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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 19, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a high-profile politician is making a stop in our neck of the woods. his plan for today. and a good morning to you on this thursday. thanks for starting with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get a peek of the forecast with kari. another nice day. all that have has cleared out and we're left with seasonable mild weather. as you head out the door we are seeing some clouds rolling by in the south bay. we are going to see some upper 50s as you head out the door. normally we're up to 80 degrees and will match that temperature today with some of our warmest spots up to 83 degrees. we'll look at that and what's ahead with higher heat on the way. we have one crash on the grid. >> a crash on the grid but not on the road. look at that to the parking lot area.
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saw all these flashing lights. no major injuries. a couple vehicles on the approach. the left cash lanes are lightening up. someone was trying to get in the parking lot. overall a light build for the commute. a disabled vehicle reported off the university off ramp. we'll make sure that is cleared for lanes. back to you, marcus. >> a lot of people should take mass transit. your ride on mass transit could get less expensive as they look into discounts in a specific situation. good news, bob. >> reporter: marcus, let's say you hop on b.a.r.t. and head to
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sf or oakland and have to transfer to a local bus or ferry. you're not going to always get a discount or a transfer. the clipper executive board which oversees the clipper fare card they want to change that. yesterday at a meeting the board agreed to spend about $600,000 on a study looking into how to integrate the fares of all 27 bay area transit agencies. right now each agency sets fares independently of each other and they don't always offer discounts or transfers for commuters who use two or more of those agencies for their ride in to work. in other words the agencies don't recognize that it's getting expensive for some people who travel long distances throughout the region. in some instances it's just more expensive than driving a car. why do they care? ridership is flat or down. it might be in their best interest to offer discounts to entice more riders. >> i used to ride the train and they gave a discount to light
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rail. >> reporter: did it make a difference? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: they're saying now it's just cheaptory drive. >> no, never drive. morning is easy, night impossible. >> reporter: "the examiner" points out this fare integration exists in parts of the north bay in which trips are extended for rideers who transfer between golden gate and local buses. it will take 12 to 14 months. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest, bob. 6:03. developing now secretary of state mike pompeo is calling the bomb of a major oil facility in saudi arabia an act of war. the u.s. blames iran and president trump has ordered new economic sanctions. we could learn more today on exactly what that will entail.
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"today in the bay's" craig boss well live this morning with more for us. good morning, craig. >> reporter: the president is calling the new sanctions but it may not be enough on capitol hill who want tougher action. president trump says he'll detail new sanctions on iran as the u.s. blames iran for a missile attack on saudi oil fields. >> there's the ultimate option and options less than that and we'll see. >> reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo called it an act of war putting on full display what they call evidence iran is behind the attack. what happens next is being debated on capitol hill. >> we need to find a diplomatic solution to this. we should not be going to war over the saudi oil fields. >> reporter: the president's top senate allies says sanctions
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aren't enough. >> if they don't pay a price for bombing a neighbor's oil field then all hell will break out. >> highly respected by everybody. >> reporter: the president slammed his former national security adviser john bolton. bolton was fired just days ago and didn't wait long to criticize his former boss' foreign policy. it happened during a private lunch wednesday. >> john was not able to work with anybody and people disagreed with his ideas. >> reporter: traveling on wednesday was robert o'brien, the president's choice to be the new national security adviser. craig boss well, nbc news. now to decision 2020, texas contender beto o'rourke will be in oakland later today. he's attending a roundtable discussion. that discussion is focusing on equity and justice. yesterday o'rourke looked at the inner workings of the criminal justice system. he visited san quentin where he spoke with inmates about life behind bars and after said it was inspiring.
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>> we are all capable of change. >> o'rourke was supposed to make the visit last month. he actually canceled when the deadly walmart rampage happened in his hometown of el paso. 6:06 now. walnut creek police say they busted a pair of thieves targeting a high-end store. the man and woman that we show you here are now in custody. police say they fraudulently bought about $20,000 worth of merchandise from nordstrom. they say the pair are part of an organized crime ring but they're not talking specifics. a man on the peninsula is recovering after being struck by a patrol car. we have to warn you we're about to cut to the video. it may be hard to watch. the officer lost control of a cruiser yesterday on el can min real. you see it losing control. sadly it struck a man crossing the street. the officer had been responding to a home invasion.
