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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 18, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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owners or rents' insurance. it's optional. learn more at just look for our earthquake insurance story near the top of the page. 6:00 right now, breaking news. tragedy in san francisco, a deadly house fire overnight cuts a young life short. the new informatieighbo are telling us about the family inside. two presidents in california today. president trump visit lgs the southern border, president barack obama comes to the bay area. their plans, this morning. and chance for rain. most of us won't see anything, but if you'll be hit, you're going to want to know where and when. kari just updated her forecast. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. we've been on the air since 4:30 this morning. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike will get you the commute in a bit but first we start with meteorologist kari hall because you've been telling us about
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that rain and where we can expect it. >> mostly for the north bay right now. as you get ready to head out the door be prepared the system will move from north to south across the bay area and we're not seeing widespread rain but as it comes through it is going to make everything quite soggy for a little while and start to clear out later today. as we head through 8:00 to 9:00, still in the north bay but approaching parts of the east bay, the peninsula, san francisco by 10:00 to 11:00 and moving into the south bay by early afternoon. so i'll continue to keep tabs on this with another look at what to expect coming up. mike, now you have a new crash in hayward? >> i do. a light commute. we'll take you to this area off the nimitz freeway. if you missed kari's timing, the rain will give everyone a chance to have wet roads over the course of the day. southbound 680 at "a" street, this may affect the on-ramp for the next couple of minutes. the freeway shows traditional
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slowing there as well as down past the san mateo bridge, highway 92 and everything's just fine for the rest of that area. slowing for rest highway 4, typical time through pittsburg and bay point and holding steady. more through walnut creek for south 680 and backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. we head back to you guys in the city for that overnight news. back to you. >> a sad story there, mike, breaking news this morning out of san francisco, where a young woman died in an overnight house fire. the man in that fire is in critical condition this morning, and fire crews are still on the scene this morning. within the last hour, a neighbor told us about the victims. he said that the woman who died in that fire was in her 20s and had just started law school. the man who the neighbor believes is her father was pulled from that home. he is being hospitalized with life-threatening injuries, also killed in that fire a new family puppy. right now fire crews are trying to figure out how this started. "today in the bay's" thom jensen is on the scene and will tell us
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more about the victims wean what he found out about this fire, coming up in the next half hour. happening today, president trump wrapping up his california visit with a trip to the southern border. tracie potts joins us live with a look at what he's headed to do this morning. good morning, tracie. >> good morning. we're told that he's going to otay mesa at the border, spend about an hour this afternoon, midafternoon. he's been there before rescrewing the prototypes for the wall he wants to build or ex-wand or rebuild in that part of california. this is a big part, as you know, of his promise from the last election and his platform for the next one, and it comes as he spends a couple of days in california raising funds for that election. of course he was in the bay area last night, today in los angeles, and in san diego for more private fund-raisers where he'll not only raise money but try to push his vision for immigration and for the wall.
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he's getting pushback although his administration of late has won a couple of big victories in the u.s. supreme court that may allow him to move forward. president trump on this western tour of democratic states spending a couple of days now in california, not only to raise money, but to try to push that wall. >> that's the latest there, thanks so much, tracie. as one president leaves the bay area, a fo eone arrives. former president barack obama will be in san francisco, a keynote speaker at a small invitation only event hosted by san francisco tech company spelunk. the event will include splunk investors, customers and partners. president obama will talk about what he did to create a more equal american society. the location is not released, we're told it's? somewhere downtown san francisco. at this hour, israel's election which is being closely watched around the world still just two to close to call.
