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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 19, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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will be chilly tomorrow and it will warm up. chilly tomorrow. that's the forecast. >> we're back. chilly today. hot tomorrow. tonight, a powerful storm, tearing through the southeast, toppling an 18-wheeler on the highway, spawning tornadoes. >> it sounded like the bottom fell out of things. >> thousands without power it's on the move at this hour. >> nbc news exclusive, the top kurdish commander one-on-one with our richard engel on what he calls ethnic cleansing and why he says the u.s. has abandoned them >> rallying back senator bernie sanders with his first big event since his heart attack >> i am back >> and the major endorsement giving his campaign new life >> stunning moment, caught on camera a student with a shotgun and the coach who disarmed him, but it is what he does next that made
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all the difference >> secrets of the tomb 3,000-year-old mystery, finally revealed in egypt today. >> plus, struck by lightning, the man whose heart literally stopped and the heroes who brought him back to life good evening, quwe begin tonight with a dangerous weather system the remnants of tropical storm nestor spinning off multiple tornadoes through florida and now cutting through georgia, and head together carolinas, bringing damaging winds, heavy rain and the possibility of more tornadoes. morgan is tracking the storm for us tonight. >> tonight, the gulf coast, doing damage control after a fast-moving storm brought high winds, heavy rain, and a danger hidden by darkness. >> tropical storm nestor spawning not one but three confirmed tornadoes spinning across central florida.
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>> the tornado, according to the news, should be right in that area >> a destructive wind, damaging dozens of home, peeling off roofs and knocking down power lines, leaving thousands in the dark east of tampa, a scary close call >> the off-ramp to the old 10 highway, a semi rollover. >> one twister topping this semi on to an suv and miraculously no one was hurt, classes at this middle school canceled after damage from the same tornado along the coast, one of the biggest concerns, storm surge, low lying areas becoming too used to what is an all too familiar storm. >> when it rains hard, the water comes in. >> in st. mark's, a few inches of water to clean up, a welcome sight compared to what came a year ago with hurricane michael. >> it was all the way up here, my height, and i'm like 5'4",
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and it has gotten taller than me. >> reporter: tonight, officials say while the storm's path stretched for hundreds of miles, there are no reports of serious injuries. >> the hurricanes i have seen damage but neither have i ever seen a tornado do something as bad as this. >> we know officials are still assessing the damage any early numbers in yet >> officials tell me the ef-2 tornado, the strongest of the three, two touched down and damaged at least 50 homes in this neighborhood and that neighbor could be coming up as the asegments continue in the meantime more than 8,000 people spending tonight in the dark with power still out. jose >> morgan, thank you very much. a new story we're following. new sign was a cease fire in syria may be falling apart and tonight, an nbc news exclusive, our richard engel, inside syria, speaking one-on-one with the top kurdish commander who says turkey is still on the attack and pointing blame on the u.s >> reporter: turkey deployed more armor to its southern border, the five-day cease fire, the u.s. brokered, to stop
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turkey's assault, on the kurds of syria, is increasingly fragile. turkey's president erdogan today. >> translator: if it works, it works, he said if it doesn't, we will continue to crack the terrorist skull >> reporter: threats, not lost on the commander of all kurdish force, u.s. allies, dr. mahmoud khobani who today made an urgent appeal. >> president trump says he saved millions of lives with his agreement. do you agree with that >> translator: this agreement will lead to the killing of millions of kurds, and the expulsion of millions of kurds from their land, he said it will be the biggest ethnic cleansing operation in the 21st century. and it's happening right in front of the american army's eyes >> reporter: hundreds of u.s. troops who fought with these same kurds against isis, are still in syria but president trump ordered them to pack and leave, and not intervene. many of the troops feel they're
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abandoning t allies, when they need protection the most. president trump sees it differently. >> our soldiers are not in harm's way, as they shouldn't be, as two countries fight over land that has nothing to do with us and the kurds are much safer right now. >> reporter: hundreds of kurds have been killed in the last 11 days around a quarter million have been forced to flee their homes by turkish forces and radical islamic militias they control. >> the u.s. military and the u.s. government is watching what is happening now do you think they bear some responsibility for what is happening to the kurdish people? >> translator: america has full responsibility for what is happening now, because we trusted them for five years, in the continuing war against isis, he said. but now, there is ethnic cleansing. if they want it, they would stop it >> reporter: serious accusations from a u.s. ally who fears his
