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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 21, 2019 6:00pm-6:29pm PDT

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fires. so far 128 acres have burned. at one point six fires were burning at the same time. >> we have team coverage of these fires. we're going to get to rob in a moment. marianne, what are your learning? >> reporter: terry, this fire is burning about five miles northeast of milpitas, and if you take a look at this hill behind me, the fire is actually burning behind this hill where the terrain is just like this, steep and tinder dry. we have learned this is not just one fire but a combination of six different fires that started shortly before 2:00 this afternoon. so far flames have consumed 128 acres off calaveras road. right now the fire is 40 person contained. this area near the reservoir is not a heavily populated area, and no buildings have burned.
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calaveras rose ad is closed whi could impact who use the road to avoid highway 680 traffic. cal fire made a lot of air drops. crews are also using doziers and other equipment to help them cut fire lines in this area, which has very steep terrain, and they tell me that they have just stopped the forward progress of this fire. so certainly that is good news. because this was six separate fires, it does beg the question, could this possibly be arson? i asked firefighters that. they say it's too early to tell, but they are investigating the cause firefighters also say they're going to be out here all night into the morning battling marianne favro nbc bay area news. the fire spread really quickly making it harder for firefighters to get control over it. even though summer is winding down, clearly that doesn't mean we're in the clear from fire danger.
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roy mayeda is standing by with more to explain. >> we're already seeing warm ask dry conditions, but the extreme nature of the fire danger ahead will hinge on how strong the wind gets. as you can see right now, 70s and 80s bayside and coast, upper 80s inland. wind speeds for the moment still out of the west, northwest. watch the arrows on our futurecast moving forward. not only are those arrows striking offshore, you see the gusts. this is going to decrease humidity. we'll see wind speeds increasing in the north bay. that is the reason a fire weather watch is up for the north bay hills, inland east bay hills starting at 9:00 monday night as fire danger rises into tuesday morning, and temperatures could climb into the upper 90s in parts of the bay we'll have a closer look at that and an absolute u-turn in the forecast in about 12 minutes. as soon as we learned about that fire, we sent a push notification from our nbc bay area app.
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download the free app to get the most up to date breaking news notifications. pg&e says there is a chance they'll shut off power to customers as a precaution in the north bay as they continue to monitor weather conditions and the risk of wildfires. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us live where she spoke to neighbors and the utility company. >> reporter: right now it's hot in santa rosa, but it's not windy yet, and these are the conditions that pg&e is keeping an eye on. they have a new web page that aims to let people know when there is the potential for power to be shut off. right now it's showing elevated in certain areas for monday and tuesday. most people we spoke with didn't know about it but say they want to. >> for us, the idea is not to create panic. >> paul lowenthal is with the santa rosa fire department. they tweeted off that a potential shutoff is elevated for monday and tuesday. that's still the lowest, and
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it's not imminent. >> even if it doesn't happen, there's still the elevated risk of one happening here locally, and our goal is truly to educate our community on what that means and being prepared. >> after living through a wildfire, no, it's -- that really hit home like it can happen anywhere. >> lisa christi wants to be prepared. that includes even incremental information as early as possible. >> a couple of reasons. one is that i like to make sure i'm ready at home, so i would keep a half tank of gas in my car. >> reporter: pg&e's weather web page forecasts the potential for a shutoff. there are four levels up to warning with elevated being near the bottom. >> to be clear a poweret advers tuesday. >> reporter: pg&e says they try to start notifying customers 48 conditions we see for monday and hours ahead of potential adverse weather, and they look at a number of factors. >> gusty winds and dry conditions combined with the heightened fire risk, threaten a portion of the electric system,
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and there's no single factor. >> reporter: the elevated levels cover three zones, and that includes part of the north bay where some neighbors don't agree with the idea of a shutoff, but others think it makes sense. >> there's a chance for us to be informed in any manner whatsoever, i think it's super helpful for all the residents. >> reporter: most neighbors that we spoke with didn't know about the web page, but they did say that they liked getting that information, and even with the potential for it, most told us they would make a few changes. reporting live in santa rosa, christie smith nbc bay area news. it has been 23 years since a contra costa woman was murdered. her tonight friends and family are holding a vigil to bring new attention to that unsolved case. nbc bay area sergio quintana live with more on that. >> reporter: very sad story, it
