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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 19, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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a live report moments away. and the latest addition to the san francisco zoo. what makes the birth of this monkey so special. "today in the bay" continues right now. no, it's not the new hairdo. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we'll get a look at that commute in a bit. first the weather this morning, kari. waking up it was nice and cool. i like the mornings like that. >> we enjoy the very seasonable weather. this is the way it's supposed to be. we do have hot weather in the forecast. we're still enjoying the cooldown. maybe going to the dublin b.a.r.t. station it will be in the mid-50s. a cool start to the day. leading into some 70s by noon. mike, you have a new crash in lanes on i-580. >> you showed dublin here, the dublin b.a.r.t. station and over to the bub lick station.
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right where we typically see the backups clear, west 580, a crash will be a factor for folks in and out of tracy off 205 and 580. we're starting to get more. rid in to work on mass transit could be less expensive. bob redell this morning. discounts for people who have to use more than one transit system? >> reporter: correct, laura. let's say you hop on b.a.r.t. in walnut creek and head in and have to transfer to a local bus or ferry, you're not going to always get that discount or transfer credit. so the clipper executive board oversee the clipper card we sue for fares on our transit agencies. they want to change that. at a meeting yesterday the board authorized a study, a $600,000
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study, to figure out how to integrate the fares of all 27 bay area transit agencies. right now each agency operates and sets fares independently of each other and they don'tlways offer discounts or transfers for commuters who use two or more for their ride in to work. the agencies do not recognize it's getting expensive for people who travel long distances throughout the region. for some of them, ridership is flat or down. they might be in their best interest to offer discounts in order to entice more riders. "the examiner" points out the fare integration exists in other parts in the north bay in which trips are extended for riders who transfer between golden gate transit and local buses. the executive board will take 12 to 14 months. that's $600,000 that will come from leftover -- residual funds from regional measure two.
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developing for you this morning secretary of state mike pompeo is calling the bombing of a major oil facility in saudi arabia an act of war. the u.s. blames iran and president trump has ordered new economic sanctions. craig? >> reporter: marcus, good morning. good morning, everyone. president trump is calling the new sanctions on iran significant but may not be enough for some here on capitol hill that had a tougher approach. as early as today as the u.s. blames iran for a missile attack on saudi oil fields. there are options less than that. >> reporter: the attack was called an act of war.
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the saudis putting on full display what they call evidence iran is behind the attacks. what is next is being debated on capitol hill. >> we need to find a diplomatic solution to this. we should not be going to war over this saudi oil field. >> reporter: top senate allies says sanctions aren't enough. >> if they don't pay a prois for bombing a neighbor's oil fields then all hell will break out. >> highly respected by everybody -- >> reporter: the president slammed his former national security adviser john bolton. bolton was fired just days ago and didn't wait long to criticize his foreign boss' foreign policy. >> john was not able to work with anybody, and a lot of people disagreed with his ideas. >> reporter: traveling with mr. trump was robert o'brien, the president's choice to be the new national security adviser. o'brien is the fourth national security adviser in less than three years.
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waiting on the new iran sanctions, secretary of state mike pompeo is working with the saudis to determine what to do next. marcus, back to you. >> interesting to find out what will happen there, craig. thank you for that report. moving on to decision 2020. texas democratic presidential contender beto o'rourke will be in oakland later today. he'll attend a roundtable discussion at a marijuana dispensary focused on equity and justice. yesterday o'rourke looked at the inner workings of california's criminal justice system. he visited san quentin where he talked with inmates about life behind bars. after that he called it inspiring. >> one of my big takeaways, we're all capable of change. >> reporter: o'rourke was initially supposed to make the visit last month. he canceled it when the deadly walmart rampage happened in his hometown of el paso. 5:05 for you right now. a man on the peninsula is
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recovering after being struck by a patrol car. we're about to cut to video that may be hard to watch. that officer losing control of the cruiser on el camino real. that video shows her losing control and striking the man crossing the streak. the officer had been responding to a home invasion. she suffered minor injuries. the pedestrian was critically injured but is expected to survive. walnut creek police say they've busted a pair of thieves. a man and woman you see here are now in custody. police say they fraudulently bought about $20,000 worth of merchandise from nordstrom. they were part of an organized crime ring but they're not talking specifics. now to southeast texas. a tropical depression blasts the area with rain. many roads are inundated with water. the national weather service flashed glad warnings across the
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state. they are nearing flood stuj. hurricane humberto delivered a punch to bermuda. powerful winds last night knocked out power to more than 27,000 homes and businesses. the island is still feeling tropical storm force winds this morning. it is expected to weaken over the next 24 hours. thousands of students are preparing to walk out of school tomorrow to bring awareness to climate change. the march will take place from san francisco to new york and in more than 100 countries. the students will demand more action. kids in the fifth grade class plan to march to the federal building. the school said it would help facilitate the protest but changed its mind. >> the district has expressed huge support for this in an organized way and that suddenly seemed like it was being pulled back.
