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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 18, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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coming up. "today in the bay" continues right now. and good morning to you. thanks for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. kari is tracking some showers on this wednesday morning. >> yes, we're starting out with rain in the north bay that will be coming down across the rest of the bay area, but they're hit or miss rain and it starts out light. as we get a look at where that rain is now, moving across parts of northern sonoma county, the rest of the bay area is dry. our models show rain moving in later this morning, so more on that and mike, you're updating the crash in oakland. >> that's right, kari, i got my eyes on both sides of the bay. crash in oakland and construction clearing from 101, i showed that to you before our commercial. over here the slowing cleared for 580 approach warren freeway. i'll double cck with chp. activity in san francisco on city streets, 280's fine. you'll take to us the big activi activity, back to you. >> breaking news we're following
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this morning, mike, a tragic house fire in san francisco overnight, two people pulled from a burning home and at least one person was confirmed dead. >> such a sad story but "today in the bay's" thom jensen is live in the terrace neighborhood. you learned new information a few moments ago? >> reporter: good morning, yes. firefighters are just tearing into this house right now. we did learn in the last hour that two people were carried from the fire here, that one person, an adult female, has been confirmed dead, an adult male brought out of the house here is in critical condition and a family pet, a dog also found dead inside this home. we are on delano avenue. a "today in the bay" photographer was on the scene early and said firefighters brought the two people out of the two-story home and they did not seem to respond initially to cpr efforts and now we learn the fate of the victims, the woman
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dead here, the fire officials confirmed, and a family pet, a dog, also found dead inside the home and an adult male, a man brought from the house is at a hospital in critical condition because this is a fatal fire, investigators are already on the scene and are starting to look for a cause. you can see them with the lights inside this house right now, trying to find that point of origin, and also trying to find exactly how this fire started. we hope to have more details for you later on this morning, as we get more from san francisco fire. for now we're live in san francisco, thom gen den, "today in the bay." >> such a tragic start to the morning, thanks for that report. 5:02 right now. two presidents in a row just one day after president trump made his first visit to the bay area as commander in chief, former president barack obama is set to arrive later this morning for a private event in san francisco. as for president trump, he is still in california and headed to the border in a few hours. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is following that story for us liver from capitol hill for us this morning.
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tracie? >> hi, good morning. this is going to be a big deal because the president has made this border wall a hallmark of his 2020 campaign, we are told he'll get a briefing and spend about an hour midafternoon in otay mesa to promote the idea of building hundreds of miles of border wall including in california. this is a big part of what the president is trying to push as he also tries to win election next year, take a look, he had a fund-raiser last night in the bay area. he's got two more coming up today. he also had one in beverly hills. he's got one coming up in san diego, and in los angeles today, to try to not only raise money, but raise support for this 2020 election. while the president and his administration have had some recent wins, what the u.s. supreme court on immigration there is a lot of pushback and angst not only about his policy but about how to pay for that wall.
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back to you. >> all right, tracie potts reporting live from washington for us this morning, tracie, thank you. the 49ers are out at levi's stadium, not on game day but concerts, festivals and any other non-football events. officials voted to fire the niners as managers of the stadium. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live in santa clara with a look at what is next. kris? >> reporter: hi there, laura. we expect to find out more details at 11:00 when the stadium authority talks about its decision to bench the 49ers where it comes to non-nfl events here at the stadium. you likely know if you live in the bay area, even if you're not a niners fan, even if you don't live in santa clara there has been a huge rift between the stadium authority, which is essentially the santa clara city council and the 49ers. there have been curfew complaints and big acts like ed sheeran and the rolling stones saying it's not worth it to play levi's because of all the rules here.
