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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 17, 2019 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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pay nothing out of pocket. talk to your doctor and visit to enroll. right now at 11:00, two high-profi high-profile -- visits to the bay area. president trump will arrive a minute now for a campaign fundraising and ben carson stopped in san francisco focusing on the homeless crisis. both are being met by protesters. and good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia is off this afternoon. we do have live team coverage. bob redell is in san francisco monitoring ben carson's comment you but first to marianne favro at moffett field where the president is going to land. do we know any tim the president will be here? >> reporter: we know that he's expected to arrive here at
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11:10. this is mr. trump's first visit here to the bay area since becoming president. and i want to tell you that security here has been extremely tight this morning. we had to arrive at 7:00 this morning for a sweep of our vehicle, we are seeing secret service agents and bomb-sniffing dogs. the president left new mexico after a campaign rally last night. the white house said the president will go straight from moffett field via motorcade to a round table discussion and lunch on the peninsula. now while the white house is not disclosing the location, sources tell us that it is at a private home in portola valley. people are paying from a couple of thousand dollars to $100,000 to have lunch with the president. now the president will only be in the bay area a total of three hours. we see air force one is coming in now, about to land at fofet field. let's take a look.
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this is the president landing at moffett field. it just touched down. he's a few minutes early. eight minutes ahead of schedule. coming from new mexico. where he attended a campaign rally last night. looks like a smooth landing here at moffett field. certainly the weather has cooperated. we just saw a motorcade earlier come by. he'll be going via motorcade to the campaign rally on the peninsula. and so president trumpas just safely landed on air force one here on moffett field. live at moffett field, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> so we see the president has landed safely. and as she just mentioned, it is believed that the private event that president trump is
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attending is in portola valley. within the last 10 minutes we confirmed that this is, in fact, the case. nbc bay area sky ranger flew over that portola valley home at about 90 minutes ago and you could see large tents in the backyard. it is a home owned by former sun micro systems ceo scott mcneily, a long-time trump supporter. protesters are also planning to head to the area. protesters gathering a mile from the home. some members of the backbone campaign are there and hoisting up a baby trump balloon and the group expected to make an appearance with another anti-trump rally later on this afternoon. of course we'll follow all of this for you. we should point out that this is happening as the house judiciary committee is holding a formal impeachment hearing. this is a live look at the proceedings right now. former trump campaign manager corey lewandowksi is testifying as we speak. he's taking questions about
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special counsel robert mueller's recent report. >> and as we mentioned hud secretary ben carson is in san francisco. as the trump administration focusing on the city's homeless problem. nbc bay area's bob redell is covering our team coverage with a live look at protesters gathered there, bob. >> reporter: yes, and this is the protesters who greeted secretary ben carson who arrived within the past few minutes. we're in a new housing development on connecticut street here and they have 72 units of affordable housing. this protest has been organized by the coalition on homelessness and here to protest public policy and the public information officer said this is open only to invited press which is just fox news. the hud department would not tell us what this is about. but all of the reporting suggests he's on a quote, fact-finding mission to figure out how to solve the country's homeless crisis.
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president trump blamed democratic leaders for the homeless crisis in places like here in los angeles and san francisco and the state of california. the trump administration suggested deregulating the housing but the coalition on homelessness said the trump administration is blaming everyone but themselves and cut funding and not providing affordable housing and asking that trump restore hud funding to pre-1978evels adjusted for inflation. >> i think he made a comment once about the people that are homeless and lazy and not trying hard enough but the system is so hard. it is hard for people to -- for those with mental illness. i'm bipolar. i had so much trauma in my life and he needs to look at the bigger picture of why people are suffering. the city is so -- it is so unequal. it seems like it is heading toward the direction where you have to be rich to live in san francisco and that is not the way it's supposed to be.