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she, herself, suffered minor injuries. the pedestrian, however, was critically injured but is expected to survive. >> now to southeast texas, take a look at a live look outside of beaumont. the national weather service has issued flash flood warnings across the state because of all that water and they are nearing flood stage. hurricane humberto delivered a punch to bermuda. power was knocked out to more than 27,000 homes and businesses. the island is still feeling tropical storm force winds this morning. it is expected to weaken significantly over the next 24 hours. thousands of students around the world are preparing to walk out of school tomorrow to bring awareness to climate change. the march will take place from san francisco to new york and in more than 100 countries. students will hold a day of protest demanding more action.
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kids in the fifth grade class at ar gone elementary school plan to march to the federal building. at first the school said it would help facilitate the protest but then changed its mind. >> the district has expressed huge support for this in an organized way. and that suddenly seemed like it was being pulled back. >> the school says students can leave and miss time but will be marked with an unexcused absence. meteorologist kari hall will continue our climate in crisis series with a look at why temperatures are warming in the pacific ocean. all that have leading up to the u.n. clip mat summit that's coming up next week. on facebook, my page is meteorologist kari hall. i've been posting what's going on for today. a cool start to the morning. we're at 48 degrees but it's 57
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in san jose and half moon bay. we're going to see some mid to upper 70s today and some breezy winds with a cool start. we'll see some sunshine for this afternoon. we'le al takook at what's ahead as we go into the weekend coming up. mike, you're updating highway 101. >> we just missed it. that's great. we don't want anybody to hit northbound 101 and university. it was over on the shoulder until kari started her report. that is northbound with the headlights. a fender-bender, no lanes blocking the initial report. we'll track that. look at how easy it is along the peninsula between san francisco and the south bay. a little slow for highway 84 and that's about it.
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slows through richmond and the backup is there as well. back to you. thanks, mike. 6:10. >> the future of the morning drive. look at this new vehicle being held as the future of transport in a major european city. mark zuckerberg took a private jet but went to washington to try to make some friends. i'll tell you why it will be so important for him coming up. celebrity cruises takes you to the world's greatest places.
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right now at 6:13 let's get a live look outside in walnut creek as the sun rises. it is all clear. as we go through the day more sunshine, but we're also keeping the comfortable temperatures. we'll start out with some mid-50s heading into the mid-70s by 1:00 today. we'll get a look at our micro climates and talk about a hot weekend ahead in less than five minutes. pretty crowded in richmond talking about this section in the parking lot. the flashing lights just turned off. an earlier crash clears from the lanes. the cash lanes are slow heading to san rafael. and good morning. a very happy thursday to you. microsoft says it'll buy back billions of dollars of its own shares and increased dividends. great news for microsoft shareholders.