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the stadium authority ended the am'sanagement deal over living wages for employees and booking non-nfl events that lose money. the 49ers accuse the city manager of retaliation saying in part "her proposal is purely retaliatory, and will result in increased costs, lost events and further erode the public's trust in her abilities. she is abdicating herify dush area duty by destroying a city asset for petty, political vendettas. sports fans feel they're stuck in the middle. >> they can do great things for each other when both parties are willing to work together. >> reporter: we'll be at the stadium authority's press conference scheduled for 11:00 this morning but we don't expect that will be the last ruling on the field, so to speak. we expect this whole thing is will likely end up in court. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> wherever it does we'll continue to follow, thanks,
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kris. it's' it's 5:05. california's authority unanimous vote means planning an environmental report can begin on king street through the peninsula through san jose. from there, the train would pass through gilroy and tunnel through pacheco pass. the board gave the go-ahead to build the long existing caltrain and freight tracks through neighborhoods in san jose. as our investigative unit first reported the project is behind schedule and over budget. israel's election which is being watched closely around the world is still too close to call. current prime minister benjamin netanyahu's political future is still in doubt. exit polls are predicting a dead heat, netanyahu campaigned furiously to remain israel's leader but his opponent, benny gantz believes he will lead the country. nettia miu promised voters he'd
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make more palestinian land part of israel. the final results could take days. new york now the second state in the country to ban the product following yesterday's decision, retailers now have two weeks to remove flavored ecigarettes from store shelves. a central california man is the seventh death nationwide attributed to those products. governor newsom issued an executive oshd rder to spend $2 million to raise awareness of the dangers of vaping. happening today, sign-ups for berkeley's new cup share pilot program begins at 11 city locations. the city is testing out the idea with a reusable cup service company called vessel. the cups are checked out through an app, pickups and returns made at participating cafes and restaurants. vessel washes and sanitizes them, check out the cups and they're free.
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expect to see more cars, bicycles and pedestrians around stanford university today. freshmen and transfer students are moving in beginning at 8:00 this morning. the opening convocation is set for this afternoon. the university says about 1700 students were admitted as part of the class of 2023. lucky them. >> welcome. >> and lucky parents. you got a lot of scholarships. >> they get here, i thought it was supposed to be sunny and we have rain moving through. >> you got to love the bay area. >> right? we're seeing the system moving through very quickly. it's now bringing some scattered showers across the north bay, but it's not widespread, so it's going to in some spots affect the morning commute but not everyone will see the impacts. i think we're staying pretty dry in martinez, with a few clouds in the mix, with our temperatures in the mid-60s to start. we'll see it leading into some mid-70s, still cool and breezy. hit or miss showers today and highs much cooler than normal,
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reaching 75 today in san jose. i'll have more on this and mike, there's more room for commuters in the north bay. >> a little elbow room san francisco north this side of the golden gate bridge. cones blocking one lane for overnight maintenance work, closer to the north tower which we can clearly see on the shot. a smooth drive as they picked up the cones, getting ready for that zipper truck, the morning commute no problems here to or from the north bay into san francisco. ? san francisco it's tom jensen over here, delano off of 280 toward the city college of san francisco fine through the area. a deadly house fire unfortunately in that area. everything cleared up 580 at seminary. contra costa county sat speeds, same thing for tri-valley, and peninsula. >> thanks, mike. still ahead on "today in the bay," the climate activist teenager just wrapping up a trip to the bay area, taking her case to top american leaders. coming up at 5:25, who she is
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expected to meet today. mortgage rates fall to a three-year low, but californians probably can't get it. i'll explain why, coming up. and a decade after mandy moore released her debut "candy" she's dropping a brand new single. take a listen, when we get back. we're listening to the old one. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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right now at 5:12, we are tracking rain, some showers moving through by 10:00 to 11:00 and we're going to need that umbrella for a little while. the rest of the forecast is dry. we'll look at that in less than five minutes. this view of dublin shows you headlights traveling west toward the dublin interchange, just fine, if you're headed in or out of the altamont, it's still just fine. look at the travel times only a little bit of slowing, vallecitos toward isabel typical headed toward 680, we'll show you how things look farther north out of discovery bay and brentwood. and good morning, very happy wednesday. markets did not move much on tuesday, just so much going on for investors to worry about. san francisco biotech company called igm debuts on the nasdaq today after its ipo.