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>> reporter: while trump blames california for the homeless problems, the protesters point out the affordable housing development here behind me was built by the city of san francisco. we did hear the mayor london breed's office this morning and they tell us she was not invited to the event and they will be releasing a statement shortly. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> certainly a busy day with the -- the trump administration in the bay area. thank you for that coverage. as you see now, the president has landed here in the bay area. this is at moffett field where he landed at 11:02. today president trump is scheduled to head to a round table luncheon in portola valley. this is the home of ceo scott mcneily, long time trump supporter. he will be here for three hours and then he will be heading down to southern california. >> all of the locations and all of the specifics of the visit have been kept very quiet to put off protesters however the
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protesters seem to know where the -- where the president is going to be. they have been staging about a mile away from mr. mcneily's home in portola valley and protesting there and we've seen the images of the baby trump big balloon that will make an appearance this afternoon as well as the president makes his way through the bay area before he heads on down to southern california. >> and we have seen many protesters there near where president trump will be attending the fundraiser today. there were protesters not too far from that location in portola vall now president trump is landing here in the bay area from new mexico. he attended a campaign rally there yesterday. many people joined the campaign here today where a lot of people will join for the fundraiser. we're told the tickets go from a couple of thousand dollars to $100,000. now the last time president trump was here, as we remember in 2016, where this is durin -- he was campaigning for the
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presidency, had to go in through the back door of where that rally was being held because of the protesters again we're seeing a lot of protesters in rea now. but the secret service say they plan for things like this so they are making sure that they can keep the access areas for the president very clear. of course we even saw where protesters are in portola valley and there were officers there, i believe the sheriff's deputy was there with them. >> and again the president just landed a few minutes ago. he's a little bit ahead of schedule. he'll be spending the afternoon and the evening here in the bay area. we'll be heading on to another fundraiser in los angeles but we do remember those dramatic images when he was here as a nominee, as a candidate when he just kind of -- the motorcade kept circling around and circling around and eventually had to stop on the freeway and then-candidate trump had to climb over the freeway wall to make t into the back entrance. >> this is about a mile from the home where that fundraiser
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going to be happening. you see the officers there with those protesters. they have been staging there for a little while now. so it seems that they've known where the president was gng to end up. it is again the home of the former sun micro systems ceo scott mcneily. he has been a long-time trump supporter and a long-time trump donor. so he'll be welcomed there. we have been talking with people around the bay area who say they plan on heading to that event just to show support for the president. clearly this is a largely democratic area. however there are pockets of republican support around the bay area. >> we have seen a lot of protesters there as you se here and in pla valley and also protesters in san francisco where the hud secretary is, dr. ben carson is there today as well. right now this is the plane president trump,s you could see, landed here in the bay area at moffett field ahead of
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schedule. expected to land at 11:10 and ahead of plan and we are awaiting the president to stop off the plane as he heads to a round table and luncheon in portola valley at the home of scott mcneily and he'll spend three hours here from what we're being told by the white house and then heading off to southern california. now the president is arriving here in the bay area from new mexico where he attended a campaign rally there yesterday. a lot of people were there for that and now the president is here in the bay area as you can see air force one landing at moffett field as they secure the plane there as soon as the president will stop off and head to the planned events for today in portola valley. this is the first time the president has been here in the bay area since becoming the president of the united states. the last time was in 2016 when he was candidate running for the
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presidency and met with in protesters that we were talking about. but a different story today. as they have planned for many protesters. they are making sure that the access areas for the president is clear as he heads to the former sun micro systems ceo scott mcneily. now we will continue with our team coverage for both the president as well as dr. ben carson's visit all day long. and you could head over to between newscast for up-to-the minute information. we'll head to the break and we'll be right back.
