in double digits. tonight's debate starts at 5:00
5:49 am
p.m. our time. it's 5:48 in the morning and "today in the bay" could have even more new viewers far off into space. we'll explain this one here. scientists discovered water on a planet outside our solar system that has temperatures suitable for life. university in london reported the journal nature astronomy that it is the only planet to have both water and temperatures needed for life. now they have to get tv. >> if you do have liquid water with life, we don't know. it's the question of the universe. >> no. because my kids, future scientists, would ask, does it have wi-fi? and is that life? >> so stay inside and surf. >> we're trying to find air conditioning for this afternoon. making plans ahead. here is a live look outside in
5:50 am
dublin. a lot of people will be at work. we're also at a spare the air day where you will need to limit your time outside because of unhealthy air quality, drifts of smoke come in today from some far northern california wildfires. so we're talking about smoke in the north bay, inland east bay and the south bay. we are going to see our wind shifting and bringing in hotter temperatures. we have these three wildfires of main concern right now, and then as the winds come in from the north it's going to carry some of that smoke especially into the north bay. you can see how the direction of the wind will carry it into the east bay as well as the south bay even though it won't be that strong of a wind. that also keeps it from mixing out and it settles in the valleys. if you can, catch public transit so as you make your way out the door in pleasant hill heading to the b.a.r.t. station it will be cool enough for a jacket. you'll be trying to hold on to it for the rest of the day as we see temperatures reach into the
5:51 am
mid-80s by noon and continuing to go up from there looking at our micro climates. we have mid-80s by noon in concord and we're at 85 as well in san jose. going into the afternoon we see low 90s for the inland south bay as well as the east bay and north bay, still in the upper 80s for the coast. by 6:00 some of our temperatures start to come down. it's still going to be hot in the valleys all because the high pressure continues to build and will be centered right over the bay area by tomorrow. that means not much of a wind and some dangerous heat. we're still going to be hot on saturday. then by sunday it's feeling a little bit better. the storm system approaches the pacific northwest and brings us some clouds and much cooler temperatures monday into tuesday. heading over to mike, you're still tracking the jam on the nimitz. the nimitz is our jam. still slow as you see the flashing light indicating one
5:52 am
plain blocked. much of the construction clearing from the area. the 580 looks clear but it's a longer drive. we'll check with our partners at waze and time three different drives. as we look out to the waze system you see there's slowing as you travel on 580 and back to 880. if we can take away the map, that's okay, sometimes we have a problem with our interface. there we go. the green and the purple and actually the purple is the better route by ten minutes. 580 to the bridge even though you're taking a longer route. join nbc bay area wazers and get on your way. back out to our maps, we're showing the same area widening out to a smooth flow. highway 4 slowing, upper east shore through pinol as well. a disabled vehicle around the castro valley area. back to you. thank you, mike. happening now a southern
5:53 am
california man behind bars following a high-speed chase. this is overnight in burbank, started when police tried to arrest the driver wanted for assault with a deadly weapon. half an hour into the chase that driver pulled over on interstate 5, got out. an officer shot him with nonlethal rounds and arrested him. 5:53 right now. still ahead, tracking your trip to the restroom. the airline testing tech to do just that. their reasoning coming up next. plus, counterfeit sports memorabilia. we'll tell you all about it. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪
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on it... with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. the type 2 diabetes pill that's on it. learn more at and our team is always on social media. our web editor posted this picture of a pup. the heat wave expected to start tomorrow. nbc bay area today on facebook, twitter and instagram. parents know social media isn't always fun and game. new research says there's a time cap and after that danger sets in. >> a new study by johns hopkins researchers says after more than three hours a day, kids are more likely to report high levels of loneliness, anxiety and depression. other symptoms include aggression and anti-social
5:57 am
behavior. >> reporter: talk to me about how much time you think you spend on social media. >> well, i take it up probably every five minutes. >> one-quarter of adolescents think social media has a negative influence on people their age. u.s. customs and border protection seized more than $500,000 of fake nba championship rings. >> this happened at l.a.x. they found 28 counterfeit rings in a shipment from china. the designs and marks on the rings violate trademarks for 11 nba teams including the golden state warriors. some lawmakers are concerned about whether people will be ready for real i.d. deadlines. senators questioned the acting
5:58 am
deputy administrator of the csa. the committee chairman says the main concern is real i.d.s. >> citizens are going to be caught by surprise and outraged. they bought the ticket, gotten there and suddenly that item that's been golden for years and years no longer gets you on the plane. >> he's talking about a driver's license at the tsa security gate. starting soon your regular driver's license won't work. he says 50 out of 56 states and territories are compliant. you will not be able to use your current i.d. to board an airplane unless you have the new real i.d. which california is distributing. but you have to go to the dmv to get it. 5:58 right now. trending this morning a european airplane maker wants to know everything passengers do on
5:59 am
planes including how often they use the restroom. airbus is testing what it believes will be the cabin of the future. it's full of sensors that collect data on passenger habits. the report goal is to put sensors to monitor wait times. that information could save airlines money and alleviate pressure points like the mad scramble for overhead bin space and lines to the restroom. it's unclear if airlines will pay for some of these extra features. it's 5:59. the white rhino is famously going extinct, only two left alive on earth. >> they're both females. this morning there's new hope to keep the species alive. in italy an international group of scientists successfully created white rhino embryos stored in liquid my crow general until they can be transferred and implanted into those two
6:00 am
living rhinos. the last living male died last year. right now at 6:00, historic help for anyone who pays rent in california. the change is coming if the governor makes that measure law. >> i think progress is being made. >> a key day ahead in the push for gun control. the new message from several bay area ceos overnight. >> first, spare the air. kari has the timing on the cooldown. "today in the bay" continues right now. it's going to heat up before it cools down, i think. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. >> it's pretty big, drastic changes heading our way. upper 90s. triple digits tomorrow and then some 70s early next week. it's going to be all over


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