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one te, the company is called igm. it's going to trade under the symbol igms. if you use the ticker igm you'll buy a totally different stock in a totally different company. what could possibly go wrong? shares of bay area's bloom energy already low fell another 21% after short sellers issued a report critical of the company and in fact, quoted some of the interview we did on our sunday morning show "press:here" with bloom energy's ceo k.r. schrader. the fed will announce its decision on interest rates today. jay powell will hold a press conference after that announcement. this is important, because the fed's under huge presh from the white house to lower rates. it's unlikely, actually it's impossible the fed's going to lower rates as far as donald trump wants it to. president trump, who should not really be telling the fed what to do at all is demanding zero
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percent interest rates. the fed's not going to do that. the president wants to refinance government debt but that's not how it work. the fed does not set mortgage rates but they are at a three-year low. a 30-year fixed as low as 3.56 nationwide. tougher to get in california because that assumes a 20% downpayment. speaking of not living in california, the san francisco clothing company chubbies is leaving san francisco, bound for austin, it will take about 40 employees with it. we've seen a number of apparel and equipment companies leave the bay area. i gave these guys an entrepreneur of the year award about three or four years ago, my black tie, tuxedo full orchestra sort of award ceremony. of course they wore shorts. >> of course. >> the marketing behind t i didn't mind. >> but you're scott mcgrew. >> i was in the tuxedo.
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>> which says all tuxedo to me. another sweet hit from the singer who brought us "candy" remember that song, two decades ago. mandy moore released a new tune an original song in ten years, listen to this new one. ♪ >> i like it. as you can tell by the clip -- >> that's how i am in the pool, too, just like that. >> i thought it was you for a second, just one second. [ laughter ] that new song we're taking a listen to "when i wasn't watching" mandy moore reflects on who she became when she wasn't paying attention to herself. ♪ ♪ i'm missing you like candy >> that's when she knew herself, candy, 20 years ago, you might
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remember that song when she hit the airwaves in 1999 with that. she now stars in the nbc drama "this is us" making a lot of headline there is. the new season premieres this monday. she's everywhere. >> i knew her as the voice of rapunzel from "tangled" because my kid watching it over and over and sing all the songs. >> teenie bop star, animated princess. >> very le >> "this is us" found herself again. >> amazing things you miss when you don't have kids. i'm right on that. another thing a lot of people are thinking about today, talking about it, kari, the rain coming in. we don't like the sound of it but it's happening. >> i think at this point it's nice to see it coming in. it's refreshing, it's clearing everything off and doesn't last that long. it's rolling through fairly quickly. we're seeing it moving through parts of the north bay right now, and it's very spotty. this won't have a huge impact on your day. you're seeing some more clouds moving in to san francisco, our
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usual start to the day, but a little unusual to see another round of rain moving in. so our models take it hour by hour. this is 8:00 and what the radar could look like. you could track it as well if you have the nbc bay area app, and you can even get an alert as the rain approaches your location. we are going to see some of the rain once again hit or miss, moving through parts of the north bay, through about 8:00 to 9:00 and by 10:00 it's starting to move into the east bay, and once again not everyone's going to see this rain, but we could see a fairly quick moving shower moving through parts of the peninsula, later this morning and into the south bay by early afternoon, and then the rest of the day is nice and dry. and our rain totals may only measure a few hundredths of an inch but nothing really a big soaker here but just something to help clear out the air, maybe help reduce the pollen as well. today we're up to 80 degrees in antioch, so all of these temperatures because of the clouds and the rain will be much cooler than normal, only
5:19 am
reaching 75 in san jose. normally we're reaching about 80 to 81 degrees. we're up to 78 in napa today and 72 in oakland. this system moves off towards the east. the rest of the next couple of days will be cool, breezy, and mostly clear. by the end of the week, we start to see high pressure building and that's going to cause it to warm up especially by the end of the weekend. our chance of showers diminishes as we go into the afternoon. highs in the upper 70s, and some mid 80s tomorrow, upper 80s by friday and temperatures going up to 92 on saturday and we see more 90s in the forecast with san francisco headed into the 70s. mike, wednesday moving well so far? >> it is moving well for most of our roadways we see green. a couple of blipz here as here there, we expect it at 5:19. vasco slow for west 580, a tiny bit of slowing, losing another
5:20 am
lane at the tail end toward 580. no problems, brentwood, discovery bay. top of the screen it is eastbound highway 4, the crash over at hillcrest but westbound out of antioch through pittsburg we see a volume build and a little bit of slowing, typical pattern there, no problems for the rest of contra costa county and toward the bay bridge toll plaza where we have just now the last five minutes seen the fastrak lanes build up, this is traditional pattern, we should see metering lights any second. back to you. >> thanks so much. it's 5:20. if you live in the bay area long enough you've probably seen years where it's really dry or really wet. some are calling it precipitation whiplash. we'll explain. plus it's a $55 million problem, what we know about yet another delay for san francisco's new subway project. but first, have you gotten your flu shot? kris sanchez posted this photo to instagram, all smiles, kind of, as she got hers yesterday. you got yours as well, right? >> i did. >> be sure to follow kris on facebook, twitter and instagram.
