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tv   Today  NBC  September 14, 2019 5:30am-7:00am PDT

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right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. good morning. one-two punch. that tropical system in the atlantic turns into tropical storm humberto overnight, dumping rain on the bahamas and set to come dangerously close to the southeast coast. dylan is tracking the storm. billion-dollar bombshell. new allegations that the family behind purdue pharma, is trying to hide its wealth. this, after they reach a settlement over the opioid crisis. we're live with the latest. real-life drama. actress felicity huffman addressed to spend two weeks behind bars for her role in the college admission scandal. but this morning, critics are
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saying she got off too easy. all that, plus, will he play? >> we'll do what's best for the team. >> antonio brown appearing likely to take the field for the first time with the new england patriots tomorrow, despite a rape accusation against him. a new "saturday night live" cast member under fire this morning for past racist and homophobic remarks. and toy story. classic toy soldiers are getting a makeover, thanks to a 6-year-old little girl, on a mission for equality. >> it made me so happy. today, september 14th, 2019. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with sheinelle jones, peter alexander and dylan dreyer. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning.
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welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this saturday morning. >> how about little lillian there. it's not just army men, representative of green toys, but army women, too. hundreds of thousands of female service members in this country, finally getting their chance. >> talk about the power of a child asking a fair question. let's begin with our top story. humberto is swirling in the atlantic. the big question, is it a threat to the u.s.? dylan is tracking the storm for us. good morning. >> good morning. the forecast for this storm for the u.s. and the bahamas is improving with each model run. it is a tropical storm. winds up to 40 miles per hour. that's not that strong, relative to some of the large er storms that would produce a massive storm surge. that would limit the storm surge potential with this tropical system as it skirts just to the east of the northern bahamas. we do, because it is right there, have some tropical storm warnings in effect for the bahamas. they have been lifted across the
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east coast of florida. let's look at the track of this storm. it is much farther to the east than it was all day yesterday. i don't think we'll see a landfall in the northern bahamas. it will take a turn to the northeast and it will strengthen to a category 1 hurricane as it approaches bermuda in the middle and end of next week. but it does look like we'll see 3 to 6 inches of rainfall, especially in parts of the northern bahamas. since the forecast is looking nicer for florida and for the southeast coast, if you're at the beaches, keep in mind, the rip current risk is high, especially for florida and north carolina and virginia beaches, as well. the surf will be dangerous if the sun is shining. so the surf will be dangerous even if the sun is shining. again, as far as rainfall is concerned, we could see 2 to 3 inches across the northern bahamas. some areas could end up with 6 inches. if they happen to be low-lying that could cause additional flooding.
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it looks like about a half anch up to an inch of rain along coast of florida. >> we'll get to your national forecast in just a moment. this morning more fallout for the sackler family, for purdue pharma. after agreeing to a multi-billion dollar settlement connected to the opioid crisis. a new question, is the family trying to hide its wealth? kathy park has been following this story. kathy, new details here. >> yeah, big new details. the sacklers are among the richest families in the country and an attorney says the family tried to protect their money using secret accounts. this has been days after the drug maker signed off on bankruptcy protection. this morning a billion dollar bombshell for the family behind purdue pharma, the maker of oxycontin. in a court filing late friday, the new york attorney general's office saying it tracked a previously undisclosed $1 billion in wire transfers by the
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sackler family. some through swiss bank accounts, allegedly in an effort to protect their assets. the new york a.g. writing while the sackler's continue to low ball victims and skirt a responsible settlement, we refuse to allow the family to misuse the courts in an effort to shield their conduct. a sackler spokesperson replied saying there is nothing newsworthy about these decades-old transfers which were perfectly legal and appropriate in every respect. this is a cynical attempt by a hostile a.g.'s office to generate defamatory headlines to torpedo a beneficial settlement. just days ago purdue pharma and the sackler family agreed to a multi-billion dollar settlement filed by municipal governments and nearly two dozen states. under the terms, purdue pharma would declare bankruptcy and the sackler family would give up control of the company that would turn into a for-profit
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trust, future profits going to the plaintiffs. but according to several reports, the settlement contains no admission of wrongdoing and several attorneys general say it doesn't go far enough. >> what's been offered doesn't do enough for victims and their families to confronting the worst public health crisis of my lifetime. >> according to the cdc, the opioid epidemic has killed at least 400,000 people in the last 20 years and the lawsuits against purdue pharma and the sacklers accuse them of aggressively pushing pain killers and not disclosing the risks. in a deposition obtained by propublica, former president richard sackler defended his company's business practice. >> the way the sales scheme was set up, if they sold more oxycontin, they made more money basically. >> yes, yes. the same as almost every other company in the industry. >> reporter: forecasts estimates the family net worth at $13 billion in 2016, making them the
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19th richest in the country, but their wealth is under more scrutiny than ever as their legal woes reach a new level. and a spokesperson declined to comment on friday's court filing. the new york attorney general believes there is more to the family's holdings and told a judge to enforce all subpoenas so they can learn the full extent of these wire transfers. >> kathy, to be clear here, the defense claims these transfers are decades ole. is there any new information that indicates when this all took place? >> according to one case, and going back to these documents and one family member, a sackler family member, it actually goes back to 2009 to the tune of $64 million. but going back to these filings again, they're saying that these transfers continued at least through 2018. >> kathy park, appreciate it, thank you. let's turn into politics and what's turned into a waiting game. will the president and congress reach a deal for stricter gun control in the wake of a number of mass shootings? hans nichols is at the white
