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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 13, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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hell yes, year going to take your ar 15, your ak-47 we're not going to allow them to be used on fellow americans anymore. >> they say do you think trump is responsible for what happens? he didn't pull the trigger but he's certainly been tweeting out the ammunition >> we'll gov and felicity huffman will learn her fate in the college scandal. and a couple's warning after
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a shocking mix up at the fertility clinic and the secret service goes to the dogs. meet the brave k9s on the front lines off national security. "early today" starts right now ♪ good friday morning. i'm frances rivera >> and i'm philip mena everything is bigger in texas except the debates and with the lower polling candida candidates sidelines, they used it to spar on everything from gun control and trade but the biggest target of course, trump. >> trump thinks trade policy is a tweet at 3:00 in the morning >> donald trump, in office on trade policy, he reminds me of that guy in the "wizard of oz" when you pull back the curtain it's a small dude. >> he has a better relationship
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with dictators than does with merkel and -- >> i'm going to say to immigrants, come tew mare cu >> there's enormous opportunities once we get rid of donald trump >> on january 20th, 2021, we're going to have a democratic president, a democratic house and a democratic senate. there will be life after donald trump. >> all right nbc's tracie potts has more frump washington so voters saw a lot of fireworks last night >> reporter: and that was the point, right because democrats need to begin to distinguish between these candidates for the first time all fit on the same stage. elizabeth warren and joe biden and besides president trump there were big issues like the big one in washington right now gun control. >> yes we're going to take your
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ar-15, your ak-47. year not going to allow it to be used against our fellow americans anymore. >> kri'm the only one up here that's ever beat the nra nationally >> we will create a office in the white to deal with white supremacy and hate crimes. >> the best way to not be caught up in endless wars is to avoid starting one in the first place and so when i am presiden authorization for the use of military force will have a built-in three-year sunset >> this is the existential crisis of our time you know that movie "the day after tomorrow"? it's today >> the medicare for all is the most cost effective approach to providing health care for every man, woman and child in this country. i, who wrote the dam bill, if i may say so >> i know what's broken, i know
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how to fix it and i'm going to lead to fight to get it done >> my campaign will give a dividend of $10,000 a year to anyone watching right now. >> okay, president trump, you can go back to fox news. >> reporter: they are united on president trump but not on everything we saw that play out, especially when it comes to health care >> barack obama's vision was to have every single person in this country cover coed my plan would do that, yours would not. >> they do not have to buy in. >> you just said that two minutes ago. you just said two minutes ago they would have to buy in. are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago? >> this is why presidential debates are becaoming unwatchable. it reminds everyone of what they don't like about washington.
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scoring points against each other, poking at each other. >> reporter: the field i sd aga biden may end up being the nominee. >> looks like that's what he's hoping for we turn to the bahamas where they have only just begun the recovery process and now with hundreds still listed as missing, the islands are facing another tropical storm threat. here's bill karins >> good morning. any delay is not going to help it's doughing to linger, periods of heavy rain and gusty wind and eventually we could feel thefektth theeffects in florida and the northeast. those are the two islands that were hit the hardest you can see where it's located in the southern portion and it's expected to drift northward and
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possibly impacting florida most of the worst effects will be off the southeast coast we'll watch this it's going to be a close call but as far as impacthat. good signs on how democrats aret nbc's alice barr told us more. >> aye >> miss escobar. >> aye >> reporter: house judiciary committee gave itself more tools to investigate president trump, edging closer to possible impeachment. >> pose as threat to our democracy. >> reporter: republicans argue it's all a show. >> really what we have is a walk down the yellow brick road my colleagues are desperate to get there. >> reporter: judiciary panel
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subpoenaed top trump officials about possible obstruction of justice and the inquiry is growing to include alleged hush money payments to women who say they have affairs with the president and accusations of profiting off the presidency but despite mounting pressure from democrats, house speaker nancy pelosi worries impeachment could backfire >> it's a very divisive measure but if we have to go there, we'll have to go there i'm not answering anymore questions on this subject. >> reporter: president trump says they only want to impeach because they don't think they can beat him in 2020 the showdown ramping up just as they need his cooperation on key things like gun control. president trump spoke with bipartisan law makers, ceos of 145 of the biggest countries called for senators to address gun violence >> our customers want that to