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people, two million kurds, have no safe future richard engel, nbc news, northern syria. and now to the showdown over impeachment, after another wild week in washington the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, is under new scrutiny tonight, for allegedly pressing for a favor for a fired ukrainian prosecutor nbc's hans nichols is at the white house. >> reporter: the latest accusation against rudy giuliani, that he lobbied the trump administration to secure a u.s. visa for the fired ukrainian prosecutor at the center of the impeachment inquiry. victor shokin helped giuliani form the basis fort unproven story that he was fired so he would not investigate joe biden's son's work in ukraine. after the visa request was denied, giuliani appealed to the white house, which also rejected it the accusation comes from closed door testimony from a career diplomat on friday, according to new unnamed officials, capping a
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week of revelations. monday, fiona hill said her former boss john bolton wanted nothing to do with the quote drug deal in ukraine george kent was told to lay low on ukraine and let the three ame cos handle the relationship. wednesday, a tense white house showdown between speaker nancy pelosi and the president, each questioning the over's mental stability. >> what happened on the part of the president was a meltdown. >> followed on thursday, by acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney appearing to admit that military funding for ukraine was directly linked to the political investigation. >> what you described is a quid pro quo. >> we do that all the time, with foreign policy get over it. >> later, mulvaney walking back his own words, let me be clear, there was absolutely no quid pro quo. with the president on friday,
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standing by mulvaney >> i think he clarified it >> reporr: today, president trump sent a barrage of tweet, one simply reading, stop the coup and hans, are there any cracks forming in the house gop, in support of the president >> reporter: mulvaney's performance prompted florida republican francis rooney saying he wanted to hear all sides of the impeachment inquiry before announcing his retirement from a district that trump carried by 22 points. one of the democrats hoping to beat president trump in 2020 made a big campaign comeback today. bernie sanders holding the first rally since surviving a heart attack and picking up a major endorsement. we get more from nbc's kelly o'donnell. >> reporter: after a heart attack, today's rally return >> to put it blunty, i am back >> reporter: with a coveted endorsement. maybe just what the doctor ordered for bernie sanders
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the 78-year-old vermont senator, in the democrat's top tier, but losing ground to elizabeth warren's recent rise one was 30-year-old congresswoman ocasio-cortez. >> my hero, bernie sanders >> i'm so delighted that alexandria is part of our campaign >> reporter: ocasio-cortez acknowledged sandra's heart attack was a catalyst. >> i think for me personally, saying what role do i want to play, and i want to be a part of a mass movement. >> reporter: thousands gathered in new york, for a boost of party unity. while deep division between two democrats plays out like a movie script. >> a favorite of the russians. >> reporter: hillary clinton in a podcast interview, claimed russia is using bots to raise long shot candidate tulsi gabbard. >> i think they have their eye
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in somebody who is clearly the democratic party and grooming her to be the third party candidate. >> the army national guard major shot back. >> as much as hillary clinton would love for me to run as an independent, or a third party candidate, i am not entertaining that >> she took the russia attack in stride at an iowa tailgate today while sanders supporters welcomed him back to the race. kelly o'donnell, nbc news, washington. tonight, escalating tensions in mexico, after a botched mission to capture the son of im ched drug lord joaquin el happo guzman erupted in a deadly shootout authorities releasing the suspected sinaloa cartel leader and raising concerns about the growing power of the cartel. kathy park has newevelopments. >> reporter: it was like a war zone bullets flying cars in flames and innocent bystanders caught in the bloodshed earlier this week, koriacon in