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>> students can leave or miss time but they will be marked down with an unexcused absence. coming up in the next few minutes, kari hall will continue our climate in crisis series with a look at why tperatures are warming in the pacific ocean. kari joins us right now. >> all weeklong we've been highlighting our climate in crisis series leading into the u.n. climate summit. i've been posting the stories on my page on twitter, facebook and instagram. let me get you out the door with a look at what it feels like. 59 degrees in san jose. livermore at 52. over to martinez with a look at how our morning shapes up. 59 at 7:00. a lot of sunshine today and a slow warm-up in temperatures reaching into the mid-70s by 1:00 today and our highs only reaching the low 80s in our warmest spots. i'll have another look at this coming up in a few minutes.
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mike, you have an update for the crash in livermore. the one for i-580. out of lanes but in the center divide. visually a distraction. the south bay, peninsula, light flows of traffic. the east bay looks fine along the oakland area. now we had slowing up until about three minutes ago. that crew has been approved to block all but the fast lanes until 6:00. they may have just cleared that construction. plan on delays up to the benicia bridge but so far things look great and your typical bits of slowing westbound 4 through bay point. no delay in the east shore freeway. the remaining cash lanes open. we're consolidating to the span. >> thanks, mike. coming up, facebook going green. what the tech giant will no
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longer offer employees at its offices. facebook's boss mark zuckerberg is trying to make friends in washington. and check out this flying taxi. why it's being called the new greenway to get around congested cities. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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in willow glen all of that clears out as we go throughout the morning with temperatures in the upper 50s leading to the upper 60s by 1:00 today. it will still be slightly cooler than normal. we'll get a look at this and the rest of the forecast in less than five minutes. >> you can see the high rise of the san mateo bridge with a few taillights. a smooth drive here. microsoft says it will buy back billions of dollars of its own shares and increase its dividend. this is great news for shareholders. we talked about this before the bell yesterday, the mountain view company debuted on the nasdaq, shares rose more than 50%. they're working on antibody therapy to fight cancers of the blood. interest rates cut a quarter
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point. it's concerned, increasing the money supply helps keep the economy hot. not enough for president trump who tweeted jay powell and the federal reserve fail again. no guts, no sense, no vision. a terrible communicator. donald trump wants zero percent interest which is not going to happen. the government can already borrow at historically very low rates and fiscal conservatives would argue it's already too easy for the government to borrow. we're at record deficits. the fed's jay powell for his part did communicate saying one of the reasons the fed is cutting is the trade war can hurt our economy. >> the fed has no role in the formulation of trade policy but we take into account anything that could materially affect the economy relative to our inflation goals. >> facebook's mark zuckerberg will be in washington today trying to strengthen some relationships there as federal agencies in congress pursue antitrust investigations. not just against facebook but
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all of the silicon valley companies. here he is testifying in april of last year. now today's meetings will not be testimony just face-to-face in offices. zuckerberg has a long list of things he needs to fight. the ftc is investigating facebook on privacy issues just as they are looking at keeping terrorists and school shooters off facebook. objection by the right as well. a busy day. >> speaking of facebook, new this morning they are banning single use plastic water bottles at all of their new offices worldwide. that includes at all employee cafeter cafeterias. the social media giant says it will install water filling stations instead. san francisco banned single use bottles on all its properties if i have years ago. earlier this summer a limited
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version of the ban expanded to sfo. your commute could soon take you into the air. a european startup is testing new flying taxis in paris. take a look at this. the vehicle is noise and pollution free t. could help address congestion and pollution. a taxi service could launch as soon as spring 2020. happening today, batten down the hatches. if you hear an extra raise the jolly roger it's national talk like a pirate day, maty. for all you skcalkaskallywags. >> was davy jones your favorite? >> i like peter. today it's davy jones. there you have it. >> yesterday my husband and i were talking about how there's a day for everything. >> i thought you were going to