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igm biosciences, we talked about that before the bell on yesterday. shares rose more than 50%. they're working on antibody therapy to fight cancers of the blood. another successful bay area ipo. federal open markets committee cut interest rates a quarter point. it's concerned about rough seas ahead, increasing the money supply helps keep the economy hot. not enough for president trump who tweeted jay powell and the federal reserve fail again. no guts, no sense, no vision. a terrible communicator. donald trump wants zero percent interest, which is not going to happen. the government can already borrow at historically very low rates and fiscal conservatives would argue it's already too easy to argue. one of the reasons the fed is cutting is the trade war can hurt our economy. other news, facebook's mark
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zuckerberg will be in washington trying to strengthen some relationships there as the federal agencies in congress pursue antitrust investigations, not just against facebook but all the big silicon valley companies. this man, a former american airlines mechanic has been -- that's clearly mark zuckerberg -- let's talk about this man. that is that man who was denied bail after the judge said he was a danger to society. he's accused of sabotaging an american airlines airplane and had to abort takeoff. first we thought the motivation was a labor dispute. the judge and prosecutors in the miami case say he may have connections to isis. his brother is a member of the islamic state in iraq. he admits to the sabotage. he says he did it so that he could get overtime to fix it. when your brother is apparently a member of the iranian state you will stay in jail until the trial. >> thanks, scott. 6:15 this morning and
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trending for you, your commute could take you in the air. a european startup testing new flying taxis in paris. that vehicle is noise and pollution free and it could help address congestion and pollution. a taxi service using the vehicle could launch as soon as spring of 2020. that's according to the paris mayor's office. >> nice backdrop they have there. >> that's great but like castro valley -- >> i like it because it doesn't go up really high. it's floating just above the water. >> i like it because it's in paris. >> it's right by the eiffel tower. >> the jetsons type of travel. it's probably not like that for your way to work this morning. at least it feels nice outside, and we're going to start out with some 50s as you head out the door. and it's all clear as we look at our view of the golden gate bridge, another one of our iconic themes here in the bay
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area. as you get ready to head out in fremont, going to the warm springs b.a.r.t. station, upper 50s. grab a jacket. it will be a cool start. we'll see low 60s and a few clouds and going throughout the day it's going to slowly warm up. to the north bay as you're getting the kids ready for school, temperatures down to 50 degrees. they do need the jackets heading to school. as the day goes along it feels nice. lunch outside and by the time you go back to pick them up mid-70s. we're only reaching up to about 80 degrees today which is about where we should be, but we do have some hotter weather in the forecast. we'll definitely enjoy this up to 81 in morgan hill today. concord 83. daly city expect a high of 67. palo alto, 77. we're up to 70 in the mission district and for the mort bay in clear lake, 78 degrees. novato up to 72. we will see a lot of changes
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ahead so going into tomorrow slightly warmer. our temperatures quickly spike on saturday but that's before a system drops across the pacific northwest and that brings in slight cooling but the hot weather returns next week and it will create a high fire danger as we get a dry offshore wind. our temperatures still going up and down. we're in the battle between summer and fall, up to 90 degrees on saturday. 84 on sunday in some of the warmer spots and mid-90s early next week. san francisco will also be warming up into the 70s. mike, you're seeing a slower drive across the bridges. >> and westbound across the bridges is your commute. we're seeing more traffic flowing and brakes tapping on the san mateo bridge. i am concerned eastbound coming over to hayward. nothing visible. no visible problems. there was a car fire reported somewhere around that toll plaza on the hayward side and a fender-bender has cleared from 101 on the foster city side. disabled vehicle looks like it's
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completely a nonissue. that's great news and the south bay shows a little bit of a build but just slight. more slowing for vasco. from marsh creek it's slow down towards where you lose that last lane, just one lane through the stretch where things really slow down and then fine by the time you get to 580. a great drive. if you're heading north to highway 4 out of pittsburg, slowing and moving to walnut creek 680. this is not a major problem. the freeway, minor slowing out of pinole. lightening up right about now. this is your thursday pattern. fastrak lanes are slower. >> cash is king. thanks, mike. 6:19 for you right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," experts say more marine life washing ashore dead on our beaches. the reason they say is only going to get worse. our team is always on social
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media. our assignment editor sharing this video from sutro tower cam. pretty good view out there. follow nbc bay area on facebook, twitter and instagram.