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current prime minister benjamin netanyahu's political future is still in doubt. leader but his opponent, benny gantz believes he will lead the country. yettia hue promised votersd make more palestinian land part of israel. the final results could take days. >> 6:05 this morning. developing for you, the 49ers are out at levi's stadium not on game day but on concerts, festivals and any other non-football event. kris sanchez is live for us in santa clara with what happened and what's next. kris? >> reporter: it was a long night, santa clara city council surprised for some folks but at 11:00 this morning, we expect to hear more details why the city's stadium authority decided to bench the niners when it comes to non-football events. you likely know there's been a huge rift between the stadium
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authority which is eis enrvelly santa clara city council and the 49ers. there have been curfew complaints and acts like ed sheeran and the rolling stones say it's not worth it. the stadium authority ended the team's management deal over living wages for employees and booking non-nfl events that lose money. in a statement, the 49ers accuse the city manager of retaliation saying in part "her proposal is purely retaliatory, and will result in increased costs, lost events and further erode the public's trust in her abilities. she is abdicating her fiduciary duty by destroying a city asset for petty, political vendettas. sports fans feel they're stuck in the middle of the fight. >> a sports team in a city can do great things for each other when both parties are willing to work together. >> reporter: the stadium authority's press conference is at 11:00 this morning here in
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santa clara. we will have a reporter there and cover that for you, but also we expect it won't be the last word on the issue. we expect this issue will end up in court. in santa clara, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> watching for that one, thank you. california's high speed rail authority is voting to take the next step to bring a bullet train from san francisco through the south bay to the central valley. planning and environmental review with k grin king street to san francisco to the peninsula through san jose. from there the train would pass through gilroy and tunnel through the pass. the board gave the go ahead build aening lot exiting cal train and freight train tracks through san jose. the project remains behind schedule and over budget. signups for berkeley's new cup share began at 11 city
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locations. vessel picks up the dirty cups, washes them, sanitizes them and checking out the cups itself is free. expect to see more cars, bicycles and pedestrians around stanford university. freshmen move in at 8:00 this morning. the opening convocation is set for this afternoon. the university says about 1,700 students were admitted as part of the class of 2023. so no doubt some tears wiped away by the parents saying good p bye. >> or happiness. >> until they sign the check for that tuition. >> they always say they're happy, as they drive away, that's when it hits you. >> i can't imagine. >> i've heard it's tough. >> i still remember that day. starting out this morning with a chance of rain. this is the worst you're moving
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and there is some rain coming in. we'll have to plan around the showers passing by especially in the north bay. it's been very spotty and this is not as widespread as we saw on monday, but still some wet weather coming through that's going to make those streets a little bit more soggy, as you get ready to head out there. it's dry elsewhere and in concord, the rain holds off, we'll see some mid-60s to start, 75 degrees at 1:00 and it keeps it cool and breezy, a chance of showers moving through with all of our high temperatures much cooler than normal, only reaching the upper 70s and low 80s in some of the warmer spots. the coastal temperatures will reach into the mid-60s. mike, you're checking back in on what's happening on the peninsula. >> that's right. you were talking about the move-ins at stanford university off-ramp in the area, that's moving smoothly as we had a few minutes ago the last of the traffic breaks through this area. so now north in through palo alto and menlo park a smooth drive once again. we shouldn't have any more traffic breaks for the morning there. we have a crash though 101 at
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sierra point parkway, involves a vehicle off to the right shoulder and that's just fine. the other crash "a" street off of 880 the on-ramp at "a" street. build into walnut creek for south 680, where you see a little slowing and we still have that big rig on the shoulder west 37 but things haven't gotten much worse out of vallejo, jammed up toward mayor island which is typical. the backup at the bay bridge also typical. you see fastrak lanes moving and that's good news. emphasize here the big advantages if you carpool like these folks. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> 6:10 for you right now. what's old is new. next on "today in the bay," the help traditional retailers may be getting from the youngest shoppers around. mortgage rates fall to a three-year low, but they're going to be tough for californians to get. i'll explain why, when "today in the bay" continues. ♪
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good wednesday morning. right now at 6:13, as the sun rises, we can see the clouds rolling by, this is a live look outside in walnut creek, so it will start out mostly cloudy, a few peeks of sunshine, as some rain moves through, especially farther to the north, but later today, we keep the cool weather and our skies clear. i'll talk about that and what's ahead with a warmer weekend, in less than five minutes. travel times through the tri-valley look great. top of the screen west 580 still
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pretty much at speed all the way to the dublin interchange. a little build for 84, no surprises there. looking past the dublin grade top of your screen at redwood road a crash that affects the very end of that off-ramp, watching your exit toward city streets. and good morning. a san francisco biotech company called igm debuts on the nasdaq today after its ipo. if you use the ticker igm you'll buy a stock in a totally different company. what could go wrong? shares in bloom energy fell another 21% after short sellers issued a report critical of the company, in fact, quoted some of the interview on our sunday morning show "press:here" with