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say talking like pirates. >> oh, wow. >> there is a day for everything. yesterday was cheeseburger day. today is talk like a pirate day. >> every day is cheeseburger day. >> in your house. >> want to give it a shot doing the forecast? >> nope. let's move on. we're going to have some nice weather today. we are going to step out into the 50s. as we head through the morning you do need a jacket because we start out cool. if you're on your way out to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station we'll be at 63 degrees and low 70s by early afternoon so overall a really nice day. also a good day to head out, go for a hike in the tri-valley. take a look at that forecast at the bottom of the screen. 10:00 and 63 degrees. mid-70s for the rest of the
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afternoon. we'll be up to 82 in antioch, 82 in napa. in san jose, a high of 80 degrees and upper 70s in palo alto. there will be a big spike in our temperatures going into saturday as high pressure starts to nudge in. then by sunday a low across the pacific northwest starts to drop some cooler air into the bay area. temperatures are still going up and down. mid-80s tomorrow. the 90 on saturday. we're coming back to the mid-80s on sunday and look at what happens after that. we do have really hot temperatures in the forecast for the middle of next week. a high fire danger. in san francisco upper 60s but then 70s over the next several days. how is it looking in palo alto?
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it looks just like this, westbound 101, part of the series of traffic breaks. here into menlo park, we see the crews starting to clear. another five to ten minutes to be safe, right there this corridor on the western side of the dumbarton bridge. a smooth drive everywhere else. we do have crews on the move. 680 into concord has cleared. we don't see any for west 580 around north flynn and vasco road, slowing as you get close to 580 where you narrow to one lane.
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just fine out of brentwood and discovery may. contra costa county, pittsburg into bay point, mild there. no problem across the benicia bridge or approaching the bay bridge. they released and things are lightening back up to what we expect into the city. 5:20. come up experts say more marine life is washing up dead on our beaches. theson why they say that it's going to get worse. plus, a bombshell photo going viral. canadian prime minister justin trudeau facing backlash this morning from a photo taken 20 years ago. this morning he's talking for the first time since the controversy. you're watching "today in the bay."
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5:23 for you that morning and whales washing ashore, marine micro organisms killed, just a few of the results of something called the blob. >> it's devastating the ecosystem of the pacific and san francisco bay. as part of our series climate in crisis, what will happen if we don't do something fast. one of the places we can see the biggest evidence of climate change is right off our coast in
5:24 am
the pacific ocean. when you see a clear sky, it could be high pressure which when it's parked over the same area can raise water temperatures while decreasing the wind that ka caucan cause a phenomenon called the blob. the top layer can be three degrees higher than normal and the wind doesn't allow for it to mix and cool. in a warming climate the blob could become more common which would be devastating to the marine ecosystem. several whales washed up across the bay area and scientists say one of the reasons might be the warmer water. as the ocean temperature rises, their food supply diminishes and the whales become malnourished. digital journalist jonathan bloom spoke with noaa scientists about the blob, why conditions in the arctic are also a
5:25 am
contributing factor to the pacific heating up. watch his full report at we'll show you why warming atmospheric rivers could mean a lot less sierra snowfall in the winter. scott budman is looking at one of the worst culprits of pollution, planes. he's looking and checking out local companies and investors trying to develop zero emission flights. set your dvrs. well, there is a new face at the san francisco zoo and many would say it's super adorable. >> an endangered monkey. we don't know its gender just yet. it was born last week at the zoo. they are bright orange in color so they can be spotted easily by their parents.
5:26 am
they will turn darker as they get older. they haven't named him yet but the zoo says it will hold a naming contest soon. >> cuter as a baby. >> light colored like i dress my kids in a certain bright color. nature at its finest. "america's got talent" has a new champion triggering a lot of emotion. >> for anyone who has watched the show this season, you may not be surprised about who it is. >> kodi lee! >> i remember when we first saw kodi a while back. kodi lee is the $1 million winner from riverside, county, and is blind and has autism. >> that is so great to see. >> the finale there last night.