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was 23 years ago as you mentioned. she was an employee here at four corners pizza, and that is the last place where priscilla lewis was seen alive. most of the people out here tonight haven't seen each other in years since her murder. they're here to honor her and hopefully jog people's memories in the hope that new clues can help close this case. her friends and family describe priscilla lewis as a friendly and outgoing person. she came outside to share a cigarette with a co-worker during her evening break. that same night she was found dead in a basement bathroom by another co-worker. she had been beaten and strangled. this vigil tonight is an effort to keep her case in thend one of the things that they have been telling people is that this case is still open and the investigation is ongoing, so they are telling people if they happen to remember anything that could be useful, they should
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call the contra costa county sheriff's homicide unit with any of that information. reporting live in crockett, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. coming together to fight homelessness, that's what city leaders in san jose did today. is this video of the american leadership forum holding a summit to share different ideas on the biggest challenges that the homeless are facing. one idea that was suggested is something we hear all the time, build more low income housing. developing at this hour, police in san francisco arrested someone in the patrero hill neighborhood this morning after one person was killed. investigators say it happened at around 4:00 a.m. along kansas street right off 16th. according to police, it started as some sort of fight, and the victim died from their injuries on the scene. officers chased the suspect for a short while before they arrested that person. we are still working to get more information and the identities of both the victim and the suspect. if you have any information about the case, call san
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francisco police. housing and urban development secretary dr. ben carson is defending comments he made during a trip to san francisco. the cabinet officer joined hud workers at a meeting this week where they say he insulted transgender women. "the washington post" reports he expressed concern about them entering women's homeless shelters, reportedly referring to them as quote, big hairy men." the paper is reporting that he sent an e-mail saying the comments were -- women's groups told him that women feel unsafe in shelters because m women. today is the 35th annual coastal cleanup bay area the cp turned into a friendly competition between a few cities. >> the mayors of san francisco, oakland, and san jose started a competition called battle for the bay. the challenge here was to see how much garbage could be cleaned up in each city. out in oakland, volunteers cleaned channel park near laney
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college arts center. the goal of the cleanup is to improve neighborhoods and stop illegal dumping into the waterwa waterways. the mayor says the battle of the bay inspires thousands of people to get out there and clean their communities. >> the good news is no matter which mayor wins we all win because the bay is something that is shared by all of us, and all of our cities have streets with storm drains that bring trash from every neighborhood into our precious waterways. >> the winning city is determined by measuring the number of volunteers, the amount of garbage removed, and best beautification projects. over in san jose, the mayor is guaranteeingin for these people. volunteers here teaming up to clean up coyote creek near capital expressway. volunteers say in the past five years they have collected more than 150 tons of trash from coyote creek. unusual items there, they found atms there. is that weird?
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candy bar wrappers. you expect to see them. the battle of the bay in the long run will help make the place a better place. >> it benefits the wildlife, and that's what we really want to do is see our wildlife be healthy so that the city can be healthy. wouldn't it be great to have people play in our creeks again? that's something we'd like to see. >> 2,000 people signed up to clean sites all over santa clara county today. >> thousands of kids starting the school year off right, we'll take you out to oracle arena for a special back to school give away. also ahead, president trump against joe biden, what was allegedly said and how the presidential candidate is responding. and the final weekend of summer will lead to a week with a fire where watch. we're watching that with thewi and a seven-day forecast, which includes rain and snow. we'll explain all the timing when we come right back.
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flu season may seem a long ways its annual flu clinic. thousands of people got a flu shot in fremont without even getting out of their cars. this drive through clinic was first come first serve. no need to make an appointment. no excuse for not getting a flu shot. folks pulled up to the station, lifted up their shirt sleeves and got a flu shot within minutes. for some people they say this wasn't just about protecting their selves.