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welcome back. 6:22 right now. new this morning facebook is banning single use plastic water bottles at all of its worldwide offices. that includes all of its
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employee cafeterias in burlingame, fremont, san francisco and sunnyvale. social media giant says it will install water filling stations instead. san francisco actually banned single use bottles on all of its properties five years ago. earlier this summer a limited version of the ban happened at sfo. and whales washing ashore, sea lions dying and micro organisms killed, a result of something called the blob. >> its impact is already devastating the ecosystem of the pacific and the san francisco ba as participate of our weeklong series climate in crisis "today in the bay" meteorologist kari hall explores what will happen if we don't do something fast. one of the places we can see the biggest evidence of climate change is right off our coast in the pacific ocean. when you see a clear sky, it could be high pressure which, when it's parked over the same
6:24 am
area can raise water temperatures while decreasing the wind. that can cause a phenomenon called the blob. the top larp yer of water can w up to three degrees higher than normal and the lack of wind doesn't allow for the water to mix and cool. in a warming climate the blob could be more common which would be devastating to the marine ecosystem. you might remember several whales washed up across the bay area and scientists with the marine mammal center say one of the reasons might be the warmer water. as the ocean temperature rises their food supply diminishes and the whales become malnourished. digital journalist jonathan bloom spoke with the noaa scientists about the blob. you can hear about why conditions in the arctic are also a contributing factor to the pacific heating up. watch his full report at tomorrow we finish our week with
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atmospheric rivers. you may remember hearing the term on our very rainy winter. we'll show you why warming atmospheric winters can mean less sierra snowfall in the winter. >> one of the worst culprits of pollution, planes. checking out local kcompanies ad investors. tune in at 5:00 or set your dvr. there's a new face at the san francisco zoo. it's pretty cute. >> it's not me. take a look at this little one here. an endangered monkey native to chinese forests. we don't know its gender just yet. it was born last week at the zoo. when they are little they're bright orange colors so they can be spotted easily by their parents. that color eventually fades and it will turn darker as it gets older like mama. there's no name just yet but the zoo says they will hold a naming contest on social media soon.
6:26 am
so stay tuned for that one. >> it looks so tiny. >> cute. i want to play with it. "america's got talen" has a new champion this morning and triggering a lot of emotion. >> for anyone who has watched the show this season you may not be surprised about who it is. >> kodi lee! >> this is pretty cool. kodi lee is the million dollar winner. he's a 23-year-old from riverside county. he is blind and autistic. singer leona lewis performed with lee during last night's finale. pretty amazing. what talent. >> he's so talented. a great voice. 6:26. still ahead this hour, restricting instagram, the advertisements certain users will no longer be allowed to see. responding to this policy change. plus, a deadly bus crash
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overnight, the road crew for a big name in country music. what we know about the injuries and victims. and targeting san francisco. the punishment president trump wants to bring against the city as he focuses on california's homeless crisis. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪ find the brands you love from nordstrom.
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face buried in your phone. stop! look up. look both ways. let's start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california. and a good morning. thanks for joining us. it is 6:30. a live look outside at san
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francisco from our san bruno mountain camera. a beautiful shot. i love this. here we are, "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> starting to ruin the view. i'm laura garcia. a look at the forecast right now with kari. >> you are so funny. so let's start out with some clouds rolling by. cool temperatures, see all these clouds getting out the rest of the day. a partly cloudy sky and then seeing some sunshine as we go to noon. 71 degrees helping to hold our temperatures down, going through our micro climates and what we can expect today. we'll see mostly 60s and 70s at lunch time. only a few spots reaching the lo today. we have hotter weather in the forecast. more on that in a few minutes. you saw a crash in front of our camera. >> i heard about an incident that wasn't there but this one is.
6:31 am
your fast lane may be affected. you see the tow truck and a couple vehicles yet to clear. this is northbound 101 just about alum rock or approaching that. our camera is right here. the build now on the approach you saw the distraction, spectators. no lanes really blocked by that scene. that's a build for 87. overall a pretty good commute. i'll check on the earlier car fire near the toll plaza. 6:31 right now. a tour bus accident involving the road crew for a popular country singer. the crash happened late last night on highway 46 in central california an hour outside of san luis obispo. one person died, seven others injured, two suffering major injuries. the crew is part of the josh turner tour. last night he played. his next concert is in central washington.
