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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 24, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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♪ high fire danger and heat in just a few hours the lights will be out in parts of the north bay. pg&e shutting and house democrats taking the first formal steps. spke changing course. >> nbc bay area in san francisco with the it details. jean. >> reporter: well, details about
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a phone call between the president and the leader of the ukrain now have democrats pursuing that impeachment inquiry, a move the president call as witch hupt. >> the actions of the trump presidency reveal dishonorable off the president's betrayal, betrayal of the oath of office and betrayal of our national security and betrayal of our election. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi directing six house committees already looking into possible wrong doing to continue investigating through a lens of impeachment, a move president trump says is harassment. >> i think it's's. they have no idea how to stop me. the only way to try is through impeachment. a whistleblower's complaints about a july phone call the tipping point for pelosi. "washington post" reporting the
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president withheld military aid from ukrain as it asked them to investigate joe biden and his president. >> we need support the ukrainian people against russia and putting an obstacle based on his political interest, that is a betrayinging the national security of our nation. >> reporter: he expects it to be revealing. >> i think we have potential of people can coming from the administration to sayactuly has the from administration. >> reporter: so lots of work ahead for the democrats and tonight the trump administration plans to release a transcript of of the call in question tomorrow. reporting live tomorrow. >> a lot of questions. here's how the process would
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work. the house committee decides whether to recommend impeachment. then the full house votes whether to move forwithward. finally the senate hold as trial. a 2/ senate vote is required to remove the president from office. >> what are people saying about it in the bay area? ian. >> reporter: they say there is a winning situation for both parties. you've heard from can democrats. republicans say they were not surprised some are looking forward to the fight. >> reporter: tonight as the impeachment inquiry moves forward, some say they're not worried for the president including national rnc committee woman >> i think it's going to turn off a what are of american voters from feeling like their elections are final. are people goingo later?
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>> people are worried. >> impeachment didn't work very well when we did it for republicans against bill clinton. i think it's going to end up helping the president and his campaign. we don't want to win this way. >> reporter: the legacy republicans align president believe speaker pelosi caved to pressure from fellow democrats. >> they are no longer the democrat party oaf bill clinton. they are left-wing extremists. nancy pelosi has lost control of her party. >> reporter: political analyst says both parties have a winning scenario politically even if the president is impeached. >> the democrats get the votes from impeached and public opinion goes over to the democrats and they win anyway. or vice versa. if democrats impeach, republicans keep it from happening, he can keep from breeing convicted, they may win
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because the public side for nothing. >> and we'll know more when the foep call transcripts are released. he says the whistleblowerer complapt will show where the investigation is really going. and a target of president trump reacting tonight. >> today is a great day for our country and democracy to stand up against meddling with elections. not even the president of the united states is immune from our laws. >> reporter: she says it's clear the president obstructed justice by refusing to cooperate with congress. earlier this year president trump accused her of obstructing justice.ore sunrise. 14 of 00 -- 1400 custer ams in napa and sonoma counties. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd with the latest.
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>> reporter: well, homes near springs road will go dark in about five hours. there is a school across the street and we are told it won't be effected. so this will effect 700 homes in west calistoga and 700 homes -- >> we're coming up on october. october 17th was the big fire and we rr nervous. >> reporter: he's been checking his phone all day waiting for a power shut off notice from pg&e our house in 2017. so now what they're telling us is it could happen again. >> reporter: that's why they're conducting another round of power shut offs in several koupties. 1400 of those customers live in napa and sonoma counties. >> we understand what turning off the power for the 1400 customers in the north bay means.
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we understand the impact this can create and that's why weave rrb been monitoring closely and it's ardecision we didn't take lithely. >> reporter: pg&e can't ignore the back to back days of boiling temperatures. >> i rr had friends and family friends that have lost homes. so i think all in all with the power being shut off to save someone's home is very good. >> reporter: restaurants lost money during last year's safety shut off. this year the owner installed a generator just in case. now officials tell me tonight they expect the wind event to be over around 11:00 or noon. after that they're go having to to check all the power lines. so no exact time when power will be restored. reporting live, i'm cheryl hurd. >> thank you.