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bloom energy ceok.r. schrader. the fed will announce its decision on interest rates today, and jay powell will hold a press conference after that announcement. the fed is under huge pressure from the white house to lower rates but it's very unlikely or really impossible that the questioned is going to lower rates as far as donald trump wants it to. president trump who really should not be telling the fed what to do the aall wants zero percent interest rates. the fed is not going to do that. also, the president wants to refinance government debt, but that's not how that works. the fed does not set mortgage rates, at least not directly. it's complicated. that said mortgage rates are falling near a year low, 30-rate fixed 3.5% nationwide, it's tougher to get in california because this is assuming 20%
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down. speaking of not living in california, the san francisco clothing company chubbies is leaving san francisco bound for austin, texas. it will take about 40 employees with it. we have seen a number of apparel and equipment companies, sports equipment, that sort of thing leave the bay area, which makes a lot of sense. we have just this tremendous amount of talent in all places, but in tech in particular, so if you're doing something that's tech heavy, you probably have to stay. if you're doing something else that's really cool, you can really leave and find better things for your employees outside of california. >> right. businesses look for the tax benefits as well. >> tax benefits, cost of living, just the overall environment, austin would be a fabulous place to take your company. >> interesting to see. >> thanks, scott. 6:16 for you right now. the future of brick and mortar stores may lie with generation zers, people ages 14 to 24. they love shopping at actual stores according to a new survey
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by ap kearney. 81% of gen zers prefer physical stores. 76 like discovering new products in stores and 60% say stores help to disconnect from social media and the digital world. >> that's why we see them hanging out at the mall friday nights. >> on their digital media. >> exactly. >> instagraming. let's get started this morning. it's going to be cooler. we are tracking a chance of some rain moving through, rain once again. we start out the week this way and another systems dropping in. we're seeing mostly some spotty showers moving through the north bay right now, and then elsewhere it's been partly to mostly cloudy. some of the rain moving through parts of northern marin, up toward sonoma county and extending over toward napa county as well. so we'll be watching that. our hour by hour outlook shows what the radar could look like and if you have the nbc bay area app, you can get alerts as the rain approaches your location,
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and helps keep you ready for the day. here we are at 9:00, we're seeing the rain moving through napa and moving in to san francisco. we go towards 10:00, 11:00, it's still spotty and then moving into the parts of the east bay as well as the peninsula, and then making its way to the south by 1:00 to 2:00, it's moving in to san jose, and still by early afternoon, it's moving through the south county, so this one moving a lot slower than the system we had on monday, but we will all clear out as we go throughout the day with breezy nds. it also looks very light in terms of rain, not everyone will measure rain, but where we do, it will be a few hundredths of an inch, just enough to make everything soggy. a live look outside in san francisco, with a nice clear start to the day, as we get the kids up and out the door for school this morning in the south bay, expect those temperatures will be right at about 60 degrees and they may have lunch inside, once that rain starts to move in around 11:00 to 2:12:00. when you pick them up we have a
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chance of showers in the south bay with high temperatures reaching the mid-70s. we'll see highs up to about 80 degrees in antioch, one of the warmer spots, as we go towards the end of the week, this system moves out. we do keep the cooler weather, a breezy northerly wind but it will start to heat up going into the weekend as high pressure moves in and slight cooling sunday into monday. our ten tours still going up and down, so we are in the upper 70s today, and it's going to feel nice and cool, but then look at saturday, we're up to 92 with sunshine, and then coming down a few degrees on sunday. so a lot of changes here over the next several days. mike, so far the drive looks pretty good. >> it is. a pretty smooth drive around most of the bay. you have your slower spots but a pleasant drive because there aren't any major crashes right now. looking at 680 through the tri-valley, pleasanton, i guess it's appropriately termed and southbound 880 where we had that crash on the "a" street on-ramp. the build at the san mateo
6:20 am
bridge i'll that you in our next report, slowing of course westbound. here slow as well southbound vasco. when you narrow from two lanes to the last one lane in toward the stretch toward 580, that's where we see the slowing and vasco at communo diablo, crash no major injuries there. a build for bay point and concord and you'll see 242 and south 680 start some more slowing through pleasant hill and also the maze itself, the build in the upper east shore freeway, standard and this is the only section where we see anything changing from green to orange and yellow the slower speeds. the richmond-san rafael bridge over to the north bay without any problem, taking you under the water, b.a.r.t. no delays. over the water or on the water, the ferry system as well and of course on the roadways, no delays reported for your other major transit agencies. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:20 for you right now. if you live in the bay area long enough you experienced years where it's dry or really
6:21 am
wet. some call that precipitation whiplash. you're probably wondering what. we'll explain that coming up. plus, if you gotten your flu shot yet? kris sanchez posting this photo on instagram, cringing a little bit there, but smiles as well. be sure to follow kris on facebook, twitter and instagram. stay healthy, get that shot. you got yours? >> i got mine yesterday. video of it on facebook, follow me there, too. >> you're watching "today in the bay." a lot more ahead.