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northwest mexico became a battleground to capture el chapo's son, it is unclear who started the raid but it quickly spiralled out of control el chapo's older son ivan may have helped secure his brother's release by direct can the cartel's counter-act el chapo's attorney telling nbc news, any involvement from ivan is a rumor but the deadly assault forced mexican security to abort. mexico's foreign minister today defended the decision, saying the death toll could have been in the hundreds, at least eight were killed, and dozens injured in the operation and mexico's president says he received a call from president trump expressing solidarity. obrador says they were protecting lives saying, you can't fight fire with fire. the chaos offered a glimpse in the growing violence on the war
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on drug, despite a crackdown on key cartel players telemundo julio vitero has covered the conflict for years. >> this is unprecedented it is the first time we've got to see in realtime how the cartel subdued the mexican government, and it also shows how violent the organization still is, and how powerful it is >> we heard from the guzman family since the botched mission? >> telemundo spoke with the family attorney, and a video, believe it or not has a spy in custody and they wanted to thank the mexican government for releasing it >> kathy park, thank you very much. in the u.k., a new twist in the brexit drama parliament voting to withhold approval for prime minister boris johnson's plan to divorce the u.k. from the european union, and in the first saturday session in 37 years. by law, johnson was then forced to send the eu a letter asking for the last thing he wants, an extension of the october 31st
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deadline. and scary moments during a football match much. oklahoma's base coach, overturning and crashing during a touchdown celebration. luckily no injuries were reported oklahoma went on to win against west virginia. still ahead tonight, a powerful moment, caught on surveillance the student who brought a loaded shotgun to school. the coach disarming him. and what happened next that brought so many to tears mistake ancient discovery, we are in egypt as archeologists reveal the secret of the tomb.
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have heard far too many times. a student going to school with a firearm. but this one has a very different ending surveillance video captures the remarkable moments when a coach confronted the armed student, but it is what he did next that has so many calling him a hero here's nbc's sam brock >> reporter: the ingredients are a recipe for disaster. a gunman, a school hallway, and students fleeing for their lives. >> active shooter in the park rose high school >> reporter: this story doesn't end in tragedy it ends with a heart-felt hug. >> obviously, he broke down and i just wanted to let him know that i was there for him >> reporter: in may, then 18-year-old angel diaz, brought a shotgun to his oregon high school, concealed under a
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garment bag. minutes later, sports figure keanon lowe also a security guard went to check on him not knowing he was armed >> in a fraction of a second i analyzed everything fast, saw the look in his face, his eyes and the gun. >> and prosecutors say the student tried to discharge the weapon on himself before lowe wrestled it away and handed the shotgun to a teacher and this hug that seemed to go on for minutes, and tightening the hug. >> compassionate hero h-hero this coach has tremendous courage. in another tweet, kindness speaks volumes. >> diaz, reaching a plea agreement, with no time behind bar, but mandatory mental health treatment. as for the coach who saved the day, lowe played wide receiver in college a position known for quick moves, and strong instincts. and on this day, he summoned both to save a life. >> i told him i was there to save him i was there for a reason and that, you now, this, this
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is a light for us living >> what an amazing guy we found out the coach was attracted to that school after an nfl career change, right? >> keanon lowe was working for the san francisco 49ers, as recently as a couple of years ago. but when a friend overdosed on drugs, he moved back into education, to help people. >> sam, thank you very much. we are back in a moment, with the unlocking of a mystery, 3,000 years in the making. >> and the heart-stopping video, a man struck by lightning, his touching reunion with the heroes who jumped into action
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a state of emergency has been declared in chile's capital as protests turned violent setting fire to subway stations and protesters in santiago police fired tear gas to disburse them. the protesters are angry over recent transportation fare hikes but late word tonight, the president is suspending those increases. also tonight the secret buried in egypt for some 3,000 years. dozens of coffins discovered inside ancient tombs and nbc's molly hunter was there in egypt for the moment they found out what's inside. >> reporter: the coffin lid was unsealed and ever so carefully lifted off inside, a perfectly intact mummy. wrapped in fabric, with a bit of skull showing. >> i'm very happy. i'm very proud of this
