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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 18, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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help of pg&e in the hot seat about they handle and fumbled the power shut-off and how they plan to fix those issues in the future. melissa colorado joins us with more. >> reporter: they admitted they dropped the ball. two days, not five days, that needs to be the new benchmark. the ceo of pg&e said these power shut-offs are going to be painful for the next ten years. the man who runs pg&e apologized for how his company handled last week's shut-off that left 2 million people in the dark. they called and emergency meeting to get to what went wrong. >> to exacerbate the situation,
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pg&e was not able to manage such a large power shut-off map. >> reporter: call centers were overloaded. some officials were left in the dark. pg&e said they had to pull the plug to prevent their power lines from sparking a dead lie wildfire. >> communicating with the customers with as much know tess as possible. >> reporter: the apology was not enough for regulators who accused pg&e for failing. >> you need to get there now, not at the end of the year. how many counties have you talked to. >> i understand that they're trying to save homes, but i mean, businesses should be reimbursed. >> reporter: he had to close his taco shop in oak land hills for two days. factor in the food that went to waste. >> chicken, ground beef, fish.
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fish goes bad quickly. >> reporter: he said it cost his family $10,000 and hopes they learn a lesson. >> they don't care what we spend for food. >> reporter: melissa colorado, n nb k nbc news. our reporter has been covering paekd for more than a decade. jackson, what's in the fine print. what else did pg&e admit it got wrong? >> it was kind of shocking to the regulators here to learn that pg&e didn't have the backup storage in the clouds to handle the vast amount of calls they took in all at once. they said when people tried to download maps it crashed their website, and these maps are critical. >> i can tell you you guys failed on so many levels on
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pretty simple stuff. >> reporter: -- okay, so we know now are problems throughout the whole system. pg&e said 100 potential fires may have been averted here. it was quite a shock to hear as well. >> thank you. we have exclusive new information at the explosion and fire at the energy center. three days after the fire the report has been issued saying investigators have not found anything unusual at the time the fire started. we did learn one contractor was trapped by the fire but was able to get out. 6,000 barrels of ethanol went up in flames. so far they've not been to access the fire scene exactly because they need to drain the ethanol and water.
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check it out. it looks good for now, but for how long. the green train bridge is favorite of taggers. they scraped all the gra fee the off and in some places there's grease to keep climbers at bay. the tagging game begins again. they just repainted it. how long can they keep it like that? >> reporter: it's an ongoing game here. right now it's the taggers' move. it's one of the first things visitors see when driving intodown town san jose on highway 280. the battle has been keeping it green. >> crazy kids. crazy kids. that's too bad. >> reporter: three years ago we discovered someone put grease around the bridge so taggers could scale it.
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no one took credit. it remained tag-free for two years until they eventually found a way. they've cleaned it up again. this time we didn't find any visible grease but some are asking maybe we should have. >> i don't want to say something weird on tv. >> they've got to do whatever they need to do. what does it hurt to try it out. if it works, try it out, why not. >> even if it's grease? >> even if it's grease. >> someone says that's crossing the line because someone could fall from the bridge. >> that's extremely reckless. >> it's still not clear who put the grease up three years ago or whether they'll try the tactic again. what is clear is you can expect the chess match to continue. it's heavily fortified but the taggers also seem to field their
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way. we asked caltrans if they did anything officially to try. they have yet to get back to us. we don't know if a resident puts the grease on here or one of the agencies. no one will admit to it. >> thank you, damian. a san jose police sergeant crashed into a power pole knocking out power to dozens of customers. it happened early this morning on west al ma avenue near monterey highway. the sergeant was driving a marked patrol car, lost control, drove across the lanes, hit a street sign and a pole. the sergeant wasn't hurt. they haven't said what led to him losing control. crews hope to have power fully restored in about an hour. a body found this morning on the side of san pedro road. investigators say the death appears to be a homicide. the victim is a hispanic man believed to be between 20 and 30
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years old. the marin county sheriff's department is asking for anyone who lives nearby or with surveillance cameras to contact them immediately. a neighborhood is breeking a sigh of relief. they say a house on wayne street has been a terror for years. they found two molotov cocktails in a duffel bag across the street. this morning they knocked on the door and detained eight people inside. neighbors cheered. >> a lot of us want to move. we can't because it's a drug house. >> we recovered drugs. four suspects were arrested for various crimes. >> a serious claim from a prominent bay area attorney. he says san francisco police officers attempted to murder his
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client during an unprovoked confrontation near fisherman's whatever. he wants the new d.a., the district attorney, to do something about it. nbc's christie smith is in the bay with the details. christie, what do we know? >> reporter: the alleged victim wasn't here at the hall of justice but his mother was. they want answers. they say this man was severely beaten, handcuffed, and then hit some more, but he wasn't arrested. >> what happened to my son should nltd have happened. >> reporter: tyra mathis stood near photos of her son and she was clearly upset. >> somebody has to tell me, why does he have a plate in his leg, pins in his arm, why he can't walk, why he needs therapy.