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house for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, she ne sheinelle. the president seems to be keeping his allies and adversaries guessing on whether he would support some kind of background check. there appears to be some movement to pass some sort of legislation this year but the window for legislating won't stay open forever. this morning president trump under pressure from both republicans and democrats to clarify his position on background checks. on thursday, mr. trump hinted that he would support them, but within limits. >> if it's meaningful, we'll make a deal. if this is a movement by the democrats to take your guns away, then it's never going to happen. >> reporter: his comments coming after a last-minute bid by senators joe manchin and pat toomey to get mr. trump to support their bill el paso and dayton, the president has wavered, at times, questioning their effectiveness. >> going back five or six or seven years, for the most part, as strong as you make your
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background check, they would not have stopped any of us. >> reporter: as the president deliberates, some republicans are warning him against aggravating his political base. >> if republicans abandon the second amendment and demoralize millions of americans who care deeply about second amendment rights, that could go a long way to electing a president elizabeth warren. >> reporter: at their debates thursday night, democrats demanded action. >> hell, yes, we're going to take your ar-15, your ak-47. rhetoric that could bypass gun control legislation. this is an awful idea, tweeted senator toomey. o'rourke is facing death threats for his call to confiscate semiautomatic weapons. my ar is ready for you, tweeted brisco cane. >> no one should have a weapon designed for war. >> reporter: the president is in washington and doesn't have anything official on his
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schedule this weekend. so, plenty of time to take calls, make calls, talk to senators. he's also said he will pick a new national security adviser to replace ambassador john bolton. he will do that next week, he said. and he is likely to solicit a range of views to help him narrow down his range of choices. >> hans nichols at the white house. thank you. let's bring in nbc political analyst, jake sherman. good morning. >> good morning, peter. >> as you know, congress has been back for a week now, senators manchin and toomey pressing the president to get him to support background checks. there's new reporting that the talks may be grinding to a halt. what do you know and how likely is it that anything happens here? >> i think the odds remain slim. we know the politics. we know the issue set. and the president has not said anything in either direction for some time now. that trio of senators, chris murphy from connecticut, joe manchin and pat toomey, they
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expected an answer from the president this week. they didn't get one and they were left twisting in the wind, which is difficult. this is not a complicated issue. it's a charged issue. they want to expand background checks. that issue has been in front of the president for a very long time. the politics have been constant for a long time. >> we were showing a clip from the debate on thursday night. conventional wisdom would say that no one moved the needle. would you agree with in a? >> there's no question that joe biden is the front-runner. these district attornebates, th growing sense that the debates have grown unruly. three hours, ten candidates. you don't have a chance to stand out. you don't have a chance to make your point. the question is, who will drop out when the money runs dry, when people stop getting into the debates, is when they have to reconsider their candidacy. >> moving to the ongoing trade war with china, the bottom line is that the president delayed tariffs for a couple of weeks. he said he would be open to an interim trade deal with the
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chinese. what sense of urgency right now is there inside the white house and among congressional republicans to get something done before the election? >> economy, economy, economy. the president needs and wants and republicans want a good economy going into next election year, going into the presidential election, and also going into the congressional elections. and a china deal -- some sort of china deal would be a big way to do that. the question is how broad could this deal be? and looks like the white house and the chinese government are narrowing the issue set. i think you're going to see at some point soon, the president's thirst for a deal. you'll get probably some sort of narrow deal. who knows when this white house and this president are incredibly unpredictable. >> full plate heading into another fall. jake sherman, thank you very much. one of the nfl's biggest stars is facing an uncertain future. antonio brown was set to make his new england patriots debut tomorrow. but a rape accusation has his team silent about whether he will take the field against the
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miami dolphins. morgan is outside of dolphins stadium. >> reporter: brown could be taking the field here tomorrow. but the only people that know are not saying anything. meanwhile, brown, staunchly defending his innocence. this morning, a big question for antonio brown -- will he or won't he play in the sunday showdown between the new england patriots and the miami dolphins? uncertainty for the wide receiver, after facing a rape allegation from a former trainer. his new team, the patriots, still not saying. >> we'll do what's best for the team. >> reporter: brown, posting this video thursday night, from tom bra brady's training center. >> the devil will try to bring you down when you get closest to your goals. the key is, don't let them. >> reporter: his former trainer, world-class gymnast, britney taylor is accusing brown of sexual assault on three occasions. in one instance, she says brown cornered her in her home in miami, forced her on a bed,
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pushed her face into the mattress and forcibly raped her. no criminal charges have been filed. brown's attorney says he denies each and every allegation in the lawsuit, saying any sexual confrontation was consensual. brown is one of the nfl's top receivers. after being acquired by the raiders in march, the pro bowl receiver refused to switch to a new football helmet, missed practices and asked to be released from the team. saying the raiders voided millions in guaranteed salary. the patriots signed brown to a one-year deal just days before the rape allegation went public. critics say the new allegation could taint the league's season. >> the nfl is in a tough spot. it comes out and we find out that brown does these things that he's accused of and it continues to let them play. a horrible look for the league. right now, all we have is the lawsuit, the words of britney taylor. >> reporter: we might be
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starting to see some fallout, as a result of this. the company zenith will no longer have brown as an ambassador, just days after signing him on. fans of eddie money are remembering his remarkable life this morning. money, best known for "two tickets to paradise" and "take me home tonight," passed away today, at 70 years old, just shortly after he announced he had cancer. joe fryer, now, looking back at money's life. ♪ take me home tonight >> reporter: his look and sound epitomized the '70s and '80s, with songs tailored for mtv's early days. songs that hit the air waves today. he trained to follow in his father's footsteps as a new york police departme police officer. >> i went to the police department because my dad want med to go on. but i wanted to be a rock 'n' roll star.