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you're watching "today in the bay."
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happening today, a famed swedish teen climate activist would join others to testify to members of congress about climate change. gretta thudberg met with former president barack obama. she encouraged other kids around
5:24 am
the world to skip school and hold similar protests to command faster action on climate change. all week long nbc news along with nbc bay area are bringing to light the impacts of climate change. >> this morning a closer look at precipitation whiplash. >> meteorologist kari hall delves into why california is seeing more extreme swings of rain and droughts in years to come. >> it's part of life in california to have long periods of time without rain and heavy deluges in winter, but now climate scientists are predicting that due to a warmer planet, california will experience precipitation whiplash, that means we'll have worsening droughts, which will alternate with extreme rainfall in the winters, and instead of having our rainy season lasting from october to april, that heavy rain will all fall in a shorter period of time, causing
5:25 am
major flooding i spoke with climate scientist daniel swain who came up with the term precipitation whi whip lash. >> we're seeing more potential for drought and more potential for floods at the same period of time, so what we end up, what we may end up seeing from year to year is an increase in the propensity to go from very wet conditions to very dry conditions for vice versa. >> he adds we need to focus on water storage perhaps using aquifers instead of reservoirs. tomorrow we'll show you how the warming of the pacific is having an impact on the marine life in the bay area and how dire the situation really is. >> thank you, kari. nbc news correspondent kerry sanders as well will continue our climate in crisis coverage this morning on the "today" show. is he taking a look at the amazon rain forest and how
5:26 am
challenging conditions, including those recent devastating fires are having a global impact. and tonight, nbc bay area's scott budman is looking at a growing trend called fast fashion. he's sitting down with local companies that say they can dress you without polluting our planet. i want to you tune in for that tonight at 5:00 or set your dvrs. 5:26 for you right now. trending this morning, something i don't know anything about, being pregnant can be rough at times. >> thanks for that clarification. san jose bay area's photographer helping ease the dog days of pregnancy celebrating the impending birth of her two french bulldogs. she says this adorable maternity photo shoot isn't just about cuteness. it has a message. both of the dogs are rescues and she hopes the pictures encourage other people to adopt pets from local shelters. i had a litter myself. 5:26. coming up next, top stories on
5:27 am
this wednesday morning. including keeping riders and drivers safe. uber is introducing brand new safety features. a woman is dead, a man in critical condition, in an overnight house fire. and we are at the scene speaking of fire investigations, a live report that we're learning this morning, coming up in just moments. and taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. mike and kari joining us next with a look at that commute which is a rough one right there as well as the forecast for you. you're watching "today in the bay." humira patients, you inspire us.
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and good wednesday morning to you. let's take a live look outside for you right now and ooh, a foggy san rafael for you this morning. the north bay could see some showers and spotty showers this morning. meteorologist kari hall is going to get us through the morning with that in just a bit. first good morning to you. thanks for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get to kari hall right now, a little storm moving through? >> yes, it's going to be fairly quick and it's not producing the widespread rain that we saw on monday, but we are going to have that chance of sain moving in once again, right now it's still hanging out around northern sonoma county, northern napa county, so as it moves in, we are going to start out with a dry morning for most of us and see the rain moving in later on. in oakland we could see some showers between 8:00 and 11:00. i'll be tracking that for you and mike, so far there's no surprises at the bay bridge. >> no the good news, no bad
5:31 am
surprises. the bad news, no good surprises at the bay bridge, it's right in the middle. middle spot for folks traveling out of the east bay and contra costa and alameda counties funneling into san francisco with the metering lights turned on just after that last report. a smooth drive coming down toward the carquinez bridge, a little slowing past highway 29 and no problems for highway 4, the standard build. that's about it. check on the disabled vehicle, i'll do that, back to you. >> thanks, mike. we're staying on top of breaking news we're following in san francisco, a woman killed, a man in critical condition after fires swept through their home overnight. >> thom jensen is live for us this morning in the mission terrace neighborhood. thom, really a tragic story for us this morning, and the family pet also died in this fire? >> reporter: good morning. it is very tragic, and we are learning a few more details, although not confirmed by san francisco fire department. it happened at this home on delano avenue near balboa park.