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>> i want to protection myself, and i also want to protect others. if i got the flu, i would spread it to other people. i don't want to be a part of that link. >> flu season in california usually runs from october or november to about april peaking between december and february. kids in oakland are getting some new kicks, all a part of the 23rd annual back to school shoe give away. oakland arena, central coliseum coming together to give new shoes to more than 3,000 families across alameda county. you can see the lines wrapping around the arena. >> wow. >> talk about a popular event. volunteers not only gave out shoes but gave out free meals. gave out free haircuts. it was a free kind of day. organizers say this is a way for kids to put their best footooly. >> kids that go to school with a new pair of shoes on feel better about themselves. they're excited. their parents are excited because if they couldn't afford a pair, now they have a pair of shoes for their children.
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>> the program has helped thousands and thousands of kids since it started. popular every year. >> you know, it looks kind of hot out it. i saw one woman with an umbrella trying to hide from the sun. >> after the rain. it was in the mid-80s. we saw san francisco close to 80 degrees, and tomorrow another warm day around the bay area, and i challenge you to find a more interesting seven-day forecast in septem talk about hat september in the east bay hills, mount diablo towards walnut creek, 89 degrees, high of 90, and dry right now. that is high fire danger. we've got the warm temperatures, dry conditions. the wind, though, not too strong just yet. that will be changing as we get into monday and tuesday. right now very nice in the santa clara valley, 81 degrees in san jose. emeryville also looking at cloudy skies, 78 degrees, light jacket weather i think over the next two hours. look at that, san francisco still sitting at 74 degrees. we had a high of 84 today in san francisco. so even with strong high
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pressure there's enough of a breeze out there to keep air quality mostly good, moderate around san jose south down towards morgan hill. pollen might be a bit of an issue if you're allergic to elm tree pollen that has spiked over the last couple of days as we'll see breezy conditions at times stirring that up. the satellite radar is not only dry, but cloud free. no fog on the coast as winds are out of the north. for the morning, might see a few patches of low clouds on the coast. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s and highs again tomorrow. in the mid to upper 40s80s arou san jose. got the 49ers, steelers game coming up. the home opener is going to feel a little hot during the afternoon. use halftime to go inside and get some shade. the numbers still close to 90 around morgan hill. tri valley upper 80s. upper 70s, even 80s in bayside. similar temperatures around the peninsula with 70s to low 80s. san francisco might get a little bit cooler, just a bit, mid-070
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as the wind will pick up, notice we got tomorrow. high clouds passing by. that's a weather system that eventually is going to drop down towards our east. heading into tuesday, the winds are going to pick up and accelerate as we see an offshore wind pattern develop. now this is very typical, unfortunately for september and october, dry offshore winds, fire danger will be high through wednesday morning. the second half of our weather story, this looks more like november, december. watch how the system just drops down the coast, brings not only a chance of rain but air that is cold enough we could be looking at snow showers and winter weather advisories up towards the sierra this time next weekend. a very interesting seven-day forecast. the key factor here, let's get through the next two to three days with elevated fire danger, look at san francisco, mid-80s for temperatures for the first half of the week. valleys will be hot as well. once we get past wednesday, temperatures just dive down and very interesting, shall we say,
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heading towards next week. not only talking about those chance of showers but real snow in the sierra. that's a possibility next weekend. >> crazy stuff. >> pretty wild. >> just have to keep an eye on it. >> thanks a lot. a mysterious phone call that's pitting joe biden against president trump, what some people are saying the conversation was about and how mr. biden is responding. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using ci say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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t jld today in washington d.c, house speaker nancy pelosi delivering the eulogy. roberts died at the age of 75 from complications of breast cancer. she worked for both abc and npr. she was named one of the 50 greatest women in the history of broadcasting. the library of congress declared
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her a living legend in 2008. democrats are on the campaign trail in iowa today, and former vice president joe biden is trying to turn the tables on president trump. biden is going on offense saying the president knows that if biden is the democratic nominee next november that he'd beat president trump like a drum. nbc's chris pollone reports. >> reporter: in iowa joe biden fired up and going on offense. >> this is outrageous. you have never seen anything like this of any president. >> reporter: the former vice president shifting attention back to president trump after "the wall street journal" reported the president repeatedly urged the president of ukraine in a july phone call to investigate biden's son hunter who was appointed to a lucrative seat on a ukrainian gas company's board of directors while his father was vice president. nbc news has not confirmed that report. >> everybody looked at this, and everybody's looked at it zblrt when the call took place, ukraine was waiting to receive $250 million in military aid from the u.s., which was held up.