6:32 am
president trump calling the streets of san francisco an environmental disaster, promising punishment. but city leaders are pushing back. thom jensen live for us in the city where the argument and the call for solutions. thom? >> reporter: good morning. the president telling reporters on air force one he will nail the city of san francisco next week. he pointed out problems with human waste and dirty needles which he incorrectly said are flowing. the pollution from which is flowing directly into the bay and the pacific ocean. he said, quote, they are in total violation. we're going to be giving them notice very soon. and they have to clean it up. we can't have our cities going to hell. mayor london breed defended on twitter and tweeted this among other things. the president is cutting clean air and clean water standards, restricting our ability to
6:33 am
regulate car emissions, and denying climate change even exists. he's cutting funding for homelessness and affordable housing. in san francisco we're meeting the challenges on our streets a series on the problem became a major focal point in san francisco's mayoral race. a top infectious disease specialist found parts of the city to be dirtier than the poorest slums in the world and highlighted concerns about how money is being spent to combat the problem. told "today in the bay" she wants solutions not posturing. >> we're talking about the single person in the united states of america that could actually address this crises. he's whining about it, complaining about it but not doing what needs to be done to address the crisis. >> reporter: mayor breed tweeting if the president wants to talk about homelessness, we are committed to working on
6:34 am
actual solutions like adding 1,000 new shelter beds by next year and working to pass a $600 million affordable housing bond to create more badly needed housing. the mayor trying to educate the president in another tweet informing him both of those storm drain water and the sewage water in san francisco goes into treatment systems and is treated before it goes into any public water way. live in san francisco, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> thank you, thom. 6:34 right now. justin trudeau is apologizing after a yearbook photo of him with a darkened face is going viral. it was unearthed by "time" magazine showing trudeau in 2001 at an arabian nights themed costume party taken at a school where he work as a teacher. he would have been 29 years old when the photo was taken. trou dou trudeau is in brown face
6:35 am
depicting aladdin. he is responding saying he should have known better. >> i take responsibility for my decision to do that. i shouldn't have done it. i should have known better. it's just something that i didn't think was racist at the time but now i recognize it's something racist to do. >> he admits to wearing plaque fa black face for a performance while in high school. voters go to the polls next month. people who live in the east san jose neighborhood may be sleeping in this morning. they had a late night after being evacuated from their homes for about five hours. crews aren't sure what caused the problem although pg&e says contractors were working in a nearby area.
6:36 am
6:35 right now, instagram says it is limiting what teens see in their fees. >> no more weight loss or cosmetic surgery ads. kris sanchez joins us with what the changes mean. hi there. social media can inspire people and make you feel a little inadequate which is why instagram wants to limit post that is can make teenagers feel that way. you've seen posts for detox teas and vitamins probably, cosmetic procedures. going forward for users under 18 instagram will restrict or remove posts like those especially if they claim to be miracle cures for losing weight or cosmetic procedures including posts that include prices or incentives to buy wellness products often unproven and unregulated. we want instagram to be a positive place for everyone that uses it and our policy is part of our ongoing work to reduce
6:37 am
the pressure that people can feel as a result of social media. facebook owns instagram and will be enacting a similar policy as well. we want to mo what you think about the policy. >> good deal. a history making win last night for the giants' future hall of fame manager. less than two weeks left in the season bruce bochy notched his 2,000th win. after the game bochy talked about becoming the 11th manager in baseball history to get that far. >> i'll say this, one, i've been fortunate to have so much support from everybody. it's a number that represents so many people. >> a champagne toast or shower
6:38 am
in the locker room. his 25th and final season managing baseball. >> this is the end of a wild ride in a hot air balloon in san diego all caught on camera. a city councilman shot the video near his home of a pilot making that emergency landing. this is the second time an out-of-control hot air balloon has landed on his street this year. luckily no one was hurt. >> good thing it was a safe landing. >> a cool way to commute this morning. this is north 101. we still have this tow truck waiting to clear up a vehicle that remains on the roadway. it's out of lanes but quite a distraction. folks are slowing here north 101. and we have the backup quickly built past capital expressway.