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all week long nbc news along with nbc bay area are bringing to light the impacts of climate change. >> this morning we take a closer look at the phenomenon known as precipitation winlash. >> meteorologist kari hall delves into why california is seeing more extreme swings of rain and droughts in years to come. >> it's part of life in california to have long periods of time without rain and heavy deluges in winter, but now climate scientists are predicting that due to a warmer planet, california will experience precipitation whiplash, that means we'll have worsening droughts, which will alternate with extreme rainfall in the winters, and instead of having our rainy season lasting from october to april, that heavy rain will all fall in a shorter period of time, causing major flooding. i spoke with climate scientist daniel swain who came up with the term precipitation
6:25 am
the term precipitation whiplash. >> even though precipitation isn't increasing or decreasing on average, we're seeing more potential for drought and more potential for floods at the same period of time, so what we end up, what we may end up seeing from year to year is an increase in the propensity to go from very wet conditions to very dry conditions or vice versa. >> swain adds we need to focus on water storage perhaps using uifers instead of reserv. tomorrow on "today in the bay," we'll take a closer look at the warming pacific, we'll show you how it's already having an impact on the marine life in the bay area and how dire the situation really is. >> nbc news correspondent kerry sanders as well will continue our climate in crisis coverage this morning on the "today" show. he is talking about it all and taking a look at the amazon rain forest and how changing conditions, inuding those recent devastating fires are having a global impact.
6:26 am
and tonight, nbc bay area's scott budman is looking at a growing trend called fast fashion. he's sitting down with local companies that say they can dress you without polluting our planet. i want to you tune in for that tonight at 5:00 or set your dvrs if you're not going to be home. 6:26 for you right now. still ahead, spotty showers. kari is timing out the light rain changes so you can plan your day ahead. and back to breaking news, a deadly house fire in san francisco, the tragic details we're learning about the father hurt and the daughter killed, and what neighbors say they heard in her final moments. and all new this morning, uber's latest safety upgrade for riders, how it works and how it can tell whether you might be in trouble. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:30, taking a life look at the bay bridge. look at that, quite a backup across the bay bridge and quiet cross most of the bay area right now but there are rain chances in the bay area. kari will have a look in a sec. good morning to you and thanks for joining us on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. the rain is coming down in some parts, kari? >> yes, especially in the north bay. we see clouds rolling in, tracking the rain from north to south as we go through the day. the rain amoving through parts
6:30 am
of sonoma and central county. the rain is spreading into san francisco, parts of the east bay by 10:00 to 11:00 and the south bay early this afternoon. mike, you have a crash in berkeley. >> our buddy ben in toc operations center found it there, one vehicle on the shoulder. there was a quick traffic break that got released from university and that's why we have all this traffic past us. that's good news. if that's the only vehicle moved in this area with better lighting here, the university overcrossing, things should start to move quickly coming down with the backup into berkeley out of richmond for west 80. we'll continue to track that. more traffic will hit the bay bridge toll plaza making things slow down a bit there, already with the metering lights on. the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive. i'll show you the san mateo bridge, crowded, headed west a little slower now. >> thanks, mike. breaking news a tragic house
6:31 am
fire in san francisco overnight, two people were actually pulled from the burning home. >> sadly, one of them died. thom jensen is live in the terrace neighborhood. a neighbor told you more about the people who lived in that home? >> reporter: yes, just a short time ago, good morning. a man who lives on the other side of this house the ohm at 66 delano avenue, he's known the family for a little more than 20 years, this is about a block or so from bell bow with a park. the neighbor woke up to the home in flames at about 2:00 this morning and he could hear the new england woman in her 20s who lives here calling to her father. a door was too hot to open, he smashed a window and smoke poured from the house. he yelled at the young woman who grew up with his son to come out but she never responded. the man said it was too dangerous for him to go inside the home.