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discovery. >> reporter: gustafo led the egyptian team that discovered the coffin, his team was digging in the area, but not for that. first, someone spotted a painted wooden face. >> then we went here this is the beginning. out of 18 wooden coffins, how deep it is only three feet. and then i said, quickly, take those 18 coffins away. and then we need them, there were 12 coffins, they were like that. >> two layers. >> exactly like this >> two layers of coffins, 30 in all, including two children, hidden in a cachet to protect from thieves and looting and protected from the elements. blues and greens and reds, vibrant 3,000 years later. >> look at this. >> no missing pieces >> the lid and the base. it means no termites which are the most dangerous
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>> now the work begins, who are these people archeologists know they were powerful, fairly certain they were priest, but what did they die of and are there more nearby? just in front of one of the most famous temples of the valley of the kings those mummies were found almost right in front, a fune hun yards this way, but the entire thing is an active excavation site. check it out over there. archeologists say they haven't even found half of what might be buried here. >> they put the number lower and they believe they found maybe a third of what might exist. and still sought after the the tomb of queen nefertiti. >> and today, they have this discovery. >> i'm so excited for you. >> thank you. >> molly hunter, nbc news, luxor, egypt. >> amazing. when we come back, caught on camera a man struck by lightning. the emotional reunion with the heroes who saved him
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there's good news tonight about survival in the face of nature's ultimate fury the video showing a man struck by lightning and the quick-thinking bystanders who saved his life we were there for their powerful reunion. >> o is that it? >> this is the spot where alex corea lay dead for more than five minutes. >> two weeks ago just outside of houston, the 27-year-old was out with his dog when a storm rolled
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in. >> i started walking faster and i guess once i hit the parking lot, that's all that i remember. >> suddenly, he was struck by lightning. alone. alex collapsed his dogs ran and his heart stopped. by a stroke of good luck these three passers-by saw him and could help >> all of a sudden, bam, this super loud thunder, i looked back and i see him laying on the ground >> and i remember telling my husband, get 911 >> corey hart, bill wilson, and karena karrero were in the last people left in the animal parking lot of the animal hospital next door they called 911. >> i think somebody got struck by lightning. >> we're doing cpr on this guy, he was obviously hit by lightning and he's not going to make it. >> about five minutes later, they got a pulse >> i looked up and his eyes were back open, and kind of moving back and forth >> alex's heart started again. >> and there was just this awe
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about it >> it still seems surreal. like i was watching a movie or something, you know. >> thank you >> after only three days in the hospital, his two black eyes are the last visible signs of a life-threatening shock now on the mend, he wanted to say thank you to those who saved him. >> the guy who was on my ribs, thank you. >> i don't remember anything >> the vet hospital, threw a party, for alex, and the team of emts, firefighters, and officers, who brought him back to life. >> the first thing i remember is, are my dogs okay >> reunited with his dogs and his saviors. >> i appreciate for what you did. >> knowing his luck hasn't run out. >> this actually is amazing. people out here in this world, they're willing to put their hand out there to help you out. >> and you know, one of those heroes had learned cpr 40 years ago, and never had to use it, until that night that's "nbc nightly news" for this saturday, tomorrow, on
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nightly news with kate snow, the debate over marijuana in the nfl. i'm jose diaz, reporting from new york, thank you for the privilege of your time and good night right now at 6:00, powerful moments captured on camera right there. a football coach disarms a student carrying a loaded shotgun. then he hugs him. tonight the connection this oregon coach has to the bay area. the news at 6:00 starts right
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now. good evening every thanks for joining us. police say the incident happened back in may at a portland high school. surveillance video just now coming out. you can see the football coach grab the teenager, take the loaded shotgun away, and then hug him. for some this surveilla brings back difficult memories for survivors of mass shootings. nbc bay area's tom jensen is live in mill valley right now. you just talked to an expert on incidents just like this one. >> i did. she talked about just coming from a symposium and people talking about thateo involving former san francisco 49ers coach keenan lowe who is now a coach at park roads high school in portland where that video is from. i talked to her. she has students here through her program called beyond differences that helps train middle schoolers


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