6:39 am
87 sees more cars as well traveling north and some may shift over but you don't have to. they've been clearing a couple vehicles her and there every few minimum. silicon valley commute. the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive but look at the backup coming toward us. unusual east 92. there is a car fire. on the hayward side of the san mateo bridge. hopefully it clears quickly. >> no kidding. clear the way for the week because it is coming and the weather is looking -- >> hotter. yeah. but, you know what, we can drive a short distance and get some cooler weather. you may be making your weekend plans based on the kind of weather you like. temperatures are reaching 92 degre degrees. 74 degrees. we will be cooling off for all of our micro climates heading
6:40 am
into sunday especially in the valleys or coming back to the mid-80s which is about normal. upper 70 for the bay and the coast in the lower 70s and how about checking out the festival happening in san jose on saturday, starts at 10:00 in the morning. we'll be at 69 degrees and leading into low 80s as we go into early afternoon, eventually reaching the upper 80s. we have a lot of coastal cleanup events going on all around the bay area. if you want to check out the one near sausalito, head to the bay model visitor center and on saturday morning you want to make sure you're wearing comfortable clothes and long sleeves to start with our temperatures in the upper 70s. if you're going to be head to go monterey it will be very nice. low to mid-70s and a lot of sunshine with breezy winds. also a good weekend to go hiking. muir woods, reaching 79 degrees. coming down to 74 for the high temperatures on sunday.
6:41 am
it will be warmer on sunday. as you make your weekend plans, let me know about it. i'm at kari hall weather on facebook, twitter and instagram. i'll have a look at today's temperature trend in three minutes. >> thanks, kari. it's 6:41. still ahead, the push to spread the word about help for human trafficking victims across contra costa county. >> and if you're flying soon, good news out of sfo and when that runway construction finally ends. some really startling allegations in washington today that are absolutely full of mystery. stick around for that. let me get you to the big board as well. the dow industrials up 62 points after the fed cut interest rates by a quarter point.
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good thursday morning. right now at 6:44 as you get ready to head out the door in the south bay we're starting out with a few clouds. a look at our temperature trend for santa clara. expect upper 50s as you head out the door but that leads into a very nice day as the skies clear, some low 70s by early afternoon. we'll get a look at all of our micro climates and a hot weekend ahead for some spots if less than five minutes. and we're still looking at chp with flashing lights in the center divide area. but a distraction for north 101. hanging out waiting for folks to clear this one remaining vehicle on the right. need another tow truck or
6:45 am
someone needs a ride. how it affects your ride. speaking of your ride, your ride into work on mass transit could become less expensive. good news, right? so b.a.r.t.'s board of directors authorized the $600,000 study to figure out how to integrate fares of all 27 bay area transit agencies. one of the goals here is when you transfer to a local bus or ferry, you'd be able to get a discount. agencies say in some cases ridership is down and the new plan may entice more people to hop onboard. now to a follow-up, sfo is reopening its closed runway tonight at 9:00. here is a live look. this is one week ahead of schedule. crews have been working around the clock since september 7th to repair pavement along one of the runways. now it's handled 68% of flights in and out of sfo. travelers have felt it. more than 2,000 flights canceled since the work began. crews say that you still need to
6:46 am
repave and they need to repaint that surface. this is good news for a lot of those travelers who have been stalled at the airport. it is 6:45 right now. leaders are rolling the dice on the high speed train. >> financing for the private company's plan to build it. they expect a oneway trip to take around 90 minutes in either direction. california is approving $300 million in funding. the state will consider approving the same amount again next year. nevada leaders still won't commit to one or another. the project has faced many delays and ownership changes. the company hopes to get the trains running by the year 2023. just in to our newsroom, police are searching for three men who they say targeted firestorm victims. the department relessing these security images. investigators say the men stole rebuilding plans from one found
6:47 am
grove homeowner earlier this month. the homeowner is trying to rebuild from the tubbs wildfire. police say it will take time to redraft the plans before the rebuild can move forward. happening today, a day of action in antioch to spread the word about a new hotline to crack down on sex trafficking. yesterday contra costa county introduced the hotline which lets people call in to report suspected trafficking. the number is 925-957-8658. we've also put it on the bottom of your screen. the d.a. wants people to know that help is out there. >> oftentimes people see things but don't know who to call or what to do. by publishing this hotline we are providing a tool to our community to communicate with our office. >> a 2016 study by one national nonprofit tracked more than 7,500 cases of human trafficking. most in california.