6:32 am
>> i heard her screaming dad and i was screaming camella, come out. she grew up with my son. 23 years old, just started law school at usf so it's horrible. >> san francisco fire has only confirmed a woman who lived here died and a man is in critical condition but not confirmed their names or approximate ages. a dog also found dead inside the burning home is a puppy that the dad and daughter had recently adopted. back live arson investigators were on the scene earlier today and are expected to come back later on this morning to find an exact cause and the area where this fire started but the fire
6:33 am
chief told us not to read anything into that because that typically happens in every fatal fire. no suspicions here to report. we're live in san francisco, thom jensen, "today in the bay." we have more breaking news to tell you about. president trump just announcina he's slapping more sanctions on iran after an attack on oil facilities in saudi arabia. he instructed the secretary of treasury to increase sanctions but the news is just breaking so we don't know what the sanctions include. saudi arabia was expected to directly blame iran today for a raid that hid two oil facilities on the arabian peninsula. iran denies involvement. there are reports the trump administration is mulling a military response. democrats though have been quick to condemn any attack. 6:33, a 14-hour-long police standoff is now over in the south bay. started about 12:30 yesterday afternoon on madeira avenue in san jose.
6:34 am
the suspect stayed inside and wouldn't come out. he was taken into custody without incident shortly after 2:00 a.m. ride share safety certainly top of mind as lyft faces a new lawsuit and uber adds a new safety feature. bob redell is live in walnut creek to explain more. >> reporter: uber added this new safety feature called ride check. as you can see in this video released by the ride sharing service this ride check app basically lets you do three things. lets you know if the ride has gone off course, it will let you know if there's, it will activate if there's been a stoppage for an unusual amount of time, and it will also activate when you've been in a collision. something doesn't seem right, the ride check activates in the app and gives you and/or your
6:35 am
driver letting uber know everything is okay and if it's not, you can use the emergency button, or report the issue to uber safety line. uber might follow up by phone and if there's a crash, uber can help expedite insurance claims. uber installed an emergency button inside that allows to you digitally share info with 911 dispatchers, that is not new. uber's main rival lyft has a similar 911 button and expected to release a similar ride check feature later in the year. according to an online publication a woman is suing lyft for failing to keep passengers safe after she says she was kidnapped at gunpoint by her lyft driver in new york and then raped by him and two other men, back in 2017. when she complained to lift, she says she received a canned response that read "apologize for the inconvenience that i had been through" referring to her. she claims lyft allowed the driver to remain on their platform under a different name.
6:36 am
lift said the victim did not report the rape as a safety incident, rather an indirect route asking for a refund and didn't become aware of the rape until reported in "tthe press. there were 18 lyft drivers and 103 uber drivers last year who were accused of sexual assault or abuse. reporting live here in walnut creek, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest there, bob. 6:36 right now. former president barack obama is visiting the bay area today. he'll be a featured speaker at an invitation only event hosted by san francisco tech company splunk. city councilmembers voted yesterday to study the idea of turning dixon landing road into barack obama boulevard. one reason why, the road actually leads to the sunny hills community and city leaders say it is one of the first integrated neighborhoods in america. now to decision 2020, happening today, democratic
6:37 am
presidential candidate beto o'rourke will be in the bay area. he's visiting san quentin prison in the north bay today, then heads to oakland for a discussion about equity and justice. san francisco's central subway is way over budget, according to "the examiner" this morning. the project is nearly $55 million in the hole. the sf mta may soon have to consider whether to pay for the central subway's final days of construction with funding meant to aid other transit projects. so far, delays on the central subway have pushed the project back by three years. and happening today, greyhound bus also start running again at the sales force transit center in san francisco. you may recall service was stopped after fissures were sound in the support beams. repairs have been made to the building and the transit buses are already running through that area. 6:37 right now. checking that morning commute, pretty green behind me right now. >> it is green and the traffic maps green. kari's map the green radar means
6:38 am
more rain and she'll talk about that in a second. a crash north 280 had me concerned at lawrence expressway. four vehicles involved but no major injuries and they are off to the shoulder. we'll track that as the rest of silicon valley builds but it's a typical pattern, same thing typical slowing for vasco, two lanes to one lane and toward 580, it's about 40 minutes right now from marsh creek road down to 580. a typical pattern, keeping our eyes on things, crowded in the last few weeks there, as well as westbound highway 4 crowded, standard through bay point. the arrow shows you the earlier crash bogged down the east shore freeway. the live shot shows you the crash cleared from the roadway at university but the cars have not cleared. >> no, certainly not. a lot of traffic out there right there. the commuters probably looking forward to the weekend, right? >> so are we. >> yes, it's going to be a warm weaken weekend, going back to the warm weather after the rain passes. i wanted to show you the radar
6:39 am
one more time as we see the rain light, spotty moving through the north bay and that will continue to make its progress from north to south. as we head into the weekend, we may be making plans on friday heading out to the tet and moon festival in san jose at east bridge mall, starts at 3:00 in the afternoon and it's going to be perfect weather with highs in the low 80s, cooling down as we go through the evening and into the upper 60s and then on saturday, we will have some warmer weather in the valleys reaching up to 92 degrees, the bay up to 85 and 74 degrees for the coast. you may head to the coast on saturday, but for the sunday forecast, it's going to be a little bit cooler, so the valleys will reach into the mid 80s. the bay up to 79, and 72 for our beaches. if you're going to head out this saturday, and do some volunteering, the creek to bay volunteer day will be happening all over oakland. we'll start out with low 60s and go to 71 degrees at 11:00 and then 75 degrees at noon.