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>> reporter: nonetheless, he changed his name to eddie money and started chasing his musical dreams. ♪ two tickets to paradise >> reporter: he wrote many hit songs, including this one that inspired a geico commercial in 2012. >> all set? ♪ i have two s s to paradise ♪ >> reporter: he and his family starred in a reality show on tv. he had esophageal cancer, something he discussed on the reality show in an episode on thursday. >> i don't want to keep the fact that i have cancer from everybody. i feel like people -- it's not honest. i want to be honest with everybody. >> reporter: money's family says, he died peacefully friday at age 70 and will live on forever through his music. for "today," joe fryer, nbc news. >> he had 11 top 20 hits and a
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grammy nomination. across america, "two tickets to paradise" and "take me home tonight,". >> stuck in your head. >> eddie money will be remembered by fans. dylan, do you have the national forecast? >> yes. we have a couple of scattered storms that will dwoevelop and move through the interior northeast. the coast looks fine. we have a chance of stronger storms through the midwest and pockets of rain through new mexico. we're going to see extreme heat. the heat continues down through texas, along the gulf coast. it stretches up to parts of tennessee and arkansas and the midwest. temperatures will be in the 90s. it will feel closer to 100 degrees. we're also watching out for the dangerous rip currents. humberto looks like it will stay farther offshore, with the sun out and you're heading to the beaches along the coast of florida and into the southeast, just keep in mind that the water is dangerous. you want to make sure that just take it easy because of the rip currents and the dangerous
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threat out that way. on the west coast, we're looking at sunshine. temperatures a little cool in the pacific northwest with some clouds and showers. we're looking for high temperatures in the 80s and 90s we remain in micro climate weather because we are expecting another hot day throughout the bay area. and a live look right now in san francisco, expecting 80s, through the city, as far as inland temperatures go, we're talking 90s. areas like san jose will climb into the 80s by 11:00 a.m. temperatures are expected to run about five to ten degrees above normal. very dry air. with temperatures in the hottest spots for today expected to be in concord, reaching 90 by 1:00. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you. still to come, actress felicity huffman heading to prison after bpaying for her dahter's s.a.t. scores to be
5:49 am
pumped up. some say her sentence is too light. a pair of elephants on a rampage. that's ahead on our "weekly download," a ft
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we are back on a saturday morning with the weekly download, our look back at the week that was. >> among the stories we covered, commemorations nationwide honoring the victims of one of the darkest days in american history. mourners across the country remembered all those lost 18 years ago on 9/11. >> in new york city, the annual ceremony honoring the thousands killed at the world trade center 18 years ago, when hijacked planes slammed into the buildings. at the pentagon in arlington, virginia, president trump attending an observance ceremony in honor of the 184 killed.
5:52 am
>> and in shanksville, pennsylvania, where flight 93 went down, vice president mike pence honoring the heroes who gave their lives to stop the hijackers. >> i and many others in our nation's capital were able to go home that day and hug our families because of the courage and selflessness of your families. >> a daring mission at sea as the u.s. coast guard rescued crew members trapped onboard this cargo ship that capsized off the georgia coast. >> it's just amazing to know that everyone is okay, with minor injuries. >> the response team toiled for nearly two days to free four south korean nationals who emerged from the wreckage smiling, but coated in oil. apple unveiling its latest tech with the iphone 11, featuring a new slow motion selfie option, and it's new streaming service, apple tv plus. >> and it is just $4.99 per
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month. >> and for the first time in years, apple responding to a call for cheaper phones by slashing the starting price of their latest iphone to $699 standard with a wide angle camera, 4k video and night mode. a triumphant return for alex trebek after months of treatment for pancreatic cancer. >> today, "jeopardy" begins its 36th season on the air, and i'm happy to report i'm still here. >> fans of the show taking to twitter with fist bumps and applause. some of the week's wildest moments caught on camera, at least 17 people were injured in sri lanka when a pair of elephants went on a rampage. they were quickly brought under control. a close call in boca raton, florida, a plane crash landed in this parking lot barely missing a man. amazingly, no one was serious low hurt. and someone sign him up. at a royals/marlins came this
5:54 am
week, this kid caught not one, but two foul balls back-to-back. >> do it. >> did he? >> he got it again! >> you've got to be kidding me! >> last but not least, going back to school could not have been any sweeter after 3-year-old mikai simmons and his mom road out hurricane dorian in the bahamas. he got warm return when he went to school this week. >> that just warms my heart. >> for other kids to understand how special it is that he's back. >> look at that. >> families explain your friend is coming here, he's coming back, such a great moment. >> adorable. >> it's so touching. still to come, climate in crisis. sled dogs forced to pull sleds with wheels because there's no snow where there should be. plus classic toy soldiers getting a much-needed makeover thanks to a little girl on a mission for equality. and some big news from j. lo when it comes to her wedding with a-rod.