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>> they say he was on a date and her wallet went mushing. >> police pulled up, pushed him down in the bushes, began yelling him and beating him. >> reporter: attorneys say they handcuffed him and continued to hit him. they say he was not arrested and officers later showed up at the hospital. >> it was an unprovoked attack. there was never a threat to anyone. there was never a crime committed. >> today his attorney called on incoming interim d.a. suzie loftis to prosecute the officers. the statement read in part the sfpd and the san francisco district attorney's office are conducting independent investigations into the incident. by policy, the sfpd does not comment on open investigations. while his mom looks for answers, attorneys wondering if this was a case of mistaken identity or something else. either way, they're moving forward with a civil rights lawsuit. >> somebody's got some explaining to do for me.
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>> reporter: now, tones for the family tell me they're asking that body camera footage be released. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thank you. up next, new housing coming to peninsula, but it's going to come with a cost. the impact it's going to have on b.a.r.t. riders. plus it's a 747 none like any other and it's here in the bay area. how it's helping astronomers study the solar system in wayses we just can't on earth. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we have your hour-by-hour forecast coming up so you can plan around it coming up in eight minutes.
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here's the upside. hundreds of parking will be lost. in its place, new housing, shops, and revenues for the city. however, this has prompted a neighborhood battle. robert handa is in the neighborhood with the details. robert. >> reporter: we're on one of the surface parking lots where many of the parking lots will heari neighborhood who's upset about the spaces that are going away and the traffic that's coming.
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big changes are rolling into the millbrae park station. it features 400 new apartments including 100 so-called affordable units and retail and office space. neighborhoods don't like the fact that 600 parking spaces will be lost and more traffic will be coming in. >> it's clustered, too much. right off the freeway, it's going to be 400 units and retail shopping. it's too much. >> many of the surface parking lots will be lost, though some will only be inaccessible during the construction phase. the parking garage will remain open. traffic-oriented development is the way to plan for the future. some b.a.r.t. users while not happy with the parking losses say affordable housing and
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economy boost would be tremendous. >> advanced planning is the key. come here early and do all the things because we know the timing on f what ten parking lot will be filling up. >> it ooh is not the little town it used to be, you know? >> what's the future going to be like? >> grim. >> reporter: now, b.a.r.t. and city officials all obviously disagree. along with the financial benefits, it will encourage commuters to use buses, bicycles, and carpooling to get here. now, the public debate is not over yet. the community group is having a meeting tomorrow night to figure out what it will do next. live in millbrae, roberta, a 16-year-old girl, we hear and he worked in the elementary school in san bruno. police arrested him yesterday on charges of sexual assault. he worked for an after-school program. they don't think at this point
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any victims were there. a suspicious package forced a all the campuses into lockdown before 8:00 a.m. someone reported the package at bowers park in santa clara. police immediately put the schools on notice. just before noon the santa clara county bomb squad announced it was not a threat. it's quite literally given us some out of the world-images and now it's landed in silicon eyalking about a plane with cutting-edge technology and a telescope. scott budman got a live look at the plane. you've been geeking out over it,
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too, scott. >> absolutely. good evening, jessica. if you every noticed a picture of a nebula, it was taken with this that hitch as raid on this 747. it's a powerful combination with bay area roots. there's something about being inside a giant flying observatory that has people lining up. >> i'm like it because it talks about outer space, and i like outer space. >> she's talking about the stratospheric observatory for infrared astronomy or s.o.f.i.a. carrying a 100-inch reflective telescope. one of the ways nasa stois our solar system and beyond, flying at 45,000 feet above the clouds and the light. >> when we see a planet cross in
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front of a star, we measure the starlig starlight, and as it dims we can determine things about the size of the planet and its atmosphere. >> this is a sort of homecoming in the science center is at ames and managed by ames. it's really nice to bring it to ames. >> a chance to see how it's done and imagine some day doing it yourself. >> i would look for another planet that might be like earth. >> reporter: now nasa says it has a limited number of ticketed for tomorrow. check the website. by the way, the last mission s.o. s.o.f.i.a. was on was landing a comet. scott budman. >> thank you, scott. a small step for mankind, but a giant step for women. the first all-female spacewalk.