6:40 am
there will also be some shopping in pleasanton at the alameda county fairgrounds, if you're going to the night market we have great weather for that, just a little warm to start but of course as the evening goes on, it's going to feel much more comfortable. we'll talk about today and our temperature trend, coming up in three minutes. >> sounds good. thanks, kari. 6:40 for you right now. still ahead this morning, the update we expect today on the big fight between the 49ers and the city of santa clara. the team's angry at the stadium authority and what a key vote last night cou mean for the future of concerts and other events in the south bay. and overnight a high-profile democratic donor arrested after another person was found dead at his california home. what police accuse him of doing. president trump just a short time ago announced a new national security adviser that would be number four, we'll take a look at that. let's take you out to the big board. not much going on up on the markets. dow industrials just mildly lower. you're watching "today in the
6:41 am
bay." face buried in your phone. stop! look up. look both ways. let's start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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the time is 6:43. as you head out the door, it is cool and you may want to grab the umbrella. here is a live look in palo alto, where we'll see a round of some quick moving rain moving in, especially later this morning. low 60s to start, leading into some low 70s by this afternoon. we'll check out all of our microclimates in less than five minutes. >> and looking at the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael
6:44 am
bridge, got crowded over the last few minutes and so is the big slowing for the east shore freeway, those two of course are tied together. if you don't understand i'll show you what's going on. a bombshell announcement in santa clara where the stadium authority fires the 49ers for all non-nfl events at levi's stadium. the city says the stadium authority ended the team's management deal over living wages for employees and booking nonnfl events that lose money. in a statement the 49ers accuse the santa clara city manager of retaliation saying in part her proposal is purely retaliatory and will result in increased costs, lost events, and further erode the public's trust in her abilities." the issue is likely to end up in court. the stadium authority which is essentially the city council, will hold a press conference at 11:00 this morning, and we plan to be there. 6:44, new this morning, airbnb wants to help people in the bay area and l.a. county find affordable housing.
6:45 am
according to "the chronicle" air about, nb is investing $25 million to help low to moderate income families buy or rent places to live. the program will help small businesses create jo. it has a new infrastructure component to the plan but specifics were not outlined. another horse death to report this morning, southern california's racetrack, which is already under a lot of scrutiny. santa anita park officials say the horse suffered from a pelvic fracture during training and had to be put down. it is the 31st horse to die at the track since december. the horse is scheduled to undergo a necropsy at uc davis. the findings will be reviewed by the california horse racing board. democratic activist and donor ed buck is under yet another investigation after he was arrested in los angeles. buck is charged in connection with a drug overdose of a 37-year-old man. he's accused of having the man in his apartment injecting him
6:46 am
with methamphetamine. two men have previously died of meth overdoses in the democratic donor's home. buck has denied any wrongdoing and was not criminally charged in either of those cases. 6:45 for you right now. the president has found a new national security adviser. >> this would be his fourth, scott mcgrew. >> four in just three years. good morning. he set a record with that, laura. a few minutes ago president trump tweeted he asked robert o'brien to be his next security adviser. o'brien currently works at the state department. he attended high school in santa rosa, studied law at cal berkeley. o'brien replaces john bolton, who was fired after reportedly he disagreed with president trump's plan to invite al qaeda to a peace summit in maryland. before that it was mcmaster who disagreed with the president on russia, before that michael flynn, fired for lying to the white house about contacts with russia. other news, the house judiciary committee held a contentious meeting with president trump's former
6:47 am
campaign manager on tuesday. >> the white house to -- congressman i'd be happy to answer your question or you can have your conversation by yourself. zbl >> i'm going to continue -- >> don't ask me a question if you don't want to hear my answer. >> lewandowski did give the committee one tidbit. the president ordered him to ask the attorney general jeff sessions to limit the scope of the russia investigation. lewandowski says he never passed on that order. the house judiciary committee says it's investigating whether the president broke laws and abused his power, which sounds an awful lot like a preliminary impeachment hearing and the committee's chairman says he's comfortable with that wording, that's caused a widely reported split between nadler and pelosi, who doesn't want to use the word impeachment. really it's kind of a question of law versus politics. pelosi knows the democrats don't have the votes to impeach but nadler is gathering evidence from trump's own advisers of