5:55 am
that's all coming up in popstart. but first these messages.
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a live look outside this morning the golden gate bridge, this saturday morning, september 14, 2019. thanks so much for being with us. i'm garvin thomas.
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vaney aranna is here with the micro climate forecast. >> we will continue with the micro climate weather and we want to make sure you have the heads up, with the hottest day of the week, it is hot for areas here, right now in, san jose, 64 degrees, with clear skies and check out quickly we start to warm up by 11:00 a.m., we will already be at 84 degrees. certainly expect a quick warmup by lunch hour, we're talking about 88 and expected to climb into the 90s in san jose. one of the hottest spots typically is concord. and that's what we're seeing today. by 1:00 already hitting the 90 degree mark. and the inland interior valley, antioch. >> we will keep an eye on that. thank you very much. a warning for agencies across the south bay. there is an uptick in deadly fentanyl overdoses that leads to
5:58 am
fake percocet pills. the santa clara district attorney says police officers have been seeking the fake pills in large numbers since june, the sole active ingredient is fentanyl instead of oxycodone and never expect pills from anyone other than a doctor and never borrow or share medicine. >> anybody, if you buy drugs on the street, you do not know what is going to happen to you. you don't know if you will live or die. and that's not overstating things. we are seeing too many people die from taking this stuff. >> as you can see, the counterfeit pills are light blue in color and stamped with an m on one side and a 30 on the other side. the deadline is today. but a woman in contra costa county who faces deportation says she is not leaving. isabel came to the u.s. for life-saving medical treatment when she was seven years old. she has a rare disease that requires weekly treatment which
5:59 am
she can't get in guatemala where she is from, under new immigration laws imposed by the trump administration, isabel might get deported today. coming up, this morning, today in the bay, the annual blood drive begins this morning and we will let you know where you can go to help save a life. we have that for you plus all of the top stories coming up at 7:00 this morning. but now, back to the "today" show.
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morning, september 14th, 2019. good crowd outside on the plaza. beautiful morning. temperatures starting to feel a little fall-like, about 70 degrees. >> they're outside having a ball, though. we can't wait to join them coming up in a bit. let's begin this half-hour with a check of your headlines. the bahamas in the firing line again. the tropical system strength end into humberto overnight. humberto cld be at hurricane strength by monday, staying well out to sea, but still bringing
6:01 am
ngerous rip currents and rain to the southeast coast. a frightening scene at the top of the empire state building. a man swinging a sword on the observation deck. police took him down without anybody getting hurt. people who watched this incident say the man pointed the weapon at himself and may have been suicidal. the 35-year-old was taken to a hospital for observation. no charges have been filed. an amazing feat on the golf course on friday. chapel missed most of last season recovering from back surgery. at one point, he made nine birdies in a row, tying a record. in a heartbreaker, he just missed the final putt. but he still became 1 of only 11 players in pga tour history to shoot a round under 60. >> not a bad round there. actress felicity huffman has a new role in her future, prisoner. on friday, a judge gave her a short prison sentence to pay for her daughter's s.a.t. scores to
6:02 am
be inflated. but for some, the sentence is just a slap on the wrist. miguel almaguer was in the courtroom. he has been following the story for months. >> reporter: good morning. prosecutors argued for prison. huffman was asking for leniency, asking for no time behind bars. and many legal experts thought she would get it. in tend, it was the judge's decision and huffman will do time. felicity huffman walked out of court late friday. in the next few weeks she will have to walk into federal prison. with husband and actor william h. famacy by her side, she will have to face 14 days behind bars. the prosecutor saying there is no excuse for what she did. parenthood does not make you a felon or a cheat. the prosecutor hammered home, there's no paparazzi in prison. prison is the great equalizer. huffman, who pleaded guilty to paying $15,000 to rig her
6:03 am
daughter's s.a.t. score, said all along, she was ready for the judge's decision, though asked for leniency before sentencing. i was frightened, i was stupid and i was so wrong. the judge noted huffman's early admission of guilt, but added, she knew what she was doing was wrong, a fraud. the ruling, 14 days in prison, $30,000 fine, one year supervised release and 250 hours of community service. after her sentencing on social media, both support and outrage. the actress didn't get more prison time. watching the outcome closely, other parents in the pay-to-play college entrance skacandal, lik lori loughlin, who has pleaded not guilty and is moving towards trial. huffman's sentencing shows that
6:04 am
time behind bars is a possibility. the court drama is over. but soon, prison time will begin. huffman's attorney asked that the actress be able to report to federal prison in dublin, california, a few hours away from her home in the hollywood hill naps s hills. after her release, huffman will begin her community service. >> miguel, thank you. let's bring in criminal attorney, danny savalas. >> i can't believe the words are going to come out of my mouth. i thought the 14-day sentence was too harsh. >> too harsh? >> that's not my judgment by what huffman did. it's by the numbers. she should have gotten a probational sentence by the numbers. another defendant had a recommended sentence of 13 months and will serve no time behind bars. the zero months would have been in the sentencing guidelines.