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so these next 24 hours are very critical. and our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> right now we're a little over 12 hours away from the red flag warning expeer ig. expiring. and a few hoar hours to go and we'll see the event shift. you head aught to 2,000, 3,000er plus feet and we had gusts up to 46 miles per hour. 42 atlas peek, 25. the warning is specific for hills in the thousand feet and above for the southeast and north bay. or isolated gusts of 20 to 40 miles per hour. i don't see anything gustier than that at this point.othis r warning we have the heat. tomorrow morning, 9:00 in the morning. 70s and 80s throughout the bay
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area. once we hit 11:30 in the morning we're already in the upper 90s. this system right here coming up in about ten minutes. averag a late-night vote in mountain view. they voted to ban rvs from residential streets. mountain view bans rvs from parking on residential streets and roads with bike lanes. they will be allowed to park on industrial and commercial roads. the new rule goes into effect next june. a reservoir fire started saturday. firefighters say in all it burned up with28 acres. all road restrictions have been lifted. it might soon cost you more to shop and can come to contra costa county.
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that's because they voted to put another sale tax hike and raise the total sales tax from $8.25 to 8 -- 8.$75. 8.75%. the man accused of murder is expected in court tomorrow. the shooting happened last thursday on east san fernando street. they say he shot multiple rounds in different directions. some of the bullets hit a parking structure and the nearb. >> what if you could stop mass murders before they kill? maybe we can. senior investigative reporter. next. plus cbd and arthritis.
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it's a dynamic question. could you stop a murderer year businessfore it happened? science aims to detect brain patterns. senior investigateb reporter has the story. research centers around the mind of a murderer. scientists are trying to understand what makes someone not only think about violence but also act on it. the answer might be all in the brain. seven people gunned down last month in odessa, texas. 22 shot and killed just a few weeks earlier at a walmart in el paso.
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here in california three people, including two children died at a mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival in late july. nearly 17,000 people are murdered in the u.s. each year. now two scientist its, one in palo alto and another in albuquerque, new mexico believe they can stop the killers before they pull the trigger. >> perhaps avoid the it dire consequences. >> reporter: the director oneuropathology at university. is there a particular part of the brain that triggers a mass shooter to act? >> i think year getting there in terms of finding areas of the brain that may explain homicidal behavior. >> reporter: at stanford university behind this door and insad locked cabinet is some of
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of dr. vogel's most infamous work. inside it the brain belonging to stephen paddock. the it gunman in the las vegas shooting that left 58 dead. >> i was asked to diagnose and rule out disease processes that might have contributed to his behavior. >> so they lean on you to determine if sthipg in his brain led him to commit that act of violence. >> he took his own life with a bullet to the back of the brain but still left a considerable amount of the brain for examination. he found large amounts of what could be scarring of the brain tissue. pinpointing exactly how or why it forms remains a mystery in modern medicine.
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>> the quasi-package -- and was unknown. >> so whether or not it could have played a role in his behavior we don't know. >> reporter: that was on parts of the brain responsible for memory and fear. >> and linked to parts that deal with emotion and anger and so forth. and decision making, yes. the frontal lobes are very khan complex because they involve a balance br tween your strength and initiative. >> reporter: more than 1,000 miles away in new mexico, cutting edge research inside prisons is more about the minds of murderers. >> it's really surprising this and the first study of its kind. >> reporter: he specializes in studying psycho paths.
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he's a neuroscientist and psychologist. he and his team it designed a mobile brain scaner and drove it across the u.s. to study inmates across ten prisons. he's conducted mri skanz of nearly 1,000 it people. >> reporter: they found the brains of can killers are wire differently. specific sections responsible for controlling emotions, impulse and social awareness are less developed among those that have taken a life. >> we're finding they are quite different and now it's a question ohow did they get that way? >> reporter: he says medicine can physically transform the brain to reduce the risk of dangerous behavior. >> then we would hopefully see
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changes to prevent these types of things from happening. >> reporter: he believes some people are born with the brain differences and while that doesn't necessarily mean they'll commit murder, his research reveals strong connections. understanding who might be at risk could eventually help in literally changing people's minds. he's already getting requests from around the country to want their children t violent behavior. this exam is $10,000 per child and raises ethical questions. but could be years before this type of test itting becomes available here centers across the country. okay. chief meteorologist jeff rurani it's almost october, feels like summer.