5:32 am
a neighbor initially tried to rescue a man and his daughter who have lived here for more than two decades. san francisco fire did not confirm the ages of the victims but said an adult female did not survive and a man rescued from the home is in critical condition, and you're right, also the family's new pet, a puppy was also found dead inside the home. the neighbor told us he heard the young woman calling to her father as the house was engulfed in flames. he started spraying the home and yelling for her to come out, but she didn't. he asked that we not show his face. >> the door was warm, so i didn't try to bust it open, i tried to break a window and the smoke started coming out, and then we continued to try to use our hoses to go on the fire. i heard her screaming "dad" and i was screaming camella, come out, but she never came out. i couldn't get her out. she grew up with my son, they're 23 years old. she just started law school at usf. so it's horrible.
5:33 am
>> reporter: very tragic. we also learned that her mother, we have not gotten confirmation on the name that he said there, from san francisco fire, but also that the woman who lived here had died recently from cancer, that it was the father and daughter who lived here. the neighbor telling us that it was the father and the daughter who were pulled from the home. again, fire officials not confirming that it was the daughter who died in this fire, only that it was an adult female. we hope to get more information as it becomes available later on this morning. we got arson investigators in the home, although you can't read anything into that, that's something that typically happens when there's a fatal fire like this, but a very tragic scene here this morning. we're live in san francisco, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> no matter how you look at it, a tragic story. thank you for that report. 5:33 for you right now. new overnight a 14-hour-long police standoff is now over in the south bay. this started at 12:30 yesterday afternoon on madeira avenue in san jose. police say they responded to a fight between a man and his
5:34 am
roommate, who allegedly made threats with a meat ver. that man who called 911 ran outside for safety, but the suspect stayed inside and wouldn't come out. it's not clear how this all came to end, but one person was taken away by ambulance. police are not saying if it's the suspect. 5:34 right now. new this morning, a woman is suing lyft over sexual assault claims. meantime uber is announcing its new safety feature for riders. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live in walnut creek this morning to explain. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. uber has released a new safety feature called ride check. the video released by the ride sharing service ride check basically does three things, whether your ride has gone off course, if you stopped for an unusual amount of time and when you've been in a collision. now if something doesn't seem right, the ride check activates in the app, gives you and your driver the option of letting uber know everything's okay.
5:35 am
if not, you can use the emergency button or report the issue to uber safety line. uber might follow up by phone. if there's a crash, uber can then help expedite insurance claims. uber installed an emergency button inside its app that allows to you digitally share info with 911 dispatchers, something that would be activated as a part of this new ride check feature. uber's main rival lift has a similar 911 button and expected to releas a similar ride check feature later in the year. according to "the verge" an online publication, a woman is suing lyft for failing to keep her safe after she says she was kidnapped at gunpoint by her lyft driver in new york and then raped by him, and two other men in 2017. when she complained to lyft, she said she received a canned response that read "apologize for the inconvenience" that she had been through. she claims lyft allowed the
5:36 am
driver to remain on their platform under another name. lift said the victim didn't report the incident asking for a refund and lyft did not become aware of the rape until it was reported in the press. according to another report last year, 18 lyft drivers and 103 uber drivers they were accused of sexual assault or abuse. reporting live here in walnut creek, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> very concerning, thank you, bob. 5:36. former president barack obama visiting the bay area today. he'll be a featured speaker at an invitation only event spohos by the san francisco tech company spunk. city councilmembers voted yesterday to study the idea of turning dixon landing road into barack obama boulevard. one reason why, the road leads into the sunny hills community and city leaders say it is one of the first integrated neighborhoods in america. now to decision 2020, and happening today, democratic
5:37 am
presidential candidate beto o'rourke will be in the bay area. he's visiting san quentin prison in the north bay today, and then will head to oakland for a discussion about equity and justice. 5:37, and san francisco's central subway is way over budget. according to "the examiner" this morning the project is nearly $55 million in the hole. the sf mta may soon have to consider whether to pay for the central subway's final days of construction with funding meant to aid other transit projects. so far, the delays on the central subway have pushed the project back by three years. all right, warrior fans, today is your lucky day. single game day tickets go on sale this afternoon at 2:00. they're not free but you can get single day tickets. the warriors get their new 2019-2020 season in their new home in the san francisco new chase center. the first preseason game is october 5th against the l.a. lakers and the $1.4 billion
5:38 am
chase center is already open and of course you know it's been hosting a lot of those concerts to some of the biggest names in the music business. >> i want to check it out. >> i want to go. >> me, too. >> let's get some tickets and all go together. mike, on you. >> oh, we'll talk about that, take that off line, thank you very much. look at the line-up already to get the tickets. no, that's palo alto. the deal here, folks, is that we have that overnight construction crew just north of willow, closer to marsh, the time when they clear the last of the crews up toward qualify. you may find traffic breaks. traffic will be held up for about three or four minutes. you see the slowing north of university. folks if you know the area, you know you stay off of that until you get past willow, if you're traveling through that one portion of palo alto or you pull over and get a coffee, this morning early coffee, no problems. the rest of the drive in toward san francisco is clear. san jose we have this disabled vehicle 85 approaching 101 but it's not a major issue, over on the shoulder and the rest of the bay shows a great drive.