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we're continuing our coverage of president trump's visit here to the bay area. air force one landed just about ten minutes ago at moffett field in mountain view. the door is now open on air force one. we expect that the president will be getting off that plane in just a few moments. he's headed to a fundraiser first in portola valley at the home of former sun micro systems
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ceo scott mcneily. protesters have been staging in the area about a mile away. we do see law enforcement out there as well. marianne favro is at moffett field now and she's expecting the president to disembark any moment now. marianne, what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you that the president arrived about eight minutes early. you could see here on the tarmac that the motorcade is ready to take the president to the fundraising event in propertyola valley. there is a small group of about 25 to 30 trump supporters here to see the president come out of air force one. you could also see that the national press corp is here that travels with the president. they just got off the plane as well. so we have several vehicles here awaiting to take the president to that campaign fundraiser where people have paid anywhere from $2,000 to
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$100,000 to have lunch with the president this afternoon. the president is only going to be here for about three hours total here in the bay area. then he will get back to moffett field and take off heading for l.a. for a fundraiser later tonight in beverly hills. here is the president. you could see him waving to the crowd of supporters. wearing a yellow tie and a suit. a blue suit. coming down. president trump supporters are chanting "usa" as he comes down the stairs. he's shaking hands with several people but we can't quite tell who they are.
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it looks like he's been greeted by at least three people that he's shaking handed with and having a brief conversation with. and there is the president waving to the crowd of about 40 supporters. waiting for him. just the chance to see him. and now the president is getting into his motorcade vehicle. and back to you. we're live here at moffett field. the president just got into his motorcade vehicle and will be here a short time and it is a short drive and there will be rolling closures on the highway to get to the next location in portola valley. live at moffett field, back to
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you. >> thank you, marianne. >> certainly we saw president trump exit the plane heading now to portola valley but protesters will be protesting throughout the day to wait for the president to arrive there. they've been saying they will protest. we didn't know the location and we found ought where it is as well as the protesters. he's heading from moffett field there heading off and traveling 22 miles to the location of former sun micro systems ceo scott mcneily there in portola valley for a fundraiser where people have paid $2,000 to $100,000 for a luncheon with the president and the president scheduled to be here for three hours. >> as a gop strategist said no president in history has been as unpopular in the state of california. but adding our money in
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california spends the same as everybody else's money. so he's expected to make about $15 million in -- gain $15 million in contributions between his stop here in portola valley and also l.a. and then he's going on to san diego so he's expected to get that in his campaign war chest. so that motorcade will make its way to portola valley and we'll follow it along the way and have a full wrap-up for you this evening at 5:00 and 6:00. couldn't have better weather for the president's visit. that is for sure. >> we have sunshine out there across the bay area. you could see that in the live views across the bay area. and so it is been really nice to have the cooler temperatures behind that system that moved through yesterday. we'll have another one coming in tomorrow. and that is going to give us another chance of rain as we get a live look outside in san francisco. looking across the bay. it is a beautiful start to the
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day and as we get ready to head out for lunch in dublin in the tri-valley, we're seeing once again a lot of sunshine and also some very nice temperatures as you get ready to head out. in san jose, we're heading over to evergreen to check out our temperature trend for the rest of the day. now normally we're reaching about 81 degrees for the high temperature. but we're going to make it into the upper 70s today. 78 degrees will be the high in san jose as we head over toward the middle of the afternoon. reaching 77 downtown. concord today expect a high of 80 degrees. and 81 -- 81 as well in napa. and oakland reaching 73. while ukiah will be up to about 80 degrees. the seven-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen. as we look at our next rain-maker that could be moving in, so we had our first rain yesterday that brought us from a ten to about a quarter inch of rain, well this looks a lot more scattered and will not give everyone some rain. so as it continues to move in, we're going to see that chance