6:05 am
she should have, for consistency, gotten a zero-month sentence behind bars. i was surprised. in the grand scheme of things, especially in the harsh world of federal sentencing, this was, overall, a lenient sentence. >> if this was, in your eyes, a bit too harsh, spent just less than what lori loughlin spent. what effect does this have on loughlin's case? >> it has little to do with lori loughlin's cas loughl loughlin's case is more serious with huffman's. she's been charged with money laundering and she elected to go to trial. when you do that in the federal system, you lose the ability to get the bonus points in reduction in sentence. if lori loughlin is convicted, it is almost a certainty she will do significant prison time, more than 14 days. >> there's some people that have been wondering. we see pictures of felicity.
6:06 am
why hasn't william h. macy been charged? >> this was probably the source of much debate of federal prosecutors behind doors. on the one hand, it appeared that william h. macy was on phone calls. he appears to be involved. but on the other hand, mere presence and mere knowledge of a crime is not itself a crime. i expect the prosecutors agon e agonized over this because it is a fine line to be present at a crime and agreeing and participating in it. >> certainly a hot topic. >> a lot of folks paying attention. danny, thanks for helping us out. dylan is back with a check of the forecast. >> we'll see warm temperatures, especially along the south wre it's been warm lately. high pressure continues to pump in the southerly winds, warm and humid. in shreveport, about 99 degrees. that's ten degrees above
6:07 am
average. mobile, alabama, 95 degrees. charlotte, 85. look into rapid city as we go into tomorrow. 12 degrees above average, 86 degrees. minneapolis hits 80. wichita and omaha, 89 degrees. cleveland gets up to 82 on sunday. and temperatures will continue to warm up as we go into monday. temps will be mostly in the mid to upper 80s to start the week in cincinnati. pittsburgh cools off to 79 by tuesday. philly gets up to 87 on monday and tuesday, drops back down to 79 and we'll stay at 78 degrees for wednesday. we're going to see this cold front trying to bring some scattered showers to the interior northeast and isolated thunderstorms, as well. and thunderstorms across the up ea per midwest. if you're headed to the beaches along the southeastgoing to see which is why we are under a
6:08 am
microclimate weather situation yet again throughout the bay area. san jose, sunny skies, by 11:00 a.m., in the 80s already, and upper 80s by 12:00, and by 1:00, expect to hit that 90 degree mark. inching toward the mid 90s. our hotter spots, the interior valleys, climbing into the mid to upper 90s through the afternoon. by 2:00, 93 degrees for concord. expect cooler temperatures along the coast. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you very much. still ahead right here, a 14-year-old girl looking to make her mark on the male-dominated sport of ncar. first, for hundreds of years, sled dogs were essential for travel near the north pole. now, that tradition is in ouble. ouble. tra if you live with diabetes,
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"climate in crisis," where we look at the changing climate and how it affects all of us. >> it's changing life for mushers and their sled dogs. kevin tibbles went to norway to see firsthand how their life is being dramatically affected. >> reporter: just 600 miles from the north pole and these huskies are raring to go. >> these two are going over. >> reporter: we're here on the norwegian archipelago of sparburg. people live side-by-side with sled dogs, reindeer and the occasional polar bear. they are preparing for winter and the days of darkness. how many dogs do you have? >> 114. >> reporter: sled dog operators are passionate about their job and their arctic culture. >> you go into nature with these guys and it's just quiet.
6:13 am
the only thing you can hear are footprints in the snow and skis of the sled. it's completely silent. >> reporter: he is also aware that his world is warming. winter comes later and leaves earlier each year. and that means, instead of using a sled and running in the snow, the dogs, six to a team, are hooked up to a four-wheeled wagon for a tour of the tundra. even the old tradition of dog sledding is jeopardized by climbed change. while the dogs seemed happy to pull anything, others in this isolated northern corner note the climate is changing and worry. steve hails from philadelphia. he now studies weather patterns in the arctic. is that cause for alarm in your view? >> yeah. it's a picture of what's coming. things are happening faster here. but we're seeing what's happening. and the rest of the world will catch up. >> reporter: and the people here have a warning for the rest of the world. do you feel like you're a little bit of a canary in a coal mine
6:14 am
here? >> in a way, because we'll get the strongest impact from it. and it's already happening. and we're trying to make the world aware of this. >> reporter: for centuries, the dog sled represented the only way people could travel here. the only way to reach the outside world. >> that will be hard if the snow disappears. >> reporter: today, they fear climate change caused in part by the outside world, will change the way they live forever. for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news, smallbard, norway. >> we were there in the spring. it was actual winter. there were certain places you could only get to with snowmobiles. and i'm wondering if that snow isn't there, how you get from place-to-place. >> the mountains have white caps. but you can imagine, they would traditionally be covered in snow year-round. >> i'm so happy we're doing this story. there's so many of us that had no idea. >> not aware how they're impacted. watch more of our "climate in
6:15 am
crisis" this week, on nbc, msnbc. and a girl searching for female heroes, asking a toy company to reconsider the figure of the this is the age of expression. everyone has something to say. but in a world full of talking, shouldn't somebody be listening? so. let's talk. we are edward jones. with one financial advisor per office, we're built for hearing what's important to you. one to one. edward jones. it's time for investing to feel individual. what might seem like a small cough can be a big bad problem for your grandchildren. babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough.