5:39 am
the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza we've shown folks that, they're familiar with it. >> familiar. okay, good. >> something we're all familiar with the weekend. >> not familiar enough. let's get to it. i'd like to get to it. >> it's wednesday, starting out with a few showers moving through parts of the north bay and so as we get closer to the weekend, that's going to be clearing out but i just wanted to show you one last look at the radar. let's kick it off on friday in san jose with the tet and moon festival happening at the east ridge mall at 3:00 in the afternoon, goes until 11:00 p.m. we will have some very pleasant, comfortable temperatures reaching the low 80s during the middle of the day and cooling off. on saturday, we'll see our coastal temperatures in the mid-70s, while the inland areas will be hot, reaching 92 degrees. the bay in the mid 80s, and then by sunday, we're starting to come down just a few more degrees, but it will still be a great weekend to get outside, but i think sunday is the best day, all across the bay area for those outdoor activities.
5:40 am
there will be a creek to bay volunteer day at oakland, in oakland all over the city, and then the morning we're starting out with some low 60s, and then warming up into the low 80s. so it's best to get out there early. we also have the night market coming in pleasanton at the alameda county fairgrounds at saturday in 3:00 in the upper 80s. if you go when it's a little bit later ihe t day t will feel much nicer. we'll talk about that and some other events going on. keep checking in, i'll have a look at today's temperature trend coming up in three minutes. >> sounds good. it's 5:40 right now. coming up next, a topicalical democratic donor arrested, what he's accused of doing. and all new, it has happened again, another horse dies at the santa anita racetrack in southern california. what happened to the horse during training, coming up next. plus one of president trump's closest allies appears to turn on him. we'll take a look at that. and the giants and red sox go at it for six hourst night. we'l hehe play-by-play,
5:41 am
plus this moment between a giants right fielder and his baseball hall of fame grandfather, next. you're watching "today in the bay."
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♪ ♪ the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time. ♪ ♪
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good wednesday morning. right now at 5:43, you might want to have an umbrellau.s. in case. we see some showers in the forecast even though we're starting out dry. a live look in san jose, headed to evergreen to check out our
5:44 am
temperatures for today. we could see temperatures in the low 70s and a chance of rain by 11:00. i'll talk more about all of our microclimates in less than five minutes. look at the tail lights headed through the dublin interchange and up the dublin grade, the little winding part at the top of the screen. a smooth drive here, pretty much at speed, that's great and coming out of the alt moamont p. grant line road to 680, 23 minutes. and toward 680 we'll show you what's going on farther north, there may be a rig rig issue. airbnb wants to help people in the bay area and los angeles county find affordable housing. "the chronicle" says it's investing $20 million to help low or moderate income families buy or rent facilities. it will help small businesses and create jobs. the company is saying there is a new infrastructure component to the plan but details haven't been announced.