6:48 am
well, there will be a showdown for something trump said. >> what he said and whom he said it to is still a mystery, scott mcgrew. it is. we've gotten used to very strange controversies coming out of washington. this one involves the president talking to a world leader on the phone. a complaint was made by a high level intelligence official to this man, the inspector general of intelligence. a whistleblower report. "the washington post" says the inspector general was so disturbed by the report he alerted the house intelligence committee, and will talk to them in private on capitol hill. "the washington post" was the first to report all of this, but nbc has confirmed part of the report. there is lots we don't know. we don't know who the president was speaking with and we don't
6:49 am
know what he said that raised the whistleblower's concern. an intelligence official, though, so disturbed by what he herpd the president say to a foreign leader he went to his agency's inspector general, filed an official league whistleblower report. he told congress, congress so disturbed they've subpoenaed the director of national intelligence. this is likely without any precedent in u.s. history. secretary of state mike pompeo is in saudi arabia and says iran committed a, quote, act of war after allegedly attacking oil production, saudi oil production with drones or missiles. iran denies involvement. our thom jensen has been reporting president trump wants the epa to punish san francisco for allowing needles from drug addicts to wash into the bay through the storm and sewer systems. that's an unusual accusation. president trump calls it a total violation of epa regulations.
6:50 am
it's a way of finding federal regulation for a local problem. the streets of san francisco are san francisco's but the bay belongs to the president. mayor london breed points out san francisco sewers are integra integrated. the sanitary sewers are connecteded so the needles if they washed into the system would never make it to the bay. we are following this very peculiar mystery in washington. you can read about it on twitter. follow me there at scott mcgrew. >> thanks, scott. 6:50 this morning. we're still a little bit more than a month away from halloween. have you thought about what your kids could be this halloween? >> not yet. i'm pitching ideas but they've been turned down. with only 41 days left great america is gearing up for its annual halloween hunt. >> three, two, one, action. >> 500 people are in training to be some ghoulish monsters. they'll go to a scare school to
6:51 am
learn about safety and how to fill guests with fear. after that they jump into costume and makeup. before they're ready for opening night they have to go through rehearsals with a creative director. >> the way they jump, it's adrenaline and it's so great. i love it. >> they love scaring people. the halloween haunt has eight mazes this year and actually they're still hiring. the event runs from next friday through november 2nd. >> i wouldn't mind doing that. >> scaring people? >> i do that every day. >> give it a go. >> i'm interested, seriously. >> they could transform you. >> it would be great. >> just a thought. stay tuned. >> and i'm thinking, oh, my gosh, it's almost halloween. looking at weather that's in the 90s in the forecast. and so it doesn't at all feel like fall. we're going to see it going back and forth as we struggle between summer and fall and that transition, but at least it's
6:52 am
cool today. we're starting out the door in san francisco. clear skies and heading into the 60s today. the south bay seven-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen. you'll see what i'm talking about with that up and down. it will be a great day to head out and go for a hike in the tri-valley. we start out with a few clouds at 7:00. we'll be at 53 degrees. 63 at 10:00. and then some mid-70s today. a very nice and warm day with breezy winds and sunshine reaching 82 in antioch. napa reaching 82 as well. in oakland, 76. we'll be up to 68 degrees in san francisco. san jose reaches up to about 80 degrees. as you get a look out the window, the sun coming up trying to figure out what to wear, grab a jacket. we started out with temperatures in the 50s but will be bright and sunny so don't forget the sunglasses today. going through the forecast a lot of changes here as we see high pressure starts to make its way into the bay area causing a northerly wind but going to the
6:53 am