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6:18 am
heartwarming story about a 6-year-old girl from arkansas, on a mission for equality. >> love this story. when she realized that her favorite toys didn't look like her, she decided to do something about it. and now, she's getting results. >> nbc's sarah harmon has her story. >> reporter: it's hard to think of a more classic american toy. but 6-year-old vivian lord noticed all of them were men. so, she wrote a letter to toymakers. >> why don't you make girl army men? my friend's mom is in the army, too. so, why don't you make them, too? >> we are code red. recon plan charlie. execute. >> reporter: little green men have delighted kids for generations. but even as the face of the real army has transformed to include tens of thousands of women -- >> i'm a u.s. army drill sergeant.
6:19 am
>> reporter: -- the plastic army has remained thoroughly male. makers of the figurines were working on a line of women toy soldiers when he received vivian's letter. >> you have to start with an idea. we had rough sketches, see if people liked it. and then, i hired a sculptor. >> reporter: more are coming soon. he is committed to developing at least four female figurines in different battle poses, to go on sale in 2020. >> i promise to have them for christmas shopping next year. >> reporter: great news for vivian back in little rock. >> it made mehappy. >> reporter: she's got big plans for her new toys. >> i might scoot the boy army men out of the way and just play with the girls. >> reporter: for "today," sarah harmon, nbc news. >> who says you can't make a
6:20 am
difference? >> i was about to say the power of a child. still to come, the newest "saturday night live" member under fire for some controversial comedy. could it cost him his
6:21 am
6:22 am
still to come here on "today," nascar looking to become more diverse. we're going to introduce you to a teenage racer leading the charge. and movie pass, the service too good to be true apparently was. >> all that and more coming up in "pop start." but first, these messages. hi, i'm dave. i supply 100% farm-fresh milk for lactaid. it's real milk, just without the lactose, so you can enjoy it even if you're sensitive. delicious. now, i've heard people say lactaid isn't real milk. ok, well, if it isn't real then, i guess those things over there can't actually be cows.
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good morning, 6:26 is the time, saturday morning. a live look outside. what a beautiful shot of san francisco from san bruno mountains. a little bit of everything.
6:27 am
color from the sun coming up. fog creeping in just a little bit good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm gavin thomas. vianey arana is here with a talk of not only skylines but warm temperatures. >> hot temperatures. it is not as hot as yesterday, ooh, look at that, those are some orange hues, it is still going to be hot which is why we have continued with the microclimate weather alert because we want to make sure everybody is safe. heat exhaustion is real. we have to look out for each other. 64 degrees right now. but look how quickly things start to warm up in san jose. by 11:00 a.m. 84 degrees. 1:00, 90. and then we did hit triple digit heat yesterday. we are expecting to see some upper 90s, but again, we are going to be just a tad bit cooler than yesterday, but check out concord, 93 degrees, by 2:00, and garvin, we were talking about this, santa cruz yesterday, the official high was 103 which is actually higher than a record of 102.
6:28 am
and many areas are setting records or beating old records. >> that's crazy. at the coast. 103 degrees. no cooling off no matter wildfire you went. vianey, thank you very much. an uptick in deadly fentanyl overdoses with fake percocet schools. the santa clara district attorney's office says the police officers have been seizing the fake pills in large numbers since june. the pills have fentanyl as their sole active ingredient instead of oxycodone. the district attorney is urging people to never accept pills from anyone other than a licensed doctor and never borrow or share medicine. >> anybody if you buy drugs on the street, you do not know what is going to happen to you. you don't know if you live or die. and that's not overstating things. we are seeing too many people die from taking this stuff. >> now, as you can see, the counterfeit pills are light blue in color, and are stamped with an "m" on one side and a "30" on the other.
6:29 am
the deadline is today, for the woman in contra costa county who faces deportation, she says she is not leaving. isabel came to the u.s. for life-saving medical treatment when she was search years old. she has a rare disease that requires weekly treatment. she can't get it in guatemala where she is from. the new immigration laws imposed by the trump administration, isabel might get deported today. coming up this morning, on today in the bay, the third annual bay area blood drive begins this morning and we will let you know where you can go to help save a life. all of the top stories coming up at 7:00. this morning, we will head back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
good morning. new storm fears. that tropical system in the atlantic turns into tropical storm humberto overnight, dumping heavy rain on the already devastated bahamas and set to come dangerously close to the southeast coast. dylan is tracking the storm. not so funny. a new "saturday night live" cast member under fire for past racist and homophobic remarks. fans calling for the show to drop shane gillis before he even takes the stage. and driving for diversity. nascar looking to a younger generation to help broaden its driver pool. we'll introduce you to a 14-year-old girl looking to make her mark in the male-dominated
6:31 am
sport. >> when i put my helmet on, my goal is to win. >> today, saturday, september 14th, 2019. ♪ >> celebrating our 50th birthday on the "today" show. >> roar lions roar. ♪ >> girls trip all the way from alabama. >> celebrating the 21st anniversary of my 21st birthday. >> new york city. four hours of sleep. but we're here. >> celebrating my 66th birthday on the "today" show. >> happy birthday. >> oh. >> what a good group outside. welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning. >> so glad you're with us.