5:45 am
another horse death to atrt southern california racetrack which is already under a lot of scrutiny. santa anina park officials said the horse suffered a tell vick fracture during training and sadly had to be put down. it is the 31st horse to die at the track since december. the horse is scheduled to undergo a necropsy at uc davis. develop fing this morning, buck is under yet another investigation after he is arrested in los angeles. buck is charged in connection with a drug overdose of a 37-year-old man. he's accused of having a man in his apartment and injecting him with meth. two men have previously died of meth overdoses in the democratic donor's home. buck denied any wrong doing and was not criminally charged in either of those cases. we will see new court, that was the blunt response from california attorney general javier becerra when he learned the feds were cutting
5:46 am
california's rights to set clean air standards. since 1970, california has been given the right to set its own tail pipe pollution rules. 13 other states adopted the standards as well. the trump administration is revoking california's ability to set its own clean air zastandar. the attorney general and governor are vowing to sue to stop the trump administration. president trump's former campaign manager was grilled by congress. >>talking about cory lewandowski. >> paul manafort, his other campaign manager, is in prison. the house committee had strong words for him and strong words back. >> i'd be happy to answer your question or can have a question by you have why. >> imauto he going to continue to -- >> don't ask me then. >> this is a house judiciary, not a house party.
5:47 am
>> lewandowski gave a tidbit. the president ordered him to ask the attorney general at the time jeff sessions to limit the scope of the russia investigation. lewandowski says he never passed on that order. normally that would be a blockbuster admission but we don't live in normal times. the house judiciary committee is investigating whether the president broke the law and abused his power which sounds an awful lot like a preliminary impeachment hearing. the committee chairman says he's comfortable with that, caused a widely reported split between nadler and pelosi who doesn't want to use the word impeachment. it's a question of law versus politics. pelosi knows the democrats don't have the votes to impeach. nadly is gathering details from trump's own advisers. president trump will visit california today. this is not a campaign. mr. trump does not have a chance of winning california, even orange county is now democratic
5:48 am
blue. orange county. california is full of money and that's what politicians need. president obama came here to raise funds. president trump and his former close ally, republican lindsey graham are fighting on twitter, graham says the iranians think president trump is weak for calling off a military strike after they shot down on american drone. the president takes exception to that. graham's been all over the place with trump, first calling him crazy, unfit for office. now calling trump's decision not to attack iran weak. we're watching everything that happens in washington. you can follow along on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew. its a's and the royals in oakland, the a's winning 2-1 with ten games remaining. the team has a 1 1/2 lead for
5:49 am
the top wild card spots. >> the a's started their game after the giants last night and they finished three hours before. the giants were at fenway park in boston for a six-hour game. giants mike yastrzemski hanging out with his hall of fame grandfather, red sox college end carl yastrzemski and guess what? the younger yas hit a home run for the family and the crowd went wild, including all that family that was in the stands. isn't that cool, your grandpa? he's a local boy. the game went into extra innings in the top of the 15th inning, score tied at 6-6. alex dickerson with the game-winning hit. the giants ended up beating the sox 7-6. >> grandpa, grandpa, did you see what i did? oh, you didn't. let's replay it on the national screen. >> well, when i was a young kid -- >> that's cool. >> you're a hall of famer, i know, i know. all right, so let's look outside
5:50 am
day, se showers will be hitting some parts of the bay area. >> it will be moving through fairly quickly. we get a look at the radar and it's very scattered, with some light rain falling in parts of the north bay. as we go into the rest of the day, this is quickly moving on through ahead of a cold front sweeping across the bay area. our hour by hour outlook shows what the radar could look like. if you have the nbc bay area app could you track this along with me and also get alerts as rain aproechds your location. we could see the rain at 8:30 moving closer to napa as well as san rafael and moving in to san francisco by 10:00 to 11:00 as well as parts of the east bay. once again not everyone will see the rain, but when you do it should last for about 20 to 30 minutes and move on. for the south bay, we could see it moving through morgan hill, still about 4:00 this afternoon, before it clears out. so this will be moving a little bit slower than the system we had on monday, and then it looks to bring lighter amounts of rain, only trace amounts for
5:51 am
much of the parts of the north bay, east bay, as well as the peninsula, up to a few hundredths of an inch. a live look in walnut creek, so as you're starting out this morning, clouds rolling by, and temperatures starting out in the low 60s, reaching the low 70s by noon. it's going to feel nice with a breezy wind and cooler than normal temperatures, reaching 75 in san jose, 80 in antioch, 78 will be the high in napa while oakland reaches 72 degrees. if you're looking for something to do and you love books, check out this big book sale in san francisco at the ft. mason center. this goes on not only today but the next several days, happening through september 22nd, and then as we look at our forecast, we'll start to see things changing going into the next couple of days. that system moves out. our winds stay northerly and we will by the end of the week start to see our temperatures going up, and we will see highs in the 90s, returning by the weekend. so we're going from 79 today to 92 in the valleys on saturday.