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happen, our employees want it to happen >> reporter: can calling it a it public health crisis that demands urgent action. actress felicity huffman expected to learn her fate after leading guilty for the massive role in the cheating scandal there is a question about how much one school knew and had they knew it >> reporter: theed admissions investigation launched at ucla included coaches of the water polo, track and tennis teams and rick singer, the alleged master minder of the college cheating scandal after a water polo recruit was rejected, the mother appealed the university's decision according threported by the "l. times. the mother said she was still willing to payand she understood from singer she was expecteded to donate $100,000 to
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the program theed a mission of her daughter through athletics a striking similarity that lead to 51 arrests this year. ucla saying it's implemented a new policy, adding there were no allegations of singer's criminal activity at that time. payment in some form or another and a wink and nod to get into college has always been part of the super competitive world of college admissions >> reporter: with uni versities under scrutiny, felicity huffman is the first to be sentenced after pleading guilty to fraud the stage now set for this actress to face justice. all right. let's check back in with bill karins >> finally cooling off with our cool front and with it showers and storms right through oklahoma city, light rain thunderstorms move through wisconsin. so we're going to have wet
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weather through this morning and especially through milwaukee cooler this morning,diculous temperatures still noichb 95 to 100 throughout areas of tennessee, mississippi and much of the state of texas. take a look at the weekend forecast, see if we have any heat relief for our friends in the south. >> it's football season and you got play in it it gets pretty brutal. mike, the situation" sorrentino was seen leaving the correctional facility. says he and his wife are ready to work on baby situations and meghan markle made her
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i'll only use an oral-b! oral-b. brush like a pro. . lightening delayed the thursday night football match up between the bucks and panthers peyton bounding the ball up the middle thpa thigame under 1:30 to play a direct snap on fourth and one. he's trying to get to the goal line but christian mccaffrey is out. he didn't knock it into the end zone nor would any panthers on this night bucks win 20-14. and 22-year-old jets quarterback sam darnold might be out for multiple weeks with mono a fertility clinic mix up create as nightmare for two new
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jersey parents they went years without noticing their daughter was not biologically related to her father now they're demanding more regulations for this multibillion dollar industry the parents spoke to kate snow >> reporter: they say they want others considering going through ibf knows the risks. two years after having their daughter through in vitro infertilization >> we noticed she had asian features . >> reporter: and dna test showed he was not the father. >> shuts you down, everything, your life. what's going on? your world if this is not my daughter, who's is it? >> reporter: they said they mistakenly used sperm to another man, leading to the breakdown otheir marriage.
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>> we're so happy we do have her but you have it to put yourself in other people's shoes. that's not fair. >> reporter: they say they're thoroughly examining the it treatment. it's the latest in a grow number of lawsuits after fertility mix ups. >> it's hard to explain the shock and agony when you find out your own daughter is not genetically related to you >> reporter: he said a home dna test showed he was not the home of his 20-year-old daughter. and a woman being impregnated from this california couple. they met their baby when he was six weeks hold he wants to know if his sperm was used to father archild >> i want them to know who i am, what really amazing things
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happened in my family that is part of you. >> it's such a heart breaking story and this is a huge industry the cdc says 78,000 babies were born using reproductive technology in just one year and nbc news has learned there's no one sidge government agency empowered to crackdown when malfunctions or mistakes happen. as one said it's the wild west just ahead we have your weekend plans. the biggest college match ups. plus a teaching lesson in kindness the unbelievable surprise for the university of tennessee fan o
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this is about kanccandorer, honesty. >> in one of my debates i wa called. [ bleep] bleep [ bleep] from the iron range and when she said that i said [ bleep] you. >>. [ bleep] and i know how to win. i climb giant [ bleep] and i beat them. >> they're go having to a lot more material from last night's debate this is how you get people to watch. two hours of a follow-up story about the florida boy who was teased for wearing a home-made t-shirt.