6:32 am
you're meeting somebody from des moines. next time, it's new zealand. everybody is outside. >> we'll say hi to the folks on the plaza a moment from now. we want to get to our top story today, the tropical storm humberto swirling in the atlantic. is it going to hit the united states? dylan is tracking it for us. what's it look like? >> the forecast has been improving for the southeastern united states. for the bahamas we're going to see some rain. you can see bands of heavier pockets of rain trying to move onshore in florida. winds are 40 miles per hour. we're not expecting much of a storm surge out of this system. that should help with the flooding concerns out of the bahamas. we have tropical storm warnings in effect for the bahamas. but no longer in effect for the east coast of florida. look at the track of the storm. it's been trending farther and farther east. the cone of uncertainty is very far away from the coast of florida. we won't see direct impacts but for outer bands of rain coming
6:33 am
onshore. we'll see significant amounts of rainfall out that way. it will strengthen to a category 1 and pass north of bermuda as we get to the end of this upcoming week. we have one threat to keep in mind. if the sun is out in in florida and the southeast coast, it's tempting to go out on the beaches. keep in mind, out in the water, that rip current risk is very, very high. we're looking for rough surf because of that storm system so close. as for rain, most of the rain we will see will be across the northern bahamas. widespread 2 to 4 inches. some areas can pick up as much as 6 inches. if that's in a low-lying area, that could lead to additional flooding to an area that's hard-hit. >> thank you very much. there's much to get to, including a warning for tens of millions of americans taking zantac for heartburn. zantac contains mdma.
6:34 am
the fda is not advising people to stop using the drug as they continue to evaluate its safety. a congregation is looking for a place to hold services sond sunday and mourning the loss of its old church. one of the predominantly black charges burned to the ground on friday. it survived a hurricane in 1915 and a previous fire in the '40s. the cause of this fire is unknown. now, little is left of what was a hub for that community since 1885. turning to some controversy now in late-night tv. producers for "saturday night live" have so far remained silent in response to one of its newest cast members' use of racist language. the controversy emerged hours after the hires of shane gillis. now, some fans are asking the show to drop him before it starts. blaine alexander has the latest this morning.
6:35 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the producer is speaking out on twitter, saying he never meant to hurt anyone. but this morning, people are saying his hoold jokes is nothi to laugh about. this morning, one of "saturday night live's" cast members is under fire. the show announcing that shane gillis will be a regular cast member in upcoming season 45. but just hours later, videos emerge showing gillis using racist and homophobic language. in clips from matt and shane's secret podcast that have been removed from its youtube channel, gillis speaks in caricature asian accents and uses a racial slur to describe chinese people. he is also heard to use a homophobic slur to describe comedians. >> i am chinese. and i will not reproduce.
6:36 am
>> reporter: gillis responding on twitter, i'm a comedian who pushes boundaries. i sometimes miss. adding, i'm happy to apologize to anyone who is actually offended by anything i've said. but it did not stop the backlash. from fellow comedian, jimmy o. yang, i usually side with comedians on sensitive subjects. but this is just plain racist. this morning, no comment from "snl" that appears on nbc, a division of nbc universal, the parent company of nbc news. many are asking, how far is too far in comedy? comedian, dave chappelle, in his special, nit-picking comics in the past. >> i'm going to try to take everything away from you. >> reporter: now, a show known for making people laugh, is facing serious questions.
6:37 am
so far, "snl" cast members are keeping quiet about this. public publicly this morning. the new season debuts on september 28th. now, give us a "weekend boost." the stars may have been aligned for the birth of a little girl. this was christina brown. she was born on wednesday, 9/11. she weighed 9 pounds, 11 ounces. but the time of her birth, 9:11 p.m. that's 9/11, 9/11, 9/11. usually a day of sorrow for many families. but for the brown family, a day of joy. >> that's a big baby. >> i was about to say. 9 pounds, 11 ounces. >> a big little girl right there. still ahead, a 14-year-old girl chasing the same dream as dale earnhardt jr. and other nascar
6:38 am
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we are back with "today's talker" and a look at how nascar is trying ing ting to open up to a diverse group of young drivers. >> the women and minority drivers were still teenagers. we look at one teen determined to make her mark on racing. >> reporter: beneath the shadow of the charlotte motor speedway, is the starting line to nascar's biggest stage. with smaller cars, slightly smaller drivers, all doing some very big speeds. racing every saturday morning all summer long, they are
6:42 am
chasing the same dream as dale earnhardt jr. and bubba wallace, all starting here. today, this track belongs to a new generation. do you remember the first time you got into the driver's seat? >> that was a long time ago. >> reporter: isabella has spent half her life in the driver's seat. she started go-karts at 3, with her brother, will. moving up to faster legend cars. and she's made a name for herself in a tie-dye ride, most are chasing. >> when i put my helmet on, my goal is to win. >> reporter: she is part of a small group of drivers, hand-picked by nascar for its drive for diversity team. >> you want to increase your fan base. you want more individuals to watch the sport, to like the sport, to come to the track, to see bubba. to see him get out of the car
6:43 am
and take off his helmet. he looks like me. he represents me. that's what's important. >> reporter: the teammates spent their entire summer in charlotte, training with nascar weight trainers, practicing on nascar simulators and even driving on nascar tracks. 125 miles per hour. and it's your part. what is going through your head? >> you have to keep the wheel straight. >> reporter: isabella is one of four drivers in her class, and in many races, the only girl on the track. >> there's always a target on my back. the boys don't want to be passed by me. when i put my helmet on, i'm just another driver. i think about, they're not boys. they're another person that i have to beat. >> reporter: and when it comes to race time, her teammates know, isabella's the one to beat, too. >> it was cool to beat her lap time in one of the races. that was always my goal, to beat her. >> reporter: on this saturday, isabella wins her class. but don't expect any crazy
6:44 am
celebrations here. this driver's eyes are set on something bigger and faster. >> the overall goal is to race on sunday. just, you want to be in the cup series. >> i thought you would say the goal would be to get your driver's license. >> that's probably a good one, too. >> reporter: until then, she's just fine, driving here. for "today," morgan chesky, nbc news, charlotte, north carolina. >> i say go for it. >> i feel like we'll be talking about isabella and others for years to come. i was struck by them using the weights to train, as well. >> it's physical. i had a chance to interview some of them, joey logano, for example. it takes a fit person to sit behind the wheel. the core strength, the intensity of it. you need to be fit. >> they're well on their way. >> kudos to them. >> the nascar playoffs begin tomorrow at 7:00 eastern on nbcsn. let's go to dylan out on the plaza with another check of the weather.