6:48 am
high crimes and misdemeanors. president trump continues his tour of california today. we'll have more about that in our midday newscast, as he visits the border. president trump and his former close ally, republican lindsey graham are fighting on twitter. graham says the iranians think president trump is weak for aulg off a military strike after the iranians shot down an american drone. the president takes exception to that. a short while ago he tweeted he increased sanctions on iran, we presume this is related to the strikes on the saudis, but washington has not actually specifically said iran was responsible. only that it suspects so. we're covering everything on twitter, you can follow me @scottmcgrew. t. thanks, scot baseball time for you. a's and the royals in oakland last night. the a's winning 2-0. with the game, ten games remaining in the regular season, the team has a 1 1/2 lead for the top wildcard spot. good luck to them. the a's started their game
6:49 am
after the giants last night and finished three hours before. the giants were at fenway park in boston for a six-hour game. giants mike yastrzemski hanging out with his hall of fame grandfather. pretty cool, and red sox legend carl yastrzemski. the younger yas just for the family and the crowd of course hit a home run. everybody went wild, including his family in the stands. that's really cool. he's a local boy there. the game went into extra innings in the top of the 15th inning, score tied, dickerson with a sacrifice fly. the giants ended up beating the red sox 7-6. always nice when we can get a win. >> i wonder if the out of town got such a big applause if grandpa wasn't there. >> i don't know, it's all good. let's look at what's outside this morning. kari, you've been telling us about some rain in the area? >> rain moving through parts of the north bay, that's rolling through fairly quickly out ahead of a system that will bring in some spotty showers, not all of
6:50 am
us will see it, and we're seeing it hit or miss, as we get a look at our satellite and radar, especially in the north bay right now. as you get ready to head out, it moved through santa rosa, approaching san rafael and moving toward napa later this morning. so as we get a look at our hour by hour forecast, we are going to see a chance of rain continuing for the north bay through about 9:00, and then it starts to move in to san francisco by 10:00 to 11:00 and it does show that a lot of that rain breaks up, so once again not everyone will see it, but there will be the chance that we could see those showers hit or miss, anywhere across the bay area, even into the afternoon, for the south bay it may not be until about 2:00 to 3:00 before we see the rain moving through, and then the rest of the day is all dry. our rain may total up to about just a few hundredths of an inch, that's it, and then the rest of the day once again breezy, with a mix of sun and clouds. as we get that live look outside in the south bay, let's head over to willow glen. it shows that we could see that
6:51 am
rain approaching by noon into 1:00 to 2:00, with our highs only reaching the 70s today, up to 75 degrees downtown. in concord expect a high of 79 degrees. 78 in napa, and oakland reaching 72. san francisco staying in the mid-60s today and if you're in the city, you're looking for something to do and you love books, check out this big book sale happening at the ft. mason center. goes on all day and also for the next several days and as far as our temperatures, it will be in the upper 60s, a mix of sun and clouds, reaching into the low 70s throughout the day. and then going into the rest of the week, so this storm system moves out, and then we'll still have our northerly wind and bringing in some slightly cooler temperatures. as we go into the weekend, we'll start to see high pressure nudging in, even as the storms continue to roll to our north, and we are going to be heating up. so we have upper 70s today, chance of showers mostly early in the day, mid 80s for tomorrow in some of our warmer spots and
6:52 am
as we go into saturday, 92 degrees. it is going to be a hot weekend. then slightly cooler for sunday. mike, that south bay commute starting to build now. >> that's right, but not a surprise and no real problems. we're showing you 101, a great drive, some clouds visible here and kari talked about what is sweeping through the entire bay, including the south bay, so periods of light rain. keep that in mind for this afternoon and evening for the south bay. right now this morning we're seeing that typical build northbound and west. 280 right there at lawrence expressway the crash on the shoulder that's where we see things loosen up as folks pass by that. it's typically the pattern out of san jose pushing up toward cupertino, santa clara getting toward sunnyvale over the next half hour. in the east bay, also eastbound 92 just over at hesperian you may be distracted by a crash westbound. sounds like from chp they had affected the traffic on the westbound commute direction approaching the toll plaza. we'll continue to follow that.