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the university printing the design and making it an official t-shirt. now offering the teen age ad mission to university and a four-year ride he needs to go there like hey, who's winning now? >> that's incredible the way this has evolved from that one scribble it's almost time to grab popcorn with great college football to watch this weekend an awesome in-state match up as the iowa state cyclones host iowa winning five of the last six but most of the games have been very close, all decided by less than a touchdown in five of oeight occasions. check out this at the des moines zoo. a baby rhino has chosen iowa state as the winners university of central florida will continue its battel for legitimacy
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they've had great records but stanford and no better way to they got match up against end the weekend than with sunday night football right here on nbc. the eagles and the falcons have both made it to super bowls recently and they are going to face off on sunday night there's lot to watch including the patriots will be with or without antonio brown, that's been the story this whole time will he play what's going to happen still ahead some oof the bravest dogs you will ever meet. you're watching "early today." fight for piggyback rides fight for 7 am makeouts. every year, walgreens helps millions of people fight the flu. fight to protect the ones you love. at your neighborhood walgreens. my bladder leak underwear.orried someone might see
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today might be the most ominous day this year. friday the 13th andnt to the sky will have a full, bright harvest moon if you believe in -- people that gets freaked out it's weird for a full noon coincide with friday the 13th. the next one won't be until 2049 you've been warned all eyes will be on the southeast, our potential tropical system. so record heat will continue in areas of the deep utsoh and saturday afternoon we may get a few showers and storms but much of sunday looks great in many areas. we'll be right back. tides to plump skin cells,
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time now to check win willy geist. >> today my guest is maggie gyllenhaal we got together to talk about the final season, "the deuce." growing up in the movie business along side her brother, jake gyllenhaal and how she picks her projects our sit down with maggie gyllenhaal and the lates news in politics this weekend on "sunday today. for now we'll turn it back to you and we'll see you sunday morning. >> see you then. a bench warrant has been issued for r. kelly who is currently jailed in chicago on sexual abuse and other charges the judge issued the warrant as a formality after kelly failed to show up in a minnesota case in which he's accused of
4:27 am
offering a 17-year-old $200 to take off her clothes and dance in 2001. kelly's attorney different specifically comment but they didn't get notified off the court case and in maryland on thursday a dramatic crash landing on a busy highway this small plane coming down shortly after take off and hitting a small car. as well as two people in the plane. the cause of the crash is not yet known. and now inside a look at very brave dogs. >> reporter: in the long history of dogs in the white house, there have been the favorites. the splighnd sonny, the secretary of squirrel chasing. every day behind the scenes are the non-partisan pups you never notice these are the secret service k9 elite to keep the first family safe from fierce to friendly like toffy who's handler keep as
4:28 am
tennis ball in the holster >> as soon as we reach white house grounds, he knows it's time to work >> reporter: learn how to sniff out explosives and stop intruders like hurricane did, recently awarded for catching a man who jumped a white house fence despite being punchd and kicked in the face repeatedly. rewarded with medals and two chee cheeseburgers for serving his country like a brave boy >> they need upgrade that to steaks they deserve it. >> they always have our backs. >> thanks for waking up with us on this friday
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wimpy trash bags? c'mon. hefty! hefty! hefty! hey ladies... buy hefty® ultra strong™ at a low price. dada! i wish... get hefty® ultra strong™ costs less than glad® forceflex where sold head to head. breaking news out of the south bay. two people dead after a
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wrong-way crash on highway 85. it is horrific. >> it really is. "today in the bay's" bob redell just arrived on the scene in mountain view. i understand you spoke to chp, bob. >> laura and scott, all northbound lanes of highway 85 are shut down here at central, so we're going to have you getting off at evelyn while they try to clear the scene here. the two vehicles, the vehicle in the back that's burned, that's the suv, that was the wrong-way driver and as you can see right now the fire department's trying to remove the body of that person. unfortunately another driver in this sedan right here that was a


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