5:27 am
just so talented. coming up here the top stories we're following on this thursday morning. restricting instagram, the new specific advertisement users will no longer be able to see. the bay area company's reason for the policy change. a deadly tour bus crashed in central california involving members of a country university tour. they were scheduled to play in the bay area in a matter of days. and president trump is taking a sharp aim at san francisco and its homeless problem. what he is calling on environmental protection agent stoy do and how mayor london breed is responding. a live report in just a bit. you're watching "today in the bay."
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and a good morning to you. taking a live look outside for us right now. pfl sh beautiful shot. thanks for joining us here. >> i'm laura garcia. let's check the friday forecast with kari. it looks good. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge from another mountain. a live look at our clear conditions and also we'll see some fog rolling in. it i a cool start and we will lead into a very nice and comfortable morning and throughout the day reaching the
5:31 am
low 80s as well as the north bay. we'll talk about what's ahead coming up. b.a.r.t. report add ten-minute delay heading over in to the east bay. some sort of equipment problem on the track and it's not an unusual report as trains start to hit the track there. we'll track that for you. none of the other agencies show delays. you are delayed at the bay bridge. back to you. thanks so much, mike. a deadly tour bus accident involving the road crew for a popular country singer. it happened late last night on highway 46 in central california about an hour outside of san luis obispo. emergency responders say one person died. seven others were injured, two suffering major injuries. the crew is part of the josh turner tour. last night he played and his next concert is tomorrow in central washington. his band was not onboard.
5:32 am
they're supposed to play next tuesday in roanoke park. 5:31 right now. two days after visiting the peninsula for a campaign fund-raiser, president trump taking on san francisco calling its homelessness problem an environmental disaster. mayor london breed and others are defending the city. >> "today in the bay's" thom jensen is live with comments and the backlash. thom? >> reporter: good morning. yeah, the president pointing to problems like pollution from human waste and dirty needles claiming they're flowing right into the ocean, into the bay and into the pacific ocean. he said he will nail the city of san francisco some time next week. he said, quote, they are in total violation. we're going to be giving them notice very soon. and they have to clean it up. we can't have our cities going to hell. there are serious issues here. nbc bay area exposed the problem and became a major focal point
5:33 am
in san francisco's mayoral race. a top infectious disease expert found parts to be dirtier than some of the poorest slums in the world and the highlighted concerns about how money is spent to combat the problem. meanwhile on twitter mayor london breed questioned the president's commitment to defending the environment tweeting the president is cutting clean air and clean water standards, restricting our ability to regulate car emissions and denying climate change even exists. he's cutting funding for homelessness and april forwardable housing. in san francisco we're meeting the challenges on our streets. mayor breed also tweeting if the president wants to talk about homelessness we are committed to working on actual solutions like adding 1,000 new shelter beds by next year and working to pass a $600 million affordable housing bond to create more badly needed housing. the head of a san francisco homelessness coalition also
5:34 am
calling on the president to come up with solutions instead of talking about them. we're live in san francisco, thom jensen, "today in the bay." 5:33 right now. prime minister in canada justin trudeau is apologizing this morning after a yearbook photo of him with a darkened face just going viral. this picture, which was unearthed by "time" magazine shows him at an arabian night themed costume party. it was taken at the school where he worked as a teacher. he would have been 29 years old when the photo was taken. trudeau is in what many are calling brown face depicting the character aladdin. he says he should have known better. >> i take responsibility fy decision to do that. i shouldn't have done it. i should have none better. it's something that i didn't think was racist at the time but now i recognize it's racist to do. >> trudeau is also admitting
5:35 am
wearing black face makeup for a performance while he was in high school. that news comes with trudeau facing re-election as voters go to the polls next month. 5:34 right now. people who live in the east san jose neighborhood around zachary lane may be sleeping in today. they had a late night after being evacuated from their homes about five hours due to a gas leak. crews aren't sure what caused the problem. pg&e says workers were working in the area. right now the leak has been capped, but so far it has not been repaired. another false alarm panic in hawaii left some shaken and more asking a lot of questions this morning. last night someone accidentally triggered emergency alarms across parts of oahu and maui. it told people to seek shelter as if there was an incoming tsunami. those alarms sounded 12 minutes before police confirmed it was a false alarm.