6:53 am
west highway 4 shows the standard slowing through bay point. west 80 down through berkeley, clearing up, sorting it self out past golden gate field. the earlier crash cleared and that did leave the bay bridge toll plaza a little bit lighter, now seeing the traffic flow. because of this jam right here, some folks may have bailed out headed toward the richmond to san rafael bridge and there we see a heavy backup over the last 15 minutes, the richmond side headed over toward the north bay, so keep that in mind. the bay bridge not really showing that little bit of slight lightening of traffic and building up once again. laura, back to you. >> thanks for watching it, mike. 6:53. in san diego the search is on for a suspect who got away after police detectives were shot at last night. luckily none of the officers hit by gunfire. there was a short pursuit before two of the three suspects were eventually arrested. the other scht uspect still on run. a final update on breaking news, a deadly house fire in san francisco overnight cuts a young life short. new information neighbors are
6:54 am
telling us about the family inside. but first -- >> my own phone stay in touch with my mom. >> a gut-wrenching new psa released by advocates of gun control overnight. it shows kids surviving a school shooting, at 7:30 this morning, more on that video and the message from sandy hook promise. we're back in two minutes with more news. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. and welcome back. before you head out the door t is 6:57. >> breaking news we've been covering for you in san francisco this morning, live pictures after a young woman sadly died in an overnight house fire. a man is in critical condition. fire cre were still on the scene out there. you can see the damage left from that fire. a neighbor this morning revealing a little bit more about the victims. he said the woman who died was just in her 20s and had just started law school. a man who the neighbor believes is her father was pulled from the home. he is hospitalized right now life-threatening injuries. also killed a new family puppy. fire crews were trying to figure out how it all started. former president barack obama is in the bay area this
6:58 am
morning. he'll be the keynote speaker at a small invitation only event in the city hosted by san francisco tech company splunk. the event will include executives, customers and partners. the former president will talk about leadership and what he did to create a more equal society. the location isot released. signups for the new cup share program begins at 11 city locations. the city is testing out this idea with reusable company service company vessel. the cups are checked out through an app, pickups and returns made at participating cafes and restaurants. they pick up the dirty cups, wash and san lies them. checking out the cups are free. single game tickets go on sale this afternoon for warriors fans at 2:00. the warriors begin their 2019-2020 season in san francisco at the brand new chase center. the first preseason game is october 5th against the l.a. lakers. the $1.4 billion chase center
6:59 am
has hosted events already, the big concerts with big names in music. >> hopefully good accusiaccusic. >> i bet it is for $1.4 billion. >> hear the pitter patter of rain? >> a little bit especially in the north bay. i wanted to show you the radar. this system will continue to spread its way from north to south, but right now moving through parts of marin and sonoma counties. get ready for that rain as we take a live look outside in san jose, and it's going to reach into the mid-70s for this afternoon. we're also going to see that rain moving out and temperatures heat up over the next few days. >> if you're in the south bay, watch out, a new crash in san jose? >> right in front of our camera. looks like there are no major injuries, folks are walking around but blocking two lanes north 101 over the 680/280 interchange bogging down the traffic in the commute direction. we caught it before the chp report caught there for the
7:00 am
south bay build. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> join us for our midday news at 11:00. we'll see you then. have a great morning. good morning, triple threat, a powerful storm set to dump nearly 2 feet of rain in parts of texas and louisiana as flood fears grow in the south. while in the atlantic, two more systems churn up trouble, including a new tropical storm. breaking overnight, on edge, secretary of state mike pompeo heads to the middle east amid a new warning from iran to the u.s. a live report from the region just ahead as the nation's top diplomat looks to confront the growing crisis. warren rising, the massachusetts senator gaining ground on frontrunner joe biden. this morning, our new poll on the democratic presidential field. is it becoming a two-person


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