5:52 am
slight cooling on sunday, and then going right back up for the beginning of next week. mike, now you have a new crash involving a big rig. >> that's right, the big rig is not that big a deal as where it is, westbound highway 27 at mayor island. the big rig and other vehicle involved no major injuries reported and off to the shoulder, right where we see the slowdown out of vallejo and toward nova to he. there is one issue. the rest of contra costa county all right but there is a crash reported vasco at diablo. the narrowed down last stretch before 580 a typical pattern but watch camino diablo at vasco road. the rest of the bay a smooth drive. and just a slight little build for san jose. happening now in san diego, the search is on for a suspect after shots were fired toward police detectives last night. luckily none of the officers
5:53 am
were hit by the gunfire. there was a short pursuit before two of the three suspects were arrested. the other suspect is still on the run. next and new, saturday night controversy, brand new comments from a long time star of the show about a castmates firing even before he started. plus -- >> if you have earthquake insurance, brace yourself for potentially costly news in the mail. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds" to one man's shock, next.
5:54 am
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try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at $4.99. social media. mike inouye posted this photo on facebook thanking kari hall for these cherry tomatoes. you can always find our team on social media. mike inouye thanks kari hall for the cherry tomatoes. they look good. i want some. kari! follow mike on facebook, twitter as well as instagram. >> good green thumb there. this christmas there's a gift they say is worse than coal. >> how do you make candy cane gross? this is the question i have for you, because you make it taste like vegetables. meet the world's first kale flavored candy cane, a novelty candy company announcing this treat. unlike the real kale, these have no nutritional value, just the
5:57 am
taste. traditional, keep 'em peppermint. talking about "saturday night live," star kenan thompson talking about this week's firing of a brand new cast member. we've been covering this controversy as well. the show fired newly hired jane gillis other past jokes considered racist and homophobic. kenan thompson reacted to the offseason shuffle >> it's drama. it's not my department as far as the hiring and firing goes. we're looking forward to our new hires coming in, glad we cleared up all that nonsense before it got started. >> thompson said he would miss lesley jones saying they were two peas in a pod. she's leaving on her own terms. thompson jokes there will be a hole in his life but he'll
5:58 am
always have his wife and ki. a "today" show exclusive with celine dion. >> the topic is serious. the singer sits down for a revealing interview where she talks about her last communication with her late husband and the strength she had to find after his death not for their three sons but herself as well. >> i had to spread my wings and i have to prove to myself, to my children, to my team, to my fans that i'm fine and i'm strong. and i feel great. >> watch the interview on "today in the bay" or later on >> she's been through a lot. 5:58. nbc bay area responds to a contra costa county man whose insurance bill shook him up. >> the price of his earthquake policy more than doubled. he asked consumer investigator chris chmura and his team to find out why. >> good morning.
5:59 am
dennis dabney's earthquake insurance premium jumped from $2,500 last year to a whopping $6,320 for the next 12 months, that is a 150% increase. dennis says nothing changed with his house or his coverage and there were no quakes over in byron, where he lives. so he was baffled by the increase. earthquake insurance is sold by the california earthquake authority. so we asked the cea what happened? it told us about 25% of its policyholders saw a rate hike over the summer, including dennis. the cea blames three factors, higher construction costs, new research showing increased earthquake risk, and changes to how cea evaluates roofs and foundations. there is some good news. homeowners might qualify for a grant of up to $3,000 to help retrofit their homes with earthquake resistant braces and bolts. doing that might reduce your premiums. remember, earthquake coverage is not part of traditional
6:00 am
owners or rents' insurance. it's optional. learn more at just look for our earthquake insurance story near the top of the page. 6:00 right now, breaking news. tragedy in san francisco, a deadly house fire overnight cuts a young life short. the new informatieighbo are telling us about the family inside. two presidents in california today. president trump visit lgs the southern border, president barack obama comes to the bay area. their plans, this morning. and chance for rain. most of us won't see anything, but if you'll be hit, you're going to want to know where and when. kari just updated her forecast. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. we've been on the air since 4:30 this morning. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike will get you the commute in a bit but first we start with me


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