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what is going on here? >> i think we're good for a cool down. >> i mean i'm getting impatient. >> 3rd day, friday going to be the day for you and everybody at home that wants changes after all the hot weatherer the past few days, let's start you right off with the morning forecast to get you through it because this is the kind of weather. look, you can wear shorts and a t-shirt tomorrow. it's going to be that kind of day. 70s returning for the south bay. tri-valley 76. and notice high cloud cov. it might seem strange to see some of the clouds at least on the early morning commute and 73 in the north bay. no big change in the temperatures tomorrow. in fact you might warm up a degree or two. so we're holding strong upper
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90s to a lot of the south bay. downtown san jose 96. contra costa alameda counties. you get the heat trap said and 100 pittsburgh, 101 in pleasanten. maybe you got the day off, beach weather. 79 half moon bay and to palo alto. a lot of people don't have a key. so it's kind. of debilitating. you head back inside and it's hard to cool off. same thing in san francisco and same in the north bay. 100 in napa. 100 in nto tomorrow last day of the triple digits. i'm totally over it too. i have the system starting to move closerer. by thursday i think it's goteeing boo move on top.
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and here's the good news after this. two additional systems lining up over the next two weeks and i think at this point it will help keep hot 100s away. and this one could bring us showers now the impact brings tuse 67 friday for san francisco. morning fog, spotty drizzle and a nice weekend and 50s moving in. frrngts we're down to 78 friday. upper 70s and low 80s this weekend and beautiful as we head through next week. weechb we've heard from a lot oyou about smaller earthquakes. it's from the south hachblts falls. little known about this falls. but you can see we've had small shakers ranging 1.9 to 3.2.
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i think the procimity is what can i'm focussed n. we'll continue to monitor the area because people are sayic waiting,b i felt something. so we'll keep an eye on that the next couple of days. up next not enough security. organizers of a popular pumpkin festival want more sheriff's deputies on hand when it opens. first it was felicity huffman and now l.a. businessman devyn sloan to four months jail along with community service and a fine. he paid 250,000 bucks to get his son in usc as a fake water polo ostar. the juul record.
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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nearly 50,000 people will be at pumpkin festival this weekend where organizers say they are worried about security. the event just a few miles away from where the gilroy garlic festival shooting took place. they also want uniformed share's deputies. they're still considering staffing the event. the woman who survooived the sexual assault by brock turner released her memoir today called "can know my name." hundreds of students bo previously they wanted stanford to put up a plaque with victim impact statements where she was assaulted on campess.
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new guidelines for people with arthritis who want to use medical marijuana. they realized how many patients rely on medical marijuana products like cbd oil. it's telling them to start with a low dose and build up over time to find relief and warning people not to use medical maur waau in place of regular prescriptions. make sure you talk to a doctor before you use it. nail biting time for the a's as they try to get in.
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getting into the playoffss very stressful, not for the players but for the fans. >> if you have fingernails, you're biting them. nothing comes easy. a's and angels in anaheim. the only remaining k.d. in the bay area. that's all the runs the a's would score. and a's lose 3- 2. their wild card lead is down to just a 1/2 a game with five game res maining.
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no playoff games for the giants but plenty of goodbyes for bruce bochy. former yankees manager giving his goodbye. buster poe buster posey with the solo home run. his first home run at oracle park this season. and this game is still going on right now. tide fib-5 in the bottom of of the 14th inning. they're working overtime. thirty minutes? shtaet,on! overruled. one hour.e you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time. that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family
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it is long over due but two bay area living legends are finally being recognized with inshrinement. >> they'll be part of thisiary's class inducted into the u.s. llfame. they were sent home from the mexico city olympics after raising their fists. not just olympic heroes but civil rights icons. this is the first time they'll be associate would team u.s.a. since 1976. final look at the forecast. >> better weather on the way. hot tomorrow, fire danger with the red flag fire warning until 11:00 p.m. 11:00 a.m.
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cold wind moves in friday. 78, i think folks are happy about that. and good weekend if we can just get through tomorrow with the fire danger. >> a little bit of it all. have a good night. and now, president donald trump.


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