end of the weekend pushing across the pacific northwest giving us a break from the heat before it really starts to build next week. and so we're seeing our high temperatures today go from the low 80s to the mid-80s tomorrow and then up to 90 in some of our hotter spots on saturday. we're going to come down a few degrees on sunday and then start to see those temperatures reach into the mid-90s by the middle of next week. san francisco having a lot of 70s in the forecast throughout the weekend. mike, that car fire hasn't been cleared yet? >> it has, kari. it just cleared a few minutes ago and so has the traffic alert for eastbound 92 coming over to hayward. that was really unusual slowing. it has, again, cleared as you come over from the peninsula side. going to the peninsula side you saw that volume of traffic in the morning commute. east 92 traffic alert canceled. dumbarton bridge, no problems. we're seeing more commute to the peninsula well. typical from 880 over. in the south bay we are continuing to track this one trash still has flashing lights
6:54 am
and another flat bed tow truck to take this remaining vehicle north 101 just north of the 680 interchange. that's slow for distractions from capital expressway and slow because of the volume upper east shore freeway. 33 minutes now from highway 4 to the backup over at the bay bridge. the lanes to the left. back to you, laura. 6:54 right now. happening now the white house is transferring federal land to the u.s. army to try to speed up construction on the border wall and 560 acres along the u.s./mexico border. the five parcells comprise land in california, arizona and new mexico. the announcement comes one day after the president visited a newly completed section of the border wall in southern california. and a quick look at the top stories we're following this morning including a deadly bus crash involving a big name in country music. along the central coast, what we're learning about the people onboard. and later, a rare inside look at china's vaping ground
6:55 am
zero. nearly every vape and e-cigarette product is manufactured. at 7:30 the tough questions nbc news is asking. from the couldn't be prouders
6:56 am
to the wait did we just win-ners. everyone uses their phone differently. that's why xfinity mobile let's you design your own data. now you can share it between lines. mix with unlimited, and switch it up at anytime so you only pay for what you need. it's a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy a new samsung note. click, call or visit a store today.
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welcome back. 6:57 on this thursday morning. before you head out the door here are the top stories we're covering on "today in the bay." developing overnight a
6:58 am
deadly tour bus accident involving a road crew for a popular country singer. that crash happened late last night on highway 46. this is near the town of shandon. this is about an hour outside of san luis obispo. emergency responders say one person died. seven others were injured. two of them suffered major injuries. the crew is part of the josh turner tour. last night they played and his next concert is tomorrow in central washington. turner and his band were not onboard. they were supposed to play next tuesd tuesday. mark zuckerberg is going to washington, d.c. the company is trying to strengthen relationships as federal agencies in congress pursue antitrust investigations. it's his first official trip since testifying on capitol hill in april of 2018. he'll meet with lawmakers face-to-face but will not offer any testimony. facebook says he'll talk about the future of internet regulations. new for you that morning
6:59 am
walnut creek police say they've bust add pair of thieves targeting a high end store. a man and woman you see here are this custody. police say they fraudulently bought about $20,000 worth of merchandise from nordstrom's. they say the pair are part of an organized crime ring but they're not talking specifics. so this morning waking up to cooler temperatures, but the question is how is it going to be the rest of the day? >> the rest of the day is looking perfect especially when you compare what we have coming our way for the weekend. it will be nice and cool today with some low 80s in our warmer spots but then up to 90 on saturday and we do have some even hotter temperatures in the forecast for next week. >> goodness. still watching the waiting in san jose. >> waiting for i don't know what. we've seen two tow trucks, two flat bed tow trucks arrive and leave. one vehicle and a chp officer waiting for the car to be removed north 101 slow past the scene but not much. 92 slow westbound.
7:00 am
traffic alert clear on the other side. >> we'll be back with a local news update in half an hour and every half hour after that. don't forget to join us for our midday newscast at 11:00. don't miss us. good morning, breaking news. emergency situation. tornadoes and record setting rains for widespread flooding in texas overnight. a hospital forced to evacuate. more than a thousand people in one city in need of rescue and this morning, with more than two feet of rain already on the ground, it's still coming down the dangerous storm now moving east we're live with the very latest. stunning scandal canadian prime minister justin trudeau apologizes overnight after a photo emerges of him wearing brownface at a party. >> i should have known better but i didn't and i'm really sorry.


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