5:36 am
they say an officer accidentally activate it had during a police training exercise. a lot of people in hawaii are still getting over the panic last year when someone accidentally activated a nuclear alert button. teenagers will no longer see weight loss and cosmetic surgery ads in their social media feeds. >> kris sanchez is here to show us what the changes mean. >> reporter: it will not make a difference for us because we're over 18 but social media can inspire and sometimes make you feel a little bad. instagram wants to limit those post that is can make teenagers feel like they are less than adequate. if you are an instagram user then you have seen posts likely for detox teas and vitamins and cosmetic procedures often with the #ad. going forward instagram will restrict or remove posts like those especially if they claim to be miracle cures for losing
5:37 am
weight or cosmetic procedures. this includes posts which include prices or incentives to buy those so-called wellness products which are often unproven and unregulated by the fda. an instagram statement to cnbc said the policy change is to reduce the pressure people can feel as a result of social media. facebook which owns instagram is enacting a similar policy. i want to know what you think about the policy. i want you to join the conversation on facebook and on twitter. we know that certainly we're all susceptible to social media pressure before our kids differentiate between my friend, you know, kiley jenner drinks this tea. i should get some, too, and knowing wt's actually healthy. >> and pressuring them to strive for that perfection. >> one influencer, my instagram picture and my real life. house was still beautiful, she was still lovely, but there were socks on the floor and a coffee cup out of place.
5:38 am
thank god. >> living the real life. no filters there. 5:37. keep an eye on your television screen right now. watch what emerges from the smoky explosion. it happened in istanbul where a fire caused a storage tank to explode. it shot up into the air. what goes up, bam, must come down. people were running for cover there. the tank emerged from the smoke at least 50 feet in the air and then lands on some cars below. there were some injuries but none considered serious. >> take a look at this right here. this is the end of a wild hot air balloon ride in san diego all caught on camera. a city councilman shot the video of that hot air balloon pilot making an emergency landing. inside the councilman says this is the second time a hot air balloon got out of control and landed on his street this year. the pilot landed in a parking lot and no one was injured. trending this morning, a
5:39 am
grandmother taking matters into their own hands trying to keep her grandkids safe. she wanted drivers in her neighborhood to slow down so she decided to trick them by using her hair dryer as a radar gun. it went viral after being posted to facebook. she has the look, too. don't mess with grandma. highway patrol even took note and decided to make her an honorary state trooper. she was awarded a hat with a sticker and a badge. not bad. >> i noticed in halloween they dressed up as a camera with a flash on it and people would slow down. it was a creative costume. >> wow, no kidding. you really have to slow down for the kids. and stop when the bus thing is out. >> definitely. look at this great costume behind me. of a backup. it's a group costume right here. the back of the bay bridge actually. we have this backup that forms every day. can you meet these folks as the metering lights are turned on coming out of oakland, guys, further to the north you see not
5:40 am
quite as big a group but starting to build. this one heads to the north bay. you see overall from the maps that entire area is a smooth flow of traffic. no major issues. soem slowing highway 4 through contra costa county and down to the east bay, south bay and peninsula. we're at speed which is great. this is thursday or, as we say, friday eve. >> friday eve means we're looking to the weekend. we do that on monday, too. >> it's going to be a warm weekend especially on saturday. we're making plans around the weather. maybe your destination will be based on the kind of temperatures you like. for the inland valleys, we're reaching the low 90s. the bay will reach into the mid-80s and the coast up to 74 degrees. now sunday will be cooler and our valleys will come down to about 85 degrees. the bay reaching the upper 70s and 72 for the coast. now on saturday in san jose
5:41 am
there will be a luna park chalk festival happening at 10:00 in the morning with some upper 60s. it will warm up reaching into the mid to upper 80s and we'll have a lot of coastal cleanup days for the rivers, bays and also some of our creeks and streams. if you want to check out the once in sausalito, head to the visitor's center on saturday at 9:00. it'll be in the low 60s. so make sure you're wearing some long sleeves. you have some comfortable clothes on and you're ready to get things looking nice and clean. if you're heading to monterey this weekend we'll be in the low 70s tomorrow. 7 degrees on saturday and then low 70s on sunday. also a good time to go hiking in muir woods. we'll see temperatures in the upper temperatures on saturday and by sunday up to 76 degrees. if your road trip takes to you l.a. it's going to be in the upper 70s for tomorrow and saturday up to 81 degrees this sunday a. look at today's
5:42 am
temperature trend in three minutes. looking forward to it, kari. 5:41. coming up, good news at sfo. runway repairs are expected to wrap up today. the airport says delays will still linger. we'll tell you how long up next. plus, some brand-new and very disturbing if somewhat mysterious allegations against president trump over a phone call. and great america gearing up for its big and scary halloween extravaganza. how you can get in on the act. details up next. you're watching "today in the bay."