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it was supposed to happen back in march but nasa didn't have spacesuits ready for the two female astronauts. the two mads history, replacing a faulty battery that failed to activate early this month. >> i think it's important because of the historical nature of what we're doing and in the past women haven't always been at the table. it's wonderful when everyone has a role. >> see? koch is also in the midst of setting another record. when she getting back to earth in february, she'll have set the record for the longest single space flight by a woman. her total time in space, 328 days. >> that's reallyol to see inter them kind of floating. >> i was thinking of that. of all the things you seeing th
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weightlessness in the capsule. >> urt never gets old. our weather is real. the weekend's real. >> knocking on the door as we get into your saturday and your sunday forecast. let's bring you to our mic microclimate weather. here in oakland we know they've got quite the hopping night l.i.f.e. there's plenty to do. currently we're looking at 62 degrees. notice the wind is out of the west at 16 miles per hour. you've got a little bit of a breeze when that kicks up tonight. it's going to feel chilly. make sure you have a jacket. down to 59 here at 9:00 p.m. let's bring you down to the silicon valley and a live look at downtown san jose where we have 36 degrees. you'll have chilly 50s moving in as early as 8:00 p.m. all the way through tonight. jacket weather here tonight as well. there's going to be some changes
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this weekend. i want to make sure you're prepared for that so you don't say, wait, where did this come from. 8:00 tomorrow morning we get some clouds moving in across the bay area, and we usually a lot of times see the clouds move out by the afternoon. but tomorrow is going to be different. we'll see high clouds stay here throughout the bay area. possibly some drizzle at the coastal line. not the sunniest of afternoons, the way it looks like right now. we'll begin to clear that out once we hit tomorrow night. temperatures with the cloud konk, it will stay comfortable. 71 here in santa rosa, 75 in concor concorde, 70s in half moon bay. we'll talk about the wind building for next week and our fire danker coming up in 25 minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks, jeff. the reason lori loughlin is seeking advice from felicity huffman inside a bay area prison
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another local parent pleads guilty in the college admissions scandal. manuel henriquez is with a venture capital firm. prosecutors say they paid $50,000 to change test scores for their daughters and then provided a $400,000 bribe to a former georgetown university tennis coach, all of this in an attempt to get their kids into the school. manuel henriquez will formally enter his guilty plea on monday. there's also new information about the two actresses involved in the scandal. felicity huffman is currently serving her 14-day sentence in the bay area in dublin. fellow actress lori loughlin may be reaching out to her. "people" magazine quotes a friend of loughlin's says she's eager to talk with huffman about
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her experience behind bars even though she believes she'll be cleared of all charges. do you have a samsung? turns out they may not be as safe as you think they are. it has a major security flaw that lets anyone bypass the fingerprint sensor. it allows you to make payments on your phone. the flaw is udue to the cover. the company plans to release a software update as well. up next, walking back his comments, the president's acting chief of staff puts the white house on the defensive. plus, when the next big one strikes, where will the water come from? we investigate the fight over the crystal springs reservoir.