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of rain mostly for tomorrow morning. and it will quickly move through. but giving us a shot of some cool air once again that will stick with us for the next couple of days. by the end of the week, we do keep our seasonable weather but the weekend is when it starts to heat up as this high pressure that is over the pacific starts to nudge its way in and also gives us more of a northerly wind. as we go hour by hour, here we are through the rest of the day. not a cloud in the sky. but then we wake up tomorrow morning and we start to see more cloud cover and even a chance of rain. at 6:30 in the morning, spotty showers in parts o north bay from santa rosa toward napa and extending up toward ukiah. and then going into about 9:00 it tarts to make its way into san francisco as well as the east bay and then start to make it into the south bay. this is basically the same setup and timeline as the rain we saw yesterday. it does clear out by noon. and our temperatures reach the upper 70s. going into the rest of the week,
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looks pretty good with some low 80s but then it will get hot this weekend. as we reach the upper 80s and low 90s for san francisco, upper 60s and then mid-70s for the weekend. kris and marcus. >> thank you. a new way to stream your favorite nbc show. next on nbc bay area, when peacock will launch everything from "30 rock", my favorite, to "the office". >> and the reviews of apple's new iphone is in and what is being said about the technology. and day two of the biggest strike to hit general motors in a decade is under way with no resolution in sight. negotiations between gm and the united auto workers stopped without a deal last night. thousands hit the picket lines leaving 30 plants across the country vacant. uaw workers are demanding better pay and job security and a share of gm's profits. we'll be back with you right
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right now you're looking at air force one as president trump exited the plane just a few moments ago. he actually landed here in the bay area about 6:02 -- [ sic ] at the home of former sun micro
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systems scott mcneily. this is the first visit to the bay area in four years. >> he came here last time as a candidate. has never been here as the president himself but we know that this is been a very closely-guarded event as we have confirmed location within the last two hours or so. but protesters have been staging in portola valley about a mile away from the home. a lot of them very vocal and of course in san francisco we've also seen that big blow-up of the baby trump balloon that often follows him as he goes to different fundraisers and different appearances. president there waving to some onlookers to gathered at moffett field to greet him and he will be -- he is actually right now as we speak in a motorcade headed to portola valley, about 17 to 22 miles away. so that will take him some sort time to get to portola ral. after portola valley he goes on to los angeles and then on to san diego.
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>> we'll continue to follow this story as well as dr. ben carson's visit to the bay area. he's in san francisco. we're going to have more on this coming up for you tonight at 5:00 as well as 6:00. as we have continuing coverage. and we'll continue not on air to track what is going on on our twitter feed so go there to get more information at nbc bay area and we'll have up to the minute information there when we are not on air. >> apple's new iphone 11 is set to be released this friday. reporters and reviewers have had a chance to get their hands-on time and they are turning in reviews. they point out that it is really much of the same phone as the older one but they also say that the iphone e has a battery life that could last all day, literally all day. there is also a new dual camera system to take wide and ultra wide shots. the iphone 11 starting price is around $700. now to a new way to watch all of your favorite nbc shows.
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nbc universal new streaming service is called peacock and will launch in april with 15,000 hours of content and will include old favorites like "30 rock" and "the office" and "parks and recreation" log on to peacock tv and -- jimmy fallon here on the screen will give you some information and walk you through it. >> good times there. last look at the weather. >> it looks good. high temperature in the warmest spots in the upper 70s and low 80s. tomorrow you'll wake up to the possibility of some rain. so i'll be tracking that for you on "today in the bay" and then through the rest of the forecast it will be warming up. we're back to summer this weekend. you got our attention with the rain this week. >> for sure. everybody is like where did this come from? well you didn't watch. >> and now we know. >> you always keep us informed. >> we are tracking the president as he makes his way across the bay area to the fundraiser. he's going to be here three or
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four hours max. we'll follow every step of the way. you could find the latest at and also on our social media platforms. we'll see you back here at 5:00 and 6:00.
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right now on "california live," buckle up. yes is cruising beverly hills in style. >> i got the low-down on how you could tour l.a. in a sporty car just like this. >> then a hologram to history. you can actually interview a holocaust survivor and they're not even here. and dr. tess has a beauty boos that uses your own blood. >> i got a way to lift your life without a knife. and the break-out star of zombie land double tap. >> do you look like the person that would have -- >> it is all happening now on "california live."


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