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all right. we're taking a look at something to do as you get ready to head out. a look at our saturday forecast. coastal cleanup day. we'll have a look at this and some other events coming up in just a few minutes. we have palo alto 101. i believe the last of the traffic break through palo alto and menlo park. we'll talk about what's going on, though, other delays. sfo reopening its closed runway tonight at 9:00. a live look. a week ahead of schedule. crews working around the clock to repair the pavement along one of the runways.
5:46 am
it handles 68% of flights. more than 2,000 have been felt since the work began. crews say they need to repaint the surface. high-speed train between las vegas and southern california. >> the state now plans to provide financing for a plan to build it. they expect a one-way trip to take around 90 minutes and california is approving $300 million in funding. the state will consider approving the same amount next year. nevada leaders still won't commit one way or another. the project has faced many delays and ownership changes. but the company hopes to get trains running by the year 2023. and happening today the washington monument is set to reopen to the public after three years of closure. first lady melania trump is expected to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony.
5:47 am
$15 million has been done. a showdown over something president trump said. >> what he said and who he said it to a mystery, scott. a mystery. marcus, we've gotten used to some very strange controversies coming out of washington. what we do know is a complaint was made by a high level intelligence official to this man, the inspector general of intelligence. a whistleblower report. "the washington post" says the inspector general was so disturbed by what he heard he alerted the house intelligence committee and will talk to them in private today on capitol hill. "the washington post" was the first to report this but nbc has confirmed parts of these reports. there's lots we don't know. we don't know who the whistleblower is. we don't know what the president was speaking with or who, rather.
5:48 am
we don't know what was said that raised the whistleblower's concern. to sum this up, an intelligence official was so disturbed by what he heard the president say to a foreign leader, he went to his inspector general, filed an official report. that inspector general so disturbed he tells congress. congress so disturbed they've subpoenaed the director of national intelligence. this is an extraordinary if not mysterious development likely without precedent in u.s. history. secretary of state mike pompeo said iran committed a, quote, act of war after attacking oil production with drones or missiles. iran denies involvement. an unusual accusation, president trump calls it a total violation is a way of finding a federal
5:49 am
violation for a local problem. the streets of san francisco but in a way the bay belongs to the feds. our thom jensen will be reporting on this coming up. mayor london breed points out san francisco sewers are integrated. the sanitary sewers are connected. the needles if they did wash in would never make it to the bay. we are watching what is happening even if we know so little about it. we'll tweet about it, too. you can follow me at scott mcgrew. >> thanks, scott. 5:49 for you right now. we're a little more than a month away. do you know what your kids will be dressed up as halloween? >> no. the debate continues. >> i have a suggestion later. >> okay, good. looking forward to that. only 41 days left. great america in santa clara is gearing up forts halloween haunt. >> two, one, action. got to get ready for the part. 500 people in training mode to be monsters.