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what does that meano him and what is he says the team has to do win this sunday? >> not much, you know. things are moving in the right ion. i haven't put that much thought into it. it means things are going good, i guess. they're still an nfl team. they've got good players on both sides of the ball.
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they're coming off their first win. obviously they have a little bit of juice with them and everything. it will be a good test. long trip. we'll go out there and handle business out there.
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mcconnell slams the president's move to withdraw u.s. forces from syria. in an op-ed in the "washington post" mcconnell writes the withdrawal is a grave mistake. tonight the president is fightinging a war on two fronts there's turmoil at the white house. nbc's alice barr shows us how the president's chief of staff is walking back from inflammatory comments made
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yesterday about ukraine. >> reporter: the white house in cleanup mode today after acting chief of staff mick mulvaney appeared to undercot president tru trump. he confirmed they did delay military aid in part because the president wanted help with a justice department investigation into the 2016 election and an unfounded allegation that a democratic party computer server was in ukraine, the chief of staff later walking those comments back claiming his comments were misconstrued even though on camera. >> that's part of the thing he was upset with with the nation. described is a quid pro quo. it's funding will not flowo the democratic server happened as well. >> we do that all the time with
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foreign policy. >> reporter: mulvaney hours later reversing the statement there was absolutely no quid pro quo between ukrainian military and and negation into the 2016 election. democrats aren't buying it. >> mick mulvaney co-signed the confession to extortion that president trump has already made. >> reporter: republican congressman francis rooney says mulvaney's words can't be undone. it's not an etch a sketch, the chief of staff's words the impe inquiry. >> also with republican support, according to nbc news political cck todd. >> so what i think mulvaney has done is really hurt the president's ability to keep the going to e party on boar say a word now. i'm not going to attack him or defend him because i don't know what the story is.
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>> you can hear more on "meet the press" with chuck todd on sunday. his guest this week, presidential candidate, pete buttigieg from the mayor from south bend, indiana. the kurds are accusing turkey of breaking a cease-fire. for now the cease-fire appears to be holding. the bigger concerns are what happens when the five-day cease-fire ends. the 250-mile border area turkey intends to occupy is kurdish homeland. they fear being kicked out once turkey takes control. some say driven off their homeland. the firing of daryl morey. nba said they refuse thad demand but china denies it ever made
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one. several companies cut ties after that tweet. the nba including lebron james and others have been heavily criticized. a big loss for the city in the east bay. wells fargo will close a customer service center in concord. that's cutting about 350 jobs. the bank which is based in san francisco said the lease is expiring. the closure is expected to take place by next year. they said hopefully by letting them know now, hopefully they can find another job. they'll also in other communities. the state's unemployment rate fell to a new low of 4% last month. they added more than 21,000 jobs, increasing california's record job expansion to 115 consecutive months. the unemployment rate in august
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was 4.1%, matching the record set last year. all this week we've been mark 30g years since the loma preeta earthquake. it comes when san francisco remains unprotected against massive fires that experts fear could be sparked by the next big earthquake. jaxon van derbeken covers it. >> even though it was 60 miles away, it set san francisco's maria on fire. modeling expert charles believes its will cause at least 100 separate fires fueled by broken gas lines like this one earlier this year. >> the way it is right now, we're going to have major complications in the city.
6:35 pm
i don't mean a full buildings or blocks. i'm talking about tens of hundreds of city blouks. >> reporter: scawthorn says they have these distinct weapons, 1,500 places where they can tap into these quake-hardened pipes. but that system built after the 1906 earthquake covers only part of the city today and leaves 30% of san francisco largely defensive including parts of the richmond, sunset, and much of the southern part of the city. >> almost no other city has as much protection as san francisco, and yet it's not enough. >> reporter: how should the city provide water for the firefighters in the 30% that's unprotected. they want the pull fresh water
6:36 pm
from the sunset reservoir. that would pull more reliable drinking water and allow firefighters to tie into it after a disaster, and the city says that would be cheaper as it grapples with costly cry yorts, but the civil grand jury says it still leaves out the southern part of the city, and critics doubt that there will ever be enough drinking water to fight all the fires. >> to predicate your ability using your drinking water is insane. >> reporter: the fire chief agrees. saltwater is the best way to fight fires because there's an endless supply and it would be more ee fish enand protect everyone. >> putting it off is a disaster itself. >> >> reporter: but the former chief told us on her way out in may she favors the drinking water option because it's more
6:37 pm
practical. >> i think any smg that gets out there the seener, the better. we have good plans in place. >> reporter: even the most optimistic backers of that drinking water system says it won't be in place until the middle of the century. jaxon van derbeken, nbc news. >> if you want to look back "bay area revelations" chronicles the day the loma prieta earthquake hit. up next, no homecoming party or game tonight for a high school. friday night light that prompted it to be rescheduled.