6:45 am
>> good morning. i want to brag about the people we have on the plaza today. normally back to school, in the fall, you don't get as many people out here on a saturday. but we have a packed plaza. and it's a beautiful morning, too. we'll see nice weather across the northeast, except for the interior northeast, where we see spotty showers. you might need an umbrella. most of the heavier rain, across maine. the rest of the country, not a lot going on. we have warmer temperatures, down south. extending into arkansas, in the 90s. that's ten degrees above ar average. it will feel even warmer. staying offshore, but still out
6:46 am
>> and we've got a special twin birthday on the plaza. two beautiful ladies celebrating 50 years. your name is? >> dina. >> and your name is? >> tina. >> clearly, they are twins. what would be one gift that you would love for your birthday? >> i want a coffee mug from the "today" show. >> that's exactly what we have. happy birthday to you. where are you from? >> kentucky. >> awesome. it's nice to have you here. >> thanks. >> enjoy celebrating together. >> should have gone for the trip to hawaii. i mean -- >> i love the shirts. i love my wombmate. i love the t-shirts. coming up, she once played a wedding planner in a movie. now, jennifer lopez is getting ready for her own wedding to a. rod. >> and
6:47 am
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6:49 am
dylan has moved inside, now. time for a little "pop start." >> yes. let's get to it. you know what that music means. first up, we're starting with sad news to tell you. as we mentioned earlier, eddie money has passed away, following a short battle with cancer. the news comes a month after the musician, whose real name was edward mahoney, announced his diagnosis. his family said in a statement, it is with heavy hearts that we say good-bye to our loving husband and father. we will live forever through his music. "take me home tonight," "two tickets to paradise" and "baby hold on." in honor of mr. money. >> let's do it. ♪ take me home tonight i don't want to let you go until you see the light ♪ ♪ i've got two tickets to
6:50 am
paradise ♪ ♪ won't you pack your bags we'll leave tonight ♪ ♪ i'm gonna take you baby, hold on to me ♪ ♪ whatever will be will be >> eddie money was 70 years old. and i think the best way to remember him, with all of us singing his songs, the music stuck in our heads. >> that will be in our heads all day long, for good reason. >> for sure. moving on, the final credits are rolling on movie pass. the monthly ticket subscription service, allowed people to take in one movie a day for 10 bucks for a month. critics said it was too good to be true and they were right. the efforts to recapitalize movie pass has not been successful. as of now, they're not sure if and when it will launch again. i bought that for my mother and father a couple years ago. it seemed too good to be true. >> you can go from
6:51 am
movie-to-mov movie-to-movie-to-movie. >> online movie pass. >> you might be on to something. jennifer lopez, the singer, dancer and actor is getting oscar buzz for her movie "hustlers." the film about exotic dancers, turning the tables on their wall street clients, hits theaters this weekend. that's not the only reason why j. lo is making headlines. she revealed who is going to walk her down the aisle for when she marries alex rodriguez. it will be her 11-year-old son, max. the 50-year-old has two children with her ex, mark anthony. a. rod has two from his prior marriage. j. lo was asked if she wanted more children. after a pause, she responded, yeah. >> i thought we were going to hear a clip of it. >> just, yeah. >> thank you very much. we're back after this. i'surprised. m just between us, you know what's better than mopping? anything!
6:52 am
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6:55 am
6:56 am
that will do it for us on this saturday morning. good crew outside today. >> i know. >> tomorrow, you're right on it. i love the wombmate shirt. tomorrow, we sit down with maggie gyllenhaal. the final season of "the deuce." growing up with her little brother, jake gyllenhaal. and the stars of "downton abbey" stop by the show. >> all eight of the stars are coming by on monday on the third hour of
6:57 am
good morning, i'm garvin thomas. coming up next on today in the bay, state capitol becomes a crime scene. the bizarre attack against state senators. >> also, a serious warning in the south bay counterfeit pills flooding the streets and what is inside them that is causing so much concern. and we are under a micro climate weather alert. vianey arana is tracking another hot day for the inland valley.
6:58 am
6:59 am
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7:00 am
good saturday morning. it is september 14, 2019. taking a live look outside at the fog creeping in. is that fog creeping in or creeping out of the golden gate? >> creeping in. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm garvin thomas and of course, we have vianey arana is here talking about the micro climate. not the fog but the hea


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