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friday the president wouldn't say whether he discussed the bidens on that phone call, and the latest reports indicate trump did not talk about u.s. military aid with the ukrainian leader. >> i can say that it was a totally appropriate conversation. it was actually a beautiful conversation. >> reporter: biden wants the president to release a transcript of that phone call. he says there's one reason why trump would want a foreign power to investigate him. >> trump's doing this because he knows i'll beat him like a drum and as usual the abuse of power in every element of the presidency to try to do something, smear me. >> reporter: details of the phone call are reportedly the assumption subject of a secret complaint. the president called the unknown whistleblower partisan and the complaint ridiculous. chris pollone, nbc news. late this afternoon, the biden campaign sent reporters a list of news articles which had previously looked into hunter biden's business dealings in ukraine and found no evidence of wrongdoing. a growing number of
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lawmakers are demanding a transcript of the phone call between president trump and ukraine's leader. so will we ever see the transcripts of this mysterious phone call? that's among the topics on "meet the press" tomorrow. you can tune in with chuck todd tomorrow morning right here on nbc bay area. joining us now with sports is carlos ramirez. >> the golden bears had a date with history today in mississippi. could cal remain perfect, or would they fall short? find out after the break. for your heart...
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after two losses, earthquake needed at least a point today when they visited current mls champions atlanta united and their dangerous striker joseph martinez. game tied at 1 apiece, one man down and now the coach is -- five minutes after that happened, this happened.
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nagby hands it off, top of the corner. that's a game winner. martinez would score another one. two minutes later third straight loss for san jose. they host philadelphia next week on a must-win game. let's go to manchester city against watford, 50 seconds in, 2-0. look at the clock. there's more, free kick, 3-0 manchester city, just 12 minutes gone by, two minutes later bernardo silva with the header, 4-0, and the hits kept on coming. it was an 8-0 beatdown. leicester city hosting, falling down, some way found a way to put it in.
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1-0 to thttenham. the cross, for ricardo, 1-1. there's going to be a beautiful one, candidate for goal of the week, madison from way outside, oh, my god. leicester won it 2-1. number 23 ranked cal, golden bears were eyeing a 4-0 start for the first time since 2015. the rebels were looking to make a statement with the win against a ranked team. head coach justin wilcox for the cal bears trying to give the pack 12 their first win on the road against an sec team in nine years. he finds chris brown on the swing pass for the 13-yarder. fourth quarter, last play of the game, ole miss a touchdown to win it with no time-outs left. guess what, linebacker evan
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weber, you shall not pass, and cal holds on for the win 28-20. let's close it out with baseball. the san francisco giants won't be the only team looking for a new manager. the padres announced today they have relieved manager andy green of his duties, and we have to wonder if bruce might consider being a candidate even though he has stated he intends to retire after this year with the giants. that's all the action for now, much more sports at 11:00, i'm we are hert respect, we wl let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time. that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere
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the last weekend of summer, have a very pleasant time enjoying warm, gorgeous temperatures. >> all right. we're back tonight at 11:00. hope you can join us. >> have a good night. ♪ garvin thomas: i am garvin thomas and welcome to this "bay area proud" special where we celebrate the good that happens in our communities every day like how los gatos girl's chance encounter with u2 singer, bono, inspired her to make a difference, a stanford er technician's creative way to make young patients smile, and a long distance passport delivery connects two pacifica neighbors who didn't even know each other, and a san francisco woman who believes that all you need is love. it was wise advice from the beatles and now it's the philosophy behind her growing company not just creating jobs, but also sending a great message all over the world. chrissie lam: each bracelet comes with like a little pouch. garvin: spreading love around the world, it's
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a wonderful idea, isn't it? chrissie: and then these are the ones from oaxaca. garvin: but the basis for a business? hardly unless, that is, your name is chrissie lam. chrissie: i'm pretty bold. i think i make pretty bold decision sometimes. like maybe people think i'm a little crazy. garvin: chrissie's first bold decision was leaving a dream job in the fashion world for clothing comnitrendsd pricts like abercrombie and american eagle. chrissie: so which was really amazing to have the opportunity to travel around the world and shoot, do trend forecasting. garvin: it was during those travels, though, chrissie became


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