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before that he was ceo of hp during a period rocked by scandal. he left the scandal after harassment. he was only 62 years old. sears is closing its doors in antioch. it announced it would close 20 stores by october after emerging from bankruptcy. that included the antioch site. you'd better get there if you want to. nearly 100 stores across the country will close by the end of january. >> you'll not be able to get those animal-style fries. the famed burger shop would circulate taken the place of an elephant bar. it would create too much of a traffic issue. in-n-out appealed but lost
6:41 pm
again. no lights means no it from night lights for a north bay high school and the homecoming festivities. for four years san marin has been in a battle with a community over the lights on the field. the coalition has argued the friday night football games are too bright, too noisy, and alter the character of novato. this week the judge ordered the lights not be turned on while they desaid the case. they're kind of bummed out. >> they're in good spirits. they're disappointed, yes. they did have the experience of the night game on saturday and they're rallying forward. >> the scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. as for the lights, a final ruling will made in mid november.
6:42 pm
they still get to have their homecoming. >> during the day. >> i will say for pictures, we'll have some cloud cover overhead. >> good lighting. we're pulling through for them. let's get you outside. we do want to warn you if you're thinking of heading to the coast at all for any reason, very dangerous waves. 10 to 20 feet. right now some moving 10 feet. we'll talk about the forecast and the clouds when they roll in and out and the fire danger ahead in a few minutes. >> a $2,000 jewelry dispute. we take consumer cases of all times. i'm nbc's chris
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so much issues with tit. >> it looks beautiful now. >> reporter: in a city of sites, san francisco's embarcadero has become one of those must-see destinations. >> where you see crowds of people every single day. but 30 years ago it was entirely different. it cast a shadow. >> down here was very much an area that most people were afraid to come through. >> reporter: the embarcadero touched down. >> big freeway in the way of everybody's windows. >> the controversial freeway had
6:46 pm
its supporters. it was vent and made for a quick drive to chinatown businesses. >> it was very fast to get on and off. >> reporter: then october 17th, 1989, the freeway's fortunes changed. though it didn't collapse from the loma prieta earthquake, it was dachlked and the mayor wanted it torn down. >> look at it today. it's a bright sparkling jewel. >> the minute the roadway came down, there wasbeauty. >> reporte damaged the cumbersome central valley. even after the quake, it took years to come down. voters passed a ballot measure to save it and then one to tear it down. >> we tend to retrospectively tear it down, but the reality
6:47 pm
was much more complex. >> when it was finally torn down it gave way to octavia boulevard now home to shops, restaurants, and new residential. >> the earthquake was the single event that gave us an opportunity to make a decision about freeways in this city. >> different generations have their own ideas of progress, but for all the damage and tragedy inflicted by the loma prieta earthquake, it also had a hand in forging a new version. the old joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> the mayor gets a lot of credit. nbc responds to our viewer complaints in both english and in espanol. for more than three years we've worked closely with our
6:48 pm
colleagues to assist our viewers throughout the community. during that time we've helped put more than $3.9 million back into our viewers' pockets. let's talk about some recent traditions to that total starting with leslie in san jose. she was seeing red ink in dispute over a newspaper delivery. our nb kra bay area responds team helped her get back $122.71. here in hayward, a couple ran into a dispute with a jeweler. their team helped get them back $2,851.31. we'd love to drive to help you out. 1-888-99 f-tips for respond or