5:50 am
they go to a scare school to learn about safety and how to fill guests with fear. it's into their costumes and makeup. before they're ready for opening night they have to go through rehearsals with the creative director. >> the way they jump it's this adrenaline and it's so great. they love it. >> they love scaring people. halloween haunt has eight mazes this year and they're still hiring. the event runs from next friday through november 2nd. >> really cool. >> one of you should go to that school. >> i wouldn't mind going to it. >> really? >> you're so scary and tall. >> just don't touch me. >> a knuckle sandwich. all right. let's start out this morning as we think about fall and heading into halloween. we do have summer temperatures
5:51 am
in the forecast. this is a live look outside at the bay bridge. and as you get your busy morning started let's get you a look at your morning and how it shapes up in concord. we'll be at 56 degrees at 7:00 leading to 62 degrees at 9:00 and it will overall be a nice day with a cool start. we'll have a comfortable afternoon. the seven-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen. as we look at our highs today, clear lake, a high of 78 degrees. 82 in napa. and in oakland today reaching 76 with some low 80s in san jose and over to livermore we're up to 83 in concord today. as we get a look at our wide view of san jose and as you're getting dressed this morning, you might need a light jacket to start but then the rest of the day it's going to be bright and sunny. don't forget the sunglasses. going through the forecast for the weekend, we'll see some changes here. high pressure starts to come in. it's starting to change our wind flow from the pacific but there will be a storm system moving into the pacific northwest, so we're going to see our
5:52 am
temperatures going up and down. saturday it's up. sunday it's coming back down. so here is a look at the seven-day forecast to help straighten that out. it's cool today in relative terms and slightly warmer tomorrow. 90 degrees on saturday and then it's going to be really hot for the middle of next week, mid-90s in the hotter spot. more updates on that. you have refreshing news. >> refreshing news as i hit refresh, the delay cleared. i will say 41 trains no longer a delay and a typical report that happens sometimes. one of the trains having trouble getting out of the gate. westbound highway 4 is your slowdown. a crash reported around the toll plaza but i didn't see anything. we are now just about 35 minutes from marsh creek. thanks, mike. happening now the white house is
5:53 am
transferring federal land to the u.s. army to speed up construction on the border wall. it includes total of 560 acres along the u.s./mexico border. the five parcells comprise land in california, arizona and new mexico. one day after a newly completed section of the wall. investigating e-cigarette manufacturers. an inside look where nearly all vaping products are made. first -- >> she loves playing tug of war. she loves stuffed animals. >> shelter living. helping a dog get adopted. you're watching "today in the bay." ok, what's the situation?
5:54 am
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our team is always on social media. bob redell is sharing on twitter congratula congratulating jdrf for raising $558,000. that money will help support the treatment for kids with diabetes. follow him on facebook, twitter and instagram. a kansas man living inside an animal center is trying to prove a point. >> he'll share a 10x7 room with
5:57 am
queen, a terrier mix. queen has been at the shelter for more than 400 days. so the man says his goal is to find the right home for pets like queen. >> you work exclusively with the shelter pets that have lived in the building and are forgotten. >> he says that he's not leaving until she does. and decision 2020. amazon is making it easier to donate to political candidates. you can set it up but the company says you'll be able to tell voice assisted alexa you want to donate to a particular candidate. you say, alexa, i want to make a political contribution or alexa donate and say the amount to the candidate and the maximum donation is $5. the minimum, i should say. the maximum is $200. it starts in october.
5:58 am
5:57 right now. as the vaping crisis grows we're getting a rare look. >> this facility is where every vape and e-cig product is manufactured. officials were asked if contamination would have happened in their facility. >> this is your product. is there any way somebody can manipulate this? >> i don't think so unless you just break it. >> see a full report on the "today" show. the cdc says 380 cases in 36 states including seven deaths. two of the people who died lived in california. 5:58 right now. new today, hearing from families whose kids died after being left inside a hot car.
5:59 am
an agreement to install electronic reminders to check the back seat for kids. the target date is 2025. some say this agreement doesn't go far enough to protect children and call on lawmakers to make this a legal requirement. >> it helps me and a lot of parents. >> parents in general do not think that they could do this. this is an automatic thing. >> since 1990 nearly 900 children have died being left in a hot car. right now streamlining mass transit. new details to smooth out the trip when it involves more than one transit agency. what it may mean for your commute. >> arrests over thousands of goods at a department store.
6:00 am
a high-profile politician is making a stop in our neck of the woods. his plan for today. and a good morning to you on this thursday. thanks for starting with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get a peek of the forecast with kari. another nice day. all that have has cleared out and we're left with seasonable mild weather. as you head out the door we are seeing some clouds rolling by in the south bay. we are going to see some upper 50s as you head out the door. normally we're up to 80 degrees and will match that temperature today with some of our warmest spots up to 83 degrees. we'll look at that and what's ahead with higher heat on the way. we have one crash on the grid. >> a crash on the grid but not on the road. look at that to the parking lot area.


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