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-- >> it's a great program. you two have been calling it thursday for three days. >> it's friday now, right? >> now it's friday. so we're finally there. >> it's been a long week. >> it has. >> i think we did a wednesday to a thursday to wednesday, i had no idea what day it was. >> we know it's friday. tomorrow's saturday? >> yes. >> that means, yes, the weekend is just around the corner, so let's go ahead and get you ready for that. we've been taking you around the bay area on our live camera network. san francisco, always a popular spot on a friday night. you can see no fog, a beautiful sunset right now. and the american flag right there on the right side of your flag, you can see it's blowing pretty briskly from the west off toward the east. so a little bit breezy out here tonight. that's that cooler onshore ocean breeze we have right now. jacket weather in place with temperatures dropping into the 50s as you move through tonight. i do want to show you the
6:50 pm
changes we'll have as we hit this weekend. it's really one change on saturday and then i think we'll rebound on this from sunday. it's a cold front. best rain chances, washington and oregon. clouds and drizzle starting to move through rather quick here. it will start to push into those clouds. 49 in the south bay and the tri-valley at 48. i think all in all, it feels like a fall morning as you start off the day tomorrow morning. low 50s, san francisco. and upper 40s in the north bay. i do want to show you the futurecast because this is going to do a really good job of pinpointing the cloud cover. a lot of times in the bay area, we're used to the clouds rolling in the morning and then we see it clear on out. it's going to be different the way things look at this point. here are some of the clouds for the morning hours. once we hit 2:00 in the afternoon, we'll hold onto the
6:51 pm
high cloud cover and possibly drizzle at the coast line. as we move through, we'll see clearing skies return. temperatures as these clouds roll in tomorrow will stay a little bit below average, so i think this is kind of a win here for october. 73 here in morgan hill, 71 in milpita milpitas. 70 in couper tina. peninsula, it will feel chilly. san francisco, i have you at 64 in the mission and 60 in the marina. lots of low 70s. the ocean breeze is going to impact you more and that's why your temperatures are cooler. looking for something to do up and about in the north bay, maybe it's pumpkin patch activity with clouds. this is going to be perfect for you. one of the best pumpkin patches in the bay area. i've researched it myself.
6:52 pm
they've got one of the greatest corn mazes in the world. if that's your thing, check it out. next week we have increasing temperatures by wednesday, thursday, friday. the big concern would be for the inland valleys. wind gusts that could be around 35 miles an hour. right now we're pinning the highest fire danger on thursday's forecast. there's still more information to learn about this, but i wham to give you that early alert, the early heads-up. we'll know more early next week. >> we'll focus on pumpkins. petaluma? >> yes. up niext, will they be leaping? ready to take on the packers. we're going to hear from jon gruden. ♪
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hey. hey. you must be steven's phone. now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. download the xfi app today.
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next up, green bay. sunday's game is again the packers. >> this is a big one. it gives the raiders a little extra time to prepare for aaron rodgers and the packers. >> we have a tough schedule. this road trip won't end.
6:56 pm
we're at green bay this week. one of the best quarterbacks the ever play, so there's no time to rest. >> this road trip won't end. they went to indianapolis, minnesota, london, houston. they've been traveling for a month and a half. as of this sunday, kickoff, 10:00 a.m. meantime 49ers are in washington looking to run their record perfect 6-0. >> jimmy g.? >> i knew you were asking for that. >> on the tip of my tongue. >> he beat you to it. >> do you want to give us a saturday morning forecast? we have cloud cover starting to roll in as we hit saturday. not the sunniest of days, but we'll rebound. great weather this weekend. >> for the pumpkin patch. >> petaluma. >> i'm going to the one on woodside. >> bye-bye. >> have a good friday night.
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not many people asked if i'm okay. >> is meghan markle on the verge of tears. is she cracking under all of the royal pressure? >> it's j-law's wedding weekend. why why is j.lo flaunting her own wedding gown? and you will love this report and what happened next will make you an even bigger fan. >> i never had this before. >> an emotional private reading from the long island medium hitting very close to home here at "access." e. you have to get that go. >> it's been 15 years and we're back. >> the "desperate housewives" friday flashback you will only see here. >> i don't know what we would do without "access hollywood."


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